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League of Legends Build Guide Author RealmriderX1

Pocket AD Ezreal guide - Realmrider ft Koksei®

RealmriderX1 Last updated on March 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Exordium: Read this 1st!

Hello and welcome to my new guide, here on MOBAFire, this time featuring Ezreal, the Prodigial Explorer. Make yourselves comfortable, sit up straight and enjoy while reading this guide! What do I want to say here? 1st of all, this is not a build, this is an in-depth guide, which requires to be fully read to be functional at all. And yeah, I put a ton of effort in my guides, please do not downvote without reasons, or at least give me some feedback on it, so I can fix the mistakes. Enjoy!!

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Introducion: Stuff about this guide

Alright, lets start with the guide, shall we? :)
In this document, I will try to teach you reader, to successfully play the Attack Damage Ezreal in both Normal and Ranked games on Summoner's Rift.
If you started reading this guide, please keep doing it 'til the end, because I am sure that you WILL do fine if you follow at least 50% of it. Considering that I have 6 items in my main build, the items I mainly use, you do NOT and should NOT use my build all the time. In fact, you should use this build in like 50% of games, where the enemy team is random or something.
Why would you read this guide of mine, when you can read the better ones? Ha, get ready, because imma show you, IMO, the professional way to play the AD Ezreal and be successfull in 99% of all the games you play with him.

Guide Top

Who is Ezreal? Pro's/Con's

- Ezreal is tagged as Ranged Carry. Therefore, I love playing him that way, especially in ranked games. Everyone thinks that he is not that effective in ranked games, but I am ensuring you that it's NOT true. Ezreal is very viable as AD Carry in any kind of game, and I have carried a lot of 5v5's playing as him.
-He is meant to be a damaging DPSer using his basic attack, but his primary damage source is Mystic Shot. In fact, most of a good Ezreal's damage should come out of the Mystic Shot. This means that buying Infinity Edge on Ezreal is a waste of cash to be honest, and that buying real AD items is the right thing.

His Majesty, ser Ezreal!



+ Functional both AP/AD
+ Has his OWN Flash!
+ Ranged
+ Global Ultimate
+ Strong early game, devastating
mid game, deadly late game
+ Good pusher

- As other carries, very slow
- Being Focused
- Very difficult for new players
- 3 of his abilities are skillshots. Linear.
- His ultimate is very difficult to use

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Abilities Examination

Ezreal's skillset is very unique, and therefore, it makes him a special sort of AD Carry. Actually, his Mystic Shot makes Ezreal so diffrent from Tristana or Caitlyn. Without his Q, he would be an ordinary carry, but with his abilities, he is much more stronger and funnier to play. Below this text, I have written an explanation on each of his abilities including Passive, Q, W, E and R.

This is Ezreal's passive ability. This ****'s absolutely crazy. Thanks to Koksi for figuring this out because I couldn't do it myself. Each time Ezreal uses an ability, and HITS a target with it, his current attack speed will increase for a short duration. This effect is stackable and it's cap is at 5 stacks. I think that for each stack his attack speed will increase for 10%, but i am NOT 100% sure. It applies on each of Ezreal's abilities, and yeah, if you actually hit multiple minions with Trueshot Barrage, you will gain stacks equal to the number of units you hit. Not bad :3
  • Using your ultimate on creeps will also give you stacks
  • In teamfights, be sure to try stacking your passive, while sniping from afar
  • When farming a wave, don't be afraid to spam your abilities to stack up this passive, it will make you farm much faster

Mystic Shot is your bread&butter. You need this. You love this ability. I have TONS of reasons. 1st of all, Mystic Shot has very low cooldowns. And when i say very low, i mean about 3 seconds without CDR. 2nd, it scales with both AP and AD you have, 1.0 per AD point and 0.2 per AP point. So yeah, the conclusion is that you want CDR and Attack Damage, not Crit chance or Attack Speed. 3rd, this thing applies on On-hit effects. This is why you buy Trinity Force, The Black Cleaver, or any other item with on-hit effects. This thing rapes if used correctly, so aim smart and try to be wise enough to predict your opponent's plans. If you do the things i said, you are a pony!:*
  • This is Ezreal's main fighting tool. Use it often
  • In teamfights, you should utilize using both basic attack and the Mystic Shot
  • Be sure to have plenty of mana before fighting. You'll need it for casting this
  • Learn to predict your opponent's moves for an easy hit
  • While in laning phase, try to use Mystic Shot and outfarm your opponent, but also try to make him afraid and fall back to his tower

