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Wukong Build Guide by UtimatePr0

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UtimatePr0

Flatten' em: The Veteran's Guide to the Monkey King

UtimatePr0 Last updated on August 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Doubting my build?

Hey all, before you begin reading my guide if you're doubting my build's potential, please look at below at the good scores I have achieved with Wukong:

15/9/9 (Win)
26/7/19 (Win)
9/2/4 (Win)
8/1/5 (Win) Killed by turret LOL
16/2/10 (Win)
19/2/9 (Win)
10/1/6 (Win)
22/3/11 (Win)

6/7/3 (Lose)
12/5/3 (Lose)
15/3/11 (Win)
12/4/10 (Lose)

These scores were all achieved by my first (main) build and you can see that although I didn't buy much tanky items, I didn't die much because I know when to jump in and when to run (with some luck as well :D).

I apologise for not having screenshots as my laptop's printscreen button has broken but I'm not lying and you can all check my Summoner profile in the LoL launcher at UtimatePr0 :)

And if anybody want's their pro score posted below please send me your picture at
It would be great if you uploaded to a website such as imageshack and sent me the link (websites with those direct image url).

In a Hurry? No problem, here are some parts of the guide that I recommend you to read!

Summoner spells
Skill combos
How is Decoy used?
Situational and Optional items

Oh yea, and be sure to check out BOTH my builds! (Build 1: AD carry Build 2: Offtank)

My 3rd build btw is the build for dominion :)

PLEASE VOTE UP if you feel this build is good!!! Every vote counts! :D

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Hello and Welcome to my Guide for Wukong, The Monkey King.

The baseline of this build evolves around Phreak's build, however I have tweaked it and will show you the different possibilities you can change different items to.
Always remember to build your champion according to the situation and what's good at countering your enemies (this is different every game!), this is one of the most important skills in LoL! Don't be a brainless whim and make changes to my build depending on your situation, e.g. if the enemy have loads of Crowd Control and Magic damage, always change your boots to Mercury's Treads . It's definetly worth it!

Also, The reason why I believe Wukong should be played as a Burst is because his skills do not support him into being an DPS but instead a killer that bursts down targets in a few seconds. His passive also supports that, because it gives him quite a good amount of armor and magic resist (40 armor and magic resist if all 5 champions are around).


For more tips and tricks on how to use Wukong, watch the Champion Spotlight presented by Phreak here:
Here's another guide on Mobafire that all people should read, It's basic skills.
Read here:

NOTE: Guide still under development but mostly finished but gonna still improve and keep updating!

Ps: My special thanks to FroztKnight to help develop this build and testing it. Also gonna thank Blakhart for making suggestions to my guide and build! Give him a big hand and thank him!

Patch Notes:

Update: release-notes-v100123

•Wukong will now attempt to attack a target champion after using Nimbus Strike
•Cyclone Attack Damage ratio increased to 1.2 from 1
•Wukong is now properly considered melee for items and spells that differentiate between melee and ranged characters.
•Fixed a bug where Crushing Blow was shredding the target's base armor rather than total armor

Fixed some Wukong bugs and will allow better use of crushing blow especially if enemy is surrounded by minions. Also increased cyclone's power, which is great because I feel it is a little bit underpowered as an Ultimate skill. I wonder though if the bug for nimbus striking Blue/Red buff causes you to stand still and not move for 2 seconds while the monster and you cannot move or attack has been fixed yet.

Guys I've been busy for quite a time and stopped playing Wukong (Battlefield 3 rocks) but after the news of the buff, I quickly decided to test the new Wukong which I have to say, is MUCH more powerful! Here are the patch notes:

Wukong League of Legends v1.0.0.128

•Crushing Blow
◦Total attack damage ratio increased to 1.1 from 1.0
◦Fixed a bug where Crushing Blow did not display critical strikes or benefit from life steal
◦Casting Decoy no longer instantly shows a reduction in Wukong's mana bar to enemies
◦Fixed a bug where Wukong's stealth state did not ignore unit collision
◦Improved general Decoy behavior and placement - the Decoy should now more accurately mimic Wukong's previous position and behavior
◦Wukong is now pushed forward slightly when using Decoy, rather than the Decoy being pushed back from Wukong's position
•Nimbus Strike
◦Attack speed bonus increased to 30/35/40/45/50% from 20/25/30/35/40%
◦Attack speed duration increased to 4 seconds from 3

Awesome buff to Nimbus Strike, will allow you to dps better and even more awesome buff to Crushing Blow. The new Crushing Blow actually scales even more from your base attack damage! Also great is the Decoy fix, this will allow wukong's to better fool enemies with it now!

(Played a game and I have to tell you, I abosolutely raped.)
And I hope to see more of you succeed in LoL with Wukong!

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In the Plague Jungles, Kong ruled as king. He could wield a unique, natural form of magic and he was driven by zealous ambition. The Plague Jungles were the ideal setting for fostering his growth - he thrived on challenges and flourished in adversity. However, when he had surmounted every obstacle and defeated every opponent, he grew restless. Worried that there was nothing left to overcome, he sought counsel with the monkey sage who lived behind the Grand Waterfall. The sage told him a tale of hairless monkeys to the north who, with wits and strength, bent the world to their will. Kong was overjoyed at the prospect of such worthy competition, and he immediately set out to the north, hoping that the sage's story was true.

