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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by JulzzZ

AD Carry Guns don't kill people.. I mean until you shoot em.. S4

AD Carry Guns don't kill people.. I mean until you shoot em.. S4

Updated on March 19, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JulzzZ Build Guide By JulzzZ 28 3 260,549 Views 43 Comments
28 3 260,549 Views 43 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JulzzZ Jinx Build Guide By JulzzZ Updated on March 19, 2014
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  • LoL Champion: Jinx
    Really Bursty Build

1.1 - Introduction

Hey guys, I started playing League of Legends just as season 3 started, and finished Platinum for season 3.

I main in adc and I have over 1000 ranked wins and am hoping to share some of my knowledge and insight with you guys.

I live In Australia and I play on Eune Servers. Jinx is my overall favorite adc and I hope you can learn to love her as much as I do.

Jinx can snowball really well. Here is what you too can achieve if you learn and play her right!
Jinx Pentakill!

Alright now that the formalities are over, I hope my guide can be some assistance of you into becoming a great Jinx player!
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2.1 - Pros / Cons

+ Awesome escape and chase mobility with her passive Get Excited!
+ Her Unlimited Range Ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket! helps secure kills and can get you free kills at baron and dragon if used correctly.
+ Long ranged harassment possible with Switcheroo!'s rocket launcher function, or great Attack Speed with Pow-Pow, the Minigun.
+ Her snare Flame Chompers! can be used while moving without delay allowing for an easy escape, or trap of an enemy.
+ Zap! can be used with her passive to catch up and slow down fleeing enemies due to it's awesome long range.
+ As an adc with a snare ( Flame Chompers!) and a slow Zap!, she has decent cc for kiting!
+ Can snowball easy with a good start, which is very possible due to her early game strength.
+ Easy to farm with, even from long distances.
+ Really epic quotes !!
- Jinx Flame Chompers! don't snare enemies right away, and it's her only effective way of escape. (Besides Flash).
- Needs to have good farm/kills to be effective in fights.
- Doesn't have a great escape like Tristana or Ezreal.
- Zap! can be hard to effectively used as the move is highly delayed.
- Super Mega Death Rocket! can be sometimes hard to effectively land, and isn't very powerful at close range.
- Doesn't do very well up in up close battles.
- Her Rocket Launcher Harassment from Switcheroo! consumes mana per shot, and is very mana consuming early game.

Overall Jinx can be a very effective and awesome champ if you master her.
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3.1 - Masteries

Offense: 21

Fury = 3.75% Attack Speed, sure I didn't upgrade it all the way but I think the points are better used elsewhere.
Butcher = Helps farm and last hit by dealing 2 extra damage to monsters or minions.
Brute Force = 10+ Attack Damage at level 18, will be awesome for late game.
Feast = Killing a unit restores 2 health and 1 mana. Great for that extra sustain in lane as adc.
Martial Mastery = 4+ Attack Damage, making it easier to farm and harass.
Executioner = Increases damage dealt to champions below 50% health by 5%, adc's role is to do as much damage as possible so this is great.
Warlord = Increases bonus Attack Damage by 5%. By late game this should be some decent Attack Damage.
Dangerous Game = Killing an enemy champion restores 5% of missing health and mana. Works well with Jinx passive of Get Excited! for better escapes definitely.
Frenzy = Critical Hits grant +5% Attack Speed for 3 seconds (stacks up to 3 times), we will have a 55% Crit Chance by end game, so every second shot we will get some more nice attack speed.
Devastating Strikes = +6% Armor Penetration, making it easier to damage enemies who stack armor.
Havoc = +3% Increased Damage, obviously great for doing more damage!

Defense: 9

Block = Reduces damage by champions basic attacks by 2, meaning when you trade hits with other adc's you'll survive longer.
Recovery = +2 Health Regen per 5 seconds. Good for sustain in the lane.
Unyielding = Reduces all incoming damage by melee champions by 2, and all ranged champions by 1, once again will make trading hits more effective.
Veteran Scars = +36 Health (For less Squishy adc).
Juggernaut = +3% Maximum health (For less Squishy adc).

Alright now for the second set of masteries I would consider using:
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4.1 - Runes

So first up, runes! Runes are pretty standard for an adc, and these are the ones I mainly use.

Note: * I would use these runes for the second build I have provided *

- 8x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
- 1x Greater Mark of Critical Chance
- 9x Greater Seal of Armor
- 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
- 3x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

The 9x Marks I use in this passive play on the bot lane consists of mainly attack damage to last hit properly, (killing the minions for gold) and a small chance of critical strike, just so it's possible to do some big damage in trading hits early game. The 9x Seals are great with armor, and adc's need armor to reduce the damage from enemy adc's, not recommended to ever change the armor seals. The 9x Glyphs of Magic Resist (or Scaling Magic Resistance for level 18) are both acceptable, and will help take less damage against the AP carry pokes (meaning long ranged moves doing damage) and if the enemy support does magic damage. The 3x Quints of Life-Steal are ideal for adc's as it gives them great sustain for trading pokes, and the capacity to heal hp from a distance, meaning you can gather more gold in game before returning home and buying that expensive B. F. Sword on your first back!