This is your 2nd ability, called Essence Flux. Its a fair ability, although not much useful on AD Ezreal. However, if you play AP Ez, then this is your thang. But forget about AP Ezreal, you play an AD Carry. It deals damage, has a decent CD, it hits only champion/s, and it can hit 2 of them. When laning, you need to forget about your Mystic Shot. I mean not totally, but when taking, Essence Flux becames your main harassing ability.
  • This ability is a great harassing tool, use it
  • If AP Ezreal, focus on maxing this 1st
  • Try to target a squishy with this, it wont deal much damage to bruiser
  • Arcane Shift+ Essence Flux makes a great combo for ANY kind of fight

TEH Flash! Yeah brudda, you'll luv this ability! It's just an amazing escape mechanism, a chasing mechanism or just something..errmm..Anyway, when used, it teleports you to targeted location, and it deals some damage to the random unit closest to you. As you can suppose, this ability's purpose is not to deal damage. Its Utility. Yeah, runaway, chase down etc..You can also teleport over walls with this. And yeah, BE SURE to use this on the beggining of your combo, it's great for positioning.

  • This ability's purpose is utility. Remebmer that.
  • Use Arcane Shift at the start of your combo, primarily for positioning
  • Don't use this while in teamfight UNLESS you MUST, you may need it for escaping afterwards, if someone tries to chase you. Dat's bad.
  • Don't forget that using Arcane Shift deals some damage
  • Combine this with Flash, and you cant be ganked

Teh ultimate! This thing is very useful, i just enjoy using it because its global and very funny to watch :3
Its a linear skillshot nuke, which deals tons of damage[XD] and with each hit on some unit, its damage decreases. You will need to remember some stuff about this thing:

  • Aim carefully, this is hard to use
  • Don't use this to farm
  • Use this to finish off fleeing opponents
  • In teamfights's try to hit each enemy with dis
  • Try to use E each time right after you cast Trueshot Barrage
Remember these and you'll do fine! :3

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Ezreal's stats are just like any other carry's. Low Movement Speed, fair Attack Speed as well as Attack damage. Since I started playing LoL, he was my MAIN AD carry next to Miss Fortune. And after i reached level 30, I started buying runes. I have tried many setups, but the one below suits me PERFECTLY.

For Marks, I take 9 Greater Marks of Desolation, AKA 9 Armour Penetration marks. These are the best Marks possible to take, because your Mystic Shot becomes much stronger. Taking ArPen marks on any carry is good early game, but very deadly mid to late game. If i decide to take The Brutalizer early, the 15 Arpen stacks greatly with my Mark set. Having a decent amout of armor penetration will make Tanks die more easily, and your Q will tear appart any squishy champion you lane against. And therefore, I have concluded that taking these is the best choice. However, you CAN but you should NOT switch them with flat Attack Damage Marks.
greater mark of desolation

As Seals, I take 9 Greater Seals of Replenishment. Yup, that's right. Taking these gives you a lot of early game mana sustain, and therefore, you can cast your abilities much more, which means you gain PRESENCE. Ezreal is one of the best harassers in the whole game, with his Essence Flux, right? Of course, and you want to outfarm and overwhelm the one you're laning against. Taking these runes will secure that.
The conclusion is that Mana Regen seals make you mana-durable, stay in your lane longer and be cool with both farming and harassing your opponents. A viable switch may be Armour Seals.
greater seal of replenishment

As Glyphs, I take 9 Greater Glyphs of Warding. Taking these makes me a lot more durable when still laning, and considering that the enemy Soraka tries to silence me all the time, you NEED these runes. As you may have noticed, having this runeset will make me very present but still very durable in the same time.
Anyway, we talk about Glyphs now. But why not per-level? Because you get enough of MR later, but not enough early. So yeah, these are very helpful early, and they are precious until you buy mercury treads and Banshee's Veil.

