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Malphite Build Guide by SouldEaterX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SouldEaterX

Diamond Rock

SouldEaterX Last updated on August 27, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About Me


Hello everyone, I am InEagleWeTrust (was called SouldEaterx), and I'm currently Diamond 4 in NA server. I have been playing league since the start of season 2, and immediately fell in love with the game. Malphite is one of the first champion I picked up . This is my first guide, and I am trying really hard to fix my mistakes and improve the graphics and such. I have a ~70% win rate in s3,and s4 I have ~60% win rate as Malphite, so I think it should be good for me to say "I know my sh*t."

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Pros & Cons (and when to play / when not to play)



*Tons of CC ( Unstoppable Force & Seismic Shard)
*Ult can win fights
*Attack speed debuff
* Granite Shield
*Armor scaling on Ground Slam
*Highest AD buff in game Brutal Strikes
*Wrecks AD heavy team

*No sustain
*Sustain rapes you.
*Mana problems early
*Not as good against AP team
*Bad ult can lose fights
*Team reliant
* Spell Shield, Black Shield and Banshee's Veil makes your ult useless

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There are builds and theory crafters that believe in the power of full AD Malphite, but don't do it, especially not in ranked. Full AD Malphite is like full AP Malphite, but with less damage in lane and overly reliant on Tiamat. Not only so, AD Malphites don't go Zhonya's Hourglass, making them vulnerable after they used their combo. In terms of assassination power, they are at about the same level, but practical level, AP Malphite is better.


Here is a full AD Malphite clip:
And here is a full AP Malphite clip:

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In lane

Step 1:
Grab starting item accordingly. Personally, I've fall in love with double doran's ring. It solves so much early game mana issues.

Step 2:
Fight when your passive is up, run back for a few seconds and wait for you passive.

Step 3:
Repeat Step 2.

Step 4:
Proceed on to win lane and win game.

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Skill Order

doesn't have a specific skill order. Sometimes halfway through maxing Seismic Shard, I feel like I need more wave clear and start putting points into Ground Slam. This is perfectly fine. Q is for zoning and single target damage, but if you feel the need for aoe waveclear, maxing E is ok too.
Usually I put a point on Brutal Strikes at level 8, but the recent mana reduction make me put a point at level 4. When under tower, it allows you to farm so well with the AD buff. If you are pushing (but don't want to), it would be good to not level W.

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Calm down, build full tank, your utility is still op. What is scary about Malphite isn't the dmg, but how he rekk adc so hard. With the AS debuff from Ground Slam and ( Unstoppable Force knockup, ADCs have a hard time dealing dmg to your team.

If you are down, however, you will be that way throughout the whole game. Rarely do I win lane after an early disadvantage. All you can do is pray to the god of LoL and hope they bless you with a good team to do the work when u stick to enemy adc.

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Noob Traps

I have seen a few players (even in plat and diamond) that fell for "noob trap" items.
Noob Trap #1

If you are against a magic damage top, Chalice of Harmony may look like a good item. But if the only magic damage is from top lane, the magic resist will not help you outside lane.
Now lets compare Chalice of Harmony to 2 Doran's Ring and 2 Health Potion
Chalice: 20Magic resist, 7mana regen
2 Doran's: 120HP, 30 AP, 6mana regen (+8/ unit killed)
2 HP pots: 300HP

If you see and do the calculations, chalice loses to double doran's. HOWEVER, if there is a large amount of magic damage on the enemy team, chalice will benefit you in late game too. I'm not saying Chalice of Harmony is inferior to 2 Doran's Ring. All I am saying is chose wisely.

Noob Trap #2

At first glance, this looks like an item that benefits in all ways, right? Magic resist, HP, CDR, and even a passive that increase healing! If you read Spirit Visage carefully, it removes the passive of Spectre's Cowl. Also, other than potions and baron buff you cannot utilize its passive.

Noob Trap #3

Haunting Guise is 1485, and upgrading it to Liandry's Torment will cost 1415.
Now we look at the reason we buy the green mask. Magic penetration and a small bit of HP. Both beneficial. Now we look at the blue mask. You spend 1415g on 100HP and 25AP. Yes, there is a unique passive to Liandry's, but it is more efficient in late game and on those who deals sustained damage and can spam abilities. You (most likely the initiator), will go in and throw all your combo. You did not utilize the unique passive of Liandry's as you did not let the enemy "burn" for enough time. Unless you are stacking CDR, your ability with lowest cool down is 7 seconds (maybe 6.8~ with masteries).

