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Shyvana Build Guide by KapitanKapusta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KapitanKapusta

Dat Shy vanna *off tank* (10.02.12)

KapitanKapusta Last updated on February 10, 2012
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1.Jungle 2.Solotop


-Test-(improved ganking)

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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  • 30.01.2012: Changed the jungle route picture and added a Updates section.
  • 04.02.2012: Updated the items section and removed the Stark´s favor from the build.
  • 04.02.2012: Added a viable item mentions section into the items chapter.
  • 08.02.2012: Added more possible routes to the jungle section.
  • 08.02.2012: Updated the ranked play section since it nowadays seemed like a wrong statement.
  • 10.02.2012: Updated the Testing section and added a draft testing cheat sheet!

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Testing and discussion

I intent to try new things out that my successfully boost my shy vanna build. Also I would like people to actually give their piece of mind of the current item/rune/masteries choice.
I also will try to explain the idea behind my choice and why it could work.

I tested the quite a while now. It does increase the ganking powers quite a bit but since you will most likely want to skip on the the early game item choice is quite the problem then.

I tried various items and masteries and experienced that starting with the or offer way to less sustain to actually jungle comfortably or left alone gank.

While I my main goal was to increase the ganking power of shy vana I by accident came across the movement speed increasing masteries. With the masteries on the cheat sheet your base movement speed when having above 70% health and being level 1 is 341. When activating it´ll be 434/422/412. This will get even more insane once you level up and get boots. This will let you clear the jungle nearly as fast as having 21/09/0 masteries. But that way even your early game ganks should be a bigger threat.

I did play a few games with that setup for now. I actually kinda fell in love with it since having that mobility is quite some fun. Not only you´ll get from A-B way faster even running away from dangerous situations will bring a smile to your face. You cant use active while flying in so you have to use it once you landed. I usually drag somebody with it then use the slow that way you have them cc´ed for atleast 4 seconds.

It´s kind of an unorthodox way of playing and early solo drakes are a bit problematic but if your curious and want to try out something new on shy vanna this will properly worth a try!

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Y ello thar ma friends,

this is my first guide on and my very first LoL guide. At first I bought shy vanna in the spur of the moment. I thought to myself who would not want to have a champion that can transform into a dragon. So yeah I bought her checked the summoner´s spotlight. Played her the first time in a costume. That worked rather well so I decided to actually play her in a real game.

Well my entire game performance was more then pathetic. I foolishly jumped into a full gathered team which killed me instantly. My solo lane was a disaster and my team mates raged all game long.

I was shocked and decided not to touch shy vanna ever again in a actual serious game. But once I discovered her jungle ability and played her like a off tank I suddenly did great. Everything I expected of her before buying suddenly came true. I could jump into people deal damage and actually survive team fights that way. On top I helped my team mates a bunch.

So I thought to myself yep that is the way it has to be. From this day one I will play shy vanna in the jungle and as a off-tank. And well the guide is kinda what "I" did experience as a shy vanna player and put it together as how it works for ME.

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Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    This should be self explaining. Since dealing more damage to people with armour always is a good thing.

    You could switch these with attack speed quints. I will get into detail later thou.
    This properly is standard for every jungler. Mobs will hit for less and other attack damage champs will deal less damage. I take flat armour seals over per level ones out of personal preferences.
    That´s properly the first point where some of the shy vanna community will disagree with me. And actually would like to have some theocrafting and math equations to prove this rune choice to be viable. The idea behind those runes is quite simple.

    In my opinion those scale very well with her passive. Burnout will last longer(up to 6 seconds) while normal attacking and twin bite´s cool down will get reduced by 0.5 seconds with each hit.
    I think every shy vanna should use attack speed marks. Since her passive scales wonderful with basic attacking as stated above.

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I personally like to deal a bit more damage rather then having a lot of points in the tank tree when jungle. The dragon form provides you with quite a bit of armour and magic resist. Also jungling is faster that way and you can start ganking the lanes a bit earlier.

You could switch one point in the offensive tree to improve your exhaust but that is optional I guess.

When going for solo top I like sustain while still dealing good damage that´s why I go for life steal and health regeneration. I rather use then and use over and for the extra sustain.

In my opinion you should make them masteries fit you and not vice versa. I do like having extra damage in the jungle and sustain in lane but that may not fit your playing style.