And finally, as Quints, I take 3 Greater Quints of Strength,
I take these to boost my early game this damage will benefit your Mystic Shot and your last hitting!
greater quintessence of desolation


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

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In this section, we'll be discussing my masteries.
I go 21-0-9. This setup helps me achieve my goal, which is to outfarm and outplay the enemy laners. However, you can go 21-9-0 for a bit of a durability and bulkiness but I still preffer my main setup.

In my offensive Mastery Tree, I take Brute Force for a small, nice amount of Attack Damage, for easier farming early game and a stronger Mystic Shot early to mid game. I take Summoner's Wrath mastery for improved Exhaust. Then, I take Weapon Expertise . It's a great mastery, increasing my Armor Penetration by 10%. Taking this mastery will help me do better late game against the enemy team's bruisers. I take 4 points in Deadliness for some notable Attack Damage per level. Then I take a point in Lethality . This is not much useful for someone like Ezreal, considering that this guide focuses on using Mystic Shot as a primar damage source. We spend three points in Vampirism for a legit life steal. We need at least some life steal for Mystic Shot. Finally, we take 3 points in Sunder for an awesome, small amount of armor penetration, also to stack together with our Q. We take a point in Executioner , to easily finish the fleeing target.
With this setup, Ezreal is much more stronger early game, and also better mid to late game.

Considering we spent 21 point in offensive tree, we have 9 points left to use. I think that spending them in the utility tree is the best idea. Why?
We take Summoner's Insight for improved Flash. It lowers the cooldown on it, which is very benefitial, right? :)
I take 3 points in Expanded Mind , it makes our mana pool bigger. Then, we take 3 points in Meditation , we need that mana regen greatly early game, and trust me this mastery is a ******* must have. Finally, we spend the rest of the points in Swiftness . Ezreal is a very slow champion, and therefor, taking this makes him a little more mobile early game, just enough to dodge some skillshots and avoid a gank.
I have also tried spending the 9 left points in the defensive tree, but it didnt work as good as it works in the utility tree. So, lets conclude this section; I am dominant early game, those 21 points I spent on offensive tree make me monsterous early. Later on, I work better vs tanks because of Weapon Expertise Mastery. With the 9 points in utility, mostly used on mana&mana regen, I become much more durable in the lane and I get that small movement speed boost.
So, the 21-0-9 setup is very pleasing, it makes us stronger early and makes us work better lately. I dont think that there is a better option and therefore, this is my main mastery setup.


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Summoner Spells

-My primar Summoner Spells are Flash and Exhaust. This is a standard pick for the most AD carries nowadays. But hey, Ezreal has Arcane Shift, Y U TAKE Flash? Well, Shen has Shadow Dash, and Tristana has Rocket Jump. Does this mean they should not take Flash? It doesnt!! So yeah, Flash is an excellent ability, it let's you flee, chase down, escape and etc. And yeah, in combination with your Arcane Shift, nothing can escape you, nothing can catch you. Probably.
-As my 2nd spell, I take Exhaust. This ability is awesome, each botlane should have at least one of these. 1st of all, its great for fighting. Exhausting the enemy AD Carry is very benefitial, it reduces the Attack Speed and Movement Speed of the enemy champion. 2nd, ganks. When your jungler comes for a gank, you need to use this on the enemy target. That way, your lane will probably success in taking a kill.

Viable Summoner Spells:

If you are already an Xperienced player, taking Ghost instead of Flash is a good option too, ESPECIALLY for someone like Ezreal. Considering you already do have your own Flash, you can switch the real one for Ghost. Ezreal is slow, so it will work very nice on him, to range in, get away, chase down etc. Take this if you are self-confident. Otherwise, do not.

