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Lulu Build Guide by Idleangelo

Support 🦋 How to be annoying | 2 mil points | S14

Support 🦋 How to be annoying | 2 mil points | S14

Updated on May 18, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Idleangelo Build Guide By Idleangelo 472 27 1,089,249 Views 27 Comments
472 27 1,089,249 Views 27 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Idleangelo Lulu Build Guide By Idleangelo Updated on May 18, 2024
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Lulu
  • LoL Champion: Lulu
    Off Meta (WIP)

Runes: Safe Scaling

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Font of Life

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Ability Order E max vs poke, 3E -> W max vs engage

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
💜About Me
Hi! My name is Angelo and I play on the OCE server. Started playing league in late 2019. I currently have around 2 million points and I still want to improve on her. I don't play ranked often as it stresses me out. This is my first guide and any criticism is highly appreciated!

Current League ID (OCE): Idleangelo

(nice) 👍

Add me on discord or comment if you have any questions or want to talk!

I stream sometimes on twitch (hiatus for now)

League of graphs page!
Thanks for reading my guide!
💜Recent changes
May- Changed item cheatsheet for 14.10

Feb 23- Lulu buff! Shields and Damage feels much more reliable early game. Updated runes and items in cheatsheet.
Feb 7 - Updated Item section to S14! changed a lot of notes and names in cheatsheet.

Jan 29 - Testing speed lulu build. Added speed lulu runepage
Jan 22 - Added Shurelyas as a potential rush
Jan 15 - More comprehensive cheatsheet
Jan 10 - S14 testing, initial draft on cheatsheet
Guardian (vs engage)
Summon Aery (vs mages/enchanters)
Easier for new players to pick up as you are not as squishy with this page, and doesnt require you to poke to get the most use of it.

Guardian is also a great rune when you think you're going to have a hard time in lane. It is especially useful when going against long range supports like Lux or Vel'Koz, and when going against hard engage botlane combos ( Tristana and Nautilus, or Draven & Leona, etc.)

Guardian can proc when you ally cast Help, Pix!, Whimsy and Wild Growth.

Summon Aery is the alternative keystone you could take. The damage part of it is helpful in laning phase as Lulu can poke or trade insanely well against most supports, so make sure to try and make use of it!

The shielding part is better in the mid-late game where your damage becomes more irrelevant, although it is not as big as Guardian.

+ Makes Lulu more tanky
+ Access to Revitalize rune
+ Harder to punish postioning mistakes
+ Nice to bring against All-in/Hard engage comps ( Draven & Pantheon)
+ More popular option to bring right now due to the dominance of burst damage teams.
+ Stronger shields than Summon Aery.
+ Summon Aery is good early for the poke and later on for the shields
+ Can proc Ardent Censer with Whimsy to ally
+ Nice to bring in lanes where you can trade without dying
+ Trades will be stronger.
+ Slightly higher CDR than Guardian because of Transcendence

- Your trades will deal less damage due to not having Summon Aery and/or Scorch.
- Loses access to proc Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water from ally cast Whimsy.
- Less ability haste than the Summon Aery tree.

- Squishier than Guardian as you won't get any defensive stats from your runes and items.
- Will have smaller shields than Guardian midgame onwards.
- Summon Aery is hard to control in teamfights where you would be switching up doing damage and shielding allies

Summary: Bring Guardian for more heals and shields. Summon Aery for more early game damage.

Font of Life is the main option, enemies hit with Glitterlance, Whimsy, or Wild Growth's AOE will be marked, and allies attacking the marked enemy will get a small heal.
Font of life tip

Demolish is another rune you could take, especially if you know you will be pushing them into their tower often. Getting early plates, or even the tower can help you snowball your lead even further. Sometimes it also makes the enemy botlane force an engage which would be beneficial for you.

Shield Bash affects you when you shield yourself. Not worth it.
Second Wind I've had more games where ive healed more than what Bone Plating gives, more value when going against poke lanes like Ezreal, Seraphine.

