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Warwick Build Guide by Metallichydra

Jungle Double Jungle

Jungle Double Jungle

Updated on October 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Metallichydra Build Guide By Metallichydra 4,707 Views 0 Comments
4,707 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Metallichydra Warwick Build Guide By Metallichydra Updated on October 27, 2022
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Warwick
  • LoL Champion: Skarner

Runes: Normal

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Double Jungle

By Metallichydra
Double Jungle is a strategy that is very rarely used.

Double Jungling requires a full team that is willing to play it, and good communication between team members if possible.

In short, the idea behind double jungle is to starve the enemy jungler of xp and gold, until they are far behind, while getting top and mid ahead by ganking. Additionally, objectives are of great importance, with the dragon soul being an insanely strong buff.
Can be very effective when mastered
Can exert a lot of early-game pressure that can quickly snowball
Double smite means it will be very hard for the enemy to outsmite you
Is hard to master and requires good communication
Can fall behind massively if you mess up
Requires a full team to play
warwick is a good choice for double jungle, as he has good 1v1 potential and great ganks. He works very well with Skarner as they make a deadly cc-combo. When playing warwick, you should focus on ganking and letting your fellow jungler do the invading.
Skarner has a lot of cc and amazing 1v1 potential, able to deal with most champions on his own. His ganks are also great. Beyond that, his ultimate is among the best in the game. When playing skarner, focus on invading, as you can clear relatively fast and easily duel the enemy jungler should they show up.

Alternative Junglers

Volibear is a good alternate double jungler, having lots of crowd control and a ton of damage. His ult also makes towerdiving easy, which becomes extremely dangerous for the enemy when there's 2 junglers in their lane. Better early, worse late, but overall a good choice.
Darius can actually be a pretty good double jungler, as his clear is decent and he has the ability to duel most other junglers.

What Makes A Good Double Jungler?

A good double jungler should have at least some form of crowd control and be able to gank easily. Being a good duelist is also a good trait.
When looking for champions fit for double jungling, also see if they have abilities that let them move across the map faster, such as Blood Hunt or Crystalline Exoskeleton.

But the most important thing is that you choose a champion you enjoy playing.
When playing double jungle, it is very important that your laners have champions that fit the strategy. This means scaling laners and laners with good gank-setup. While other lanes can have champions that are normally played there, it's a bit different with bot lane, as they need to play alone in a duo lane.
This means they have to be a high-range champion that can farm from distance, though there's also other qualities that can make them good for soloing bot lane.
Veigar is a really good candidate for the bot lane, as he scales pretty well with his stacks. The real reason, however, that veigar is such a good bot laner is his Event Horizon, which makes ganking incredibly easy. A good cage at the right time ensures a double kill most of the time.
Anivia works very well in bot lane, as her high range and her passive makes it easy for her to survive, even in a 2v1. You can even gank bot, as a well-placed wall or Flash Frost can make it hard for the enemies to leave lane.
Swain is pretty good for bot lane, being able to help out his team from a distance with Vision of Empire while staying healthy thanks to Ravenous Flock.
Flash is an incredibly good summoner spell, which can be used both offensively and defensively. Flash is almost always the best choice.
As a jungler you need smite, otherwise you can't buy your jungle item. Both junglers should have smite.

Upgraded Smite

Chilling smite makes it easier to gank and catch up to enemies.
Challenging smite makes duels much easier.


Both Aftershock and Conqueror makes skarner a lot more tanky, but Conqueror takes a bit of time to ramp up, and also depends on you dealing damage.
Triumph is the only rune worth it in this slot, if you're going Precision. For Resolve, Shield Bash makes skarner deal bonus damage whenever he uses his Crystalline Exoskeleton.
Extra tenacity is always appriciated, but for those going Resolve the best choice will be Conditioning to boost Skarners tankiness.
Last Stand is by far the best rune for this slot for those going with Precision. If you go Resolve you should go Unflinching unless you don't think you need the tenacity, in which case you can go Overgrowth.

