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Trundle Build Guide by Phrxshn

Top Phrxshn's Guide To Trundle[13.23] - Use R on K'Sante

Top Phrxshn's Guide To Trundle[13.23] - Use R on K'Sante

Updated on November 28, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phrxshn Build Guide By Phrxshn 143 21 678,618 Views 9 Comments
143 21 678,618 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Phrxshn Trundle Build Guide By Phrxshn Updated on November 28, 2023
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Runes: Duelist

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Playmaker Trundle
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
Like any other king, Trundle is oppressive. If you’re a tank, he’s going to steal your stats and use his lifesteal to heal up any damage you can do. If you’re squishy, he can deal tons of damage. If you’re slow he’ll run you down like an animal.

If behind, he has great utility with his ult and his pillar. If you harass him, he’ll heal up from simple farming. If ahead, he can 1v2 or assassinate an ADC in a team fight.

Trundle is a fast tanky fighter with great utility, great dueling potential, and good damage.In order to exploit his weaknesses, I’ll be helping you in this guide to stop this troll from ever doing his stupid dance again.
King's Tribute When an enemy unit dies near Trundle, he heals for a percent of its maximum Health.

ChompTrundle lunges at his opponent with his next basic attack, dealing physical damage and slowing his target by 75% for 0.1 second.
This attack increases Trundle's Attack Damage for 5 seconds, with his opponent losing half of this amount.

Frozen Domain Trundle coats target location with ice for 8 seconds, gaining Movement Speed, Attack Speed and 25% increased healing and regeneration from all sources.

Pillar of Ice Trundle creates an icy pillar at target location for 6 seconds, becoming impassable terrain and slowing all nearby enemy units.

Subjugate Trundle drains an enemy champion's maximum Health as Magic Damage and 40% of their Armor and Magic Resist, half immediately and half over 4 seconds. The Armor and Magic Resist is returned 4 seconds after the drain ends.
You will start the game with Doran's Shield and a Healing Potion in order to sustain easily in lane. If you are going to roll over your opponent, feel free to pick up Doran's Sword to be more aggressive.

Choose Plated Steelcaps for a high physical damage match-up, or the Mercury's Treads when the opposing team has plenty of controls to immobilize you.
If you want to easily reach mobile carries, you can go for Boots of Swiftness.

Trundle is an off-tank who possesses very heavy damage using his basic attacks, who is able to melt any target if he hits it. His spells make him an extremely good at splitting.

Practicing your CSING against Caster, Melee, Cannon Minions is important when playing Trundle because he has a god-like sustain with King's Tribute.

Trundle is one of the best sustain champions because his kit is centered around sustain and de-tanking the tank. Capitalize on his abilities and try to outsustain your enemy champion in the laning phase and be a aggressive depending on his playstyle.

Save Subjugate for tanky champions, if they have abilities that will enhance their tankiness then save Subjugate after their use their abilities such as Brutal Strikes, Insanity Potion, Eclipse for example.

Frozen Domain and Pillar of Ice are excellent way for initiation on enemy champions especially when it comes to chases. Frozen Domain enhances Trundle movement speed and Pillar of Ice does the opposite to enemy champions.


Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace
Bone Plating
10% Attack Speed
6 Armor


Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm
9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
10% Attack Speed
6 Armor

Press the Attack is just generally easier to execute on targets, while Conqueror has better scaling in theory. Its hard for Trundle to stick to targets if you miss Pillar of Ice. Pillar of Ice is something on those lines but it is is too situational since the slow is so small, so you have perfectly execute his skills. If you have enemy team is melee heavy, more the reason for Conqueror since amplified damage from all sources makes you more relevant overall.

Overall if you feel like you can outscale the other team please Conqueror, if you need to stomp lane take Press the Attack. If you know how to Auto-Attack reset, just take conqueror over Press the Attack.
Chomp is an auto reset so dueling at level 1 with Auto + Chomp + Auto is very potent. Your opponent will typcailly lose the trade just about every time since you steal some of their attack damage, and then you will sustain back up shortly.

Basic Sequence of Combo

Auto + Chomp + Auto

Initiating on Tank

Subjugate + Auto + Chomp + Auto + Pillar of Ice + Auto

Initiating on Marksman or Opposing Carry

Pillar of Ice + Frozen Domain + Chomp + Auto + Chomp + Rinse and Repeat.

