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Udyr Build Guide by Chargermaster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chargermaster

Jungle/Solo top Tiger Udyr

Chargermaster Last updated on September 1, 2012
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Tiger Stance Jungle


Solo Top

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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I have no need to do it if Udyr isn't getting nerfed, from now on I'll have a list here everytime something with him changes.

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Why, hello my fellow summoners! I am Chargermaster from the US servers (Technically EU but whatever).

I'm gonna show you the magical way of playing Udyr ,Themanbearpig (the Animal Spirit), in both the jungle and top lane with as his main abillity.

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Runes - Jungle

I take these just to clear the jungle alot faster, nice bonus along with your passive.
I take these so the dirty apes in the jungle deal less damage to me, every single point of HP counts in this game.
Udyrs MR scaling is... It's like PewDiePie and the knights (I DON'T TRUST YOU!), yeah, says everything.
And I take these to clear the jungle faster, and deal a bit more damage to the other lanes... Yes, even my comrades (Trollface).

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Masteries - Jungle

They really speak for themselves.

MR and armor for more defense, for the true damage, and you take 2 less damage from the creeps, really nice. And an extra 2 from , so lets say you get attacked 100 times by the monsters in the jungle, and they all do 40 damage. 40x100=4000 4x100=400 4000-400=3600 so you just got 400 damage reduction from picking up two masteries, and it was excluding your armor too, so they would deal even less damage. The extra movespeed helps you clear the jungle faster, also makes you able to gank faster if you are above 70% hp.

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Items - Jungle

I start with and 3 so I can gank at level 4, and if I get invaded I can run away faster then the speed you close down the internet when your mom comes into the room while you are watching porn. That was a joke, nothing more. Any-how, next item should be buy first, if you can't buy the whole thing of course. Also we buy first for faster jungling speed (if lucky), and faster dragon/steal (again, if lucky).

is our next item, it's a good item because if you are jungling the enemies shouldn't see you. So you are free to come in with 500 movespeed and go TROLLOLOLOLOL *Smack* and then their faces and kill them.

is our next item for the health and GP5. Hey, we will be ganking a ton so that GP5 gives us a lot of money we shouldn't have goten. It also syncs with turtle stance... If you know what I mean.

The next item depends on the enemy team. We get if they have heavy magical damage, and if they have heavy physical damage. You will get more often then not because of the simple fact that there are often 3 ad champions on one team ( Tristana Hecarim Lee Sin example on 3 ads on a team).

Next item is because at this point of the game you should have your , this items effect of making healing to yourself more powerful with 15% helps a buttload, we build first because of the CDR.

Next comes the team dependent items again, for ad of course, or if they have alot of magic damage. Take the other item after your Trinty force.

Speaking of the Triforce, we build because of the 100% extra damage we deal while we stance dance, and then we get for the slow and health, and then we buy the

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Skill Sequence - Jungle

A tiger in the jungle... Nothing to do here!.

On a more serious note (or maybe not), we take at level 1 because it's still the fastest way to clear the blue buff. and then we max because without it I couldn't call this Tiger stance jungle, now could I? You might want to pick up at level 3 if you got problems surviving in the jungle.

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Summoner Spells - Jungle

We take and because Udyr will be slowed down heavily if he does not have and is just an escapeing tool. You can also use to flash over the wall for baron or dragon and steal it with

Smite damage in all levels:

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Team Work - Jungle

Bait them, smack them in the face in teamfights, make them focus you, the normal stuff.

No but really, use your stun in teamfights on targets like Galio Katarina Fiddlesticks (while he's channeling , well, good luck finding him before it goes off but, yeah.) Nunu to block their game changeing ults.

Always try to take the hits for your team. Take advantage over the fact that you got a low cd shield () and is generally tanky. For example, if cait uses and it does 1000 damage,and if you're level 12 your will be maxed and you got high armor anyway so you would surive the shot even if you had 650 hp.

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Creeping / Jungling - Jun...

This is a normal jungle route, start at wolves (Optional) go to blue, you can hard leash it if you want to and steal the enemies red and then wait for them to arrive and get first blood, but more often then not you won't do it (or maybe, I don't know). Anyhow, after blue take wolves (if you didn't start with them) wraiths, red buff, golems, and go back to wraiths to hit level 4. now gank any lane if you can or recall then gank a lane with full hp and new items.

Note if you gank bottom on purple team you want to take the long route over dragon because if they are smart they will ward everything up until the bush almost above their tower. So they won't see you coming. same rule goes for ganking top if you are on blue team.

