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Fiora Build Guide by Gregora

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gregora

Fiora - Why do you attack so fast?

Gregora Last updated on October 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first and only guide on Mobafire. I made this guide because I have never seen anyone playing Fiora as an ad/crit champ, basically a pure ad carry. She doesn't need much attack speed, because of her Burst of Speed ability, which I will tell about later. This skill basically more than doubles her damage. I hope this build will give you insight in how it's possible to build Fiora in a fun way. Don't downvote just because it seems to be a random build, try it, and you will see that it works.

If anyone wonders why the guide is called "Fiora- Why do you attack so fast?" it is because of her Burst of Speed ability which gives her insane attack speed. With the items in this build, at lvl 18 when you activate everything, e and youmuu's, you will basically cap your attack speed at 2,5 attacks per second.

This is a guide for a glass cannon Fiora. If you don't like playing as a glass cannon, you should probably look at another Fiora guide. But the reason why I like this build so much, is that I think Fiora has the highest sustained damage of all champions in the game. There might be some Fiora builds with higher damage than mine, though i doubt it, but I like mine the most, of course :)

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Season 4 Edit

I made this guide at the start of my League of Legends career in S2, so everything in the guide is not completely relevant in S4, as you can see if you read the whole guide. So this chapter here will be a place where I can explain maybe a few of the differences and add some new content. I do not think I want to change the whole guide completely, as most of the content is still pretty good and relevant. I changed the item build completely, especially the new item Feral Flare is extremely good on Fiora, and makes her a lot more viable in the jungle as a mid and lategame threat. Youmuu's Ghostblade has also been added, before I wasn't good enough to use actives, but both the active and the stats on Youmuu's are good on Fiora. The Jungle is a place where Fiora can safely rack up to the mid and lategame, as her early game in lane is pretty mediocre, she is very squishy.

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+ High AS without AS items
+ High burst and sustained damage damage
+ Great ulti in teamfights
+ Jungles with nearly full HP at all times
+ Great passive for solo top
+ Unbelievably Good 1v1 and also 1v2 if fed
+ Easy to learn, hard to master


- Quite squishy
- Often targeted in teamfights
- Not very fast jungler
- No AoE (Area of effect) except ulti
- No CC (crowd control)
- Bad ganker before lvl 6
- Vulnerable to CC

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
I choose these marks above Greater Mark of Attack Speed and Greater Mark of Armor Penetration because Fiora because she is an auto attacker with some high ad ratios.

Greater Seal of Armor
I will always use these seals, although maybe not when playing against an AP solo top. Against AP champions, Greater Seal of Scaling Armor is a viable choice. Against AP you won't need any armor before eventual ganks or team fights in mid or late game, when their team of course targets you, because you've been so fed against their top ;)

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
When jungling and solo top against AD you should use Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because then you only need MR for late game team fights.
Choose Greater Glyph of Magic Resist when against AP solo top.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
It's the same reasons here as for Greater Mark of Attack Damage. AD is just best, most often

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Summoner Spells

These are the most viable summoner spells as I see them

  • Flash:

    Every AD carry must have Flash, because they have so little survability. Flash can save your *** better than Ghost almost all the time. Flash can also get you just close enough to grant you that kill.

  • Smite:

    If you jungle Smite is a must. It will give you much faster jungling speed, and it will help you secure dragons/barons/buffs for you or your team. While jungling you will mostly go Flash and Smite. Because you have no CC, going Smite and Exhaust is also viable.

  • Ignite:

    This is a great choice for securing kills, especially against Tryndamere with his ulti, or against HP regen/lifesteal champions like: Sion, Volibear and Swain. But if you have Executioner's Calling (which does apply on your basic attacks, and is not used on the other champion like Deathfire Grasp, then Ignite is not needed against HP regen/lifesteal champions, just for securing kills.

  • Exhaust:

    While most solo tops go Flash and Ignite, Exhaust is a viable choice on Fiora because she have no CC herself, and because she has such a high damage output that Ignite wouldn't have helped her as much as it does on other champions. Late game, if Exhaust lets her hit with just one more basic attack than when she uses Ignite, it has helped more. And Exhaust also decreases your opponents damage output by a fair amount, it can be a lifesaver together with the slow in a 1v1 situation.

    Other usable choices:

    Teleport: If you want to use this summoner spell when going top, then I will not complain, it's just that I believe other summoner spells are better. But you're welcome to use this as much as you want.

