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League of Legends Build Guide Author IShouldGetALife

Lux, the Only Light

IShouldGetALife Last updated on August 21, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

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Utility: 21

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Introduction/Who am I?

Ok well I'm IShouldGetALife, and this is my first guide on MobaFire, most of you are probably thinking 'he's just bronze what would he know about playing better than me' or 'lol n00b guide he's bronze'. Now if you want to think that go right ahead, I have played many games with Lux using this build including at least 14 ranked games (if you need to look at my lolking or elophant you'll see that, all wins are mid and all losses bar 1 are support) and at least 50 or more normal games. This guide is by no means a high elo guide, this guide is for those who want to get better at Lux or just find a new way of playing her. I have played Lux since I was level 10 and mained her for a time between level 20 and a few weeks ago, but I am now starting to play her again. With this guide I will show you what I think is one of the great ways to play the Lady of Luminosity and I hope that although I digress sometimes and it is a long guide you will see it through to the end.

Here starts my guide on Lux the Lady of Luminosity and I hope I can pass on something useful :)

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Pros and Cons

Prolific Pros
+ Massive range
+ High damage
+ All skillshots
+ Lots of AoE
+ Can set up ganks with q
+ Potential 2 person snare
+ Ult is amazing
+ Good AP scaling
+ Nice amount of utility
+ No counters if played right
+ Good team shield
+ Laugh is awesome
Counter-productive Cons
- No escapes
- Squishy as all hell
- Lowish damages early game
- Weak shield early
- Extremely mana hungry
- Ult shows enemy the line
- All skillshots
- Q only goes through 1 enemy
- Relatively high cooldowns
- No more 24 Second laser
- Ult has large cooldown at rank 1
- Slow movement speed
- No cheerleader skin

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
I choose these runes because they provide all the stats Lux needs, having the early magic pen lets you do more damage with your spells, the armor is especially good if you are tanking minions (which as Lux should never happen) or against an auto attacker like Diana/an ad lane like Zed or Pantheon. The MRes is self-explanatory really, you are mid, the stomping ground of APs take MRes to negate a small amount of the spell damage they do. AP Quints are again self-explanatory you are an AP champion with good scalings lacking a tad in early damage, you get these to boost your damage, especially early.

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I take these masteries because as Lux you will be needing mana and mana regen as well s the added movement speed to get in range of your ult quicker, also the extra CDR, ability power and MPen are great for early harass, the GP10 is simply there to make it easier for you to get a head start on your opponent and get better items quicker.
A second masteries option that focuses mainly on attacking and makes it easier to farm and kill enemies at the cost of some utility, if you are playing aggressively take these for the added pressure they grant you.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

I take these two summoner spells as they provide the best stats for me, flash is a great way of escaping those annoying enemies with gap closers and combined with a Light Binding you should get away 9/10 times. I take barrier because there is always a time when some extra health is needed and the shield provided soaks up a fair bit of damage, it also is great for baiting someone for a tower dive.

Other viable options

I personally don't like taking this on Lux as like Deathfire Grasp you need to be in close range of the enemy, while this is good in lane when you are close enough to hit it, it is useless in teamfights because of the range limitations, all in all barrier is a more versatile spell and has its uses in teamfights.

This is actually a good spell for Lux as she is amazing at pushing so she could take this to split push or simply to get back into lane after a recall or a death this is also great at getting to fights and good for following enemies that have either a teleport on ability or for quickly helping a lane that is swamped by enemies.

I personally would never take this but if you are lower level and you don't have flash yet this might be a decent pick, for higher level players this would only be a decent pick on ARAMs and maybe for heal baiting people under tower or to give that little bit of extra teamfight presence for your team, Barrier is, however better for bating as the shield amount isn't halved by ignite.

This is another iffy one for me, I would only ever take this if I went support Lux or if I was against a Master Yi or Aatrox mid to cripple their damage.

I would only take this if I planned on ganking lots which kinda defeats the purpose of playing Lux-if you want a ganking mid laner you might as well go pick up Talon or Zed-or if you don't like Flash, for players that don't have Flash yet this is the best choice of summoner spells as it still gives you an escape mechanism (of sorts).

