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Kha'Zix Build Guide by EvilOranges

Jungle Fear The Void - 9.15 In-Depth Kha'Zix Guide

Jungle Fear The Void - 9.15 In-Depth Kha'Zix Guide

Updated on August 5, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilOranges Build Guide By EvilOranges 102 2 164,521 Views 9 Comments
102 2 164,521 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilOranges Kha'Zix Build Guide By EvilOranges Updated on August 5, 2019
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Runes: Main (Early Game)

1 2 3
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Nimbus Cloak
Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


Jungling Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Ability Order Normal Ability Sequence

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Fear The Void - 9.15 In-Depth Kha'Zix Guide

By EvilOranges

Greetings everyone! I'm EvilOranges, and this is my Kha'Zix jungle guide. I worked very hard for this, as I love the playstyle and carry potential of Kha'Zix and would like to share the information with you all!. I hope you enjoy my guide, and would greatly appreciate any feedback you have. Feel free to leave any comments with questions regarding gameplay as well!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my Kha'Zix guide!
Why play Kha'zix?
Kha'Zix is one of the most versatile champions in the entire game with his evolve mechanics and because he can act both as an assassin and a semi-tank/bruiser. He is able to melt squishies and tanks with ease, and can 1v1 almost any champion in the game. Kha'Zix is able to punish mistakes very easily, as one false step could mean death. His isolation mechanic on its own is an extremely powerful mechanic, as it forces the enemy to play in ways that allows them to be punished easily.

+ One of the strongest mid-game champions
+ Snowballs hard
+ Melts squishy champions
+ Versitile
+ Insane damage
+ Strong clean-up champion

Kha'Zix is a champion who if played correctly, can snowball a game harder than most champions. His versatility and combination of utility and damage make for arguably the best jungle assassin. He duels well early game, and his isolation mechanic makes enemies play in such a way where they are at a disadvantage. His E Leap and his R Void Assault give him incredible mobility, and his spamming of Q Taste Their Fear can melt squishies and tanks alike.

- Weak to CC
- Doesn't have too much CC
- Hard to master early clear
- Weaker level 3 than other champions
- Needs items to snowball

Although Kha'Zix is an incredible snowballer, if he gets put behind without items he isn't so useful. He can still assassinate a target, but he is much more likely to die doing so.
  • Electrocute: My rune of choice. This allows Kha'Zix to snowball early and give him some more early game damage. Additionally, Dark Harvest got nerfed in preseason, so it is less useful. I personally prefer the early game snowball advantage to the late game burst.
  • Dark Harvest: The late game bursty option. Take this if you don't think you will need the early game boost from Electrocute, or if the enemy jungler is weaker than you early game.
  • Phase Rush: This is EXTREMELY situational. If you know all laners have the potential to 1v2, or 2v3, OR they have slowing CC you take this to counter them. This is rarely taken regardless, but against an Udyr or another early game hard matchup you can take this.
  • Sudden Impact: Sudden impact synergises well with Kha'Zix. Both his E Leap and his R Void Assault proc it, giving you bonus damage. This rune also helps you clean up teamfights more easily, giving you bonus burst to deal with escaping squishes and to deal damage to tanks as well.
  • Nimbus Cloak: Nimbus Cloak synergies well with your ultimate Void Assault, because it allows you to chase, dodge skillshots, and escape. I will always take this.
  • Gathering Storm: Gathering Storm gives you a better level 6 powerspike, as it procs for the first time at 10 minutes, around the same time as level 6 or Enchantment: Warrior. It also is a great late-game bonus so you don't fall off as hard. Combined with Dark Harvest, you will start snowballing from level 6 onwards.
  • Absolute Focus: A good mid-game rune with a slight boost in AD.
  • Waterwalking: Waterwalking is a good rune against junglers who can contest you at scuttle crab such as Jax and Xin Zhao. Allows you to move between lanes slightly faster as well.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Self-explanatory. Even with your E Leap and R Void Assault, a instant blink is never a bad thing. Make sure you flash before you E Leap, otherwise you will flash from your current location.
SMITE: Smite is also pretty self-explanatory. Use it to take objectives, to duel/chase using Skirmisher's Sabre/ Stalker's Blade, and to give you a little more sustain in the jungle.
Unseen Threat (Passive): Unseen Threat gives you bonus damage when you are not visable to the enemy. It also gives you a little CC, just enough to make ganks more successful. Try and use an auto between every cast of your R Void Assault to get more damage and slows.

