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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Dragon20217

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dragon20217

Cho'Gath: Feast me MORE! [S3]

Dragon20217 Last updated on April 13, 2013
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Lane (Ap Tank/ Tank)


Jungle ( Support, Ap jungle )

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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Welcome summoners to my 6th guide. Today I decided to take a good look at Cho'Gath the Terror of the void. Cho'Gath can be played top, jungle, and recently mid lane. While i'm only covering him in the two roles I play. Cho'Gath can get very tanky, but he can also deal serious damage. Cho'Gath does require some skill, and timing to use his skills to his full potential. Cho'Gath is viable in most team comps. Now without further wide baby here it comes...

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Pros / Cons


+ Great sustain
+ Max stacks of Feast = 900 bonus health (at level 18)
+ Great Crowd Control
+ Can gank effectvily
+ Can be very tanky
+ Ultimate deals True Damage

Cho'Gath is a strong solo laner, with help from his passive Carnivore he'll be able to last longer in lanes, and the jungle. When you get your ultimate Feast, you'll be able to deal true damage to the target, if the target is killed with Feast you'll gain extra health, so basically 6 stacks of Feast at level 18 will give you 900 extra Health. Cho'Gath is also a great solo laner because of his Crowd controls in Rupture and Feral Scream, which makes his ganks extremely effective. Cho'Gath can get very very tanky, with help from his Feast and health items.

- Half stacks of Feast are lost upon death
- Melee champ, which makes last hitting hard
- Rupture can be somewhat difficult to land
- No escape
- Can be mana starved
- Dying can be a setback

Cho'Gath is not invincible he does have certain weakness. When Cho'Gath dies he loses half his stacks of Feast, which can set him back. He is a melee champ, so going against a range champ will make it difficult to last it. Rupture is somewhat difficult to land. He doesn't have any escape, but if Rupture is landed successfully during an enemy gank, your chances of survival are increased. Early game Cho'Gath can be very mana starved.

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Sorcery Cooldown reduction since Rupture is a tiny wee bit high
Blast Ap Per level (18 Ap at level 18)
Arcane Knowledge Magic Pen, useful for your damaging skills

Durability Health per level, useful when synced with your ult
Hardiness Armor
Resistance Magic Resist
Relentless Reduces effectiveness of slows
Veteran's Scars Flat Health
Safeguard For turret diving
Tenacious Tenacity, does sync with Mercury's Treads
Juggernaut Increases maximum health
Honor Guard reduces damage from ALL sources by 3%

Wanderer Movement speed
Meditation Mana regen
Improved Recall
Mastermind CDR on summoner spells
Runic Affinity Longer buffs

Cho'Gath is a well rounded defensive champion, which is why I go 9/21/0 in masteries, focusing on Masteries that will help his Health,armor, and magic resist. While at the same time taking 9 points in offensive masteries to keep his lane phase strong.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

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Summoner Spells

Flash:A Must have for Cho'Gath because he has no escape ability, however he can delay a gank with a proper Rupture.

Teleport:I do run teleport on certain champions like Cho'Gath he can effectively move around the map more with this spell, more importantly use it to tele when the enemy is doing Dragon and or Baron. Can also be used defensively to stop pushes, or counter ganks.


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  • Carnivore:This passive allows Cho'Gath to sustain longer in the lane or Jungle.
  • Rupture (Q):This skill can knock up targets in the target location, and will slow them. This skill is your damaging skill, if placed properly it can save you, your ally, OR knock up enemy champs for great amount of damage.
  • ABILITY (W):This skill is a silence, and will silence the targets in a cone area. Not too much damage from this skill, but a very useful skill for shutting down those annoying Ap caster and their skills.
  • Vorpal Spikes (E):This skill will add magic damage to your basic attack and will attack in a line in front of him, helpful for farming.
  • Feast (R):This is Cho'Gaths Sugar cookie skill, this is what makes him a true tank threat. Feast deals true damage to a target, if the target is killed with Feast, Cho'Gath will gain a stack of Feast which will give me bonus health. In short Feast maxed out will be 150 health * 6 Stacks = 900 Bonus health

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I Max Rupture first for maximum damage output early on, then I max Vorpal Spikes second because believe it or not it does some serious damage and can be really effective for farming. Next Feral Scream low damage, easy to land, it's only useful for the silence, max it last, And of course level Feast every time you can, so you can get early tanky quickly.

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Boot enchantments

Item Sequence

Enchantment: Captain

Enchantment: Homeguard

Cho'Gath does have slow movement speed, this will add extra movement speed to his Mercury's Treads

This will add bonus movement speed to surrounding allies.

For defending base purposes

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Main Items

Item Sequence

Rod of Ages

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Frozen Heart

Sunfire Cape

Abyssal Mask
As a tanky Ap, not only your going to be dealing damage,your also going to be soaking damage, that means any CC that will come your way, these boots will help reduce some of that CC.

This item syncs very very well with your ultimate Feast, not only you'll be hella tanky you'll also be able to dish out some series damage.

Health and Ap, plus it's passive will slow the targets you hit with your spells, so landing Rupture will be very very important so you can chase down pray, or just escape.

Lots of mana and Armor, plus it's passive will reduce attack speed by 20%. A key item for Cho'Gath to be that amazing tank.

Great armor, and health, it's passive will damage surrounding enemy units, which makes for a great pushing Cho'Gath

Lots of Ap, Magic resistance, and it's great passive which reduces surrounding enemy champions Magic resist by 20.