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Pros / Cons - Jungle

Great jungle speed.
Great ganks.
Insane sustain.
Being a turtle.
Gets stronger the game goes on (tankyness)
Fairly easy to master (if used to jungelers)

Gets weaker the longer the game goes on. (damage)
Hard to master (if not used to jungelers)
Only got one stance to deal damage.
No kind of ranged attacks

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Runes - Solo Top

I use this to lasthit the midgets in the lane to get gold, especially Teemo
I take these to take less damage from any AD champion, and minions of course
Because Udyrs base MR is complete ****, we pick up some MR/level runes.
We take these to lasthit even easier, that's it.

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Masteries - Solo Top

To start off, I pick both and because Udyr needs both the attack speed because it syncs with and the CDR makes you get more stacks of a lot faster.

We also get and for because it gives you attack speed and the bonus damage you deal when you first activate it is magic damage, so helps more then you can think. it gives us more sustain in lane, is simply not enough. because Udyr got mana problems early game.

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Items - Solo Top

We got options here, and 3 if the top lane is not AD or got skill shots like Lee Sin Riven Cho'Gath (yes, I have seen AD cho).

We take and 5 if they are AD and has alot of target abillities, like Gangplank Yorick Irelia, you get the picture. Next we get , because no matter what we bought in the start will make this item cheaper, so along with the farm we got we should be able to get part or our entire next item which is great lane sustain along with .

Buy first because sometimes you can miss a minion with around 2hp, and that's a 25 gold loss. We don't want that to happen now do we? Also as I said in the jungle part it helps you with dragon.

Next item is so we never never have to go back again, if we don't get ganked by both the enemy jungle and mid of course. Buy first for the hp and CDR.

Next is a because we need to slow them somehow if we can't get hold of the enemies red buff. Start with whatever you want on this one, if you think you need more health, or if you think you need more damage/lasthiting power.

Next we get a becuase at this point we got enough armor, it's just incase you have to help another lane or gank something and that lane got alot of magic damage, it will also build into our later on in the game.

Next is our holy triforce and we start off with a because we already got the and then of course we build the .

Next we get because at this point we won't need to worry about basic attacks as much, we need to worry about their CC and magic damage, of course if they got a fed ad carry or something like that or many ads in general keep the .

Now we get our because now we actually got the hp to support the passive properly.

Last is a so we can deal a little bit more damage and get some MR at the same time, get first so you can hit faster while in .

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Skill Sequence - Solo Top

To say the least the skill order can go like this:
Max first for DPS
Max first for sustain
Max first for utility
But more often then not you priorities your Q,W,E,R like this: .
Well that's my personal point of view, gives such crazy sustain so it can be maxed second, and at level 4 for the stun so you can them to death. But if you need more sustain or utility just take some extra point(s) in or .

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Summoner Spells - Solo Top

Go with and

is to finish the enemies off if you don't want to tower dive them and risk your life, or to stop a heal or something form like Tryndamere Soraka Volibear, or just to make heal 50% less hp (hate it when that happens to me). And of course use it at the last second/ when Tryndamere runs away after poping .

Is just an escapeing tool,or gap closer depending on how you use it, Flash over walls when you get chased, close the gap between an enemy to his/her ***, or just damage them with

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Team Work - Solo Top

Bait them, smack them in the face in teamfights, make them focus you, the normal stuff.

No but really, use your stun in teamfights on targets like Galio Katarina Fiddlesticks (while he's channeling , well, good luck finding him before it goes off but, yeah.) Nunu to block their game changeing ults.

Always try to take the hits for your team. Take advantage over the fact that you got a low cd shield () and is generally tanky. For example, if cait uses and it does 1000 damage,and if you are level 12 your will be maxed and you got high armor anyway so you would surive the shot even if you had 650 hp.

It's the same thing, don't sue me!

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Farming - Solo Top

You have some different ways to farm.

Farm with if you want to push heavily
Farm with if you need some hp or mana
Farm with if the enemy focus alot on lasthits and the enemy only got melee attacks so you can stun him/her when he/she is going for the lasthit, and from there just go into and push them back and mark your territory.

More often then not you'll end up in because of how much Udyr mana burns in the early levels.

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Comon champions in top lane and how to play against them

Lets start shall we.

Difficulty 9/10
Amumu isn't hard to lane against, it's his insane tankyness that gets on my nerves, he will just literally cry all over your face all game and try to force you to fight him. More often then not if an Amumu gets more aggresive it's usualy because his jungler is nearby and ready to kill your face with a simple combo, and his jungler with red buff on your *** is not a pleasent thing. I would recomend to not push the lane in any way shape or form.

Difficulity (pre 6) 3/10 Difficulity (6) 6/10
Cho'Gath isn't much of a threat to Udyr before he hits level 6 and has his , when he got his ult play with caution, because if he gets one chance to your face, he will do it. Look out for the normal and combo and do NOT let him farm because of his passive, always poke him with your own and combo.