Taste Their Fear (Q): Taste their Fear is an incredible dueling and burst tool. Use on isolated targets (those marked with a grey-ish circle) for more damage. On camps with multiple monsters, use Taste their Fear on the largest monster while they are isolated.

Void Spike (W): Void Spike is your ranged damage and source of sustain in the jungle. It does a considerable amount of damage, but other than damage and healing this is a mediocre ability.

Leap (E): Leap is your main gap-closer. It is incredable during ganks, as even a flash can't save a laner. Just a tip: DO NOT use Leap to engage UNLESS you really need to gap-close OR if the laner has used Flash. Wait for the enemy to use a mobility ability. (e.g. Flash, Quickdraw, Dance of Arrows, and Living Shadow)

Void Assault (R): Void Assault is a good gap-closer that allows Kha'Zix to be such a smooth assassin. I use this to gap-close instead of E Leap because Leap can catch up to targets faster. Use R to dodge targeted abilities and also to refresh your passive, Unseen Threat.

Quick Tips
  • Taste Their Fear
  • Taste Their Fear: Early game, this is a great ability. When clearing camps with multiple monsters, try and clear the smaller ones first so you isolate the large monster. For example, when clearing Wolves, kill off the 2 smaller wolves so you do more damage with Q Taste Their Fear.
  • Void Spike
  • Void Spike: You can buffer this with your E, which means that if you E Leap and then W midair, you can cast this ability as soon as you land. Try and make use of the healing in the jungle, as it is your source of sustain. Again clearing raptors is quick and easy with the 2nd chapter above.

  • Leap
  • Leap: You are able to cast item actives such as Tiamat in mid-air, and your Q as well. This drastically speeds up your combos.

  • Void Assault
  • Void Assault: This refreshes your passive. Make sure you weave in an auto with each cast of R, to do more damage and apply CC. Use this + Nimbus Cloak to dodge skillshots, chase, or get to a bush.

Starting Items

Hunter's Machete is a great starting item for blue buff. It provides both damage and sustain in the jungle, and will be taken if you want to clear camps with 1 monster, such as both Buffs, Gromp, and scuttle.

Hunter's Talisman is the alternative starting item. It provides a burning effect for 60 damage while also healing you for each burning monster. There is also some passive mana regen while in the river, but that isn't nessasary. Purchase if you start with the Red Raptors clear stated below, and if you want to clear Krugs or Wolves.

Refillable Potion is the standard start because it is the more cost-efficient than 3 health potions. However if you want to be able to gank and be more early game focused, you can take 3 health potions instead.

Jungle Items

Skirmisher's Sabre is an item you take when facing bruisers or tanks, because it allows you to deal more damage.

You take Stalker's Blade when you want to chase enemies with more mobility, or ranged enemies. This includes ranged ADC's and APC's (Ability power carries) with high mobility such as Vayne or Kassadin.

Enchantment: Warrior is the only enchantment you go normally on Kha'Zix. The flat AD as well as the 10% CDR make this a perfect assassin or duelist item.

Core Items

Duskblade of Draktharr is an item that screams Kha'Zix. Flat 55 AD, Lethality, and 10% CDR helps Kha'Zix deal more damage and also allows him to spam Q more often. The Oracle Lens passive allows him to remain unseen by wards, which makes assassinations easier.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is another item which suits Kha'Zix. Same 55 AD, but with slightly less lethality, the passive 40% movement speed is pretty good. The active isn't too great, but makes getting back into the fight easier and also allows cleaner escapes.

Black Cleaver is an item for the fighter Kha'Zix who wants to play as a splitpusher, or against other bruisers. Doesn't fit Kha'Zix as well as other items, but works fine in this build.

Lord Dominik's Regards shreds tanks while providing a decent amount of AD as well. Use this when there are tanks on the enemy team, and especially if squishies are stacking armor, such as an Ezreal with Iceborn Gauntlet.