Noob Trap #4

AP and HP, what can go wrong with this item?
Urm.... yea, AP and HP is stats that are beneficial, but the unique passive? Not so much. Why? Lets take a look at Malphite's abilities. Unlike Evelynn or Akali, Malphite does not have any spam-able spells, and neither is his job to chase people down. If you really feel the need to stick to people, try Randuin's Omen.

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Good Items, But Beware!!

Item #1

This is more for lower elos (bronze~low gold)
Sunfire cape is a really good item on Malphite and I often rush it as my first item. It offers health, armor, and a unique passive that deals damage. This item, however, will make you push lane like crazy. If you do not want to push lane and risk yourself being ganked, don't rush this item. If you, however, is looking to shove lane as fast as possible to gank other lanes (mid most likely), this is a perfect item.

Item #2

You can pretty much rush this item on anyone and make it work, but it is not a cheap item. I rarely rush this item as I personally prefer Mpen over AD damage, but for those trinity lovers, this item is viable. If you are not winning your lane, you risk yourself spending 3.7k gold on a offensive item that doesn't benefit you that much, which will delay your other core items. Trinity gives you a lot of trade potential in lane however. A Seismic Shard or Ground Slam into a Sheen proc gives u a decent amount of poke in lane.

Item #3

This item is really good if all you want is HP. But when exactly do you want "just HP"? You look at the enemy team and see if they have any %hp abilities or champion that will most likely get Blade of the Ruined King / Liandry's Torment. FOR EXAMPLE, you see Kog'Maw and Elise on the enemy team. DON'T GET WARMOGS. But if you see Graves and Ahri, Warmogs will be a great item.

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Counter Picking (will go more in depth when I have time)

Good Against
- All physical damage and AA reliant
If you are up against a Fiora, beware of her level 6 power spike. Pre 6 Malphite should win real hard. First put at least 2~3 points into Ground Slam, as it has cost less mana than Seismic Shard. After 6, you level Q and E according to the match. If you are zoning her hard, max Q for more poke, but if it is even (or losing), maxing E would be better.

- AA reliant
Beware of the hidden strength of Irelia. She may be 0/3 and 50cs behind, but she will find a way to deal tons of damage with almost no items. If you are against her, MAX E. She relies heavily on her Hiten Style, so reducing her AS will reduce her damage output greatly.

- All physical damage and AA somewhat AA reliant
Despite Jarvan being listen in the counter section, it is actually not that easy. His Dragon Strike reduces armor, making armor stacking less efficient. HOWEVER, majority of his damage is physical, so stacking armor and HP is still good against him.

- AA reliant
In lane, Jax is food. He cannot trade you early as his combo costs way too much mana. You will win the lane. Post 6 however, Jax will hit a huge power spike. He is extremely AA reliant ( Relentless Assault and Grandmaster's Might), which is why you max Ground Slam against him

- AA reliant, but care for his true damage
Well, Yi is one of those where you do not expect to be top, but if you do see him top, don't panic. He is extremely AA reliant, making AS reduction great on him. Rush a Frozen Heart and he should be no problem.

- All physical damage
Riven is one of those champions that snowball like crazy. At level 1, she will not win a trade against you. Your passive is too strong for her and she will lose for sure. She, however, is really strong when there is a gank. A knockup and a stun and infinite gap closers. Stack armor and she'll tickle.

- AA reliant, but can snowball out of control
This lane will go either way. If he get an early kill for some reason, you are done. He will back for lifesteal and you cannot outpoke him, and he will just spin to you whenever it's off cooldown. Again, rush either Frozen Heart or Sunfire Cape

- AA reliant (his W)
He has the lowest win rate in the game now and offers nothing to a team. When facing Olaf, remember to rush HP, as his Reckless Swing deals true damage.

- AA reliant, does anyone play her anymore?
Although being AA reliant,her Devastating Blow deals magic damage. Also another thing to worry about is her Paragon of Demacia gives her a ridiculous amount of defensive stats. This means that your abilities against her are not as useful and it will take longer to outpoke her. Max E in this matchup, the low mana cost allows you to use it whenever you are in range.

- All physical damage and no sustain
Wukong top is rarely seen, right now because of how weak he is in lane. If you do meet one, just stack armor and level abilities accordingly. Q if you are winning hard and want to zone, E if lane is not doing so well.

- All physical damage and AA reliant
Unless he gets a double kill when your jungler ganked, he should be no problem. Not only does he deal all physical damage, he is also really AA reliant. Stack armor and you will win.

