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Galio Build Guide by Bastian711

AP Offtank Galio, the Hidden Jungler

AP Offtank Galio, the Hidden Jungler

Updated on September 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bastian711 Build Guide By Bastian711 14,233 Views 4 Comments
14,233 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bastian711 Galio Build Guide By Bastian711 Updated on September 27, 2013
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Introduction & Galio, the Hidden Jungler

Hello, I am Bastian711 and this is my very first Mobafire guide. I've been playing League of Legends for about six months now and after playing the game for a while, I came across Galio during a game of ARAM. I found him very intriguing and fun to play, but I thought I could change the way to play him. Galio jungle is extremely weird. This guide will be helpful for learning some cool jungling skills, along with the way to jungle Galio.

Galio jungle is very effective when it comes to clearing jungle camps, ganking lanes, and sustaining against enemies. We are going to take advantage of his Runic Skin, and make him an AP offtank jungler.
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Pros / Cons of Galio

  • Alright ganks
  • Easy jungle clear
  • Great jungle sustain
  • One of the most over powered AoE ultimates in the game, Idol of Durand

  • Poor dueling abilities
  • Potential to die during Idol of Durand
  • Easily stunned during team fights
  • Cannot do much early game
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Spells & Masteries

Summoner Spells

All junglers are required to have this. There is no reason not having it.

Using Flash is very helpful when closing a gap, or escaping,
or Flash + Idol of Durand in the middle of team fights.

Ghost is very useful during early game to get to your enemy faster during ganks.
Combo this with Righteous Gust and you should be right next to them.


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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed is really helpful for being able to get across the map fast, to have a better time kiting your enemies, and escaping.

The Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is helpful for dealing the extra damage to camps and enemies. You don't need the Greater Mark of Ability Power because of Galio's Runic Skin.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and Greater Seal of Armor are helpful for the additional defense. Also we can get some additional ability power with the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist from Runic Skin.
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Galio's Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I am going to start with his ability sequence. Starting Resolute Smite allows for quick jungle clearing at early levels. It also packs a punch to enemies since you can scale off of magic resist. First you will max it as the chart says, getting two ranks into your Bulwark is helpful to sustain health before and after ganks. It can also be helpful if their jungler decides to counter gank, you can put it on the person that is most likely to die, and you gain some free health, they get extra armor/magic resist, and the chance to get away. Late game, Bulwark can gain you a ton of life when going to jungle camps. you can gain nearly half your health sometimes when you attack a camp, just be sure to put it on yourself. Righteous Gust is helpful for closing in on other champions when you want to kill them. It does not matter which way you shoot it, if you stand in it you get the speed buff that comes with it.
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Starting Items:

Basic jungler start, don't leave without it.

Core Items:

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is used for some extra cooldown reduction, mana regeneration and 20% spell vamp. Early game, it is very helpful for doing some easy damage, and casting his abilities with the increased mana regeneration. Sunfire Aegis is used for some extra damage as you get right up in all of your enemies faces. It also provides extra armor in order for Idol of Durand to be more effective, and for the chance of you dying due to all the damage is to be reduced. Spirit Visage gives you some extra AP right off the bat from the magic resist this item provides for you. The cooldown reduction allows you to cast your ultimate more often. Also, the health regeneration and your health effects being increased by 20%.

Post Core Items:

Late game, I'd suggest selling Spirit of the Spectral Wraith for Zhonya's Hourglass. This will allow you to have some bonus armor, and AP. Also you can save yourself by activating Zhonya's Hourglass. Randuin's Omen allows for easy chase, when triggering, and some more health and armor. Rylai's Crystal Scepter adds some more health and AP. The slow helps chase down enemies. Banshee's Veil is helpful for the extra magic resist, and health. It can stop the first ability used on you, that could either be an initiation or a stun that could potentially stop you from chasing someone.

Consumable Items:

sight ward

First off, Vision Wards and sight wards are the best items in the game. They can turn the tide regardless of what position you are in. Early game you want to purchase a couple sight wards to counter jungle the enemy jungler, prepare for ganks/counterganks, and to have the possibility of catching the enemy off guard with low life for a possible kill. You could also have the ability to Smite steal their buffs. Always consider buy wards when you back. You as the jungler, should get Vision Wards on dragon when it comes around the time to take it. The support should be using their wards to counter ward the other support. This will make it easier for the support so they don't have to dump their ward on dragon, and you can clear any wards there without the support having to go and leave the ADC alone, and possibly get caught out. Oracle's Elixir is very helpful for early game ward clearing. if you are ahead, consider buying one after you have your second item nearly, or completed. Otherwise, let the support get it. Health Potions are used for the early game for easy sustain. Do not get them late game, they are next to useless at that point.
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Playing as Galio.

Clearing Jungle Camps

You usually use your Resolute Smite to start clearing a camp, then you immediately use Bulwark on yourself. Since Righteous Gust does so little damage, and it costs a fair bit of mana, it is not worth to use on camps, unless you have crest of the ancient golem , or you are going to back after you clear the camp.


This is were Righteous Gust comes into play. It allows you to get you and/or your team mates to accelerate towards the enemy. Put your Bulwark on whoever is taking the most damage, and throw your Resolute Smite at the carry. If you are level six, then you can Flash into the middle of lane and close the gap between you and the enemy. Idol of Durand taunts each person within a circular range of 600 units. While the enemy is taunted, your teammates can secure the kill by unloading their combos. Be sure to chain CC with your allies to secure the kill. Your laners should get the kill so they can have more of an edge against their enemy. Getting a kill on you will not do a whole ton since you are building tank in the beginning of the game.

Team Fights

During team fights, you are going to be tanking the majority of the damage. You should try to position yourself in the middle of everything, and cast Idol of Durand. This will render their team taunted for 2 seconds. You will take 50% reduced damage, and you should do pretty well to stay alive if you build a Sunfire Aegis as your second item. You should do a considerable amount of damage back to their team so they should be on the run by now depending on who is left dead. Use Righteous Gust to chase down the rest of the team and kill their enemies.


The worst thing to do as a jungler is to miss a smite, and you just gave the other team exalted with baron nashor . You will get a lot of hate for it. The best way to smite is by selecting the thing you are going to Smite by left clicking it. You will see the stats (e.g. health, mana, buffs and, debuffs). Check your Smite to see how much damage it does, then watch the health bar of the thing you will smite drop. When it gets to almost there, prepare to smite at the correct time. This will make it easier for you to time, along with the enemy not stealing it. baron nashor 's health goes up 125 every minute since it spawned, so killing it will take a little more time late game then early game. Make sure to do this with dragon too to ensure your team gets the global gold.
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If you have gotten to this point, you have read my entire guide on Galio. Since this is my first guide, I would really like some feedback from anyone reading. I will be editing this and writing a change log as I get more information, and adjusting some of the build as I play and test it out constantly. Thank you all for reading, and may this guide help you fight in the fields of justice!
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