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For core items I pick -> -> -> . In my opinion the is a good beginning item and works great with mostly every AD jungler. The armour and attack damage is decent also, you´ll have a free ward whenever the cool down of it is over on top of all that.

I usually get for boots since the enemy team will CC the **** out of you. Because this build is aimed for initiation/off-tanking.

The + is my favorite off-tank item combo. You gain about 220 attack damage and about 3700 health once the combo is complete.

I usually like to build the on a ad heavy team with shy vanna since I initiate as her when jumping in the crowd then using the omen it decreases the movement and the attack speed of the enemy. The ad-carry sure will not like this.

Also the is cheap and gives a awesome counter to normal attack champs("return 30% of the received damage as magic damage") and its armour is still good while being a rather cheap item. Keep in mind that this item scales off magic resists.

gives some magic resist and an awesome on hit effect I usually get this with every shy vanna build except on heavy-ad teams for obvious reasons.

There so many status boost´s on this one and every one is needed except the manna. The slow is also helping since shy vanna lacks cc. Your Twin Bite will profit from it also. Since the is build with 3 items and is rather expensive I rather build it as the last item of my build to cover my late game damage needs. I would suggest taking over the other 2 items when building the .

Nothing special here you could switch the with a or a if you feel yourself struggling with the cc of the enemy team.

Once you plan on going solo top your beginning item is something you would want to choose wisely and dependent on the champion you´ll face. The is usually the item I start off with since it provides Health, regeneration and armour. You´ll usually find beefy and tanky solo top champs on solo top that use ad. So the regeneration and the armour come handy right off the start.

As usual there are exceptions that use ap like or on top of being ranged they also have a great sustain with either a heal or spell vamp. These are usually able to kite you to death easily that´s why I usually get a and try to play it smart and dodge whatever they throw at me and get some life back whenever possible.

is something I get whenever I think it´s going to be a easy lane or when the enemy is someone who cant deal sufficient damage to actually get shy vanna in trouble. You could pick this when going against a or

Due to your attack speed stacking on shy vanna on hit effect items like and work pretty well. I sometimes get the if I get a ridiculously great early game to increase my dominance even more. The is a great counter item on people who stacks alot of health and champs that have to stack this for whatever reason like .

The is kinda underestimated on shy vanna and I myself feel the urge to use this item more often recently since it´s symbiosis with her passive is more then just great. The only problem is I usually struggle to replace one of my item in the builds with this.

If you consider getting you mostly just want the true damage area of effect passive this item offers. I personally don´t find it that useful since the status bonus in defence and health are not that great but it does boost your damage by quite a bit.

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Skill Sequence

Max your first followed by then as usual you should skill your whenever possible.

Twin Bite

This is your main ad-damage source it also improves your jungle speed. Some player´s leave this at level one and and maximise it last. Let´s assume you have a early attack damage of 100 this will do 180/185/190/195/200 raw damage. While deals 80/125/170/215/216 raw damage.
If we would combine the damage with while having maximised first it would do 200+80=280 raw damage with just that little combo. At first it does not look anything special and having 180+216=396 raw damage while maxing first seems logic and better.
But resets your normal attack cool down which means you do 100+180+80=360 raw damage within seconds and just 100 attack damage.
It sure is still less then with maxing but it still is a skill shot you could miss.


This is my favorite shy vanna skill not only does it provide a decent area of effect over time damage it also increases your movement speed and on top off all that it burns the ground for a couple of seconds in dragon form and you feel like singed :D

When jungling use the movement speed increase to be faster at those minion camps. Also this is your only early game initiation use it to get close to your enemies.

Flame Breath

When jungling use the de-buff on the camps chief minion for the armour pen. When in dragon form you should try to hit as many enemies as possible but in my opinion you should not wait till you can hit everyone just hit it right of the bat to increase your damage output even if you only hit 2 or 3.

Even if the damage is not that high you can still get a kill on enemies with low health. In some rare cases you can finish someone off who is tower hugging.

Dragon's Descent

Do not underestimate the damage the skill shot does. You can mostly get the health of squishy in serious trouble so your team mates or you can grab a kill easily. I have a little list and screen shots in the jungling section that describes some of the use of it.