Conditioning will give you extra armour and magic resist after 12 minutes. You will get even more total armour and magic resist, making this rune more valuable than Second Wind and Bone Plating. (Take only with Locket of the Iron Solari)

Bone Plating gives more value when trading against bigger damage instances in the early game.
Revitalize is a good rune that increases your heals and shields by 5%, and an additional 10% when the target is below 40% hp. This ability doesn't work with your ult Wild Growth.
Revitalize synergies

Unflinching is a good rune to take especially when going against high slows and cc. If you're going Locket of the Iron Solari, you will be even harder to kill, and you really can stay around the 30% HP threshold for quite a while.

Overgrowth will give you more health, which means better scaling on font of life and guardian. My playstyle makes me rarely ever near minions in the mid-late game, but you can take it if you feel like you're going to get more value out of it.
Cheap Shot will do more damage but will only proc mainly from your Glitterlance or polymorph. Hard to get value out of it unless going for a damage build.

Taste of Blood will help with giving more sustain, but this could be solved by buying Refillable Potion.

Sudden Impact is useless as Lulu doesnt have a dash.
Zombie Ward more wards are always helpful for the team. Has really good synergy with Ingenious Hunter's cooldown reduction on Oracle Lens.
Zombie ward tip

Ghost Poro feels worse than Zombie Ward.

Eyeball Collection is bad since support lulu doesnt make use of too much ability power.
Ingenious Hunter is a great rune to bring for Lulu as the reduced item cooldown helps with teamfights and skirmishes, lets you clear out vision more often, forcing the enemy to have to facecheck bushes/give control of objectives.
ingenious hunter item reduction times

Relentless Hunter is a another great alternative if you want to impact other parts of the map, Don't ever take this with Mobility Boots.
movement speed difference

Ultimate Hunter shortens your ultimate, which is decent if you dont like the other options.
Wild Growth at 120/100/80 -> 90/75/60

Treasure Hunter gives a total of 550 gold, which will give you your first few item power spikes faster. (don't bring if you want to wait to scale up with your ADC)

Nullifying Orb is only good against double AP botlanes.

Manaflow Band gives you 25 mana per ability hit on a cooldown, up to 250 bonus mana, Lulu uses quite a bit of mana in the laning phase so more mana sustain is always helpful.

Nimbus Cloak helps you engage/disengage as the movespeed can be uesd to your advantage.
Transcendence is important for the CDR as having Whimsy and Help, Pix! cooldowns lowered makes you able to make plays more often.

Celerity is mainly worth when bringing alongside Shurelya's Battlesong / Mobility Boots / Relentless Hunter.

Absolute Focus is bad as lulu doesnt need too much AP.
Gathering Storm gives free ap every 10 minutes. It outvalues scorch at 20 minutes onwards. If your games take an average of 30-40 minutes, this rune is fine.

Scorch helps with trading in laning phase but has really bad scaling. It's almost as strong as the aery damage you'll be doing at the same time.

Waterwalking is the worst option of the 3, you can already move up river pretty fast with Whimsy.
💜Items S14

Ability haste conversion chart

Chart (Bright light warning!)


Support upgrades

Solstice Sleigh
Speed is a important stat for Lulu, and in the early game this will help you engage/disengage a lot easier.

Dmg resist
Celestial Opposition
Mostly useful against burst and mages. or when youre outranged.

ADC buff
Dream Maker
Please bring with Font of Life. Especially useful if adc knows what theyre doing and youre sitting theyre the ones looking for plays.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity 💜
Cdr is a very important stat for Lulu. Buying this item first back is good as it really helps with your trades and cooldowns (especially polymorph) to give you a better chance in winning those 2v2 skirmishes.
If you feel slow, take Relentless Hunter. (Buy this first back if you can)

Boots of Swiftness 💜
As slows are also appearing more often (especially vs Senna or Ashe, etc), this item could help with trading in lane/positioning in teamfights.

Plated Steelcaps
Only really worth buying when enemy team is 4+ AD champions. More effective with Guardian (extra bonuses from Conditioning) than Summon Aery.

Mercury's Treads
Buy against high CC or 4+ AP teams.

