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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Revory

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Revory

Heavy Metal Destruction

Revory Last updated on September 6, 2011
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Release Notes v1.0.0.115 2011-04-11

Heart of Gold
Recipe Changed: Ruby Crystal + 350 Gold
Now gives: +250 Health +5 Gold per 5

Randuin's Omen armor reduced to 53 from 80

April 15th

Added 2 Additional Builds for your Ranked Matches.
Melee Heavy
Ranged Heavy

After playing some more with the new metagame (Off-Tanks) I have been trying to find a way to build around it to ultimately destroy those champs who go for that strategy. Overall I like the new Off-Tank setup, I've been playing Xin that way for a while, however it is hard to counter in a 1v2 lane, so I've been working on it.

My new full build is now listed in the second team. This build allows you to say in your lane defending your tower for days, and when you are either forced back, killed, or someone covers your lane, you come back 5 times more stronger than before.

I have left out a 6th item because I think this build should now be core till the 6th. Here is a list of Items to fill that last spot and a lil reason behind each one.

If your having trouble with AD champs, build Randuin's Omen.

If your having trouble with AP champs, build Banshee's Veil, or Abyssal Mask.

If your not having problems with them, but they are stacking MR, Void Staff should take care of that.

June 21

Next Build on second team presented.

This build is what I believe perfect for just about every game that I have played with it. You build over 300 ap, and get both your defenses up to 150, and have the perfect mix of soft CC in your 2 forms of slows to get to those carries to take them out, and you have my favorite part, your not weak at the begining.

This build has really only 1 item that can be passed for something more if you see fit. Zhonya's Hourglass can be switched out for either more AP, or more Defense if you need to. For replacement Items to fill this slot, look to the Items section of my guide.

September 3rd 2011
Nixed all builds for one that I have had nothing but success with in both ranked and normals. Maxes out your survival and damage nicely and has a really solid burst for those 1v1's. With the added CDR your shield stays up just about 100% of the time while you wreck face.

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Welcome to my new and fully updated guide for Mordekaiser. Since my first one got blew up by qq, I will be requiring a vote with each comment please.

Let me give you a bit of an idea on this build to start off with. First off, if your one of those people who think Mordekaiser is nothing more than a Tank, please leave now....I'll wait...ok now that they are gone, Mord is an insane burster given his items. Yes, I've read so many builds for him that say you can't kill the squishies on your own, give Mord 3 seconds when you finish the full item build on here and your gonna stomp any and everyone 1v1, 1v2, and in some cases 1v3.

Mordekaiser was built as a Tanky/AP champion for initiating, if you look at all the items they have provided for us, you see that you have the ability to own every game. So given this all, we will be focusing on all this, ie building tanky items while building AP so you can help your team win.

Thanks and enjoy and please toss your idea's at me and I'll definatly look into them and give you some feedback or add things into the guide.

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Helpful Terms

"MR" = magic resist

"AA" = auto attack

"AP" = ability power

"AD" = attack damage

"AS" = attack speed

"CC" = crowd control

"CDR" = cooldown reduction

"jungle" = The group of trees and paths that exist between the lanes

"over-extending" = where you, or an ally, is past a certain point where the enemy team can easily kill you

"baiting" = the act where one of your team mates is purposely over-extends while the rest of your team sits and waits to provoke a team fight in your favor.

"gank" = used in the sense of ambushing an enemy champion (or champion's) that is pushing to far in the lane

"zoning" = where you are prohibiting the enemy champion (or champion's) from getting any exp/gold by standing between them and the creep wave

"b" = back, fall back, get out of there

"oom" = out of mana

"GTFO" = the act of getting out of the area as fast as possible

"care" = be careful, they might be coming for you

"miss, mia" = missing in action, used to describe when a champion is missing from a lane and to be careful of incoming ganks

"backdoor" = sneaking into the enemies base in order to bring down towers/inhibitors or the nexus when your minions have pushed there alone

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Pros / Cons


Very Durable due to items and passive
Insane Minion Farmer
Can Hard Carry or Carry a 4v5 game
Game Changer with Ultimate, 5v5 into 6v4 and so on
One of the best Soloing champs
Laughs at lane harassment due to passive


No Natural CC at all
Slow start
Looked at as a Tank, your not
Dependant on Items for Passive and Damage output

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I'm gonna show you a few different runes for you to check out with each spot and try them out and see how you like them. I took time testing each and I've settled with the above build but you may like the flavor with these sets.