Traveling north, he crossed the Southern Wastes and then the Great Barrier. Unaware of the League, he arrived outside the Institute of War where he found Master Yi in meditation. Kong was eager to test the strength of these northern warriors, so he challenged Yi to a duel. Intrigued by Kong, Yi decided to humor him. Within moments of his first strike, Kong knew he was no match for Yi. To be the best, he would need a mentor. He asked Yi to take him as a pupil and to show him the wonders of the northern lands. In return, he would honor Yi by becoming the greatest warrior Runeterra had ever seen. Admiring his passion, Yi agreed, but only under the condition that Kong would one day teach the lessons of Wuju to a pupil of his own. In the spirit of this agreement, he renamed Kong ''Wukong'', and gave him a weapon suited to his unusual nature - an enchanted staff that the young Doran had crafted. The weapon was an unrivalled masterpiece. After rigorous training, Wukong joined the League of Legends to fulfill his promise and show the world the true power of Wuju.

''The first step to wisdom and greatness is realizing how little you know.''
- The first lesson of Master Yi

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Pros and Cons:

Strong burst damage throughout all-of-game
An easy-to-use AD carry
Assassin and Killer
Tanky (quite) without really buying tanky items (Stone Skin)
Able to escape the most dire situations with Decoy and Stone Skin (passive)
Very fun to play!

Unable to do anything if focused with cc
No escape techniques if Decoy and Cyclone are in Cooldown
Gets ksed quite a bit (don't know why it just happens)
Makes a LOT of enemies!!

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Build 1 and 2. Differences?

Build 1:
Build 2:

While build 1 is more on the offensive side of Wukong, I've decided to build a tankier Wukong (build 2), just in case your team doesn't have a tank. However, you'll have to sacrifice your damage dealing capability to be able to take more damage. It's a fair deal. Remember you can always switch items around in the 2 builds with each other such as in build one, you take instead of . Also for the last two items for build 2, you can switch them around in building order because if you're getting nuked by ap champs, it's obvious you'll have to get a Force of Nature/ Banshee's Veil before your Atma's. I'm just presuming that the teams are balanced and you want more damage and Atma's can give you that :)
Oh yea btw, buying armor is normaly more useful against a balanced team because all minions and turrets deal attack damage and also most AD carries out DPS AP carries.

NOTE that build 2 is an alternation of build 1 replaced by the items I have listed below so that the main build is build 1, I will also make more good comboed alternations of the main build soon after I actually get time to play instead of writing this guide LOL.

Did you know... That the Monkey King's original name is 孫悟空 (Sun Wukong)and is the monkey king in the famous chinese mythical fairytale, Journey to the West (西遊記) {If you know chinese you should read it!}. Riot literally copied the whole figure from the story and his weapon, was a stick that was stolen from one of the sea dragon kings (it weighted 8.3 metric tons!), so that he could protect his master from the dangers they encounter and NOT a gift from Doran! The stick could grow and shrink according to Wukong's wishes. :D But I have to admit they did a good job on him for league of legends.

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Build 3: Dominion

Some people have requested that I make a Dominion build so here it is. The Build basically replaces build 1 but with Dominion items. I would only recommend going Wukong this way in Dominion because I feel Wukong's role is really what people would call a 'taker'. A 'taker' role is a role where the champion works with a few other 'takers' to basically forcefully take over a capture point from the defenders. This means killing the defenders before the turret on the capture point deals too much (This threat can be minimised by using Garrison) and being able to capture the point before enemy reinforcements arrive to stop you. I feel Wukong is a strong burst-damager and can fulfill that role pretty nicely.

To read more about roles and teamwork I would recommend you to read this guide on mobafire!Click here to read Zemiaza's Dominion guide.

I have changed the things slightly due to the suggestions made by FatManOnWheels.

NOTE: For your boots, I would also recommend or depending on enemy team. Ninja Tabi for heavy AD DPS team, Mercury Treads for Heavy CC and magic damage and Ionian Boots for lower cooldowns if you feel you don't need the extra defense.

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Build 4: Typical Ranked Build/Viable Jungle Build

The ultimate Ranked build. After a very long time I have finally updated this build and included another build, a common ranked build. This is only recommended for experienced players, as because you do not take the extra health and damage from the Doran's blade, you will be more squishy and deal less damage. However extra mobility can do wonders and gives you many more advantages. Plus the starting health pots also help with lane sustainability.

However most pros and experienced players now start with boots so I decided to add some options.

You can use this as a jungle build however I do not recommend jungling with Wukong. If it is too hard you can buy a Cloth armor and 5 health potions instead.

Guide Top

Jungling Route

I would either start at Wolves/Wraiths depending if you want to take Red or Blue first. If you are a beginner, you might want to start at Blue Golems and then make your way around. Be sure to take Smite!

Red route: Wraiths, Red Lizard, GANK/Small Golems, Wolves, Blue Golems then repeat.

Blue route: Wolves, Blue Golems, GANK/Wraiths, Mini Golems, Red lizard then repeat.

Remember as a jungler ganking is much more important than killing jungle minions!

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Summoner Spells

I take:

-Movement spell, great for chasing/escaping through walls, dodging skillshots, juking enemies etc. Bad thing is that it's cooldown is very long.

-Movement spell, great for chasing and escaping and running through creep waves. Also used for reaching somewhere quickly eg. Defending a turret, setting up a gank, joining a teamfight etc. Low cooldown.

