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Udyr Build Guide by Auzy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Auzy

Flaming the Jungle Phoenix stance Udyr

Auzy Last updated on June 30, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Summoners, I am Auzy, summoner name being Stine24, and I have mained jungle since the middle part of S3 and it continues to be my favourite lane. Other then support, I find jungle to be the main "helper" role as the other lanes may snowball, and carry, due to your ability as a jungler.
I find Udyr to be strong this season in S4. Many high ranking players, such as Trick2g (highly recommended) main him. All his stances, essentially his abilities, provide a unique advantage in which no other champ in the League has. His strong damage, speed, natural tankiness, and CC make him strong pick in S4.
What I plan to do in this guide is explain the build choices, masteries, runes, pros and cons, play style, abilities, jungle path, ganking, and more. Don't expect this guide to look good as I have no idea how to do that :P. Just here trying to put out good, detailed info about a champ I enjoy playing and hoping this either helps some of you, or at least answers a few questions you may have on Udyr.

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Items and Options

Start: - Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potion - This is the typical start with most jungler's due to the fact it deals added damage to monsters and minions while the pots give you the added sustain.
First Back (Ideally) - Madred's Razors, Boots of Speed, and helper items such as more Health Potion or Stealth Ward or Vision Ward - Madred's, first, they build into Feral Flare and provide good attack speed and damage. Boots are crucial on all jungler's and should be bought immediately. Depending on left over gold, additional pots, or wards are also a good choice.
Key Early Items - Feral Flare as this is a must. First buy Wriggle's Lantern and farm as many camps as you can. Next should come boots and Boots of Mobility are a good choice as you are able to cover distance between camps relatively faster then you would with any other boots. It is key to have FF completed around the 12 minute mark(I will go into further detail about this later in the guide).
Mid Game Items - Entering the mid game, assuming FF is stacked well enough, Udyr does become a damage threat, but is also prone to taking damage. A early Giant's Belt or Warden's Mail provide good early protection. These two can them be built into a Randuin's Omen. This item provides great health and armour with a few additional added perks. The passive is great as every time you are hit by a basic attack, the enemy attacking you has their attack speed slowed by ten percent. The active on Randuin's Omen is a slow that works wonders with your e, allowing you to catch enemies, stun them, and very possibly kill them.
Trinity Force - Probably one of the strongest items in the game, and other then FF, the only damage item I would get on Udyr. While some may think that only two damage items will result in no kills, this is wrong as Phreak loves to say, Trinity Force brings "tons of damage" which it does. The recipe build for this item should be an early Phage, due to the health and damage, and if possible, and early Zeal. After this, the TF should be affordable after clearing a few camps or even a good successful gank.
Late Game - At this point, you are dealing good damage, can split push extremely well, but, depending on the enemy team comp, still need either armour or MR. First, a Sunfire Cape is a good item as the added health and armour provide survivability and the passive adds to your already great damage and split pushing. For MR, Spirit Visage is a great choice as the CDR and added healing benefit Udyr overall.

Optional Items:
Blade of the Ruined King - Overall a great item, has good damage, good added attack speed and who doesn't love lifesteal? The only issue I have with BOTK on Udyr is that this is Phoenix Stance Udyr and it works much better with Tiger Stance.
Zephyr - Definitely a good item to get if you are ahead and play Udyr well. But again, just like the above item it isn't necessaries great on Udyr. If looking for added damage, this would be a good choice.
The Black Cleaver - I would only buy this item if my team were to be full of tanks. Full DMG Udyr is super strong, but without any AR or MR his survivability falters and he may fall behind.