This is the only Mark I ever see useful on Mord. The Magic Pen makes you a force to be reconed with early and helps throughout the entire game.


Greater Seal of Vitality
An extra 175 Hp at lv 18 means you have more health for them to slice through, also adds a bit of Hp5 with Force of Nature, which is nice. I use these because even though its not a ton of hp, its enough due to the fact that your gaining extra health every level till level 18 so you don't rely on items to get you there.

A great seal that I have used many times and have mixed feelings about. Against a heavy AD team, these are great when combined with Ninja Tabi and your masteries for Dodge coming up to a total of about 20% dodge chance. For those AA champ teams in Ranked I have a page set with these cause you dodge keeping your shield up for the next attack and you can make them look stupid for having a team of AA/AD champs.


So as I don't really build any AP till around mid game this helps out to have a decent, not great, output early on and it only gets better the higher level you are. I profer these over the next Glyph due to the overall addition to AP at level 18, on any champ with Lichbane 27 AP isn't enough to fear, but with all your items they will run before they think its a great idea to attack you 1v1.

Here is your only other choice for adding AP to your Mord, intelligently anyhow. Instead of gradually gaining AP per level your gonna start off with about 9 instead of 2. Great for the start of a game to be able to full your shield right off rather then waiting till your Siphon can do the damage to do so, but you only get 9 AP...which means your not scaling per level and 9 AP at lv 18 over the 27 you could have had means your not hitting as hard as you could be, not a very big change, but this is the flavor I was talking about. These will strengthen your start of the game but thats about it.


As you can see I profer to use 1, with my Marks these give me a final 10 Magic Pen to start off and through the entire game. I like even numbers, but you can toss all 3 in here for a total of 14 Magic Pen, but then your gonna have to start with a Doran's Shield rather than Regrowth Pendant, which I find to be a situational change at best.

I employ 2 of these wonderful Runes for an additional 52 Hp to start with. You can go all in with these for an extra 78 Hp at the start, but then your gonna have only 8 Magic Pen to start with, which equals more skill with siphon early game. Not a big difference but you will have to line it up with as many units as you can to get all the shield you can.

I've seen many of these as recommended on Mord in the past and still, but I think with Boots and Force of Nature you have all the speed you need to catch those fast champs. If you know they are gonna be fast champs like Yi, get Boots of Swiftness and call it a day. Yeah his ult can get him out of there but, he is gonna get away anyhow unless you have a stun...which you don' whatever a missed kill, but at that point dependent on how you faired against him, they may think about focusing you over your big damage teammates like Ashe or MF who can dish out tons of damage but are so squishy, which equals win for your team, cause your tanky.

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After many observations, the above build is how I go into every game now.

Offence Tree

Archmage's Savy = 0.6 AP per level, which equals an additional 10.8 AP at level 18, added with your Seals equals 37.8 free extra AP.

Deadliness = A filled spot really, but if you Crit on a Proc of Lichbane, smile.

Sorcery = 3% CDR on your abilities. Helps you keep your shield maxed out more often flat out. 3% isn't much but it helps a ton.

Archaic Knowledge = 15% Spell Pen. Yeah, this is why we go into the Offensive tree to begin with, it helps in those games when you need to pick up a Void Staff with an additional 15% totaling 55% Spell Pen, meaning you successfully made all that MR useless.

Defensive Tree

Resistance = Starting with an extra 6 MR. Means your Passive is a bit bigger to start with and you can take more harassment early on.

Hardiness = Starting with an extra 6 Armor. Same reasoning as Resistance.

Evasion = 2% increase to Dodge Chance. With Runes and Boots, 20% is great, so weather your taking that path or not its good for ya. But if not its doing the Filling spot to get to the better Masteries in Defense.

Harden Skin = 2 less damage taken from physical attacks. This helps against folks like Teemo, Ashe, Caitlyn, who are all Ranged Physical Champs.

Veteran's Scars = Free 48 Health to start with. With Quintessences this is 100 free Hp to start with. So why get Doran's Shield now?

Ardor = 4% increase to AP and AS. The AP is great, the previously stated 37.8 free AP now equals 39 AP now and that isn't including all your Items that add AP.

Tenacity = Yep, 5% less damage taken. This is where your Tankiness gets extreme, with all the Armor and MR your gonna have, 5% less is ******ed so you can 1v2 and get yourself a double kill with ease.