I would NOT recommend taking Ignite(but it's viable), because it's the spell for AP champions, mostly to finish off. Considering that you already do have a sort of a finishing move, this spell isnt that good tbh. But yeah, when combining with the Ghost spell, it works very nice.
However, a bad thing is that if you take Ignite on ranked, everyone will accuse you for being a troll. I warned you little derp.

This is a perfect choice for solo queue. It's the new metagame, a carry with Heal/ Flash and a support with Flash/exhaust. But yeah, this thing can save your *** sometimes, and sometimes, having Heal is absolutely CRUCIAL. It helps you survive DOTs or just restore health while fighting. Overall a good choice, very viable on ranked games.

The other spells are the ones i do NOT recommend by any mean, and therefor, you should NOT take them.

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Ability Sequence

This is an interesting part of my guide. Here, I will explain the way I max out my abilities throughout the game.
I take a point in Mystic Shot, which I max at level 9. This ability is my main dealing source, and therefore, it's a good idea to max it first. When playing Attack Damage Ezreal in both Ranked/Normal games, you should always max this 1st.
I take a point in Essence Flux at level 3 as AD, and as ap Ezreal I take it at level 1. I max this ability by level 13 because it's my secondary dealing source. Yeah, it does not deal a lot of damage, but it's enough, plus I need it to provoke the Sheen proc for my Mystic Shot. I always use this ability before I use Q, because I feel like the damage stacks better. Its just IMO though.
I take a point in Arcane Shift at level 2 and max it last. The purpose of this ability is utility, not dealing damage. Therefore, the only reason I actually need this ability is escaping and chasing the fleeing target/s.
Even if maxed 2nd/3rd, the damage will still not be notable at all. I do NOT see the good reason to max Arcane Shift early.
I max my ulti standardly, by level 16. I also take a point at level 6 and level 11.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Item build: Primar Build

The most important section, isn't it? :)
Okay, my build is "compound" in a very specific way. I have tried a lot of AD builds, but this one works AMAZINGLY well, and with this build, your Mystic Shot deals a whole TON of damage as well as your basic attack does, but in the same time, you are bulky enough to survive any kind of a fight. As you may have noticed, I have one utility item, 3 offensive items, and two defensive items. This is how it should be, right? :) And now, le explanation:

These boots are the best choice for Ezreal who's relying on his Mystic Shot. To cast it often, you need a lot of Cooldown Reduction. These boots give you 15% of CDR, which is an awesome amount, and it will skip about 0.7 seconds of your total CD on Mystic Shot. However, Mercury's Treads are also a viable choice, considering they give you MR+Tenacity. But personally, I think that these boots are the best ones around, and switching them is viable only in special situations where it's necessary.

Trinity Force is an absolute must-have item on every Attack Damage Ezreal, and it must be rushed and bought as soon as possible.
This item is absolutely insane on him. 1st of all, this boosts your Mystic Shot's damage like ******ed. It will hurt much more after you get Sheen, and even more when you get Trinity Force. Your Mystic Shot applies on all on-hit effects, including Sheen's proc, Black Cleaver's proc, Tiamat's proc etc. So imagine a situation where you use Arcane Shift to position yourself. The Sheen proc becomes ready. Using your Mystic Shot right now will be much more deadlier, considering it will deal + 100% of your basic attack damage. Another thing, you get Movement Speed. Ezreal is a very slow champion WITHOUT taking Trinity Force or eventually Boots of Swiftness. Triforce will greatly boost your MS and therefore you become more mobile :)
You get some HP for durability and Mana for utility. Not bad. You also get the slow chance from Phage. This is also very nice, and it will activate approximately on 2 of 4 Mystic Shots. You need Trinity Force. You want it. You'll love it.

Quicksilver Sash is a very underused item overall. However, a lot of players do NOT realise how useful this item is. Will explain now.
Every AD Carry is vulnerable to CC. But Ezreal is exaggerated. If Ezreal becomes CCed, he is absolutely disabled. If CCed, you lose the casting ability. You can't use your Mystic Shot, you can't fire Trueshot Barrage. But in the same time, you don't want Cleanse.
And therefore, i have decided to list the Quicksilver Sash as my key defensive item. Trust me, this item is a life saver. It removes EVERY SINGLE DEBUFF on your champion, including Children of the Grave, Ignite, Hemoplague, Infinite Duress etc.
Anyway, this item can be replaced with Banshee's Veil although I do not preffer switching it. This is better.