Note: Also worth noting is a few Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration's would be very acceptable rather than some of the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist's runes I have provided. Jinx is really low mana early game and would definitely help her. They would probably be better on her, and I will test this out / modify my rune page if I find it's beneficial soon!


Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush

Note: * I would use these runes and mastery page for the second build I have provided *

However I have a second rune page for my adc characters. The rune page I use depends on what enemy adc and support the enemy has, as well as who is supporting me. I tend to use this second page which I call ADC Power when I want to play more aggressively and don't feel the need for as much Magic Resistance & Life Steal. It consists of:

- 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
- 9x Greater Seal of Armor
- 9x Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
- 2x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
- 1x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

As seen it's rather similar to the previous one, except it's designed more for early game pressure as you have more Attack Damage. (It will also help farm [last hitting minions] better).

Note: Also worth noting is a few Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration's would be very acceptable rather than a few of Greater Glyph of Attack Speed runes I have provided. Jinx is really low mana early game and would definitely help her. They would probably be better on her, and I will test this out / modify my rune page if I find it's beneficial soon! Additionally Greater Glyph of Magic Resist runes are also very acceptable, especially if the enemy support has a decent amount of Ability Power.
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5.1 - Summoner Spells

At the beginning of the game everyone gets to take 2 summoner spells as I'm sure you're well aware of. I'll list the ones I think need to go on Jinx, as well as other viable options too.


- Flash is pretty self explanatory. It'll instantly flash your champion to a short distance in the direction of your mouse. Jinx doesn't have any great escape options, it's needed for escapes, or to help kiting and collect kills, or reposition yourself during teamfights.

Great spells:

- Barrier is a standard ADC spell. It's good for tanking a good amount of damage (90+20 per level), especially at earlier levels. The reason this is more better than say Ignite is because one you will always be focused as adc and it gives the enemy a fake sense of how much damage you can really take.

- Cleanse should be taken in replace of Barrier if the enemy has a lot of cc (crowd-control) and/or an enemy support with a lot of cc such as Leona. I don't usually take Cleanse too much, but if they have alot of cc you will need it for teamfights (not to mention bot lane) it'll help kite much easier.

Okay at best spells:

- Ignite deals 70-410 true damage depending on your level as well as reduces healing effects for the duration. Can be an alright spell to finish off enemies / kill fleeing enemies, but you must be in close range to use it, and adc's should keep their distance. Also Super Mega Death Rocket! you already have to finish fleeing enemies.

- Ghost gives 27% increased movement speed and makes your champion ignore collisions with other units. Generally you'd think this would be a good spell for Jinx especially with her passive of Get Excited!, and in some cases it can be, but Jinx's main weakness is cc, and Ghost's main weakness is cc too, so if you get caught you have 0 ways of escape.

- Exhaust slows movement speed by 30%, movement speed by 50%, and attack damage by 50% all for 2.5 seconds. It is a great spell, but your support should already be having this spell and protecting you in teamfights with it and some form of cc, so you can have other spells to use.
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6.1 - Unique Skills + Skill Order

Get Excited!

SPACE Jinx's passive Get Excited! (consumes 0 mana) automatically activates after she kills or helps kill a champion or turret within 3 seconds of the kill/turret kill. She will automatically be given 175% movement speed that decays over 4 seconds. This passive is awesome for making nail-biting escapes and catching fleeing enemies, quite an awesome passive for an adc.

Note: Jinx's passive, is mainly used to escape from dangerous situations, or help catch fleeing enemies after team fights.

Jinx's Fun Passive!

This is a few examples of cool escapes from Jinx's passive !


Cooldown: 1 (second)
Mana Cost: 0 (To Transform Weapon)

Switcheroo! allows Jinx to swap between her Minigun (Pow-Pow) and her Rocket Launcher (Fishbones). Both modes have different abilities on basic attacks. If this ability isn't selected Jinx will automatically have her Minigun with no passive.
  • Pow-Pow The Minigun: Grants 10 / 18.3 / 26.6 / 35 / 43.3% Bonus Attack Speed for 2.5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times, where the stacks decay one at a time. This means when fully upgraded Jinx can get up to an additional 130% Attack Speed, too awesome! Jinx has no quick high harass abilities like Miss Fortune's Double Up, so this is the best mode to have when fighting enemies close up.
  • Fishbones The Rocket-Launcher: Grants 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 bonus Attack Range, and her Basic Attacks also now deal 110% Attack Damage while on this mode. Her Attacks are Splash Damage and do Full Damage to nearby enemies, however each shot costs 20 mana (despite upgrade lv) and when you have insufficient mana for another shot the ability will automatically switch back to Pow-Pow. This ability is great for harassing with being able to shoot over minions, do splash damage and deal more Attack Damage. (Although Switcheroo! mentions swapping to Fishbones and Attacking will remove your stacks, it is WRONG. I have tested this and the stacks don't apply for Fishbones but will still decay over the 2.5 seconds as normal)

