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Kha'Zix Build Guide by AbunaiKujira

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AbunaiKujira

Kha'Zix, King of Inivisble Hopscotch (Jungle)

AbunaiKujira Last updated on May 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey fellow Kha fans, or soon to be Kha fans, welcome to my guide. I will update it whenever changes come, and continue to add more sections as I go. Hopefully it helps you out, and teaches you stuff you did not know. Now, a few do's and don't's as Kha.


1. Do come out of no where and make people dissapear
2. Do win games
3. Do jump like a child on a trampoline


1. Blame the other team when you win hard, it was your skills
2. Smash any keyboards with your forehead
3. Try not to win too hard, after all, they were probably trying hard

With the changes, Kha'Zix has lost some ability to duel. By some, I mean he might be a little more balanced. He still is a fantastic JUNGLE duelist. In lane, whether it be on a gank, or if you are laning he is a little weaker. The range on his isolation, rather have far they have to be away from an ally, or a turret (new) is bigger. This means turret dives are riskier, but still very possible. Do not worry, he is fine.

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4/22/14 Added jungle routes, monster camp isolation, skin differences
4/23/14 added riots thoughts on Kha'Zix
5/13/14 Added Riots thoughts, and Ult, 4.8 thoughts

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Pros / Cons


+High Damage
+Great Early Game
+High Dueling Potential
+Huge Burst
+Tons of Mobility
+2 Slows
+3 to 4 gap closers, more after resets
+Percentage Damage


-Banned often
-CC shuts down mobility
-Needs to snowball
-Needs to join teamfights after the start
-Reliant on tanky top laner if not snowballed

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Taste Their Fear
//Burst damage on a short cooldown
//This is your high damage ability. You jump in, Q, use hydra if you have it, and they should be dropping fast. The short cooldown on this ability allows you to spam it. Scales off your ad fairly well.

Evolve this first or last. I prefer last, as the damage is good, but with the tankiness/utility of the ult evolved, there is not much of a reason to evolve it early. The jump you get from the ult, is more effective than the damage from the Q.

Void Spike
// Sustain in jungle, slow, poke.
// This ability is great as it is a ranged slow. After jumping in, if you still need to close the gap further, use this ability. The slow will allow you to move in to a closer range. The heal is not huge, but when in combination with your active on Hydra, plus lifesteal, plus Lizard Elder, it adds up.

There is little reason to evolve this ability. You get 3 cones of it shooting in somewhat the same direction of the first. The poke is slightly better, but the damage and utility of other ability makes this one pale in comparison. The only real time you level this is when facing a Rengar.

// Gap closer
// This ability is very useful. After the nerfs to it a patch ago, the only real use of this ability, is gap closing. Make sure to jump where the enemy is going to be, not where they are. This is mostly important in earlier levels where your jump cannot get you from the bush to your target.

This is a great ability to level second. You get additional range to jump plus resets on kills or assists.. At level 11, people are starting to die more often, meaning your resets are coming. Your snowballing lanes early should be starting to pay off. Now you should be looking for kills. This is also a great ability to use for counter jungling. Leap over Baron or Dragon walls and get in to the enemies jungle. Make sure to stall long of enough for it to come off cooldown before you engage in any major fights.

Void Assault
// Invisibility. Speed Boost.
//Simply it makes you invisible for a few seconds with more speed. This allows you to get from a bush, to the enemy team, and save your jump for people escaping. On top of this, it makes you nearly unbeatable in duels, as it gives your abilities a chance to come off cooldown, while they cannot fight you. Usually by the second time you use this, they run. This is where the speed boost becomes even more useful.

I like to evolve this first. Not only does it make you look amazing, but 3 charges and half damage are insanely useful. This allows you to ult in. Land some damage. Ult again, running towards their escape. Appear, land some more abilities. Jump to them when they flash. Jump out after the kill. Then ult again when you need to escape.

UPDATE 4.7, With the changes, Kha'Zix has lost some ability to duel. By some, I mean he might be a little more balanced. He still is a fantastic JUNGLE duelist. In lane, whether it be on a gank, or if you are laning he is a little weaker. The range on his isolation, rather have far they have to be away from an ally, or a turret (new) is bigger. This means turret dives are riskier, but still very possible. Do not worry, he is fine.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I like this order as the Taste Their Fear is your big damage dealer and makes sense to level it first. The reason to go Void Spike next is the heal is pretty high. Leap does not have a super high damage output, so the only bonus to levels is cooldowns. With the resets, the cooldowns is just not justified over the heal from the Void Spike

Void Assault leveling

> >

I like Void Assault first as it gives you a crazy amount of dueling plus utility for ganks. 3 charges is just so useful. You could evolve Taste Their Fear first, but I prefer the utility over the damage. Leap has to be evolved by level 11 in my opinion because that is when kills and teamfights start to happen. Before this point fights happen, but even if the end in a kill, you usually are not going all in. You could take it at level 6 for turret dives, but you could avoid the turret dive altogether by ulting in,

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The go to for almost all junglers. Pick this up to secure buffs, barons, dragons, and minions from your laners.