The Bloodthirster is an item which works surprisingly well on Ezreal. It gives you 60 Attack Damage, and a stackable 40 AD, also stackable Lifesteal. Mystic Shot's scaling is 1.0 on Attack Damage. With a fully stacked The Bloodthirster, your Mystic Shot's damage will increase into whooping 100dp.
So the conclusion is very simple; Buying Bt. will make you hit harder and heal while casting.
Buy this item, seriously, it's a must-have next to Trinity Force.

Buying Black Cleaver will make you much more influent against the enemy bruisers. It gives you 55 AD, a nice damage boost for your Mystic Shot, and 30% Attack Speed. Okay.
But the passive. What about the passive? The Black Cleaver's passive, to be honest, is the MAIN reason you buy it at all. After you buy it, your Mystic Shot will shread you opponent's armour, and it will nuke the enemy squishies.
Buying this item will also make killing the enemy Rammus much easier and obviously, this is an extremely useful item, very important, so we need to buy it.

I love to finish my build with a Guardian Angel. Ezreal does not die often, he snipes and mostly he stays outta the "fighting pit". But what happens if they do reach you and kill you? Guardian Angel will secure you a new life after that. Not only that this item gives you a new life, but it also gives you a whooping 68 points of armour and 38 points of Magic Resistance. This is the 2nd best defensive item for Ezreal, and in 99% of all games I play/ed with him, I buy/ought this item. Herp derp, but to be honest the passive's cooldown is LONG.

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Item build: Situational items

Sometimes, it happens that you can't always follow my build. What if the enemy team goes hard AD? Or they have a fed AP Carry? Here, i will list a couple of items, also very valuable and worth buying in certain situations:

  • Hexdrinker is a very nice but very underrated item, and I commonly switch it with The Black Cleaver if the enemy team is squishy, but consists of 2+ AP champions.
  • Wit's End is also a nice item to get, I switch it for The Black Cleaver, and I buy it if the enemy team has an AP Bruiser in team.
  • Randuin's Omen had a 80% chance to end up in my main build, but I realised that Guardian Angel is better. However, if the enemy team has a lot of Riven-like champions, switch it with Guardian Angel.
  • Last Whisper is the item I grab if the enemy team has more then 2 tanks, or champions with 250+ Armour Points. I take it instead of The Black Cleaver.
  • Banshee's Veil replaces the Quicksilver Sash if the enemy team has a Karthus of Annie. Shortly, a combo-using champion or a single target nuker/s.
  • Madred's Bloodrazor is an EXCELLENT item on Ezreal, it makes your Mystic Shot hit harder, and I buy this item if the enemy team stacks tons of HP, but no armour.
  • The Brutalizer is a welcome item early game, but I sell it later on in the game.
  • Guinsoo's Rageblade is a hybrid item, which I buy if I feel like I need more damage with my abilities, but also need presence with my basic attack/s. Guinsoo's passive is stacking godlikely your own passive :)
  • Wriggle's Lantern is a viable item early, it significantly helps you in farming, and gives you a lot of presence and durability in lane.
  • Warmog's Armor is a snowball item, and I SOMETIMES switch QQS with it, if the enemy team simply doesnt have many CCing champions.
  • sword of occult Look above.
  • philosopher's stone is a very interesting item early, and you want it if you have problems with farming and staying in lane. AKA you want this if you are getting overharassed.
  • Ionic Spark will work nice early, using Mystic Shot will activate it's passive and therefore it's nice for laning phase. But later, sell this **** out.
  • Tiamat is err...A special kinda item you buy ONLY if you are confident or if you are trolling. But think about Trueshot Barrage+ Tiamat's passive combo..Just..think about it. Btw this gives you Hp/Manareg, and a fair amount of damage. Early game ownage :)
  • Thornmail is a replacement for Quicksilver Sash if the enemy Tryndamere and Masta Yi are dominating
  • Force of Nature is a nice item, a replacement for QQS in case the enemy team has a fed AP Nuker, having a DOT, like Swain or Brand.
  • Executioner's Calling becomes useful if you lane versus some healer, like Swain or Mundo.

