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Katarina Build Guide by pikldqkumber

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pikldqkumber

Katarina - Is That Fear I Smell? - Progressive

pikldqkumber Last updated on November 25, 2017
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The Sinister Blade

Katarina Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Relentless Hunter
Relentless Hunter

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

+14 ability power or +8.4 attack damage, adaptive and +5.5% attack speed

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Middle Lane
Ranked #23 in
Middle Lane
Win 53%
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Threats to Katarina with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Karthus Very immobile and squishy, easy target. E away from his corpse with your reset. Your base movement speed and boots should be enough to dodge his q with ease.
Nidalee Very easy to burst. You should be able to outtrade her unless she hits a max range spear. But your a god and you should be able to just sidestep it.
Teemo Very easy to kill. Literally can't do anything except waddle away lol. Post 6, he will 100% try to bait you into shrooms, but you only really have to worry about this if your at a health disadvantage.

Guide Details
Why Katarina?
Pre Game
In Game

Katarina is an Ability Power based Assassin all about dancing around your enemies by using your daggers to jump to and from locations. She is extremely fun and takes plenty of time master and put your time towards. She can be a force to be reckoned with if you can take advantage of all the knowledge of your items, match ups and general mechanics. If you wish to learn Katarina you've come to the right guide. If you enjoy the content, learnt something, or want to share and idea or suggest something please leave a comment and vote it up if you enjoyed it.

I am pikldq***ber and I live in the Oceanic region and started play League of Legends around September 2015 and was introduced by my friends from school. After starting I came across Katarina in the free champions and that was when I started learning her. My friend already knew how to play her and so I was further interested in learning her. After playing her non stop till close to level 30 I was getting really confident on her. I played her through ranked and eventually made it to Silver 3 by the end of my first season.

Then came news of the Assassin rework and very soon Katarina would change. Despite the changes I feel she is now a more reliable and strong champion with a much much higher skill cap allowing me to explore, start over and get even better at my favourite champion.

Despite not being in a high elo at the moment I still want to share my knowledge. It may not be the best guide on Mobafire but I want to help others who want to learn. This guide is still in progress and I will update it as changes occur and as I myself learn and you. I have Since then I have racked up 330k mastery points and want to share all my knowledge on Katarina.

So get comfy, grab a drink, or two and get ready to read all I know about Katrina, The Sinister Blade.


Click on an image to jump straight to that Ability!

For each Ability the in game description is listed for scaling, damage and cool down and I have also put tips, tricks and animations to demonstrate what an ability does.

Voracity | Passive

Whenever an enemy champion dies that Katarina has damaged in the last 3 seconds, her ability cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds.

If Katarina picks up a Dagger, she uses it to slash through all nearby enemies, dealing 75 - 285 (Based on levels 1/6/11/16) (+ 100%) (+ 55 / 70 / 85 / 100%) magic damage.

Daggers will disappear 4 seconds after landing.

Voracity is Katarinas Passive and boy is it good! As you probably know, her passive grants her 15 seconds off all her cool downs if someone she damaged in the last 3 seconds dies. This instantly refreshes her Bouncing Blades, Preparation, Shunpo and bringing Death Lotus closer to being re-activated. The rework added to this her dagger system interlinking with all her abilities and making her the character she is.

With this passive it takes less and less kills to refresh your ult as you level you ult up. At level 1 it takes 6 kills to instantly refresh (obvious not possible), at level 2 it takes 4 kills and finally at level 3 only 3 kills all this excluding its normal cool down time. As you can imagine this passive grants the ability to snowball your fight into another into another and so forth. Simply land a kill in lane and you'll have your abilities ready to escape with.

In team fights the resets are crucial to escape or continuing your path of destruction. When they enemy is group making sure you daggers are in the middle before your will ensure a lot of burst damage. If done right you can claim and kill and get those resets. Unfortunately if behind or they enemy have good CC it can become very hard to get those resets due to lack of damage or being CCed. Katarina is definitely better a cleaner up especially in as scenario like this so be weary and remember to just pick your fights better rather than any fight.

As well as the resets, it comes with the daggers,an essential if not the core of her entire kit. When you inside the indicator Katarina spins around dealing damage to all enemies within of you. Both Bouncing Blades and Preparation both produce daggers and the daggers disappear after 4 seconds if not picked up.