The best defensive spell in the game. Moves you instantly from point A to point B. A great spell if you get caught somewhere and need to jump over a wall.

This could be an alternative to Flash but I do not know if it is worth it. You can use it to do some steals on buffs, or gank a lane that pushed up fast. In order to do so, you need to be confident in your Leap abilities to get over walls and such. If you miss it there would be no flash to save you.

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This item is the one you want to rush. It has great sustain, jungle clear, and gives gold. No reason to build it something other than first. The only exeption is boots, as they are sometimes bought in between core items.

This is one of the few items for AD casters. It gives every possible stat a Kha'zix could want. Damage, cooldown reduction, armor penetration. This is a great item and should be bought right after the Elder Lizard. It is fairly cheap.

This is a fantastic item for Kha'zix. It gives an active with aoe burst damage on a short cooldown. This give huge burst lifesteal, and when combined with Spirit Elder provides insane sustain, and even heals large amounts giving you a chance to regroup for teamfights.

Boots are important to every champion. These boots of mobility are great for getting around to gank early. With the cheap price tag, they are both afforable, and let you gank like crazy. Another reason you do not really need other boots is the mobility provided on your kit already, combined with your position early, and jump resets, means you do not really need speed when you get in the fight.


I like to build tanky in most games. It allows you to get in, do the damage, and live. Often time assassins cannot get out. Another note is when used in combination with his ult, Kha'zix can make himself even more tanky.

This items is the first buy against a team where the AP is more prominent. This items gives damage and resistance. Another bonus is the great passive where the lower you go, the more AD you get. This lets you burst down targets in duels even if they get ahead. The reason to pick this up over Banshee's Veil is you get some health from Randuin's Omen that you might not need the health and bubble. Against more AP teams, or when you need a tank.

This item is fantastic against AD teams, and even against teams where you want to turret dive. The active is flat our amazing to keep people near you after you jump in. I almost always get this item after my core.

This item is fantastic for teams with heavy AP. It provides a shield from 1 attack, which can save you. The resistance is also very nice plus more health. IF your team has damage, take this item over Maw of Malmortius


The reason this is not part of the core is the black cleaver. Your goal is to mostly clean up fights and kill squishies. To do this you usually do not need much armor pen other than the The Black Cleaver. When you build more tanky, you can last longer, and it becomes even less of an issue. With that said, if our team lacks damage, or they are building solely one type of damage, I may turn to the Last Whisper as my next item.

This item is great for snowballing. When you are ahead, it is not at all hard to build stacks and puts your damage to a crazy place. I love this item, but I cannot justify it over the tanky items for my favorite build. I will build one if I am ahead, but other than that, I do not build is as core.

The active on this item is the stand out. It allows you to blow through tanks. I do not really buy it often, but it is a fairly good item. The lifesteal is also a bonus. If you do end up buying it, build Bilgewater Cutlass first, and do not buy any daggers just complete the item when you have enough.

Another item that could see some use. I prefer not to buy any crit on Kha'Zix because he is an AD caster. You could build him more for autoattacks, which would not be that bad of a build, and this would be a good choice. High damage and big crits are never bad. I would prefer to just build The Bloodthirster again, rather than buying this item if I want more damage.

I like the active on this item. It gives a speed boost for 6 seconds and more attack speed. This item when combined with Void Assault gives you silly speed. With that said, I would rather build tanky and rely on my Leap and Void Assault alone rather than building this item. If you are facing tanks, building this for the passive of armor pen is good, but I do not recommend this in every situation.

Guardian Angel

This is an amazing item. I usually wait to build it until I sell my Spirit of the Elder Lizard, but never the less, it still is great. Allows you to blow someone up, and live.


These boots are mostly good for heavy AD based teams. In combination with Randuin's Omen you are very tough kill. They give the full movement speed in combat, which is another benefit.

The reason you would pick these up is the cc and magic resist. It is a great item to build providing a huge resist against your counters. They are a tad pricey, but in teamfights well worth every penny (gold piece).

These are a great in combat boot. They provide great movement speed, and allow chases even as they try to slow you. They are a great item, and where my go to item after the nerf to boots of mobility.