Items against certain teams

Standard build for most ranked games, if the enemy team is balanced; Makes you bulky and deadly in the same time.
The build i use if the enemy team stacks high amounts of armour. Effective in most games.
The build i commonly use if the enemy team has a STRONG or 3+ AP Carries
The build i luv using if the enemy team has more then 2 hard AD champions, or at least a fed Tryndamere.

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In this section, I will list a few champions that I consider good for laning with AD Ezreal. It's just my opinion.

Tier 1: Godlike Matchups:

  • Soraka - I consider her the best support for Ezreal. She can restore TONS of mana, and she has a stronk heal and a crazy aura.
  • Janna - She also works well with Ezreal, because of that AD/Speed buff, but she doens't have any good defensive mechanism except that shield of her.
  • Taric - GAY TANDEMM!! No seriously, he has a very potent stun, which will make your skillshots much easier to use, and additionally has a heal and armor aura.
  • Alistar - Tons of CC, AoE heal, and his combo works great with Ezreal
  • Morgana - If played correctly, this is deadly. Absolutely lethal combo, but lacks the much needed sustain.

Tier 2: Demi-god matchups:

  • Anivia - This is also a viable combo, and if she plays correctly, then you win the lane easily
  • Sona - She can also work nice in combo with Ez, but i still don't find her that good :\
  • Poppy - I've seen a lot of support Poppy's, and I think that this combo can work pretty well, but it's not viable for rankeds.
  • Blitzcrank - I thought of putting Bc in Godlike tier but still, no heals, no shields..:\
  • Fiddlesticks - If played as a support, then this is also a very deadly combination. Fiddle's fear is very long + his passive

Tier 3: Minigod tier

  • Jax - Ummm, this works fine i guess, this combo is dominating early game
  • Sejuani - DA BOARRR!! Yeah, this is also viable, Seju has hard CC effects, which you may find useful for positioning your targets
  • Nautilus - Worked fine with me and my mate, but requires extremelly good cooperation
  • Amumu - Might work if goes support :3

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A COMPLETE walkthrough: Match phases, Teamfights and other events

In this section I will try to explain how should you act throughout a basic 5v5 Summoner's Rift game.

Early game: Laning phase

- After you spawn with your teammates, 1st of all take a look at the enemy team. Try to predict your lane opponents, buy one Doran's Blade and head bottom with your lanemate, possibly Soraka. If the opponents you are laning against are squishy or appparently random, you should be free to play aggresively. However, if it's a ranked game, then focus ONLY on last hitting. Last hitting creeps is very important for every single AD Carry in the game.Especially those hard carries, that your team usually depends on. Keep playing nice and safe, don't push too much because your jungler won't be able to gank.

All you need to focus on is getting creeps and harassing your opponents. Soraka will keep restoring your Mana, so you don't need to worry about it. Just be sure not to miss too much minions. When the game reaches it's 10th minute, you should have already farmed at LEAST 50 creeps. It's about 1400 gold points or something like that. At that phase, you should go back. Buy: 1 pair of Boots of Speed;one Sheen;2 Health Potion's; AND a Vampiric Scepter. Buying it gives you a lot of sustain early. You'll upgrade it into The Bloodthirster later on. These are the items I usually buy at my 1st Recall. When you get back to lane, it's time for some aggresivity. I usually plant the sight ward I've bought at the enemy team's blue/red buff's location regarding of the team I am on. Since you bought Sheen, your damage output starts to really shine. Using an ability, and right after using Mystic Shot will hurt hard. The proc you get will make you have an insane amount of damage for a very low and refundable price, IF you're in the same lane with Soraka. I mostly have at least ONE kill by this point of the game, 12-13th minute. Okay then, the things to do until 15-20th minute:

Mid Game

The Mid game begins approximately at 20th minute. Let's say that you picked up two or three kills by now, and you have completed your 1st 2 items: Boots and Triforce. Now take a look at the enemy team; if they have 3-3+ champions with any type of even barely dangerous Crowd Control effects, then go rush a Quicksilver Sash, which you should buy very quickly. However, if they have someone like Karthus, or Veigar, or even Annie(The champions that focus on nuking down single targets), then I would rather buy a Banshee's Veil to interupt their combo's.

