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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by TruMediaMix1

ADC Get Jinxed!: A Jinx Guide by MediaMix1

ADC Get Jinxed!: A Jinx Guide by MediaMix1

Updated on March 24, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TruMediaMix1 Build Guide By TruMediaMix1 4 4 15,238 Views 0 Comments
4 4 15,238 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TruMediaMix1 Jinx Build Guide By TruMediaMix1 Updated on March 24, 2019
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  • LoL Champion: Jinx
    My Build
  • LoL Champion: Jinx
    Pure Lifesteal build
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    Full Crit Build
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    Fleet Footwork Build
  • LoL Champion: Jinx
    VS Several Assassins

Runes: My Runes (Default)

1 2 3 4 5
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


My Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Get Jinxed!: A Jinx Guide by MediaMix1

By TruMediaMix1
This build is, and will always be, a work in progress.
I hope to improve this build over time through my own experience and through your feedback.
TL;DR - A Summarized Version of My Guide

Jinx - The Loose Cannon
Ranged, ADC

Damage Focus: AD
Recommended Role: ADC
Viability: A+

Jinx is to Piltover what The Joker is to Gotham City, and Caitlyn & Vi are her Batman & Robin. In-game, Jinx is a bottom lane AD carry that makes up for her weak laning phase with a terrifyingly powerful late game. She can absolutely destroy most team compositions once she gets a kill and activates her passive - Get Excited!. You want to max Switcheroo! first thanks to its amazing stat bonuses (like extra range for Fishbones and more Attack Speed for Pow-Pow). Next, you want to max Zap! to increase its slow and its damage - leaving Flame Chompers! for last. Alternatively, you can max Flame Chompers! second to compensate for their long cooldown. Item-wise, you want to build the Blade of the Ruined King first, as it can help Jinx chase enemies while Flame Chompers! is cooling down, provides lifesteal that goes great with Legend: Bloodline, and gives her AD and Attack Speed. After getting your boots ( Berserker's Greaves), you want to get Runaan's Hurricane. Runaan's Hurricane allows Jinx to flash-farm waves of lane creeps with Fishbones and allows her to attack multiple enemies at once in teamfights.
Jinx's Stats


  • Base Health Pool

    581 HP (increased by about 84 per level)
  • Base HP Regen

    3.75 HP/sec (increased by about 0.5 per level)
  • Base Mana Pool

    245 (increased by about 45 per level)
  • Base Mana Regen

    8 (increased by about 1 per level).
  • Base Attack Damage

    57 (increased by about 3 AD per level)
  • Base Ability Power

    0 (does not increase by leveling up.)
  • Base Armor

    28 (increased by about 4 per level)
  • Base Magic Resistance

    30 (increased by about 1 per level)
  • Attack Range

    525 - 1,225
  • Attack Speed

    0.625 (increases by 1% per level)
  • Movement Speed

    325 (does not increase by leveling up)
Sourced from the League of Legends wiki on Fandom


  • Carry


    The higher this is, the more likely this hero can win the game for their team if they gain a significant gold advantage.
  • Physical Damage


  • Magical Damage


  • Overall damage


  • Mobility


  • Durability


  • Initiation


    The higher this is, the better they are at starting teamfights and getting away with it - ending the teamfight in their team's favor.


  • Support 0/5
  • Jungler 0/5
  • Mid Lane 1/5
  • Top Lane 0/5
  • Bottom Lane 5/5
Jinx's Pros and Cons

+ Even without Lethal Tempo, Jinx can break the Attack Speed limit (2.50) thanks to Get Excited!
+ Has an aggressive early game and can be incredibly difficult to stop once she gets a gold advantage.
+ Super Mega Death Rocket! allows Jinx to kill any low-health enemy on the map at any time, so long as the player has a good enough aim.
+ One of the most powerful late-game heroes in the game, hands down.
+ Flame Chompers! can be used not only to keep enemies from chasing you - but to block a path of escape for enemies you're chasing.
+ High comeback potential.