Note: So the main purpose of upgrading this up first instead of Zap! is due to the extra attack speed from Pow-Pow, the Minigun and for the extra attack range for Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. Knowing when to swap between modes is crucial and ideal to becoming a good Jinx player. Unless needing to push quickly or kill multiple minions quickly, Pow-Pow, the Minigun should be used as it doesn't consume mana. You should harass with Fishbones, as it gives 110% damage and more of a safe distance to trade hits without receiving any back. In teamfights always start with Fishbones, and swap to Pow-Pow if enemies are alone and you are trying to kite them.


Cooldown: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 (seconds)
Mana Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90
Range: 1450

Zap! is a long range ability that deals 10 / 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 +(140% Physical Attack Damage) and slows the first enemy hit by 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 (it always hits the first enemy, even if stealth or is a monster) + grants true sight for two seconds. This ability is easy to dodge to make up for it's long range, and is more capable of being used to chase a fleeing enemy rather than harassing one (as it can be hard to hit). Another use of it is to scout brushes with it. Also be aware although this ability can hit stealth units or units that go into stealth, however it will NOT sheath their stealth.

Note: Zap! is a powerful long ranged skill shot that can deal some good damage if it hits. Zap! can be hard to hit in the laning phase as minions can easily get in the way and the skill is easy enough to dodge. Zap! should be used to harass enemies / slow them in team fights to effectively help you kite or catch up to fleeing enemies. This ability should also be used before team fights to help harass enemies, as it gives some vision for a few seconds once hit, and a decent amount of damage once fully upgraded.
Flame Chompers!

Cooldown: 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 16 (seconds)
Mana Cost: 50
Range: 950

Jinx throws out 3 chompers that after being armed snares with any champion that it comes into contact with also dealing 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+100% Ability Power) Magic Damage over 1.5 seconds, where the champion is also rooted for 1.5 seconds. Chompers automatically explodes after 5 seconds and do Magic Damage.

Note: Flame Chompers! is your biggest and most effective way of escape and catching up to enemies. Also worth mentioning is each champion cannot be snared by more than one Flame Chompers! even if they step over another, chompers also don't snare minions (they walk through them). Flame Chompers! can also be used to scout brushes as they give vision once placed, but better safety using Zap! to do that as Zap! has longer range. It will take a little amount of time to master when and how to use this effectively, as their is a delay from the time placed to when a champion can actually get snared from them.

Super Mega Death Rocket!

Cooldown: 90 / 75 / 50 (seconds)
Mana Cost: 100
Range: Unlimited

Jinx fires out a rocket (unlimited range) that gains damage over the first second it travels. It explodes on the first enemy champion it hits dealing a minimum of 150 / 200 / 250 (+ 50% Attack Damage) to a maximum of 300 / 400 / 500 (+ 100% Attack Damage) in Physical Damage + 25 / 30 / 35 of the target's missing health (max 300 damage to monsters and minions). Nearby enemies take 80% of the total damage. Super Mega Death Rocket! can only hit champions but still damage nearby minions/champions if they hit an enemy champion.

Note: Super Mega Death Rocket! is a global ult that collides with the first enemy hit and does radius damage equal to a certain amount + a percentage of the targets health. This is great for finishing enemies off + doing some bursty damage to bundled enemies. With your passive it can really help give you mobility in team fights too. Remember the more effective it is the further away from your enemy you are, and more missing health they have is better. See the section on 'Role in Teamfights!' to see me use it in ways it can be used effectively.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The order I get Jinx abilities are shown above. Although it's very possible to get E 4th and not 3rd it's much more safer to do it this way. Also it is possible to start with W too especially if you're team is invading the enemy jungle, however it's best to start with Q otherwise.
  1. Start with Q ( Switcheroo!) so it's possible to harass the enemy really early game.
  2. Upgrade first point in W ( Zap!) on lv 2 for another type of strong harassment + for another strong ability if it comes to a early game fight.
  3. Proceed to upgrade E ( Flame Chompers!) on lv 3, not for the damage, but for the snare that comes with it that will allow you to safely escape from enemy jungler or highly pressuring enemies early game (or if you're very aggressive to trap them and take the kill).
  4. Upgrade Q ( Switcheroo!) now at any time available excluding when you can upgrade R ( Super Mega Death Rocket!).
  5. Upgrade R ( Super Mega Death Rocket!) whenever possible (lv's: 6, 11, 16).
  6. Whenever you can't upgrade Q ( Switcheroo!) or R ( Super Mega Death Rocket!), upgrade W ( Zap!).
  7. Once Q ( Switcheroo!) and W ( Zap!) is maxed upgrade E ( Flame Chompers!) to max (despite lv 16 upgrading R ( Super Mega Death Rocket!)).
Overall: (When Upgrading)
>> >> >>
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7.1 - Items (For First Standard Build)