Defensive Items - This again relates to the enemies, and your own, team comp. If you are able to go full damage because you already have 2 tanks on your team, go ahead, it works wonders. If the enemy has a lot of magic damage, it would be best to swap out some AR items for MR (vice versa).
Spirit of the Ancient Golem - Great on any semi-tank jungler, this is the item that would replace FF. If you decide to go this, as I will explain later, damage isn't nearly as good, but still he has major kill potential just with a better chance to survive.
Warmog's Armor - Great health and great health regen, just I do not find it cost efficient on Udyr as it doesn't bring any actives or essential utility jungler passives.
Banshee's Veil - If you need MR, other then Spirit Visage, this is the item to go. Good health, MR, and a nice passive with grants a good spell shield, and the health regen is always nice.

Ninja Tabi - Good replacement boots if opposed by a heavy AD team. Still provides movement speed, but the additional armor is always a bonus.
Mercury's Treads - Like the above, these are a more defensive boots that provide good MR against have AP teams, while still have you moving quite speedily.
Boots of Swiftness - If you find you are constantly ganking, or always engaged in team fights, these are the boots to build. The flat out high movement speed is great for getting around.

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Skills and Sequence

Passive: Monkey's Agility - This, in my opinion, is one of the strongest passives on jungler's. His passive is that each time he switches stances he gains a flat 5 MS and 10% attack speed for 5 seconds. This passive has the ability to stack up to 3 times. Not only does this passive help him stick to enemies during ganks, it also allows him to clear the jungle faster and more efficiently.
Q: Tiger Stance - On activation, Udyr transforms into a tiger and gains attack speed for 5 seconds. Stacking this on top of his passive, this is a crucial ability when playing Udyr in the top lane. It provides tons of nuking potential and the damage out put is unreal. Since I am doing a phoenix jungle guide, I am going to leave this ability fairly untouched, maxing it last.
W: Turtle Stance - On activation, Udyr transforms into a turtle and gains a shield that can last up to 5 seconds. The persistent affect of this ability grants Udyr lifesteal, in which its percentage is increased every time the ability is levelled up. This is Udyr's main tanking ability, allowing him to tank towers, regain some life, or clear camps at extremely low health.
E: Bear Stance - Udyr's bread and butter stance. It is the use of this stance that either makes or breaks most Udyr's. On activation, Udyr transforms into a bear gaining movement speed, the ability to avoid unit collision, and is able to perform a short dash towards an enemy target. The persistent effect of this stance is that his basic abilities stun the target. He can only stun the same target once every five seconds. This is Udyr's prime ganking stance. Allows him to close distance to targets, stun them, and repeat. It is also used as an escape because his e is like having ghost on a 6 second cool down. While clearing camps this stance is also extremely useful as it allows him to stack his flare by closing the distance between camps faster.
R: Phoenix Stance - This is the main stance used in clearing the jungle. On activation, Udyr transforms into a phoenix and unleashes pulsing waves of fire around him for 5 seconds, dealing damage, in magic form, to enemies with a 250 range. The aoe allows him to clear extremely fast and also deals massive damage when levelled to enemy champs.

Levelling/Sequence - Udyr is the only champ who will not have points in all of his abilities. With 5 point levels for each 4 stances, the total number of upgradeable slots is 20. You can only reach a max of level 18 meaning that two points in certain stances must remain non-levelled.
Start with r,w,r,e as this allows Udyr to clear quickly, absorb damage and regain health, and gank or close distances between camps. Follow this sequence by alternating between r and e, maxing r first. This gives him insane clearing and damage within ganks. The e contributes even further into ganks and allows Udyr to stick to enemies that decide to run. From here, finish maxing the w as it provides great tankiness and sustain. The w is great when walking into, or out of, a team fight as it provides protection that is strongly needed during mid to late game. With the three remaining points, all that is able to max is q, Tiger Stance.

