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Jax Build Guide by Sdars

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sdars

Jax- Grandmaster At Legs xD

Sdars Last updated on July 10, 2016
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This is my first guide and I made it because I like and I'm good with him, so I would like to share my knowlage of him with you (just hoping I never play against you XD ).

My guide will allow you to have a that is good both to kill and to survive.
It will also give you some tips to help you master him better.

Most of the ideas in this guide are mine altough I admit checking other guides for help.

Also, don't take this guide too serious since I'm a bit noobish. xD

Don't forget to click Jax to show the build.

Most of this guide is about the first build. The second is (hahaha) secondary. The third is the one I most like (and the best), but It's too hard for me to change everything back again, so I'll just explain right away (no icons):

Hextech beats infinity for Jax so I take two of them.
The amazing life steal and spell vamp allied to his passive (that gives about 1000 HP) allows him to just ignore frozen mallet and buy rabaddon, wich gives around 270 AP, making him have almost 500 AP total. I usually don't like AP Jax because they disregard AD, but this build allows him to have a lot of AP while keeping the AD (he loses 40 AD, which is nothing compared to the 270 AP he gains).

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I don't use Runes, not yet at least, so it's hard for me to say what is best.
Still, from what I know of :

I get 9 , especially because of passive that deals magic damage every third atack.

9 that have good Sinergy with .

9 because of his (40, 60 and 70) percentage of AP used in his abilities.

3 again for his percentage of AP, which his something he is missing from his items.

If you lvl up too slow you can use instead , at the risk of needing more AP.

If you have enough dodge runes you can replace the boots for another (more powerfull) item and still have a good movement speed.

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For Masteries I take AD, AP, Critical, improved spells, atack speed, building towards HAVOC.
I chose Sorcery because he is a little AP relient to, but you can also chose Offensive Mastery, which, starting on lvl 6, will probably give 12 more damage for each minion (3 atacks).

I also chose Magic Resist and a little Armor, as well as some dodge chance and nimbleness.
Magic Resist Over Armor since you already have dodge covering some of the physical atacks, and spells can do alot of damage in very short time.

I don't even have to talk about Evasion and nimbleness is great because you dodge alot, increasing your movement speed.

I tried to put icons for masteries but them seem to not exist.

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The main critic will probably be the enourmous amount of gold to actually get those items.
The solution is to farm well and gank good.

Start with , or if you want to hurry for first blood, take (my normal option) and sell it later on. This will provide you some survivability.

There is also the 5vs5 "I want potions option":
Get , 2 and 2 .

for dodge.

Buy , , until you get . This item is almost mandatory because it gives you atack speed, which you really need, critical chance, that will be crucial later on, when almost all atacks are critical and movement speed, very good for surprising enemies that think it's impossible for you to get where they are, say... before they destroy one of your turrets.
Also good to gank runners or to be a runner yourself.

, very good for AP and AD and to gain life with them. I usually start the build with and then because this build is more for AD than for AP.

Now I usually get , since they realize your true power. With it you gain much health, little atack damage and a very usefull constant slow for runners.

will boost your stats in almost every way, and I recommend it, despite the elevated cost.

I get for damage but mostly for the 50% bonus critical damage and for its critical chance. Otherwise, an atack speed item would probably be better.

Optional Items:

Sometimes there are items that fit better for the desired situation like , against Armor Tanks (

if you die often.

when your enemies have good damage and atack speed and you have trouble killing or surviving them.

Atack speed items will probably be good in a hybrid atack speed - ability power jax.

is tempting because beyond 500 HP it gives 80 AP. I usually prefer and make it up for the AP with runes and masteries.

has lots of polemic around it: I say it's a good option if you are short on gold.
I actually tried a few times and I am much better with this build.
Especially if you use runes, you will feel no need for the extra AP, since that's what they cover in this build.

There is another option equally good or better depending on the situation, that will reduce criticals but enhance AP and life steal/spell vamp, which is taking a second instead of the .