You may be thinking "what's the best way to do maximum damage as jinx?" Ideally, you want to try build these 5 items as fast as possible (also in order):

Item Sequence

Bloodthirster 3400
Berserker's Greaves 1100
Infinity Edge 3400
Phantom Dancer 2600
Last Whisper 1450

But before we get to the end game build let's begin with the early game builds. My first item is 99.9% of the time Doran's Blade + 1x Health Potion. It is an excellent starting item for adc's, it gives+80 additional health, 8 attack damage, with a passive of restoring 3 health per basic attack for ranged champions. With an item like this, it gives good sustain for the laning phase, helping last hit minions with the extra Attack Damage it provides but also providing great sustain to help you having to return to home more frequently. Doran's Blade gives you that extra 80 health through the match, making you less squishy, before you need to sell it for your last item. For the Totem item to get, I would be getting the Stealth Ward. I feel the Scrying Orb wouldn't be a bad option either, but the Stealth Ward comes in handy when you are in lane alone without your support, or you need somewhere on the map warded that your support doesn't have covered (happens to me alot). Having this ward gives the advantage of warding that area while your support is away, allowing you to farm with less worries.

An alternative to the above start is the Long Sword + 3x Health Potion + Stealth Ward. If you feel that the enemy has a really pokey type of adc/support combo such as Ezreal and Nidalee you might consider going this start. The potions will help sustain better then the Doran's Blade and the long sword will build into the Vampiric Scepter much sooner, giving you much more sustain meaning more farm. Also the Long Sword has a little more Attack Damage making it slightly easier to farm with.

Ideally you want to back when you can complete an item or get an item that will help you much more such as Bloodthirster, unlike going back just for Health Potions.

Your first back you really want to try get the B. F. Sword which well help you greatly farm and poke (as it gives 45 Attack Damage), and if all goes well with your farming you will be able to do this, then next return home build it into Bloodthirster.

Continue in a similar process buying the recipe items, until you've got the final 5 items listed above (in order).

Now I will explain why I think these 5 items are effective on Jinx:
  • Bloodthirster: Great Attack Damage + Life Steal, great for doing damage as it's the item with the most Damage in the game (100 Attack Damage) (excluding useless overrated Sword of the Occult at 20 stacks). The life-steal is effective for regenerating health when kiting (basic attack, run, basic attack, run, etc). The item is essential for almost any adc, and Jinx scales with Attack Damage for 3 of her abilities (yay for us! :D).
  • Berserker's Greaves: Grants movement speed and attack speed, essential for kiting in teamfight's and moving around the map faster once the lane-phase is over.
  • Infinity Edge: Grants an awesome 70+ Attack Damage, 25% Critical Chance, with a passive of 50%+ Critical Strike Damage! By Late game you will have a minimum of 55%+ Critical Strike Chance so prepare to see some awesome damage !! The reason I get this item before Phantom Dancer is because I like to scale my abilities to do more Attack Damage quicker, and Jinx's passive from her minigun Pow-Pow, already gives her a fair amount of Attack Speed, so I feel it's better to go for the damage first for a much better midgame effectiveness.
  • Phantom Dancer: This item is where if you kite correctly you should be able to really give the enemy a hard time to kill you. The 50% Attack Speed goes really well with the massive Life-Steal from your runes and Bloodthirster making it hard to kill you in 1v1 fights. Also giving a 30% Critical Strike Chance means you'll really start to do great damage to enemies. The 5% Movement Speed this item gives along with the passive of your champ ignoring unit collusion is a great tool for kiting effectively.
  • Black Cleaver: The Black Cleaver is a much more tanky item than the Last Whisper. It grants +55 Attack Damage, 10% Cooldown Reduction, and 200 Health. It's passive grants 10 Armor Penetration + when doing physical damage to an enemy grants an additional 5% Armor Penetration for four seconds stacking up to a maximum of 25% Armor Penetration. This item is great for Jinx Attack Speed which rises to over 2.0 late game, while the health and cooldown help her kite more effectively as she can use her W slow Zap! and her E stun Flame Chompers! more often. However Last Whisper is also a very great replacement item, as although it gives -15 less Attack Damage, no cooldown reduction and no health, it does however raise the Armor Penetration to 35%. Not only is the Last Whisper cheaper it can be just as effective, and there is no reason to not get this item as substitute if you have good positioning and the enemy can't/isn't focusing you in teamfights.

