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Kog'Maw Build Guide by pauloxisto

Kog'Maw - The Void Eater

By pauloxisto | Updated on November 16, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw
  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw
  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw
  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw
  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi guys :B, How my league of legends is crashing, I decided to build this build(:B) detailed kog'maw, one of my favorite champions :B. So.. let's do this e.e
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About Kog'Maw

When the prophet Malzahar was reborn in Icathia, he was led there by an ominous voice which thereafter anchored itself to his psyche. From within, this voice bestowed upon him terrible purpose, and though Malzahar was no longer tormented by its call, the voice did not cease its unrelenting summons. This baleful beacon's gentle flicker - now fastened to Runeterra - drew forth a putrid beast that ambled across a threshold it did not understand, widening a fissure between spaces which were never meant to meet. There amongst the haunting ruins of Icathia, Kog'Maw manifested in Valoran with unsettling curiosity. The spark which led him to Runeterra teased him still, urging him gently towards Malzahar. It also encouraged him to familiarize himself with his new environment, to the stark horror of everything he encountered on his journey.

The enchanting colors and aromas of Runeterra intoxicated Kog'Maw, and he explored the fruits of the strange world the only way he knew how: by devouring them. At first he sampled only the wild flora and fauna he happened across. As he traversed the parched Tempest Flats, however, he came upon a tribe of nomads. Seemingly unhampered by conventional rules of physics, Kog'Maw consumed every nomad and any obstacles they put in his way, amounting to many times his own mass and volume. The most composed of his victims may have had time to wonder if this was due to the caustic enzymes which stung the ground as they dripped from his gaping mouth, although such musings were abruptly concluded. When his wake of catastrophe reached the Institute of War, an enthusiastic Malzahar greeted him with an enticing prospect: taste the best Runeterra could offer…on the Fields of Justice.

"If that's just hungry, I don't want to see angry."
Tryndamere, the Barbarian King

The Mouth of Abyss, The Void Eater, Cho'Gath's Friend, whatever, Kog'Maw is a little cutie monster from void that comes to League of Legends just for one thing. EAT! Eat and eat, this is his destiny.

Kog'Maw is a DPS Carry Champion(typical champion that needs to FEED to be unkillable), focused on ranged attacks and acid poisons, kog' is the only champion that explodes upon death! *-*, in other words, Kill him AND be killed!
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About Skills

Icathian Surprise: Upon dying, Kog'Maw starts a chain reaction in his body which allows him to move faster for 4 seconds and detonate at the end of the duration, dealing 100+(25xlevel) true damage to surrounding enemies.

Best Passive ever, with this you can revenge your own death, DEAD! I will not say when to use it because it's pretty obvious e.e

Caustic Spittle: (Passive): Permanently increases Kog'Maw's attack speed.

(Active): Kog'Maw launches a corrosive projectile at a single target which deals magic damage and reduces its armor and magic resist for 4 seconds.

I don't like to use this skill after feeded (probably u'll focus on Bio-Arcane Barrage. But his passive is good, gives to you extra attack speed for Kog' :3

Bio-arcane Barrage: For 8 seconds, Kog'Maw's autoattacks gain range and deal additional magic damage which is equal to a percentage of the target's max health. The damage caps at 100 against minions and monsters.

This is your Jack In The Box skill. Increases your range and deals extra damage. If the enemy champion are running, bye bye... if he aren't, bye bye... :D

Void Ooze: Kog'Maw launches a projectile in a line in front of him which deals magic damage to all enemies it passes through and leaves a trail for 4 seconds which slows enemies who stand on it.

This is a great skill, especially if you are making AP/DPS Kog'. This skill slow the enemy and has a great area/range.

Living Artillery: Kog'Maw throws a living artillery shell to a target location at a great distance and falls after a small delay dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and revealing them for 4 seconds. It deals 2.5 times as much base damage to champions.