These summoner spells ensure you can survive the greivest of situations and catch up those ppl who run very fast. These summoner spells are what keep me alive and give me great scores with high kills and low deaths.

Other options?

-Shuts down an enemy's damage and slows them for 40%. Great for getting First Blood and killing enemies as they try to run away. Can also be used defensively by slowing down an enemy chaser. Replace for Flash.

-Deals true damage over time and reduces healing recieved by the character by 50%. Great for finishing off enemies, stopping them from healing/getting healed and First Blood. Replace for Ghost.

-Some people find this essential while others don't, but it's really an opinion. I do not normally take this spell because i believe that by being smart and having map awareness is enough to keep you from jumping around the map doing stuff. Take by your choice. Replace for Flash.

Other spells are either left for supports and tanks or are completely useless. And don't ask me about heal, trust me, it's useless.

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Build 1:


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality
Build 2:

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Marks:Greater Mark of Desolation I take the standard Armor penetration marks. Combined with your Q you can most likely penetrate or even go through ALL of the enemy's armor in early game/mid game. You can change this to whatever you want I only strongly recommend Armor penetration.

Seals: Now here there's more choice, you can either take offensive runes or defensive. I take the flat armor seals for a higher amount of armor early game which gives me a solid boost to my defense against physical damage dealers, minions and turrets. It can really save your *** and you will be harder to take down early game since you start out with lower armor than magic resist. If you don't like armor, I recommend some crit chance runes which give you an extra 3-4 % crit chance which can help you substancially early game for some good burst damage.

Glyphs: I take Magic resist per level for a good reason, and that's because all AD carries need magic resist late game! Most carries are too focused to buy any defensive items when they're just killing everybody so you cover up your weakness by buying these runes. They give you 24 magic resist at level 18 and you'll probably have around 54 magic resist instead of 30. Other runes such as Cooldown or flat magic resist are also okay.

Quints: Greater Quintessence of Desolation I take the standard armor penetration quints. With these quints and your marks, you'll have around 29 armor penetration at level 1! Its gonna break through all their armor if you hit them! You could also take health quints but I believe you'll have enough health early game with just Doran's blade (Total 620 health).

If you're very unsure about what runes you should buy and whats good or not, be sure to check out Searz's guide about runes here:

Guide Top



These are the 'standard' AD carry masteries.
The new masteries are in place-which are awesome. Please change your masteries accordingly! :)

For Dominion, I take the full offense tree with improved GarrisonGarrison=32, Armor, Magic Resist and Death Timer. This is for the most upfront defense while shortening your death timer to allow to get back on the battlefield once you're slain. Every second counts in dominion!

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Here I will talk about the items I chose to put in the primary build and why.

NOTE: That during early game I always buy health potions and I pop to and from the summoner platform back to lane as it will help you stay in lane longer and harrass more without the fear of running out of health. You should get used to using health potions like a habit!

Doran's Blade: Costs 475, Gives you 100 health, 10 damage and 3% lifesteal. What more can you ask?

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Boots with Cooldown, The reason I don't take Berserker's greaves is because I'm playing a Burst damage Wukong with Trinity Force and cooldown's are essential for Wukong to be able to catch up on enemies with Nimbus Strike or Deal insane damage with Crushing Blow. Trust me these CD boots work way better than AS ones. However IF the enemy team has lots of CC be sure to take instead of any other boots, as the CC reduction (Tenacity) and the magic resist can save your lives many times.

Phage: I take Phage first for the early game health and damage which is also essential. Furthermore, the on-hit slow effect is very useful for getting more hits on them when harrassing or taking them down when they are running.

Sheen: Although item stats are not useful, we cannot overlook it's insane passive that gives your Crushing blow an extra 100 damage! With this you'll deal around 300-400 damage with just one hit from crushing blow. Combined with your Nimbus strike you can deal over 500-600 damage with just 2 hits!

Zeal: Next item needed to finish off Trinity Force, gives good attack speed (No berserker's greaves needed!), Crit chance and most importantly, move speed.

Trinity Force: Your most important item in the game! Never replace this item! Tri force combines all of Phage's, Sheen's and Zeal's stats and passive's into one item and makes their stats and passive effect's Stronger! Most importantly this gives you an 150% increase of your base attack damage when you use a skill! Now your crushing blow will really Crush' em!

Vampiric Sceptre: Lifesteal is needed for Wukong to stay in fights alive and be able to sustain himself in a lane for longer periods of time, this is very essential for not just Wukong but all AD carries!

Bloodthirster: Gives you moar lifesteal and a nice huge bonus of attack damage. Now you should really devestate your enemies in seconds!

Brutaliser: Gives you Attack damage, CD reduction and more Armor penetration! Good all-rounder item needed for Wukong!

Youmuu's Ghostblade: An upgrade of the Brutaliser and most importantly, it gives you the ability to use another attack speed and movespeed active! Find yourself needing to chase an enemy faster while your ghost and flash are on cooldown? No worries! just proc Youmuu's Ghostblade's active and kill' em!

Items after this that are not listed in the primary build will be explained in another section below:

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Skills and their Usage:

Here I will explain the uses and the effects of Wukong's different skills.