Differentiation from Phantom Dancer:
- Statikk Shiv: Not a bad item, I personally hate it though, i'd much prefer to use Phantom Dancer just for it's passive as my champ loves to bug out around them minions. Good for more bursty damage, if you were to get this item, get it after Bloodthirster, building its recipe item Zeal first. Many high ranked Jinx adc's use this build d1 90LP+, but I don't use it much, not really my type of play style.
- Runaan's Hurricane: I totally forgot about this item. Works pretty well on Jinx, see the bursty build I included with the second possible build. Seems like this item would be better to go with 2 Bloodthirsters over an Infinity Edge, either seem like a good idea in regard to building this item.

Final Item (Dependant)
  • Guardian Angel: In team fights you get focused by the whole enemy team or get nuked (champs like Veigar that can unleash all moves on you and kill you in one combo)? This item is for those situations as it grants Armor, Magic Resistance and revives you once slain (5 min cooldown) Good vs champions like Veigar + Zed.
  • Randuin's Omen: The enemy forgot to pack an Ability Power champ or you are only being focused by enemies with Attack Damage in teamfights? Randuin's Omen grants good health, Armor and a passive which slows enemies + basic attacks. Good vs champions like Kha'Zix + Zed
  • Maw of Malmortius: Grants a good amount of Attack Damage and Magic Resistance, also grants a shield which absorbs 400 magic damage once you reach less than 30% of your hp. As a bonus effect, it grants +1 Attack Damage for every 2% of health you are currently missing. Good to get this item for pokey Ability Power champs, and if the AP carry or Ability Power champion effectively reaches you in team fights. Good vs champions like Diana or harassy champs like Lux.
  • Zephyr: Zephyr is a good item to get if the enemy has alot of slows or crowd control in general, as the passive reduces the time for debuffs by 35%. This item also gives some Attack Damage (25) and a Big amount of attack speed too (50%), with some cooldown reduction to boot (10%). Good vs champions like Nasus + Xin Zhao or any champion you're having trouble kiting against.
  • Mercurial Scimitar: A really nice item that gives a big 60 Attack Damage and 45 magic Resistance (for those annoying pokes) and every 90 seconds it can be activated to removes all de-buffs on your champ! awesome! Good vs champions like Leona + Rammus or any champion with a stun, especially if the stun is magic damage.
  • Last Whisper: You arn't getting focused much or are really well protected by your team? Getting Last Whisper will mean you can tear through the enemy much faster with more Armor Penetration. It gives 40 Attack Damage, and also is good if your team took no Ability Power champions and the enemy is stacking Armor. Although not recommended as a last item (assuming u have Black Cleaver already, it can be useful, I think the others are more useful though. Good vs champions that stack Armor such as Jarvan IV + Nasus.
  • Frozen Mallet: This is a nice item that gives +700HP and +30 Attack Damage with the passive to slow enemies Movement Speed by 30% for 1.5 seconds, so another item great for kiting and allowing you to survive many more attacks. Good vs champions such as Kha'Zix + Nasus.

T3 Boots + Elixirs + Totem
After you have completed your six items, it's time to finish off your build with the final upgrade of your Berserker's Greaves + Elixir of Fortitude + Elixir of Brilliance + Greater Stealth Totem.

Enchantment: Furor OR Enchantment: Homeguard are both viable options to get.
  • If you are having trouble kiting enemies you should go for Enchantment: Furor as it gives additional 12% movement speed for every basic attack which decays over 2 seconds. This will allow you to hit and run away easier (kite) without getting caught.
Finally after having all these items the last things to buy are Elixirs + Totem Upgrade! Remember to only buy one as they don't stack, and to re-buy them everytime you return home ! Get them in this order if you have insufficient money for them all:

  • Elixir of Fortitude: This item is the most beneficial for an adc granting 120-235 Additional Health, and 15 Attack Damage for three minutes (or when you replenish it once you go home). You will probably be level 18 by then so you'll get the full 235 Health, however it is possible to buy this item before your last item (6th item). If you feel you need a little more HP before your last item and will have enough gold for your last item the next time you return home then buying this item then is also not a bad choice.

  • Greater Stealth Totem: Upgrading this item means the ward will remain longer on the map. You might want to consider upgrading this item earlier if your team is losing due to lack of map control (after laning phase), as the ward lasts 60 seconds longer from it. However I wouldn't really do it until completely necessary.


  • Greater Vision Totem: Also an applicable upgrade, as adc might always be a good idea to have this ward incase of stealth enemies like Akali or Evelynn so you can see them in teamfights. It's also a good idea to have for baron as Oracle's Elixir no longer exists.

  • Elixir of Brilliance: Jinx only has one magic damage ability which is her Flame Chompers!. However this item does provide some cooldown reduction making it more useful for her to kite with. As it is the least effective Elixir for Jinx abilities and well being, this item should only be bought if you've bought every other item you need to and have some spare gold.
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7.2 - Items (For Second Bursty Build)

Alright well i've been experimenting a bit more with the Statikk Shiv and the Runaan's Hurricane lately, and have come up with a build that's quite good !

Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves 1100
Statikk Shiv 2900
Infinity Edge 3400
Runaan's Hurricane 2600
Last Whisper 1450

So it's the same as the first build in the sense of the starting items and having the first two final items as Bloodthirster and Berserker's Greaves.
However the third item is different, as we will be building the Statikk Shiv as the third item. The extra movement speed will allow for much more mobility, allowing you to shoot with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher from a distance, the attack speed will give her rocket launcher much more attack speed, the critical strike chance will give her a decent amount of her to do some good damage, and the passive of the Statikk Shiv giving extra AoE magic damage that can also critically strike will give even more AoE damage just like Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher does. This item effectively allows you to do a good amount of damage to various members of the enemy team while playing safe.

The fourth item in this build is the Infinity Edge. Once you've build this item, you will really be doing even more great damage. The passive from this weapon gives critical strikes an additional 50% of damage, while giving you simultaneously a massive 70+ Attack Damage and 25%+ Critical Chance.

The fifth item is quite dependent. I personally wanted to make a build with Runaan's Hurricane.
However there are some obvious times when to not get the item, they include:
- Being focused in team fights heavily with no cc on your team.
- When the enemy has fed assassins.
- When you are falling behind in gold / levels in comparison to the enemy team (as you will be really easy to kill).
- When you feel like you hardly make a difference in team fights from instant dying.

Some indication when to get the item:
+ When you have fairly good amount of cc on your team.
+ When your support is successful in team fights at peeling for you.
+ You don't get focused much from your good positioning.
+ You're ahead in gold and are fed.

Note: Getting Runaan's Hurricane at the right time just makes you really unstoppable. The amount of damage you deal with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher is really incredible, and you can shoot from far distances too. You will have two attack speed items, so you'll have nearly a 2.0 attack speed for this gun mode.. just crazy damage.

I actually got a pentakill in ranked using this build and was so damn close from a legendary kill at one point too. However it's all about experience and realizing when it's okay to buy the item. (Technically speaking it's much more recommended to have 5 aggressive items and one defensive item, so be careful when buying this item)

Substitutes as fifth item for Runaan's Hurricane:
  • Guardian Angel: Guardian Angel would probably be your best bet. Mainly because the conditions I listed above for why you shouldn't get Runaan's Hurricane is due to you being useless in teamfight's and dying prematurely. This item will definitely help, and is the most recommended, i'm pretty sure all the high elo players would buy this too.
  • Frozen Mallet: When you feel like you are needing more HP due to someone like perhaps Xin Zhao from killing you, this would be a good item. It should you enough you enough HP to survive, some extra Attack damage, and a passive to be able to kite more effectivly.

Note: Of course in most cases you will already do heaps of damage and Guardian Angel would be your best bet in most cases, Runaan's Hurricane is a personal favourite of mine. In addition my first build has more of a list of items to buy that are still effective such as Mercurial Scimitar, and any of these items would still be acceptable.

The last and sixth item for this build is without a doubt Last Whisper. Giving that armor penetration will just finish off your build for that extra damage. If your team is mainly Attack Damage though and no one has Black Cleaver, it would be in my opinion better to go for this item, as the armor penetration from it allows your teammates to also do increased damage.

Don't forget to upgrade your trinket, boots ( Enchantment: Furor is much recommended over Enchantment: Homeguard for easier kiting), and buy elixirs!
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8.1 - Farming

Farming (last hitting minions to receive the gold for the kill) is very important for the adc and especially Jinx. The passive from Pow-Pow's Switcheroo! gives Jinx Basic Attacks much more Attack Speed, so she does well in last hitting (especially under tower). Similarly, from Jinx's Switcheroo!, Fishbones can be very handy in farming big hordes of minions. The additional Attack Range from Fishbones is also great for playing safely while farming, while being care of the mana usage at early levels. Fishbones can also be used to farm and harass a nearby enemy champion as it provides radius damage. Zap! is also a nice move to last hit a minion or two from a large distance away while playing safe (if you know enemy jungler is waiting for you, or you're support has went back and you are in lane alone).
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9.1 - Role in Teamfights!

Alright so teamfights! Firstly seeing as you are most likely the biggest damage dealer in the team (exception AP carry/mid laner), it is obvious the enemy team will be focusing you in teamfights, just as your team will try to be focusing the enemy adc. Jinx's specialty lies in kiting the enemy, then with her passive you can push right back into the fight and even help snare other enemies due to some cc Jinx has ( Zap! & Flame Chompers!). Your Super Mega Death Rocket! is also good for finishing off enemies too. So what you want to do as adc is stay at the back of your team if possible and hit the closest enemy to you regardless of who it is. You do NOT go into the enemy team to focus the enemy adc nor do you want to find yourself in a position where they can focus you easily.

