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Anivia General Guide by SkyzSpark

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkyzSpark

How to play anivia: The complete guide

SkyzSpark Last updated on July 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Summoner Spells

are really the two best options for anivia. Other guides out there mention clarity/exhaust/teleport but those summoners are not advantageous for these reasons:

is a bad summoner simply because it is rendered useless if the champion has blue buff, and even though anivia runs out of mana often, clarity does not provide any utility or usefulness after the first 6 levels or until you get blue buff.

is not needed because anivia already has plenty of slows that will be redundant when combined with exhaust. The only reason I would take this summoner is if the opposing mid was an ad assassin/carry with no blink spells because that would allow exhaust to effectively negate their damage while letting you hit your q easily.

is a decent choice with anivia because it allows you to roam effectively without missing much cs, but I still don't recommend it because of the kill potential that ignite brings in lane. Only bring teleport if you are looking to rush an early for bot/top lane ganks.

is probably the 3rd best summoner on anivia and is viable against hard-counter lanes such as fizz/kassadin/leblanc. This summoner sets you up to play defensively and farm for the late game.

is the best summoner for anivia because it provides the most kill potential and allows you to burst the enemy down with a q+e+ignite combo at level 3. This results in many first bloods which is why ignite is the best summoner spell on anivia.

is a must on almost every champion right now. Flash is especially useful since anivia has no natural escapes and lacks mobility against early game ganks. If you don't take flash you will probably get ganked at level 3 and give the enemy team first blood.

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Item Descriptions

Start with +5x +1x +sight ward for lane sustain.
For your first back you should grab a and work towards a .
Buy items as you have money for them and don't build until your is fully stacked and you have already bought and .
Here is why you build these 5 items
/ helps provide mana to sustain you through all parts of the game and the active provides tankiness that helps you survive teamfights (you can also use it in as described below). provides 246 AP combined with rod of ages (including rabadons passive). That adds 493 damage to your Q/E burst and the items also give you a total of 980 extra health (including max mana seraph's shield) which is almost equivalent to a .
This item gives you tankiness and provides mana in lane. Get this early to give it time to stack for the late game. It also has great synergy with as stated above.
Since has a natural slow/stun with her , does twice as much damage and burns enemies for 4% of their current health for 3 seconds. It also gives anivia even more tankiness and magic penetration.
This is a core item for almost every AP carry because it gives you 30% extra AP. I normally get this as my 5th item because the items mentioned above provide more utility to Anivia's mid game.
These are just standard boots for every AP mid, homeguard gets you to late faster. Buy these whenever you back and have around 775 gold.
After you finish those 5 items, you can build one of the following situational items: Here are the situations where you would build each of them.
Abyssal: The enemy has fed ap casters and/or your team has double ap so you want to lower their magic resist.
The enemy team is a mixture of ap/ad and is targeting you and your team has enough damage for teamfights (This item also gives you extra health in your egg so it is very good).
The enemy team is a mixture of ap/ad and is targeting you and your team still needs some damage/utility to lock down people in teamfights with the extra slow.
Your team has too much tankiness/utility and needs you to be the sole damage source for your team. This can sometimes happen when your team has an AD carry such as varus, kennen, or ashe.
If you are against a poke composition such as Jayce/Caitlyn/Ezreal/Nidalee/Xerath and need to heal off the minion waves to stay in teamfights.
Alternative to will of the ancients, gives cdr but less AP. Build this if you don't have anyone on your team that benefits from spell vamp.
You are being targeted against an all AD team and your team has enough damage to finish them off in teamfights while you use the Zhonya's active.

Why you don't build !
Many anivia's build this item because it gives you mana regen and solves many of anivia's mana issues. However, this item (post-nerfs), does not provide stats that are even remotely worth it on anivia. It gives 60 AP and only 40 magic resist. Although the cooldown reduction is nice this item doesn't give you enough stats to be worth the gold. If you are having trouble against an AP mid in lane you can purchase but athene's just takes up a vital item slot in the late game. If you need magic resist late game get instead.