Q-Crushing Blow, this is your "Flatten' em" skill! It scales with items and and will deal insane burst damage while also inflicting an armor debuff that removes 30% fo their armor for 3 seconds. Most powerful during mid-late game. One trick to always remember with this skill is that it resets your auto-attack timer meaning that you can auto-attack an enemy once and quickly press this skill to whack the opponent another time. This trick also works while hitting towers and suprisingly, the bonus damage you get from this skill also applies when you hit the tower (not sure if it's a bug or something riot had not intended it to have). This is also bugged currently, I'm sure riot will fix this soon enough.

W-Decoy, this is the skill where Wukong gets all his micheivousness from. Normally used to get away, there are many ways in which you can use this skill. Because Decoy looks exactly the same as pressing 'S' in game to your enemies, you can use it to juke enemies but watch out when your juke fails or else you'll get killed. I only level this skill once because it's offensive ability is limited (although it can kill) and most likely only used to trick enemies. Also remember that using Decoy in front of an enemy with is useless so don't even try! A good trick to use this skill offensively is when an enemy is low and hanging at the back of the creeps, use decoy to stealth and walk past the creep wave and suprise your enemy by leaping on him with and dealing a ton of damage until he dies :)
I STRONGLY recommend watching Phreak's Wukong Champion Spotlight on Youtube: Watch Here

E-Nimbus Strike, your bread and butter, harrassment, initiating, chasing and killing skill. Very strong early game and is very useful because of the dash and the attack speed buff you get from this skill other than damage. A useful trick is to use this skill to escape when there are enemy creeps or champions behind you. Also remember this trick is multi-target and can get you multiple kills or kill people that are running away that you cannot target them and target the champion or creep next to them to kill them. Another useful trick is that Nimbus Strike is a movement spell. So, you can go through walls, and ***ualt champions from the other side of the terrain. It has good snergy with Jarvan's Ult whether or not you're in his team because you can jump in and jump out with it.

R-Cyclone, this is your Ultimate skill. Although it does not deal massive amounts of damage it is a very good chasing and dps skill. It scales from 120% of your total attack damage plus a small amount of base damage. Use it in teamfights or to stop people from running by knocking them all up into the air while dealing huge damage the longer they stay inside the 'cyclone' (geddit? :D). Great way of smacking people around and causing chaos. Nearly got a pentakill once with this but amumu ksed 3 of the kills. It has a long cooldown unless you buy cooldown reduction items so becareful of it's usage!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The Skill sequence I use is maxing out Nimbus Strike first and putting points in Cyclone whenever possible. This ensures an early game damage advantage over most champions and will allow you to harrass effectively. I add one point in to Crushing Blow at level 2 for the extra damage and the auto-attack timer reset and also add one point into Decoy at level 4 for the stealth and the ability to do loads of things listed below. I max Crushing Blow as soon as Nimbus Strike is maxed for the cooldown and the damage and finally I add all remaining points into Decoy when there's nothing else to add.

To read more about why I take Nimbus Strike over Crushing Blow please look below.

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Skill Combos:

Alright I decided to write another section on how to use his skills in combos to ensure the best harrassment and burst damage. Remember that all these combos can use auto-attacks to chase and usage of further skills such as nimbus strike and crushing blow is obviously permitted. You can alter these combos if you want! I only made this so newer Wukong players can quickly get a better grasp on how to play Wukong.

Your Basic Harrass combo (Level 1 and above):
- Auto-Attack
This combo is your basic harrassment combo avaliable as soon as the game starts. No explaination needed.

Your Standard Harrassment combo (Level 2 and above):
- Auto-Attack - (Remember to press crushing blow as soon as the auto attack lands because crushing blow resets your auto attack timer.)
This combo is what you should always use when harrassing enemies, Nimbus strike in and auto attack then crushing blow should deal around 200+ at level 2.

Your Standard Harrassment combo 2 (Level 4 and above):
- Auto-Attack --
This combo is to be used when you know that the enemy you're harrassing will try to fight as soon as you jump in so use decoy to trick them and let them eat another 75 magic damage and waste their cooldowns.

Your stealth initation combo (Level 4 and above):
-- Auto-Attack -
Enemy running away from you as soon as you get near them? No worries, just use decoy and use the 1.5 seconds of stealth to get in range of your nimbus strike and kill'em! (In stealth you can walk through minions and champions alike which is great when you're farming and the enemy is behind the minions far away)

Your main 'fighting' combo (Level 6 and above):
- Auto-Attack ---- Auto-Attack -
This is the combo you should use when in teamfights or smaller fights to kill people. Remember to focus the enemy squishies and carries.

Your stealth initiation 'fighting' combo (Level 6 and above):
-- Auto-Attack ---- Auto-Attack -
The same as the fighting combo but using your Decoy's stealth to catch an unsuspecting enemy that has wandered off his team but will run as soon as he sees an enemy.

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How is Decoy used?

Decoy is Wukong's signature move. It's what defines him, what balances him, what makes him over or under powered. Decoy is such a great ability and I could probably write an entire guide only about ways to use it. But instead I'll settle for some quick pointers.

Escape. Not just to mash when running away from the bad guys, but to set up jukes. Pop Decoy, then change directions. Run into the nearest bush. Or, run into the bush, then right before your opponent enters and run away. He'll almost always waste an ability or attack on your decoy, buying you time to get away.

Stealth Attack. The stealth lasts 1.5 seconds. That's not long, but it can be long enough. Learn how much vision minions and enemy champions have, so you'll know how close you can get before being seen. This maximizes how long you will stay invisible before attacking, increasing your likelyhood of success.