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Pros / Cons

+Strong counter jungler
+Good AoE or single target damage
+Very good wave clearing
+Ability to split push quickly
+High Mobility
+Strong all game
+Can fight multiple enemies at once
-Countered extremely by hard CC
-If outplayed, or if you have fallen behind, it is very difficult to catch back up
-Difficult to master

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Masteries: - This essentially is the basic mastery page for any utility jungler. This allows Udyr to be semi-tanky while having all the nessecities a jungler must have (MS, Mana Regen, CDR, Lifesteal, and the starting gold is just nice.)
Runes - Marks - Attack speed is crucial on Udyr, and really any other jungler. Since this is Phoenix Udyr, he does not gain an AS boost as he would with tiger.
Seals - Pretty much the only seals a jungler can rush. Self explanatory that armor helps survivability.
Glyphs - CDR and MR are again essential as the provide utility as well as defence. Can go with 6 CDR and 3 MR as well.

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Flash - This is essential on pretty much all champs. This summoner spell allows one to engage, escape, outplay and overall, is probably the most viable spell currently in the game.
Smite - A must on all jungler's as it allows one to take buffs or other minions faster. There is no reason not to take smite if jungling, unless you are Nunu ofc.
Optional Items:
Ghost - Ghost is a great item on Udyr as it synergizes well with Bear Stance to increase movement speed. This is not essential as Flash offers a more viable spell for Udyr.
Exhaust - While it does add CC, it is not needed as Bear Stance already adds a ton of crowd control.
Teleport - Like the above, the benefits are there, as Udyr is a great split pusher, but usually, junglers do not run tele.
Heal - Again, would likely synergize well with Turtle Stance but in the jungle it is not useful as you would have to sacrifice a main spell ( Smite or Flash).
Barrier - Used primarily on marksman's, or ADC's, not needed on jungler's.

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Match Ups

This is going to be a quite detailed and long section as I will cover all mainstream junglers.
I will rank out of 10, 10 being the easiest match up, and 1 being the most difficult. This will then be followed by an explanation.

Aatrox - (7/10) - He is a fairly easy match up for Udyr. Aatrox maxes his damage around lvl's 3-4 so avoid his at this time because he would be able to fight you. After this, he becomes useless against you as Udyr speed and CC pose safety against the dangers of this champ. While his Dark Flight and Blades of Torment provide a good escape and some decent CC, Udyr still is able to survive a full combo and easily steal some of his farm.

Amumu - (8/10) - Another easy match up for Udyr as he does not put out much damage, assuming he is not going full AP. Amumu doesn't exactly have fast clear speeds and this allows you, as Udyr, to easily counter jungle him. The only problem you may run into, is if you get caught in his jungle, his Bandage Toss can lock you up and allow his team-mates to possibly kill you.

Cho'Gath - (7/10) - While he has decent clearing speeds, early on, it will be impossible to do damage to you. Early DMG no where near as high as Udyr's and his knock up is predictable and easy to avoid using bear stance. His Q, Rupture, his main CC skill, is, as said above, easily avoidable with Bear Stance leaving Cho no chance to catch you.

Diana - (5/10) - Diana is not an easy match up for Udyr. She out damages him, out ranges him and this causes him trouble. He has an advantage in the fact that his clearing is much stronger then hers, but her abilities such as Crescent Strike can inflict massive damage from ways away. Her E, Moonfall, also causes you problems because even with Bear Stance activated, she is able to draw you in and slow you.

Dr. Mundo - (7/10) - Mundo does not cause any real problems for Udyr. As long as you do not stand in his W, Burning Agony, you should be set to steal all his camps and stack the flare as quickly as you can.

Elise - (5/10) - Again, the Spider Queen is one such jungler that can cause Udyr problems. Assuming she starts blue, counter jungling her red at 2.20 can provide an easy buff and a possible first blood kill. This is assuming she has maxed Q and W and does not have her stun. Her mid game is where she shines over Udyr. The DMG is severely high but late game, especially with a farmed FF, Udyr carries harder then Elise.

Evelynn - (4/10) - Eve causes trouble to Udyr because of her passive, Shadow Walk. While Eve's damage is not great early on, counter jungling is impossible due to her passive, that of invisibility. Where Udyr makes up is in counter gank situations as he strongly out damages her and should easily win the 2v2.