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Your abilities

As anivia you max your first because of its tremendous burst that comes from chilling the enemy with either your or then using for maximum burst. I upgrade my e at level 3 because it increases in damage tremendously and often times allows me to get an early first blood. Here are a few tips with your skills.

Make sure to activate it again to stun your enemies whenever the is on top of them. Try to aim it at where they will stand to last hit (this is the easiest way to hit your stun as it is a rather slow skill shot). You can also use your to wall of the escape path from your in order to force your enemy into the skill shot. This is not an easy skill shot to hit but it becomes much easier with more practice. Your also does twice the damage if you activate the stun on your enemy.

There are numerous tricks you can do with this skill and it is also one of the most useful and underrated skills in the game. You can wall in wraiths in order to get them over the wall (Do not counter jungle this way unless BOTH the enemy mid and jungler are nowhere near the wraiths because it is a very easy way to get killed). You can use this skill to face check because it gives sight of the area around the wall.

You can use your to last hit under tower if you can't get it with autos. You should only use your on an enemy if EITHER: you have chilled your enemy so it will do double damage OR it will finish the enemy off without a chill. It is not mana-efficient to just harass with your without the chill because it doesn't do as much damage and costs a ton of mana. You can before you and then place your ult down on the enemy right before the projectile hits to get the double damage. This is your biggest damage dealing skill so you max it first and use it every time an enemy is chilled. At level 3 you can normally get first blood from 1 or 2 + combos because the damage on this skill is so strong.

Use this skill mostly to wave clear and chill your targets. Your ult is an easier way to chill your targets because it is not a slow-projectile like your . Note that this also slows the enemies attack speed so it is very effective in lane against . Make sure your ult is slowing the attack speed of the enemy AD carry and top laner for maximum teamfight efficiency.

: The egg is good for a few things. In laning phase I will often get first blood and get damaged into egg form by or minions. This will give you a nice advantage in laning phase. It also helps to prevent tower dives against you but will likely not save you from a gank if you are not under tower. During the mid game this passive is pretty useless because almost every champion has the ability to burst down the egg before anivia can return to her normal form. The passive is also useful during teamfights when teams do not have the time to target down an egg over damage dealing sources such as your team's AD carry. The mark of a good anivia is that they will not rely on their passive to save them but will just use it as a saving grace just in case they get bursted down in a teamfight. Just a side note: If you spam the actives while in form, you will be able to use the actives about half-way through your passive. This bug can help you survive if the enemy team does decide to target the egg in a late game teamfight.

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Runes descriptions

There are three rune pages that I use on depending on the matchup that I am about to play.

In most matchups I go These runes give you the highest early game damage in easy matchups such as and allow you to snowball your lane into the late game with kills and farm.

Against ranged ap's that counter such as , I recommend because you need the extra defense to survive in lane. These are also the matchups where you might take or instead of .

Against melee assasins such as I recommend (Depending on whether they are ap or ad) because these runes give you the ability to harass in lane and cs better under tower. The AD runes are 100% necessary in surviving lane against assassins such as . I will talk more about these matchups later in the Matchups section.

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Matchups (Very lengthy)

(medium): Early game this matchup is relatively easy if you don't get hit by her skillshots. Many Ahri's have predictable movements due to their positioning for skillshots. You should try to capitalize on this by attempting to hit a as soon as you hit level 3. You can normally auto attack ahri down to around half health before you hit 3 and then finish her off when you hit a + . If the jungler comes you may have to blow , because early ahri ganks are difficult to avoid. After she hits 6, you shouldn't try to fight her because its almost impossible to hit a skillshot on an ahri when she has . Just farm through the mid-game and you should be able to win late game.