For the rest of the spells don't even bother, they aren't useful or are sub-optimal.

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Items (Athene's Unholy Grail build)

Starting Items

I like to use this start as it allows me to stay in lane for a while and provides a nice start on your first item Chalice of Harmony, however this start is best used if the enemy team has no jungler or a jungler that usually doesn't gank, if you use this start and they have a jungler that ganks early be prepared to either get raped or just sit right at your tower and farm. The amounts of which type of potion you buy are up to your judgements

This is another viable start and like the first choice a ward can be incorporated into it if needed. This start is best used against enemy laners that are heavily skillshot based so it is easier for you to avoid their abilities. The amounts of which potions you buy are up to your judgement.

I personally never use this start but if you are against a tougher lane like Fizz the extra health will come in handy, once again the potions can be interchanged for a ward and if you wanted to you could take 2 health potions or 2 mana potions instead of 1 of each.

Another viable start that I myself never use it could also be Amplifying Tome and Health Potion this start would give you a damage advantage early game slightly larger than the one given by a Doran's Ring but much less sustain, this does however set you up for Fiendish Codexto go into Athene's Unholy Grail, if you chose this you will, however, lose the MRes and mana regen from Chalice.

Clth Armor Against AD mid laners another viable start is cloth/5 as it provides you with that extra littel bit of defense, you take take any number of the potions you like but I personally would suggest 4 health pots and a mana pot, with this start if you wish to you can rush a Seeker's Armguard and then get your Chalice of Harmony

The final start that I consider viable is the Null-Magic Mantle 2 potions start, I would only ever take this start if I was extremely unconfident with the lane, or if there will be a lot of early pressure e.g. LeBlanc but even then most times the MRes can wait till first back. Again the types of potions are interchangeable and you could get a ward if you need instead of the potions.

Mid Game Items

By now assuming you are sufficiently farmed and have gotten a kill or two you should have these items and there should be a lot more pressure on towers in other lanes, as Lux though, you will want to farm as much as you can and maybe pick up a few more kills so you can have your Rabadon's Deathcap by the time some teamfights occur.

By the time you get these two items or even just the murderhat teamfights will definitely have started and with the damage you bring they should weigh heavily in your favor, so long as you can hit their carry with your Lucent Singularity and Final Spark they will be forced to either run and leave their team weakened or die and get jumped on by a bruiser, keep in mind that those 2 spells are AoE and will chunk whoever else they hit, just remember to aim for the carries unless they are too far out of the fight for you to hit others with your spells.
Your Light Binding also does a fair amount of damage so even if you can't hit the carry it might be a good idea to cast that on the enemy front line so they can't stop your team from damaging their carries.

The amount of people you hit with your spells will determine the outcome of the fight, if you can hit all of the squishies or 2 squishies and a bruiser your team should win unless the enemy team has someone like Galio or Amumu with AoE CC for ults, if however you manage to hit just the tank or the support the fight might way the other way unless your team is good, fed or has an amazing teamfight comp.

Late Game Items

By now teamfights are erupting everywhere and baron is in contention, and unless the enemy team has been dumb enough to ignore you/you have a really fed ad they will have some Mres, so a Void Staff needs to be purchased to counteract that even if they don't have MRes or just the tank does still get the Void Staff and laugh as you hit them for near true damage with your spells (1 rotation/burst will instagib any squishy even without true damage and mutilate bruisers pretty badly as well), the final item you buy should be one of the situational items depending on the situation,

So You've reached late game and gotten all your items, what do you do now? Well you can still get Elixir of Brilliance to add some more AP and all you need to do is stick with your team roaming and looking for a fight if your team is good at that, proceed to get an ace win the game, if, on the other hand your team is good at pushing and pressuring towers, then that's just what you do, try and get a baron and then pressure a tower, with you on the team its easy just fire off a Lucent Singularity or 2 to damage and maybe a Final Spark this works especially well with a Master Yi or a Caitlyn as they have amazing tower taking and pressuring powers respectively.