The daggers scaling goes up with each level interval (1/6/11/16) and become extremely strong late game and still a force to be reckoned with in the early game. Like other targets Shunpo can put you any direction around a dagger allowing you some extra ranger for the damage they output. While laning use them to farm lower the minions health along with Bouncing Blades. The Daggers are basic and easy to understand but use them sparingly as without resets from Voracity you could end up vulnerable.

Voracity is pretty much where a lot damage comes from and is replenished. Keep in mind the scaling for AD in the early levels as it is higher makes early Long Swords good items to look into.

Bouncing Blades | Q

Katarina throws a Dagger, dealing 75 / 105 / 135 / 165 / 195 (+ 30%) magic damage to the target and 2 nearby enemies. The dagger then ricochets on the ground behind the primary target.

The dagger always lands 350 units on the opposite side from where it struck the first target, getting there in the same amount of time regardless of how many times it bounces.

Range: 625
Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7

Bouncing Blades is the first ability in Katarinas now more advance kit. The rework focused a lot around her Shunpo resets and how you can set those up is essential to winning a trade, fight or roaming. If used correctly can catch you up to most targets and give you the resets required to dance around your opponents and get away at the same time.

I recommend maxing this ability first as it grants lots of damage for poke and trades gives your daggers that range need for getting in a either killing a single target or even a further out lower target. At times you'll end up with the enemy low but now dead after you ult, at max level the cool down is only 7 seconds allowing you to have it up in most fights by the time they try for their escape.

While in early laning this ability is best used to damage the mage minions while staying out of range, you can then use that dagger to simply farm if no opponent is in lane or pressure them for some poke. By this point a lot of people know to stay back from Katarinas dagger but if used right can still get you some damage on the enemy. Simply Q back minions and move closer to the dagger, if they use a spell on your dagger as you approach it then you could leapfrog from it use the cool down reduction from the dagger to them jump to them and use Preparation while it is in the air you can get some basic attacks off especially in the early (potential all in) and once it lands jump back to safety. Be wary on who you do this to as they may end up out trading you, typically high mobility like champions like Yasuo or instant or high CC champions like Annie.

Bouncing Blades can be also be used for direct poke if you can get close enough to use it and then walk back into the dagger your up for a lot of potential damage. Stuff like that is what surprises people and allows you to get early kills.

In general it is great for farming and just general combos for farming or trading. In fights it is great for escaping targets and gives general mobility and best way of engaging without using your Shunpo first.

Preparation | W

Katarina tosses a Dagger into the air and gains %50 decaying movement speed over 1.25 seconds.

Range: On-cast location of Katarina
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11

Preparation is a simple ability used to setup for swift escapes and outplays or to farm and get off more damage in a trade or fight. It also grants 50% movement speed that decays over 1.25 seconds allowing you just the little extra mobility. When cast Katarina throws a single dagger in the air on her current location. This ability is really simple but very important for trading and farming. Roughly 2 daggers in the early is all that is needed to lower the minions enough to basic attack and farm.

It has a decent long cool down so be a little careful on using it all the time as it can save you from ganks and poke damage. If you find yourself being chased into a bush towards the enemy side you may be able to jump behind them by placing it before walking into a bush. While in lane you can place it if your minions are to far back or dead.

While trading use it to give you an escape / retreat. It can also be used right after using Shunpo on the enememy to give you a reset before jumping to your Bouncing Blades and ulting. If being chased but don't have the distance to turn and burst them try using to Preparation and jump back to it when they pass of it and quickly take them out. This works well against champions like Orianna, Sivir and Vel'Koz. Like I mentioned before it can be used simply to jump behind them when heading into a bush and can save you from some sticky situations.

Not to much to say about it but in general it just another dagger and a little extra movement speed. Use it to farm while in lane and all in your enemy laner or enemy team and get extra damage and mobility to dodge skills shots and CC.

Shunpo | E

Katarina dashes in the blink of an eye to the target ally, enemy or Dagger. If it is an enemy, Katarina strikes for 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+ 65%) (+ 25%) magic damage - otherwise she strikes the nearest enemy in range. Picking up a Dagger will reduce Shunpo's cooldown by 78 / 84 / 90 / 96%.

Katarina can blink to any location near the target.

Range: 700
Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8

Shunpo is the center of Katarinas mobility and without she would be boring, slow and not an very assassin-ny. It allows her to jump to ally units, enemy units and daggers and neutral units like jungle camps and plants. Without a kill or kills, the most Shunpos you'll have is 3. Be aware of this and remember to pickup your daggers on the way out or in.

