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Rammus Build Guide by Flurry33

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flurry33

Rammus Jungle - Spoon feed your team to victory! 11/13/2013

Flurry33 Last updated on November 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Intro to Rammus

So you want to play Rammus?

Rammus the armadillo is a natural jungle tank and is extremely good for many games
in league and has the potential to change a loosing game to a wining game easily.

Well with my guide you will learn how to Rammus and spoon feed your team to victory!

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Editors Notes/ Updated things

  • 11/13/2013 Revised/New Build season 4 ready!
  • Removed unwanted AP Items that didn't make sense
  • Made new item setup that I like and think is easier to use
  • New Fun AP/Bruiser Rammus Guide! Try it out on normals or ARAM.

  • 11/15/2013 Fixed jungle map and some of the words.

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Spoon feeding

What is spoon feeding?

No the spoon feeding we are talking about is
not feeding your baby with a spoon as shown here:

When I say spoon feed it means getting your team kills. Yes I know everyone is probably going to act like 'OH I already kno how to get my teams kill'. This is true you probably do know how to do this but with Rammus its a little different. When you play Rammus you are not playing for your self, you are playing for your team. If you have ten kills and the rest of your team only has one or two, then there is a good chance you will loose that game(depending on how good your enemies are doing). When you jungle Rammus it is your objective to get your whole team fed, don't worry about your self because if you succeed in this then you will have tons of assists it wont matter. Rammus works very well without getting to many kills.

Why spoon feeding is so easy with Rammus

Spoon feeding is made easy with Rammus because of his puncturing taunt this move will get your team so many kills if you use it right(I will explain how to use it well deeper in the guide.

Becoming a professional spoon feeder/Team player with Rammus.

Understanding and Thinking about the situation.

Spoiler: Click to view

Ganking and Tanking

Spoiler: Click to view

NOTICE: I am adding more here soon!

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Abilities and how to use them

So now that you can spoon feed your team, lets get to the good stuff about this awesome champion Rammus. First lets start with Abilities!


Ball Curl
RAMMUSRAMM Puncturing Taunt

Powerball is such a good move to start fights,
get through the jungle fast, but most importantly gank!
When ganking with Powerball you must activate the ability
early for maximum speed when you reach the lane(not to early
or you wont hit the champion. Powerball has a short slow
giving you enough time to activate your taunt. I will show in
the jungle section of the guide when to use Powerball in the

This move is required to get first to survive the jungle.
It is also the ultimate tank move helps a lot in team fights!
Use Defensive Ball Curl at every jungle camp, this will give
you great survivability and kill most of the minions at the camp.
Remember to activate Defensive Ball Curl right after you
land your taunt in fights for the defense(This is very important).

Puncturing Taunt
Probably one of Rammus best moves. Also one of his most hated moves
by the enemy team. Puncturing Taunt is a move that you will be
using A LOT. This move is straight forward, it taunts(makes the
enemy focus you). Just remember to activate this right after

Tremors is good for taking towers and destroying in team fights.
It lasts for a good amount of time and does a good amount of damage.
This move makes Rammus shake the ground and deal AoE(area of effect) damage.
This movewill be more explained through out the guide.

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Ability Combinations

These are some basic ability combinations for Rammus.


  • Start up Powerball in a bush or in the river if you think they placed wards.
    Note: Remember to start it were you can hit the champion!
  • After you slam into the enemy use Puncturing Taunt immediately.
    Note: You should try to be close to your teammate(s)!
  • Now right after you use Puncturing Taunt activate Defensive Ball Curl.
    Note: This is very important to reduce damage taken!
  • If you feel like the gank is going well and want to do extra damage use Tremors.
    Note: Don't hesitate on using your ult its cooldown isn't to high!
---> Puncturing Taunt ---> --->
So this is a basic ganking combination for Rammus.


  • Start up Powerball in a lane or where ever you are.
    Note: Remember to have some team with you or you may die!
  • After you hit the enemy use Defensive Ball Curl immediately.
    Note: This will keep you alive for an extremely long time!
  • Now right after you use Defensive Ball Curl activate Tremors.
    Note: Remember that tremors cooldown is low!
  • Now Puncturing Taunt the high damage output player, like the ADC or someone who is fed.
    Note: Try to protect your carry as hard as you can!
---> ---> ---> Puncturing Taunt
So this is a basic tanking combination for Rammus.


Whats Peeling?
  • Start up Powerball if you need to get to the champion fast.
    Note: Powerball also can be used to slow!
  • After you reach the enemy use Puncturing Taunt immediately.
    Note: This will keep attacking you not your teammate
  • Now right after you use Puncturing Taunt activate Defensive Ball Curl.
    Note: Remember to use this for it will keep you from taking loads of damage!
  • Now use Tremors if you need some extra damage.
    Note: Peeling can be hard, just make sure you are ready!
---> Puncturing Taunt ---> --->
So this is a basic peeling combination for Rammus.