Situational/Alternative Items

Now while Mejai's is a controverisal pick and on most people you don't even pick it up when snowballing, on Lux it is much safer than on other champs because of her long range she doesn't get near enough to the fight to die often. You don't even need to be getting kills in lane, by the time teamfights come you will be getting tons of kills or assists because of the amount of AoE damage you have. All in all Mejai's Soulstealer is an item that when used by a confident Lux will be a great purchase as you will be near full stacks most of the time. For the newer or less confident Lux players this item is a great purchase but you have to be sure it will work so pretty much get it if you are either ahead in kills or you think you can get your adc fed in teamfights by bringing the enemies low and you get lots of assists.

I personally hate this item on Lux it's great if you're spam happy and you will be working up stacks but we have a problem here, I have tried this one game and I pride myself on being an extremely spam happy Lux as soon as I get a rank 3 Lucent Singularity. I got Tear of the Goddess at about 10 minutes in, that's about the time I start spamming hard, it took me until 30 minutes through the game to get Seraph's Embrace, that isn't very efficient, by getting your Athene's Unholy Grail you get pretty much the same amount of mana efficiency and you actually get AP and MRes. Considering the charge times and and the lack of attributes it gives you compared to Athene's Unholy Grail it isn't worth it.

Now I can see why people would like to buy Liandry's Torment on Lux because of her slow and snare and it also gives you a nice amount of health and some MPen, But I wouldn't usually take it as it doesn't give you very much ap and it is rather expensive. The real reason I can see someone getting it is for the passive, against high health teams with lots of tanks/bruisers this item is amazing, with this in teamfights you alone can win it for your team as the health burn is amazing especially since your e will be slowing the enemies the whole time (note: this is a best case scenario, normally you wouldn't have this much going your way but none the less you still are a great teamfighter), relying only on your adc or other high damage dealer to clean up the low health enemies.

This is a pretty good item and it builds out of an early Kage's Lucky Pick which gives you gold per 10, the active is great for making Light Binding easier to hit, for chasing or getting away and it is always nice when you stop your team from getting attacked from an aptly nicknamed murderbush like those near baron.

Unviable Choices (that I've seen used on Lux)

This section is included because people have asked if these items were good on Lux

This item is a pretty strong item on the right people, the problem is Lux isn't one of those people, the mana is nice and counteracts your mana problems but he aura is wasted and unless you are being dived so is the armor and even then Zhonya's Hourglass is a much better item especially with its active. I wouldn't recommend buying this items at all because the stats are wasted on Lux.

Don't EVER get this item on Lux, it may look like a good item but for Lux it definitely isn't. While you may think the AP and CDR are great for Lux and while that may be true, full build you will be dealing 1000+ damage with your ult every 30 seconds so you don't need the extra AP and you already have maxed out CDR. Now the active is the real reason this item is a waste on Lux, as explained before, you sit out of a teamfight and cast spells, Deathfire Grasp active makes you get close to the fight and then ultimately bursted down because you're Lux and all you have for survivability is a zhonya's.

This item seems good for Lux right? Wrong. When you look at it the stats you get are sub-otpimal for Lux especially the AP amounts, you might think that it is good for laning because it gives you health and mana but that's wrong again. This item provides a decent amount of AP and a chunk of health and mana but they take time to charge, to be cost effective you would have to get this first or second item, as mentioned before it takes time to charge so in lane it is extremely ineffective. Now lets look at teamfights with it it gives you health which you shouldn't need, mana which is welcome and ap which is great but the amount given isn't that great.

Any other items you think about getting just think harder and remember that items are always situational and there might be an item I haven't talked about that you might use and would actually work in the situation.

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Items (Morellonomicon build)

For this item build pretty much all you do is use one of the starts mentioned in the other build and rush a Chalice of Harmony, then go straight for the Rabadon's Deathcap and Morellonomicon for max damage, then you get your Zhonya's Hourglass and Void Staff giving you massive amounts of AP, your last item is purely situational and you can use whatever you like, I personally would go for Liandry's Torment because you can slow a whole team at the same time and because it gives you the extra magic penetration and some health if you do manage to get caught out, the bonus damage is also great and it makes the items price a bit more reasonable. if you decide to get Mejai's Soulstealer you should get it early in the game as it is easier to stack it over a longer period of time. Twin Shadows is another possible item pick, if your support doesn't get it.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the skill sequence that I like to use for the aoe damage and farming assistance that it provides, Lucent Singularity does do less damage than Light Binding but it does do AoE damage and when combined with your ult massive AoE damage ensues, if you wanted more of a 1v1 approach with more of an emphasis on high risk high reward by landing your Light Binding then switch the skilling order, I wouldn't recommend this though as the extra damage on your q compared to e isn't that much and makes farming harder and slower.

