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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Quinn Build Guide by ExcalibursMight

ADC Carrier ADC (Patch 8.24) - "WTF WAS THAT!?"

ADC Carrier ADC (Patch 8.24) - "WTF WAS THAT!?"

Updated on December 19, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ExcalibursMight Build Guide By ExcalibursMight 85 7 257,601 Views 5 Comments
85 7 257,601 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ExcalibursMight Quinn Build Guide By ExcalibursMight Updated on December 19, 2018
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Standard Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
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Top Lane
Win 52%
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More Quinn Runes

Champion Build Guide

Carrier ADC (Patch 8.24) - "WTF WAS THAT!?"

By ExcalibursMight
This Guide I have slowly been updating since 8.18, so my Guide Chapters below may be out of date!

This if my first guide, been updating it here and there. One day it will look nice. I wanted to create this guide for me to learn more and more about Quinn so I am 100% open to opinions and suggestions.

I mainly play Bot and Top with her. Recently Top more than Bot because I am a bit more successful due to low attack range compared to other ADCs. Without a good support, you can suffer quite a bit. My Top Standard build can be used as a support (not recommended, but you can but I'd suggest using the ADC standard runes. There are too many situations and too many variables to predict them all and create a guide for each. SO here I will be putting as much info as I can on my favourite champ...QUINN!

Thank you again for checking out my guide and see you in the Rift!

Much more to come!
- Runes - Updated 8.18
- Tips - Updated 8.18
- Pros / Cons - Updated 8.18
- Skills - Updated 8.18
- Spells - Updated 8.18
- Items - Updated 8.18
- JG - Updated 8.18
- Top - Updated 8.18
- Utility?
- etc.
Here we can talk a bit about the Runes I've selected.

ADC Standard Build
Primary: Precision
Fleet Footwork - This is a great keystone all together for Quinn while laning. The extra health when you proc the keystone helps to stay in lane and keep building your CS. Fleet Footwork also adds movement speed which can help give you extra distance between you and the enemy or keep up with them as they run away (especially if you use your).

Triumph - This is pretty much the only choice here. You are very squishy and if you are able to get a kill on the support or ADC this can give you big heal and enough to stay alive for a double kill. Overheal is not quite worth it, especially if you will be going for Bloodthirster. Presence of Mind is not worth it because you only have a 3sec CD on your Ult

Legend: Alacrity - This is a great Rune because faster Attack Speed helps you in every way. It also helps maximize your damage using your Passive. Yourand both proc your passive on the target you hit. Having attack speed will ensure your basic will go off right after your passive marks your target.

Cut Down - You will take this rune most of the time because of your low health pool. Many other champs will have more health than you and especially any bruiser or tank. This will help "Cut Down" those high health pool champs as if they were squishy like you. Alternatively. You can take Coup De Grace as it is also very valuable. You will do more damage to Champs who do not have a huge HP gap from you, but the increased damage is added only when the champ is <40% HP. If the other team have a few snowballed Tanks/Bruisers, they may not even get below 40% HP. Take Coup De Grace if the enemy team has few high HP champs.

Secondary: Sorcery
Celerity - This is a great rune for Quinn and this build as well. When we build Statik Shiv (and/or Rapid FireCannon/Phantom Dancer) this all adds to your MS. This will help increase your Damage. This also complements your Keystone (Fleet Footwork), as you increase your movement speed briefly adding some extra damage on your next few basics. On top of this. Your Ult adds a huge amount of bonus movement speed. This rune will increase your Damage for your next Basic when you swoop in for a kill or engage an enemy. If you are building the Rapid FireCannon and StormRazor build, your first attack hits pretty hard.

Gathering Storm - This rune is great overall since every 10 mins you will have increasing amount of AD. Helping you keep up with others or stay above their AD if you are building more Crit and not high AD items. You typically would be in lane for the first 10-20mins and you will get the first or second AD increase from this before you have to start roaming. This will also help Clear CS if you are stuck (unable) to Back if the enemy Bot team are not Backing as well. One Game with 1 kill and 1 assist after 10mins I was able to Back and buy 2 BF Swords. Huge Laning Advantage.
These are just some tips and ideas I came up with or from others I have learnt from. I will keep adding to these as I go.

Tips Vs. Champs
- I like to save myfor after Tristana does her jump towards you or your support to give extra distance if needed and interrupt her combo.

- You can use your to interrupt Varus's Charge up attack

- Use your to interrupt Warwick's ult on someone.

- try not to engage Warwick until after he has ulted. His stun on you will get you killed.

- this is the same for Malz, try to stay in the back of your team and if he ults on someone you can interrupt him with your bounce.