Also, if you know that an enemy ward or cv is revealing you in your little hiding place, they're probably just looking at you on the minimap. Use that to your advantage - a decoy looks the same on the minimap, so you get 1.5 seconds of free time where they actually think you're holding still!

AoE damage. It's not much, but if you have blue buff or just a full mana pool then every little bit helps. Before attacking a minion camp, pop Decoy then Nimbus Strike. At low levels, such as your first time attempting blue buff, this will actually make the small lizards die on your second Nimbus Strike instead of your third. That's actually very helpful because it means less damage from the monsters and sooner XP, possibly topping off your current level before you even finish killing the buff minion. It can also accidentally kill low health champions like once I killed twitch with Decoy because he was stalking me after a teamfight.

Faking out. Once you know your opponents are familiar with how Decoy works, you're now free to abuse the "s" on your keyboard. Simply pressing "s" to stop your champion in his tracks looks identical to activating Decoy. Against experienced opponents, this creates an incredible mindgame. It will work the first time or two, making them stop attacking you and running in the direction they predict you've gone. You then simply actually press Decoy and run away.

Then your enemies will be expecting you to press "s" instead of actually popping Decoy, meaning now you're free to use Decoy all on its own, run away, and watch them kill your clone. Doing these tricks is so fun I don't know what to do with myself.

Initiating team fights. This one you might screw up once or twice, but it's not that complicated in practice. You simply Nimbus Strike into the entire enemy team, then Decoy. You have 1.5 seconds to reposition yourself and wait for the rest of your team to engage. Every time, my decoy will take burst damage from the enemy team. Usually only the first ability or two of most of the champs, but it's free damage mitigation. I can't express how much this helps your team's chances of winning the fight. Especially since the next thing you do is pick a target, Crushing Blow, and pop Cyclone. Knockups and damage to the whole enemy team (AFTER your tank has engaged). This right here is pure win, and for some reason I just don't see other Wukongs doing it.

Keep in mind if the enemy team has an Oracle's, this strategy becomes a lot less safe. In the franticness of a team fight, one or two enemies will probably still hit your decoy. But you're going to take damage if they can see you, so you should either just let your tank initiate or make sure you can survive the burst.

Kiting. Basically, since Wukong is designed for burst damage rather than sustained 1v1 combat, if your ult's not up and you wanna solo a guy then use Decoy to try and waste his spells and wait for your cooldowns. The bad guy can lifesteal/spellvamp off of your decoy, as well as build Rageblade stacks and the like, so know when to use Decoy to kite and when to use it to run.

Trying to burn the enemies' cooldowns. This is unlikely to work against players familiar with Monkey King, even less so more than once. But sometimes you can get away with entering the enemy's range, popping W, and watching him insta-gib an image. I once watched a Malzahar pop his full combo on my decoy :D funniest thing I've seen in a game of LoL. He even ignited it!

NOTE: If the enemy targets you with a single-target ability, like Taric's stun or Annie's Q, using Decoy while the projectile is moving will not save you. The projectile will hit you and not your decoy. This will make it instantly apparent that you used Decoy, so be careful when trying to bait people into nuking your decoy.

Last one, I promise. Blocking line-fire abilities. This includes anything that is stopped or reduced by its first target, from Ezreal's Mystic Shot to, yes, Caitlyn's ultimate . Decoys can block Cait's ult only if you walk with the decoy in the line of fire, and you actually have time to react to it, too :D

This section was copied off Toothman's Wukong guide so I owe him this one for this section. Thanks Toothman!
His guide is an awesome jungling Wukong guide so be sure to check it out!

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Why take Nimbus strike over Crushing blow?

Many people will most likely ask this so I'll answer your question before you even start.

Look at this comparison:
Level 1:
Nimbus Strike: 70 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 20% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 30+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 9 second cooldown.

Level 2:
Nimbus Strike: 115 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 25% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 60+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 8 second cooldown.

Level 3:
Nimbus Strike: 160 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 30% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 90+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 7 second cooldown.

Level 4:
Nimbus Strike: 205 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 35% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 120+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 6 second cooldown.

Level 5:
Nimbus Strike: 250 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 40% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 150+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 5 second cooldown.

As you can see, Nimbus strike gains more damage per level than Crushing blow and also it's attack speed buff is also made stronger by each level, not to mention that Nimbus strike is a multi-target movement skill that allows you to chase and close in on your enemies easily.
Also, Crushing Blow is currently bugged so it sometimes doesn't go off as soon as you Nimbus Strike someone and you might not always get in range to Crushing blow someone because the range is very limited so it's a safer deal to max Nimbus Strike first.

Think of Crushing Blow as a auto-attack boost rather than a active skill. I mean, most Master Yi's take Alpha Strike over Wuju Style , most Xin Zhao's take Audacious Charge over Three Talon Strike and most Irelia's take Bladesurge/Equilibrium Strike over Hiten Style . I would rather take an reliable active skill that has range instead of a skill which only works close range. And, you max Nimbus Strike at level 9 and crushing blow at 13, which is not a big difference and I would rather take the stronger skill early game first rather than the weaker one that gets stronger as the game progresses.

It is tested that the benefits are much larger if you take Nimbus Strike over Crushing blow as you can harrass the enemy easier with a strong blink attack that also gives you an attack speed bonus. I have tried both skilling order sequences and found myself doing much better early game when taking Nimbus Strike first and functioning as strong as taking Crushing Blow first in mid game. Many might argue still but there are many more reasons to why is better than . If you don't trust me, trust Phreak, he's the one who convinced me with his champion spotlight to take Nimbus Strike over Crushing Blow.