I use to go 9/0/21 and as this is a good way to go, I find that this build gives you all the good stuff Mord needs to Destroy any other champ and make them look stupid.

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Builds on Top

The 3 builds up top are my personal go to builds for your AP Mord.

Build 1

The first build is fully explained in this guide for you. Its seriously balanced so you can last against a high AP and AD output team.

Build 2

The second build is for those teams with heavy Melee. This build your gonna focus more on your "Close Combat" skills to deal with them. Items for this build are in the Item section.

Build 3

The final build here is for those Heavy Ranged teams. Your focusing on slowing them down so you can beat them down with your awesome heavy metal mace. We focus on Syphon and Rush Rylai's and with Exhaust your gonna keep them nice and near to you. First Defensive Item though will depend on your lane, I put the Chain Vest there, but a Negatron Cloak will work for those AP champs.

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Skill Sequence

Ok, first off, I use to max out Siphon religiously first, I was so wrong. Here is how I now look at my skills and build.

This section is one of the 3 ways that makes the difference between a Great Mordekaiser and an ok Mordekaiser.

Lane > Team
Your Tanky/AP so you have to counter your Lane before you can focus on the rest of their team as far as your defense. So with this in mind, this is your order of skill max outside of maxing your Ult(which I don't think I should have to tell you to level every chance you get).

Full Melee Team

Creeping Death > Mace of Spades > Siphon of Destruction

This is simple, straight forward, and brainless. If your gonna be doing all your fighting in melee, then you need to max your melee skills first. Maxing Creeping Death means that even with your not in a minion wave, but you have 2 champs on you, your shield is going up between each of their hits and making you last so much longer.

Mace of Spades is next cause of the same reason, your gonna be hitting 4 targets every use, and if your 1v1ing it then you do extra damage.

Yes I know, Siphon of Destruction scales better with your AP than Mace of Spades but this is more or less what I use to fill up my shield before I initiate a fight. Other than that I use it to proc my Lichbane. So even though its arguably your second best Ability, against a full melee team, put it on the back burner but don't leave it for last, level it up after you have Creeping death maxed, and alternate it with Mace as you see fit.

Heavy ranged

Siphon > Creeping Death > Mace

Straight forward, Siphon is gonna allow you to harass and dish out the damage you need against those Ranged Champs. Only Problem Ranged champ I've seen is Caitlyn, Her range is ******ed at best and you can't touch her with Siphon unlike most other ranged champs.

Creeping Death is next, not for the DPS on it, but for the added armor and MR you get from it. Simply, your gonna keep with your laning Strategy (cover this later), which you zone champs extremely well and thus is something your gonna do even against 2 champs when you solo top with a jungler.

Mace is gonna be pretty much useless due to the fact of the heavy range, so its just put back till the end.

Balanced Team

Balanced teams can be 3 melee and 2 ranged, or vise versa, when this happens look to what your laning against and build according to that based on the 2 above builds.

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Core Items

Why these?! You may be asking, let me explain why these 3 items are the most important items to Mord.

Force of Nature this is gonna be your Hp Regen Item mixed with some Movement Speed and a cannonball of MR boost. This allows you to stay in fights longer than you normally would, plus any AP champ is gonna have serious problems with you.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is gonna be your "Oh no, come back here" Item. This is gonna slow your targets down so you can get up to them and use that Lich Bane Proc. This is gonna be your really only CC that you can build that really helps your team to get those kills.

Lich Bane is gonna be that boost of output that is essentially needed for your burst, This also adds more MR and a small boost to Movement Speed. All this in one item makes you hit hard and a bit tougher.

KEY NOTE: Placing this on Mordekaiser is completely destructive to the opposing team, however you have to practice with it to get your quick kills. You have to remember about the procs or your gonna be waisting about 200 damage between each ability. Also your Cool Downs work out perfectly with this item so you have an endless "Combo" to down anyone that feels like stacking Warmogs.

Other Items in Build

Randuin's Omen is gonna add in more CC with its active and a Ton of Armor and Hp5 plus its passive to slow Attacks and Movement when your hit. I pick this item up for its Active, team fights and 1v2's go almost always in your favor when you use it at the right time. This actually helps save you when your on the run too. Pop the Active and keep kicking up dust as they are slowed, with Rylai's you can also siphon them and keep running. Also very note worthy, at end game when you have 200 MR and Armor, the active lasts 4 seconds instead of the 2, so can save your life or teammates.