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Ranked Play

While some time passed since I published this guide there plenty of stuff that did happen in the shy vanna world. Be it m5 playing her in a competitive manner or the freebie rotations where people could try out a 6300ip champ. Shy vanna got rated a lot higher in various Tier lists, general guides and that sort.

It is not rare any more to find a shy vanna in any game mode either nowadays. If you pick up the jungler position in your ranked team or solo queue you should be fine without anyone complaining about your champ choice.

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Creeping / Jungling

In my opinion there is no route that is best and has to be played every game. Sometimes a certain route gives you a big advantage but can be a failure in another game. It mostly comes down to you team composition and the other team.

Once they have a high damage dealing jungler you´ll want to invade him and steal as much exp and money you can to prevent him from doing his high damage ganks. While there is also the possibility that your midlaner is pretty strong in the beginning and has the sufficient amount of cc that would lead into a kill you´d want to gank that lane as soon as possible and give him even more lane dominance with giving him the first blue.

It all comes down on what "you" want to do in the beginning of the jungling phase and what would suite your "team" best. While these are mere assumptions and could be totally off in the long run you still follow a pattern and you most likely will learn out of your mistakes.

The following routes are some "I" use. If you think they are lacking feel free to change a step or put in some ganks or more counter jungling in them. They should atleast give jungle beginners a idea on possible choices in the jungle though.
Balanced Route:

Start with wolves continue to do blue golems followed by wraiths then normal golems after that gank if you like to do a fast gank. Kill the red golems if you want to skip a early gank if both mid and bot lane are pushed.

You could also do the red golem´s before the normal ones if you see both bot and mid lane getting pushed.
Farming Route:

With this route you´ll get the most exp and money out of the jungle and decide if you want to gank bot or mid lane. This is rather static and in the worst case scenario bot mid and bot is pushed and top lane is in trouble.
Red Route:

This route aims for a early gank in mid and giving the mid champion the blue buff as soon as possible. Sadly the small golems will have to wait to get killed after the route and ganking is done.
Thief Route:

This is a common counter jungle route I use on shy vanna. Her excellent clearing speed makes this rather easy in comparison to other champs. This route is risky and is only working on champs that start of with blue buff.

once you reach level 6 the ganking abilities raise with the activation. Also it´ll allow you to perform escapes and chasing tricks. I will list some here now. This are by far not all you could do. But it should give people a Idea how to use the as engaging/escaping/chasing.

Baron stealing:

You should try to take a route which connect baron trough the blue buff when the top-lane is pushed by enemy minions. Try to avoid the crossroad since most people will place a ward on the crossroad or the bushes that are close to it.
You should keep in mind that jumping in there is a most likely a suicide mission. Once you fly in there smite the baron steal the baron and then use the little time the drag and the surprise moment and your to escape.

I would advice to try this only when baron is warded or is cast in the right moment.

Preventing baron gank/steal:

If the baron place is warded they may gather up in that bush in the picture before engaging. If they do jump in only if your about to finish baron or your team mates are sure to skip baron and go into a team fight. This only works if that bush is warded so I would advise you to actually ward it with your before you start doing baron.

blue buff escape:

When stealing the blue buff its important to have be able to escape once the enemy team warded it or just spotted you by passing by. So be sure to have your rage up to prevent them from getting a easy kill.

In the first replay I posted there is a situation where the whole team try to gank me at the blue. But I pressed R and it was k....

gank from jungle:

Even if you don´t hit your you still can jump in to grab a kill. Obviously you should not tower dive with low health and when the enemy is full. Other then that don´t be scared of a few tower hits when build tanksih. Shy vanna is by all means not a good ganker so sometimes you have to actually tower dive to get some kills/assists.

This certainly will become a problem on higher ranked games or once your summoner level advances. Also you should get the feeling on how and when you should tower dive and if it is possible to actually get out of the enemy´s cc underneath the tower. Since it helps nobody if you die by the tower and don´t kill the enemy champion.

Escaping dragon gank:

When your team is on the blue side jump into the mostly safe jungle to the west. If your unfortunately are on the purple team. Try to jump out of the dragon place into the river and run to your jungle next to the blue or bot lane if its safe.