Buy Guardian Angel if you are carrying and being focused and killed by the enemy team. It provides armor and AD as well. This can be the difference between the enemy Kai'Sa getting 1000 gold and you killing the entire enemy team. As long as I am carrying, I will buy this item.

Situational Items

Edge of Night is a decent assassin item, but I find that Duskblade and Ghostblade is enough already. Unless you are commiting to a full assassin build or are able to use the remaining item slots for defensive items, you shouldn't need this item. Buy it when you are SUPER ahead and the enemy team is squishy.

This is a guilty pleasure item. Death's Dance provides a whopping 80 AD and a passive that negates burst. It transfers 30 percent of damage into a bleed over time rather than instant damage, and also has healing built in. You will now be able to kill targets with more damage and healing than before, while almost ignoring major burst against you.

Buy Quicksilver Sash against major CC that will shut you down, such as Malzahars Nether Grasp and Warwicks Infinite Duress. CC is your worse enemy.

I rarely buy this, unless it is SUPER late game. It provides meh stats for the price, and unless I am up against Warwick, Malzahar, Orianna, and Leona, I will probably hold off on buying this.

A good anti-mage item. Bought later in the game when champions such as Kassadin and Ahri start to get EXTREMELY infuriating.

An extra slow effect with armor. Buy it against high crit champions such as most ADC's and especially against Yasuo.

Preference Items

Tiamat is a situational item that helps with waveclear and for early game farming. Usually buy this if you want to split-push more and if your team needs waveclear. I buy it sometimes after I finish Warrior or Duskblade.

Patch 824b: Tiamat being nerfed to 1350 now makes it harder to obtain early on, meaning that is simply more efficient rushing Enchantment: Warrior early game. Ravenous Hydra is still a good item, but should only be built after 3 core items.

THE upgrade to Tiamat for Kha'Zix. The lifesteal is the most important factor here, but I find the gold more useful for other items beforehand. I buy this when I feel I am doing a lot of damage but tanking damage as well.

Boot Options

One of 3 tier 2 boots. Use when there are multiple AP enemies and some CC.

A boot option for multiple AD champions. My preferred boots of choice.

The early game boots for rapid mobility and increased lane presence. I sell this after laning phase is over for one of the other 2 options.
Whenever you level you ultimate Void Assault, you are allowed to evolve one of your abilities, giving them massive benefits. Evolve based on the situation, and no evolution or evolution order is set in stone.

Evolve Q when you want dueling power, evolve W if you want to stick to a target and better waveclear/splitpushing, evolve E if you are ahead and know you can get resets, and evolve R if you want lane presence and/or you are getting focused.

Taste Their Fear (Q): Evolved Taste Their Fear gives an extra 50 range on Kha'Zix's auto attacks and Q. It also gives a 45% cooldown reduction on his Q against isolated targets.

Evolve this for dueling/counterjungling, and for objective control. No one will be able to fight you if you evolve this level 6. The spamming of Q's and the 50 bonus range means that unless you are hard CC'd Infinite Duress or Nether Grasp or bursted.

Usually evolve this 1st or last, depending on the situation. If the enemy jungler is a jungler who relies on dueling (e.g. Jarvan IV or Jax, or if they are not Ivern, Hecarim.

Void Spike (W):
Evolved Void Spike fires 3 void spikes in a cone instead of 1. It also adds a 60% slow against non-isolated targets and a whopping 90% against isolated ones. Just a note, you do not heal for 3 times the amount, you still heal the same as before.

Evolve Void Spike if you want sticking power and want to assassinate high-mobility champions such as Ezreal, Kindred, or Riven. This is also good for waveclear and split-pushing, although if you take Stalker's Blade this doesn't have to be evolved early.

This is usually evolved second or third.

Leap (E): Evolved Leap increases the jump range on the ability, and refreshes the cooldown when Kha'Zix gets a kill or assist.

Evolve this when you want extra teamfight potential or when you are carrying. Getting a reset on every kill means you can jump around killing everyone around you.

Usually you will evolve Leap second or third.

Void Assault (R): Evolving Void Assault increases the stealth duration from 1.25 seconds to 2 seconds and can be cast 3 times instead of 2.