(medium): This matchup is very easy before level 6 because akali is a melee champion with little poke. Take AD quints and marks against akali and non-stop poke with auto attacks. Since akali is melee, it is fairly easy to hit skillshots when she comes up to last hit. You should start 2x sight ward4x , against because the only way to lose this lane early is if you get ganked. You should be able to either push akali out of lane, or kill her before 6 because of the auto-attack harass. Once she hits 6, you should play passive and farm through the mid-game (even if you have a kill). It is very hard to hit skill shots when akali is jumping around with her ult and you can limit her roaming potential by constantly shoving the wave to her tower. Anivia should have the advantage late game because akali falls off sharply after mid game, when your team can just target her down along with the adc.

(hard): Annie is one of the harder matchups for anivia because she has a similar attack range, and her stun is more reliable. Take standard AP runes in this matchup because you don't want to be at any disadvantage to Annie coming out of this lane. Just play really passive against Annie and farm your jungle (maybe a little earlier than usual like ~4) because Annie's burst potential is very high in lane phase. To win this lane, you will probably need help from your jungler because Annie lacks escapes, so she is easy to gank. Other than that, Anivia has a better late game, so play passively unless your jungler ganks you.

(medium): Brand is a very similar champion to Anivia because both champions: 1) Have high mana costs and require blue buffs, 2) Have semi-reliable stuns, 3) Are best in teamfights when they can hit all of their aoe skills. The difference, however, is that Anivia's skills provide more utility in the late game. To win this lane, I would start +4x . This allows you to dodge Brand's skillshots while still giving you sustain to stay in lane. You can also start feerie charm in this lane, but it is harder to dodge skillshots. This lane is really about who can hit their skillshots better, whoever manages to do that will win the lane. Try to have unpredictable movement patterns, while looking for opportunities to hit your after level 3. If the lane stays even through the early and mid games, Anivia will have a slight advantage throughout late game teamfights, but Brand is still a huge threat in teamfights. Really the only thing that sets these champion apart is Anivia's , which brings infinite utility late game.

(Hard): Cassiopeia is alot like the Brand lane, because you have to focus just as hard on dodging her skill shots. I would start boots in this lane as well because it is so important to dodge Cassio's poison so that she can't get repetitive 's off on you. That being said, many Cassiopeia's have predictable movement patterns, because they tend to chase after you to get in range of her . This can give you the opportunity to land a Q and put significant damage on her after level 3. If you can hit 2 combo's on Cassiopeia in lane then you will be able to kill her, but be careful because Cassiopeia is one of the few champions that can burst down your egg at early levels. Going into the late game, Cassiopeia and Anivia both bring alot of utility and damage to teamfights, but Anivia will provide more sustained damage and utility unless your whole team gets stunned by Cassiopeia.

(medium): This lane is alot like because doesn't get her gap-closer till level 6. Diana does have slightly more poke and sustain than Akali, so the lane can be difficult. You should take AD marks and quints in order to take full advantage of Diana's melee range during lane phase. You should play this lane exactly like Akali. The one difference between Diana and Akali is the late game. Akali falls off late game, while Diana just gets stronger. Your role in late game teamfights should be to peel Diana off your adc while seperating her from the enemy team with a .

(Hard): is known as the hardest counter to . can jump through and over your , dodge the damage from your , and does tremendous early game damage with his . That being said, it doesn't mean that as soon as you see picked as that you should queue dodge and wait another 5 minutes. There are ways to come ahead and lane and survive till the late game where is tons stronger. Similar to lanes such as and , you should take AD marks and quints so that you can harass as much as possible early game. Contrary to the lanes listed above, gets his gap closer before 6, so you have to be very careful when harassing with the auto's. If you do hit a stun, then you can E fizz, but make sure you do it immediately because he can use his jump to evade the damage from it. The safer bet, however, would be to wait till he uses his playful trickster, then hit him with a and get the definite damage off. Before 6, you can actually get 1-2 kills on fizz if you do these things, but after 6, even if you are 2 kills ahead, he can burst you down at any time. Because of this, you need to farm passively by shoving out your waves and farming the jungle, in order to get to late game.