Secondary Tree

If you choose Inspiration as your secondary tree, the best ones to take will be Magical Footwear and Approach Velocity to both save you some gold and boost your movement speed. Approach Velocity is especially good for quickly catching up to players marked by Fracture.
The Sorcery tree offers some good runes for skarner. Waterwalking is especially good for river skirmishes and objective control, while Celerity will boost all of your other speed boosts. Nimbus Cloak gives a burst of movement speed when using summoner spells, which synergizes well with Smite because of its low cooldown.


Attack speed, adaptive force and armor are the best shards to take on Skarner. If the enemy team has a lot of AP champions (3+), consider swapping out armor for magic resist.


Press the Attack is a great rune for warwick, as it gives him and his team a damage boost on his target. Lethal Tempo may also be considered, especially if you plan on building Blade of the Ruined King.
Triumph is a great rune for warwick, granting extra gold when getting a takedown, as well as healing him.
Extra attack speed makes warwicks clear faster, and makes him deal more damage.
Last stand is by far the best rune for this slot, synergizing very well with warwicks passive, Eternal Hunger. Alternatively, you can go Coup de Grace.

Secondary Tree

Waterwalking provides warwick with movement speed in the river - great for river skirmishes and objective control. Celerity will further boost warwicks speed from both his Blood Hunt and other sources of movement speed.
By going Domination instead of Sorcery, you give up some in-combat movement speed for more vision.


Attack speed, adaptive force and armor are the best shards to take on warwick. If the enemy team has a lot of AP champions (3+) consider swapping out armor for magic resist.
As Warwick, maxing Blood Hunt first means you will not only clear a bit faster, but you will be able to enter a lane to gank it much faster.
Primal Howl should be maxed last, as all it gains from leveling up is 5% damage reduction and 1 second off cooldown each level.
Start with one point in Jaws of the Beast.
Maxing Fracture first on Skarner makes him deal more damage and enables him to stun people more often. You can, however, put 3 points in Crystal Slash before maxing your other abilities, as this will help you clear your camps faster.


First Back

Sheen is by far the best item to buy for your first back, massively increasing your damage output. If you have more gold, you can buy yourself a Tear of the Goddess if you think you will need more damage later in the game. Any spare gold should go towards Control Wards.

Mythic Item

Divine Sunderer is a really good item on Skarner, as his Crystal Slash is a spammable ability, causing Skarner to both deal a ton of damage while at the same time healing a lot, especially when attacking tanks.

Core Items

Thornmail is an item that you should buy almost every game on skarner, as the grievous wounds and armor is really good. If the enemy has few champions that deal physical damage you can just sit on Bramble Vest until lategame. Titanic Hydra will massively boost your clear speed and damage, while also providing a decent chunk of health.

Other Items

If you have bought a Tear of the Goddess earlier in the game, you can upgrade it to get either Manamune for more damage, or Fimbulwinter for more tankiness.

Situational Items (AD)

If the enemy team have a lot of AD, Plated Steelcaps is the boots of choice. If you need more armor, Dead Man's Plate is a good choice, granting both armor and movespeed.

Situational Items (AP)

Mercury's Treads is a great item when you need magic resist and tenacity, while Force of Nature is the ultimate answer to a team with lots of AP.


First Back

If you have enough gold for a Tiamat, it would be a good purchase as it gives you a lot faster clear speed. Alternatively you can just buy a Pickaxe or a Sheen if you do not have enough gold, or simply wish to also buy Boots. Any spare gold should go towards Control Wards.

Mythic Item

Divine Sunderer is a really good item on Warwick, granting him many useful stats. The spellblade effect will trigger on his Jaws of the Beast, making it deal and heal a lot more damage.
If the enemy team has no tanks it may be a good idea to build Sunfire Aegis instead.

Core Items

buying Titanic Hydra will make him clear camps a lot faster, while also providing a lot of health. Thornmail and Spirit Visage is warwicks main tank items. Which one you should buy first depends on the enemy team.