When activated on an enemy champion it deals direct damage otherwise Katarina strikes the closest target to her. With the rework they changed up her Shunpo to allow you to also choose to blink to a location in a very small radius around the target allowing you to dash behind them, in front for different scenarios. The small radius include all possible targets and can also be used to jump to Blast Cones (bomb plant) and blast away in a deliberate direction.

With the scaling cool down resets from picking up dagger it allows you to dance around your enemies and maximize damage against the enemy while staying out of trouble yourself. Simple combos like E, W, E, Q, E, R are is the main example of using your E for a lot of damage and still leaving you with the option to back out of an engage. The great thing is being able to reach the back line over the front line. Doing this can risky in certain situations but if done correctly can result in winning a team fight like "that". It also gives you a lot more opportunities to jump away from another Assassin champion like Zed, Kha'Zix and Talon. The potential for outplay with so many dashes put you on par with a champion like Ahri and LeBlanc.

Unfortunately with the rework the damage reduction was removed from her Shunpo meaning avoiding damage is key. For laning against champions like Syndra and Annie remember to always have a backup Shunpo and target to jump back too. (You can now jump to Voidspawns from a Zz'Rot Portal again).

This ability is essential for engaging and your combos so learn it well to maximize its effectiveness and outplay potential. I will go into some more detail in the match ups about how to use it against certain champion. Also remember to pick up all daggers in and out of fights and aim behind a Blast Cone to escape further.

Death Lotus | R

Katarina becomes a flurry of blades, rapidly throwing knives at three nearest enemy champions, dealing 25 / 37.5 / 45 (+ 22%) (19%) magic damage per knife for 2.5 seconds.

Applies Grievous Wounds to all enemies struck, reducing their healing and regeneration by 40%.

Range: 550
Cooldown: 90/60/45

Finally Death Lotus, the mother of all AoE damage. Katarina spins around throwing knifes at the 3 closest enemy champions for 2.5 seconds. This ability has a surprising range and lots and lots of damage against squishier champions and can destroy the back line. Despite being good in team fights it also has a lot of potential in duels or duo fights.

First laning, once you hit six you should have been able to poke down the enemy laner and give potential for an all in. For a a lot of match ups you would use Death Lotus and Ignite together to finish them off after a combo. Remember than even if the disable your movement its not always going to stop your ultimate. Things like roots and snare will not cancel your ultimate so champions like Ryze's Rune Prison, Lux's Light Binding and Morgana's Dark Binding. This means that being aggressive and going all up in their face for an all in is still possible even when CCed.

When using your ult in a duel or fight don't be afraid to leave your ult spinning if they are low and retreating for maximum damage, your mobility can easily cover the range between you and them once they get out of range. In certain situation it is better to either ignore your ult or stop it early to avoid CC and damage or chase further out targets or even help I teammate. Once you ult make sure you have activated your Hextech Gunblade as it slows with its active abilities. If you opted for a Rylai's Crystal Scepter it will slow them as well making it harder to simply walk out of the ult.

Death Lotus in team fights is extremely even if you end up dying as it also applies Grievous Wounds reducing healing by 40%. This also helps out against the ADC's life steal from items like Death's Dance and The Bloodthirster as well as slowing the healing of tanks and heals from a champion like Soraka this is why getting to the back line can really help out the team even if you die during the fight. The Grievous Wounds works together with Liandry's Torment in the anti tank / mobile fighters build and you should consider ulting for as long as possible but after a tank uses their CC.

So in general consider the enemy team and build approiately as a lot of tank can or fighters can mess Katarina up. But your ult in these cases help out alot. In lane all ins you could consider ulting before a combo for Grievous Wounds and jump to the back line in team fights especially when they are distracted and ult. Finally keep i mind that not all CC cancels Death Lotus.

Click on an image to jump straight to that Spell!

For each Spell, the in game description is listed with damage and cool downs and I have also put and explanation to why I recommend them and situational spells.

Flash | Primary

Teleports your champion a short distance towards you cursor's location.

Range: 425
Cooldown: 300

Obviously taking Flash is a necessity as it grants a free escape, gap close or even just a dodge to keep you going. Unlike Katarinas daggers it doesn't require a target, just a location which can give you a suprise engage as most people expect you to only engage by Shunpo onto a dagger or their minion. It is extremely versatile and can work very well with the rest of your abilities giving you the mobility to chase anything.