(Medium): is probably the only melee-range mid that I don't take AD runes against. The reason for this is that is extremely easy to hit with your , and if you auto attack him in lane, he will be able to barrel role combo, with a couple of auto attacks to efficiently win trades against you. To win this lane pre-6, you can combo him a few times after level 3 and you should be able to force him out of lane or get a kill. After 6, you need to stay out of range of so he can't knock you back in danger. You should be more useful in teamfights late game, so just power-farm through the mid game and don't get bursted down by his combo. In teamfights, dont use your wall until gragas has already ulted, because he can knock your teammates through your , effectively trapping them.

(Medium): Take normal AP runes against because you won't get the chance to auto attack him much in lane. When you trade with him, disengage as soon as you land your combo, because will win prolonged trades. In this lane, you might want to build an early after your catalyst the protector . Once you hit 6 you can be more aggressive because your slows his attack speed and slows him down so that you can hit your stun. You will have a slight advantage in lane at level's 3 and 6. Other than that, this lane is primarily a skill matchup and you should just try to farm. Late game, just avoid his poke and peel with off your ADC if he goes on him. You should provide more utility than late game, but you will have to use your wall to engage on their team if they are running a poke comp.

(easy): is an easy matchup as long as you don't run into his . Typically when he is trying to harass you with , he is vulnerable to hit with your . Overall you should be able to shove him out of lane or kill him a few times in lane. If he tries to ult while still in lane, you can disrupt it with a stun. You should come out of this lane ahead in either kills or cs. If you don't capitalize on 's weak lane phase, then will be slightly better late game and you will have to win teamfights with better positioning. These easiest way to beat a is to shut him down early, so you should try to kill him a few times in lane.

(medium): This lane is alot like or , except has slightly better poke than the others and will be more difficult to control once he hits 6. You should play this lane similar to Akali and Diana, by taking AD runes and auto-attacking as much as possible. If Kassadin does get kills on you he will snowball into a mid and late game monster. The best way to prevent this is to shut him down early with auto attacks, and building tank items such as catalyst the protector [size=negatron cloak size=25] before you complete any major items. This will help you survive his initial poke. and are both great late game champions, but they fill a completely different role. will burst down your squishies while you will try to win teamfights with positioning and utility.

(easy): is a pretty easy lane since she is a relatively weak champion ever since she was nerfed. Her scalings are ok, but her base damages are really low right now, so she doesn't provide as much burst as she used to. Take AD runes to really shut down and harass her with your E+Q combo whenever you can. After 6, save your to interrupt her and you should be set. This is a pretty easy lane, and as long as she doesn't get resets late game you should be able to shut her down.

(medium): Kayle's mixture of early game harass and sustain makes her hard to kill before 6. Neither person should be able to kill the other in this matchup, because both and are so reliant on mana. Just farm because Anivia is more useful than Kayle late game. After 6, you should be able to win trades because: 1) Kayle's is useful to stop burst damage, not the type of prolonged damage that brings to fights. 2) Anivia's slows attack speed, which will limit Kayle's ability to trade since she is so reliant on auto attacks. Late game AP Kayle functions in similar roles as an ADC except her can be annoying to deal with in teamfights. To win teamfights just make sure to get your attack speed slow on their ADC and , and to switch targets as soon as she ults someone.

(medium): is mostly played as a top lane but I will cover this matchup since he occasionally goes mid. Early game don't take too much auto attack harass, and try to hit a stun when his lightning rush is down. shouldn't be able to stun you since mid lane minions make it harder to hit his thunder shuriken. After 6, he shouldn't be able to burst you down as long as you get catalyst the protector first since his can only proc on you 3 times. It is likely that this lane will result in no kills since both and are relatively safe champions that peak in the teamfight stage later on. There isn't much you can do about in teamfights lategame. He will get a and you will just have to run out of his ult as fast as possible while still keeping your ult down. Note that your ult does get canceled if you are stunned, suppressed, or silenced.