Fiddlesticks - (6/10) - A good match up for Udyr. Easy counter jungling early but make sure that he does not have his drain up. Usually, wait for his W, Drain to end before going in for the steal. Mid game is where Fiddle***** provides problems as his QW, Terrify and Drain, can result in you dying.

Gragas - (5/10) - Grag is another 50/50 match up for Udyr. His clearing isn't amazing, but he is difficult to counter jungle as his Q, Barrel Roll, has a good amount of AoE range and damage, plus a pretty good slow. Also, his E, Body Slam, provides either a good escape, or a nice damaging stun. Where Udyr shines over Gragas is late game. If grag isn't extremely fed, he poses no threat to an Udyr with a well farmed FF.

Hecarim - (5/10) - The pony isn't the funnest match up for Udyr. His high mobility with his E Devastating Charge, and his fast clearing due the spamming of Rampage make this horsey difficult to counter jungle. He is also a strong counter ganker as his Devastating Charge outshines the speed on Bear Stance. Late game again is where the Dyr has the advantage, as most Heca's do not build FF.

Jarvan IV - (3/10) - This is a tough match up for Udyr. Jarvan has nice clear speeds, a shield, and a knock up that can be difficult to avoid. He counter ganks extremely well and his ultimate, Cataclysm, if landed on Udyr, would require the Dyr to flash. Late game, where Udyr shines, Jarvan is so tanky and built that J4 can easily escape alive.

Jax - (4/10) - Another fairly difficult match up where early counter jungling must be used to prevent Jax from farming his FF. While his early damage and clearing isn't exactly high, his snowball chance is unreal and he is easily one of the best hyper carries in the game. For Udyr, problems arise mid game where Jax's damage starts to increase dramatically. His E, Counter Strike, has a longer stun then Bear Stance and allows him to dodge damage from Phoenix Stance, making Jax, overall a difficult match up.

Kha'Zix - (4/10) - After his nerf, he has become stronger in the jungle. His burst, mobility, and CC all make him a fairly difficult opponent for Udyr. Late game, he is a prime assassin and it makes it difficult for Udyr to catch the bug. Where Udyr can outshine zix is in the carrying department.

Lee Sin - (5/10) - I am leaving Lee vs. Udyr neutral as I find them both strong junglers and have their advantages and disadvantages. Both have good clearing, counter ganking and jungling, and are almost a mirror match. The only difference is in team fights where Lee brings more utility. His ultimate, Dragon's Rage can be devastating to Udyr as it can knock him completely out of the fight. Overall, the Dyr tends to scale well into late game while Lee, damage wise, does fade.

Malphite - (6/10) - This is a good match up as Udyr is stronger then Malph in many categories. He clears faster, has good ganks pre-6, while most Malph's wait for the knock up on Unstoppable Force where, once the Dyr has Bear Stance, he is ready to gank. The time to be wary of Malphite his when his passive, Granite Shield, is up as it allows Malph to deal damage while not receiving much himself.

Maokai - (8/10) - The tree provides one easy match up for the Dyr. I do love playing Mao, but I feel that his isn't very strong. Udyr is stronger at clearing and counter jungling, while Mao does have very good ganks with his snare, Twisted Advance. The thing with Mao, is he doesn't shine at a part of the game. He is essentially meh and played as a full out supportive jungler. His ult, Vengeful Maelstrom does wonders in teamfights but overall, Udyr clearly is a stronger jungler.

Master Yi - (6/10) - While Yi has good clearing, ganks, and is extremely easy to play, Udyr is overall stronger. Yi has no CC and his main damage Q, Alpha Strike does not do much to Udyr early. He, like the Dyr, scales well into late game but is much squishier and easy to kill.

Nasus - (6/10) - This dog is not difficult to play against as long as you prevent him farming his Q, Siphoning Strike. This can be achieved by early counter jungling benefit you as well. Nasus poses problems with his W, Wither as the slow is pretty detrimental even with Bear Stance activated.

