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Fiora Build Guide by Minkey

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Minkey

Fiora - The Invincible Shredder (Tanky / DPS Build/OUTDATED)

Minkey Last updated on December 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Hello and welcome to my guide: Fiora - The Invincible Shredder. Before you start reading anything, notice this guide isn't done yet. This guide is focused on being tanky while dealing a good amount of damage at the same time, so please everyone, don't tell me to get more ad items like an Infinity Edge because my build is not focused on that.

Anyone who likes / thinks this guide is good please vote up. If you're about to downvote, please tell me why. I don't want random downvotes without any reason at all. I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I do and please leave me some feedback.

You might notice some grammer mistakes, im trying to fix these but my english aint that good! xD

Check this fiora gameplay/commentary out using my build:

Thanks to jmurdah for making this video! Check his youtube channel out and subscribe to him for his awesome work! :)

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~Pros / Cons~


+ // Tanky with this build.
+ // Her attack speed is insane.
+ // Can block on-hit spells / auto attacks.
+ // Invincible with your ultimate.
+ // Amazing damage if played right.
+ // Can chase enemies really good.

- // Squishy early game.
- // No cooldown reduction.
- // She can be mana hungry if you're a spammer.
- // A single stun can shut her down.
- // Wrong ultimate cast results in death.
- // Probaly 1st focus for enemy team.

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~Summoner Spells~

Good Options:

This spell is always a great choice no matter what champion you are. You can use Flash in any defensive and offensive situation like flashing over a wall to escape or flashing to your enemy to get in range to cast Lunge or Blade Waltz.

This spell is a great option. Just like Flash it can be used in any defensive and offensive situation which makes it useful in many ways. It also has a decent cooldown for such a great spell.

This spell is also a great option. This spell is great against healers and it hits really much for a true damage dot. This spell can finish targets really easy! I prefer Flash and Exhaust over this spell though.

This spell is a must have when you're jungling, Smite speeds up your jungling alot which leads to faster ganking which ofcourse leads to more kills for your team! Also a wonderfull spell to steal baron / dragon. DO NOT USE THIS SPELL WHEN YOU'RE LANING!

Decent Options:

This spell is a good choice on Fiora, it can be used in defensive and offensive situations like Flash. The only disadvantage is that Ghost can be countered with a slow and you can't go trough walls like Flash can. If you have the feeling your movement speed is way to low, this spell will help you alot.

This spell is pretty good. The only disadvantage about this spell is: it's not THAT usefull late game and it has a high cooldown compared to Flash and Exhaust. It is a great choice vs harras champions and a great choice if you don't like walking.

This spell is not that great in my opinion but it is viable. This spell gives you a litle bit more survivability to yourself and to all of your teammates around you. If you're new and struggling to keep alive Heal is a great spell for you!

This spell is always a nice spell to choose. The only disadvantage is has is that Cleanse has a pretty long cooldown for just removing the cc effects on you. If you're fighting vs a full cc team, this spell is awesome.

Bad Options:

This spell should be picked by supports and not by a dps. The only real situation you should choose this spell is never. If no one picks Clairvoyance in your team, your team is doing something wrong and you should consider finding another one.

This spell just wastes a summoner spell slot like every spell does under the topic 'Bad Options'. You shouldn't be spamming abilities every time you can deal a litle bit damage to your enemy which doesn't even get you anywhere.

This spell can be usefull but not in our situation which makes it a bad choice. The only way Promote can be usefull is to push your lane which isn't your goal as a solo laner + you'll have to exchange it for a GOOD summoner spell.

This spell is pretty useless. Yes i know that Surge gives attack speed and ability power, but late game the as will exceed your attack speed cap and the ability power is pretty much useless so just don't pick it. It also has a really long cooldown compared with the duration of this spell.

This spell is just useless in every way possible unless you're trying to troll which leads to hate. The cooldown on Revive is ridiculous high, you have to die before you can actually use this spell which isn't your goal in LoL and it will let people probaly rage at you. Just DON'T pick it.

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Main Runes:

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Mark of Desolation: These runes will give you a huge boost in damage. These runes are basically the best runes for ad champions, especially early game.

