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Kha'Zix Build Guide by keanu650

Kha'zix wait where did your HP go?

Kha'zix wait where did your HP go?

Updated on June 26, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author keanu650 Build Guide By keanu650 1,534 Views 0 Comments
1,534 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author keanu650 Kha'Zix Build Guide By keanu650 Updated on June 26, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Kha'Zix
    Kha'zix Burst damage
  • LoL Champion: Kha'Zix
    Off Tank
  • LoL Champion: Kha'Zix


Kha'zix is a great top and middle laner, he is also very good at jungling because of his W and Q skill and a great ganker because of his E skill. Kha'zix is one of my favorite top laners because of his burst damage sustainability and because of his ganking abilities. I also like him not because he is op and can lane against most of the champions in the game but because he is a fun champion to play. This build is going to show you the basic's of kha'zix and will help you become a great kha'zix player. i hope you enjoy. please comment if you have any suggestions. ty =)
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For the runes i chose a basic set up, my runes are set up to go top, and mid. I put up x9 seal's of armor which is great for the heavy AD laners like VI, Renekton, Zed, etc... This is also good so that if you are playing against a ranged AD then they wont do as much damage to you. For the marks i put x9 Mark of attack damage which is good so that in the beginning of the game you wont have to buy any attack items. you can if you want but when i play kha'zix from the beginning i get to at least 77 attack without an ion sword or doran sword. The next thing i put are x9 glyph's of magic resist which is vry good if you are going up against a vlad or a morde. The last runes i put are the x3 quints of attack damage which is good also. But if you want you can put quints of armor penetration. It helps with his Q skill.
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FOr the masteries i picked a usual plan with 21 in the attack tree and 9 in the defense tree. This is because when i go kha'zix i usually go top so these are top lane masteries. The only thing i can say to these masteries is they are the most basic masteries, prob all lvl 30's base off this but im not for certain.
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For the Items i choose to build a very solid build with alot of hp and attack damage since this is how kha'zix is a off tank who does lots of damage. The reason i chose these items is because they are common sense to me. Also because people usually have lots of cc on there team or lots of burst. so the reason i put the mercury treads first is for the cc reduction. I mean lets face it, you dont wanna be feared for 3 seconds by fiddlesticks or caught by nasus W skill. thats just annoying so i chose this to help. Next i chose to get the frozen mallet so that if you are chasing them it would be easy to catch them. The next item i put down is the black clever so that when they are slowed don you can stack armor reduction so you can deal lots of damage to him. The next item i put was the is the iceborn gauntlet. you might be asking me why would you do that when you already have the frozen mallet? well the reason being is you dont got enough slow till you can take your time attacking them. Also it gives you good amount of mana and armor. The next this i put down is the sunfire cape which is a good 40 damage per second while people are slowed. this will also help when yo are in team fights when an amumu ult is on you stand in the middle and burn all your enemies which is a good bonus in damage. ok so for the last item i put the warmog which you could put but this is the item i put so i could tank if the tank dies. This is a great item to get because it give you lots of hp reg and it also give you lot of absorbance. But this is one of the optional items that you can get i recommend the manamune which then transforms into the muramana which give your attack damage base on the mana you have. this is a great item because of the damage and help it will give you but it takes lots of mana out of you.
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Skill Sequence

SO for my skills i put my W skill first because it is a very reliable skill later on in the game. When i reach level 6 i upgrade my W skill which then is good at farming, harrasing, and escaping. Also during team fights it hits alot of people and deals goods amount of damage. The next thing i upgraded is my Q skill hich is good for cutting down the adc's hp. This is good because which a combo with my E skill you can jump to the adc W him with all three beams and Q him and dead. the last thing i upgrade is his E skill which is his jump which is very good with his ulti because he can sneak pass the enemy and kill the adc with a jump. I could not recommend upgrading his R skill because it only gives one second extra of his ult.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author keanu650
keanu650 Kha'Zix Guide
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Kha'zix wait where did your HP go?

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