Nautilus - (7/10) - Naut provides a good match up, as his clearing is ridiculously slow. This allows you, as the Dyr, to counter jungle him easily setting him farther behind. Also, for him being a tank, he is massively squishy. Naut does shine in the ganking department as his Q, Dredge Line, to passive, Staggering Blow provides great lockdown. Again, like many other junglers, Naut falls off late game and allows Udyr to shine.

Nocturne - (7/10) - Another good match for the Dyr. While not exactly easy to counter jungle, Nocturne cannot hurt Udyr. With bear, he can out run his and bait his fear Unspeakable Horror, while also outrunning his Q, Duskbringer. Overall, Noct is a strong jungler as his ult, Paranoia allows him to gank from literal miles away.

Nunu - (8/10) - The only problem that Nunu poses is the threat of counter jungling. He is easily the best at this with his Q, Consume, but overall, Udyr outshines him mid and late game in damage and carrying.

Olaf - (5/10) - This berserker isn't exactly easy for Udyr, but it isn't necessarily hard. The both have good clearing, but I find that Udyr has stronger ganks due to the fact he has a stun, not just a slow. What makes Olaf a problem is his passive Berserker Rage, granting him additional attack speed for his health missing. This makes him a great duellist and this poses problems for the Dyr.

Pantheon - (7/10) - Panth happens to be my main champ, but I only play him top, and in the jungle, Udyr is a far better choice. His clearing isn't great and I feel he suffers from mana issues constantly spamming his Q, Spear Shot. Problems arise for Udyr with Pantheon passive, Aegis Protection, as his stun is able to be blocked. Panth falls off hard late game while the Dyr flies into it, ready to carry.

Rammus - (9/10) - Not only do I find this Armordillo tough to play this season, I find he is useless vs. an Udyr. His clearing is brutally slow, and his ganks rely that his Q, Powerball puts him into position for his E, Puncturing Taunt. This combo can be avoided and it results in a failed gank, and wasted time. Late game, Rammus does become tough to kill, but his only purpose is to tank, posing no threat to Udyr.

Rengar - (6/10) - After his "rework," I feel he is much more viable top but he still poses problems in the jungle.......just not to the Dyr. His clearing is good, and his outplay potential is high, I just find that Udyr has a better kit for jungling. Overall, Rengar is still strong, but poses no threat to the Dyr. Still, this is one cat you do not want fed.

Sejuani - (3/10) - While an underplayed jungler, as she should be, Sej has the kit to absolutely ruin Udyr, early and mid game at least. Her CC is ridiculous and is by far better then Udyr's. He clearing is also half decent and counter jungling is not recommended. Late game, Udyr takes precedence over Sej in the domination department, and is able to carry, while Sej is not.

Shaco - (3/10) - This clown, or whatever the hell he is, does prove to be a threat for Udyr. His W, Jack In The Box allows him to counter jungle extremely well and the fear hinders Udyr. His Q, Decieve, allows him to get out of sticky situations as well as gank extremely well, but like many others, Udyr is much, much stronger late game.

Shen - (9/10) - Like Rammus, I feel that this ninja should not be played in the jungle as his clearing is brutally slow. His ganks also aren't anything to call home about, and overall, Udyr can be all over him.

Shyvana - (5/10) - Shyv is a very strong top laner, as well as jungler, as she, arguably, has the best clear speeds in the game. Where Udyr has the advantage is late game and ganking. Her only for of CC is a slight knock back when she ults, and it really doesn't do all that much. The problem she cause for the Dyr is her W, Burnout, as Udyr must stand in this high damage AoE to do damage with his own stances. While Shyv is great all game, I think Udyr has the slight advantage late game with his FF.

Skarner - (4/10) - Another jungler that is not common, but is not an easy match up for Udyr. With up and coming changes to Skarner, ones that make him more reliable, Udyr gets strongly countered by his Crystal Slash spam and ultimate, Impale, which provides great CC and lock down. While this may be a little bias, as this scorpion is one of my favourite champs, he does have great potential as he had fast clear and is tanky while still able to dish out damage.