Greater Seal of Armor: The armor you gain from these runes is very huge early game, this will help you stay longer on your lane and it will help you ALOT with jungling.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: These runes will give you that nice magic resistance boost over level, they wont give you that much magic resistance early game but late game it gives a huge boost.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Just like the marks, these runes give you a huge boost in damage.

Alternative Runes:

I'm still testing some items out.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Instead of armor penetration you can also use attack damage. These runes will increase your jungling / laning for early game which helps people who just started jungling, but late game you wont notice anything of these runes which sucks.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed: Do you prefer attack speed over armor? These runes might help you. I do not really like them myself but they are not bad at all. These runes will help you farm faster for sure and it will increase your jungling. The only disadvantage is that it removes your armor which means solo laning can be a pain in the *** versus haras champions like Urgot or Yorick.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These runes are actually pretty good, they are slightly better then Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist early game, but late game they are not as good as Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. If you are fighting vs a team with much magic damage, these runes will help you much more to stay on lane earlier on.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown reduction is actually pretty good on Fiora. These runes will help you spam your abilities much more and help you block more auto attacks so you can survive longer versus carrys. They remove your magic resistance though which can be a pain in the *** early/late game.

Greater Quintessence of Health: Need health? Pick these runes, they will help you really much to stay on your lane longer + it will scare your enemy more because your health is alot higher. The only disadvantage is that your damage will be lower which isn't to handy with this build because you are already not dealing TO much damage.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Tested these and they are actually pretty good, especially when you're jungling. This build doesn't contain any movement speed items so these runes might help alot if you love speed. The only disadvantage is that these runes remove a good amount of damage.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Just like the Greater Mark of Attack Damage you can go for attack damage instead of armor penetration. These runes will increase your jungling / laning for early game which helps people who just started jungling, but late game you wont notice anything of these runes which sucks alot.

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Lane Masteries:

Offense Tree:

Summoner's Wrath : This will increase the use of Exhaust which means your target will be disabled even harder.
Brute Force : Litle ad boost is always nice for early game.
Alacrity : Litle as boost is always nice for early game.
Weapon Expertise : This mastery is awesome, it increases your damage pretty hard on almost every spell.
Deadliness : It gives a nice ad boost just like Brute Force .
Demolitionist : Awesome mastery for getting turrets down faster.
Vampirism : Lifesteal is always welcome on ad champions.
Sunder : This mastery combined with your Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation = LOTS OF DAMAGE!
Executioner : This mastery is awesome to finish low health targets faster.

Defense Tree:

Resistance : A nice magic resistance boost for early game.
Hardiness : Same reason for Resistance but then for armor.
Durability : This mastery will help you alot especially when you're not buying any health item.
Veteran's Scars : Gives you a great health bonus for early game because you are starting with a Cloth Armor.

Jungle Masteries:

Offense Tree:

Butcher : This will increase your damage on minions, which helps you jungle faster.
Brute Force : Litle ad boost is always nice for early game.
Alacrity : Litle as boost is always nice for early game.
Weapon Expertise : This mastery is awesome, it increases your damage pretty hard on almost every spell.
Deadliness : It gives a nice ad boost just like Brute Force .
Demolitionist : Awesome mastery for getting turrets down faster.
Vampirism : Lifesteal is always welcome on ad champions.
Sunder : This mastery combined with your Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation = LOTS OF DAMAGE!
Executioner : This mastery is awesome to finish low health targets faster.

Defense Tree:

Summoner's Resolve : Gives gold if you cast smite, might come in handy.
Hardiness : Increases your armor to jungle better
Durability : This mastery will help you alot especially when you're not buying any health item.
Veteran's Scars : Gives you a great health bonus for early game because you are starting with a Cloth Armor.

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: This skill is very useful when you're solo laning or jungling. It really helps you regenerate your health back or to keep your health up. Not really much to say about.

: This ability is your key to chase your enemies to death. You can dash TWICE to your enemy for the mana cost of one. This ability can also be used as an escape mechanisme.