Ap items for a more AP relient jax.

for HP altough I think Frozen Mallet and Rylai's are better.

Anyway, whatever your situation is, it is better that you keep 3 crucial items: ; ; .

Some might say is not necessary but I believe it's not too expensive considering the boost it gives your champion.

If you just can't get enough gold for this build, you can go with the cheaper versions and later get the final build:

; ; ; ; ; .

The second build is for AP/AS maniacs.

They are not maniacs at following that build, by the contrary it is very good.

Problem is it is ruined by magic bursters, since you have lower health.

You must chose the build to follow, depending if the enemies are melee or magic bursters, and their strenght.

It's up to you to choose what's best. Anyway, this build will probably succeed most of the times.

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Skill Sequence

I really don't care much about the skill sequence but I think this one is good:
Start with because of the jump factor.
next because it's the best for damage.
is worth at least one point.

Now just put 1 point in , then , lastly , by that sequence (W; Q; E).

When you can put points in your do it.

I did some changes in this section since I realise this way is better.

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Summoner Spells

I right away exclude , and since the whole point of being fast is to avoid those spells.

is good if u are a tank who wants durability only. It's more for survivability then for killing so I exclude it too.

is even worse then heal since it will just remove cc or ignite. Yes it might save you, especially if you are stunned or slowed, but it's hard to snowball with it and overall very situational.

- do I have to say it? 9 minutes cooldown!

- if your turret can actually survive, it will probably be destroyed next time. This spell is usually taken by those who think will lose. Even if you find it very good at protecting the turrets it's not your job to defend (at least not oficially).
You are an assassin.

is only good for junglers and only in the begining, when killing monsters is hard.
AKA- Useless for .

- since my build makes him more AD then AP you won't need it. Besides, it's a waste of a spell on nearly anybody.

and are not meant for , since they are more for the good of the team. is an assassin so I don't recommend those.

is good for runners (that run for turrets for example). And very good to defeat because his Ultimate does not last forever. RECOMMENDED.

can be used both to run or to gank. If he is running you can exaust to slow. If he is chasing you you can exhaust to escape. If he deals heavy damage you can exhaust to be able to win the battle. If you are destroying the turret but he is annoying you, you can him. There are many applications. RECOMMENDED.

As for , it has been removed.
I've see some videos of that spell in 5vs5 games and it's amazing: at lvl 6 it took them about 3-4 minutes to win the whole thing.

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Pros / Cons

Excelent champion in the late game.
Great 1vs1 capacity.
Crazy damage.
Good Ganker.
, and can be used defensively.
Good damage, criticals, movement speed and health for this build.

He's not impressive in the first 5 lvls.
In early-mid game he's not a good initiator for team fights since he's got low health, and deals lots of damage (if he initiates, he will be the primary target for the enemies).
In this build you might feel you need more AP or more AS (Atack Speed), depending on your play style.
Ginourmous amount of gold to actually get those items.

These are the most important, if you know some more you can post a comment on it.

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doesn't need to jungle much, but sometimes it is worth it:
To get buffs;
To get life to go back in lane (with life steal);
To get gold.

Around lvl 6 he is probably able to kill golem or lizard and at lvl 9 the dragon[.

At lvl 18 with full build he can kill the baron alone.

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Team Work

Not much to say... just don't initiate team fights, use your spells if needed and combine with your team mates the gank order for enemy champions.

Don't forget that altough he should focus on farming for lvl and gold, he can gain both by killing and getting assists, which means that from time to time, you should make an ambush to an enemy champion and gank him.

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Killing minions becomes easy starting lvl 6, especially if you are alone in a lane. 3 atacks to an almost full hp normal minion will kill him. If he is under half life, Empower can do the job. Counter Strike helps if you just need a little bit more to kill the minion.

You will reach a time when you can stand up to a minion army alone and end with full hp (when you get life steal), that will be good because you know you will kill all those minions.

