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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by AeRogue

Other In Depth Season 6 Evelynn Guide (Being Updated)

Other In Depth Season 6 Evelynn Guide (Being Updated)

Updated on December 17, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AeRogue Build Guide By AeRogue 10,616 Views 0 Comments
10,616 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AeRogue Evelynn Build Guide By AeRogue Updated on December 17, 2015
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  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
    AP Offtank *Prefered*
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
    AD OffTank
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
    Aura Tank


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hello All! AeRogue here to bring you my takes on the three Evelynn builds that I find to be the most practical. I've been playing Evelynn since my start in Season 2 (post the crippling nerf) and have always enjoyed her style and her entire kit. In Season 2 I had just started playing and finished the ranked in Silver; by the end of Season 3 I was in Gold; at the end of Season 4 I was Platinum; and for this most recent season I finished in Gold again as I stopped playing ranked due to real life difficulties. But now in season 6 I'm back and starting to work on getting into the ebb and flow of things by writing guides and streaming again.


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Pros / Cons

Evelynn brings a lot of unique aspects to the game as her stealth makes it much harder for enemies to know your exact location and open up a few unique jungle and gank routes that other jungles just can not duplicate. Being stealth means you don't have to run through a bush to get the best angle on your opponents nor do you have to worry so much about vision. Evelynn is one of the few jungle who bring lane ganks into the scene and she does it incredibly well.

  • Evelynn can appear without notice into an enemies lane/jungle to quickly secure kills.
  • She can quickly chase down almost any opponent - especially with Dark Frenzy resets.
  • The burst that Agony's Embrace can bring to a team is astronomical.
  • 3 of the 4 skills that Evelynn has can hit up to INFINITE targets.
  • A successful flank almost always ensures a dead marksman not the mention mid or any other squishy and vulnerable targets.
  • Dark Frenzy provides ample chase and run opportunities and removes existing slows.
  • Ample damage even from one or two damage items.

  • Squishy with low tank stats means easy to kill if surprise is not used appropriately.
  • Needs to build both Armour and Magic resist to stay alive in almost any team fight.
  • Weak farming phase means very reliant on ganks and getting every camp possible.
  • Damage spikes early and plateaus quickly.
  • If not used immediately Agony's Embrace exponentially becomes weaker as a fight continues.
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Creeping / Jungling

(S) = Smite
Light coloured square = back point

Blue side is much harder to clear effectively as Evelynn benefits more from Ancient Krug + Red Brambleback than Gromp + Blue Sentinel but still should not be a hard clear.
**********~~~~~~~~~_________END NOTE_________~~~~~~~~~**********


Clearing Gromp is a simple task with bot leashing it to about 1/4 health and is made even easier if you have a support/marksman that has level one crowd control. If encountering alone using Ravage and bursts of Hate Spike (with saving mana) is the best option.


Moving onto Blue Sentinel it is easier to clear the two sentries before pursuing Blue Sentinel. If you start directly below the lowest Sentry your Hate Spike can reach up and to the Sentry on the other side. Starting the clear with Ravage and an immediate Hate Spike can clear the first sentry almost immediately. Doing this can drastically increase your clear time of Blue. After dispatching the first Sentry moving up to the bush and placing the second Sentry between you and Blue Sentinel. The second Sentry should be cleared after 1-2 AA's and using Hate Spike on cool down. Saving Ravage for the Blue Sentinel and still using Hate Spike on cool down should quickly take down this camp.

**If clearing Blue Sentinel as your second camp I'd recommend using a [color=#ff0000]health[/color] potion after clearing the first Sentry.**


Much like Blue Sentinel and his two sentries; the Greater Murk Wolf camp is cleared in the same manner. Starting with yourself standing next to one of the two Murk Wolf and casting Ravage with and immediate Hate Spike can quickly dispatch of a smaller Murk Wolf and allow you to proceed on the the other Murk Wolf and position yourself to have it between you and the Greater Murk Wolf. Using Ravage on the Greater Murk Wolf on cool down and using Hate Spike to hit multiple targets with each cast is the best way to down this camp.


You will be treating this camp like you do with any camp that has more than one jungle creep in it. Dispatching of the three Raptors is a fairly simple job and shouldn't cause much harm. Casting Ravage on the top Raptor and following it up with a Hate Spike should instantly clear it and then if you step towards the bush behind Red Brambleback you can convince the other two Raptors to line up. If you can do this successfully you will hit all three remaining creep with one Hate Spike and only need one or two auto attacks to clear them out of the way.