Evolve Void Assault when you want an increased lane presence, and if you want to snowball. Keep in mind that this doesn't provide an instant power-spike.

Evolve this only first, as the increased lane presence only helps in the early game.
Jungle Pathing

+ Red Brambleback (a.k.a Red Buff)
+ Crimson Raptors
+ Blue Sentinel (a.k.a Blue Buff)
+ Gromp
+ Top side Scuttle
+ Wolves

With this clear path you want to buy Hunter's Talisman as your jungle item. I usually go this route because as Kha'Zix you can clear Crimson Raptors quite easily, and I will go over how a chapter below. You can also choose wolves before Blue Buff if the enemy jungler isn't likely to contest scuttle Amumu or Sejuani or if they are VERY likely to contest scuttle Xin Zhao, Jax. Usually as Kha'Zix you will skip Krugs, as you take more damage and also because you can't use isolation damage to help you clear.

- Blue Buff
- Gromp
- Scuttle
- Wolves
- Red
- Top side scuttle/raptors

With red side clear, start with Blue Buff with bot-side leash. I always contest scuttle here, unless I am up against a strong duelist. If they come, you can always back off a bit, but always try to attempt scuttle. Afterwards clear the rest of your jungle with the exception of Krugs and maybe Raptors. Feel free to gank after Gromp or bot side Scuttle, or after Red or top side Scuttle.
How to Clear Raptors

Fast Clear (No kiting)

To clear, walk up and hit any small raptor, and make sure you hit all of the small raptors with W Void Spike. Go towards the large raptor and hit it with your auto-attacks and Q Taste Their Fear. Using Hunter's Talisman's passive and Crest of Cinders , repeat this process one more time to kill all the smaller raptors.
Slower Clear (Kiting)

To kite, you repeat the process using 2 casts of W Void Spike to kill the raptors, but you kite the entire camp instead of hitting the large raptor. This will add a bit more time, but you will take less damage.
Why clear Raptors

You clear raptors because Kha'zix is an efficiency champion. By choosing a good path, you can get ahead and start snowballing. By clearing raptors after red, and skipping Krugs, you finish your red side camps, and can move on to blue side instead. This is huge, because Kha'Zix wants to gank top lane and mid lane more because of isolation, and getting rid of bot side camps means that you can clear on the same side as you want to gank.
Where to Gank
Top lane is an easy target, because the solo laner will be isolated more frequently. Come up either through river or through tri-bush, and kill the laner. If the laner is a strong 1v2'er, or has potential to 1v2, don't gank them; behind set behind as Kha'Zix is bad. Avoid ganking a Renekton or a Riven who has her ult up. Mid lane is also a solo lane, meaning they will also be isolated more. Make sure you avoid any CC that can turn the gank, and MAKE SURE you know you can't get counterganked. Gank Mid whenever you want, as I feel ganking mid lane has the highest benefit out of the 2.
Early Game Playstyle
The early game is the deciding factor to whether a Kha'Zix will be insanely fed or just average. Clear your camps efficiently, kiting high-damage camps such as Red and Blue buffs, but with Kha'Zixs sustain with Void Spike it is OK to tank hits from gromp, wolves, and raptors. Try and contest scuttle, as you can clear it quite quickly. Even if you do lose it, you should try and get a health lead on the enemy jungler, by poking and posing a threat.

Usually you will gank after scuttle crab with either clear, so you heal up at scuttle and proceed to gank. For level 2 ganks I will try to be at max HP, so sometimes I will use a Smite on scuttle crab. Evaluate your laners and the enemy laners to know where to gank. Sometimes its worth it to start with a topside leash on Blue buff so you can gank bot lane at level 3. The clear would be something like (Blue buff with topside leash, gromp, wolves, red, bot side scuttle, then gank at level 3)
Mid Game Playstyle
Midgame starts when you hit your Enchantment: Warrior powerspike and your level 6 powerspike. Now is the time to adapt to the situation based on your evolution.


With evolved Q, you will be able to duel almost anyone in the jungle 1v1. Start to play more aggresive in the jungle. Look to invade and counterjungle, and take EVERY SCUTTLE you can find. The enemy jungler will know to back off, allowing you to take it for free. Look now to also solo objectives such as Infernal Drake and Rift Herald . When doing these, make sure to get vision and keep track of enemy laners.