So why after all of these great choices do I still buy the Boots of Mobility? They are cheap, and you should not be in teamfights long. Your goals as a clean up assassin is to get in such a place where you come in from behind closing the gap with a jump. While in combat, you have a speed bonus on your ult, a jump that resets on kills, and a ranged slow. No need for extra speed. You also can spend the money on something else that does more damage. For those reasons, even after the nerf, I still love this item.

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Early Game

Early game is where you can win lanes hard. First think about the other jungler. Is it Warwick? Lee Sin? Are they going to be ganking early like Lee, or farming until Feral Flare like Warwick?


Early on, you have a lot of power. Go in at level 3 if at all possible. Even if the lane looks about even, jumping in hitting a q, and following up with a ranged w is a lot of their health. This usually burns a flash. Mark the burned flash in chat, and follow up with a second gank.

You want to gank any lane that is pushed up to your tower in a lane with no cc on your team. Any lane with cc on your team however, look for a gank around half and half.

Do not burn a flash on a early gank unless it gives a kill. If someone other than you can secure the kill, let them.

After one successful gank, head straight to the next lane that could use it. Rinse and repeat. Your goal for early game is to rack up kills and get your lanes ahead.


I discourage farming early as you are powerful. If all your lanes are pushed up, start some counter jungling. Do not waste your early game. With the rise of Feral Flare junglers and their crazy late game, you need to punish their early game. Snowballing is important on Kha, so make sure you do it.

If you do need to farm, just keep your eyes on the lanes. If you see any chance take it, as it is better than farming.

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Late Game/Teamfights

Pics will be added for positioning later.

Late game is all about Baron control, and team fights. Your role in a teamfight is either to kill the carries, or clean up the fight. You are not the initiator, you are the assassin. It is important to know the difference. You want to hang out in the jungle near both teams waiting for either a person to be caught out, or a teamfight to start.

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Jungle Route

Blue Start

Blue Side

Red Side

I prefer this start, as I usually gank midlane first anyways, and the blue helps a huge amount with clear and sustain because you can spam the heal on your Void Spike. This only applies to blue side as red(purple) side as blue buff on the bottom. Red(purple) side is an easy start on Kha'Zix because of this.

Red Buff Start

Blue Side

Red Side

The huge advantage is the chance to gank, or counter gank, top or mid lane at level 3 if you are blue side. If you start red(purple) side, you can take this route as well if you want to gank bot first. If you know the bot lane is good and has CC sometimes you do want to this. Another caution is if you are likely going to be counter jungled at your red, *cough* Shaco *cough* you may also wanted to start here.

Isolation on Jungle Camps

Another important thing to do is isolate the red buff and other jungle camps.This adds damage to your Taste Their Fear and effective way to clear buffs faster.

For other camps, you will want to focus the biggest monster in the camp. The only exception are the two big golems. You want to kill the small one first as the small one still does damage, and the isolation bonus on the bigger golem is actually better than focusing it first. You can use one autoattack and smite to kill the small golem instantly.

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The Black X is where you activate your ult, The Green X is where wards may be, so look to see if people behave differently when you get here. Pink X are common locations for pink wards to be. Check them every time you walk by.

Red arrows are for red/purple side, blue for blue side.

Top Lane

People may act like it is warded even if it really is not. Top lane usually is not too important unless you are facing a champion like Ryze who scales late game, or Renketon, who wins early game. If it looks to be a close match-up, do not bother.A few quick notes, look for a second gank if you do not think they backed by holding in the top bush. Be willing to wait up to 20 seconds or so for gank just chiling in the bush.

Mid Lane

Again, so notes, this lane is very easy and important to gank. I tend to go here right at level 3 so the opposing side hopefully is not in fear quite yet. Gank from the bush and look to jump then slow before 6. This will likely burn an early flash. Type out in chat the burned flash, and punish for the rest of the 5 minutes.

Bot Lane

Bot lane has a pretty big risk reward thing going. You could get 2 kills/assists, but you could also give up 2 or 3 if not played right. Come in after your bot lane has gone in, or their bot lane has gone in. Punish them for pushing up or chasing the kills. Do not go in if they are close to turrets.

Countering Ganks

There are two main ways to punish a gank. Counter jungling, and counter ganking. First watch for the gank. This can be done through two ways, wards or through laners.

Lee jumps in on your bot lane. First look at where you are. Are you in the bottom half of your jungle? If so, head down there as fast as you can. If there is any chance you can either kill Lee, or the low bot lane, go for it. This is the highest priority. Taking the double buffs early is huge.

What if you are no where near bot lane? First look at the other lanes. You can gank with 100% safety unless someone roams. Early game does not see much roaming. Go in on a lane if you think they champ snowballs hard. If neither lane is in a position to be ganked, head to the jungle of the opposiing jungler. Take the big monster of every camp. Through a ward down. Get out. You lost the gank this time, but you now are set up to kill him in his jungle or counter his gank to top lane.