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Continuing the item build: After you get FED! (Situational/Optional Items)

NOTE: Here in this section is where all of the alterations of the builds should be based on and I strongly recommend you to follow the items I have listed below instead of building random items that'll do Wukong no good. A Must-read part of the guide.

So The baseline of the build is up to Youmuu's Ghostblade... Now either you're close to winning (hopefully!) or losing, or at a stalemate where both teams are equally matched. Remember that during late game, every decision MUST be thought through before you act or else you will end up having a black and white screen for 1 minute.

Here in the main build I got:

Banshee's Veil

Atma's Impaler


Banshee's Veil: Gives a good amount of magic resist, health, mana and comes with a useful spell shield. After being nerfed, it is still very viable and makes you tankier all around. A must-need for a melee AD carry especially against those hard AP nuking teams.

Atma's Impaler: Armor, Crit chance and a 2% bonus to attack damage that scales off maximum health. Some people might ask, You don't have much health!! Well with Banshee's Veil you'll have around 2500 Health and that will equal to 50 attack damage coming from Atma's. Some other people might argue that taking a is better if you're building atma's which is fine, but I would rather sacrifice around an extra 11-23 (depending how farmed you are after you buy it and taking away 7 damage from it because thats how much you'll get from banshee's) attack damage and a bunch of health for magic resist and a good spell shield. Well it really depends on how the enemy team is, so if they don't have much magic damage you CAN take warmog's. Your choice. Overall good offensive and defensive item against enemy AD carries.

Don't like them? Got more gold? Replace them with items listed below!


Black Cleaver-A very good replacement for Atma's or Banshee's if the enemy team does not have much AD gives good Attack damage, Attack speed and a nice armor debuff to let you hit harder. Tested and works perfectly.

Infinity Edge- Also a good replacement for Atma's or Banshee's if super rich, allows you to deal terrible, terrble damage to an enemy with a crit.

Bloodthirster- Yes yes, I know this seems mad but it isn't! Having more lifesteal and attack damage does no harm although it would be smarter to get other items instead of another Bloodthirster :)

Phantom Dancer- This item gives you loads more crit and attack speed, making you an auto-attacking death machine! It's movement speed increase is also a great bonus to Wukong, however, I would rather get an Attack damage item instead of this because afterall, we're playing a burst damage Wukong not a DPS.

Frozen Mallet- Moar health and attack damage!! It also gives you a 100% slow chance on your auto-attacks instead of the 25% given by Trinity Force. Scales good with Atma's Impaler. Good if you want a tanky Wukong!

Last Whisper- Enemy tanks stacking armor just for you? Don't worry just buy a Last Whisper and rip through them like they're nothing! Only buy if 2 or more enemy champions are stacking lots of armor.

Hextech Gunblade- I know this might sound silly, but is not a bad item on Wukong! It gives a large amount of attack damage, AP, Lifesteal and spellvamp. Although the Ap's near useless other than on Decoy, the spellvamp will allow your nimbus strike and cyclone to heal you! Also the active effect is not half bad and is a useful chasing nuke that slows :)
However I will suggest you to build first for the lane sustainability and only upgrade it to the Gunblade once you've finished the rest of the build. Replace for Bloodthirster.
Thanks the yellow_granilla for suggesting this!



Warmog's Armor- Gives a huge boost to your health pool and loads of health regen. After getting farmed up you'll reach around 1500 extra health with this! Recommended use with and


Thornmail- Got a enemy AD carry/DPSer killing you faster than you killing them? No worries! Take a Thornmail and watch them shred their own health with their own auto-attacks! Tested and works perfectly!

Sunfire Cape- Gives a good amount of health and armor while giving you a 'buff' that deals 35 magic damage to all enemies around you per second.

Randuin's Omen- More of a Tank's item but still works fine on Wukong. It gives loads of armor and a fair bit of health while giving enemies that attack you a attack speed and movement speed debuff. Can also be activated to give an AOE (area of effect) attack speed and movement speed debuff surronding you. Good counter against heavy AD teams.

Magic resist:

Mercs Treads: Yes, yes I know but the reason I placed it here was so that some of the unobservant people will CLEARLY see that it is of EVERY RIGHT to change the into these if you feel like you need the tenacity and the magic resist. You could also replace your CD boots late game with these if you feel like you're being loaded on with CC, but I normally assess the enemy team and decide which one I want before I buy the finished version of the boots.

Force of Nature: A good anti-ability power carries item. Gives a high amount of magic resist, a small movement speed bonus followed by loads of health regen. Good if you really need that protection and movement speed against AP heavy teams.

Quicksilver Sash: NEVER underestimate this item! It's underused! This item gives you a solid amount of magic resist but most importantly, it's active acts like a . However, it works even better than cleanse because it removes ALL debuffs on you character that means it will even remove and Vlad's . As said by Blakhart, it does not remove Karthus's ult as it is not a debuff.

Guardian Angel: Okay, this item gives both armor and magic resist but I put it here because I wanted to even it out :) Anyways, this item is very useful for surviving those close teamfights when you get killed because instead of dying you'll be revived with 750 health and 350 mana! So use your second life and KILL' EM ALL!!!

Open for ANY other suggestions, so please put them in the comments below!