Other Items

Blade of the Ruined King is a good item to buy if you don't need anything specific. Otherwise Dead Man's Plate is a good choice if you need more movement speed, or Death's Dance when against teams with lots of burst.

Situational Items (AD)

If the enemy team have a lot of AD, Plated Steelcaps is the boots of choice. In case the enemy have only AD champions or the enemy ADC is fed consider buying Randuin's Omen.

Situational Items (AP)

As always, if you need magic resist or tenacity, Mercury's Treads is the best boots. If you need more magic resist you can buy Wit's End or Force of Nature depending on how many AP champions the enemy team has.
When it comes to double jungle, the first clear is especially important, as it is the easiest way to set the enemy jungler behind in XP and gold.

Late Invade

Here skarner starts botside while warwick starts topside. By placing a ward (or looking at which laners leashed) we can determine that Evelynn started botside. This means Warwick can go topside and clear the enemy jungle after taking his own blue buff. Warwick can then decide whether to gank top (possibly a double gank with Skarner) or path towards one of the Rift scuttler s.

Early Invade

If your team spots the enemy jungler at one side of the map, one of the junglers can invade the other side. Here Jarvan IV is spotted botside, so Warwick takes his topside. Afterwards he can gank top or prepare for the rift scuttler spawn. He can also ambush Jarvan IV when he comes topside, or simply retreat into his own jungle and help Skarner clear the last jungle quadrant.
After recalling it is important that you work together with your fellow jungler to ensure the enemy jungler has as little influence on the game as possible. This includes invading their jungle when their camps respawn, ganking lanes (possibly together) and taking objectives. Especially dragon s are important, as taking 4 dragons will give you the dragon soul, which is an incredibly powerful buff. Likewise, the rift herald will help you give your laners a lead, especially when used before tower plates fall.


By invading the enemy jungle and taking their camps frequently, you can set their jungler behind. It is, of course, important to keep track of where their jungler is, by placing Stealth Wards and Control Wards in their jungle. You can also set up an ambush if you know where they are going.


By ganking your lanes, you can get your laners ahead. You can even gank the same lane at the same time: a double gank. It should be noted, however, that ganking bot lane is much harder than top and mid, considering your bot laner may be too starved of gold and XP to be of any help.


By warding the enemy jungle, you will be able to track where the enemy jungler is. This allows for easier and safer invades as well as ganks, since you can invade if you see the enemy jungler on the opposite side of the map while camps is up or gank with no fear of a countergank.
At least one of the junglers should buy an Oracle Lens and clear wards.


Securing objectives is really important, as the rewards for slaying Dragon s and rift herald s are pretty big. With 2 junglers, a dragon can be taken quite fast. If you manage to get the first 2 dragons, it should be possible to get the dragon soul quite easily, especially if the enemy jungler is behind.
During the mid-game, your goal will be to extend the lead you hopefully created during the early-game. This means continuing to take the enemy junglers camps, while securing objectives and kills.

Helping Bot

If you have already gotten mid and top ahead of their opponents, you may consider ganking bot and helping them get back into the game, in case they fell behind during the early game. If the enemy bot laners are far ahead you may have to bring your top or mid laner with you.

Securing Drakes

One of the main ways to win with double jungle is to secure all of the jungle objectives in order to gain a lead.

If the enemy jungler is sufficiently behind, it may be extremely hard, or outright impossible for them to contest drakes.

One thing to remember is that if the enemy jungler tries to steal the drake, both Skarner and Warwick's ultimates applies suppression, which prevents the enemy jungler from smiting.

Your laners are your carries

This means it's important to peel for them and set up kills. If you laners are fed consider skipping the damage items in favor of the tank items.
As you enter the late-game, it is time to end the game. Hopefully you will have claimed the dragon soul by now, and if not, should be close to doing so.

Baron and Elder Drake

Once the game has gone on for a long time, it becomes increasingly more important to secure the last two jungle objectives: Baron Nashor and the Elder drake . Each of them grants an insanely strong buff that will help you end the game.

Warwick Item Set

Warwick Item Set

Skarner Item Set

Skarner Item Set

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