- Very gold reliant. A starved Jinx is pretty much dead weight.
- Very squishy, especially against magical damage due to her very low Magic Resistance.
- Flame Chompers! has a long cooldown. Enemies can punish her freely if she doesn't successfully root them.
- Greatly relies on Runaan's Hurricane to make the most of her damage-dealing capabilities.
- Almost exclusively deals Physical damage. The only source of Magical damage Jinx has is Flame Chompers!.
- Super Mega Death Rocket! is easier to miss when used to finish off low-health enemies from longer ranges. The farther away they are, the easier they are to miss.
A Detailed Explanation of Jinx's Abilities
Passive Ability
Get Excited! is what makes Jinx such a terrifying late game ADC. Every time you kill or assist in killing an enemy hero/enemy structure (within 3 seconds of attacking said enemy), Jinx gains a huge Attack Speed and Movement Speed bonus that allows her to shred apart and chase down any other enemies that happen to be close to her. Alternatively, it can be used to run to nearby brush after pushing lanes so you can recall back to base.
Knowing which weapon to use for every scenario is very important. Fishbones and Pow-Pow both have their pros and cons.
  • Pow-Pow the Minigun
    • Pow-Pow is the ideal choice for direct combat. The bonus Attack Speed you get from using it is too good to pass up.
    • Pow-Pow is a great dueling weapon. With good enough reflexes, you can easily kite enemies. You can potentially damage enemies trying to chase you so much that they may be forced to retreat. In such a scenario, you can follow up with Fishbones.
  • Fishbones the Rocket Launcher
    • Since Runaan's Hurricane will cause all three of your attacks to shoot rockets, Fishbones is the ideal choice for pushing lanes. It'll absolutely obliterate most lane creeps in one or two attacks.
    • If enemies are trying to run away from you, switch to Fishbones. You'll get extra attack range - making it harder for said enemies to kite you.
    • In the early game, you can use Fishbones to poke enemies in lane thanks to its splash damage and longer attack range. Be careful about its mana cost, though.
Zap! is one of Jinx's main means of catching up to enemies, and is a good way to harass enemies during the early game. That's basically all you need to know. Quick heads up, though: don't outright spam it, especially if you can't hit anything with it. You need to save your mana in case you need to use your Flame Chompers!.
Flame Chompers! is easily one of Jinx's best abilities. Jinx will throw a row of 3 traps that will Root enemies that step on them. This is useful for fleeing from enemies, as Jinx can throw them while moving. This is also useful for securing kills, as you can throw them in front of an enemy to force them to walk around them, or else.
Super Mega Death Rocket! is a global skillshot that deals a metric ***tonne of damage against low-health enemies. Use it like Caitlyn uses Ace in the Hole - to finish off low-health enemies that are vulnerable. Get good at your skillshots, and getting plenty of kills with this ultimate ability should be easy.
My Recommended Runes for Jinx
Lethal Tempo
Jinx's high attack speed bonus from Pow-Pow and Get Excited! synergizes really well with Lethal Tempo. It can potentially allow her to eat up any enemy's health pool as fast as my pet dogs eat my dinner when I'm not looking. The extra attack speed is also very useful in the early game, allowing you to deal more damage in trades. The only reason you wouldn't go with Lethal Tempo as your primary rune is if you're playing URF.
Overheal basically turns your Doran's Blade into a baby-ish version of Bloodthirster, which is incredibly powerful for your early game. Frequently auto-attacking will allow you to build up a shield that'll give you a critical edge in trades. If you somehow manage to fully build up your overheal in the early game, the shield should take most - if not all - of the damage you'd otherwise take from lane harassment or a burst of damage - like one of Draven's Spinning Axes!
Legend: Bloodline
Legend: Bloodline is one of the best late-game runes in the game, and it synergizes well with Overheal. After killing 20 heroes, killing 400 lane creeps, or any combination of the two, you'll passively gain as much lifesteal as a Blade of the Ruined King! Having 27% total lifesteal from Doran's Blade, Blade of the Ruined King, and Legend: Bloodline allows her to heal herself at absurd levels! Don't even get me started on how crazy it is to combine that with Runaan's Hurricane! The only way enemies can stop you from outsustaining them is if they invest in items like the Morellonomicon or the Mortal Reminder.
Coup de Grace
With this rune, you deal more damage to enemies that have lost 60% of their HP, which is good. What's better, however, is that it gives you 9 extra AD after getting a kill or assist - which allows you to get multi-kills easier, especially thanks to Get Excited!.
Celerity will give you extra movement speed gained from your Berserker's Greaves, Runaan's Hurricane, and Get Excited!. This extra mobility is great for helping you quickly get across the map and will make it easier to catch up to enemies.
Gathering Storm
Jinx naturally becomes more dangerous as the game progresses. Why not take a rune that outright exploits that by giving her extra AD in longer games?
A Detailed List of Jinx's Viable Items