You should be leveling this skill after Burst of Speed.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Only use this skill when you're sure you'll kill you're target.
  • Try to have some enemy minions behind you so you can escape whenever you have to.
  • Don't wait to long casting your second dash, it may go away which results in a waste of a skill.

: This ability is really awesome. The passive gives you alot of ad which means more damage. The active is the most interesting part, you can use this spell to counter attack on basic attack of your enemy and hit him instead of him hitting you!

You want to max this ability first (except if you can rank up Blade Waltz.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Use the active wisely, watch your enemy carefully and whenever she auto attacks you, you should activate it.
  • Try not to spam this ability to often, it will cost alot of mana.
  • If you're in a 1v1 battle, don't cast it at the start but in the middle of your battle, it will suprise your enemy and may give you a win.

: This is probaly Fiora her main ability, it increases your attack speed really really much which can turn loses into wins. It also gives you a huge movement speed boost which makes it easier for you to chase your enemies. When you kill an enemy it refreshes the cooldown of this spell.

You want to max this after Riposte and before Lunge.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Try not to use this ability to much for farming minions, keep it for fights.
  • Try to combine this ability with Lunge to chase your enemy to death.
  • Don't be afraid to use it in teamfights, if you kill an enemy it will refresh the cooldown which means you can activate it again.

: This ability is your ultimate, it has a really amazing animation and is has a really amazing effect. This ability works like Infinite Duress, it hits 5 times and it works on on-hit effects, which combines great with our build. You also get invincible while casting Blade Waltz.

You want to max this skill whenever you can rank it up (level 6,11 and 16).

Tips and Tricks:
  • Use this ability as finisher and not as starter, this will confuse your enemies.
  • You are invincible while casting this ultimate so don't be afraid to tower gank with it.
  • Try to use it on the enemy carry's. It will hit much harder on them and probaly kill them really fast.

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~Main Items~

//First finished item//
These boots are almost a must have on Fiora. The enemy will focus you really much when you'll deal some damage and with these boots they will have a really hard time shutting you down. The magic resistance is also a really nice extra, makes you less vulnerable for nuking mages like LeBlanc or Veigar.

//Second finished item//
Rushing this item is great on Fiora. It has alot of stats for a really cheap price + it gives you a free ward every 3 minutes! With this item you can farm really fast and it will keep your health really high because of the lifesteal. This item is also great for killing red buff / blue buff or dragon / baron.

//Third finished item//
This item is Fiora her first attack speed item. This item is awesome on Fiora, it gives really nice magic resistance and it gives you a really nice attack speed boost. You'll also deal tons of damage with auto attacks and your ultimate because of the passive which gives you extra magic damage on every auto attack + every hit on Blade Waltz.

//Fourth finished item//
This item is beast! It increases your armor, attack damage, attack speed and has a really, really strong passive. This item makes your auto deal huge damage and will let your ultimate hit even harder (it will deal an extra 20% magic damage of your enemies MAX health which can be davestating).

//Fifth finished item//
This item is a really good item to buy on Fiora. This item gives you a huge boost in attack damage and this item combined with the Wriggle's Lantern gives you huge lifesteal on your auto attacks, you also can lifesteal your health back really fast with your ultimate which turns loses into wins!

//Last finished item//
You don't need to much damage anymore so that's why you want to buy this item. This item will help you tank the enemy team even more! This item combined with all your other items gives you over 200 armor and 200 magic resistance which is really much for a damage dealer like Fiora. This item will also revive you which makes it awesome!

Guide Top

~Alternative Items~

//Magic Resist Items//
This new item is amazing. It works really great on Fiora especially when your health is low. This item works great with your ultimate because it will deal much more damage and it will lifesteal alot more back if you're low on health. It also gives a great amount of magic resistance and a lifesaving shield which is one of the main reasons you want to buy this item! Definitely a good alternative item.

//Armor Items//
A great anti-carry item. This item gives a huge amount of armor for a very low amount of gold. It also has a great passive which makes enemies pay for focusing you, it damages the enemies hitting you for a really good amount. You want to exchange this item for the Guardian Angel, it's almost the same price and gives the same effect: 'keeping you alive longer'.