Boots of Mobility
For when you want to help the other lanes more than your own for whatever reason. The out of combat movement speed really helps with roaming and vision control, although it drops down to only +25 while in combat, so be cautious of your teamfight positioning.

Rushable items

Shurelya's battlesong 💜
Shurelya's Battlesong got nuked with new season 14 item changes but it still remains one of lulu's more consistent items to buy due to movespeed being an important stat for everyone.

Mikael's Blessing
A decent option if the enemy has a lot of CC (crowd control). Could potentially be bought first if the enemy botlane combo relies on cc to engage ( Ashe and Thresh for example). If they don't have a lot of CC , just skip this item.
Important tip: it also cleanses CC that happens 0.2 seconds after it has been used! Making hard CC self cleanses possible.
Self cleanse

AOE Heal
This item can just turn teamfights around. The range on the active is also pretty long, so you can give your team heals from across the map! Always find an opportunity to use this item even after you're dead. Don't hold it for that "perfect teamwide heal", it's still fine if you use it on 2-3 people. I also like to use this item to check the status of baron/dragon, when it's not safe to walk in or you have no vision.

Oblivion orb
Hold onto this until last item if needed, the full Morellonomicon stats doesnt really beneifit much for Lulu.

Help ADC
Ardent Censer
Go for ardents early only if your ADC/Attack speed teammate is doing well. I usually buy this after Mikael's Blessing/ Redemption if needed.

Help APC
Staff of Flowing Water
10 less AP than Ardent Censer, but the passive is better suited for APCs like Syndra, Swain, Veigar, or non attack speed based ADCs like Ezreal or Jhin. Also gives 20 AH when the rapids passive is up, which should be permanent in teamfights. Best synergy with Moonstone Renewer.

Imperial Mandate
Mostly good when adc cant make use of your buffs (think Ezreal or Jhin), and youre winning lane hard.

Common items

The only good option for antiheal for enchanters. Chemtech Putrifier you will be missed..

Knight's Vow
The passive is what makes this item worth getting, 10-20% of damage taken by your carry is redirected towards you. Get Knight's Vow when you have a win condition carry in your team, and the enemy team has assassins that can burst your carry down.
Try to get when you have at least 2-3 other healing and shielding items to make use of its full value.

Vs AoE
Locket of the iron solari
A decent pick just to counter 3+ assassins/burst teams, it has even more value against AOE ults like Katarina or Fiddlesticks. Makes you considerably tanky, just be sure to polymorph the most fed assassin. Get Faerie Charm early to offset the lack of mana regen.


Anathema's chains
If the enemy team has only 1 fed person on their team, this item can really screw them over. They'll constantly be dealing 30% less damage to you, and your polymorph will last longer on them, 2.7 seconds max. Anathemas also gives you more ability haste and survivability.
If combined with Locket of the Iron Solari, it makes you really hard to kill!

Frozen heart
Against 4+ AD auto attackers you can get this, combined with Plated Steelcaps will make you really hard to kill.

Zhonya's hourglass
Only buy if the above armor/MR items could not protect you. Most useful against fed assassins.

vs yuumi
Frozen heart
If no one in your team can build this, and enemy has a Yuumi, this item will screw her over.

Umbral Glaive
Mostly useful against Shaco and Teemo, it will kill their traps faster. Rushable against them too.

Vigilant Wardstone
You can place an extra ward and control ward, good item of finish off your build. You can skip this if you want to buy another common/situational item, but I really enjoy getting this last (if your games even last this long).
💜Ability Tips and Tricks
Pix, Faerie companion (Passive)
  • For Spellthief's Edge: If safe to do so, stay clear of enemy minions so that your passive can hit the enemy champion, giving you +40 gold per auto.
  • Using E (enemy cast) before using your auto will also accomplish the same thing, as pix will be located around the enemy champion you targeted. This will give you +60 gold.
Basic skill showcase

