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Teemo Build Guide by FattyMieo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FattyMieo

[Mini-Game] Hide and Seek (Not a Build)

FattyMieo Last updated on July 29, 2016
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Hide and Seek

Teemo Build

Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Teemo the Swift Scout
Evelynn the Widowmaker
Shaco the Demon Jester
Twitch the Plague Rat
Quinn Demacia's Wings
Zilean the Chronokeeper
Lissandra the Ice Witch
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This is an improper Champion's Build in League of Legends.
If you are looking for Teemo's Build, please leave this page.
Please don't downvote this as an improper build.

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Welcome to Hide and Seek!

EDIT 27/7:
The game is modified a bit to match with the new "Definitely Not Dominion" map

Hi, I'm FattyMieo. Today I am bringing you something very cool!
This is amini game to play inDefinitely Not Dominion Game Mode.
I hope Colours and Pictures will attract you to through!

Hide and Seek

Basic Rules:

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Hiders can be chosen from these champions:


Hiders must not Attack Enemies with basic attacks and restricted abilities.
Hiders must notRecall to their base.
  • If a Hider has captured the Ultra Minion Relics, he can choose toRecall to his base as long as he holds Ultra Minion Relics. Furthermore, he can stay at his base safely while having Ultra Minion Relics.

This is the Ultra Minion Relics, located at the ends of the lane. Requires 3 seconds to capture, Hiders are extremely vulnerable when capturing if enemies are camping there.

If the game is too hard, Hiders can choose to give hints to their enemies for their hiding location.

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Seekers can be any champion except Hiders' Champions

Seekers' objective is to kill Enemy Hiders to score Turret Captures and protect Ally Hiders from enemies' attack.

Seekers can Attack Enemies when:

Recommended Seekers can be found at "Threats" section above.

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Capturing/Neutralizing Turrets

Turrets have to be captured from the nearest to the furthest, to prevent Minions from capturing more Turrets at a time.

If a Turret is accidentally captured by Minions, the other team must neutralize the Turret.

The team is able to capture one Turret under these circumstances:

The team is able to neutralize one Turret under these circumstances:
  • Enemy Hider gets 1 death
  • Enemies have one or more captured Turrets
  • Turret must be enemy's

If all Turrets already belong to a team, the team is Dominating.
(Click for more information)

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Nexus' Health

Nexus' Health acts as a Time Bomb
It accelerates losing Health when Enemy Team scores.
It decelerates losing Health when Ally Team scores.

When Nexus' Health is or below:
  • 75% : Double Point
    All further scores won by the team are Doubled.

  • 50% : Offensive Hiders
    Ally Hiders
    can attack and kill Seekers(able to use other restricted abilities).

  • 25% : Constant Domination
    Enemy Team
    is now always Dominating.
    (Click for more information)

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Team Dominance

When a team is Dominating:

  • Ally Seekers are forced not to kill Enemy Seekers, but may assist Ally Hiders to kill them.

    If an Enemy Seeker is killed by Ally Seekers, Enemy team scores and can capture/neutralise one Turret.

  • Ally Hiders cannotRecall or capturing Ultra Minion Relic.

    The team can choose to protect Ally Hiders from enemies' attack, or suicide to break Dominance.

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Item Restriction (WIP)

Spoiler: Click to view

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Experiments are untested features that are intended to add into the gameplay.
Feel free to try them yourself.


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Using Chat Macro

EDIT 27/7:
The chat macro is not working for now, since the number of turrets has been changed in the new map.

You can use this Macro to announce important messages while in the game.


IMPORTANT: Run the program as Administrator to work in the game.

Each button color represents its type.
  • Purple: Application Controls (Used to control the macro application)
    Application Controls

  • Orange: Lobby Macro (Used while in the Game Lobby)
    Lobby Macro

  • Yellow: Start Game Commands (Used in the beginning of the game to Announce Reminding Messages)
    Start Game Commands

  • Blue: Blue Team Event Macro (Used to record and announce events on Blue Team)
    Red: Red Team Event Macro (Used to record and announce events on Red Team)
    Team Event Macro

  • Green: Global Event Macro (Used to record and announce game events)
    Global Event Macro

Macro's Latest Version: V6.1 [Download]


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