Starting Items

Without Doran's Blade, you can't utilize Overheal during your laning phase until you buy lifesteal items or until you start getting good stacks in Legend: Bloodline, which isn't as optimal. Buying Doran's Blade is the way to go.
At the start of the game, you typically want to put a ward in the brush of the red/blue monster camp near your side of the bottom lane at 1:20 or 1:30, but only if your jungler isn't going to go for those camps. Otherwise, just save the ward for the brush near your lane or in the river.
Always spend the rest of your starting gold on Health Potions. No exceptions.
If you're up against several Assassins, it's a good idea to swap Sorcery for Inspiration. With a Commencing Stopwatch, you'll be able to get Guardian Angel at an optimal time. In the right hands, this watch will save your *** when you need it most.

Early Game Core Items

b.f. sword The Big ****ing Sword should be the first thing you buy when you recall to base for the first time in lane. In an optimal game, of course. It gives you a lot of AD and is needed to build Infinity Edge.
You're asking me to pay 300 gold for these ****ty boots?! They don't even have laces!
The only cloak that's better than an Invisibility Cloak. Certified fact.

Core Items

The Infinity Edge is one of Jinx's biggest power spike items. I used to buy the Blade of the Ruined King first, but I noticed the difference in power when I bought IE first and got a pentakill. Ever since then, I've always desired to build this as my first core item.
These look like something worn by an elf. XD
No matter what runes you have, no matter what you're building, you absolutely NEED to buy Runaan's Hurricane at some point in the game. It allows you to flash-farm waves of lane creeps thanks to Fishbones and allows you to attack multiple targets at once during teamfights.
Personally, I can't get enough of these blue wards. The long placement range makes it easy to scout enemy territory from a safe distance. It has a long *** cooldown, but I don't care. Placing these blue wards in brush is pretty much mandatory for them to be effective.

Offensive Items

Because why stop at one kind of overheal? You'll typically buy this as your last item.
Because what ADC would say "no" to those beautiful stats?
A cheap, reliable anti-armor item that's great for most AD-focused heroes. Jinx is no exception.
For those days when dealing with tanks that invest in lots of Armor.
For those days when everybody's got some extra healing power, or when the enemy team has a Soraka on their side.

Defensive Items

I, personally, rarely build this on Jinx, but I won't deny that it's always useful to be able to avoid having to wait for long respawns. If anything, this'd be the 6th item I'd buy for an item build.
A great defensive item when you're up against a lot of magic damage dealers. Do your worst, Veigar!
Because **** crowd control! Buy this as your fourth or fifth item.
Easily one of the best defensive items you can get for Jinx. Its shield doesn't solely block magic damage like the Maw of Malmortius does. The only downside I can think of is that it doesn't provide defensive stats like Armor or Magic Resistance, but it easily makes up for that with crits.
Because my lifesteal isn't strong enough, dammit!

Extra Items

Ornn's Upgrades

A blade fit not for a king - but for a queen!
Because why not?


