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Evelynn Build Guide by Jonne

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jonne

| Evelynn,Princess of Agony | Hybrid Season V |

Jonne Last updated on February 21, 2015
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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1) Introduction

Trying out "Nemesis Draft" game mode. It was a fate...not so twisted, but they took me my lovely sweetheart XD
Result below :3
Hi there, guys! You're tired to play using casual AP or AD builds? Don't like current meta? So let's try to play unusual "Hybrid" Eve!
With style! :3

I present to you Evelynn hybrid mini guide and i hope you will enjoy it. It will be hard to explain match ups deeply, because every player and every situation in the game is absolutely different. So, i will try to focus on a things.
CAUTION!! My english far from perfect, so please be tolerant. :D

Evelynn's origins are shrouded in mystery - a mystery she herself helps to perpetuate. What everyone does know about Evelynn, however, is that she is one of the most skilled assassins in Valoran. It is clear upon first meeting her that she is not quite human. Some theorize that she was cursed with a mild form of fantastical vampirism as a child. Supporters of this theory contend that her ability to sap the very life essence of her opponents on (and off) the Fields of Justice, while still being able to tolerate direct sunlight, would account for this belief. There is some evidence that Evelynn originally came from the Shadow Isles - the mysterious island located northwest of Valoran that is eternally blanketed by a thick, unnatural fog. It is thought that the Shadow Isles are home to countless forms of undead, though no one seems eager to perform the exploration necessary to find out the truth. Evelynn neither confirms nor denies her connection to Shadow Isles.
The power brokers of Valoran know that Evelynn's services come at the highest of premiums, and her recent addition to the League of Legends indicates that her ambitions are growing. Her savagery on the Fields of Justice has been so great that new rumors about her origins are now circulating. The most popular one - an abuse of magic as a child morphed her into the hungering beast her opponents see on the battlefield - always makes her smile when hearing it... an act which bares her razor-sharp fangs and teeth. Evelynn now curries favor from League summoners, gaining influence for reasons known only to her. While the nature of her plans- much like almost everything else about her - remains unknown, there's little doubt that those plans are now set on the world stage.

"There is little mystery about her to me - she is the ultimate predator."

After the Season 3 championship everyone start to play "AP MID" Eve, cause "Alex Ich" show "how to do". Meta can be changed. Just imagine, that you are a BATMAN...or Draven. Anyway, Eve got the balls!!...i mean - boobs, that's why she is OP!
Please leave your comments, vote and tnanks for the 560k+ views! <3

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2) Pros / Cons


| Pros / Cons |


+ Great Damage output
+ Passive Stealth and MP Regen
+ USE AP and AD for abilities
+ Slows removing ability
+ AoE Slow + Shield
+ Low MP cost abilities
+ Strong Middle game

- Pretty Squishy at start
- She is a melee
- Uneasy to master
- Hybrid Builds is unpopular T_T
- She need more skins :D

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3) Latets Patch Notes

~ 5.1 Patch Notes ~



Continuing with Evelynn, we're adopting the same 'slow-but-steady' approach as with Elise. Mana's always been a huge issue for Eve, and that's never been more clear than in a season without Spirit Stone's sustain. Doubling Evelynn's passive mana regeneration while stealthed should see her more active in fighting jungle monsters and champions alike, while adding on-hit effects to Ravage opens up unique item synergies (such as Blade of the Ruined King, Devourer Enchant, the Sheen family) to take advantage of those mid-game spikes.
Passive - Shadow Walk
MANA REGENERATION WHILE STEALTHED +1% maximum mana per second ⇒ +2% missing mana per second
E - Ravage
NEWLICH BANE! BLADE OF THE RUINED KING! Strikes now apply on-hit effects
REMOVEDSORRY RYLAI Strikes no longer apply spell effects

What could we say? Our darling is buffed!! Feel free to take instead of ...or you can take them both anyway xD

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4) Masteries


Well. We will focus our priority to offence. 21-9-0.
Yeah, sometimes ill trying 9-21-0, as result - Hybrid Evelyn still kick a$$es!

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5) Items

Shopping time!

| Choosing Boots |

New feature - items now will be rated from 1 to 10. Of cource, it's my own opinion. .____.

- My reccomendation number one versus hard CC champions like Alistar , Leona and etc - . 8/10

- is nice choice for AP oriented players, but now they are less effective. 6/10

- For a fast travelling, gangs add chasing. 9/10

- Enemy got 3 or more heavy AD champions - take these 8/10

- if you prefer an old one fast ganker badass Evelynn, take these . 10/10

| Items |

Item Sequence

Boots of Speed

Stalker's Blade - Runeglaive


Hextech Gunblade

  • : Take it if enemy got more then 3 AP champions. 7/10
  • : Don't forget to use slow ability when chasing your enemies (it actually BURSTING so good >:D). Core for the most sustain hybrid builds. 10/10
  • : Magic Penetration + Health + Great "Unique Ability", thats why you should take it. Good choice for late game. 8/10
  • : makes you feel "too stronk" and tanky. Absolutely must have to counter AD enemy team. 8/10
  • : Since S3, this item is reccomended for Eve. AP + AD + ASPD + Life and Vamp Steals. Pretty acceptable. 6/10
  • : Why NOT?! No matter how fat will be your victim - it will be eaten >:D. Don't forget, now procs lifesteal...yummi :3. 9/10
  • : Armor + Health + Magic Damage Aura. Tanky AD Eve too stronk vs AD enemy teams. Otherwise - less efective. 4/10
  • : Rarely used. Im not a big fan of this item. Reccomend it for AP based Eve. 2/10
  • : Takes it in a 80% of my games. Still OP even after the last nerf. Don't forget to activate slow when chasing. 9/10
  • : Another good option versus AP champions. 6/10
  • : Good Option vs AP killers, assasins and a lot of CC enemies. 6/10
  • : Sometimes you really need HP, but only sometimes. Rarely using option. 2/10
  • : You're become a really tanky, also increase your AP for 50! Nice choice if you are forced to be a tank, and if only you're not in the Summoner's Rift 8/10
  • : Don't know what to take as 6th item? Always focused on a teamfights? Guardian Angel and it will be fine :D 8/10
  • :And they just can't escape from you. Also greatly increasing your HP and AP. Become less effective after the patch 5.1 9/10
  • : A good hump of armor and AP,BUT DON'T FORGET TO ACTIVATE STASIS TO SURVIVE!! >:D 6/10
  • : Rarely used, but still okay item - if enemy team got too much CC. 3/10