(medium): This lane would be listed as hard if didn't have her passive. The way works is that she doesn't have sustained damage so she won't be able to burst your egg down. That being said, you should play very passive since your will only be up once to save you before you hit 6. You may have to grab a couple doran's rings or an early just to survive this lane. It is nearly impossible to hit a good with a at any point in the game, so save all of your mana to farm or counter engage. After 6, you can just push her to tower when its safe and gain a massive cs advantage since is bad at clearing minions under tower. Late game is pretty useless, so as long as you survive until level 6, you should be able to win the game.

(medium): Although this is listed as medium, that is only to caution people about Lissandra's burst so that they don't underestimate her damage. If there was an easy-medium option, that's what this lane would be listed as. At early levels Lissandra's burst isn't as high as Anivia's and you should be able to land a stun after she uses her . You also out range her by 50 so you should also be able to harass with auto attacks even though you take AP runes in this matchup. After 6, can burst you down, but she doesn't have enough sustained damage to kill your egg unless the jungler is there. You should be able to shove waves and farm your jungle after this point. In teamfights, Lissandra's utility is pretty immense with her . You should try not to get caught by the stun, because if you do get caught by it in a teamfight you are almost automatically dead. You should stay far back in teamfights until she uses her ult, then go in and use all of your abilities.

(medium): Lux is a pretty safe lane against almost anyone. Her range allows her to stay back and farm safely but she can also poke you down in lane. You can think of as a safer version of , because both of them provide tons of aoe damage with a little bit of utility. The difference, however, is that you shouldn't be able to kill a good Lux in lane. Unless one of the players is overly aggresive this lane will probably not net any kills. Both champions will try to farm towards the late game, but should be able to farm faster since her wave clear is better and her ability to take jungle minions is better. In teamfights your team just needs to not line up for the damage and you should be more useful. Both of these champions are hyper-carries late game.

(hard): is an absolute nightmare for Anivia players. There are 3 main reasons for this. 1) Malzahar can push his lane to tower in early levels, denying Anivia cs since it is hard to cs under tower with . 2) has sustained damage at all levels, allowing him to burst down your health+egg. 3) has a suppress that can easily catch you off in teamfights if you are an inch out of position. That being said, there are ways to come out of this lane only slightly behind. To do this you have to: 1) Use your mana to cs under tower. 2) Farm safely, then push the wave WHEN YOU CAN, after 6. 3) Position yourself behind your team in teamfights so that you can't get caught out by the . 4) Farm your jungle as much as possible to catch up for the lost lane farm that is inevitable when farming under tower as Anivia. You can also build a if is only ulting you late game, but this item doesn't build into anything useful late game so you may have to sell it to make room for something better like an .

(hard): AP Master Yi is alot like in laning phase because he can push very well and his insane poke that you can't avoid. You should just recall whenever you are low health to avoid feeding . You can expect to come out of lane at least 30 cs behind because Master Yi's laning phase is so strong. Your late game should be better as long as you can farm your jungle effectively and avoid giving Yi any resets with .

(easy): Both and are looking to come out of the lane with as much farm as possible. The difference is: 1) Anivia outranges Mordekaiser. 2) Anivia outdamages Mordekaiser (if you don't stay next to him after you hit him with a combo). 3) Anivia outscales Mordekaiser, unless you feed him early game (which is kind of hard to do). All of these factors are why this is a very easy lane for Anivia to win. If Mordekaiser does get you into , he will probably be able to kill you before you spawn again because his abilities have relatively low cooldowns. Anivia is better late game, but both champions should be able to farm evenly if you don't pressure him in lane.

(medium): Morgana is a slightly annoying lane because she can push you to tower early, and she can spell shield your stun to negate your harass. You will probably not be able to kill Morgana in lane but neither can she kill you. Since she has such great pushing potential, and not nearly as much kill potential, you can take AD runes to last hit under tower better. It is up to your preference whether to take AP or AD runes in this matchup because they are about equal. Either way, you will probably have to catch up by farming the jungle in order to make up for lost farm. In teamfights you are better as long as your team doesn't get hit by a 5 man morgana . This lane is kind of similar to Kennen.