If you feel you are taking too much damage you could level your shield up more, if you feel like you don't need a shield don't take it until later, this is also not recommended, though sometimes when I'm stomping the lane my shield gets neglected until level 5 or 7.

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This is a nice passive for getting some extra damage on your lane opponent or for farming a lot easier, it does however lose its effectiveness during teamfights because of the fact you won't be in auto attack range.

This is a great ability, it has a high amount of damage and snares each enemy it hits, the bonus to this ability is that it goes through the first target hit but only applies half the effects from the ability to the second target.

Light Binding is also a great spell for when you are trying to make a getaway as Lux has no real escapes, snaring them really helps, you can also throw out a Lucent Singularity and make them regret trying to chase you. In certain situations, if a jungler tries to gank you you can pick up one or maybe two kills, if you can hit your Light Binding you have a small window of time where you can turn around and combo the enemy, this is an almost assured kill unless the target in front is tanky, it still should be enough to, at the very least put the jungler behind by making him recall or put the mid laner in a situation where he either recalls or flirts with disaster as if you hit him with another Light Binding he will die from the Illumination and Lucent Singularity that should be following up the snare.

This ability provides a nice shield that can cover a whole team also it acts like a boomerang coming back to you and refreshing the shield as it passes through your teammates.

While the shield doesn't give that much protection, in conjunction with something like barrier it can be a great asset for you, in teamfights if it is used with a Locket of the Iron Solari and can cover the whole team AoE teamcomps will be significantly weakened. The most efficient way to use it to protect yourself is to throw it out in the direction you are moving as it will then return quicker, providing you a refreshed shield in case of a fresh enemy attack

This is a great teamfight ability as it deals a ton of AoE damage in a rather large radius it also is amazing for farming as past level 3 you can take out the caster minions with one Lucent Singularity and an auto attack each.

Like I mentioned in the Light Binding section, this spell is great for comboing and for turning the tides on a gank, if you find that your Light Binding isn't enough to stop a gank ie they have gap closers, use Lucent Singularity to furhter slow them so you can get to your turret on time.

Another great use of the spell is if you buy Liandry's Torment, in team fights all you need to do to decimate the enemy teams' health is throw out a Lucent Singularity (don't reactivate it though) and use Final Spark followed by the reactivation of Lucent Singularity and the enemy team will find themselves missing massive chunks of health.

This is the spell that most Lux players play Lux for. This is the spell that defines Lux a 3000 range laser beam that with full build will deal more than 1000 damage it does, however show the enemies the target so they have a chance to dodge it, Now always remember never to kill steal with your ultimate and use it in team fights whenever you can as the damage it does combined with Lucent Singularity is amazing and it makes it so much easier for the bruisers/assassins/ Tryndamere/ Master Yi to clean up the squishies.

If you want to snipe enemies with Final Spark, you need either good anticipation skills or great ward coverage, it will make you look like you are a great Lux though and will also leave the enemies either raging or qq'ing as they were expecting to get away. You can also use this if you desperately need to clear a minion wave or if you are trying to snipe buffs/weaken enemies to prepare for a fight at the dragon/baron pits.

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As a burst mage Lux excels at using combos, she has a strong skill set that has some good cc that also provides high damage ( Light Binding) to set up the rest of your combo. Your main combo you use will be the harass/farm combo which is to try and hit you Light Binding and keep the enemy close to minions so when you use Lucent Singularity you hit the minions as well so you can proc your passive to farm easier.