  • : Sustain and AOE damage. Ok for farming, sudden gangs as a glass cannon. Not recommenend for teamfights. 5/10
  • : Increasing your magic resist and sustain. Take it sometimes. 5/10
  • : Reworked to be a perfect killing offencive tool! 7/10
  • : Actually i bought this to replace . Less armor and control, more damage! 7/10
  • : If you prefer AD based hybrid, try to mix this with a . 4/10
  • : You can say "Im Eve, i don't need a second "CLEANCE""! You're wrong, you're always need it! Buy it instead of and and be sure, that you can use CLEANCE properly. 8/10
  • : "Dear customer, we hope you enjoying your new instrument of death and we hope no one can escape from you now!". Can be taken instead of if enemy got AP champions. Still, i prefer . 6/10
  • : Dr.Mundo don't even try to go where he pleases. Rarely used, but still good versus a high sustain champions as or 4/10


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6) Gameplay and Jungling Rotes

| Farming/Laning |

Middle farming is easiest. Your worst enemy is a crowd control. You're too squishy, so get ready for gangs. My desicion is - get 3 level, then cooperates with a jungler and gang bot or top. must be placed in a one of river bushes.
Oh no! You are pushing too strong and your jungler don't want to gang your lane? Its okay! I prefer to visit wraits in a jungles if it's happens.

At the TOP lane do the same things - and it will be okay! Some hot heads takes for sudden gangs. After the recall and shopping, for example, ask about enemy wards position, then teleports to the lane, go to the bushes, and waiting for good calls "SURPRISE"!!
Actually it looks like this:

| Jungling |

Jungle rotes? Sorry guys, i just have no time to record even a little video. So here a video from "Pants are Dragon - Challenger Guides to LoL". Usually i using different jungling rotes, depending on enemy picks. (but better start with Red buff :3)

Spoiler: Click to view

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7) Trivia


- Evelynn was designed by Guinsoo (one of the original creators of DotA-Allstars).
- Evelynn bears resemblance to Mystique from the X-Men Marvel Comics, more-so the movie adaptation.
- During the Beta, Evelynn was voiced by Lea Gulino.
- Her current voice actress is uncredited and anonymous to the public. She shares this voice actress with .
- Evelynn's dance is from the movie Flashdance, performed to the song Manhunt. A side-by-side comparison can be seen HERE.
- If Evelynn is seen by an enemy champion they will have an Exclamation point which was made famous by the Metal Gear Solid series.
- The developer of the Stealth rework also claimed to get the idea of the rework from the Metal Gear Solid series.
- The reason why Evelynn does not have quotes of her own from the altars is that Riot didn't want to give out to much information about her lore. Kitae, however, confirmed that she does come from the Shadow Isles.[1]
- Evelynn's quote: "I like it when they scream" was originally made for Priscilla the Spider Queen (is an unreleased champion)
- Evelynn's joke is a direct reference to a quote by Evil Ash from Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness.
- Evelynn shares a quote with and the western altar; "Misery loves company". In addition, this quote could be reference to Emily Autumn song titled same.
- Evelynn shares a quote with , , , and ; "This way".
- Evelynn shares the same quote with : "If I must".
- Evelynn shares a quote with "All too easy"
- Masquare Evelynn is likely a reference to the roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade(im also likes it!) The skin also bears similarities to Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans, from Marvel Comics.
- Evelynn shares a Tango skin with . In the Chinese art, the only difference is the position of the spotlight.
- Evelynn and were the first reported couple on The Journal of Justice Issue 1. However, Evelynn reportedly ended the relationship in Issue 10.

| Chapter was taken from here |

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8) Summary

Thanks for your support!! <3

/ 2015 \

~ 21.02.2015 - Hello earthlings!! I got no idea why, but builds in this guide is still okay. Got no time to edit, to add more, to say something smart about Season V gameplay, because of work, because im ill a little and because of Diablo III RoS and Dragon's Crown and the waifu. Added a explanations, added "Magic Resistance" and "Armor" tabs in a "purchase order'.

~ 18.01.2015 - Deleted Runes and Summner Spells chapter. Really, don't need to explain something about runes or spells. Added new chapter (Latets Patch Notes Commentary) instead of ability explanations, because abilities are explain themselves. Updated Builds and items chapter.
Anyway, really surprised, seeing 411k views, thanks a lot for it!! And keep playing our sweet

~ 17.01.2015 - Hello sweethearts! Got no updates a month, because a holidays and my dad got some ill. Anyway now im back, and lets start.
Updtates: - Chapters a little; - added a video (not mine, but still nice :>) and some explanations for it; - added items explanation and slightly changed design.

/ 2014 \

/ 2012-2013 \

...and suddenly:

Hail for jhoijhoi for the great template ^____^
Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here