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Udyr General Guide by Boohh

Tank D0 17 11K3 4 UDYR [Offensive/tanky]

Tank D0 17 11K3 4 UDYR [Offensive/tanky]

Updated on February 13, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boohh Build Guide By Boohh 6 2 34,160 Views 13 Comments
6 2 34,160 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Boohh Udyr Build Guide By Boohh Updated on February 13, 2014
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  • LoL Champion: Udyr


The mystics of Ionia delve into the deepest mysteries of Valoran, pioneering the most inner depths of spirituality. Their adepts are some of the most devout proponents of enlightenment and harmony...but as is always the case, there are those who follow a very different path. Born in a grassy clearing under a red moon, Udyr has always been compelled by the primal drive within him. His will was not untempered, simply undomesticated. As a boy, he toiled on his father's farm, but he felt a much deeper connection with the mustangs that would graze in the distant fields than with the townsfolk who would visit. Oftentimes he was dragged into the house at night with a swat and a scolding when his parents would find him sleeping beneath the stars.

On the day of his sixteenth birthday, Udyr bade his family farewell and struck a path to the east, determined to shed the trappings of ''civilized'' society. Freed of the shackles of cultural expectations, Udyr tapped into a well of inner ferocity he hadn't known before. His feral senses roiled to the surface and he let them overcome him. It was at this point in his life that Udyr truly lost his humanity. Poachers and travelers who entered his territory did so at terrible risk, and rarely managed to leave it.

A monk on a long journey passed through his woods one day, and Udyr decided to scare him, leaping from a nearby brush. The monk casually turned and redirected Udyr to one side. Udyr, enraged, tried time and time again to best him, but the monk was unassailable. When Udyr was exhausted, the monk wordlessly beckoned him to follow, and together they walked in silence to the Hirana Monastery. The monks there took him in, and taught him to harness and control his animalistic fury...most of the time.

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Hello... This is my build... And i will show you how i play Udyr... How i pwn with Udyr and im gonna tell you everything i know :D!

This is my second build, I've also got a Shaco-build with far more success..

Greetings fellow league attendants.
My name is Andreas. I'm from Denmark, and I wanted to make this guide to give you an idea how I like to play Udyr. As I said, this is my guide, my way to build him, and you are free to experiment and try out different strategies for yourself.
This guide will show you a fun way to play Udyr, without getting owned.

I hope you find my build satisfying and totally awesome!

I have to admit that i haven't made a that "deep" guide as my shaco guide it. But i'll provide more information along the request. So if you write to me.. in private or in comments, there might be a chance that i will you what you are saying. Besides! You will, if i use your comments, be mentioned by summoner name, or atleast mobafire accountname.
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- Tiger Stance - Activation: On his next attack, Udyr swipes at his target, dealing normal attack and dealing 120 / 130 / 140 / 150 / 160% of his attack damage + 30 / 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 extra damage over 2 seconds as physical damage. In addition, your attack speed is increased by an additional 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70% for 5 seconds.

Persistent Effect: Basic attacks deal 15% of his total attack damage as bonus physical damage on hit.

This stance is a great damage dealer. We are talking about phoenix and tiger stance users. I'm normally a tiger stance user, while the damage outcome is really great. There are many pros about the tiger stance, but you have to know the cons to.
If the enemy chooses to get loads of armor, or maybe just a , you'll have problems keeping Udyr alive in the longer run, and that can make some greater trouble on your team. You could in that situation choose to get some Armor Penetration.

- Activation: Udyr gains a temporary shield that absorbs 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+50% of ability power) damage.

Persistent Effect: Udyr's attacks restore 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18% of his damage as health.

Many people don't get this stance, and doesn't understand how big a help is can be using this stance. Normally i wont get to much critical%, while the items are overrated for Udyr. There is a deal in not maxing turtle-stance if you are going offensive with loads of lifesteal and crit. But as long as you are trying to tank out the enemy team, there is great deal to find leveling up turtle -stance.

- Bear Stance: Activation -
Udyr gains 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 % increased movement speed and ignores unit collision for 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 seconds. Udyr dashes slightly forward when attacking a target while the buff is still active, and only when he stuns the target.

Persistent Effect: Udyr mauls his target with such force that they are stunned for 1 second. This effect cannot occur on the same target for 6 seconds.

Bear-stance is totally overpowered! it increases your runspeed and gives you this great stun! witch is exceptionally good when you are chasing people around on the map, and also provides you some mobility when running from lane to lane.
You can also use this ability to run away from dangerous enemies, but i normally wont do that, because Udyr is such a well balanced and maybe a bit overpowered champ

- Phoenix Stance: Activation: Udyr sends out pulsing waves of fire dealing 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 (+25% of ability power) magic damage each second to nearby enemies for 5 seconds. His first attack after activating Phoenix Stance deals 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+45% of ability power) magic damage to all enemies in front of him.

Persistent Effect: Every third attack, Udyr engulfs enemies in front of him in flame, dealing 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+45% of ability power) magic damage.

This stance has gotten very popular, as the Persistent Effect deals loads of area damage, which helps you out during jungle, but also close team fights.

- Entering a stance grants Udyr 10% attack speed and 3% dodge for 5 seconds. This effect can stack.

I really like Udyrs passive. This passive plays a great role for a good Udyr Role, while the passive helps Udyr out of few situations, but helps him even more getting people killed. with the attack speed bonus, you are getting fairly stronger in a short amount of time, without buying items
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This a pretty standard startof, and as i wrote, this was a great thing for the junglers that we got a powerful item like this.