With evolved W, I am assuming you are behind. Use W in skirmishes and teamfights for some ranged CC and damage, and also to peel for carries. Use W in the jungle for better clear as well. Because you are behind, STAY SAFE AND FARM. Don't do anything I said about evolved Q playstyle, just farm until you start to even out with the enemy jungler. You can gank winning lanes if you want, but stick to farming. Ward all entrances to your jungle as well.


: Generally you wouldn't evolve E, but if you did, it means that laning phase ended early. Look to clean up teamfights and skirmishes with E reset, and only jump in when you KNOW you can get a reset with Leap.


This is the alternative to Q evolve. It allows for higher ganking potential with less emphasis on dueling. MAKE SURE to reset your passive Unseen Threat in between casts.
Late Game Playstyle
Late-game usually starts when laning phase ends, and players group for objectives such as towers, inhibitors, Baron , and Elder Drake . This will vary from game to game, depending on champs and individual players.


With evolved Q, you have perhaps the highest objective control in the game. The spamming of Q Taste Their Fear with the insane lifesteal of Ravenous Hydra allows you to even solo Baron and Elder Drake in late-game. WARD UP no matter what in late-game. Ward any objective you are planning to take, lest it be stolen or taken before you can get to it.


Kha'Zix is a clean-up artist, which means he can sweep up a teamfight that is already ending. You have mobility and escape, but you are squishy and will be blown up. Jump around with Evolved Leap and finish off low and squishy targets.

Teamfighting section is below as well for a more in-depth strategy depending on the situation.


: Splitpushing is when your team applies pressure by say, pushing a turret topside, and you are solo-ing dragon botside. This forces the enemy team to either send 5 people topside to stop the push, or send 4 people toplane and 1 to contest dragon. Usually the lanes to splitpush are top or botlanes, because they are longer and not as easily accessible, which means the enemy has to take more time getting to you.
When to Splitpush

+ You can take objectives quickly
+ You have good mobility
+ You can 1v1 or 1v2 (whether or not you are ahead)
+ You can clear waves (using items such as Tiamat or evolved W)
+ The enemy team is strong at 5v5 teamfight
+ Your team can 4v5
+ You evolved Q, W and/or R

Kha'Zix can actually splitpush extremely well when ahead. Tiamat or Ravenous Hydra gives you incredible waveclear, if you are ahead you can kill anyone 1v1, and your objective control is crazy high. This will allow your team to at least take 1 objective.

- You are behind
- You evolved E
- Your team is behind
- You are getting killed while splitpushing
- Your team is better at 5v5's

Don't splitpush when you are behind, as you will get caught out and killed, setting you even further behind. I choose to ward and farm up rather than risk becoming completely useless. You also don't want to splitpush if you find you are getting killed every time you try. If you evolved E Leap, you want to get resets off of teamfights, and would rather stick with your team. If your team is behind, you should stick with them because they will get demolished in a 4v5 fight. Assist what you can and run away if the rest of your team gets wiped.

This is your item powerspike. Enchantment: Warrior is especially good on Kha'Zix because of his high AD scalings, which means that that 60 AD transfers to 78 AD on his Q. The 10 percent CDR also allows him to spam his now empowered abilities more often as well.

You can abuse this powerspike by looking to duel with the enemy jungler, especially those with a stronger early game, because they will start to fall off at this point while you are almost at your strongest. Now is the time to destroy that Udyr, because of his lack of a level 6 powerspike. This will also help with ganking, as you will output a stupid amount of damage compared to before, and will usually catch laners off guard. Generally you are at an advantage over other junglers. Alternatively, if you are behind, this will help massively with farm.

Your level 6 is perhaps one of the strongest in the game because of the fact that you not only have an ultimate, but also an insanely strong evolved ability. No matter what you upgrade, you will be more powerful than champions with only an ultimate. Another great thing is that you will hit level 6 at around the same time as you hit your Enchantment: Warrior powerspike as well, further boosting your insane power level at this point. This is arguably EVEN MORE an even more powerful spike than your Enchantment: Warrior, because at this point you can start to be a powerful duelist, a increadable poke champion with high CC, a resetting teamfighting machine, or a high mobility ganker that snowballs incredibly quickly. This is the point where you get to be truely versitile.