    Ghost: This can be good for chasing and fleeing. But because Fiora has a dash, Lunge, which also gives her extra movement speed if she uses Burst of Speed, this is of most use for her as a fleeing skill. And for fleeing, Flash is just better.

    Cleanse: If you are playing against a team full of CC, especially if their jungler and solo top is full of CC, this can be used. But you can also go Quicksilver Sash, making this spell unusable most of the time.

    Heal: You are going for lifesteal, in jungle Heal really is not needed, and as most solo tops go Flash and Ignite, Heal will be countered. Late game you heal more with three basic attacksthan you would with Heal. If you can't do without it, it certainly is a possibility. But then you will lose other opportunities which in my opinion are much better than this.

    Basically unusable choices

    Revive: Why would anyone go for this? It's like made so that, "oh, great, I can just die because I've got revive." It's also got a gigantic cooldown, 540 seconds. Really a bad idea.

    Surge: You have an ability which gives you 120% AS. The AP won't help you at all. Just no, this only makes you bigger, and nothing else. And if you want to troll and be big, you should go Cho'Gath with his Feast together with Lulu and her Wild Growth, not Fiora.

    Clarity: When jungling you will have blue buff, and you are not a mana waster top either. This might be used by your AP carry or Support, it's not for Fiora.

    Clairvoyance: If anyone go for this spell, it will be your Support, or someone with long range abilities like Caitlyn or Nocturne. There's really no reason to choose this spell for Fiora.

    Promote: If you absolutely want to push, this is the choice for you. The siege minion also grants you gold for its kills! So awesome! No it's not, only a complete newbie would ever use this spell, and even then only for one match.

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+ + + +

  • Duelist: This is a great jungling and solo top passive. You hit someone; you heal. When you are in level 5 and use your burst against enemy champion top lane and get four hits on him, you will heal 44 health back. Because Duelist stacks four times when you hit champions. That's great for her because what she does is short attacks with burst of speed and lunge, then she retreats.

  • Lunge: This is her only initate skill and is therefore not mainly used for damage. It can be used twice, so it's great to use when chasing someone. If you use burst of speed before you initiate with lunge you will get a move speed bonus. Lunge can also be used to flee, but just if you have enemy minions or monsters in the right direction. Remember that you can ward to a camp with your trinket ward and then jump over walls with q. This ability can also make you a little faster in jungle, but will make your mana go out quicker.

  • Riposte: In the early game this is a very good source of damage and tankyness in the jungle. This will block every basic attack from champions and large minions and monsters and deal damage back. It's a very good tool 1v1 (or whenever) and for example 1v1 against someone like Master Yi it will give you an advantage. It will also block on-hit effect skills like Gangplank's Parrrley, but not Pantheon's Spear Shot.

  • Burst of Speed: This is the skill that makes Fiora so good. If you haven't got any AS items this will more than double your damage in it's last level. In the early game though, it's not that good, you need AD or on hit effects like madreds to make it work well. Remember that when you use this, all your basic attacks and Lunges will grant you bonus movement speed, up to 45% in last level. Use this again when you get a kill in a teamfight, because if you get a kill Burst of Speed: will be refreshed, but dont use it when you refresh it and you still have it active, wait until it ends.

  • Blade Waltz: This is a teamfight winner if you have a good team. Wait until the enemy team have CC-ed you and you are low HP until you use this. Just hope you are not dead before that. If the enemy has a lot of CC you can use this ulti to initiate, so you dont die before you can use it. This ulti makes you untargetable and it will deal on-hit effects, meaning that stuff like red buff and Feral Flare deals damage.

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Skill sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill priority :

1. Blade waltz


2. Burst of speed


3. Riposte


4. Lunge

Remember to take one point in Lunge at lvl 3, for initiating and the tiny increase in jungling speed. The fact that Burst of Speed is prioritized over Riposte isn't definite. But I generally would prefer maxing it first, because of the on hit effect on madreds. So maxing out e will probably give you faster clear speed in the jungle, and will sustain you easier from madreds.

But most importantly, don't forget to put points in your ulti Blade Waltz whenever you can, at level 6, 11 and 16. Your ulti is a great skill, and in many cases the timing of your ultimate is what distinguish a good Fiora player from a bad one. I'll get back to that later.