Now what about top or mid lane ganks? The same basic rules apply, but you are in more danger as it would be a 2v2. If your laner dies, do not go in unless you are sure of the kill and your getaway. If you go down and you get one, but they also killed your laner, you lost the gank. Both of their laner and jungle got 2 kills/assist, your laner and you may have gotten 1 kill/assist.

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Counter Jungling

Rules for Counter Jungling

1. Bring a ward every time you enter one side of the jungle. Preferably a Stealth Ward but as long as your trinket is up. You should be fine.
2. Know where your opposing jungler is, and how long it would take to get to you
3. When buffs are coming up, protect yours, take his.
4. You can win the fight if it is 1v1.
5. Lanes are not pushed up to your turrets.
6. Smite is up

When to Counter Jungle

Kha'zix best time to counter jungle is level 6 when is ult is evolved. He has crazy dualing potential at this level. He can use his abilities, stealth, abilities, stealth, and they will be dead. If you get caught by the laners, a quick ult and jump over a wall gets you away. He is very good at it.

Feral Flare

Junglers who build this item are even worse early game than most. To punish that you need to get their jungle warded, and kill them when they get low from camps. If they are allowed to farm, they can and will carry late game. To counter this you need to get in their jungle and kill them over and over. This does not mean kill them once, counter jungle, leave. It means their jungle is your jungle, take the big camps over and over. Kill them over and over. Make their laners come to help him. Punish the laners for having no possibility of early games.

Then take turrets. Take dragon. Take Baron. You need to end the game before they get farm. The faster you end the game, the better off you are.

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Isolation and Skins

Isolation is a key part of Kha'Zix. His Q, Taste Their Fear provides a boost to damage if the target is isolated. The next few pictures will show what happens when a target is isolated, and what the target sees when isolated.

Original Skin

This is what it looks like for the original skin. You can see a purple line around the outside of Ashe. You will be looking for this to do extra damage.

Small purple streaks from Kha'Zix let the target know they are isolated.

Mecha Skin

The target on the ground lets you know you get extra damage against the person or monster.

The warning lets the target know that they are isolated and can be hit with more damage.

This shows the difference for this skin. It is a little easier to see in this skin, but it is not a major difference. The warning is also a little easier to notice, but if they do not know what it means, it wont help them, and if they do, they should already know they are isolated.

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Riot's Thoughts

4) Kha’zix

"True to his lore, when we change Kha’zix, he evolves and finds a different gameplay pattern to continue to be effective. The live version of Kha’zix does not have the same need to be opportunistic as the other assassins in League of Legends, and opponents tend to feel like there are very few windows available to fight him. We are looking into some changes that make him a little more vulnerable to fighting back against him, particularly when he is under the effects of his ultimate."

We will not know how much this affects us for now, but he ay be getting changed soon as he has little counterplay. My guess is the just nerf his ult in terms of damage reduction, or possibly do something like Rengar warning the opposing team of his presence when he ults. For now, have fun, I will update the guide if the situation arises.

"As an assassin, Kha'Zix should be looking for windows of opportunity (or should be relying on his teammates to create those windows) to engage. Instead, Kha'Zix has so much raw power that he's simply forcing engagements and kills on his own. When assassins can start and end a fight without support, that typically points to an overall lack of tactical weaknesses (which champions need to have in order to maintain meaningful counterplay). These changes are to offer more windows of opportunity against Kha'Zix and should make him think twice before going all-in, but this will be an ongoing project as we examine Kha'Zix's core role and strengths."

Basically he was not an assassin, he had the ability to get in and out while tanking the whole team. He still is fine, but he will be a lot easier to kill if not played right. Riot should back off for a little while, but he is still a top tier ban/pick jungler. Especially with the Feral Flare nerfs, he is still in a great place.

Riots thoughts 4.8

5) Kha'zix

"The team has been hard at work on finding ways to make Kha'zix's popular evolutions balanced. As a side goal we're trying to make all 4 feel like viable evolutions (at least situationally), but our greater concern is keeping him an interesting Assassin with options for counterplay without giving him too much Fighter-level utility (and the capability to brute force fights like Fighters while finishing the fight quickly like an Assassin). The damage reduction on his evolved Ultimate is one of the big culprits here, as there are no avenues of counterplay against him when he stealths (detect and kill him? run away? He has tools to avoid both!)."

I think they want to nerf him a little more, but buff Void Spike. This is good, though maybe not for junglers. If the boost the sustain, maybe allowing heals off more than one Void Spike or something like that, then maybe it could be good. They clearly want him to be a fun champion, and all the changes have looked good thus far.

Of course we could always hope he gets over buffed on his Void Spike and we have another super op situation.