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Lulu Build Guide by Idleangelo

Support How to be annoying | 1mil points

Support How to be annoying | 1mil points

Updated on June 5, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Idleangelo Build Guide By Idleangelo 392 21 827,357 Views 23 Comments
392 21 827,357 Views 23 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Idleangelo Lulu Build Guide By Idleangelo Updated on June 5, 2023
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Fruxo (316) | August 5, 2022 11:21pm
Hey there Idleangelo,
You asked for a guide review in this thread. So here it is.

click for review
Idleangelo (2) | August 5, 2022 11:43pm
thanks for the review! I'll tackle all the points you made one by one during the following weeks :D
Sovereign Kitten (84) | April 27, 2021 9:52pm

Hello IDLEANGELO! You big cutie you. I was notified that I had received a request! I can definitely be of assistance, everyone has to have a desire to battle the competition with guides to do better with the content that they can provide. I'll try my best to help with what little you have.

Alright so. I am not a big fan of using the Multi-Champion selection for different builds. If you want to talk about items while doing multiple builds, you would want to showcase Guardian builds and Aery build as item sets with item builds inside. You can do so much better of a job without 2 Lulu sections.


You see a nice huge improvement, having to click through so many prompts to get to literally the same page multiple times, can be cut in 75% of the content and condensed into a nice presentable display. This is a cheat-sheet section, not a dictionary. Keep that in mind, people want easy to access information, now, not clutter.

I can agree with the whole wanting to use multiple different runes, as sub-runes for each set. But try to stick with the basic standard and leave some notes to alternatives you have a dedicated section already.

You have champion match-ups nice and simple information here, which is wonderful to have.

So when it comes to guides, you want to keep it basic and on-point. The Jin Studios video, as talented and great are his Teemo videos has no real reason for being here on this guide. It doesn't give a reader anything but a distraction. So try to only use videos that are actually beneficial to the content you are providing.

Could definitely use some work. You do try to use some code like columns and what not, but fall short due to improper use of spacing / sizes. Guardian & Aery section to be more precise. You would also be better off adding in a nextcol width=15 in between text and icons, just to make it look cleaner and not too squished.

Scrolling down to your rune descriptions and alter-runes, is a place I would expect to see all of the runes you had in the cheatsheet above, currently. But alas, you have left an open center in the middle on Secondary Runes Domination. Definitely go back and close it, as it isn't consistent with the rest of the content.

You have an open center code here

It is also weird to see each rune bigger / smaller, there isn't anything special about sub-runes to warrant making them different sizes, unless you're trying to make them the focus over the rest? Either way, I think simply keeping them all the same size for consistency's sake. This section will be nice and tidy then.

Scrolling down to you're Ability Tips and Tricks we see something to be desired here. That Jin Studio video was the only video on your guide, and it was rather irrelevant. So why don't you add in some visual content that is showcasing the champion using their abilities? Typing about a skill is one thing, but showcasing it is another.

Despite that, it's all nice looking besides Pix, since everything else is being pushed out. I would suggest dropping the column in between the others talking about the abilities damage and costs and simply remove it, as one can just hover over the icons provided for the details of the skill. Which I show in the spoiler below.


Moving along to your item section, it's kind of a clustered mess. I would definitely advise you put a space in between each item so it doesn't all get squished together, give some room for your reader to breath. It's overwhelming and can sometimes cause people to get lost.


The last thing I would like to mention is all of the bullet points you have that are being pushed out from the left, doesn't really need to be there, it's taking up a lot of blank space while other text just goes normally, while being in all bold. What you're trying to talk about here would be better in a spoiler text explaining neatly.

W max or just E max

Just like the next section, with the spoilers. You can name them by adding =TEXT NAME after [spoiler this ultimately frees up space allowing you to remove "BlueSide" and "RedSide" text. Which again is neat.

You have the basis of a basic guide down, but it's very inconsistent, and messy as it is currently, while lacking visuals and detail. I would suggest you get right of the bullet points, as I find them to be a distraction.

It also makes coding them in to match other text difficult sometimes. Especially with having to use columns.

Either way, long story short. You can abuse spoilers, and fix some code here and there which will tidy up your guide. You can take a look at other users guides to get a feel for what I mean by that.

Idleangelo (2) | April 27, 2021 10:10pm
Thanks for the really fast and well detailed feedback! Ill definitely try to fix everything you mentioned as soon as I get more free time. Again, really appreciate the help :D
Sovereign Kitten (84) | April 27, 2021 10:12pm
I'm not the Yordle Scout for nothing. Hehehaha!
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