The combo looks something like this: Light Binding, throw out Lucent Singularity and auto attack at pretty much the same time, pop Lucent Singularity, auto attack.
It's pretty simple and after a few goes you will have a low health enemy and decently pushed lane in preparation for when he goes back or you kill him.

Your second combo is my favourite, it is the kill combo, it starts like the harass combo with a Light Binding and throwing out your e but what you do differs from there, you can either proc Illumination then pop Lucent Singularity, use Final Spark and then finally if you opponent isn't already dead pop your Illumination for the final time, which should result in a kill. your other option is when you throw your Lucent Singularity out you cast Final Spark then proc Illumination before pooping Lucent Singularity and proccing Illumination again.

This looks a bit like this: Light Binding, Lucent Singularity cast, auto attack, Lucent Singualarity pop, Final Spark, auto attack.
or Light Binding, Lucent Singularity cast, Final Spark, auto attack, Lucent Singularity pop, auto attack.

There are 2 minor combos as well, they are the gank escape combo and the teamfight combo. The gank combo is where you throw a Light Binding out at an enemy that is ganking you, then you can either turn that into a kill combo if you are confident you can get a kill and still survive or you can leave your Lucent Singularity as a slow in case the enemy has a gap closer that they havent used yet always remember your shield as it will soak up some of the damage from the gank.

The teamfight combo is pretty much the kill combo without the auto attacks but you let Lucent Singularity pop on its own providing a slow for the whole duration of the fight, making it easier for your adc/bruiser to clean up. You can always just go for an instant pop on Lucent Singularity and try for kills but as Lux you don't need kills as much and it is usually better to let the adc or a champion like Master Yi or other snowball/carry type champion get the kills.

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Ranked Play

In ranked play Lux is a very strong pick as she fits in to many different team comps though my preferred team comps are poke and all in as she can be a benefit to both due to having massive range and high damage. I don't use her to counter anyone in particular but if you see a Fizz or a Diana on the enemy team I would strongly recommend not choosing Lux as they are her main counters, I would also advise against picking Lux into a lane you aren't sure about. In ranked I recommend being more aggressive in lane and poke the enemy just not hyper aggressive to the point of being careless of junglers or missing out on farm. I would strongly recommend getting wards every time you recall so you can intercept the jungler when he ganks and probably pick up a kill or two. Picking Lux is a great way to counter that annoying Karthus the enemy has or stopping that pesky Ryze from getting into late game, this doesn't mean that you are definitely going to win the game but getting the mid lane out of the game is a great way to start.

If you really want to play Lux but mid has been chosen you can always support; if you want a guide on support Lux I recommend looking at one of the support Lux guides as I have no wins with support Lux it so I'm not incorporating it into the guide.
Like in this game I played as Lux kills don't matter and as long as you get enough farm you can still be a great asset to the team. Always remember that it isn't always kills and assists that win games or are good plays, if you see a low health teammate being chased by an enemy if you can snare that enemy then slow him you save your teammate and maybe the game if it's up to that stage. Always remember that 1 kill is equal to about 15 farm so if you are on 100 cs and your enemy has 50 and a kill, you are still winning the lane gold wise.

The spoiler contains the stats from 2 other games and a little explanation.

Spoiler: Click to view

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Lane Opponents A-H

The matchups mentioned are how I personally found a champion fares against Lux, as this is only from experience with bronze and some low-mid range silvers (and normals) they may not reflect accurately on higher elo play.

Opponents A-H

Pre 6-5/10 Post 6-7/10

Pre 6 Ahri doesn't have too much that can counter you, just remember to never let her hit a charm or you will be regretting it, Mres in this lane won't have as much of a bearing as her Orb of Deception has a true damage component to it once it reaches full distance. At six once she gets her Spirit Rush she is what Lux hates the most, highly mobile, she also can maneuver to be able to hit her charm. This lane is in Lux's favour if you can get a lead pre 6 as you will be able to burst Ahri down before she can burst you, if she uses Spirit Rush just fall back and use your shield and barrier if needed.