In this video I have 3 different types of teamfights where I am Jinx and how I handled them.
Teamfight Positioning!

1st Clip:
So teamfights can happen in the laning phase, especially when the both teams are competing for the dragon. In this clip Shaco and I were overpushing and the enemy tries to take advantage of this by ganking us. So I start off by killing the turret then using Jinx's passive to avoid Elise's stun Cocoon. As she attempts to go into spider form and jump on me, I release my Flame Chompers! where due to my lack of attention I get hit by Ashe's ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow and get stunned. Elise tries to dish out some damage and due to me recieveing too much I activate Barrier (although I used it prematurely). With the help of my team we push Elise back and notice I am focusing her and not Ashe as she is the closest. With the kill of Elise and my passive Get Excited!, I have the option of going for Vladimir or Ashe, so I go obviously for the enemy adc Ashe. I fall back abit to remove me as the main focus of their attacks and kill Ashe. Now Vladimir is the only one left near me so I focus him. After he dies, I try use my ultimate to try help kill Thresh who is a little distance away, then I follow up and get the Quadrakill.

2nd Clip:
This teamfight occured when we were chasing the enemy and Swain is trying to snare the enemy while the enemy Thresh is trying to delay us and protect his team. Our mid was afk this game so it was a dangerous position to be in for 4v5. As it starts once again I start by focusing Thresh as he's the closest person near me. I switch back to my minigun for attack speed as there are no enemies to damage by radius with my rockets. Noticing Aatrox was coming, as soon as I grab the kill I use my passive Get Excited! to retreat and dodge his Dark Flight. Notice my support Lux also stays back to try and help me kite him. With her snare and my Zap! we were able to render this AD melee champ useless to do any damage to us. With the kill I once again use my ultimate to help my ally's and pick up the triple kill + ace, and end the game.

3rd Clip:
In this clip the enemy catches us off guard and tries to focus our ap carry Orianna. She uses her Zhonya's Hourglass to bide some time while the enemy gather around her. Seeing as no one focuses me, I start firing radius damage rockets at the enemy, then with her ultimate Command: Shockwave with my ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket! (as the enemies are on low hp for extra damage + radius damage of my ulti) in combination with some more rockets and Zap!, we do a massive amount of damage. Although Orianna dies, me being left alive allowed me to do massive damage to the enemy, and to get kills. I follow up to help finish off Nasus for my passive, then speed up to katarina and slow her with my Zap!, then finish her off for the ace, then the enemy team surrenders as they have lost.
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10.1 - Enemy Bot Lane ADC's A-L

Alright time to reveal the difficulties I think of against enemy adc's for Jinx. Keep in mind it's from my personal experience and from my aggressive playstyle. I will rate them in terms of how hard it is for Jinx to perform against these champions, 1/5 being the lowest difficult to dominate and 5/5 being the most difficult, alrighty let's go:
(Also keep in mind supports make a world of difference exclusive from rating.)



playing against Ashe ADC



playing against Caitlyn ADC



playing against Corki ADC



playing against Draven ADC



playing against Ezreal ADC



playing against Graves ADC



playing against Kog’Maw ADC



playing against Lucian ADC
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10.2 - Enemy Bot Lane ADC's M-Z

Miss Fortune:


playing against Miss Fortune ADC



playing against Quinn ADC



playing against Sivir ADC



playing against Tristana ADC



playing against Twitch ADC



playing against Urgot ADC



playing against Varus ADC



playing against Vayne ADC
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11.1 - Bot Lane Supports A-L

Alright so here i'll write the main supports I usually encounter and how effective they are with Jinx and her playstyle (in the bot lane only). Keep in mind i'm fairly aggressive when I play. I'll also rate them out of 5. 1 being the least compatible with Jinx while 5 being the highest.

In general i'd say any high cc to prevent Jinx from kiting, or any constant healer would be a good counter against Jinx.


playing with Alistar support


playing against Alistar support



playing with Annie support


playing against Annie support



playing with Blitz support


playing against Blitz support



playing with Fiddle support


playing against Fiddle support



playing with Galio support


playing against Galio support



playing with Heimer support


playing against Heimer support



playing with Janna support


playing against Janna support

Jarvan IV:


playing with Jarvan IV support


playing against Jarvan IV support



playing with Karma support


playing against Karma support



playing with Kayle support


playing against Kayle support



playing with Leona support


playing against Leona support



playing with Lulu support


playing against Lulu support



playing with Lux support


playing against Lux support
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11.2 - Bot Lane Supports M-Z



playing with Morgana support


playing against Morgana support



playing with Nami support


playing against Nami support



playing with Nidalee support


playing against Nidalee support



playing with Nunu support


playing against Nunu support



playing with Shen support


playing against Shen support



playing with Sona support


playing against Sona support



playing with Soraka support


playing against Soraka support



playing with Taric support


playing against Taric support



playing with Thresh support


playing against Thresh support



playing with Volibear support


playing against Volibear support



playing with Zilean support


playing against Zilean support



playing with Zyra support


playing against Zyra support
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12.1 - Inspiration / Results

Phew, finally the end of the guide! Here you can see some inspiration from my results to see how good you too can be if you learn Jinx!

