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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by The Greek

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Greek

Dr.Mundo!(The Tier 1 Jungler)

The Greek Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Navigation system

AP=Ability Power
AD=Attack Damage
AS=Attack Speed
MgP=magic Penetration
MR=magic Resist
CcC=Critical chance
CC=Crowd Control
CDR=Cooldown Reduction

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!I m The Greek(and of course i m from Greece:P)and I want to show you the way of jungling Dr. Mundo. Dr. Mundo recently went to tier 1 jungler from stonewall and YES it should be!With the right runes and masteries he is devastating jungler and Dr. Mundo can fit many team compositions.Overall a good jungler and great late game.Let me be more specific.After the recently mini-buff on dr . mundo in Sejuani patch,jungling has been improved a lot for him.I was jungling Doctor quite a time ago,and i can say while he was a medium jungler,now it s one of the best you can choose.

Hope u gonna enjoy my Guide :)

NOTE:This build can be used and for laning Dr. Mundo

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Pros and Cons

+Fast as Hell in Jungle
+Low overall cooldowns
+Mid-Late Game MONSTER!
+Dies when he pleases!(almost never)
+Great damage output!
+Can carry(though is better to let some kills to your AD carry)
+Best skin ever!(Corporate Mundo!)

-Damn Ignite
-Really weird ganks(they may be pretty good but they may be total fail,a skilled guy can handle his ganks but still he lacks of CC)
-Some noobs will say you are trolling and will get so annoying
-Bad early game(this is why jungle is good for mundo)
- Wriggle's Lantern won t get built so as a good jungler u should buy wards

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Build Explanation

NOTE:This build can be used and for laning Dr. Mundo

As a jungler u should start with and 3x . is good too but u dont need it that much and makes ur jungle so fast.
Then build ur .Good optional boots are and .Grab Sorcerer's Shoes if u want ur Infected Cleaver and Burning Agony do more damage and grab Mercury's Treads only if the enemy team has many mages(tenacity is nearly useless cause of Burning Agony).Still Ninja Tabi will help you more inside the jungle.
Then rush for the best item for Dr. Mundo the .No replacement for this item and for the name of god don t replace it with Spirit Visage!(this will be explained later where I will show my anger about Spirit Visage)
Then build and .These items will be ur core items for ur next items.
After that build once again another .Health regeneration and health is so important for a successful Dr. Mundo.When u build this you will see that u can t die!If the enemy team has 3+ heavy AD build a thormail instead.
Now its time for ur main damage item .This item is so great for Dr. Mundo giving him that sweet AD.Critical Chance is also good combined with the last item.

Next item will we be .The health regeneration and the great amount of MR is so good.It s also good for enemies champs using Madred's Bloodrazor.

Last item is the .This + Atma's Impaler+ Masochismmakes u have about 450+AD,is justGG.Great amount of damage really good.Hey,you enemy champ FEAR MY CRITS!!

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Alternative items

:Great item.Nice active and good amount of armor so .Use it against an enemy team focusing more AD instead of Infinity Edge if u want to be pure tank
:Also great item for Mundo.Active is like Cleanse and gives 56 MR.It's great if u want to remove the Ignite.
:This item can replace Infinity Edge.Good AS more critical chance and sweat movevement speed,great alternative.
:I am not that huge fan of this item,i prefer Warmog's Armor much more. Warmog's Armor provides much more health and huge health regeneration,though if u like the slow it s up to you.
:I don t like that item too,but it can be usefull instead of Infinity Edge.You can have it but Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer is much better.
:Though it s rare to see this item is good.If the enemy team lacks of AP casters,u can replace it for Force of Nature
:Great item though mana is useless.CDR is really nice as it is the amount of armor and it s passive.Definetely a good item that can be used although Dr. Mundo has not mana.
This can be used only if your team lacks of support(like In bot lane there is Blitzcrank instead of Sona or Soraka.

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Never,but never take these items!!