Pre 6-3/10 Post 6-7/10

Pre 6 all you have to do is bully Akali and dodge her Mark of the Assassin Crescent Slash combo, Post 6 she has the ability to jump on you but all you have to do if she does is snare her and cast Lucent Singularity and she will come out of the trade worse, remember to auto attack to pop your passive. It is important to remember not to be too aggressive in lane or she will just burst you down, ultimately just out farm her and try to hit both her and minions with Lucent Singularity minions take priority though, when you hit 6 if you can hit a Light Binding you are almost guaranteed a kill or at the very least free farm as she will have to recall.

pre 6-5/10 post 6-5/10

Anivia is an easy-ish lane for Lux, she has a multitude of CC and if she hits her Frostbite after you are chilled you will take double damage, once she gets her ult Glacial Storm she can deal quite a lot of damage and can farm amazingly but goes out of mana extremely quickly without blue buff so you can pressure her. Because you outrange her most Anivia players will try to turn the lane into a farm lane, which suits you fine as well, use your long range to poke the hell out of her and then when she is about half health go for the kill, be careful of her passive though as she gets a free Guardian Angel. Her wall Crystallize is great combined with Flash Frost and is a deadly initiate for a gank. This lane leans in favor of Lux but if you give Anivia an opportunity she is more than capable of killing you with her DPS.

pre 6-3/10 post 6-4/10

While Annie is a little b*tch to vs as many people, Lux shows her who's boss, after all whats the point of having such high damage when you will never be in range to hit it? Lux simply outranges Annie and will zone and/or poke Annie all day, just sit back and keep the lane warded, as soon as you hit 6 poke her down and when she is sufficiently low and you hit a q she's screwed. Keep in mind that if you get in range [[Annnie] will more than likely kill you, just play it smart and you will beat her by a massive amount in lane.


pre 6-4/10 post 6-6/10

Cassiopeia is a relatively simple champ for Lux to vs, again because Lux has a longer range, but don't let that fool you because if she hits you with her poison and gets in range for Twin Fang she can deal quite a lot of damage. As soon as she hits 6 watch out for a Flash+ Petrifying Gaze combo as it will most likely give her a free kill, to avoid this as soon as she flashes or (if you are good) gets ready to flash turn quickly so the ult just slows you instead of stunning, this is a lot easier if she decides to not waste her flash and just walk up to you and ult as you can just turn back and throw out a Light Binding and/or a Lucent Singularity. Another strategy that Cassiopeias might use is to turn the lane into a farm lane, which she does really well with 2 AoE DoT spells and a pretty decent auto attacks, if she does this just poke and farm and hopefully you get the lead, if you want to you could try for getting the kill so you get free farm as well, it's all up to your preference, never get to close to her though.


pre 6-5/10 post 6-9.5/10

Diana is one of Lux's biggest counters but if you bully her enough pre 6 you shoulod be able to still just farm the lane out and win that way, be careful of her post 6 though as Lunar Rush has no cooldown when used on a target with moonlight debuff on it. Pre 6 all Diana can do is shield and poke a bit with her Crescent Strike which is easy to dodge. Post 6 when she gains Lunar Rush Diana will most likely go on the offensive and try to kill you, your survival hinges on whether or not you can hit Light Binding, if you can hit it you live, if you can't well then its a grey screen for you.


Fizz... Fizz, Fizz is absolutely the most f*cking annoying champion for a Lux to go against he will dodge every skillshot ever and can burst the absolute sh*t out of you, If you ever pick Lux into a Fizz lane you are either over-confident or stupid, the only way I've found that you can beat a Fizz is to farm and even then he'll just jump on you. I have found a way of maybe killing him but it is dependent on his and your skill levels, if you throw out a Lucent Singularity he will either jump and dodge it or try and walk out if he uses his troll pole too early you can hit him with your Light Binding and still probably pop Lucent Singularity, always try to make him use Playful / Trickster before you ult other wise he will just turn the fight on you and kill you.


Pre 6-5/10 Post 6-7/10

This fat alcoholic doesn't seem to hard but he has ridiculous sustain and he can actually poke pretty well, all in all not too hard a lane but if he ults you your probably dead as his jungler will most likely be ganking or it will put you in tower range. Just farm this one out as he can get tanky quickly depending on his build, his poke is easy to dodge but if it hits it will do a lot of damage.