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NOTE: That if there's a jungler in your team be sure to ask for solo lane, as Wukong can harrass two champions pretty easily and you'll level up fast and be able to farm a lot. But becareful because laning in solo lane is hard and is not recommended for people who are not experienced with the champion they are using. Just watch for opportunities to strike out with nimbus strike and kill.

Early game: Early game is where Wukong really shines, his harrassment and burst damage has nearly no equal, so take advantage of this and HARRASS with your laning partner and get a few kills! This part of the game is very important, so remember to last hit minions and harrass with your E-Q ( & ) combo. Remember to press Q before you Nimbus strike someone to ensure you get a hit!

Mid Game: By now, you should've nearly finished on your depending on how many kills you get from early game. Here at this point is where people start moving out of lanes and begin grouping up for a large push at a lane. WATCH FOR MIA's!! This is also when teamfights start happening. So remember if you see an enemy too far out from his team and your team is ready to fight, initiate and begin the fight (if you have a tank, let him/her try to initiate first)! Go inside all of them and start up your and watch their health drop as your other teammies start killing all of them. Remember you can stop Cyclone by pressing 'R' again. You can always retreat using and then go back in, remember you play like an assassin, popping in and out killing people.

Late Game: You should be reaching the finale of the game soon and whatever decisions you and your team make are vital. Should you split up at any point in time with your team quickly rejoin them as stay together and moving as a team is very important. You should also ward BARON in case they start killing it for a game changing-buff. Your skill sequence should still largely remain the same. Nimbus Strike for initiation and chasing, Crushing Blow to deal lots of damage while resetting auto-attack timer and reducing their armor with a debuff, Decoy to sneak up on enemies, or to escape from them and Cyclone to deal massive DPS to multi-targets during a teamfight. If you've build tanky from build 2, don't be scared to be the first to jump in and start killing people because you've built yourself to withstand damage anyways.

Another Note: USE WARDS!!!!! They're soo important for winning games, and map awareness and is crucial for your team to set up ambushes, watching out for ganks and knowing where the enemy is so you can better make your decisions with your team. Remember it's almost compulsory to have Dragon and Baron Nashor warded 24/7! Want to read more about Wards, why and how they help? Read here:

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Laning partners

Hey all, just gonna write a small section on how to choose who you wanna lane with. So Wukong works best with champions that are aggressive, have CC, good burst damage, can either support or harrass well with Wukong. So they will be split into different catagories which are: Melee, Range, AP, Support and Tanks.


Okay, these guys will most likely be AD guys and are also very aggressive and rely on early kills to succeed. Here are some that you should lane with and you should not lane with. Your BEST laning buddies for early kills.

Good to lane with:

is a very good laning partner with Wukong as he has the CC and the aggression needed to accompany Wukong. With him, together you two will really out damage any enemies and kill feeders in your lane. Becareful about pushing too much though, cause it will leave you very vunerable to ganking. Be sure to take a few wards!

also a good laning partner, with good CC, damage and harrassment. Similar benefits to Xin Zhao.

A good person to be accomplied with, however Garen's do love ksing (kill-securing :D) so be extra sure to secure the kills for yourself. Has a good silence and dps with Decisive Strike and Judgement Judgement. However make sure one of you takes exhaust or else it will be hard to chase enemies because both of you do not have CC that either slows or stuns.

Another burst damage champion that excels in early game and chasing. Play aggressive with him or else you'll waste his time of shine! Whenever he lands his Sonic Wave be sure to initiate or else he normally wouldn't use his Resonating Strike to follow through and chase.

Good burster with CC, remember to use Nimbus Strike as soon as she uses her Bladesurge and Equilibrium Strike to initiate.

Empower-LEAP STRIKE BOOM! A huge chunk of their health has gone. Jax is a very good harrasser that deals big damage early-mid game, so if you're laning with him be sure to pick people off. Remember to also take Exhaust for the slow and disable while chasing.

Good stun and burst damage. Remember to help him out when he starts the fight with Silce&Dice!

Very aggressive and good damage, help him out as he stuns with his Aegis of Zeonia !

Amazing slow and damage. Take advantage of the chaos his pillar causes to deal some amazing damage to them as they slowly try to run away :D

A very good and imo an OP burst damage assassin. He has great CC, initiation, damage and works really well with Wukong since their playstyle is pretty much the same. (He's probably gonna get nerfed lol)

OKAY to lane with:

Strong burst damage however cannot harrass unless aggressive, so remember to be aggressive so that poppy can help you take down people!

Good harrass and amazing damage if crit. However risky so think twice before you initiate!

Gay *** fear with good harrassment and chasing ability. However he is very squishy so be ready to commit to the fight as soon as he attacks!

Ability to chase and stun is good, however lacks the ability to suprise people. Make sure to jump in first as Udyr trying to initiate will surely scare them away before he reaches them!

Cheeky and michievous champion just like Wukong, good burst damage and also has stealth and a slow. Needs to be experienced though cause Shaco is hard to play.

A good tanky hybrid champion that sticks to an enemy with his CC. However, his range is limited and you will need to be the one initaiting and harrassing mostly.

A Offtank with good burst damage and some CC. She's very good at chasing and fighting multiple champions at once and tanking some damage. Work together to harrass and kill effectively. Many people think she's underpowered but I even got a pentakill with her before and survived and won a 1v3 encounter. I got a triple kill by using her Wind Slash skill :)

Not ideal to lane with:

Wouldn't lane unless experienced, he's okay but not ideal. He should go with a support or a tank. One of you take Exhaust. SORRY MY MASTER!!! :D

Wouldn't lane with also unless experienced, deals good damage but squishy. Better with support or tank. One of you take Exhaust.

