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Teemo Build Guide by MixupMatty

Jungle Nate's guide for Tosho ft. Teemo

Jungle Nate's guide for Tosho ft. Teemo

Updated on May 17, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MixupMatty Build Guide By MixupMatty 6 2 22,254 Views 1 Comments
6 2 22,254 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MixupMatty Teemo Build Guide By MixupMatty Updated on May 17, 2020
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Runes: Default Teemo

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Press the Attack
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Ravenous Hunter
Taste of Blood

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
For Kiting
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Nate's guide for Tosho ft. Teemo

By MixupMatty
Chapter 1 Introductions

I would consider Teemo to be a very unique champion compared to pretty much every other champion in League.
Teemo is an honest champion, he doesn't have the amount of **** in his kit to make up for the lack of player skill.
The Player controlling Teemo has to actually be able to kite just using his/her own micro/macro to succeed well.

If you are going in with Teemo expecting the easiest experience in all roles going from Iron to Diamond overnight don't expect something like this to happen so quickly. The misconception people have is that he is a very easy champion to climb with. But in truth is he is very difficult to climb if you simply do no wish to take the time to know all of your flaws and weaknesses. Teemo requires a lot of knowledge to play well. He isn't as simple as playing Veigar nor is he similar to Karthus there isn't anything brain dead about him.

Teemo is a diverse champion he can built into practically anything you put on him. He isn't held down to full AP alone, but just because you can, doesn't always mean you should. Proper itemization of the game to meet what is needed at the time as a whole can really save you the headache of making a silly fatal mistake and winning games.


-Can abuse melee champions heavily

-Hard counters champions that auto alot

-Great at zone control with Ult

-Great at demoralizing the enemy team LOL


-No easy escapes

-Squishy target

-short ranged compared to other ADC's

-Requires distance to be more effective

Chapter 2 Keystones explained



Press The Attack

This is Teemo's most ideal Rune set up as it gives you extra early game damage but it doesn't mean it'll be useless Mid to Late game, getting Press the Attack only means you'll do more damage early on and it helps Teemo to punish his opponents whenever they make a mistake like wasting an ability like yasuo's tornado from his Q Steel Tempest or attempting to grab a minion

Teemo is insanely good against melee champions as his play style is to kite and remain distance making your opponents life miserable, with Ignite, Press the Attack, Q Blinding Dart and E Toxic Shot Teemo is most likely to have frst blood if the enemy isn't careful

"Prioritize punishing or poking your opponent (if they're melee) and always keep in mind that you're insanely capable killing them early if they aren't careful

Lethal Tempo

Now if Press the Attack is strong early game but mediocre Mid to Late game
Lethal Tempo is mediocre early but powerful after buying your Nashor's Tooth and Guinsoo's Rageblade these two items are good enough for Lethal Tempo to be ...well lethal, having Lethal Tempo allows you to break the attack speed cap, so it means the maximum attack speed is 2.5 but when Lethal Tempo is activated it'll reach to 3.1 attack speed or 3 auto attacks per second

this will also make Teemo powerful at extended 1v1's cause when Lethal Tempo is activated you'll on auto attacks alone,this will force the enemy to think twice about fighting you cause you'll basically have more attack speed than your opponent

" Lethal Tempo is powerful when used correctly so make sure there is space between you and your opponent"


Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest allows your poison damage to deal more when the enemy is below 40%HP when getting Dark Harvest expect your Q Blinding Dart to increase its burst damage and your Ult Noxious Trap to be even more deadly, but there are two things to note about Dark Harvest no.1 it heavily requires you to have some stacks if you only have a few stacks or failed to get some then the rune is pretty much useless you should have at least have around 7-8 stacks at 15minutes so do not play passive with this rune, and no.2 this rune is only strong late game so its a bit of a gamble cause some games end quickly thus making Dark Harvest wasted

but overall Dark Harvest is just a powerful rune in general just as long you're always trying to get more stacks, and since nobody buys Oracle Lens, team fights happen more often which is a good opportunity to acquire some stacks and the increase poison damage to your Q Blinding Dart and ult Noxious Trap is a good thing to consider if you want to take this rune

"Revolve your playstyle with your Ult Noxious Trap make sure to plant it on where you think the enemy will go, make every shroom count and don't just waste them on minions


A specific Burst rune , Grabbing Electrocute on Teemo gives you more burst potential especially with a Full Ap build but it also good with Nashor's Tooth and with the help with your E Toxic Shot it helps activating Electrocute more easily by simply doing this: (Auto > Q > Auto > Electrocute), and when the enemy falls between 40 to 30% Hp doing this: (Auto > Q > Ignite > Auto > Electroccute) is mostly enugh to kill an enemy

Because of this rune being a short cool-down burst rune, it is no surprise that you would really want to maximize your amount of damage dealt to an enemy champion by maxing your magic penetration with primary items like Sorcerer's Shoes, Morellonomicon and Void Staff which all stack together nicely to take out anyone trying to build a moderate amount of magic resistance against you. You should never be prioritizing enemy tanks, because squishy targets should be your one and only main concern while fighting in a team fight.