Pre 6-3/10 Post 6-3/10

Heimerdinger Isn't too hard to vs just stay out of his turret range and avoid the agonizingly (for him) slow skillshot ad you'll be fine, his ult doesn't give him that much of a power boost against you because you shouldn't be in turret range anyway, his micro rockets deal a fair amount of damage but again, you shouldn't be in range.

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Lane Opponents I-Q

Pre 6-6/10 Post 6-6/10

Karma isn't too hard to vs as all she has to damage is a skillshot that hits minions and a leash that deals a small amount of DoT, DO NOT underestimate the damage her Inner Flame doesespecially with Mantra on, it will ruin your day. Over all Karma is a pretty easy lane to go against but always remember she has the damage to do you lots of harm and her q has quite a long range.

Pre 6-3/10 Post 6-5/10

Karthus presents you no real problem as he can't match your range and without his AoE hitting you he loses a lot of his damage, also you have a shield that can bait his ult. Always remember never walk into his AoE as he will wall you off and decimate your MS and make you take tons of damage from his Defile and Lay Waste. Always remember to tell your team when he hits 6 as they wouldn't like being surprised with a random Requiem to the face.

Pre 6-3/10 Post 6-10/10

Pre 6 Kassadin can't face you and your ability to zone him the hell away from farm, post 6 however he becomes your worst nightmare he will just jump in and silence you and you cant do anything about it, you might however be able to cast your Lucent Singularity and maybe hit him, remember he will burst you down easily and can also auto attack and murder you as well with his w buffing his autos.

Pre 6-4/10 Post 6-6/10

Katarina isn't that hard for you to vs just snare when she Shunpo's and chuck out Lucent Singularity and she will take more damage than you, when she uses Death Lotus just walk away and shield yourself and you can just go and poke her down then burst her. If you get hit by Bouncing Blades keep away from her so she can't pop the debuff, you can outfarm Katarina and also kill her so you have two choices for this lane.

Pre 6-5/10 Post 6-8.5

Kha'Zix is annoying as all hell to vs, especially when he can just jump on you and murder you because you will be considered isolated with the distance from your minions to you and then post 6 his makes him able to proc his passive twice and then to top it all of if you aren't already dead he will shoot Void Spike in your face and walk off with you having a grey screen.

Pre 6-8/10 Post 6-10/10

LeBlanc is a nightmarish match up for Lux she will silence you for days and just jump in and out of range. The good part of vsing a LeBlanc is that she is completely useless if she doesn't get kills so I strongly recommend playing extremely safe early and making sure to just farm as much as you can without putting yourself at risk of being bursted. If you can get some ganks it will help you greatly but LeBlanc will most likely use Distortion to get out of trouble, she might even use Mimic as well. If you somehow find yourself in trouble just remember that LeBlanc's burst hits like a ******* bullet train and you will most likely be facing a grey screen.

Pre 6-4/10 Post 6-5/10

Lissandra isn't that hard for Lux as she usually wont get in range to hit you with her spells, keep in mind though, that her gap closer is massive and if you don't dodge it you are probably gonna be dead with all her cc combined and her deceptively high damage.

I would suggest just farming this lane out but always take a chance to poke as well so you can burst her when an opportunity shows itself, Lissandra has a deceptively strong burst so be wary if she starts playing aggressive, she is more of a threat than most people realise. Another thing to watch out for is a gank as Lissandra excels at setting them up with the amount of cc she has that the jungler can chain onto.

pre 6-Skill match up post 6-Skill match up

Ahh the mirror lane, while hated by many people I personally like them, I know how much damage the enemy is going to do and I know the limits of the enemy, this lane hinges mostly on your ability to dodge skillshots and, of course to be able to hit your own. The worst part about his match up is if the enemy Lux is able to hit her combo first you are pretty much screwed as she will then just wait out of range of your skills and then go for the kill so be careful of that. As long as you farm better and maybe get a kill you will scale better, don't let her roam as she can catch up to you by getting a kill or can just slip into an AP support type role and feed her team.