Guide Top

Ranked Play

I never played ranked games so I only have 1 advice: ban those who you have more trouble fighting against: for example , , .

Guide Top

More tips

Don't forget that he is an assassin. This is what I usually do:

I choose my lane and lvl up a bit (lvl 3/4/5) and then I defend when being atacked, push when I see an oportunity to push fast and when the lane is kinda stuck in the dance of we push, they push, time wasted, I leave the lane to gank.
When I come back, they probably push a bit too offensively and end up hurt.
That's when I gank them, leaving the lane free to push.

and are especially good for (as an example) a tower dive in which the champion has low health.
He's got just a bit more health and u know you can do almost all that damage with Q+W + . Simple... you tower dive and him, running from the turret as fast as you can.
Or just for harrassing the enemy.

In another guide I saw should !ONLY! atack with minions around... I disagree. Yes it might be better with 3 or 4 minions around him to stun more but he's already very good 1vs1 no minions... it's not that much important that u can't go if there are no minions there.

There is a way your team can probably get 2 free kills:

Make an ambush to an enemy champion and kill him; even better if he is fighter like him ( , , , are some examples).

Of course he will be more carefull in the future, but he will probably get mad...

That's when he says he can kill any1 in 1vs1... then you say you are better and can kill him solo, they usually fall for that. You must be sure he's not too good for you before you do this.

If you don't trust he's going solo you can place nearby a ward to to it and escape.

If everything goes ok you kill him, since is very good in 1vs1.

I did this vs many champions and it always works (altough sometimes his team mates come; that's why the ward), except one time she killed me solo: .

When finishing a turret you can to finish the job and be able to escape.

You can sometimes let enemies think they can kill you and when they chase you, you end them.

If you know an enemy is stronger and he harrasses you, you can ask your allies for help; the time he is dead might just be enough for you to become stronger.

Early/Late game relation:

Usually you become a little better, so if you were good you become legendary, if you were normal you become good, if you sucked you will be normal and if you were a disaster you will suck.

Guide Top

How to handle certain champions

Almost only requires minions around because he's more caster and you can stun during his , killing him easily after.
Also beware an ss (missing from the map) , if he's in the brush he can do the combo .

He is a powerfull disabler and is just abusive, if you can survive his spells and have more then half life you can probably finish him.
If you are having trouble remember the last sentence from the more tips chapter.

The trick is for you to start the atack because she will disable you for a while.
You to her, she does her combo, and when she finishes you atack and will be abble to use your abilities again. What I mean is that the seconds you are disabled, if it's already on cooldown for abilities, might make the diference.
It's a bit like that also .

If you are the same lvl and got already some good items he is easy to kill: yes he can kill fast, but you probably can kill faster and also you have stun in case he becomes dangerous.
The main problem with him is that you can't leave him alone in a lane for too long since he is a very good pusher.

His life steal can be a problem and he is quite dangerous too, still, you can probably finish him with the help of your spells.

Despite his high health and armor he is not that hard to kill, he can't hold on forever.
Anyway you can always ask for help.
If he away from you as an attempt of running, just to him, making him stop.

If you have low health go as fast as you can to a safe place with enemy or neutral minions and start atacking (if you have life steal of course). It might just give you enough health to survive his .

In 1vs1 you just do the normal things with the normal abilities, except for the spells, when he , if he runs, chase him and when his is almost over and he didn't gain much health from his abilities or spells.
If he does not run, you run, letting him chase you, and when his ulti is almost over and .

If you don't know if he is stronger then you, better not risk it.
Try to make sure you are at least the same lvl, his items are not better, and you've got your spells ready.

If she and you see you or your team is in danger, her.

There are more but it would just be a way too big guide.

Guide Top


is very good and if you never tried him before, or never pay much attention to him, try this guide and see what happens.

I hope you like this guide and that it wasn't too boring to read.

Please don't say it sucks and don't SPAM -1 votes if you didn't even try this build, because with me, it usually works.

Enjoy ^^