//Attack Damage Items//
You can rush The Bloodthirster instead of a Wriggle's Lantern but you never should do this in ranked games, you'll need the ward for more map awareness and you'll need the armor to tank more damage. You can buy this item without to much problems in normal games if you like to go MORE damage / lifesteal.

This item is actually awesome on Fiora especially with your ultimate. If your enemy team likes to stick together, this item might teach them a lesson. However.. the splashrange is only 185 (just a litle more then your auto attack) which means the enemies can avoid the splash passive really easy.

Do you like having more physical damage? This item might help you! This item is really good vs heavy armored tanks, it will shred them away without problems. You can exchange this item for the Madred's Bloodrazor but this will remove alot of damage vs squishy champions and health stacking champions, it is cheaper though which makes it viable.

This is actually a good item on Fiora. The CD and the armor penetration is great, especially for early game. The only downside about it is, just like every other alternative item, you have to exchange it for one of your main build items but if you are buying this item, buy it as early as possible in game (after Wriggle's Lantern)

//Health Items//
This item is amazing, it will slow enemies really hard which makes escaping for your enemy almost impossible. You can rush this item instead of the Wriggle's Lantern but you'll lose alot of lifesteal. You can also buy it late game after your Guardian Angel, this is probaly the best choice because you'll need the lifesteal early game.

//Aura Items//
If your team has much trouble staying alive late game you should buy this item because it helps them keeping alive longer. It gives your team a nice ad/armor/magic resistance/ad boost and it gives yourself even more + a health bonus! Exchange this item for the Guardian Angel, you'll lose the revive but it helps your team alot.

//Alternative Boots//
The only situation you should buy these is if your enemy team has 4 or more attack damage champions. The item is really cheap for the effect you get which makes it a very good alternative. When the enemy team has atleast 2 magic damage champions you should stick with Mercury's Treads.

I'm still testing some items out.

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  • Yellow stands for: 'jungle route'.
  • Orange stands for: 'ganking possibilities'.
  • Red stands for: 'warding locations'.


1. As jungler I always start at mana buff. The reason for this is very simple: I will regain my mana much faster which means more spamming of skills which increases the speed of your jungling. Don't use Smite when the buff is full health, use it when the buff has 400 health left to insta kill it to be sure it will be yours. Always let your mid player or solo top player pull the buff for you or you'll receive alot of damage which results into death.

2. After I got the mana buff I'm going to kill the wolfs. First kill the big wolf and then the small ones. Don't worry if your health is getting low, this buff gives you a litle bit health back whenever you kill it.

3. Now i'm going to the wraiths. Since the lifesteal of these creatures got removed they are much easier to kill. First focus the big one and then the small ones. The big one will give you health back just like the big wolf.

4. After I killed the wraiths I wont go to the red buff immediately, before i'm killing this buff I wanna kill the big gollems. These 2 guys are pretty strong so make sure your health keeps full with the use of a Health Potion.

5. Now i'm going for the red buff. You should have Smite by now which makes it much easier to kill the buff. Now that you killed the buff you should have mana buff and red buff which means its ganking time.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Burst of Speed refreshes your auto attack, try to activate this skill immediately after you do 1 auto attack to have 2 auto attacks at once.
  • Try to use your Riposte as much as possible, it will block much damage which makes it easier for you to jungle.
  • Try not to cast your Lunge for the second time to quickly, the second dash might get bugged and wont do damage which is a waste of a spell.
  • Always focus the big monsters first, they do the most damage and they give the buffs.
  • If the enemy tried to gank you and you can't hold them back with your team.. well that sucks.. you will lose your blue buff and your only way to jungle is to start at the big gollems.


Now it's time for ganking.. try to gank the closest possible lane there is (like mid or bottom). If these lanes are going good and you don't have to gank, try top. Tell your solo laner to stop pushing (if he is pushing) and let the enemy push him. Whenever the enemy goes further then the brushes, gank immediately with your Lunge. You just need to hit the target one time with your auto attack target and he will have a very low chance to escape because of your red buff slow. If you failed the gank and he survived, try to counter jungle their jungler by stealing their big gollems or wraiths. After you did this you can try to gank mid if this is possible or just recall if your health is low.