Trundle - (6/10) - This troll should not provide too much difficulty as you can easily out farm him early. I also don't find him to have the greatest ganks, but he does have that snowball potential that can carry him well into late game, posing a threat to Udyr.

Tryndamere - (6/10) - My opinion on the Barbarian King is the same I have for the troll above. His clearing early isn't fantastic and his ganks....well are good....but for me are a real hit and miss. He is able to dive turrets with his ult, Undying Rage, and this gives him a good snowball potential where he can carry extremely well late game.

Vi - (3/10) - Vi. Those two letters should be self explanatory. Being one of the strongest junglers this season, she is difficult to catch to, with her Q Vault Breaker and counter jungle while also bringing tons of CC, her ult Assault and Battery and DMG, with her W, Denting Blows and her E, Excessive Force to the table. Strong all game, and a good carry, this is a very good counter to the Dyr.

Volibear - (5/10) - Another strong jungler, I find this to be the battle of the bears. If you can lock him down early with your stun, he is very hard to catch up with. On the other hand, his W, Frenzy allows for good damage and surprise kills. His passive, Chosen of the Storm, is what makes Voli difficult to fight. The rapid health regen makes him tough to fight. Late game, I feel as if his damage almost becomes irrelevant and he straight up tanks, and this is where the Dyr can shine.

Warwick - (6/10) - I think WW is a fairly easy match up as, like you, he needs to farm his FF. Pre - 6 he absolutely cannot gank well, and as Udyr, this can be used to your advantage. By either snowballing a lane, or out farming even WW, you can gain an advantage. His ult, Infinite Duress, usually guarantees a kill in lane, it does not do much to the Dyr, especially late game.

Wukong - (5/10) - This monkey does provide a challenge, but still is fairly easy to beat in the jungle. While he does have good CC with his ult, Cyclone, and invisibility with his clone, his clearing early is not great. He does have a great mid game and can carry, but late game he tends to fall off into a more of a tank role, unless built full damage, which is not recommended.

Xin Zhao - (3/10) - Xin is tough. He clears fast and deal tons of damage in ganks, which are often are successful. Like Lee, his ult, Crescent Sweep, can put you out of position. Also, his snowball potential is high, as with only a few kills, he can carry all game, proving a challenge for the Dyr.

Zac - (5/10) - While Zac does have amazing ganks as the routes available to him are many, he does not have great clearing or damage. This problem he poses is he is difficult to kill. Not only is he naturally tanky and with enough health and armor almost impossible to bring down, his passive, Cell Division grants revival. Where he suffers is that his passive is on a 5 minute cool down and late game, he resorts to just tanking, with hardly and damage output.

Zed - (7/10) - I find Zed to be a great champ.......just not in the jungle. He is much better suited him. The only problem he may pose to the Dyr is his mobility and ability to outplay, but overall, best to play him mid, where he shines.

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Feral Flare

The Feral Flare:
Basic knowledge - The flare, other wise known or referred to as FF, is a jungling item that has been introduced into S4. The moment a jungler purchases Hunter's Machete, a stacking process begins. Stacks are gained from either champion kills, assists, or by killing large monsters and minions. On flare junglers, Wriggle's Lantern needs to be bought asap. What the flare gives is that basic attacks deal 25(+1 per Flare stack) bonus magic damage and returns 10 health on hit.

Who and when: - It is never a good idea to go into a game under the impression that you are only going to play one champ. Using jungling as an example, a flare jungler may not be a good choice if your team is already full of damage dealers or squishes. With Udyr, I always try to analyse my team comp to decide whether to go Golem Dyr, or FF. Also, the FF really only works on auto attack reliant champs ( Jax, Udyr, Warwick, Xin Zhao etc. It is rare to see a tanky support such as Skarner or Sejuani running flare as their role does not call for them to deal damage. Also, building the flare on an AP jungler is also a waste of 1800 gold and an item slot as they are ability reliant. You should never see flare built on Elise, Amumu, or Evelynn.