(easy): If you aren't comfortable dodging then start +4x . Other than that this lane is pretty easy to farm/zone in. You are also more useful late game if you don't get hit by . There isn't much to say about this lane, just dodge the spears.

(medium): Orianna is a pretty even lane. and are very similar champions which makes since as to why the both gained popularity around the same time (during the season 2 finals). The lane is pretty even depending on who gets hit by the skillshots. You may have to start boots if you aren't comfortable dodging her skillshots but that isn't necessary. Late game should have a slight edge because you can gain a ~40 farm lead by clearing the jungle, while it takes longer to clear wraiths. This is similar to or , because as long as your team doesn't get hit by the 5 man ult, you should be more useful.

(hard): This lane is hard to win because Pantheon's burst is insane. Take normal AP runes for this match up because Pantheon's counters auto attack harass and he can stun you whenever you are in auto attack range. To survive this lane start + 5x , and rush seekers armguard. You may have to sacrifice cs early game if he tries to freeze the lane, but just get the xp and try not to fall too far behind. If you don't die and push when he roams, you will wreck Pantheon late game since he falls off so sharply. Just play very passively in this lane and you should be fine late game.

(easy): Easy lane, hard late game. outranges hard early game. In my opinion, this is one of the best counters to , not only because can shut down early game, but anivia also scales late game almost as well as . Although Ryze's late game damage is much better than Anivia's, you should be able to get to late game faster by shutting him down early game and farming your jungle in the mid game. In lane, when tries to farm aim your stun towards him right as he is about to auto attack. This is the easiest way to hit your stun and if you do it twice after level 3 he will be forced out of lane or dead. Don't get over confident early game because if you get near ryze he will still out damage you with his short-range burst spells. Throughout the mid-late game, you should be fine until Ryze gets . Once he gets the spell shield from that item, he can just run towards you and kill you. Try to shut down ryze and end the game before he can get to late game.

(hard): Although is a jungler, I just wanted to highlight this matchup because of how hard it is to escape shaco ganks as Anivia. Your wall won't do anything to stop him, and if you don't have flash you are dead when shaco ganks. To counter this, pink ward one of the mid brushes and lean towards that brush whenever you are in lane. Also, keep an eye out for orange puffs of smoke in the corner of your screen. If you don't get camped, or ganked at all you should be able to crush late game depending on who your mid opponent is. As an Anivia player your worst nightmare should be a + duo queue combo.

(easy): Anivia out-damages and out-ranges Swain throughout the whole game. Early game you should be able to hit swain with an combo around level 3. As long as you don't get trapped in his W early game you should be able to win the lane hard. Anivia also out-scales Swain through the late game and in teamfights. Just target Swain and make sure to use in order to get the 50% reduced healing.

(medium): Syndra is like with better wave clear. If she pushes you to tower you may have a hard time, but overall you should just be able to farm and play safely. Build early to get some extra health to sustain Syndra's burst. If you don't die early game you are more useful late game. You will probably need an late game to survive her burst.

(medium): Start +5x against and take AD quints/marks. Use your range to constantly auto attack harass, and when he silences you use that opportunity to hit a . You should be able to survive in lane till 6, but you may not be able to get a kill. After 6, just constantly keep your lane shoved and farm your jungle. Make sure your team gets an oracles late game to counteract talon's invisibility. Other than that, talon is pretty useless if he doesn't get early kills on you so just play safe.

(hard): Twisted fate is a hard lane because of his speed and poke. Most tf's run so that they can roam more effectively. This also contributes to his ability to dodge your skillshots. Until 6 you will have a pretty hard time because he can either: 1) Push you to tower to deny you cs. 2) Zone you with . Either way he will probably end up about 20 cs ahead of you before 6. After 6 just shove the waves with your ult, and push the tower if he roams. If he is snowballing other lanes you NEED to get the mid tower early to compensate. You can farm the jungle later, or if he isn't roaming. Late game you should be slightly more useful in teamfights, but + is a menace to deal with so just stay back and let your team peel for you.