Ability tips/mechanics video

Glitterlance (Q)
  • Hitting both bolts of Glitterlance now deals 25% extra damage.
  • Damage doesn't decrease when it hits minions before your target!
  • Dealing full damage is made easier by using E (enemy cast) on the enemy champion beforehand, though doing so costs more mana.
  • Q + Flash makes for a good engage towards a low health enemy.
Basic skill showcase

Ability Tips/mechanics video

Whimsy (W)
  • Most of your W casts will be on the enemy (polymorph) as it is a very valuable skill used to make them vulnerable for your team to burst down. Keep checking the scoreboard to see who in the enemy team is fed and keep a mental note on who to prioritize the usage of polymorph in a teamfight.
  • W (ally cast) is mainly used for chasing down an enemy, usually when it's safe, or when the enemies near your carry are just tanks.
  • Fed assassins have a higher priority to get polymophed than fed bruisers, but usually you can get away with polymorphing the fed enemy that gets to your carry first.
  • Another use for this ability is to interrupt channeled enemy abilities ( Samira's Inferno Trigger, Miss Fortune's Bullet Time, etc).
  • W (enemy cast) is a projectile so it can be blocked by Yasuo's Wind Wall and Samira's Blade Whirl.
  • Never overlap polymorph with Exhaust, it is a waste. You could either wait for polymorph to end, or use it on another target while polymorph is active.
Basic skill showcase

Ability tips/mechanics video

Help, pix! (E)
  • E (enemy cast) is mainly useful in the early game for the extra damage. After laning phase its primary use is to counter stealth champions such as Akali, Senna, or Shaco preventing their stealth as E (enemy cast) gives true sight when cast on an enemy.
  • E (ally cast) will get stronger the later the game goes. Ally cast will be your main way to use Help, Pix! after laning phase.
  • E (ally cast) on minions then using Glitterlance is possible to interrupt an enemy recall who is far away, or even a sneaky way to get a kill on a low health enemy. It is not recommended (especially early game) as it uses a lot of mana. You're wasting a shield/true sight you can use to help your team.
Basic skill showcase

Ability Tips/mechanics video

Wild Growth (R)
  • Ult Priority: Carry is getting jumped on or is low -> saving it to cancel a channelled ultimate ability or dash canceling -> ulting your tank after engaging (only when other carries are safe)
  • The remaining bonus health will "heal" your target for that amount, and cant be stopped by anti-heal.
  • Using it on a fed ally melee champion can help chase enemies down due to the aura slow.
  • Using it on an ally when there's an enemy right on top of them can give space between your target and the enemy champion so you can aim your polymorph easier.
  • Can be used to bait enemy champions to diving you when you or the ADC is low health under tower.
Basic skill showcase

Ability tips/mechanics video
Laning Combos

E + AA + Q + (AA)

Enemy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~if safe
+ + +( )

Bread and Butter

AA + E + Q + (AA)

~~~~~~~Self/Enemy~~~~~~~~~~~~if safe
+ + +( )

Enemy trades back

Engage Combos

E + Q + W

+ +

Extended Q range

Flash R + W (wait) Q + (AA)

~~~~~~~Self~~~~~Enemy~~~~~~~~~~~~~if safe
+ (wait) +( )

Mini Malphite

Q Flash + W (walk) R + E + AA

+ (walk) + +

Max distance Engage

Using ally (frontline or ADC with dash)

R + E + Q + W

+ + +

Follow up engage

Anti Assassin Combos

R + W (wait) E + Q + AA

+ (wait) + +

The Anti Fun combo

Assassin has spellshield

Q/E + R + W + E/Q + AA
+ + + +

Real Game Examples

anti assassin + locket

Peeling for adc
💛Early Game

Lulu has really good early game damage, and can outrade most champions (including ADCs) pre-6. If there is anything to take away from this guide, PLAY AGGRESIVE.