It works as a free escape from CC, damage or ganking due to the instant blink and when combine with Shunpo it can put you quite some distance from the enemy. It is great if you misplay and end up without a Shunpo you can use it to dodge long range and global ults like Final Spark, Mega Inferno Bomb and Trueshot Barrage. In team fight if you need to reposition or jump out it can save you.

Back to Spells

Ignite | Primary

Ignite deals 70-410 true damage to target enemy champion over 5 seconds, grants you vision of the target and applies Grievous Wounds for the duration.

(Grievous Wounds reduce healing effects by 40%. This vision does not reveal stealthed enemies.)

Range: 600
Cooldown: 210

Ignite is your second Summoner spell for 90% of your games as it is with a lot of other mid lane champions. Ignite is great as it gives you a lot more lane pressure when they are low while also being able to catch a kill after your burst has finished. Don't be afraid to ignite a little early as it supplies a source Grievous wounds pre level 6 to slow healing from Health Potions and Heal.

Unfortunately Ignite can fall off in later team fights due to enemy tanks, lifesteal and just being CCed. If possible still try to land it on an ADC or even a high healing tank to make them easier to take down as your burst falls off slightly late. Keep in mind that a champion like Fizz can use his Playful / Trickster to negate some damage from ignite. This is were something like Exhaust could be a better option.

Back to Spells

Exhaust | Situational

Exhausts target enemy champion, reducing their Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 30%, their Armour and Magic Resist by 10, and their damage dealth by 40% for 2.5 seconds.

Range: 650
Cooldown: 210

Exhaust is another really strong and great summoner spell for lane. It provides a good slow and damage reduction against high burst or mobile chmapions like Yasuo, Zed and Fizz. Some champions are just better against Katarina in lane so taking this is definitely and option. If played right your mobility is all that you need but it can help to have it on hand.

If your in a 1v2 situation with the enemy ADC or support you would obviously opt for using it on the ADC and then finish the support off after but it can also be used just to slow their escape from a fight. In lane I would recommend trying to save it till post 6 or when you go all in pre 6 to increase your basic attack period. If receiving a gank just put it on the enemy laner to allow you jungle to engage and jump in easier securing a kill.

Click on an tree name to jump straight to that Tree!


Masteries on Katarina are fairly straight forward on both the Ferocity and Cunning tree. Obviously your finaly keystone is Thunderlord's Decree as its great on assasins due to faster burst and is easily procked by a combo. This mastery setup is 12/18 and provides good stats from both sides. Some options can be changed by it mainly comes down to slight preference and aggressiveness in your lane.


2% Spell Damage
Tier 1 is fairly simple as Sorcery is the preferred choice as alot of damage is from her daggers and spells. Katarinas attack speed is good enough and buying early AD account for that anyway. If you find you are struggling slightly with last hitting minions you could consider Fury but try to avoid it.
T I E R 1

Fresh Blood

Your first basic attack against a Champion deals an additional 10 +1 per level damage (6 second cooldown)
In tier 2 its more situational between Fresh Blood and Feast . This reason we practically ignore Expose Weakness is its better on supports and isn't to helpful on solo lanes except for ganks which aren't constant. When deciding between these two just consider the match up and just pick what your comfortable with.

Fresh Blood Is good for an aggressive more poke lane as it allows you to get a bit more damage in for a trade and is off cool down before your combo is back up anyway. Its a great mastery as it provides that extra AD alongside your items to allow you to all in earlier and get ahead.

Feast on the other hand can combine well with The Dark Seal in a sustain match up as they both provides good amounts of healing. For hard match ups I consider this as it keeps you in lane longer and allows you to stay closer in farm.
T I E R 2

Natural Talent

Gain 2 + 0.44 per level AD & 3 + 0.67 per level AP
In Tier 3 its back to one sided and picking Natural Talent is fairly clear. It provides both extra Attack Damage and Ability Power scaling with level which are both great for early laning. Vampirism gives your a small amount of spell vamp scaling with level as well. This reason I don't pick it is that Hextech Gunblade already provides 15% healing on spells making it slightly redundant. Like before if you think you'll need a tiny amount more sustain go for Vampirism otherwise stick to this one.
T I E R 3

Bounty Hunter

Grants 1.5% increased damage for each unique enemy Champion you kill
In Tier 4 it entirely up to your preference but I prefer Bounty Hunter as it works well with resets and provides the most potential damage despite no damage early game. Because we already have other masteries in damage I find a more late game is good to consider.