Buy tear of godess if u want(mana is nice :P xD) but never buy:
!!!This item is really bad and always was!Especially now that is nerfed it provides only 15% more healing!The only good on it,it's CDR.You don t need more healing from ur ulty!It is good by it's own and u waste gold for nothing if u buy it.So think next time if you want to buy Spirit Visage on Dr. Mundo.This item is the main reason that people think Dr. Mundo is bad,covering how op he is.

Next item u shouldn't buy at all(and all tanks-offtanks)is:
!!This item gives nice tank stats and a nice revive.So good right?OF COURSE NO!U tank!You want to get focused!Dont buy this excellent item for Dr. Mundo and any other tank.This item suits better an AD carry

Last dont buy:
!!!Too expensive for its stats and the magic damage that it deals is nothing comparing with Burning Agony.Don even consider to buy this.

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Possible builds

Main build

Pure tank build
Against Heavy AD team

Agaist Heavy AP team

If u want to deal more damage

Supporting your team

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Skill sequence

If u jungle

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This is how ur skills sequence should look like.You start with buring agony for your jungling.Maximizing Infected Cleaver and Masochism nearly together and maximize Burning Agony last.Of course rank up Sadism when u can(6,11,16 lvl)
If u are laning
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The skill sequence is almost the same as the one while you jungle.Just grab Burning Agony from 3 lvl instead of 1 lvl and Infected Cleaver from 1 lvl instead of 3 lvl

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This is a really important section of the build.If u jungle with Dr. Mundou must have some runes that can t be replaced.
First of all yo should have Greater Quint of Transmutation.These runes are so damn good for junging Dr. Mundo.These runes dominate his jungle making him sustained enough.Without them jungling is viable too but it will be way more risky.Definetely you should have 3x[Greater Quint of Transmutation]
Then use .Good runes with that exta AS u need.Definetely have 9x Mark of Attack Speed if you want to clear fast jungle.
Last runes for junling must be .Armor is key for ur sustain in jungle.So use 9x Greater Seal of Armor
Then I use .These runes are nice but are not for jungling but for overall use.You can use whatever you like but with these and Enlightenment u cover all your CDR issues. Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration runes are nice too.

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The masteries are based in both jungling and tanking.This is why a take masteries to deal more damage to minions and take reduce damage by them.

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Main Chapter:Jungling

Before I start lets check what Stonewall is saying about Dr. Mundo:
Dr Mundo - Why the incredible leap? Well his technology has been discovered and it's SPELL VAMP. The simple use of Spell Vamp quints have nullified a vast majority of his issues (sustain) and made him a really scary guy to duel (even moreso). I had a video uploaded with him using E to jungle and vampiric scepter - but that was because I believed it was the best build for him to go since cloth armor is a waste on him. Using his W makes him go faster but devastates his sustain unless he goes cloth armor. Now with spell vamp runes you can use W and go BOOTS which is superior to both items and gives him more versatility. His ganking is still pretty clutch but it is likely favored to be using him as an invader/duelist and use your god speed to farm and harass.
As u can see he says about spell vamp runes and how speedy he is in jungle,he has been ranked with S++ about his jungle speed greater than any other champ.
This is the rating of almost everyone champion alphabetical. Dr. Mundo is the 8th from the start.

First of all,in Ranked when they will see u picking Dr. Mundo they will say that you will solo top(+they grab ignite :P).This is good cause they will get by surpise when they will see that you jungle. Dr. Mundo is really good pick for ranked jungler,first of all,it is always nice to have an offtank jungler that can deal high damage. Dr. Mundo has a bad early game in lane,making him kill himslef.When u jungle with him your early game problems will be no problem making ur devastating mid-early game really good.You are gonna win the game by just using Sadism You might think ingite counters so easily Sadismbut you are wrong. Dr. Mundo is facing problems with Ignite only at levels 6-10.After 11 lvl Sadismgive great amount of health that ignite, although it hurts ur healing, doesn t do so bad to you.
Now this is a video showing you the jungle route.He doesnt use Greater Quint of Transmutation although u can see how fast he is.WiThout spell vamp u can see his problems with sustain. As u see the route is:
2.Red Buff
3.Duo Golems
6.Blue Buff

Good jungle route.Easy to do it fast as you don t need blue buff for mana.Easiest route available.But if you want to be faster use this route:

1.Red Buff
4.Blue buff
6.Duo golems

This is more difficult route to jungle but if you ask your mid laner to pull red,it s all just fine.This is considered to be,a slightly more fast but is more risky for players without spell vamp runes.