(Learn how to 1v2 trades and contest most cs the enemy adc is trying to get)

Tips to win more trades in lane
-Try to get level 2 before the enemy does (by autoing the wave and/or using skills on it) which will allow you to play more aggressive and maybe even zone them off CS.
- Lulu's lv 2 all in is really strong, even enough to get their summoner spells or a kill, make sure you walk up to them first!
-Poke the ADC when they are going for CS.
-Poke melee supports (if safe to do so) when they're going to last hit minions
Unsafe examples: Leona, Pantheon, Alistar, when their main engage ability is up.
-Poke ranged supports after they used their main poking tool
Decide to do 3E W max or just E max

More specific guidelines in matchups chapter!
💛Mid-Late Game
Protect your carry! 💜
-Use your spells on your carry (doesn't have to be ADC when he isn't fed/doing well) when in teamfights
-Make sure to polymorph the strongest member of the enemy team. Interrupting channelled AOE abilities is also important.
-You can leave your ADC alone if he is farming/freezing safely under his turret, but when he starts pushing make sure to ward the surrounding areas and/or accompany him in pushing.

Ward objectives at least 1 minute 30 seconds before it spawns
-Your support item wards lasts 2 mins and 30 seconds
- Control Wards will be crucial here to deny vision. Make your enemies facecheck their way into the objectives/bushes and delay their advance!
-If possible, ask someone nearby to help you ward (escort) when you dont know where the enemies are.
-With map awareness you can definitely pull off solo ward/deep warding missions.
- Mikael's Blessing will help you ward against high cc/global ults ( Twisted Fate ult, Pantheon ult, etc) when solo warding.

💛Support Matchups
General Rules:
  • Get level 2 first when you can, it lets you zone the enemy off / win a trade / start an all in with your adc.
  • Against engage you'll want to try to freeze the wave under your own tower so they cant engage on you or your ADC. Getting your wave frozen under enemy turret will give them many opportunities to engage and get ganked by the enemy jungler.
  • Start Q Glitterlance against melee and E Help, Pix! against ranged.
  • Get boots first (tier 1 / tier 2) if it's a lane where you need to dodge skillshots.
  • Mikael's Blessing first if enemy sup + adc + jungler has lots of cc. (ie: Ashe+ Leona+ Lillia

  • Getting level 2 first is important here as Alistar is useless until he gets his W+Q combo. You can zone the enemy botlane out once you get the level 2 lead.
  • Beware his Flash + W combo under enemy turret.
  • Some alistars will bring Hextech Flashtraption so keep wards up in bushes and maybe ward the alcove if he keeps hex-flashing from there.
  • He will likely roam alot so remember to ping missing and use that opportunity to zone the enemy ADC from farming.
  • You can use input buffering to polymorph his Headbutt+ Pulverize combo at max range, but only his Pulverize will still go through.
  • Focus the enemy ADC when he engages.


  • Bush control will give you an advantage here. you can start Oracle Lens to be even more annoying.
  • Shield yourself when youre trading with him, unless you know that his Q Cosmic Binding is down, then using E auto Q on him will chunk a decent amount.
  • Deep wards in the enemy jungle will help spot out bard when he is roaming. When you know that he is nowhere near botlane, zone the ADC.
  • Don't stick too close to your ADC, as a double stun from bard usually means that you will lose the trade.

  • If the enemy ADC is also strong early game, like Lucian / Samira, consider starting Relic Shield.
  • Keep bushes warded and hide behind minions.
  • Freezing the wave under your tower will deny Blitzcrank opportunities to engage.
  • Ideally when they engage, your carry gets hooked. That way, you can polymorph the enemy ADC and shield your carry before too much damage is done.

  • You can manipulate brand to push the wave by standing inside your minions when you are trading with him. then as soon as the wave freezes, get away from your own wave.
  • He is actually squishy so you can trade back with him. Try to dodge his Q.
  • Recommend going tier 1 or 2 boots into Locket of the Iron Solari.

  • Really easy matchup, but if Lucian is the ADC, start Relic Shield.
  • Bait out his Q Winter's Bite by dancing around your minion wave and you can trade or all in him.
  • He can block your polymorph so be careful where you position yourself.
  • If his stuns are proving to be annoying for you, you can rush Mikael's Blessing.