(medium): Veigar is less popular lately but he is still quite strong in lane. Anivia's burst before 6 is slightly higher, so you should be able to kill him unless he plays extremely passive. Try not to run into his or you will get combo'd. Late game you should have the edge but you should stay back so that Veigar doesn't 1 hit you, although your will save you that isn't the best scenario to be in.

(medium): Viktor is alot like Anivia is many different ways. They both have powerful zone control abilities. They both have lots of aoe burst. And they both have single target spikes for early game lane fights. If maxes his he will win the lane. If he maxes , try to grab early in order to dodge it. Other than that you should just stay out of his W and play normally by farming your jungle. If the lane goes even, will be more useful in teamfights.

(hard): Vlad's combination of tankiness, sustain, and burst makes him a very difficult opponent to lane against. Your only chance to kill him is at level 3 if he doesn't level . After that his sustain will be out of control, and he will be able to your whenever you try it. Just farm and you should be more useful late game, unless your team groups up for a 5 man . This lane is kind of similar to .

(easy): To win this lane, grab boots after tear of the goddess. Dodge Xerath's , and then proceed to farm and poke at him when you can. After 6, his burst is pretty nice but you can just push him to tower and his isn't strong enough to take down the waves in time. This will limit Xerath's farming and roaming potential. Late game is really strong, but most Xeraths below Diamond will make a positional error and get caught out late game. This lane isn't very worrying.

(hard): This lane sucks. It's very hard to hit a on while he's jumping around the map with shadows. His burst is higher than your at every level so just take AD runes and harass him to get him out of lane. If he uses his shadow you may have a chance to stun him and burst him down. After 6, if you make one mistake you will die, because his ult is so strong. That being said, zed is more of a split push champion, while is a teamfight champion so you will be more useful as long as your team has someone who can deal with the split push. Make sure your top lane or adc picks a strong duelist such as renketon . Just target and teamfights will go smoothly.

(hard): Ziggs is annoying to lane against. Start + 4x so that you can dodge his . He will still probably hit about half of his Q's if he is good, just back if you are below 1/4 hp, because he can kill your egg even if its under tower. is just a complete bully in lane, but you will be more useful in teamfights if you farm up. Make sure that your team brings some kind of hard engage against
, such as . You will probably leave this lane about 30 cs behind and 1-2 levels behind. Don't worry about it and just farm your jungle when your lane is not pushed to tower. It is kind of risky to push against
because he can harass so well. If you see an opportunity to push him to tower, then take it, but play very passively in this lane.

(medium): brings alot of the same utility to teamfights as . You will probably be just as useful as her late game, and winning this lane is hard. To win this lane you really just have to farm. If you engage on her, then you will aggro her plants and die. Her level 6 burst is suprisingly strong, so watch out of a snare when she hits 6. Play passively and farm and hope your team wins their lanes. She will probably get your turret faster, and is the only champion better at taking jungle minions than . Just play for the teamfights and try to outplay their team.

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Early Game (Levels 1-6)

At level 1, you should level Q in case of an early fight and because it gives more damage and utility than E at level 1. If they invade try to hit as many people as possible with the stun and then kite the enemies with auto attacks during the level 1 fight. If they don't invade, then just leash blue for your jungler (I normally Q the buff and auto attack once then go to lane so that I don't miss any cs).

In lane don't try to harass until level 3 (except with auto attacks) because you get your rank 2 E at level 3 and can normally burst mid lanes down at this point. If you took AD runes to lane against a melee assassin then harass with auto attacks while last hitting like an AD carry. With AD runes you should be able to harass most melee's out of lane to gain a level and cs advantage. You should also be auto attacking against any champion because of anivia's insane attack range (this is one of the key components of winning lane as anivia). It is not rare that you will end up killing the opposing mid lane with ignite/minions while you are forced into egg form. When you don't have egg up you should play a little more passive unless you got first blood on your lane.