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Core items

Wriggle's Lantern is a great item for anyone jungling, giving you life on hit, attack speed and damage, all things you need. In addition you get a free sight ward every third minute. And now you also get Feral Flare after 30 stacks, which makes it a must item on fiora jungle. With your 2,5 AS lategame, feral flare has a lot of damage.

Mercury's Treads is always a good item on Fiora. As she is a melee AD carry, she is going to be targeted and CC-ed a lot. Because of that you really should think about whether or not you need Mercury's Treads for the CC reduction and for shrugging of a little of their AP carry's burst.

Berserker's Greaves is an item that will buff your damage, in comparison to Mercury's Treads. So if that's what you want, as I most often do, go for it :)

This item is really good on Fiora. It is basically just a bunch of stats we want, and the active is great for chasing and staying in range for basic attacks.[

Infinity Edge is the main damage item for Fiora. It gives her AD, crit chance and crit dmg multiplier. With her extra dmg from Riposte and her Burst of Speed she will have some nice dmg.

Last Whisper is a great item if the enemy has a lot of armor and also if they dont. Especially when you now get the percent armor pen before the base you have from runes. I like going this quite late, so that we have some damage that we get to pierce through their armor.

Phantom Dancer gives Fiora some great stats, the crit chance is especially good on her, and the movement speed helps a lot. The attack speed will give her almost maximum attack speed.

Other viable items

Some matches you need to get a Guardian Angel. If the enemy tend to burst you down really fast, for example because you are your teams only source of damage, something that might happen quite often, you have to get GA. It is the item that gives most resistance in the whole game, 68 armor plus 38 magic resist, and it has maybe the best unique passive in the game too.

Late game builds:

(Was okay in season 2, is not very viable season3)I think Executioner's Calling is a very underused item. For its total cost of only 1850 gold, it has some great stats. The crit chance helps a lot after infinity edge, and AD always help. Executioner's Calling also has a great passive against hp regen and life steal champs.

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You should start with Hunter's Machete and 4 Health Potions because thats the best start for any jungler, especially one who depends on auto attacks. Your passive Duelist and the pots will let you jungle with high hp. You usually get help at your first buff, so I tend to start at either red or blue depending on where your bot lane is, because they can usually give the best damage. I usually go clean the whole jungle and get to lvl 4 at wraiths before I go gank. When Fiora gets to lvl 6 she's an insane tower diver because Blade Waltz makes her untargetable. That means Fiora can tank the tower until she gets low, and then use her ultimate and let the other diver tank the turret.

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Early game

In this section I will tell you some about Fiora's laning phase top. First of all, there are some champions you are bad against. Really tanky champions, champions with a lot of ranged damage or champions with a lot of CC is generally not a good matchup for Fiora. You should try to harass with a Q,E then W when you lane opponent starts to hit you. If you manage to do that well, you can hit your enemy without getting hit at all yourself. And even if you are hit, your passive Duelist will help you regen extra hp. Watch out for ganks, fiora has no real escape tool, if there are no enemies to Lunge at. This is one reason Exhaust is good, you can use it on either the jungler or the solotop when the jungler comes, and escape.

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Mid game

Mid game is where Fiora begins to shine with this build. When you get your Infinity Edge your dps will skyrocket. Now you should try to push out your lane and go gank mid or take dragon. Fiora with Wriggle's Lantern deals extreme damage to dragon so that is something you should try to do. While jungling (or solo top), if you have a Vision Ward at dragon and see their jungler too far away you can easily solo dragon.

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Late game

In lategame you should go around with your team and try securing buffs/dragon/baron.. Fiora deals just as much dmg to baron as dragon and you can try to do baron fast. Late game everything is about getting the barons. If you win a teamfight with 1 more kill than the enemy you should go straight to baron and take it especially if that is the enemy jungler..

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Team fights

Team fighting with Fiora is all about knowing when to use your ult. You should let your tank initiate and try to find eiter the AD carry or the AP carry and Lunge at them. If they dont CC you in any way they should go down really quickly. If either the team has a lot of CC and you think they are going to try to burst you down or you are low on hp you should use your ultimate Blade Waltz. Then you are untargetable and hitting the enemy like hell. Remember that the the last dash always will end at the one you used Blade Waltz on. If you do this right and have a decent team you will probably win the teamfight.

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Some matches with fiora

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Thanks to jhoijhoi for her great guide: "How to make a guide", and also thanks to: Mokulu's Champion Build Simulator which helped me alot with comparing different builds.