  • Shield yourself when she tries to trade. Combo: Shield self - Q - Auto.
  • Deep wards will help spot her when she roams to mid / your jungle.
  • Her shield cooldown ( Eye of the Storm) is 16 seconds at level 1 while yours ( Help, Pix!) is just 8 seconds, you can look to trade with her more often when you have your own abilities up.

  • You can make her push the wave if you stand around your minion waves (dont do this without your shield).
  • Your shield will negate her Q Inner Flame damage, even her R Q combo (not the second proc).
  • Her Shield cooldown is 10 seconds.
  • Try to take control of bushes when her Q is down.
  • You will outscale her mid-late game.

  • Recommend going Relic Shield.
  • Leona's E Zenith Blade has 900 range, so you cant trade with autos/ Help, Pix! until she uses it.
  • If she hides in a bush and you ward it, she will most likely just auto-Q-auto your ward, instantly killing it. You have to predict which bush she will camp beforehand (Consider your ADC and enemy ADC waveclear potential.)
  • Freeze wave under your turret if possible, and put deep wards/river wards to spot her roaming.
  • Recommend Mikael's Blessing first unless your ADC already has cleanse.

  • Shield her E Lucent Singularity, your shield is cheaper so she should run out of mana faster than you.
  • if she uses her Q Light Binding and misses, you can use ally Whimsy on yourself or your ADC, and start all inning or trading.
  • if your ADC keeps getting hit by her Q, rush Mikael's Blessing.

  • His W Twisted Advance range is 525, I recommend poking him with your Q.
  • Stay clear of bushes, very likely for him to toss a couple saplings there.
  • If his E Sapling Toss hits you or your carry, your shield will negate all the damage.
  • Mikael's Blessing will make him miss his W Q combo if you use it the instant his W hits, also helps deny his ult. Recommend rushing it.

  • You will outrade her with your combo. If she misses her Q Dark Binding, she is just a walking target.
  • Her auto range is also really short, at 450 units (vs Lulu's 550).
  • Same with Brand, playing around your minion wave will make her push the wave to you, making it easier to freeze.
  • Deep/River wards will spot her when she roams.
  • Her Black Shield will block polymorph and the knockup from your ult Wild Growth. You can wait for her to Black Shield her carry/herself then focus the other.
  • Reccomend rushing Mikael's Blessing.

  • Annoying matchup, her E ( Tidecaller's Blessing) + auto/W ( Ebb and Flow) + Q Aqua Prison is deadly if you or your ADC gets hit.
  • Nami will win trades with just her W if it bounces back to her. Try to damage the ADC or herself to force a defensive W.
  • Nami's Q cooldown is 12 seconds and E is 11 seconds. Keep track of these to decide whether you want to trade or not.
  • Get early boots tier 1 or Boots of Swiftness (optional) so you can have a better chance to dodge her Q.
  • You can mikaels her Q stun! (even when it says Airborne)

  • Easy to try and poke, though it's just to get your spellthief quest done.
  • Play around your minion waves, makes you harder to hit.
  • Poly enemy ADC if the hook hits you or your ADC.
  • At level 6 he can force an engage with his ult Depth Charge, so make sure your wave is in a good spot by then.
  • Getting early tier 1 boots should be enough.

  • Relic Shield start is recommended due to his reliable point and click engage ( Shield Vault).
  • W Shield Vault is 400 units ( Lulu's auto is 550 units) with a cooldown of 13 seconds.
  • You can cancel his W with your knock up from Wild Growth.
  • Deep/River wards to spot him roaming/ulting to midlane and back.
  • Zone off ADC when he's not in lane. Back off when you see him start walking back to botlane as he can engage with his ult.

  • You can cancel his Q Bone Skewer with your polymorph.
  • Your ult counters his ult Death from Below if timed right before he uses his.
  • deep/river wards and control wards to spot him roaming mid. Zone enemy ADC if he isnt in lane.

  • Ward the lane bushes or take control of it.
  • You can cancel his W Grand Entrance if you input buffer your polymorph at him or by using your ult's knockup.
  • If he finishes using his W, polymorph the enemy ADC instead.
  • Rush tier 2 boots.