Zhonya's Hourglass is so that when a team finally realizes that your dropping a ton of DPS and they start to focus you, you can initiate and pop its active while the rest of your team runs in. Putting up your Creeping death before you pop it means your still getting damage out on them while they are trying to click you. The added 100 AP means your powering through them also, and with a bit more Armor, it helps you against those AD champs.


Ok since there are a ton of boots, these are the only one's that your gonna use.

Boots of Swiftness are my usual boots unless mid game I see the other team stacking MR. These are the boots to get for faster champs and great for saving towers when you need to or to get to that team fight thats about to start. I simply love these.

Sorcerer's Shoes are for when the other team is stacking MR. Simply put I won't change boots until mid to late game when teams start building outside of their norm.

Ninja Tabi are the only boots with Dodge. So if your looking to stack Dodge cause they all AA/AD champs then go for it, 1:5 hits will be evaded and will help out in those fights, plus minion wave don't hit that often so you can be a bit more aggressive chasing past minion waves.

Mercury's Treads are for those heavy CC teams. Know what the other team has in ways of not only items but abilities. Ever seen a Blitz pull, bounce into an Annie Tibers + stun under a tower? I have and it hurts the longer you stand there. You don't wanna be in that position for long, and the decrease in CC time helps out so much and the MR isn't bad at all.

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Other Items

In this section I will be running quickly through some items with the reasons behind them on why I use these items.

Heavy AP Teams

This is a fun item up against a full AP team. You will not only have a shield from your passive, but when they manage to get you low enough you will have yet another shield, not that big mind you, but big enough to last a bit longer. The added AD on the weapon and the MR are good to have against a full clip of casters.

An item that can actually be bought in most games anyhow but it doesn't make the main game cut for me. This provides you with more AP and brings along MR Reduction for any enemy champ near you. If you have a few AP champs on your team, this will assist them as well as yourself in winning that team fight.

Yet another item that almost makes the main cut but it is a great situational item. This gives you MR 375 Hp and blocks one spell automatically every 45 seconds. So this is a situational item against those high CC teams. If you see an Annei, Sion, Fiddle, Taric, and Irelia on the other team, you up a creek on CC alone even if they are bad. As Mord your most hated thing, like most other champs, is a ton of CC.

Yeah I know, I didn't think much of this at all either. Because your not building AD and AS this seems so useless right? But after a bit of testing, this is great. You get some MR and along with Lich Bane you can spam your spells that much faster. And as an added bonus, this lets you push towers faster than before. This is the biggest bonus with this item in my mind cause I do have a tendency to backdoor when I see the chance. You have teleport, use it to win the game as often as you can.

Heavy AD Teams

You didn't see this coming hu? Yeah its your be all, end all with any tank champ against those pesky AS/AD champs. This goes with the next item to fully make sure they kill themselves just attacking you. I love this combo for wining games. They know its coming and they tend to try and not target you, but when you tell your team your gonna start initiating, they have no choice but to either run or attack you. Yes if they all on you at once your gonna die, but thats why you still need to pick up Zhonya's Hourglass for its active. The trick here is to get them all on you, while your team is heading in and use the hourglass active to make them click aimlessly on your champ with your Creeping Death up and have your team destroy their Main DPS.

This is what your gonna pick up every time directly after Thornmail to get so much damage across just for them attacking you. This is gonna increase your HP and HP5 by a ton your not really gonna need to really pick up any other items that have health. But if you want, you can do so.

Note: If they start picking up The Bloodthirsters, this combo is kinda null and void. By picking up 2 of them they get 30% Lifesteal straight up, so Thornmail becomes useless aside from its armor. I have Sold it to pick up another Warmog's Armor.

This with your Omen if you still pick it up will give you another 99 Armor, and another 20% CDR, and Slows AS of all enemies by you by 20%. What this item says on Mord is, "You AS champs can try, but I'm still gonna own you", well not all the time but you get the picture. The CDR is very nice actually, keeping your shield up at pretty much all times if your spacing out your attacks for your Lich Bane Procs, which means, more Defense and more Offense all at the same time with 2 items.

This is a great item. Gives you some Hp, a good amount of Armor and against those melee's, or simply farming, your dishing out half of your base damage from your Creeping Death. So even when your Creeping Death is down your still getting some constant damage across.


Other Great Items

Ok, so this is an item that I pick up for fun. I never actually have a game anymore where I'm seriously in need of this. I love having this in a game where we are owning them and we push into their base and just kill them 1 by 1 and i just stay there till this is used then pop back up and keep killing. Try it, its really fun.