The other two options starting with Double Edged Sword which provides more damage in return for receiving more damage. It you can stay moving it is great and can win you trades and I would recommend for easier match ups. The second option being Battle Trance which grants damage over the course of a fight. I find this mastery less useful though as Katarina is an assassin and reducing the fight window is important. Both are good masteries in fights or trades if used correctly but I still prefer Bounty Hunter for its later game or roaming damage.
T I E R 4


+3% Movement Speed outside of combat
Place Holder Text...
T I E R 1


Deal 2% increased damage to Champions when no allied Champions are nearby
Place Holder Text...
T I E R 2


Grants 5% increased damage against champions below
40% health
Place Holder Text...
T I E R 3

Dangerous Game

Champion kills and assists restore 5% of missing health and 5% of missing mana
Place Holder Text...
T I E R 4


Grants 8.5 Lethality and 3 + (0.3 × level) Magic Penetration
Place Holder Text...
T I E R 5

Thunderlord's Decree

Hitting an enemy Champion with an ability (ability damage) or basic attack (on-hit) marks them with Thunderlord's Decree for 3 seconds. At 3 stacks, the target is dealt 10 - 180 (30%) (10%) magic damage in an area around them. Thunderlord's Decree can only be triggered once every 25 - 15 seconds.

Place Holder Text...

Place Holder Text...

Starting Items

Boots of Speed is a great starting item on Katarina as is gives he more mobility in lane and speed to dodge especially against skill shot laners. It can get you to daggers faster and help you also keep up with your target for an early all in. It also builds into Sorcerer's Shoes making them quicker to buy for more speed sooner.

Starting with a Long Sword first gives your a lot of potential damage in early trades allowing you to be more aggresive and just have stronger lane as AD scaling on Katarina is stronger in the early levels making more AD a real threat to an enemey laner. Long Sword also buildings into Hextech Revolver and Bilgewater Cutlass which then build into Hextech Gunblade. I would recommend starting this item against less mobile and weaker CC laners.

Typically I do not use Dark Seal but it does increase healing from Health Potions by 25%. If you find yourself getting poked a lot in lane feel free to consider buying a Dark seal as it builds into Mejai's Soulstealer and gives 15 starting ability power. It also stacks like Mejai's, just slower and capped which can serve as a temporary or snowballing item.

Back to Items

Core Items

Hextech Gunblade will be your next item to get and should be prioritized over most other items. This item allows you to build 2 early Long Swords (giving you aggressive early) and then builds into a Hextech Revolver. The final item gives you 15% healing for all damage you deal (5% for AoE) and grants you an active that "deals 175-250 (at levels 1-18) (+30% of ability power) magic damage and slows the target champion instantly by 40% for 2 seconds", all on a 40 second cooldown. This grants a really high potential to burst or grab an escaping opponent.

When building Hextech Gunblade make sure to priotize Hextech Revolver over Bilgewater Cutlass as it has a longer cool down and costs a fair amount more early. On top of this Hextech Revolver is activated through basic attacks and can be easily procked by Shunpo.

With Core Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff can be built in either order depending on the situation; If they are building or have Magic Resist you want to priotize building Void Staff first as it grants a huge 35% Magic Penetration 80 ability power allowing you to burst through the enemy's magic resist. If at any point the enemy have started building magic resist and you have built a Blasting Wand as part of your planned Rabadon's Deathcap, I suggest that you instead build Void instead to keep you doing damage through the enemy magic resist. Fortunately this items work wonders once both are built and you move into the early late game.

With Core Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff can be built in either order depending on the situation; If they are lacking or have none I would recommend prioritizing Rabadon's Deathcap as you next item in the build. For obvious reasons it is extremely strong especially when snowballing. It grants you 120 ability power on top of its passive which increases your total ability by 35%. Unfortunately I would not recommend building this if you are behind as it is very expensive and only grants pure damage stats. If you aren't snowballing but have good enough farm you may be able to consider building Needlessly Large Rod and then continuing with Void as it is alot of AP and can help with getting a little extra strength at that point in the game.

Back to Items

Boots Choices

Sorcerer's shoes are a good pick as it grants a good amount of magic pen for early game and laning and gives a decent amount of movement speed to maneuver around the enemy.

Alternatively if you find yourself against more CC or just a heavy CC match up you could consider going Mercury's Treads as it provides 25 magic resist as well as granting you Tenacity which reduces all slows by 30%. This allows for more protection from CC and potential kill the enemy.