- When going with the flare, ganking is not a priority. At 30 stacks, the Wriggle's Lantern transforms into the Feral Flare. These 30 stacks must be reached around the 12 minute mark, because if not, it becomes more of a hindrance then a benefit. Essentially, the more stacks you gain, the more powerful you become.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle route:
- Starting RED = Clear Red using Smite, proceed to wraiths, then to wolves, clear BLUE using Smite, then proceed to white camp.
- Starting BLUE = = Clear Blue using Smite, proceed to wolves, then to wraiths, then go to Red and clear using Smite, and then finish golem's. From here go to white, and repeat looking for possible ganks if you can.

1.) When clearing buffs here is an ideal place to stand. Move into he very back of the C shape and proc your R. You should now be standing behind the large minion. I will use a smiley face analogy to describe this. :-), with the colon being the two smaller minions, the - being the large buff monster and the bracket being you. This allows the AoE component of Phoenix Stance to hit all of the minions, not just the large one, allowing for faster clears.

2.) Utilize the MS provided with bear. Mana should not being an issue due to either Blue buff, or the fact that Udyr isn't extremely mana hungry. This allows for closing the distance between camps faster, and thus, faster Feral Flare stacks.

3.) While I did say do not put points into Tiger Stance until the end of that game, putting one point into tiger over Turtle Stance does have benefits. When approaching a camp, proc tiger and get off one attack. Immediately, switch to Phoenix Stance to ensure that the attack speed buff from tiger is still activated. This allows more AoE as your basic attacks now hit more often.

4.) Do not go Phoenix Udyr if you do not have attack speed runes. If you recall from above, Phoenix Stance does magic damage, so if you are not attacking often, you really are not doing damage.

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- /league-of-legends/ability/bear-stance-211

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- Aatrox = Udyr works well with trox due to his amazing damage. If Bear Stance's stun is landed, Aatrox is able to jump in and usually guarantee a kill.
- Wukong = This monkey synergies well with Udyr as the CC and gap closing potential they both have usually guarantees a kill. The stun from Bear Stance allows Wu to trigger his ult, Cyclone, dealing massive damage while also knocking the opponent up.
- Jayce = His range and Acceleration Gate help secure kills easily. With Jayce laying down his E, Udyr gains massive MS and can land his stun, allowing Jayce to land Shock Blast, inflicting massive damage.

- LeBlanc = Just a strong champ over all. Udyr coming in with a stun allows her to combo the opponent and deal massive damage. If she lands her E, Ethereal Chains, it provides more lock up, further enhancing the possibility of a kill.
- Ryze = Udyr synergizes with most champs who have a stun or snare, and Ryze's W, Rune Prison provides good CC that can possibly result in a kill.
- Ahri = While she does not a stun, her Charm provides a good lock up that allows Udyr to get in range for the stun of Bear Stance.
- Caitlyn = He range is what makes her work well with Udyr. He is able to engage, get a stun off, then peel and hopefully give Cait the kill.
- Draven = He works well with Udyr because of his amazing damage output. He is able to hit his Q, Spinning Axe, dealing massive damage and again, hopefully resulting in a kill.
- Jinx = Her E, Flame Chompers! provide a good snare with again allows Udyr to get in close, deal damage, peel and hopefully give Jinx the kill.
- Janna = All of her abilities aid the Dyr in a gank. Her passive, Tailwind, grants movement speed, her Q, Howling Gale a knock up, her W, a slow, and her E, Eye Of The Storm, a shield and additional damage. This all will help secure a kill for bot lane.

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This is now the end of the guide. Overall, Udyr, one of the strongest junglers in clearing, ganking, and countering others has a good kit that hopefully will get you further in the game. With good sustain, great damage, good CC and and overall, easy to play, hard to master champ, Udyr is fun to play and always provides for an interesting game. I hope I have provided at least some useful info that makes it so you can have as much fun playing Udyr as I do.