Tips and Tricks:
  • When you killed red buff you should gank immediately instead of farming more creatures in the jungle.
  • When you're trying to gank, don't wait longer then 20~30 seconds. You'll just waste your time and you'll waste important experience / gold.
  • When the enemy crosses the bush, Lunge in and activate Riposte and Burst of Speed, auto attack him a few times and then cast your Lunge for the second time. This is almost a guaranteed kill.


1. The first and best warding spot is infront of dragon. You should try to ward this spot as often as possible (especially when they have a Shaco or Fiddlesticks in their team). Killing dragon can turn loses into wins and losing dragon can turn wins into loses. Whenever the enemy is trying to get the dragon and you warded it, try to steal it by ganking them with 1~2 allies with you.

2. The second spot is also a very important spot.. infront of baron. This spot is more for late game though, because baron wont even respawn untill the 15th minute. The buff is the most important buff though, it grants massive damage and regen to your team + alot of gold and experience. Try to ward this as much as possible late game.

3. Now we are left with the other spots, the bush on top, bottom and the 2 bushes on mid. These are not that important compared to dragon or baron but they are not bad. If your teammates are getting ganked multiple times you should ward the bush for them, this makes is easier for you and for them and they will thank you for it.

Tips and Tricks:
  • When you got your Wriggle's Lantern try to ward dragon as fast as possible. The only situation you shouldn't ward dragon is when your lanes are getting ganked way to much or if baron is more important at that moment.
  • Don't waste your wards to much on useless spots like the bushes in your OWN jungle. This wont help your team and this wont help you to much either.
  • Later in the game you should consider buying Vision Ward to see if your enemy warded that location. If they actually warded that location you'll see it and you are able to destroy the ward and receive 25 gold for it.
  • Is your ward from the Wriggle's Lantern killed? Try to buy a new one because you want as much vision as possible in the jungle. Also let your support buy some wards if hes not buying any, which might happen if you're playing low elo.

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Let's talk about farming.. What is farming? What can you do with farming? What will you achieve by farming? Well it's simple: It's almost the most IMPORTANT thing in this game to do, especially for Fiora. Farming is also known as last hitting the minions, this means whenever you do the last hit on a minion and you kill it you will receive the gold from it. Doing this on every minions can give you loads and loads of gold without having to kill anyone at all. This is very important on Fiora, she needs as much minions as possible (that's why she has to solo lane or junge). The best way to do this on Fiora depends on what enemy you have. With solo laners like Garen or Trundle or almost every close combat fighter you can farm pretty easy, you don't have to tower hug to much. With solo laners like Yorick or Urgot you should wait till he pushes their minions to your tower so you can farm easily because long ranged harass champions can rape you without to much effort.

Last hitting under the tower:
  • Combat minion: 2 turret shots then 1 auto attack.
  • Ranged minion: 1 auto attack, 1 turret shot and then 1 auto attack.
  • Tank minion: Not really sure, just make sure you'll last hit this minions, it gives the most gold. This minions also takes 50% less damage from turrets which makes it easier for you to last hit it.

If your getting outzoned on your lane, you should call your jungler for help or you wont be to strong mid/late game.

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~Fiora's enemies and how to play against them~

In this section i'll show you how to play against every solo top champion / every jungler. This includes what advantages your enemy has and how you can counter your enemy. This took me a very long time so please, if you see any mistake, tell me!

~Solo Laners~



Difficulty to play against:

Advantages over you:
* Can harass very good from a nice distance.
* Has huge lifesteal if Omen of Famine gets maxed out first.
* Has a constant slow which can be used on you when you're getting ganked.
* Has pretty low mana cost which makes him very annoying to play against.