- AA (and AS) reliant
This is actually a matchup I dislike. I dislike yasuo as a champion. His shield is like yours, but it will still charge when being attacked. If you are ahead in lane, you will most likely be able to 1v1 him whole game long, but expect him to hurt after his static shiv. Max E in this matchup as he can block Seismic Shard with Wind Wall

- All physical damage (except passive)
Zed deals mostly physical damage and is (to some degree) AA reliant. Rush a Sunfire cape and fight him whenever your passive is up. Walk up, Q him, E, AA him till he runs. Repeat until he is low enough to go for a full combo. Q max or E max works equally well in this lane.

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MUST AVOID (will go more in depth when I have time)

Bad Against
- Infinite sustain, you cant outpoke him
Despite being extremely AA reliant, he deals primarily magic damage in lane and has infinite sustain. His Blades of Torment is on a low cooldown and deals magic damage. This means armor stacking against Aatrox inefficient. Not only so, his sustain is beast and have no mana cost, which means you cannot outpoke him.

- Skill matchup until lvl 2~3, where his E can stop your passive
Chogath is again those champions that have near infinite sustain. All he need to do is to last hit, and he will have huge amounts of health back. Not only can you not outpoke him, he deals mostly magic damage, which is hard for Malphite. NOT ONLY SO, his Vorpal Spikes will stop your passive.

- Bleed DOT stops passive.
Despite dealing mostly physical damage, his Hemorrhage will stop your passive, making it near impossible to farm. Not only so, he is not AA reliant and have a true damage ultimate ( Noxian Guillotine), which means armor stack is not effective, and is somewhat obligated to stack HP.

- Even pre 6, thereafter you just roam
Pre 6, Mundo is ****. His Q deals small amount of damage and its a skillshot. He will start to get tankier than you and have more sustain than you, so it is pointless to be in lane. Max E in this matchup, the wave clear is important. After 6, just roam.... You cant kill Mundo.

- His passive stops your passive
Similar to Darius, his Grog Soaked Blade stops your passive. What is worse is that his passive can apply on a low cooldown Parrrley. In this matchup, rushing armor would help a lot as most his damage will come from his Q. Maxing Ground Slam or Seismic Shard both work, depending on how the lane goes.

- He's supposed to win lane.
Extremely good sustain with Perseverance and have no mana. This means he will spam skills to either harass you or push lane. Also, he have Courage, which makes your poke really weak against him. Against him, I would max E for waveclear and hope he is dumb and doesn't constantly go for fights.

- Turrets zone you hard
Really. Gayest champ. Puts turrets down and a free lane for him. As Malphite, you have no way of dealing with him, unless you build full ap and manage to survive and farm up (which will almost never happen). Laning phase will be a pain in the ***, all you do is hope for the best.

- Far range poke (passive D:)
Far range poke + high amount of burst. Early on, you will get **** on. There is hope however, if you manage to survive to level 6~ you can try to poke him, and then all in when he is low enough. Go AP or tank, both work just as well. Max Seismic Shard in this match up.

- ^
The exact same thing as Jayce.

- ^^
The exact same thing as Jayce.

- He can W max, giving him so much sustain
Safeguard gives him a huge shield, and it also gives him insane life steal. Not only so, his Tempest deals magic damage, giving you a hard time to itemize against him. Try building hp in this matchup.

- You win until he can lifesteal all your damage
Nasus is one of those champions that is really annoying for AP top laners to deal with. Malphite is no exception. Soul Eater gives him so much sustain, which means weak poke is nothing to him. With Spectre's Cowl or even a Null-Magic Mantle, Nasus will be free to free farm without taking much poke if any at all.

- AOE magic dmg. Stops your passive
LOL. Please, just go jungle, even if you call top lane, it would be better off that way. Rumble is so strong with his Flamespitter. It is also on a 6 second cooldown, way lower than your passive. He will just constantly bully you, and when you try to harass, he'll use Scrap Shield. A unbeatable lane.

- All magic damage, shield, and sustain
Shen is one of those champs that can slowly chunk you down. His Vorpal Blade is on a super low cooldown, and he will just repeatedly use it on you. Similar to Rumble, if you try to harass, he'll just shield. You will lose lane, but not terribly hard. Build tank and hope your team is not losing hard.

- Mostly magic damage, E poke stops your passive

- Might as well lane swap


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Once again, this is my first guide, and I acknowledge that there is a lot to improve, BUT I'M WORKING ON IT ALREADY!!!! If there is any error in the guide, feel free to message me and tell me which part is wrong. By doing so, YOU can help me improve my guide, and help other players as well, so please message me if you find an error.

Also, feel free to message me questions. I don't check mobafire everyday now (I follow my instincts now), but I do check pretty often. I will reply your questions as soon as I see them. Will make a Q & A section if I see the need to.