**Raptors should be cleared after wolves on your first clear so you can have the extra level advantage as they do more damage than wolves -- if needed this is an O.K spot to use your third Health Potion but smite should let you clear it without needing to**


Moving onto Red Brambleback it is easier to clear the two Cinderlings before pursuing Red Brambleback. If you start directly next to the lowest Cinderling your Hate Spike can reach up and to the Cinderling on the other side. Starting the clear with Ravage and an immediate Hate Spike can clear the first Cinderling almost immediately. After dispatching the first Cinderling moving up to the bush and placing the second Cinderling between you and Red Brambleback. The second Cinderling should be cleared after 1-2 AA's and using Hate Spike on cool down. Saving Ravage for the Red Brambleback and still using Hate Spike on cool down should quickly take down this camp.

**If you have Gift of Heavy Hands moving away from Red Brambleback when you stun it and using Hate Spike to generate damage and making it chase you is a good way to conserve health**

**If clearing Red Brambleback as your second camp I'd recommend using a [color=#ff0000]health[/color] potion after clearing the first Cinderling.**


Like any other camp you should clear this one with outing the Krug first. This is quite easy and if you stack your Heavy Hands onto the Ancient Krug you can take quite a small amount of damage during this encounter.


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Team Work/ Ganking

Evelynn is easy to counter gank/jungle throughout the early game until you gain some extra armor or magic resist. making sure to ward Jungle entry points like the bush behind Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel. Placing pinks in these two bushes is a good policy as is but with Evelynn the extra defense can quite literally save you.

Since you can only place one pink ward it is generally a good idea to communicate with the Mid or top to keep the river warded.

Making sure your lane's know when you are coming for a gank is greatly important. Especially since Evelynn doesn't really have any crowd control to speak of. Her Ult has a decent slow on it but if you rely on it your ganks are gonna be few and far between. It has a decently long cool down on it until rank two at level eleven. Making sure your lane knows you are coming in to convince the opponent to either commit for the kill or give you ample opportunity to flank.

FLANKING is Evelynn's best (and some would say ONLY) attribute. Her burst potential is astounding and if you can walk up to them (not use Dark Frenzy to initiate) her chase is nearly impossible to get away form -- unless you have a jump AND flash.

Going around you opponent or walking to them from the opposite side of your teammate(s) will yield the best results. Starting with Agony's Embrace (since it does percent current health) you will instantly do a chunk of your targets hp; and immediately hitting Ravage will deal an immediate two auto attacks -- and procing two on hits -- then mixing in Hate Spike on cool down and Auto attacks through out the chase will often grant a kill or assists.

Dark Frenzy should be saved for if your opponent flashes or you need to turn around instantly. Some special cases of using Dark Frenzy in combat would be if you are against any person that has a slow. Dark Frenzy removes all slows on Evelynn and gives her the movement speed increase so you can immediately stay on track with your opponent and continue your chase. Dark Frenzy can also be used to catch you back up with a marksman that has recently used Heal.

A must with Evelynn is to be sure to avoid diving any towers early as any counter gank can quickly be detrimental to Evelynn. Champions like Jax, Darius, and Rengar are rather hard for Evelynn to be able to secure kills on without crowd control. Their high damage and sudden bursts can instantly drop a low health Evelynn.

When ganking Mid lane I reccomend coming around the river; along the path between the Crimson Raptor camp and the river. As previously stated coming form behind the target will help you grant a secure. Having a mid with a snare, taunt, or stun would be ideal. Coming form behind and hopefully being able to land crowd control before you get there guarantees you to be able get your immediate combo onto your target and force a flash or kill.

If in your opponents jungle hopefully being able to find them in the middle of doing a camp and at low health you will be able to quickly dispatch of them and be able to leave freely. Hunting at their main camps ( Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel) would be the most profitable.

When ganking bot its best to make sure your bot lane is aware of who you are targeting. You don't want to be in the middle of chasing down a marksman and have your team focusing the support. Being split up and having you use your burst on a target that everyone else is not focusing on generally leaves both alive and you with a gank that only generates pressure and not gold.


  • When ganking make sure your team knows WHEN you are coming and WHO you are targeting.
  • Evelynn's burst is best used when in a flanking position -- This works for team fights also.
  • Be Wary of high burst damage opponents and diving to hard to early.
  • Your main job is to kill the main damage of your opponents -- Marksman and Mids.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AeRogue
AeRogue Evelynn Guide
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In Depth Season 6 Evelynn Guide (Being Updated)

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