If Bio-Arcane Barrage is your Jack In The Box, this skill is your Crowstorm, Feast, Ace in the Hole, Absolute Zero, whatever. This ult, although the extra mana on subsequent shot, gives A LOT OF DAMAGE(ok, You'll need some aim to shot it) and A LOT OF RANGE(basically, kill the enemy on your base -w)
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ DPS Carry
+ Semi-Autoattacker
+ Null Cooldowns
+ Great Ult
+ Explodes *-*

- Squishy if ganked
- Mana dependent (Ult spends a lot of mana)
- Hard to skill
- Prefer to be killed first

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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About Items

Well, Kog'Maw is a "thousand-and-one-uses", you can make AP, Damage, DPS, whatever. But I think that Kog' needs a fix starter build, to be specific, a DPS starter build. But why this? Sample, Kog' and Bio-Arcane Barrage together are like a Master Yi and his sword, they cannot live apart. So, after the Core Items, you can made a Kog' with your own way, DPS/AP, DPS/AD, DPS/Critical, DPS/DPS(what? o.o)... ok ok:

Ok, Malady and Madred's Bloodrazor are old, almost every Kog'Maw do this, but... what about Rod of Ages? Well, this item is normally used for full AP characters(and Singed), so, why do not put it? '-' It's good, gives to Kog' more survivability, mana (for ult every time) and AP. This is good *-*.

Now, the other situations, you can make with my build DPS/AP Kog', DPS/Critical Kog', DPS/AD Kog' and DPS/DPS(?) Kog'Maw. Let's see them one by one.


Focusing on this build, You'll need to know how to use the skills (that scheme to predict where the opponent will be there and aim, I don't know how to explain this, but whatever). The 3 AP items are to focus on 3rd and 4th skill (and the 2nd, but whatever²). The Sorcerer's Shoes and Void Staff are good for all skills, because they increase magic penetration, great against Tankers/Offtankers. Rabadon's is just the last item, just the most expensive AP item, but worth the price.

DPS/Critical KOG'MAW

Ok Ok, this is a DPS build. Whatever, I don't care. DPS = Damage Per Seconds. This term doesn't specify nothing about critical damage per seconds. If you want, call this CDPS(Cops Doin Police Stuff LOLOL). After Core Items and Berserker's Greaves, Critical is your focus. With this build, Bio-Arcane Barrage is your card-key to win, so, crit a lot with it :D. Youmuu's Ghostblade and Phantom Dancer do this job(or 2x Phantom Dancer). Kog' Turns on his auttoattack with this build.

bug? '-'

This build is good against weak champions (ranged and mage types), and is good too if you like to 3hit-KO. After "Feed Time", Bloodthirster will increase your damage progressively and gives survivability(lifesteal). The Infinity Edge is just to finish it. These boots is just to chase enemies(and hunt them to explode after death *-*).

The Real way to play with KOG'MAW.

Think about it. I said earlier that the last build is DPS/DPS KOG'MAW, but if 2/2=1, DPS/DPS=1 too. In other words, this last build is the "1" way to play with Kog'Maw.

Oh, I love this build. Combines all "extra attacks" items with attack speed and cooldown reduction, giving to Kog' larges amounts of damage with Bio-Arcane Barrage and low cooldowns with ALL of his skills. And Madred's Bloodrazor and Wit's End increase Kog' survivability with them Armor/Magic Resist.



I made this build in parts, so... get a pen!

If you got Top: Start with Boots of Swiftness or Zeal. You'll need to go top Fast, so... another items isn't a good option. Then, make Frozen Mallet. After this, finish Phantom Dancer and start the DPS items.
If you got Bottom: Start with Phage. You won't need to get there fast, this would be a good item to start killing the minions of bottom. Then, go back and make Boots of Swiftness, then goes to what you want.
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Well, I don't like to talk so much about runes, because I can't made a real good rune page e.e... All of these rune pages are improvised and I just follow 2 rune pages. These 2 rune pages are good, because I'm not a RPbuyer (And I guess that so many people aren't too) and I need to improvise with only 2 rune pages. Lets do it:

greater quintessence of desolation greater mark of desolation

I use these runes for all my physical champions and offtankers. This offers extra armor penetration and extra Armor/MR, for survivability.