- If fizz is coming in for you, Blind him with your . This will reduce his damage and he may throw his ult in the wrong direction. Save your for after Fizz jumps and he will have to back off due to his CDs.

- Many other ADCs have larger Basic Range than Quinn. Try to use your when they stand in the open to make it so they will miss their Trick shots.

- Vayne can be quite nasty because of her invis and knockback. You will want to focus on using your when she tries to close a gap on you so you can back off. Try to save your for after she tries to push you back. You will be too close to her and she will hit you. If you are knocked into a wall, the stun is far too long for you to stay alive.

- Due to your squishiness, Supports with HIGH ranged Trick shot CC's (Morgana, Lux) can be very devastating. Hang out behind your Creeps and keep moving. You may want to buy boots earlier than you plan to avoid getting caught.

- Jinx can be a tough champ to play against. Her skill set can catch you from afar with her 'W', or close up with her. Most Players like to use their Chompers after you bounce so you have to be prepared for that. Play safe and keep your distance if needed.

Tips playing with Supports
- any support with high stun works great for Quinn. More stuns allows you to poke instead of having to use yourso much. Save your for when they try to run or move in to close a gap.

- Nami is a great support for Quinn since she has a great knock up, heal, and her ult can CC the entire bot lane and you can focus on picking off their ADC.

- Other high ranged supports can help poke the enemies out of CS and you can focus on building yours.

- Due to your low basic attack range, try to only focus CS until your Support has them either widdled down or going in for a CC.

- When a support goes to stun an enemy, that is a good opportunity to bounce off of them and hit them for the passive proc. Then back off and focus again on CS.

Tips for Safety
- A good thing to remember is yourcan be used to bounce over walls. If you are being hunted down you can hold near a wall and when the enemy champ gets close, bounce off of them and you will land on the other side! This is a good way to save your flash for later or if you already used your flash. If the other champ also has great movement over walls you can use your flash and bounce to further gain distance.
- Ex. Bounce over a wall, lee dashes to you through the wall, you hug the wall, and flash back through. He will have to walk all the way back around and by the time he catches up you have casted your Ult and can fly away really fast.

- NOTE: your does not "Blind" champs, it reduces their Vision range. This is great for running away from champs. Hit them with your and run an opposite direction

- Your bounces you in the direction you hit the enemy with. if a melee champ is getting close to you and has a ranged attack (panth's throw, Fiora's Parry, Olaf's Throw, etc.) run beside them, then jump off.

- you can also bounce off of minions, instead of waiting for an enemy Champ to get close, use an enemy minion to jump sooner and increase your gap.

- Your 'W' is great while stuck in a lane while you have no Ward. you can get close to the river and check if the enemy team is attacking the Dragon.

- This also helps find enemies in a bush

- Your Passive marks enemies, which you can see them while they are in a bush. If your passive doesn't auto mark the champ, use your to mark them.

- your Ult can be Cast to get away quickly although any sort of CC (stun, knock up/back, pull) except for -movement speed will interrupt/debuff your ult.

- Some people try to catch you when you bounce by placing a trap where you will land. I suggest either get them to waste their CD or bounce, then move, then attack to activate your passive's proc. (Fiora's parry hits in a line and will hit you if you don't immediately move after your bounce).

- another Note: SILENCE can break you out of your Bird form (ex. soraka's silence) This can prevent you from your engage and leave you open for an attack as you can't even bounce off of someone or blind.

Tips for increasing Damage
- NOTE: Your Passive lowers its Cooldown by how much Crit Chance you have.

- Infinity Edge doubles your Crit. With 2 Zeal items, you have 100% crit!

- try not to use yourand right after each other. use your Basic between Ability casts to proc your Passive. It adds more damage than you think.

- If you are mana plenty, use your ult. The increase movement speed will increase your AD because of your Celerity Rune, wait for a champ to get separated from their team, and pick 'em off.
Pros / Cons
Quinn has a few Pros and Cons I would like to point out.

- Decent Mobility. her Ult helps her roam incredibly quickly. Heralso can be used to increase/decrease her distance depending on what you are planning on doing.
- Huge Burst. Her Passive adds a lot of damage on the next basic attack against the marked Target. Your and also applied your Passive. This adds a huge damage burst.
- Vision. Your 'W' opens up a huge area around Quinn for a Second. This can help run away or find a champ who is trying to get away. This can prevent Ganks etc.
- Your Reduces the Vision of an Enemy Champ. This can turn around fights if you are keeping distance on tough champs like Renek/Yi/Yas/etc.