Difficulity 4/10
Mundo is not that hard to lane against, just dodge his cleavers or turtle stance to not get hurt by them. But never try to 1v1 him when he's level 6 because he will destroy you with his if you don't have up. Always try to poke him if he doesn't use to get his lasthits

Difficulity (pre 6) 6/10 Difficulity (6) 10/10

Fiora isn't to bad to lane against before she hits level 6. When she has you cannot 1v1 her without geting brutally destroyed, she will regain all her hp back after using it, atop of that made her hard enough to 1v1. Thank god that we got ! No, but really, before level 6 poke her whenever you can, because she only got melee attacks that will be really easy for you, well if shes bad at timing her that is.

Difficulity 5/10
Galio's even, either he won't do anything to you, or he will piss you off by using his every time you try to lasthit, but the good news is that he's melee himself, so you can poke him with your and combo, if he's not a Kog'Maw and lasthit with his all day. When he's level 6 I recomend you to be in if you don't need mana/health form because if his jungler ganks and uses his while you are in he'll taunt you, but you'll stun him, canceling his ultimate! then you can run away and sing TROLLOLOLOLOL.

Difficulity 2/10
I have never had problem with a GP before, all he can do is to poke you or lasthit a minion with his and you can't and combo him like any other top lane because of his meme abillity which both heals him and removes all debuffs on him, but you can get some hits on him with though. If he ever melee attacks a creep try and poke him.

Difficulity (pre 6) 1/10 Difficulity (6) 4/10

Before level 6 Garen is nothing, just poke him when he tries to lasthit something with our normal and combo. If he uses his just pop your shield and you're done, all that will happen is that you'll get silenced and then you can hit him one or two times in return. But when he hits level 6 don't go around in the lane if you have around 200 hp (I don't know why you would, but...) becuase his will one shot you, or you'll maybe survive with shield.

Difficulity (pre 6) 3/10 Difficulity (6) 5/10

If he ever BODYSLAM!s you (), poke him back with and , same goes for when he lasthits a minion. When he hits level 6 and get's his be a little bit more careful, because he can use it to fear you into an enemy jungler or something along those lines.

Difficulity 8/10

Irelia will farm the whole game with her and if she pokes you with it, and her ***, you won't do as much damage as you normaly would because of her , which reduces any form of CC with up to 40%. But becuse you are soloing top it's 10%. If she ever tries to lasthit with try to poke her with your combo.

Difficulity 2/10

Jarvan can't really do much to you. He does not deal enough damage to 1v1 you and if he tries to farm you can just poke him with your and combo. The only real problem with Jarvan is his ult if an enemy jungler comes in and he pops that ult on you and your flash is on CD, you can pretty much kiss your *** goodbye, but I have survived a 1v2 before

Video: Difficulity 7/10

Jax is actually kinda hard to fight against, he can dodge your and then come back with really high attack speed, and if you are losing the fight he can just jump to you and stun you again. It's a pain to fight good Jax players, but if we use our own little and combo on him when he tries to lasthit it should be fine.
If he pops at any point run away and pop your , because if he does that to only poke you he wasted his stun and leap so you can and combo his face.

Difficulity 6/10

Lee sin's main source of damage comes from a skillshot () he will try to hit you with it then jump to you and use his to jump away to safety. That's why I pick against him, so he got a higher chance to miss me. I recomend to if he ever hits you with so if he jumps to you, you won't take as much damage. If you can hit him with when he jumps to you, you can maybe hit him once with .

difficulity 10/10

Mord can be really hard to lane against. Never stay behind your minions or he will poke all your minions and you with his . It will be very difficult to keep him from farming because of all his spells are some kind of AoE. If you ever see an opening to poke him, take it. It's better to keep mord from farming then caring about your own farm, because if you let him farm he'll and your AD carry to death. And if you've lost because of that, you only have yourself to blame, also ask your jungler to gank a lot if you are having problems poking him.

Difficulity 4/10

Nasus is not that hard to lane against, whenever he tries to farm his make him regret it by going beartiger on him ( and combo). If he ever use his that means that he's going to 1v1 you, or his jungler is ganking. him and go into a nearby bush until it wears off.

Difficulity 5/10

AD Nid can be a nightmare sometimes, it's not that she is hard to lane against, it's the auto attack combo that will make you go mad. Auto-bush-auto-bush-auto-bush-repeat. But when you can hit her or she tries to 1v1 you in cougar form, she's dead. The worst part is that she's ranged so we can't do our normal and combo. If you can stay at the same level until she gets her cougar form, you're fine.