Recommended Champions:

Focusing only in Magic Penetration, This rune page offers extra damage against tankers and another of resistance champions.

Recommended Champions:

I made this rune page for the guys who doesn't like so much the other 2 ways... This build is good combinated with Ninja Tabi, to increase the dodge chance.

Recommended Champions:
PS: This "recommended champions" are just IN MY OPINION. For the sake of Anubis, this is my opinion, each one has its. e.e


I use this rune page just for DPS/DPS Kog'Maw(I still haven't, but is good.). Maybe you don't like it, but this build is just focused on attack speed and extra survivability with armor and MR.
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These masteries are simple, but I'll explain all of then one each one, for details... '-'

This mastery page is classic for Kog'Maw and DPS/AD characters. Combines critical ( Lethality and Deadliness ), AD and Armor Penetration ( Brute Force , Havoc and Sunder ), Atk speed ( Alacrity ). This vertent of 21/0/9 is focused on Magic penetration ( Archaic Knowledge ), because kog' is a magic champion e.e, so, why did not use it?

Another KOG'MAW MASTERY PAGE (11/19/0)(?)
PS: I don't have a REAL KOG'MAW MP, so... I put this another MP on the REAL KOG' build... '-'
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Summoner Spells

First, Summoner Spells each one has his own taste, I'm just putting my opinion... If you don't like, I DON'T CARE.

This is my core SS, I use it almost 99,9% of times. Exhaust slows the enemy and weak him, giving to Kog'Maw extra attacks to kill the enemy (well, if he's running, slow him and.. bye bye \o).


This is my another common options... Flash will be nerfed soon(if you didn't know ) so I'll start to use Ghost with more frequency. Ghost and Flash can help Exhaust or help you to run away/catch.


This is my last option. I use it only when I made DPS/AP Kog'Maw or when I crazy. In part, this is good, because Ignite deals the extra damage that you need to kill the runner enemy e.e.
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Skill Sequence




This sequence of skills is only a base, because depending on the situation you can start with Void Ooze, or Caustic Spittle. But all of them focus on Bio-Arcane Barrage first. Ok, you can start with Void Ooze, but at 2 you'll start to up Bio-Arcane Barrage. Until level 6, you'll not need a lot of mana, so... just focus on just ONE ENEMY(if you aren't solo, don't be flustered, attack and run '-'. At 6, if you finish Rod of Ages, great! Your mana problems are solved. If you don't finish it, get some Mana Potion for Living Artillery attacks. REMEMBER: Forecast where the enemy will go and shot there.

After Malady and The Boots, you can turn on your insanity coming from the void. Perform combos with Void Ooze and Caustic Spittle, mixing with auto-attacks with Bio-Arcane Barrage, then... finish him with Living Artillery.

After Madred's Bloodrazor (probably at level 14/15) you can try to solo Baron Nashor. Watch for the coming future ambushes with the enemy team, so... prepare your Flash to run away. If you get nashor, great! Buffs for all *-*. If you don't get, no problems. Go get the blue golem buff and continue to kill and kill...

CAUTION!!! Thornmail will be your worst problem... All your auto-attacks will turn back for you. If the target is with Thornmail, try to kill it with your skills. Living Artillery Can perform a lot of damage if used correctly.
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EXTRA: The Mercenaries

kage's lucky pickphilosopher's stone

  • Gold per 10 effect is now Unique. It won't stack when the bonus comes from itself, but it will stack when having different items.

Mercenary is a new type style to game, that dramatically increases your money received. Ok Ok, many people do this '-'... BUT, the same people that use it don't know the new clause of League of Legends.

All of these items are temporary, in other words, after getting a lot of gold, sell them. (if you want, upgrade them).

This play style is good to carry champions. May take longer to create your core items, but is good. AND DON'T BE CRAZY, don't start with all of them, merge it with your core items (for example: I'm a Warwick and I need to be feed. I'll start with Avarice Blade, then my boots. After this I'll make Heart of Gold and create my Madred's Bloodrazor. Whatever)...
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Ok... That's all :D

Yes, I finally could finish this build. I hope you guys like it.
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