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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Mewn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mewn

Giving Rammus a run for his money.

Mewn Last updated on June 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Core Build

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THE Build

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Buy or even every time you base.

And your new best friend: Blue Buff.

I know it's tempting to get that meki pendant. I know. But don't.

Being able to use your mana wisely (or abusing the **** out of it when you have blue buff and laughing hysterically) is a part of being a skilled player. Clarity is also an option.

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I either use or
If you have a jungler on your team, or the other team does, you'll probably want to get .

isn't bad, but I usually try to keep my distance so it's usually hard to get ignite off, and often times I've ignited someone and my team mate didn't realize it, went turret diving, or just plain kill stealing.

Another spell that I've seen other MF's use, but haven't personally tried, is .
I can understand getting this, as well as due to her ultimate.

Another really good option is . I can't imagine anyone getting away from you with 600 movement speed. I still prefer , as that's all you need to use your . It's also a better escape.

Last but not least, . I never personally use this spell.
Keep a health pot or 2 on you, and when you're going into a battle, use one.
Only reason why this is still a viable option is that it's a safety net.
I've seen dozens of people escape just because of heal.
Annoying as it is, it can work.

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Greater Mark of Desolation x9
Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3

Other good options are

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Situational/Optional Items

For your 6th item slot.

Yes, Miss Fortune's and do magic damage.

Having problems building Infinity Edge?

Is their team building armor or tanky?

Are you getting targeted or always dying first in a team fight?

But I can't tank MF!
Yes you can.

Btw, that was a horrible game. I was forced to tank because two people on my team that are known for tanking decide to be DPS/AP nuke and I really needed the survivability. I built in the wrong order and actually got my and last.
I still got my early game.

Be sure to build situation items before your damage items if you're getting destroyed early game.

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Why Phantom Dancers before Infinty Edge?

Because you're going to be doing nearly 3 times your damage output per second.
Not to mention you'll be doing 200-300 damage from crit before you even get any additional damage.
Late game you will be doing 999 crits.

I used to rush my early game, and would have so much problems with gold.
You will have have absoloutely no problem building , which give you more bang for your buck than a at level 6.
Some other champions that can do very well just on Attack speed:

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Early Game (Levels 1-6)

At level 1, grab a and a and level your (Q).

Last hitting minions.
Just auto attack them when they are around 40 hp.

Why should we be last hitting?
Because doing so moves the minions closer to your tower,
and you'll have more control over when you want to push and when you don't want to.
You'll also be away from the ganking path.

Another reason is, you'll be taking less minion damage and won't be getting harassed by your opposing lane partner(s).
Try to move around a lot.

Level up your (Q) and your (W) until Level 5.

At Level 5, grab a point in .
Use it to push your tower and level up.

Once you've pushed your lane, you should be at least Level 6 and now have your (R)!
Base, and grab your and 1 , 1 .
If you have enough money, start or complete your .

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Blue Buff

If your tower isn't impending doom, run over to your blue buff after you have your ultimate.
Auto attack it once, and walk over into the Brush like so:
This is especially important if you need to take the blue buff on the other side of the map.

Pop your (W), drop your (E) and hit one of the minions with your (Q).
Use your .

Blue buff not only gives you high mana regen, but 20% cooldown! Having blue buff whenever I can is very essential to how I play Miss Fortune, especially before a fight.

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Look around the map for a ganking opportunity as soon as you hit level 6.
See someone hugging their turret, or bottom is low health but overextending?
Before ganking, make sure they are close enough to your turret, or just use your (R) over a wall.

Make sure they never see you coming and if you fail the first time, they won't be expecting you to come back to get the kill (believe me! They'll think you gave up.)

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Mid Game (Levels 6-12)

Now's when you'll be building your first .
Fun :)

Focus on leveling your (Q) and your (W).
When taking down a turret, use your (W) until that sucker's down.

Be sure to grab a sight ward or two to prevent ganks or if you need to overextend to get a kill.
Make sure you're always on the same level as everyone else or higher, and always have a on hand.

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Stalking the enemy

Did you just see that or disappear off the map?
99.9% chance they are getting Red or Blue buff.

Walk up this path way (around, not straight into)

and stay in the grass here:
If you know you will not stand a chance against them, wait for them to get lizard/golem down to low health, and steal it! :) Run like a ***** with scissors.

Before you do this, hit "S" on your keyboard to make sure you don't auto-attack out of nowhere and spill the beans.

You should be able to get 5 free kills/buffs just by checking the jungle.

Never go into the jungle thinking no one else is there.

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Late Game (Levels 12-18)

You should be finishing off your first by level 12 and starting on your second.
Once you have your second , sell your and grab a to go towards your

Go for Dragon every time he spawns, and position yourself here:
before going for it though, make sure your is off cooldown.
If you get ganked, or someone OP on the other team shows up, simply flash your *** over this wall
You can solo dragon mid game, but it is extremely risky if you get caught with 100 hp and flash on cooldown.

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I've experienced the interruption of Miss Fortune's Ultimate quite a few times.
Now, whichever character you play, I'm sure this can be annoying as hell.

First reason for this is stuns, blinds, etc.
Her ultimate is hard enough to time, we don't need to get cut off :)
Use your brain and think early if you will need .

Second reason is bad positioning.
This is when you start your ult too late/early, missing the other team completely.
Miss Fortune's (R) is very ranged. Abuse it.
Just like fiddle, try not to be out in the open when ulting. Stay hidden.

A more common reason for interruption is accidental interruption.
What I mean by that is, you'll pop your ult, realize you did something wrong,
pointed it in the wrong direction, think it's doing no damage, and ending it too early unnecessarily.

Keep yourself in a safe range and let your ult go.

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The difference between being a good player and a bad player is going into game knowing your build is not set in stone. You will almost definitely have to get some sort of armor, magic resist, health, etc.

Miss fortune is usually played as an Attack Speed DPS, but if you do not counter build, you'll most likely lose the game. Period.

Suck it up, and try something new with your build. Survivability is completely underrated.

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Ability Fortune?


Runes & Masteries
Completely up to you. Personally I use Cooldown Reds, Yellows, and blues, along with Ability Power Quintessences or Movement Quints.

For Masteries, I go 0/21/9.
9/0/21 is also a good way to go, remembering to pick up 3 points in Quickness and advanced flash.

You'll need to start out with your first, followed by .

I don't feel right playing Miss Fortune without .
We will still be building as planned.
For the attack speed that will be lacking from her other items, and the movespeed.

Boots are going to be your (major) personal choice.
I suggest starting out with and then selling them for late game. You'll know why later.

For starting items, grab .
Your item slots should look like this:

Chalice of Harmony is probably the most overlooked item in the game.
Not only amazingly affordable, but it gives you the highest mana regen in the game!!
Let's take a look at it for a moment.
UNIQUE Passive: Increases your Mana Regen by 1% per 1% Mana you are missing.

With at level 6, you can have up to 40mp5! Double or even triple that late game.
You will rarely, if ever, run out of mana with this item.
The reason why it is not in my DPS build is because we are reliant on our auto attacks,
and because you need to rush your .

Upgrade your into .
Start building a Catalyst the Protector.

Turn your into . You should have sold your by now.

Your build should look something like this.
Catalyst the Protector

Grab your and towards .

By late game you can decide to sell for , which I highly suggest.

You should most definitely sell for your item of choice:

I do NOT suggest going AP with Miss Fortune if your team already has 2 or more AP champions,
but if you can't help yourself, buy at least one of these items , , , .