Difficulity 9/10

Why Olaf is so hard to lane against is because of his , it will slaughter Udyr, so do not try to push this lane nor poke him or you will die. Take so you can dodge his axe and so he can't as much, only go in when your jungler ganks.

Difficulity 5/10

Pantheon will mostly spear you the entire game, but when he tries to lasthit, even if he has his shield, do your and combo on him. Sure he can stun you back but you should have done some good damage to him. When he spears you, pop so you can block it, if he jumps to you him and deal as much damage you can with .

Difficulity 7/10

Renekton's early damage output is insane his combo goes like this: , , , and again, it can do up to half your hp if he really knows what he's doing. Try to him after the first usage of so you can run away from the rest of the combo. I do not recomend poking him until level 9 so you have maxed and is at rank 3.

Difficulity 6/10

Get against Riven because all of her attacks are either activation or skillshot spells, so the extra movespeed will come in handy. Always try to poke her if she lasthits, but watch out she can stun you with her and then run away with . If she tries to do her own combo to to you and auto attack once and then you, show who's boss and her after she closed the gap with , after the stun is over go to because she will you after that.

Difficulity 2/10

Nothing special, he will just throw his daggers at you all day. You'll push him back no matter what you do, so be careful of his while you pound on his turret.

Difficulity 7/10

She's hard to 1v1 because of her but nothing your can't block a bit of. Because she's all melee and got no CC poke her with the and combo as much as you can when she lasthits. Other then that, look out for her , she will only use it for initiations or to chase you down, but you can just smack her in the face with and be fine for a little bit... but be sure to run like a **********er!. If you can't beat her 1v1 of course.

Difficulity 6/10

He will you and you and you everytime he can, so be ready to him after he have flung you. Never chase him because of his poision, it's a deathtrap. He can farm all day while you can't go in because of the massive slow, DoT, and the fling he will combo with. But with some poking here and there you will get him even if he's tanky.

Difficulity (pre 6) 5/10 Difficulity (6) 10/10

Sion before level 6 is not that bad to lane against, sure he get's massive AD from but you can pretty much win any 1v1 at early levels of the game, at least when you have . Sure he might poke you with and an auto attack, but then you smack him in the face with and . But when he has NEVER 1v1 him, even with he'll probally be too much for you. You'll need help from your jungler after he is level 6. Still constantly poke him when he lasthit so he won't have +1000 health at the end of the game.

Difficulity 7/10

Teemo can be really tricky to lane against because of his , which makes your poking attempt with useless. Also he is ranged so he will poke you all day long, considering the fact that he has which is a freaking annoying DoT.

If that wasn't enough he will get , which is a landmine that slows and applies a DoT, so when he gets to level 6 stay away from the bushes. Sometimes against Teemo you have to take the bull by the horns ( ) and 1v1 him no matter where he is to kill him. This will be a bit tricky because of his that blocks all your stances. But when the blind is over you can begin to kick him out of the map and never see him again... for up to 69 seconds.

Difficulity (pre 6) 3/10 Difficulity (6) 10/10

Before Tryn hits level 6 he's a cakewalk, you can even First Blood him if you are good enough. When he hits level 6 RAAAAAAAAAAGE mode just got activated. The easiest way of killing a level 6 Tryndamere is to make him pop his ult, when he starts to run away or when the ult is almost over pop on him so his , combo goes to waste. But he'll still do a **** ton of damage because his passive gives him free crits.

Difficulity 8/10

He'll use the same combos as I have explained in this guide, when he counter it by going into and then go into your own and then jump into and try to melt his face off. Always poke him while he's lasthiting like I always say. Basically, use the Udyr tactics against him.

Difficulity 4/10

Yorick is nothing special, he will poke you with his but you can just go into a bush and it won't attack you. He is not good 1v1'ing against Udyr, but if he pops run away and wait until his clone is gone so you don't risk dying. But if he hits you with and is still active, just fight him, it's better then getting hurt for just runing away, and as always if he lasthit something with a melee attack, poke him.

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Pros / Cons - Solo Top

Great farming
Great sustain
Great pusher
Great counter to most solo tops
Great damage without items because of
Gets better the longer the game goes on (again, tankyness)

Early mana problems
Gets shutdown by ranged solo tops
Still only one source of damage ()
Gets worse the longer the game goes on (again, damage)
No kind of ranged attacks
Just waiting to get nerfed because of his sustain with

Guide Top

Ending note

So now you know the way of playing Udyr in both top lane and in the jungle. this is also my first guide so thanks for reading it all the way through and I hope you can kick some *** with it. And yes, I suck at pros/cons.

I also grammar/spell checked it now, so it should be alot better reading wise.