Back to Items

Defensive Items

Zhonya's Hourglass is an extremely good item in terms of stats and its active. It gives you armour, AP, cooldown reduction and an invulnerability that can save you from damage and death or bait an enemy spell / ult. I find that if played right you typically won't need to build the full item until late game as her rework's mobility is insane and can do a lot of saving for you. If you are against an AD mid laner I would recommend building Seeker's Armguard as it gives you good armour for laning and eventually builds into Zhonya's Hourglass.

Unfortunately the active does not guarantee complete safety or effectiveness from death. If misused it could end up just being a prolonging of death. When combined with the passive from a Guardian Angel it can give quite a sustained amount of fight time and can fool them into a bait. Overall Zhonya's Hourglass is a great item that can eventually be built into earlier if necessary but provides good stats and active in fights.

Most of the time this should be you last item unless they have heavier amounts of AP in which case you might want to look at a Banshee's Veil. Guardian Angel gives both 60 amour and 45 magic resist but also comes with its own revive. The revive restores the greater of 700 health or 30% health and mana but has a cooldown of 5 minutes. Both the Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak in this item help Katarina survive some of the late game fights longer, thus bringing more damage to the fight, as she still suffers from a slightly weaker late game.


Back to Items

Situational Items

Can be swapped in with other items like Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass if you want the extra movement speed and burst.

Good early item as it can be built as an early defense from Negatron Cloak and gives magic penetration for the enemy laners magic resist. It is also really cost efficient and would typically be bought against AP match ups if necessary.

Liandry's Torment Is a good item against tanks and heavy healers as it inflicts burn and gives you magic penetration. When combined with ally CC or Rylai's Crystal Scepter it deals double damage with the burn and can do a lot of damage.

This item is great for more mobile enemy match ups or catching an the enemy ADC as it slows by 20% and can keep people in your ult just long enough to kill them or provide you with minor CC for escape. Rylai's Crystal Scepter works great with Liandry's Torment as one slows while the other burns the enemy.

Build for snowballing or even.

Against Tankier Team

Early GameMid GameLate Game


Farming on Katarina is fairly simple and extremely good late once you have a few items. Her early is a little bit weak until around level 3 or 4 as this is when she has all 3 abilities. For farming I recommend using your Q to lower the HP of tank minions and jump to the dagger to either kill them or bring them to 1 basic attack, if the enemy laner is far enough away just use your W as soon as you jump to your dagger to kill them all. If they enemy laner is close enough you can Q the mage minions and pressure poke while farming.

Late game its fairly simple, you will have enough damage to clear waves with just a single combo or combine it to reach the enemy and surprise engage them.

Laning Phase

Katarinas rework has changed up her laning phase a lot, by allowing more aggresive plays, safer farming and potential early all in's. For most match ups it can be standard farming and poking. With less mobile match ups going all in for first blood or an early kill can start you snowballing towards victory fast. Unfortunately in some match ups it is best to play safer until level 6 and just avoid most solo engages with some.

The next section will include common match ups and progressively increase in content as I myself, my friend and you learn about laning against certain champions. So please remember to comment your experiences to help everyone learn.

Here is the detailed match ups section that I will update overtime and add as I discover or found out things about there match ups. If you want to add a note or general information about a match up and you think I missed something feel free to tell me.

I'd like to say thank you those who have read through the whole guide to this point and hope that you go on to share your knew knowledge with others. This is this best guide but I just wish to share what I know and give it my best. If you enjoyed it or just want to help me out give it a Vote and comment anything you want or think could improve this guide. Also if you would like to contact or just play and chat feel free to PM on Mobafire or add me on League. This has been my Katarina guide. - Is That Fear I Smell?

✧ "Is that fear I smell" ✧

- Jencarna - General contribution to guide and matchups

- BBCode Guide - Helpful reminders and tips on formating.

- jokersprank- Thank you for table code for Pro / Cons.

- JeffStrife- General tips on improving the guide.

- Elusive Ferret - Ability section and Anchor use.


- 07/02/2017 - Update to format of Abilities chapter and separated Summoner Spells.

- 09/02/2017 - Removed "Pros / Cons" secontion being transferred to "Why Katarina?" Section.

- 12/02/2017 - General Content and Animations for Abilities.

- 17/02/2017 - Formatted Items better and prepared gameplay section.

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