This is more situational. If you evolve Q Taste Their Fear, you want to duel the enemy jungler no matter what. Invade when you know they are alone, contest EVERY scuttle crab, and use the isolation damage to solo dragon and/or rift herald. If the enemy jungler comes to contest, you can easily kill them. With evolved W Void Spike and R Void Assault, the gameplan remains more or less the same, but with more versatility, and with evolved E Leap, you want to get involved in skirmishes and teamfights.
Standard Combo
Make sure to aim, don't miss, lock on your target, make sure you acquire damage which leads to the evaporation of target.

Use it depending on the situation, I tend to wait for a Flash or escape mechanism then E, but if you have the damage feel free to evaporate away!

Q in mid-air during your Leap. If you did not Leap just walk up to them and Q during ganks. Please don't walk up to them in teamfights.

Auto is important because you want to CC and deal damage to the enemy.

R if enemy is too scary for a mantis, and you need to dodge a web from a spider. Elise
When Ahead/Fed

When you are ahead and fed, you can almost certainly carry teamfights. To start, try and pick off an isolated squishy target, usually an ADC so a APC. MAKE SURE you let them live long enough to shoot their CC abilities, such as Morganas Dark Binding or Luxs Light Binding. Afterwards, use R or Evolved E to escape if necessary.

Kha'Zix is a clean-up artist, which means he can sweep up a teamfight that is already ending. You ARE NOT AN ENGAGE, which is a mistake too many Kha'Zix players make. (Including me sometimes). You have mobility and escape, but you are squishy and will be blown up. Jump around with Evolved Leap and finish off low and squishy targets.

When Behind
When behind, it is harder to teamfight. You should evolve W Void Spike and play like a support/assassin, peeling for teammates and squishies and blowing up whoever gets too close. Save mobility for escapes, and never go in without your team. Play passive. If your team is winning the teamfight, go in and clean up. If they are losing, just leave. You cannot be a hero mantis when behind.
Thank You!
Kha'Zix is an incredible champion that can easily be one-tricked or picked up for a few games. He does massive amounts of damage combined with utility and mobility, which translates to an amazing assassin. If you have any comments, questions or queries about my guide, feel free to post them in guide comments, and I will answer them as soon as I can get to them.

Have a great pre-season on the rift!

Updates+Future Plans
I am planning to write a portion on carrying and more ganking info using Kha'Zix, so stay posted on that! Also while you are waiting, why not check out my Kindred guide here as well! My In-depth Kindred Guide!

Thank you again for reading, and I hope to see you on future guides I write!
July 5th: 100,000 views! Minor formatting.
June 22nd: Swapped machete to talisman as default start, as red buff clear is so much stronger now.
June 1st: Swapped Red Smite and Blue Smites positions because Blue smite is far superior in most scenarios.
May 22th: Updated Kayn's threat level, after playing him for a while there is now better advice.
May 8th: Minor formatting.
March 31: It's good to be back! Updated anti-tank build, added bruiser-ish build.
February 22nd: Changed 2nd minor rune to scaling health.
February 13th: Changed minor rune from armor to scaling health.
February 3rd: Changed Rengar to a higher threat level.
February 1st: Changed electrocute to main rune page.
January 7th: Season 9 Jungle Guide winner! Thank you all, and I am looking forward to writing new informative guides for you all!
January 1st: Happy New Year! Added titles to itemization section (finally) and formatting/BBCode.
December 27th: Minor Formatting
December 25th: Thank you all so much for 10,000 views! Also added videos in abilities section.
December 24th: Minor formatting+name change!
Decembeer 17th: Added late-game and splitpushing section.
December 16th: Added Phase Rush build and added rune explanations. Also added Powerspikes, and Early and Mid gameplay sections.
December 13th: Teamfighting section added.
December 12th: Added combos and tips.
December 8th: Added more in depth information (Jungle clearing, Evolution, etc.)
December 4th: Hello World! Guide was created.
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