Yeah, you want to kill someone insanely quick? Pop this active, Ult them, Put your Creep up, ignite them, and get a quick Siphon in on them, and then they be dead. This is so much fun to play with, and I personally get this only against those Tank Heavy teams, or if they have champs that are building tanky.

Quick note here; This with 300 AP equals 40% of their total health, then with your Ult with 300 AP equals 45% of their total health which comes to a total of 86% of the targets health over 10 second. Now toss down a few attack and at the most of ten seconds later, you just got yourself a kill.

So you wanna make them rage quick? Ok so here is how you Gain Life while you attack them and build a shield with your passive. This is another fun item for me. You get some AP, AD, Lifesteal, Spellsteal, and an active that slows them with a decent amount of damage on it. This is for those of you who are already owning their team and want to destroy them even more.

I've seen builds that run this, and as you are tanky, you still have to play very carefully, you won't be able to initiate for your team so if you have an initiator like Xin Zhoa, then feel free to see how this works for you. Its a High Risk, High Reward Item, but I'd rather take Rabadon's Deathcap over this item anyhow.

Which leads us to more AP's. If you see that the other team isn't really dishing out the damage at all, or at best they are tossing up moderate damage I like to pick this up. The 155 AP and 30% more of your total AP equals you hit like a Truck. Not some Nissan, but a huge Mack Dump Truck rolling down a hill unable to stop.

This item is a must in situations where the other team is stacking MR. With your Masteries for the +15% Magic Pen, your getting a total of 55% Magic Pen with this item alone, plus the 70 AP your gaining. This and the Hat are insane.

I have seen many guides out there that place this in core items, to be honest you really should not be relying on your AA's to kill champs. Thats why we are getting Lich Bane so that after every ability we use and AA to deal a good amount of damage rather than your bad damage from regular AA's. I highly recommend not even giving this a try unless the other team is full Melee and are quick to run. Even then Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the better item in my mind cause when they start to run you can Siphon and they are slowed so you can get back up with them then keep up while you have your Creeping Death on and they usually never get away unless they have help or they are Yi.

So if your looking to do even more damage and gain some more spell steal while your destroying your opponents. So with your defense up, lich bane bought then grab this and the hat and your gonna go into any fight and sit there while they try to kill you but all that happens is your gonna heal all they drop on you. Its so much fun >.<!!

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Choose your Lane

Ok, to start lets go ahead and look at where Mordekaiser excels at.

Bottom Lane

Here your gonna be great, however, there is a small drawback that needs to be taken into account. Your an insane Farmer. This leads to your laning partner almost getting starved if you don't take turns ripping through waves. Your also gonna have a hard time not pushing them back to their tower, which leads to their jungler coming down and taking you both out. I personally get over amped and push too hard when I'm in a 2v2 lane and it costs me and my team, so I try to Solo lane as much as I can.

Here are some Great Lane Partners for Mord though:
Jarvan IV
Nunu & Willump

Mid Lane

This is where your gonna be your strongest. Your in a Solo Lane with another Solo Champ all the time. You will be able to Farm till your hearts content and you will have Faster Xp, all that you as Mord love and hold dear. Though there is only one draw back to this, and it is minor in my eyes. The jungler on the opposite team. 2 ways in to get you, but your tanky. I personally don't fear them at all, I will build my Warden's Mail after I get my Negatron Cloak if the mid champ is AP just for the Jungler, but if they are AD then I just get Warden's Mail first then the Negatron Cloak cause your still gonna need FoN.

Champs to Watch For in Mid:
other Mordekaisers

Top Solo

This is where your gonna have most of your fun. If its 1v2 then you don't have to worry about a jungler, and if its 1v1 then follow the same idea as Mid Lane.

If its 1v2 then you have to ***es what they have to deal with. If they are both Melee Champs your gonna love it, Max out Creeping Death and ask for fights. Though some times it doesn't work out your way. I have personally gotten that 'First Blood' 'Double Kill' all in one and I have also gotten slaughtered off of miscalculation of their output. You can only provoke fights after your first trip back to pick up Armor and Boots, or MR and Boots. This increases your chances of winning and making them cry. I have made a Jax and Xin Zhoa team cry when I got Double Kill after Double kill and the Jax Rage quit. Nothing is more enjoyable than to make someone rage quit over changing lanes like a smart player.