If you didn't kill your lane at level 3, you also gain early game power spikes at levels 5 and 6 when you upgrade your E and your ult. Be careful about early ganks especially against junglers such as shaco, maokai, and vi that can jump through your wall. You should be able to escape from other early ganks by staying near the bush that you warded and using your W to stop their progress.

At level 6 you should be able to get blue buff from your jungler and that will allow you to consistently harass with R+E and wave clear with your ult.

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Mid Game (Levels 6-18) Power-farming

After you get blue buff from your jungler you should try to shove out your lane as much as possible while taking your wraiths and wolves whenever you are pushed. You can use your W to take the wraiths over wall (a tactic shown above in the skills section). If your jungler either doesn't give you blue or won't let you take wraiths/wolves, you should just push your lane out and try to roam to find kills in other lanes. I prefer the first strategy because wraiths and wolves provide consistent gold while ganking a lane does not always result in gold, however, sometimes your jungler forces you to do that. To farm most effectively you should push your lane as fast as possible, then immediately leave to farm both wolves and wraiths. You should help your jungler with dragon and other objectives but after you get blue buffs your main goal should be to farm up your lane and the jungle because most mid lanes are able to burst you down during the mid game. I normally aim for about 250 cs by the 20 minute mark if my jungler gives me blue buffs and allows me to take his jungle. This strategy of power-farming through the mid game is the most important part of playing anivia. The power-farming phase allows you to rocket towards the late game consistently because it doesn't rely on kills to carry the game. This is what, in my opinion, makes anivia one of the most consistent and powerful mid lanes in the game. Make sure to call mia's because your lane is likely to roam when you are avoiding them and farming as much as possible. Although you can help your team with dragon and other teamfights during this phase, your main goal should be to get your 5 core items while farming every possible minion in this period. Note that if the enemy laner is better late game such as karthus, then you should still try to shut them down in the mid-game.

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Late game (after 18)

Once you get full build, or at least the 5 core items, you should be able to carry your team through teamfights. If your team is behind and they are pushing towards you, you should just stall out at towers with your ult until you can land a stun or isolate someone with a wall. If your team is ahead they should try to gain as many objectives as safely and quickly as possible. In teamfights you should have 3 main goals. 1) Split up their team with a wall, you can isolate as many or few people as you want, as long as your team gets the numbers advantage. 2) Land a stun on an important target such as the ap or ad carry. 3) Catch as many people as possible in your ult in order to proc liandry's and to slow their attack speeds. After you accomplish all of these goals you should be able to lay reliable damage down with your E similar to a mage like ryze but with a lower frequency, while still providing loads of utility. After the teamfights break apart you should try to catch the remaining enemies with stuns and walls and then your team should try to capitalize by getting objectives such as towers and baron. Anivia is one of the best late game teamfight champions losing to only a few champions such as Ryze and Karthus, and this is why my overall Anivia strategy is centered around farming to late game as fast as possible. Also in late game teamfights, if you get damaged into egg form, there is a glitch where you can use zhonya's or seraph's actives about haflway through egg form if you spam the actives rapidly. This glitch can save you if they are targeting down your egg.

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Pros and Cons

Anivia has one of the best late game teamfights in the game, only falling to Ryze and Karthus
Anivia has an egg so even if you make a mistake you can come back and win the teamfight for your team
Anivia has one of the stronger level 3 bursts against most champions in lane.
Anivia can farm easily after 6, allowing you to get as much as 330 farm by the 20 minute mark.
Anivia is fun to play.
You can win teamfights just by seperating the entire enemy team with a wall.

Anivia is weak against assassins with low cooldown gap closers.
Anivia is not a mobile champion so she requires good positioning
Anivia is hard to learn

I will be editing the format on the pros and cons list shortly. This is my first guide and I am still learning the coding for mobafire.

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Proof/Summoner Stats

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About me

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I will post each guide that I make on 3 websites: lolking, solomid, and mobafire, in order to let he maximum amount of people see my work.

Each guide takes about 12 hours of work to make, so please give me constructive feedback in the comments, and like the guide if it helped you.

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