How to counter Yorick:
* Try to keep a good distance between both of you or he can easily harass you without losing anything at all.
* If he maxes Omen of Famine you shouldn't try to harass him, you will lose your mana because he can just cast this spell and heal his health back. If he maxes Omen of Pestilence you can actually harass him, but be sure you are atleast level 4 and be sure to hit a pretty big chunk of health away or it wont effect him to much.
* If you are trying to take down Yorick, get your jungler to help. This gives you a much better chance to get him down instead of you not killing him which results in wasting mana.
* Try to focus Yorick his minions down, this will help you keeping your health and this will heal him less (if Omen of Famine is casted). This will also decrease his damage / tankyness since his passive will get deactived if his minions die.


Difficulty to play against:

Advantages over you:
* Has huge health regeneration when not in combat because of Perseverance.
* Has a long silence which can result in dead.
* Has an ulti which hits very hard when you are low on health, this can be used to finish you off very easily.
* Can remove the slow from your Exhaust by casting Judgment.
* Has an armor/magic resistance passive.

How to counter Garen:
* When Garen tries to hit you with his desicive strike, cast Riposte to block all the damage (silence still remains though).
* If you are about to harass him, make sure you hit him pretty hard or he'll just regenerate his health back in a few seconds.
* If garen castes Courage, don't waste your spells on him untill this spell deactivates. When Courage is activated he blocks alot of damage from your auto attacks and spells.
* If Garen is using Judgment, I would suggest staying away. At max level is does 1260 (+8.4 per bonus attack damage). Also, while he using Judgment all slows have their duration reduced by 50%. Meaning, if you exhaust him while he is spinning, it will only slow him for 1.25 seconds. (Thanks Jpikachu1999)

Hyper-kinetic Position Reverse

Difficulty to play against:

Advantages over you:
* Has a huge range when Noxian Corrosive Charge hitted you.
* Has a shield with a slow build in it which makes him able to harass with Acid Hunter much easier.
* His ultimate can teleport you in their team which results in an easy dead.
* Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter reduces your damage pretty much which makes 1v1 battles even harder with Urgot.

How to counter Urgot:
* Try to avoid Noxian Corrosive Charge, if he succeeds to hit this spell, try to run away or he'll harass you really hard which results in easy farming for him.
* When he casted hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse he becomes very tanky so try to avoid spamming your abilities on him when this is active.
* If Urgot spams his abilities, his mana is pretty fast gone. Try to take advantage of this and try to rape him whenever his mana is nearly empty.
* Urgot is pretty squishy, call your jungler to help you kill him, this will mostly result in an easy kill.


Difficulty to play against:

Advantages over you:
* Nasus has a lifesteal passive which makes it hard to harass him.
* Has a really huge ms/as debuff which makes it really easy for him to get you.
* Has an armor debuff
* Can have alot of damage by killing minions because of his Siphoning Strike passive.
* His ultimate increases his ad/health alot which makes 1v1 after level 6 almost impossible.

How to counter Nasus:
* When nasus casted Wither on you, try to run away until its almost over and suprise him with a counter attack.
* Try to avoid standing in Spirit Fire when having a fight with Nasus.
* Nasus has alot of lifesteal so try to avoid hitting him a litle bit and try to hit alot at once.
* If he casted his ultimate try to avoid fighting him untill his ultimate is over, this will give you more chance to kill him instead of him killing you.


Difficulty to play against:

Advantages over you:
* Has an overshield which can be pretty hard to get trough.
* Every skill is AOE damage except for his ultimate.
* Can harass really easy from a nice distance.
* Can farm minions in no-time with Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction.
* Can clone you if killed by Children of the Grave which makes killing turrets easy for him.