If you want to be aggresive jungler and counter enemy jungle I would reccomend you to play more defencive jungler though sometimes u can go with ur mid-laner and steade l Red buff in 1.55.Otherwise counter jungling will probably fail.

Warding is key to secure some kills and provide map awareness to your team.Wards may cost but they do tons of work.
Here is an image that will show you where to ward:So now I will explain this image to anyone inexperienced with the game winning items called wards:
1: These 2 spots are your main warding priority, this will let you see that the enemy is either taking Dragon or Baron Nashor, or if they are passing by for a gank or such.
2: These are LANE-SAVING wards, these wards will make your laners quite happy if you could put them up for their lane, because it will give that extra protection against an enemy jungler.
3: These are known in my book as either Jungle-Invasion or Jungle-Defence wards, you want to make sure to place these at the Blue buff, Red buff and any possible way the enemy could get into your jungle, this will make sure your jungle won't be stolen, or that you can steal the jungle from the enemy way easier!
4: The game-changing ward: So everyone probably knows the little bush near Baron Nashor, and you probably got ganked enough out there by now to know it is a suicidal facecheck bush, this is why you place a ward there to make sure you won't get Aced because you all went to facecheck this bush, and sometimes it will give you the upper hand in a teamfight.

About ganks.Rely on your only CC effect Infected Cleaver.Try to gank while ur enemy champ is closer to the friendly turret.This will make your ganks much more effective.Most of ur ganks(if not all) rely on your Infected Cleaver.Whlie u have Sadism,it s bonus movement speed is sweat making you so fast.

Great tips for ur jungling:
+Spell vamp affects Smite healing you when you use it!
+ Dr. Mundo is not blue dependant!You can give the Blue Buff to your ap-midlaner cause of that buffing a lot his early game.
+Take the right posision so Burning Agony is hitting every jungle monster
+Solo dragon by lvl 6 when u have Sadism(too easy to do it)
+Maybe the only champ that can solo Baron by lvl 16(it make take a long time but still u gonna make it,a few times i managed to take over baron by lvl 13,but it was really close).Timing Sadism is really important if you want to solo baron successful.
+Red buff+ Infected Cleaver=Great slow

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Summoner Spells

The summoners spells I use for jungling Dr. Mundo are:


I don t have to explain why I picked up Smite
About Flash is a great escape mechanism,great to take position and great to secure some kills.In all champions I use flash only in 1 situation i don t use it(it will be explained later)
If you prefer Ghost instead of Flash is up to you,but i prefer flash much more. Dr. Mundo has his own Ghost anyway( Sadism) so it s somewhat useless.

Alternative Summoner spells:

:You can jungle with Heal instead of Smite but still i prefer smite.
:Teleport in a jungler?!?!?!Yeah baby!This spell is so nice for the weird ganks of DOCTOR!You teleport in a ward or a minion and u gank nicely!(prefer ward if you want to use Teleport, ask to the lane to buy a ward and put it into the brush near the enemy turret so u can flank the enemy)
:A summoner spell made for champs like Dr. Mundo!Its good it removes ignite really a nice alternative spell.If I lane with Dr. Mundo I always pick Cleanse but if u jungle you should use smite.
, :Nice summoners spells both of them.But not that good for jungling Dr. Mundo.I do never pick them and i dont reccomend them but if you can't play without them remove Flash and use 1 of those.
The rest of summuners spells are useless not only for jungling Dr. Mundobut and for his lane
You can use only grab Clarity if u want to trololololol :P

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Pro Mundo Plays!

See Mundo power!

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That s was all folks!

Hope u liked my guide. I did my best and I will continue to improving this guide!
Like,fav and rep me!See you in game!


P.S:Special thanks to jhoijhoi for his guide.Made my guide much nicer.