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Tank Items

Item Sequence

Banshee's Veil

Sunfire Cape

Randuin's Omen

Warmog's Armor

Guardian Angel
I always build these builds on Cho'Gath, because as the tank your going to soak up a lot of damage, which includes CC, this will help minimize the CC.
I Rush this on Cho'Gath to give you early tankyness, and to absorb some enemy spells. The early magic resistance will help you if your against Ap top.

Great health, great armor, and deals 40 aoe damage per second, makes for effective split pushing.

This item will be really useful in team fights, lots of armor and health, plus it's passive Cold steel will slow the attackers movement speed by 10% and attack speed by 15%. It's active will slow nearby enemy units by 35%. Makes for great escape, or chasing down enemies.

Tons of Health

Love the magic resist and armor, it's passive will revive once upon death. (5 min Cooldown) This item will allow you to get back into the thick of a losing team fight to try and further disrupt the enemy team, and or soak up more damage.

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Support Jungle

Item Sequence

Spirit of the Ancient Golem

Locket of the Iron Solari

Talisman of Ascension

Randuin's Omen

Runic Bulwark
tank = soaking damage = boots = reducing CC

This will help you get tanky, and help your allies with magic resist, and armor.

I always build locket on tanky DPS junglers, It has decent armor, great health, great health regen, CDR, and it's active will shield nearby allies, which is great for tower diving, and team fights.

Shurelya's Reverie health, mana regen, health regen, CDR and it's active will add a speed buff to you and nearby allies which will help you chase down enemies or simply escape.

Great armor, flat health, and it's active will reduce enemy units movement speed for 2 seconds.

Upgraded from Aegis of the Legion, this will further increase your health, and increase the magic resist, and armor gained from your aura.

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Ap Jungle

Item Sequence

Spirit of the Ancient Golem

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Liandry's Torment

Liandry's Torment

Lich Bane

Rabadon's Deathcap
] I always build these builds on Cho'Gath, because as the tank your going to soak up a lot of damage, which includes CC, this will help minimize the CC.

Great health, decent amount of armor, plus health/mana regen. Makes for a great early game item.

I love building this on Cho'Gath, it has great health, and Ap. Plus landing your spells on enemy units will slow them with your spell. Rupture's slow + Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slow will equal out to a very sluggish enemy.

This will give you health, and Ap. Your spells will also burn your target for extra over time damage. Great item when jungling Cho'Gath or just laning.

People may or may not build Lich Bane on Cho'Gath but Lich Bane actually helps cho's Mana, movement speed which he so needs, and extra 80 Ap. It also increases the attack damage of your basic attack after casting a spell, (2 second Cooldown).

Tons of Ap damage.

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Situational Items

Health, and Ap, your spells will burn the targets you hit. Definitely a considerable item

If you plan to do a lot of diving as Cho'Gath then pick this item up.

Health and Ap, another considerable choice.

great amount of mana, ap, basic attack enhancement, and extra movement speed. A great choice for Cho'Gath.

Magic Resist, Ap, CDR, and Mana Regen, a really viable choice of item.

Don't dismiss it, 40 Ap, 40 Magic Resist, and an active that summons 2 invulnerable ghosts and seeks out the two closes enemy champions and slows them down. Great for chasing down Pray.
Tons of Ap, and armor, and the passive that puts you in a stasis for 2.5 second, a good defensive item.

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Yes, no matter who you are, you should always help your support ward. One champion cannot cover all of the areas, so please save your a ward. But no seriously, in order to be more protected from ganks, you should always ward your area, and encourage your allies to ward their areas as well.

Ward Here to protect your blue
ward Here to protect your Red
Ward Here to protect Baron and Dragon

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Yes Cho'Gath jungle is viable, I find myself with a success rate with jungle Cho. He has incredible ganking power, great clear, and great sustain. His ganking power lies with his Q Rupture, landing it will not only knock up the target, but will slow it as well, which will give your ally a chance to dish as much damage as he or she can, and hopefully you two can secure the kill. While in the jungle Cho'Gath sustains very well with his passive Carnivore.

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Team Fights

Now your role is kind of different when it comes to team fights, your main object is to soak up damage while dealing magic damage, and CC with Rupture, and Feral Scream. Your Main Targets should be the ADC, or the Ap carry as there the squishiest out of the enemies team comp, which makes them prime targets for your Feast. With your health items, and Ap items, you'll be a force to be reckon with, the items that I picked out are geared toward tanking and team fighting, for example... Rylai's Crystal Scepter synced with your Rupture will knock up a whole bunch of enemy champs, the slow from Rupture + the slow of Rylai's = BIG TIME SLOW. Frozen Heart reduces attack speed by 20%, this will negate some of the Attack speed items the enemy team has purchased, mainly the ADC. Sunfire Cape deals AOE damage ever second. Abyssal Mask, Aura that reduces surrounding enemy champ's magic resist by 20, really helpful for your Ap caster, and yourself. So all these items like I said are geared toward team fights, but at the same time can make Cho'Gath really tanky, and still be able to dish out major damage.

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Final Statements

Overall Cho'Gath can be a major threat in team fights, while tanking and dishing out tons of damage, he's viable in most team comps, or as a jungler. He's ultimate Feast will definitely be a major problem to your enemy ADC and Ap Casters. All suggestions and improvements are welcomed. Hope you enjoyed this guide, stay pretty ;).

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Thanks to...
-jhoijhoi for the templates and guide to making a guide
-imageshack for being a basic tool for uploading pictures

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Update Logs

-Published Guide
- Deleted Lane enemies

-Added Tank item sections
-Added Support jungle item section
-Added Ap jungle item section
-Added boots enchantment section.
-Added Warding Section

- Added more effort into the last build