How to counter Mordekaiser:
* Mordekaiser is fairly predictable. Whenever he moves forwards towards you and your minions, just move away. You don't want to take a Siphon of Destruction, as well as the fact that he get's double the shield if he hits champions. (Thanks Jpikachu1999)
* When his overshield is gone, try to harass him. Most Mordekaiser players have 500 health at the beginning with a litle bit resistance which makes it easy for you to take chunks of health away from him. Also, when he killed your minion wave it's also a good moment to harass him, he can't keep his overshield high without him hitting your minions.
* Mordekaiser is a cooldown dependant champion, take advantage of this, harass him when he just casted his spells.
* Try to keep your health above 50%. A good Mordekaiser will easily tower dive you if you are low on health which results in an easy kill for him, especially when played versus a Mordekaiser with Heal.
* Mordekaiser is fairly easy to gank if he's pushed up. He has no CC, so as long as your jungler has a snare or taunt ( Maokai, Rammus), or even any type of CC, he will be in trouble. He also has a hard time assisting his jungler to gank you, as when he approaches, you can just back away to avoid damage, and he has no CC. (Thanks Jpikachu1999)


Difficulty to play against:

Advantages over you:
* He has huge lifesteal because of his passive and Hungering Strike
* 1vs1 battles is mostly a win for Warwick.
* Has alot of movement when enemy lower then 50% health.
* Has long ranged supress which procs on-hit effects just like Blade Waltz.
* Has an AOE attack speed buff.

How to counter Warwick:
* Try to avoid getting in a 1v1 battle with him, in most cases he will win because of his huge lifesteal.
* A good item to counter warwick is a Null-Magic Mantle, this will reduce the damage of his passive, his Hungering Strike and Infinite Duress alot.
* Don't try to tower dive Warwick even if he has low health. He might suprise you by casting Hungering Strike on you which results in huge lifesteal for him and huge damage for you.
* Blood Scent gives Warwick a huge movement speed boost whenever you are below 50% health, try to avoid getting this low by using Health Potion and tower hugging or he'll cast Infinite Duress without any problems.


Difficulty to play against:

Advantages over you:
* Has a shield which blocks alot of damage rather then blocking on auto attack if he goes AP.
* Has a long stun.
* Feel No Pain reduces your damage auto attack damage a litle bit.
* Is the ultimate lifesteal champion if he goes AD

How to counter Sion:
* AD Sion: You have more attack speed and damage then him, shall not be a challenge at all. AD Sion have to build up his stats during the game just like Nasus or Veigar (this time its HP instead of AP/AD), so wait for him to become tankier later (hi Madred's Bloodrazor) or you can try to deny him early on (Thanks Boitata)
* AD Sion: Wait for him to stun you and activate your Riposte right away. That will cripple half his damage before the stun fades and you are capable of making him pay. Avoid fighting him while his ult is on, if he has enough attack speed you won't be able to finish him and he will ending up killing you. But, if your choice of summoner spells are Ignite and Flash, you can Ignite him to cut half his lifesteal/health regen and you can finish him with your Blade Waltz. No hits = no life steal = dead. (Thanks Boitata)
* AP Sion: Just a pain in the ***. His stun and shield hurts like hell, but really only from level 5 ahead. The only way to counter him is to throw him into long fight, AP Sion makes it a hit and run game which means short fights will give him an advantage and long fights will give him a disadvantage. (Thanks Boitata)
* AP Sion: Play agressive from the start. He will likely stun you and run near you to blast his shield (which is his only way to soak damage during lane phase). When he does that, he will push the lane (nice to us!) and lose his defenses for some seconds. Jump on him and harass the **** out of him. AP Sion can't sustain in lane like AD Sion, he keeps himself fighting by bringing the enemies into low health and zoning them. That is just what you don't want to happen, for that you have to dominate him, or you will be dominated. (Thanks Boitata)

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~Early Game~

* At level 1 you should buy a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. You will need these items to keep farming as much as you can. After you bought these items, go and protect your jungler until the 1:45~1:55 minute mark, this will give him the longest protection needed without you losing any minions on your lane.

* Now let's see who you are fighting against.. is it against a close ranged champion like Sion, Tryndamere or Garen or any close ranged champion without to many ranged spells? This wont be to hard to lane against, unles you're pushing to much. Are you laning against champions who can harass pretty hard like Urgot or Yorick or any long ranged champion? You shouldn't try to push to much versus champions like these, unles you like to get killed.

* Try to last hit every minions and be aware of ganks. Don't try to haras your enemy until level 4 because you wont hit to much without having all your spells. Did your enemy survive your harassing easily without taking to much damage? Don't try to harass him again because it will get you nowhere and you will just waste mana, try to wait for a gank to kill your enemy.