This lane is the most rewarding but highest risk there is at the same time. Let them push to your tower grab all the gold, if they attack you under your tower, just stand there with your Creeping Death up and keep them attacking till they die. I've had so many Master Yi's tower dive only to not kill me, and die themselves. Which in the case they do succeed, you have Teleport, so get back there and the other champ that survived will back off really quick.

Here as I said is the largest risk. Ranged lane is not fun at all for mord. A Miss Fortune and Caitlyn combo is pretty much your worst nightmare. In this instance, you need to get someone up with you that has a slow at the very minimum. Your 1v2 needs to be a 2v2 hands down.

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Standard Game Runthrough

At the start of any game you want to look at what your gonna be up against and prioritize what your planning to build. Mord is one of the few champs that you can really build just about anything and do very well as long as you build your defense first. Not saying you can build AD AS and be great, but it is fun.

Ok for your Ease, I will color coding items as Magic Resist, Armor, and Offense.

So lets get to the good stuff.

Early Game

Ok starting off as I said take a look to see what they are gonna throw at you. If most of their team is AD, then start off with a Doran's Shield, otherwise grab a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion. These 2 items will ensure that you are gonna stay in your lane for just about forever, and with Teleport you can go back when your ready for your first Defensive item being a Negatron Cloak if your laning against some AP champs, or the Warden's Mail if they are AD. This sets you up for your first kill. With just having this Defense you can try to 1v2 and if you don't run and stand your ground, you will get that kill. However if they are ranged, you should just play with care till your jungler comes to gank. If you have a jungler, make sure you have an aggressive move every now and again. What this does is puts them at ease and gets use to you trying to push back by yourself as they will forget about the jungler eventually and when the gank comes, boom, you get one or both kills.

Your entire early game is building your platform for Defense. This is very important and you can not skip no matter what. Those who do, I watch get owned by the other team all day long, and can't live long enough to get the gold they need for all other items and usually fall far behind in levels rather than getting ahead like Mord needs.

So you around level 8 now, you've gotten your first kill, got your first defensive item, and your set of boots you need. Well your now ready to start working on the other side of the Defense, obviously if you already have Warden's Mail, pick up your Negatron Cloak and if you can afford it, a Giant's Belt will be your first step towards your Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Mid Game

Now Mid Game is where the Laning phase is over, this is how I personally separate my games. So usually at this point you have a bit of staying power in Team fights and if you don't you have to figure out who on the other team is dishing out what hurts you and counter it.

Though usually, I find that if you have followed the early phase to the letter, your really stable, so I either pick up Sheen or finish off my Rylai's Crystal Scepter. But if they are, finish off either Force of Nature of Randuin's Omen. The reason for picking up Sheen is simple, more output, making your more of a threat, and making the other team not ignore you and hopefully focus you over your Carries.

Your job here in team fights is to get right up in the middle of the fights. With your Creeping Death on your gonna be putting a hurt on their entire team while your there. As with any champ, focus their Carry's. By doing so 1 of 2 things is gonna happen, either they stay and become your Ghost and help kill the rest of them, or they run and leave the fight as a 5v4. This means that your not gonna get an Ace, but if they run then they will be low enough to not be able to defend that turret your about to drop.

Before Late or End Game your Item Build should look like this:

This build you will be downing turrets with procs from Sheen if you take your time to kill the minions heading your way preping for the next turret with a nice and healthy wave of your minions.

Late/End Game

This is where your real destruction begins and where you can really change it up a bit. Or if its a pretty close game stick to the build, otherwise mix it up a bit.

At this point your pretty set in the ways of Defense for the most part. If your still getting hit hard by the AD champ get the Zhonya's Hourglass, otherwise finish off Lich Bane. Now I look to building more damage if I'm not taking that much. So building a Rabadon's Deathcap for so much more output that they are gonna just get dropped.

Ok, and through the entire game, if you have a jungler on your team, don't kill any of your jungle, cause they hate it, when I personally jungle I can't stand it cause it messes up my continual rotations if we aren't team fighting. However raiding their jungle is perfectly fine. But I don't touch buffs, leave Red buff for your AD carry and leave Blue for your AP carry.

Guide Top


To close this out, I will only ask one thing.

Try out the build before you rate and comment.

I like feedback and would love to see your results of this guide and love to hear where your having problems with anything.

Thanks, and don't forget, turn on your favorite matal, turn it up, and DEEEESTRRRRROOOOYYYY!!!