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Karma Build Guide by XuDyy

AP Carry Karma OP on-line/mid guide [English version]

AP Carry Karma OP on-line/mid guide [English version]

Updated on March 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author XuDyy Build Guide By XuDyy 7 3 76,200 Views 12 Comments
7 3 76,200 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author XuDyy Karma Build Guide By XuDyy Updated on March 12, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Karma


NEWS : Im going to translate this guide to my native language :)

Welcome to my first guide . This guide is about Karma. I play her already long time and i think that this can to help some novice in play as Karma. When I bought her I thougth that she is useless. But now i know that she is very useful and very good in teamfights. Please excuse me for my bad english.

Dont forgot !
Text relate ON LINE play is Purple
Text relate MID play is Pink

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Karma is on-line totally awesome

with melee champions [Xin Zhao, Shaco, Master Yi,...]. She can shield them with E and simultaneously deal DMG around them. Moreover she can heal them with combinate Q and R so u can to play her as AP support too. This guide is good on mid too because she always can spam her E over minions to deal DMG to enemy champion. If u play Karma at mid dont forgot for her W ! Always use it on enemy champion to slow him and if u can, u can to go to him faster and deal him DMG with Q and R+E.
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What about COUNTERpick?

Counter pick against Karma are Vladimir, LeBlanc and Orianna. Karma is counter pick against Akali and other melee invisibility champions as Evelynn. Because Karma have small range of skills is against her good each champion with big range.

What items to do against Karma?

Counter item for Karma is undoubtedly Banshee's Veil! This make u imune against her slow and if u need it u can without bigger problems run away. In lategame is her slow very OP because in teamfights is it inconspicuous. Enemies take DMG from u without noticed.
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Items - Beginning


Sapphire Crystal

This is very good item in begginning of the game. It gives u more mana and u can more heal your allies and more spam to enemies. Moreover u need Sapphire crystal to make Rod of Ages.

Boots of speed

This is just for bigger speed .. nothing special. If u are on mid u have to buy as first Boots of speed and then continue in this item guide. If u are on mid without boots, u are easy target for gank and easykill.


Potions and Wards

buy as u need. If u play Karma as AP support look at this link.. When u are on mid, dont forgot ward ! No warding = 100% gank.
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Items - Lategame


Rod of Ages

Is very important make this item as soon is possible. I make this item befor Ionian boots because Rod of Ages have stack and this is OP item in earlygame for AP champions.


Ionian Boots od Lucidity

If you dont have 1000+ AP, you need this boots. Thanks this cd reduction u can make in teamfights bigger chaos than u think.


Rylai's Crystal scepter

Just make it for more kills and slow enemies. It's also supply of healt and AP.


Rabadon's Deathcap

This item make only for more AP. Nothing special. It's very good for AP because of this passive (u get 30% more AP)


Archangel's Staff

It's good for Karma because she needs Frozen Heart. With mana from Frozen Heart and Rod of Ages it gives u a bit AP.


Frozen Heart

Make for slow enemies Attack speed and for more mana. It's a little protection against AD carry because it gives 99Armor. It's very useful in teamfights!

Other items which u can to make


Abyssal Scepter

You can to make this because of that aura which reduces nearby enemy champions magic resist.


Deathfire Grasp

This u can to make if in enemy team are a lot of carries. Moreover it gives u cd reduction.


Void Staff

Magic penetration is useful and if is it necessary u can to buy Void staff.
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Skill Sequence

As first u can improve Q or E.

When improve Q??

U should improve Q when u are on line with AP melee/range champion. [Katarina,...] In this case u are the champion which has to spam and deal DMG. If u are on mid, u have to improve Q too. On mid is it predominantly about farm. And Q is for farm very useful.

When improve E??

U have to improve E when u are on line with melee AD champion. He needs shield and if u deal DMG around him it's only good. On mid is it good against melee champions because u can to spam over minions R+E and deal DMG to enemy champion.


That's the most important thing for Karma. If u need speed use R and then W on some unit.If u need heal, heal yourself with R and Q. And if u need shield and kill enemy use R and E !! It's EASY!

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I have runes for full AP at lvl 1 [36AP]
It's good cuz u give bigger shield and u heal more and that's necessary in earlygame.

Runes cost :

Mark  :  9x 410 IP  --
Seal  :  9x 410 IP  --
Glyph  :  9x 410 IP  --
Quint  :  3x 1025 IP  --

Total cost : 14 145 IP
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Karma has very easy farming in lategame .. she can kill all minions around her only with R+E. In early game she has to lasthit minions. I always use W on the strongest minion and then only use R+E and Q for kill other minions. Farm is very important for Karma because she dont have a lot of kills in earlygame. Never forgot :) Farm = gold = items = DMG = Kills = Ace = Win !!
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What about masteries ? 21/0/9

Offense 21:
-Ignite cd reduction
-more AP at lvl 1
-AP per lvl
-cooldown reduction
-Magic penetration
-Bigger dmg on minions

Deffense 0:
- Karma doesn't need masteries for Deffense :D that's just crazy

Untility 9:
-Flash cd reduction
-Mana regen
-Mana per lvl
-Better bonus from buffs
-Faster recall
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Summoner Spells

Best summoner spells (for me)

As summoner spells I use Ignite and Flash. Ignite is very useful and Flash is practitally necessary.


Other summoner spells

As support u can to take :
- Clairvoyance : For check buch against junglers
- Exhaust : For slow enemy and get first blood
- Heal : If ur team-mate play very harras
- Promote : Promote is instant push if u need to go to teamfight. Very useful.

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A little bonus : VIDEOS

Here is champion art spotlight. I think that she is very pretty :)
  And here is a pentakill. I have never got a pentakill as Karma :(
  AP test. I like it :P
League of Legends Build Guide Author XuDyy
XuDyy Karma Guide
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Karma OP on-line/mid guide [English version]

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