Tiamat Combo

Chomp + Auto + Tiamat Active + Auto or Chomp or Chomp or Auto

Blade of the Ruined King Combo

Frozen Domain + Blade of the Ruined King Active + Auto + Chomp + Pillar of Ice + Rinse and Repeat.
Trundle actually has a lot of viable build paths, primarily centered around Tiamat and/or Sheen based items. Generally, you'll almost always have a flexibility. For example Spirit Visage synergizes for King's Tribute.

Early Game Items

Excellent against harass champions
Hyper Aggressive Early Game.
For Sustain.


Against hard crowd control composition and AP top laners.

Excellent against physical composition or oppressive AD top laners.

Good against team with no hard control crowd.

Early Core

Excellent for auto-pushing the lane if you're top laner is roaming

Excellent against physical composition or oppressive AD top laners with sustain.

Pick up against true damage dealers or heavy artillery harass.

If you want to snowball your lead and place emphasis on split-pushing

For against magic damage heavy composition or laner.


Excellent core to make up for lack of push pressure on Trundle. Synergize well with defensive items since they give out health thus increasing damage on Titanic Hydra since the damage is based on health.

It gives a shield which helps you heal up from your sustain as the shield decays. Also it gives bonus AD and not base AD . It's a comparatively cheap item.

Excellent synergy with your offensive abilities as it provides CDR and gives it 30% more healing than usual. Good for those pesky AP Carries and Assassins.

Build Giant's Belt first as it is more cost effective than getting a Chain Vest. This item will definitely allow you to maneuver across the map and go straight for their Marksman.

Both magic resistance and armor plus the damage reduction makes it a perfect defensive item on any AD champ. Synergize well with Spirit Visage and Trundle abilities.

Feel free to build this if their team is stacking health.

Situational Items

Anathema's Chains is a very cheap item that’s accessible to both solo laners and supports. It is also the second-highest single health item (+650 health) in-game after [Warmog’s Armor] (+800 health). Let's you take 1% reduced damage per stack of Vendetta from your Nemesis, up to 30% reduced damage. At maximum stacks, your Nemesis has 20% reduced Tenacity.

Situation you should build this item: When you’re up against a split-pusher or if you're dealing with a fed Marksman or Mid Laner. Does not reduce true damage, not blocked by spell shield nor counts as a spell activation.

Should be must buy if they have sustained champions like Tryndamere Aatrox Ekko for exmaple.

Now a legendary item as it still provides Health and Armor, but as a flat stats. Provides tank stats against physical damage dealer. The lack of magic resistance, might not be ideal to build this item against very heavy magic damage composition.

Should be must buy if they have sustained champions like Tryndamere Aatrox Ekko for exmaple.

Brought back to life as this item gives extra Ability Haste for champions' Non-ultimate spells along with getting movement speed percentage based on your missing health which is capped at 33%

Excellent against Critical Damage dealers that are rushing Infinity Edge or any type of critical damage items.

Excellent against heavy magic damage team composition.

Now a legendary item as it still provides Ability Haste, but as a flat stats. Provides tank stats against magic damage dealer. Synergizes with Boots of Lucidity and Boots of Swiftness. Will be useful against mobility mages along with your Hextech Rocketbelt on your initation on teamfights. Chemtank should be consider as a mid-to-late game option on the potential for initiating.

Supportive Items

Helps your Marksman or AP Carry from dying by healing them and migrating damage. Excellent item due to your sustain. Also consider this item if there is less than two Knight's Vow on your team.

Excellent to have a AOE slow whilst using Subjugate Chomp allowing to stick on the opposing Marksman and AP Carry. Consider buying this item if the support does not have Zeke's Convergence.

Mythic Items

Casting your ultimate will increase your max health for 10% for 9 seconds. While you have your active up, all your allies nearby will gain 25 non-ultimate ability and your champion will heal 1.5% of their max health. Very excellent item if you're planning on initiating the teamfight

[nextcol width=15]
[nextcol] Passive - Voidborn Resilience: For each second in champion combat, gain a stack granting 2 armor and MR, up to 8 max. At max stacks become empowered, instantly draining enemies around you for 3% of your max health (reduced to 30% against minions and monsters) and increasing your resists by 10% until end of combat. Passive - Voidborn Resilience as you gain 2 stacks of armor and Magic Resistance great alternative to Evenshroud although it is a bit more expensive. [/columns]

[nextcol width=15]
[nextcol] Gives you a charge attack just like Deadman's Plate, just think about it like Nasus Siphoning Strike but you get health instead synergizes well with Titanic Hydra and various high armor or magic resistance item that normally would not give too much health [/columns]

Either Goredrinker excellent option for Trundle due to enabling gap closing on the carries. Goredrinker provides ability haste per legendary items and can enable Subjugate more often in team fight due to ability haste.