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Runes and Masteries

Runes and Masteries for Rammus

These are some preferred masteries and runes for Rammus. Please take note that if you want to use different runes and masteries you can.

Alright. Well with Rammus you want to go for some armor and Magic Resist for runes. These are ok runes for Rammus although you could probably change the Mark of Health to something else if you wish.

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Mark of Health

Then for masteries this is what I would recommend you use. Take twenty one in defense and nine in jungle. You want that extra defensiveness early game, also the longer lasting buffs is really good.

NOTE: I am not really going to get into Runes and Masteries just because people like to use what they think is best for them. This just gives you a basic idea of what you should aim for :)

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Items for Rammus

Here are some of my recommended items for Rammus.

My Regular Items

This is basicaly the item you should turn your Spirit Stone into. I don't really have much to say about this item other than you should sell it when you finish your build and buy another recommended item.

I always buy this item. It gives you great amount of armor that works well with your passive Spiked Shell. The only time I would not buy this is if I was going against a full team of AP.

This is another Item I buy every game. Its such a good item for the magic resist and works well with Runic Bulwark and Warmog's Armor if you buy them.

Buy this item if you are doing good and want some more armor and some extra AoE damage for team fights. I don't always buy this Item sometimes I replace this with the Runic Bulwark If I already started building it. If your game is really going good and easy buy the Abyssal Mask after this item to increase the damage greatly.

I Buy this item when the enemies have more AP and when I feel I need more health. As I said this item works good with the Spirit Visage because of the passive.


Only buy these if you are experienced with Rammus, or if your game is going really well.

Again, only buy these if you are experienced with Rammus or if you feel you really need them because of enemy slows. This item also works good with the Frozen Mallet.

I buy these probably most of the time. Ninja Tabi is good for the jungle and counters most carries. Honestly I just really love the passive on these boots.

These boots are also really good for the tenacity. I would buy these games if you have a lot of AP enemies, also if they have lots of CC.

AP Protection

Guardian's Angel
Buy this item for a cap. Its good late game if your team really needs a tank alive. It also is good if for some reason your game goes 80 minuets.

As I said before this is a great Item to go with the Sunfire Cape. Buy it if you need more MR and damage.

I love this item. It works well with Rammus but only buy it if no one on your team(support) is not buying it.

Buy this item if you are experienced at jungling. It is really good for counter jungling AP junglers. It also can be a good ganking tool. Though I probably would not buy this item because there are better items to buy for Rammus.

Only buy this if you need it. It works well for ganks, but if you buy this you should get Boots of Swiftness to keep in range with the enemy champion. I don't really recommend this item.

AD Protection

Buy this item as a cap if you are going well. It works good with Spiked Shell. Only buys this if you have Warmog's Armor and/or lots of health.

I like this item for the cooldown reduction and armor. Also the AoE is good if you have a lot of fast hitting champions such as; Master Yi, Ashe, Trydamere, ect.

I love this item. I dont always buy this for Rammus, but its good to replace the Spirit of the Ancient Golem Late game. Its passive is really good ( cold steel) and so is the active.

Situational Damage

I rarely would buy this item but it works well for ganks with Powerball, but this means you would have to buy it early game for better affects. That is why I don't really recommend this item.

I sometimes buy this as a cap. Its more of a fun item because it gives Tremors and Powerball a big damage boost. Only buy this item if you have another tank/bruiser or if your game is just really easy.

I buy this more than the deathcap because it slows people thus giving Powerball a huge slow boost and Tremors the ultimate amount of CC.

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The Jungle

What to do in the jungle

Here is a map I made to show where to go in the jungle. I will explain it below.

Smitless blue helps you a lot because you can go straight to red(smite red) and then golems.

After Red look for ganks. If you cant gank than just farm jungle. I don't have an order after red, you just need to pay attention to what is going on around you and go to camps when you need to.
NOTE: Remember to jungle by using Defensive Ball Curl.

When you hit at least $750 then you can recall and buy the Spirit Stone and the Boots of Speed.

Warding and Ganking

You don't need to ward all those places on them map all the time. You only really need to ward dragon if your support doesn't. If you have a strong enemy jungler like Xin Zhao then you might need to ward your buffs too(Mainly blue). Later in the game make sure to pink Baron Nashor

If you need to learn how to gank go back to ability combinations and look at the ganking one. Right now im just going to tell you were to gank. It says on the map where to start rolling in and the Yellow is the path into the lane. You can find more creative ways to gank and when you improve at Rammus.
NOTE: I will be adding more here soon!

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Work in progress

So as the tittle says this guide is still a work in progress. I really hope the guide helps you improve or teach you more things that you didn't already know about the game. I will be updating this guide every few days and adding more chapters like:

  • Jungle Counters/ Easy Ganks
  • Summoner Spells
  • Rollin and Trollin
For now, Enjoy the guide
(Feedback Helps :D)