This is one out of thousand situation´s where you could use your to cut off escaping routes of running enemies. It kinda works like throwing nidalee spears :3

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Team Work

This is where shy vanna shines!
She loves to be in a crowd of enemies and deal a ton of damage! But she also appreciates help from other so her effort would be in vain!

I usually try to announce my initiation with a ping. But sometimes if I do play with friends they usually know when I initiate or kinda get the feeling when I could.

Once the enemy team scatters you should try 2 focus a group of them as long as your dragon form lasts. Do not chase a single enemy down try to keep their team busy. Once your dragon form runs out, which mostly should not be the case in a team fight. Try to protect the carry´s and deal some damage without getting kited to much.

While I think shy vanna benefits every team there are some champs that go especially well with her here is a list of champs I think go well with her and why:


While you mostly meet this fellow on bot-lane supporting the ad-carry you will like his skill which stuns the target for you and the ad-carry to burst that person down. Especially while shy vanna lacks any hard cc.
Communication is the key here try to ping once you prepare for a gank and let taric know in advance.


You´ll meet this ad-carry on bot-lane you´ll want her to use to stun enemies into walls. Since people will try to avoid getting stunned in walls you should try to push them close to these with .
This means you´ll have to initiate with your only until your in reach.


You´ll love this little girl with her aoe stuns and nice burst damage. She´ll be most likely played in mid and ganking with annie mostly is a success. In my opinion you should jump in once you see the bear or the animation of . Also you should keep in mind that once annie gets surrounded by a blue aura she´s able to stun.


Everybody loves the walking hamburger and his cc abilities. For you as shy vanna his is a help. You should let him initiate and use your after his cc abilities.


You´ll find nasus on top lane. He has a strong cc called which is single target slow. The slowing effect and the duration of this skill is ridiculous you should be able to grab kills with him. I would advise ganking top-lane often once nasus is not doing so well on his farm and money. Since he can be the key to win a game you should try to help him out as much as possible.


Another support you´ll find very useful during the entire game. Her ultimate stuns everyone in a area and let them dance ^.^ giving you quite some time to deal some damage and grab a kill. If she does manage to stun a entire team and you jump in with your there is some serious trouble for the enemies and it most likely is a won team fight and ace.


His is a stun that lasts 2 seconds when maximised that provides you a bit of time to do something on a single target.


This ad-carry does have a stun and a slow. While the stun can stun up to 3.5 seconds it depends on the range the arrow traveled before it hit somebody. The slow on her normal arrows is quite useful to especially in early ganks.
On top of all she has quite the range so you don´t have to pay much attention to her survivability in the ganking phase.


As most of you can imagine his scales wonderful with shy vannas area of effect attacks. You should not underestimate his slow on the damage is quite nice even if he is a tank. His gives you another movement speed increase to catch up to escaping enemies on top of all this.


Another mid lane champion his is suppressing the enemy while dealing quite some damage.


Op group stun ... nuff said.


His stuns everyone in a set area. Not as long as morgana does but the cool down time on this one is lower. This means he should have it up once you come across.


He has a stun when marked with Mage Chains from a ridiculous range that sometimes can change the pace of a team fight.

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Pros / Cons

  • Great ultimate which transforms you into a dragon and enchants every skill of yours into a area of effect ones.
  • She is able to jungle fast and gank early.
  • Great survivability in dragon form.
  • Is able to jump over walls and trees.
  • Good damage output even though build off tank.
  • A bit weak early game.
  • You´ll get kited alot.
  • Initiation requires your rage to be full.
  • Weak ganks.

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Videos and Replays

I decided to add a video and replay section. It does take time converting the LoLreplays into videos so I most likely add a replay first and if I have the time convert them into actual videos.

Well enough talking here´s the replay:
These are the results of that game. In this game I participated in 41 out of 51 kills also I succeeded alot of ganks which could give beginners a idea how to gank with shy vanna.
This should also show how "tankish" a shyvanna can get and still deal some damage with the full build I suggest.

Another one:
This is another good match. Actually the next game I played shy vanna after the 1st one. It did not went as outrageous the former but it still worked pretty smoothly in the end.

3rd one:
This game had quite the weak beginning but turned out to be a slaughter at the end. It ended with 22/9/20 for me.

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I hope you liked my guide. Please do not down vote it before trying. Also I do like constructive criticism do not hesitate to do so!

so far bye :3

-This is a draft I may edit it-