* When you reached level 6 there are a few things you can do:
Hi?* You can keep farming until you are low on health.
Hi?* You can go gank another lane (if your enemy recalled).
Hi?* You can recall.
You should not recall unles you have 1350 gold or more. You need Boots of Speed and atleast a Madred's Razors to notice some tank/damage difference.

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~Mid Game~

* You're probaly level 6~8 by now. At this point you should try to help other lanes more and try to gank / pushing enemies. Don't do this unles you are sure your lane wont get pushed, you don't want to lose a turret.

* If you don't like to gank, just keep farming on your top lane and try to push your enemy out of lane, with the items you have by now it shouldn't be a problem at all. Try to farm 2~3k gold so you can instantly buy Wit's End and finish your Madred's Razors. If you couldn't get this amount of money because of ganking etc. buy a Recurve Bow instead of Wit's End, this will still be very usefull rather then buying nothing. Also try to ward as much as possible with your Wriggle's Lantern or a Vision Ward, this will help your team get dragon much easier.

* When you have reached level 11, you basicaly entered late-game, which means more teamfights, more map awareness and more teamplay.

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~Late Game~

* In late-game you're trying to focus on ganking / killing your enemies one by one if possible (almost like mid-game). Try to steal your enemies buffs, this will help you ganking and this will prevent your enemies from getting experience via jungle / getting buffs.

* Whenever you farmed enough gold to buy 2 atleast parts of your Madred's Bloodrazor you should recal, not earlier or you wont notice to much difference and you will just waste your time. Whenever you have Madred's Bloodrazor it's almost good game, this item will help you shred enemies to their dead and will help you push lanes faster. It will also help you get dragon and baron faster, the 4% from Madred's Bloodrazor will hit really hard on a 6000 health mob.

* After a while you should be able to afford The Bloodthirster. This item increases your damage and survivability really much. Before actually trying to attack anyone, try to stack this item up to atleast 20 stacks. This item will help you intiate teamfights easier and it let's you survive teamfights easier.

* Whenever a teamfight is going on, your goal in teamfights is actually pretty easy. Try to focus their carry (like Ashe, Caitlyn or Tristana) and try not to die, Blade Waltz will help you alot with this mission. Also try NOT to focus their tanks first because you wont hit to much on them and the enemies carry can easily kill everybody in your team.

* The last item you should buy is a Guardian Angel. This item will help you fight longer in teamfights and it's also very useful for tanking towers. Whenever you have this item you'll have your full build and you will be pretty much a tanking killing machine.

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~1vs5 Penta Kill~

As you can see in the video I made a 1vs5 penta kill.. with a lil bit help from eve at the end. The first enemy im focusing on is Tristana, their ad carry which has the most damage. After i got her, i killed Rumble which also had huge damage. At this point I actually died but Guardian Angel saved my *** (this is one of the reasons why I pick GA). After i revived i immediately focused on Ashe, their second ad carry (don't ask me why they have 2). After I killed her i killed Sion and then Maokai. All this together = PENTA KILL :3

*NOTE* I know.. I know.. I was really fed but that's not the point, the point is that this build works as you can see. The enemy might be noob but that doesn't matter, it's all about the idea!

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I just wanted to point out for the second time: This is my first guide ever made and I will be UPDATING it. Hope you like and enjoy the build as much as I do.

Thanks for reading
-Minkey A.K.A. Iolypop.

Credits to jhoijhoi for giving me tips on making a guide!
Credits to Jpikachu1999 for helping me ALOT explaining things to people who comment on my guide!
Credits to BlackIceT for giving me his template for the section 'Fiora's enemies and how to play against them'!
Credits to MissMaw for making the Banners for this guide and making my sigs!

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~Changing Log~

- Made the guide and published it.

- Added new section to the guide called 'Items'.
- Tweaked the item build abit, changed Infinity Edge to The Bloodthirster because The Bloodthirster is way more effective.

- Added 'Alternative Items' to the section 'Items'.
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More sections/updates are coming.