The same goes with this item. As hunters machete, this item provides the jungler with great potential. The Unique Passive is also great. Returns 8% of damage dealt to monsters (half for area-of-effect damage) as Health and 4% of damage dealt to monsters as Mana. UNIQUE Passive: Butcher - Damage dealt to monsters increased by 20%. (sh'ts insane!.

This item is a must on a good bruiser/jungler, and i would recommend it on all of the junglers out there. This items got great stats.

Mercury's Threads
I like these.. These are nice.. But there are many other opportunities.


A great item, gives you a damage proc every time you use an ability, and this is a great effect for you as a udyr, switching between stances all the time.

Youmuu's is a very cool item. I normally don't buy this, but when you are ahead of the enemy team, it is a great item to keep them down. It doesn't give that many passive stats. but the proc is pretty powerfull.

Zephys is an item that has been needed. It reminds me a lot of the this item just provides better stats all in general. You have to remember that you got tenacity from mercery's if you got them. I normally wont, i just go , and if i combine these too items it will be great.
I don't use it that much on Udyr, but i prefer using this combo of items on many champs. I especially enjoy using it on .

Blade of the ruined king came as a replacement to the overpowered madredz. But i would say that they did make a pretty nice item in this one too. The percentage of damage is great for your tiger stance, and switching between stances gives you even more attack speed. And the activation ability on the item is great too making it even easier to chase enemies.

I have always loved this item, the movementspeed reduction is great, and helps you and your team in many situations.

This new item is great too. The area damage is great, and helps you clearing minions and gives you great lifesteal.

I liked this item more before the patches, but it is an okay item.


I wont go into details with our defensive items. This is very optional, and personal. some people prefer something over other. I'll make a comment on my favorite defensive items on a Udyr.

I love this item. I haven't always liked this item, but when i got better and better, i saw that this item was really great. The percentage of life-regen and steal with more makes this a great item. Magic Resist is also a great deal, with the powerful AP champs.

Zeke's Herald

Atmas is a fun item, i love the way it scales on your health, and the armor helps you a bit too.

Wit's End is also great especially in phoenix, when the ability procs, and ouhh.. damn.. that is nice.
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Hey Dude.. What about runes?!

I would greatly pick runes for you, since it's not a that weird deal!
This could be one set of runes 9x'em'all.

It's a great deal to get both some damage and some attack speed, while you need some damage to bring enemies down, but a Udyr need some attack speed too.

This could be another set, etc for the Jungle-build:

As Jungler i prefer more attack speed from other builds, while it's a great deal for you to hit the neutral monsters you are going to take down more times, because of the health you get in trade when buying hunters machete.
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My masteries are somehow very normal alike.
I love the new mastery tree when it comes to both the utility and defensive tree. But i must admit i'm not a friend of the offensive tree. Even though the tree is pretty overpowered, it also contains some not relevant talents, such as , but still there are many ways to setup some nice talents.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost is pretty cool. Ghost mixed with a nice Udyr-play and a great Proc of bearstance, you'll have a really powerful combination Ghost

Exhaust I like getting exhaust.. Exhaust helps you clearing a hard opponent, and makes it easier for you to pick someone out, or catching up on someone. With exhaust and bearstance the ability to get away will be found missing?.

I'm not sure it's needed to explain why i grap smite on my jungle Udyr. During these times people are not only using smite jungling, but also to setup different thingies, such as stealing baron and dragon. This can also have a great effect on the game. Grap it if you are going to jungle!

You could grap

Ignite could be useful, if you have the problem that your enemies always get away with low health, and of course its good against AD carry's with lifesteal, which will be greatly decreased

Teleport I wouldn't use this summonerspell for Udyr. But i would still recommend you trying it out. People are setting wards like ever, which is a great deal for your teleport, and is a great way for your team to setup ganks and backdoors. And never to forget protecting a turret in an unprotected lane.

Flash is a brilliant summonerspell! I find this summonerspell usefull on almost every champ, and Udyr is not an exception. You are having trouble chasing an irritating AP-carry such as Orianna, Zyra or something with loads of snares. Then flash can help you out!
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Your job as Udyr is to take some damage, and stun the opponent. There is also a great role in taking the focus and damage away from your teammates. As Udyr you are getting a lot attention while changing between your stances.
The stances each provides a different roles that a team need to for fill.
You are also great for your team, while you have the ability to chase up fleeing opponents, and bring them into teamfights again!.
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Pros / Cons


High amount of DMG!
Udyr has got a great chase ability against stupid fleeing enemies. If the enemy don't know how to flee, and doesn't prevent you from running, you will have something to say.
If you get the kills/assists and farm you need to get your items, you are almost unbearable strong.
Udyr can very early on gank easily, and that is a true pro. While many other champs have to wait for their ult, or something until they can make a successful gank.


There can be trouble during laning phase, cause to your lack of utility. (especially against ranged top-laners such as vayne)
You are fairly item-dependent, and therefore you have to get some minions, and at least some assists.
If people build armor against you, you will get in trouble (get some ARM PEN)
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Last Words

I will end my guide by saying thanks for reading, and I hope you like it.. If you don't got a brilliant score just like that, you should take some more games. This build takes some practice to master, and you'll learn some good tactics of your own along the way.

GL & HF enjoy my build, and vote up please ;)

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D0 17 11K3 4 UDYR [Offensive/tanky]

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