In the early game, there's no shame in buying some extra Health Potions by using your spare gold. The extra potions can help you stay in lane for longer!
control wards Do your team a service and buy these wards when possible. Place these in the dragon's den or in Baron's lair.
After you've bought all six of your items, it's time to get piss drunk on alchemy.
Guide to the Early Game
In the early game, you want to play aggressively. Zap! and Fishbones have long range, allowing Jinx to harass lane opponents from a safe distance.
  • If possible, stay to the side of minion waves so you can get cleaner shots at using Zap!.
    • Fair warning: Enemy supports with hooks, like Thresh, Blitzcrank, and Pyke may try to take advantage of this to get clean shots at hooking you. Play carefully in such a scenario.
  • If you can't use Zap! to effectively harass your lane opponents, try using Fishbones instead.
    • Use Fishbones on low-health lane creeps that your lane opponents are too close to. This'll allow you to get easy CS and harass your opponents at the same time.
    • Don't be afraid to exploit Fishbones' range for short trades. The extra damage and extra range can easily be used to punish anyone that gets too close to Jinx.

In longer trades, you want to rely on Pow-Pow. The faster attack speed it provides greatly improves Jinx's DPS in prolonged trades, giving her an advantage - especially if your lane opponents do not attack first or immediately counterattack. If your lane opponents try to back off and not commit to a prolonged trade, punish them with your Flame Chompers!. They'll either step on them because they didn't pay attention or they'll be forced to walk around them while you keep shooting at them. Once you reach level 6, you can use Super Mega Death Rocket! on low-health enemies to finish them off.
Guide to the Mid Game
Assuming you've been farming effectively and you've racked up a kill or two, you should have most, if not all three, of your core items not too long after the turret plates fall. If you get them before the plates fall - congratulations, you're fed!

Once you've got all your core items, it's time to start looking for trouble.
  • Shoot anyone that walks into your range.
    • Lethal Tempo and your Blade of the Ruined King will allow you to deal terrible, terrible damage to just about anyone.
    • Effective kiting is essential, which goes without saying. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that can teach you how to kite effectively.
  • Work with your team to destroy towers whenever possible.
    • Fishbones can help push lanes thanks to how fast it destroys waves of lane creeps (thanks to Runaan's Hurricane), and Pow-Pow serves as a close-range siege tool due to its high attack speed.
Guide to the Late Game
Objective 1: Kill everything.

Objective 2: Don't die.

No further explanation needed. You're Jinx! By the time the late game comes around, you should become a nearly unstoppable force!
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January 23rd, 2019

  • Uploaded this guide to the public. I hope you enjoy it! :D

February 6th, 2019

Here's to Patch 9.3! :D

  • Removed "The Popular Build".
    I find these "popular build" tabs I've been making tend to only take up space and waste my time. I spend time looking at the builds other people are using rather than spending more time creating and testing my own builds. Expect to see them go away from all of my guides in the near future.
  • Edited My Item Build.
    • Replaced my Brawler's Gloves with Zeal.
    • Zeal is now the first item you purchase as an Early Game Core item.
    • The Vampiric Scepter is now the last thing you buy in the early game before you start building your Core items.

March 21st, 2019

I wish I got this updated on my birthday yesterday. :(

  • Gave this guide a complete overhaul.
    • Reformatted most of the guide to be more visually appealing, stylized, and easier to read.
    • Added more chapters dedicated to gameplay.
    • Added clip art I uploaded to Tumblr and DeviantArt as header images for my lists of items that are viable for Jinx.
    • And so much more, that I honestly lost track of everything I changed. :I

March 23rd, 2019

3,000+ Views! :D

  • Made some small edits to the Threats and Synergies tabs.
  • Added multiple item builds and rune builds. There's more than one way to play Jinx! I should know, because I main her!
  • Updated the clip art to match my current build.
  • Oh, did I forget to mention that I changed my main item build?

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