Excellent burst item as it has both armor and magic penetration per item. It sync wells since Trundle abilities will easily active the passive of this item.

Either Goredrinker or Stridebreaker will be the best option for Trundle due to enabling gap closing on the carries. Unlike Goredrinker this provides movement speed per legendary item instead of ability haste. Meaning you have 3% movement speed bonus and it will cap at 15% movement speed bonus or 18% movement speed bonus if you choose to sell your boots for a legendary item.

Passive - Voidborn Resilience: For each second in champion combat, gain a stack granting 2 armor and MR, up to 8 max. At max stacks become empowered, instantly draining enemies around you for 3% of your max health (reduced to 30% against minions and monsters) and increasing your resists by 10% until end of combat. Passive - Voidborn Resilience as you gain 2 stacks of armor and Magic Resistance great alternative to Evenshroud although it is a bit more expensive.

Very niche item to build if your Marksman is not doing anything as the bonus you gain 10% attack speed per legendary. Potential for being the most optimal item to get on Trundle, but other item definitely has more potentials.
Now, Flash is almost guaranteed to be chosen as one of your primary Summoner Spells, with very few moments calling for a replacement. Flash gives your champion a boost forward, allowing you to escape sudden death, or for you to initiate a team fight. You can Flash through certain barricades, like into the Nashor's Pit or out of abilities that could lead to your death. You can also use Flash offensively, gap closing to an enemy champion to engage on them, or close enough to an ally to support them. You can use Flash to escape in sticky situations, Flashing into a bush that your enemy may not have expected can help you get away safely. When using Flash offensively, be sure that you are not just sending yourself to the intentionally feeding report list. The enemy's team could be just around the corner to stop you, or you could get too far away from the assistance of your allies.

Ghost is in excellent spot at the moment in the current meta. The usefulness of Ghost in the past was especially relevant on champions that dealt a sustained amount of damage. Ghosting passive that allows you to walk through minions is available through Phantom Dancer and other champion abilities. Still, when an enemy has Ghost you should focus on your health in encounters more than with other spells, as you’ll find it more difficult to disengage with a champion chasing you down with 10 seconds of 28-45% increased movement speed (based on their level).

In the current meta, Teleport presents itself as a excellent secondary summoner spell for solo laners across the Rift. By simply taking Teleport, you generate a gargantuan amount of threat that your opposing team need to consider when making a play. A 4v5 at Drake can quickly turn into an even teamfight with the use of a smart Teleport from a split-pushing top laner.

When going Top, Ignite can be useful for 1v1 match-ups that Ignite could help you win with the kill edge, especially if your champion is not an effective split pusher, and does not benefit from Teleport in comparison to other champions. Ignite is a execution summoner spell when your enemy is escaping, is low HP, and you have no cooldown nor mana left to use on them. You should not use Ignite at the start of the fight, and at the earliest, it should be used when the enemy is at half HP. Using Ignite at half HP is helpful when your target is being constantly healed by their items or their teammate's abilities, as it will make those heals less effective.
Overall, This Trundle Guide includes mainly skill sequence, summoner spells, the most important aspect which is the match-up against each champions.I will be constantly updating this guide from now on. I hope that you guys will contribute your comments to make the Trundle Guide better.

Trundle is a powerful champion that fulfills the role of offensive tank and initiator. Trundle is one of the best champions in the game at forcing an engagement and taking people in and out of the fight. Building him offensively/defensively enables you to spread havoc all over the battlefield as you pursue and avoid pursuit yourself.

Will add more content to this guide! Like to give out special thanks to JhoiJhoi for her guide on how to use BBCoding and allowing me to gain special formatting. Shout out to Jilgamesh_ for the banners and her drawings in this guide and you can find her plug at the bottom.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phrxshn
Phrxshn Trundle Guide
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Phrxshn's Guide To Trundle[13.23] - Use R on K'Sante

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