After you buy your 1st defensive item, you are capable of doing a 1v1 fight by yourself, unless it's a Tryndamere, Jax or Warwick. I preffer having the red buff all the time, for, sometimes, a secured kill. Each time you plan on using the Trueshot Barrage, you should carefully try to predict where is your target going to move. If you get into a bigger teamfight, do NOT enter the "pit" of it, just try to stick further from it and snipe the SQUISHIES. When you get enough gold, you should go back and buy a B.F Sword, or instantly complete your Bloodthirster. When you actually do it, then it's time to farm it up. After you buy it, your damage starts to raise extremely fast. With a fully-stacked Bloodthirster, you get a 100-bonus damage to your Mystic Shot. What to do afterwards?

If you are hopefully doing fine, start buying The Black Cleaver. This item will also boost your damage for a notable amount, and with each Mystic Shot or just a basic attack, you will deal bonus damage until you reach the passive's cap. I start buying my Cleaver with Dagger. I already haz enough damage, so I go for some attack speed to increase your output.

Be sure to use the Trueshot Barrage often, and if the teamfight errupts, be sure to try hitting each enemy with it so you can stack Rising Spell Force. This passive is so much OP, when fully stacked, it gives you a whole lot of 50% additional attack speed.

Late Game: Ending the match

30th+ Minute; In the late game, obviously it's time to end the match xD
What do I do then? 1st of all, stay with your team. Walking around alone lately is very dangerous and risky.

In this point, it's time to buy your last item. If you are hopefully owning, then you should go for an offensive item, like Madred's Bloodrazor or The Brutalizer, depending on how well are you doing. However, if you are NOT doing that well or just being the average, then it's a perfect time for a defensive item. I preffer finishing my build with an Guardian Angel or sometimes, Randuin's Omen. Both of these items are just great&fine to buy, and I buy GA if the enemy team is balanced/I'm playing a ranked game, while i buy Randuin's Omen if the enemy team has a lot of bruisers. Any of these items will make me much more durable, and additionally GA givez me a new life.

If the TEAMFIGHT errupts, you know what to do probably. Go the standard way, kill the enemy carry 1st, because he deals the biggest amount of damage among the other champions in the enemy team. For example, Twitch, Miss Fortune etc.
The next one is the enemy team's AP Carry. A champion tagged like dat is usually going to deal massive damage through his abilities. Eventhough you have Quicksilver Sash, do NOT get too close to the pit of the teamfight. The AP carry is probably going to try bursting you down 1st. After you menage to kill their AP, i usually kill whatever i can aim for EXCEPT the tank AKA Maokai, Rammus, Alistar etc. I mean the jungler or the support. That's all you should know, right?

After or before you complete your build, then go buy elixirs for the rest of your gold. Taking Baron's buff at this point is very important and it's mostly CRUCIAL.

Give them the hardest push in the history and win that **** for me :)

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Special thanks, summary & stuff

I hope you liked this little guide of mine. It's not much, but it's not useless :3
I also hope you do well in your Ezreal games, because he is a difficult but very interesting champion to use :)
You need to bear in mind a few things, which i've written below.

Don't get too cocky after you read this guide. It won't make you play better. Be sure NOT to follow the exact build i do because it won't work every time you play a game with Ezreal. This guide and this build are both meant to be, tutorial, an introducion and a small guide on playing him.

I would like to thank my friend Koksei for pointing out the stuff here and there, and also designing a few of my sections. Thanks to IceCreamy for wasting his life with me making pictures, and thanks to the rest of the guys from EUW MOBAFire chatroom for helping me start with my guide and find it a name.

-Sincerely, Realmrider