Used to be great with a stealth stun but it became a slow so she works better with supports or tanks now. But not too bad if the player is good (she's too squishy).

Tell him to jungle. No buts! If it's a lanewick, tell him to go with a person with CC cause he has no CC :P

Underpowered champion imo, unless the user is VERY good and evens it out. He has CC, Sustainability and harrass. Doesn't have a good partership with Wukong.

Ranged (AD):

Good to lane with:

Believe it or not, Wukong and Ashe work perfectly together! Her slow with each attack, burst damage and harrassment with Volley is certainly valuable! However she is squishy so you'll have to watch over her.

Ah well I decided to place her here cause most people will probably play her range dps with her . Her damage is great and her Slow from Reckoning is also great too. Good support too with her heals and her ult.

Good aggressive ranged champion. He deals quite nice damage with a nice slow and aoe ult. Work together with her for quick, fast kills.

Has nice long ranged harrass and damage. Can deal loads with his ult if he's good with it and has a great slow.

Only reason why i put him here was of his CC, however he needs to be experience cause tf ain't easy to play.

Hard to play but great damage and stealth ability. Remember that he's very squishy so you'll have to normally begin initaiting first!

Has great harrass and his ult is really, really awesome. Remember to patiently wait for a chance to strike quickly and kill!

OKAY to lane with:

Has good harrass but lacks CC. She fights from long range so be ready to take all the damage (Caits are *****s).

Has no CC but if the player is good, can deal amazing damage and certainly will work well together! But he's more suited to go mid.

Good damage, CC but squishy. More suited for mid than laning.

Same as Tristana, but his shrooms and blind are really useful in fights. Poison also kills enemies that try to run away.

Insane damage and chasing ability, however more suited to mid and squishy.

BOOMERANG BLADE MADNESS! Deals a ton with boommerang blade and is very aggressive, not bad but becareful not to give her too many kills, because Sivir is not really a good carry...


Good to lane with:

Ugh there are too many, so I will list out the points that let me choose which ones are best. People with CC, support and burst damage early game are most suited. Such as: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and . Others might not be as ideal as those listed as top but they're all okay except for those stupid heimerdingers that feed.


Man these guys are awesome at getting you kills. While they lack the damage, they make up for it in supporting you and CC. Laning with these are good, but you should leave them for your squishier teamies that need baby-sitting :D

A few guys that are good are: , , , , , , , , , and


These guys are your best friends. Especially when you're using a aggressive champion that relies on harrassment and killing to become strong like Wukong :) These guys keep you alive and give you buffs or help you take down enemies with CC. Be nice to them or else they'll ks you! :D

A few of them are: , , , , , , and (revive LOL)

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Wall of scores!

Here will be a section dedicated to showing off the scores of all the people who've sent me images on mobafire, email and messaging.


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In conclusion, I believe Wukong is an absolutely fun and enjoyable champion to play! Always remember that don't always follow what the build says, but instead USE YOUR BRAIN!! No matter who you're using, always build your champion according to the situation. For instance, Don't buy magic resist if their whole team is full of AD champions. You know, your brain is there for a reason.


Guide underdevelopment! Check back once every few days as there will be more stuff added to this guide and remember to vote for the guide so that those people who are stuck with Wukong will be able to SHINE with this guide!

Note: Guide updates will be posted here.
July 30: Guide offically online! After many hours of testing I believe this build can be shown to the rest of the world!
July 31: Updated more stuff, Build 2 (Tanky build) is up and running! Also added images to this guide to make it look more colourful and cheerful!!
August 1: Updated guide a tinney bit, been playing LoL. Embedded Wukong's Champion Spotlight into the build, very useful! Also added the new 'Laning partners' section (took along time :D)
August 2: Fixed some spelling errors (god i do suck at this) and made minor changes to the guide. Experimenting with other possible Wukong builds (Jungle and DPS).
August 3: Fixed the guide according to some suggestions made by Blakhart. My thanks to him!
August 9: Been very busy lately, haven't been able to update guide but, updated patch notes in intro section. Also updated the "Why take nimbus strike over crushing blow?" part.
August 11: Updated guide a little more and included a link to the very useful Searz rune guide.
August 12: Updated Laning partners section and various others. Been busy replying those comments :D Also included links to other useful general gameplay guides here on mobafire!
August 14: Added Gunblade to items section, as suggested by yellow_granilla. Wouldn't be updating guide for a little while because i'm on 2 day vacation. :D
August 16: Updated guide by a fair amount. Also included Mordekaiser as a Tank in the Laning partners section. Constructing a part where I will upload all the scores sent to me (I have to sleep LOL). Be sure to tell your mates to vote for my guide!
August 27th: Haven't had time to update guide for a long long time. Added a Skill Combo section and also added a section describing the many uses of Decoy (Thanks to toothman). Also updated guide with the new template and another section explaining the skill sequence! More updates to come! Sorry to all who've sent me scores I'm very busy with my piano exam coming up so it'll take a while before they're up!
August 28th: Added Talon and Skarner into laning partners and updated build a bit.
October 1st: Dominion build now made! Please give me any suggestions on how to improve it!
November 19th: Updated new masteries.

Signing off,