- Very Low Basic attack range compared to other ADCs. Cait, Sivir, Varus, will poke you down very quickly if you are not careful. Trist can be a challenge as she is similar to you. Her jump can close in a gap if you already used your - If you miss your you lose a lot of your burst damage.
- If you bounce in the wrong direction or off of the wrong champ in a team fight, you can get caught in the middle of the enemy team and will die instantly.
- Although your ult has only a 3sec CD, it does not apply a huge Damage attack to turn around fights. Its a utility ability and should be used as such. Enemy champs have ults than can turn the tide of battle. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE UNTIL NECESSARY!
- Others will try to anticipate your and try to catch you where you land. (You can bounce, immediately move to dodge attack, then shoot for proc your Passive)
This section I will update whenever Quinn's abilities are updated.

This section I will discuss why I have picked the Items above. I will be discussing the main items and my favourite items to buy. I will flush this out more and more as I keep editing my Guide.

Insight about logic behind my item choices. I find yes Quinn is an assassin. She should be building Lethality and focus heavily on get in and get out. But if you are in the Role of ADC you need high sustain. You need to survive and be able to 1v1 and even carry if possible. You would need high AD for your Harrier Passive (AD Growth 1.16-1.50x) to hit incredibly hard with each proc.

If you want to build full 100% Crit, you will lose out on some AD but always Critting can make up for it, sometimes.

Infinity Edge - I find this item is incredibly useful. Mainly because if you are going to build high Auto Attack, this will increase your Burst damage not only by doubling your Crit Chance but having higher Crit chance will decrease the CD of your Passive. This will allow you to keep using your Harrier burst more and more. With the High AD you will want this.
NOTE: You may not want to build straight into this as 0% Crit x 2 = 0%. You will want to have a Zeal before completing your Infinity Edge. Due to its high cost, if you are unable to get ahead early game, sometimes passing this up and building into StormRazor may be your only choice (but you will snowball hard if you can keep up).

StormRazor - The other Starting Weapons...This will most likely be your first choice when you're playing top (can work very well bot too). The CD for StormRazor's Unique Passive is reduced by additional attack speed items which we will build after. Every second (without attacking) you will crit for, up-to, 200% damage. This can blow up enemies when you jump in as a bird. Your Bounce will practically give you enough time for you to pull off 2 procs of your StormRazor on top of possibly 2 Harrier Procs. This is the "WTF WAS THAT!?!" moment!

Statikk Shiv - This is almost a must for Laning because Quinn lacks high speed clearing. Yourcan be used to clear once you have a decent amount of AD but with it's high CD early on, other ADCs that can hit in a line or have better AOE will clear before you.

BloodThirster - Many would say build BORK over BloodThirster and I agree, some of the time. You already have decent attack speed, with BT, you gain 20% lifesteal and an shield if you overheal. This can help prevent a single rotation burst if you are focusing minions in a lane and get ganked. With it's high damage, you are also healing for a huge portion of your health with each hit. If you are going to build Lethality or the Mortal Reminder later, you can skip past BORK and build BT.

NOTE: Death's Dance is also a great Damage Dealing Lifesteal weapon. Adding 15% healing on all physical damage is quite a lot of healing except for you lose 66% of the effect when you hit with an AoE. You still gain 80 AD (as much as the BT) and you'd also gain 10% CD. This weapon is fantastic as well when you are building 100% Crit / Harrier Passive because the damage you deal with Harrier is always Physical (Single Target). You'd almost always be healed for 15% of each hit form your autos and your Harrier Procs. This is not a bad substitute for your BT.

Now here is where we get a little tricky. Here we can decide if we need high Armour Penetration, Lethality, or build more Crit chance.

Why Armour Penetration - You should build Armour Penetration if the enemy team has some tanky champs who are building armour. It works as a percentage and scales better with Champs with High Amounts of armour (especially bonus armour).

Mortal Reminder - Great for high armour tanks or champs lots of HP regen

Lord Dominik's Regards - Great with high armour tanks and teams who don't use Life Steal or Regen often.

Why Lethality - If the enemy team does not have many champs who are building Armour, you can get away with Lethality because it works against virtually anyone. It adds FLAT armour penetration. More effective against squishier champs. Quinn is mainly an Assassin so building this will benefit her well.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - #1 choice. Why? Due to the high speed increase. You can use this to your advantage to get in or out of combat. To chase down your enemies or run away by bouncing and then using the item to even further your gap. The 40% out of combat speed is also amazing for your Ult to get around just that much faster, or when you don't have time to use your ult you can run away with minimal worries (some people are very hard to get away from! ex. Talon when in jg, udyr, garen, tryn).

Duskblade of Draktharr - This weapons is a great weapon if you like to roam around. running up to another lane, if you are caught by a ward your next hit will do massive damage! Although, being an ADC you may be in lane very often and with another champ like your support. Having CD on this item is a plus but Youmuu's Ghostblade also has CD.