  • Start Q Glitterlance and dont overcommit to trades until you know what she levels first, Q Shattering Strike or W Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up.
  • Play more aggressive if she gets Q first.
  • Can't find the range of her W but I'm sure it's higher than your auto range, so be careful when you want to trade with her. Try to bait it out first.
  • She will be stuck in dismounted form for 11 seconds, and has really slow movement speed, 250 without boots, so that's the best time to trade/all in her.
  • Cancel her W with Ult.
  • highly recommend tier 2 boots first.

  • Reccomend taking Relic Shield, you usually dont want to trade with her as she'll just get her Absolution stacks.
  • Shield yourself if trading.
  • Without her W Last Embrace, she is weak to all ins.
  • You can get free poke when she is autoing the souls.

  • Reccomend taking Relic Shield, she really outranges you.
  • Try baiting out her E Beat Drop before continuing to trade with her.
  • E cooldown is 13 seconds.
  • take tier 2 boots first and it is possible to take Mikael's Blessing second if needed.

  • Take Oracle Lens to lane.
  • Always buy control wards in this matchup. It will deny his W Jack In The Box from sitting in a bush.
  • Face towards him when he casts his E Two-Shiv Poison so that the backstab damage wont proc.
  • Get mikaels after your mythic to deny his W and Ult Hallucinate.

  • You can start Oracle Lens to take control of bushes, her Q Hymn of Valor can't hit if she has no vision of you.
  • Shield yourself when trading with her, but if she has no Q then you want to E-auto-Q her instaed.
  • Force her to use W Aria of Perseverance as it is very costly and she will run out of mana very fast.
  • Very squishy, recommend taking Ignite
  • Get Oblivion Orb after your mythic/boots as her early game healing is not worth using grievous wounds on.
  • Target her in 2v2s if possible.

  • Very important to dodge her Q Starcall as if you get hit often, Soraka and her ADC will constantly be topped up.
  • Trade with her when her Q is down. Cooldown is 8 seconds.
  • Get tier 2 boots + Oblivion Orb.
  • Recommend going Ignite in this matchup.

  • Easy to poke out.
  • Main thing to be worried about is his E Dazzle + Flash combo.
  • Keep bushes warded so he cant sneak an engage.
  • Recommend tier 1 / 2 boots first to match his speed to dodge his E.

  • Play around your minion wave, and he will have a hard time hooking you. Keep bushes warded.
  • Thresh's Q Death Sentence cooldown is 20-12 seconds and his E Flay is 9 seconds with a range of 400 units.
  • Be wary of his Flash + E Flay combo, That's usually the way for him to get a guaranteed hook.
  • Deep/River wards will spot him out when he roams and prepare you for junglers to come in with his W Dark Passage. Zone enemy ADC when he's not in lane.
  • Tier 2 boots first. Get mikaels only if you/your ADC keeps getting hooked.

  • Respect her Empowered Q Prowling Projectile damage. 13-6 second cooldown.
  • Focus down ADC so shes forced to use her E Zoomies, it has a very high mana cost.
  • You can attempt to polymorph or knock her up with Wild Growth's aoe if shes detached. Good Yuumi players can bait this out.
  • Play around minion waves to avoid getting hit by her Q.
  • When she trades with her passive ( Feline Friendship) up you have to shield yourself.
  • Get early Oblivion Orb.
  • Reccomend bringing Ignite


  • Your Q Glitterlance will 1 shot her plants unless theyre the empowered version.
  • Bait out her abilities by dancing around her seeds and trading back when she misses.
  • Can go all in / extended trade if her E Grasping Roots is down.
  • Get tier 1 / 2 boots first.

💚Special thanks!
Friends in my discord server for helping me with videos.
BBCode guide for help with formatting and giving templates for runes.
Sovereign-kitten For reviewing my guide and giving great, well detailed feedback!
Lulu mains Reddit and Lulu mains Discord for providing great answers and details about the champion!

That's all for the guide! Thanks for reading and see ya in the rift!
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