"Unlike champions that use Electrocute this usually falls off Late game like Zed except for Teemo as not only he uses Electrocute to burst enemies but to also widdle them to at Low Hp which forces them to back off

Hail of Blades

It's primarily only useful for champions that benefit from very short trades due to their abilities to stun or lock you down in place or slow you and who simply want to fight then retreat immediately while leaving very little room for you to react due to a lack of attack speed. due to the recent changes with Hail of Blades it synergizes well with your E Toxic Shot

another thing to note about this rune is that it's similar to Lethal Tempo but stronger early game and on a lower cooldown compared to Lethal Tempo but i'd recommended getting this rune if your going to build full Ap as it gives you an extra agency to land three quick auto attacks

"use this rune also against other ranged toplaners who will heavily out damaged you with auto attacks like Lucian, Quinn, and Vayne but in my opinion Lethal Tempo is much better as it ensures your mid to late game"

Sorcery Runes

phase rush

this rune however is specifically used when against a Nasus due to his E Wither which slows for an incredible amount, but doesn't mean it won't work well against other champions where you have enough time to back off like when Yasuo is trying to get to you with his E Sweeping Blade, Darius suddenly pulling you with his E Apprehend then tries to hit you with Q Decimate or a Master Yi trying to get to you and many more

this rune basically gives you some extra escapes without being heavily reliant with W Move Quick, this is also similiar to Summon Aery but with less poking power as this allows you to: Auto > Q > Auto this immediately activates Phase Rush allowing you to either run away or continue to auto attack your opponent

"This rune allows you either catch or remain distnace from your opponent, this revolves around you kiting/orb walking as teemo has a short auto attack range and Phase Rush solves that problem

Summon Aery

Do you like constantly poking your opponent with Q Blinding Dart and E Toxic Shot then consider adding Summon Aery to the mix and you get max poke damage, taking Summon Aery is good with Ignite than Exhaust which is more of a dueling based summoner but Ignite is all about you crushing your opponent and winning in lane

Your playstyle revolves around you well POKING your enemy getting them to low health this will make your opponent think twice about coming closer to grab a minion
cause if they do you'll poke them again and again and possibly even killing them in the process allowing you to snowball and turning the game into a 4v5 then possibly winning the game early

"do note that Summon Aery won't be useful late game and are only viable in the early and mid game so make sure to take advantage of Summon Aery's early game damage as much as possible and win your lane

Inspiration runes

Glacial Augment

This is more of a Support and Jungle rune but that doesn't mean it's only meant for the two roles its just that there are more good keystones to use in mid and top than Glacial Augment, this keystone basically creates an ice path that slows enemies when hit by a slowing item or ablity so items like Bilgewater Cutlass, Everfrost, Twin Shadows and many more

when taking Glacial Augment do note that Teemo doesn't have a slow until lv.6 where he has Ult Noxious Trap so buying Everfrost, Twin Shadows or Hextech Gunblade
are important to make use of Glacial Augment in the first place, as a support your goal is to buy Twin Shadows then buy an item of your choice preferably Zhonya's Hourglass then head straight for Hextech Gunblade then after that you can pick any item you want

"buy Blade of the Ruined King for beefy champions like Garen or Darius, buy Hextech Gunblade for a mix of AD and AP damage as well as lifeteal, buy hextech glp if you want mana regen and lots of extra mana, or buy Twin Shadows if you're too lazy to hit Everfrost cause Twin Shadows acts like a homing missile then slows the selected target activating Glacial Augment in the process


Prototype: Omnistone is at a bit of an akward spot at the moment as this rune requires champions that can at least use a variety of keystone one of the champions that can use Prototype: Omnistone are Sett, Nasus, Draven, and Teemo, he can almost active at least 13 keystones which makes Prototype: Omnistone viable for him

having Prototype: Omnistone means you have to switch your playstyle with each new rune you get, play defensively when you have, Fleet Footwork, or Phase Rush, look for poke when you have Summon Aery, Arcane Comet, Grasp of the Undying, Dark Harvest or Electrocute, look for plays or flank/gank the enemy with Predator or if you can activate Glacial Augment, and then look to fight when you have, Conqueror, Lethal Tempo, Press the Attack or Hail of Blades

"the way Prototype: Omnistone works is that after 9secs after using a keystone example: (after you used Fleet Footwork wait 9seconds then randomly re-rolls into Electrocute) it'll give you another different keystone to use, your current keystone also re-rolls after 40secs of being out of combat

Here are the TLDR versions of every keystone

- After 3 auto attacks gain bonus damage from your auto attacks

- After completely stacking this keystone gain extra
attack speed for 3-6secs, also allows to break the attack speed cap

- When keystone is off cooldown the next attack you do heals you and gives you extra movement speed

- when fully stacked heal based on the damaged dealt to
champions (requires 10 stacks to activate) each stack gives you extra damage

- after hitting a spell it'll shoot a projectile based
on your ap

- after 3 attacks gain tons of movement speed

- after landing a spell it'll shoot a projectile based on level

- when keystone is off cooldown gain 3 quick auto attacks

- after hitting 3 attacks deal damage to the enemy based on level

- deal damage based on how many souls you have

- after buying boots activating it channels for 1.5secs gain 45% movement speed for 15secs

- when keystone is off cooldown heal for an amount and gain permanent hp

- after using a slow ability or item it'll summon an ice path that slows them for 60% for 5secs
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MixupMatty
MixupMatty Teemo Guide
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Nate's guide for Tosho ft. Teemo

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