Here are some of my results and damage from some games:
Damage & Results

Here is my match history for some previous games I had while making this guide:
Jinx Match History

Finally, here is a 5min montage to help inspire you to hit those fun epic ulti's! This took awhile so enjoy :) !
5 Min Jinx Ult Montage!

Practice hard and don't give up! Everyone has bad rounds! Please feel free to leave comments of bits you liked, didn't like, feel like I need to explain more, something I missed, questions you have of me, or results of your match history from Jinx as a result of reading this guide. My email is See you all on the fields of justice! :)

People who have benefited from this guide and provided match history:
psychoturtle03's Jinx History!
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13.1 - Updates

02/12/13 - Added differential bursty build with Runaan's Hurricane.
02/12/13 - Added different purchase's to Phantom Dancer.
02/12/13 - Descriptions of alternate items to Phantom Dancer added in the "Item" section.

04/12/13 - Made the Rating's /5 fit under the image and look neater.
04/12/13 - Centralized the video's in the spoilers for neatness.

06/12/13 - Added situational items for the second build.

08/12/13 - Added Alistar to ally supports.
08/12/13 - Added Alistar to enemy supports.

09/12/13 - Added explanations and a section for my second build (bursty build) [Incomplete].
09/12/13 - Separated runes + mastery pages to their own build.
09/12/13 - Added numbers in chapter titles (1.1, 1.2 etc) to help reader find what they're looking for.
09/12/13 - Made Runes actually link to the appropriate runes.

10/12/13 - Separated different starting items into two different boxes.
10/12/13 - Added "Survivability Options" to the item listing.
10/12/13 - Added more explanations to the mastery page as to why they were picked.

11/12/13 - Fixed Frenzy and Feast icon's in the mastery section.
11/12/13 - Added more description for the second bursty build.
11/12/13 - Changed chapter order into more of a sequence.
11/12/13 - Moved "Pentakill Video" to introduction.
11/12/13 - Massive modifications of coding involved with adc's and support's to make them more easier to read 11/12/13-- / convenient for the reader.
11/12/13 - Separated Runes and Masteries into two separate chapters.

12/12/13 - Finished full description for second 'bursty build'.
12/12/13 - Added extra information on Jinx's Abilities and how they should be used.
12/12/13 - Added an 'Overall' at the end of 'Skill Order'.

13/12/13 - Updated second build.
13/12/13 - Fixed spelling errors in second build.
13/12/13 - Martial Mastery changed from +5 Attack Damage to +4 from Patch 3.15.

15/12/13 - Moved "Alternatives To Phantom Dancer" closer to the "Late Game Core Build".

17/12/13 - Remodeled the "summoners spells" section.
17/12/13 - Added more spells and description to the "summoners spells" section.

18/12/13 - Added heaps of images as well as headers for each topic!
18/12/13 - Added proper dividers!

24/12/13 - Fixed some grammar and spelling errors.

29/12/13 - Removed overused color in Pros/Cons section.

01/01/14 - Removed overused color in Masteries section.
01/01/14 - Removed overused color in Runes section.
01/01/14 - Happy New Year!

04/01/14 - Swapped ">" and "<" signs in the build.

06/01/14 - Due to a display issue, removed all dividers and images at the present time. (In progress..)
06/01/14 - Fixed all images and dividers and re implemented into guide.

15/01/14 - Jinx base health was reduced to 462 (from 500) but health per level was increased to 82 (from 15/01/14-- 80) due to Patch 4.1.
15/01/14 - Jinx base Flame Chompers! damage reduced to 80/135/190/245/300 (from 100/150 15/01/14-- /200/250/300) due to Patch 4.1.
15/01/14 - Jinx's Flame Chompers! standardized arm time was reduced to 0.7 seconds (from 0.5 to 0.74 15/01/14-- seconds) due to Patch 4.1.
15/01/14 - A bug was fixed that would cause Jinx's Flame Chompers! to sometimes not activate on 15/01/14-- champions dashing over them due to Patch 4.1.
15/01/14 - Patch 4.1 notes.

22/01/14 - 100,000 Views!
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14.1 - Credits

Thanks to jhoijhoi's guide for helping me with the BBcode to write my very first guide!

Credits to my friend MQ for making my images and dividers!

Also thanks to everyone who showed support by upvoting my guide and giving me ways to improve my guide in the comments!
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