I find that if you can position yourself in ways they need to choose between poking and farming while you can farm easily yourself will win you the lane, also call for jungler ganks so you can shut her down.

pre 6-6/10 post 6-8/10

Now even though I put Malzahar at such high difficulty he isn't too hard to vs, the only reason I find him difficult is because in this case winning your lane will take a jungler camping it or the Malzahar to be completely ******ed and I haven't seen any bad Malzahar players since I hit 30. You will probably fall very far behind in minions in this lane as Malefic Visions pushes insanely hard and his voidlings target the unit that is affected, all you can really do is try and farm and if you can get a snare on him make it count, hit him with a Lucent Singularity and pop you Illumination if you can. If you manage to get a kill on him farm up if you think you can face the new items he is going to have, if you can't just recall and get better items yourself, still ask for ganks and even if you don't pick up a kill be happy with the free farm you get from having him recall.

Malzahar is a much bigger threat to you post 6 as with his ult you are a sitting duck for a jungler gank and if he can get his complete combo on you you are dead as his Malefic Visions will do a lot of damage and his Null Zone deals a lot of damage if you get stuck for the full duration. Rush your Athene's Unholy Grail and just keep throwing Lucent Singularity out and hope he doesn't get too far in front.

pre 6-8/10 post 6-8/10

Mordekaiser is an annoying champion to vs as he will just absorb all of your poke and push
the lane for days, this part of him that is annoying is also his downfall as he is pretty much always in position for a gank. Another thing you need to remember is that Mordekaiser uses health to cast his spells so he can pretty much spam all day once he gets a Hextech Revolver, always be careful of approaching him as he does do quite a lot of damage and his ult will steal health away from you and give it to him, just try and farm this lane out and stop him from getting ahead and you should be fine once teamfights start.

pre 6-8/10 post 6-8/10

Morgana is an annoying opponent for Lux as her Black Shield blocks magic damage and cc so your combo will be severely hurt, add into the mix that she gets tanky pretty quickly and she can sustain herself and afk farm and you have a recipe for one of the most annoying enemiesany mid laner let alone Lux could face. She als ohas some hard cc of her own to set up ganks or solo kills and she can turn the tides of a gank with her ult or just Black Shield if she sees the gank coming and just absorb all cc and casually walk away.

pre 6-4/10 post 6-6/10

Nidalee is pretty easy for Lux to vs as she is dependent on landing her spears,, which are easy to dodge, a smart player will either stand behind minions and farm or try and bait out her spears and then attack her, either approach will work and you will quickly find yourself winning the lane. Beware of her 6 as she gains a gap closer, extra movement speed and an execute and can trade better if she gets into melee range.



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Lane Opponents R-Z

pre 6-3/10 post 6-4/10

Ryze is easy for Lux due to her range and his recent range nerfs have hurt him bad, in most cases he stands no chance, unless you are vsing an extremely skilled Ryze you will win this match up but he does outscale you to late game so beware of that. In lane all you have to do is keep your distance as if you get close he does do a fair amount of damage, if you want to go for a kill you better try it early and with a junglers help because Ryze gets tanky fast and has spellvamp as part of his ult so he can sustain your damage. All in all just abuse your range advantage and out farm him while simultaneously poking him and you will beat him, just be careful if he comes for you late game as he will most likely survive your burst and he can deal out some scary dps.

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As some people have pointed out to me already getting Athene's Unholy Grail and Morellonomicon in the same build many people will probably ask why so my answer and the answer given to me by Sirell and GMD. While considered core by many Lux players is actually an inefficient way of building her as with one of them you will have 20% CDR, once you add the masteries you will have about 30% CDR, when you add in blue buff your CDR will be capped, now while yo uwon't permanently have blue you should be buying Elixir of Brilliance which will give you capped CDR, so buying both athene's and morello's you will have capped CDR without masteries makign the masteries worthless and really, making it a waste to build both items.

Well this concludes my guide on Lux The Lady of Luminosity, thanks for reading and constructive criticism would be great if you have any as I would love to improve my guide writing skills, I don't mind downvotes as long as you give a legitimate reason and I will try and fix my guide accordingly.

This guide wouldn't have been possible without the countless times I read JhoiJhoi's guide to making a guide.