Edge of Night - I like this more than Duskblade in certain situations. For example: When the other team has champs with a CC poke, or pull. You can use this items ability while your moving as well (even in bird form)! preventing an ability will save your life! Just think, Annie saves her stun up for when you go to dive in, so you pop your bubble, she ults you bounce and get out before she finishes her burst, you run back in and finish her off. This weapon does not have CD though but does add extra health. This can be useful for heavy hitting champs who usually can 1 hit you if you are not careful.

Why Crit Chance - If your team has an assassin who can definitely take down their tanks or your team has great CC, Armour Pen and Lethality can be skipped over. You do not need to carry the team with this but you can carry the team with your FAST shots and maxing out your Passive's Ability. You would need a good front line to stand behind but your attacks will take down anyone in seconds.

Rapid FireCannon - Why pick the Rapid FireCannon? Perhaps the enemy team has a few mages who high ranged abilities that can trap you and you have a very hard time getting close to do any damage. This weapon will help you gain your 100% crit chance (provided you took Statikk Shiv earlier) and will increase your basic attack range. Quinn's range is quite short compared to other ADCs and this can impact your rotation if the enemy team can easily fight through your autos. This will add extra poke range for you to widdle away at your enemy and you can finally jump in to finish them off with the added attack speed and movement speed from being a Zeal item. If you like StormRazor and would want to buy this in your kit for the match, you would definitely like having this weapon along with it.

Phantom Dancer - Why pick this one over the Rapid FireCannon? First of all, Phantom Dancer has the highest Attack Speed out of all of the Zeals. Phantom Dancer Passive can be very useful against enemy players who have snowballed early in game. You gain increased movement speed when any enemy (visible) is within 500 range as well as you move through minions. This ability will help you close in on the enemy if they have been trying to block your path with their minions or for you to run away while they have to step around them. The last enemy you hit you will also deal 12% less damage to you. This can be a huge difference when it comes to bursting champs like Yasuo or high basic / crit damage champs (ex. Yi, Tryn, ADCs, etc).

For your Final Choice. This can be very situational.

StormRazor - If you did not pick this first, this will most likely be your last choice. On top of your already amazing 100% Crit autos and Harrier proc CDs, your attack speed will be maxed out from having 2 Zeal items and possibly your Berserker's Greaves. The CD for StormRazor's Unique Passive is reduced so much. Every second (without attacking) you will crit now for 200% damage. This can blow up enemies when you jump in as a bird. Your Bounce will practically give you enough time for you to pull off 2 procs of your StormRazor on top of possibly 2 Harrier Procs. This is the "WTF WAS THAT!?!" moment your enemies will be saying. With your lethality or armour penetration, no tank or assassin is safe from this. Downside to this weapon is if you don't have enough Attack Speed, the CD of StormRazor's passive will require you to not attack which can prevent you from healing mid fight. But most likely the enemy will be dead before you have to start worrying about that :P

Guardian Angel - This weapon you may already know revives you. This can be nice to prevent the enemy team from collecting that bounty off of you when you have been picking them off repeatedly. The added Armour is nice to defend against their AD assassins. The downside to this weapons is if your team also die or run away while you are reviving, the enemy team can surround you and you will most likely die as soon as you spawn.

Guinsoo's Rageblade - Now this weapon is a hard choice. If you did not take any armour pen or lethality this can help a lot in the end. Since StormRazor requires you to not attack for about 1 second, a lot can happen in 1 second. This weapon instead will require you to keep auto'ing while you chase down your enemies. With each hit increasing your attack speed, AD and AP for your Basic attacks. Now your basics won't gain any benefit from your AP increase, the added 5-10% AD damage per Guinsoo's Rage proc can add that much more healing from your LifeSteal weapon. Downside to this weapon is you won't benefit as much from this as others like Kog'maw, Kai'sa, and Varus. Each benefit more from the added AP damage with their Basic attacks more than Quinn would.
In this section I will discuss my choices for Summoner Spells. These again are only my opinion and I'm open to suggestions.

For Bot Lane
- I chose heal because it can be used to save your and your support. It increased your movement speed which has helped with your Celerity for chasing down enemies or even getting out of fights when used after you bounce.

- Not many builds anymore decide to not take this. Pretty straight forward, again can be used for escapes and for closing gaps when chasing down a shop. NOTE: try not to use your flash until your enemy has wasted their escape ability or spell.

- This has a lower CD than Heal. Barrier has saved my life many times but I suggest only take this if your Support takes a heal, can heal, or is self sufficient (Soraka).
This is still in progress. I will fill in info later
I will add tips and info to this section later
League of Legends Build Guide Author ExcalibursMight
ExcalibursMight Quinn Guide
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Carrier ADC (Patch 8.24) - "WTF WAS THAT!?"

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