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Rammus Build Guide by TywalrusaurusRex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TywalrusaurusRex

Rammus - Super in Depth Armordillo Guide

TywalrusaurusRex Last updated on February 26, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction -- Please Read

Welcome Everyone, to my everything you need to know about Rammus Guide! I'm TywalrusaurusRex, an avid Rammus main and fan. I'm here to teach you how to play Rammus in and out. Let me say it now, I tend to stray from the meta, but you will find that being creative can often work in your favor.

*Warning* This guide contains some "bad words" and may feels. So put on your big kid pants because its about to get real!

This guide is not how many people play Rammus, but how I play him, and I hope that i can at least give you a good understanding on how he works and how to play him, even if you don't agree with my build. Please don't flame, just comment calmly what you think about the guide, what you did or did not like. Finally, please up or downvote with proper reason and please explain such reasons in the comments.

I am open to comments and please upvote if you have enjoyed the build. Now with that said, let's get to business!

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A few things about Rammus

Rammus has not been in the meta really since season 2, BUT he his still viable and fun to play! He is best played Jungle, because that's the only thing that his kit is really good for.

If you wanna play Rammus as an ADC, get out right now and don't come back. I shouldn't even have to explain why that's stupid.

If you wanna play Rammus Top, it's kiiiiiina viable, but i would really recommend against it because even though you are tanky, your kit doesnt really provide any good ways to fight 1v1, face to face. You're gonna have a baaaad time.

If you wanna play Rammus Mid, most people would tell you you're crazy. Me, personally, (but don't hold me to it) think its kind of viable. And that's a very loose kind of. Rammus scales AP a crazy 100% on his Powerball and 120% over the entire duration of Tremors. You could be doing around 1500 damage fromo one Q! If you want to do this, don't expect to win, and if you want it to work you're going to need a whole bunch of ganks from your jungler, as well as a bad lane partner, and it works better if they're AD. And Melee. But otherwise its utterly horrible get off the ground early game. Attempt at your own risk.

If you want to play Rammus Support, I would say that this is the most viable non-jungling option for Rammus, but its still not that good. You have good crowd control, but you just don't have the capability to get at the other team when you have a bunch of minions in your way.

Now to the good stuff. Rammus lives and breathes in the jungle. You better get up in there, kill all the creeps and gank your little heart out! Build armor and health in order to stay tanky, and if you're like me, you can manage to integrate some AP into your build to get a little extra oomph into your plays. I won't put that much here because the rest of the guide will be about the

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Pros / Cons of the Armordillo


  • Pretty damn tanky
  • Awesome mobility
  • "Baller" crowd control
  • Can Damage structures, Alright
  • Returns Tons of Damage to enemy Champs
  • Pretty low cooldowns
  • Dankest ganks in all the realms

  • Bit slow early game
  • If cornered, gets #rekt
  • Can't 1v1 well
  • even with ult, pretty garbage farming abilities, not going to lie
  • shy, he doesn't really talk much

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Armordillo Abilities

Here's a detailed rundown of Rammus's abilities and when and where to use them.

Passive: Spiked Shell
Simplified Description: Rammus converts 25% of his armor into AD
Uses: late game you are going to end up with a lot of AD late game by stacking armor items. Sadly, Rammus doesn't scale AD, so this only really helps with auto attacking people when you taunt them

Q: Powerball
Simplified Description: Rammus turns into a ball and accelerates over time. If he hits an enemy unit before he stops, there is a small knock back and a good slow.
Uses: All the time. This is Rammus signature move. It helps Rammus get to and from places, catch people, and to escape. But be careful! If you get cornered, you won't be able to powerball out because you'll just hit an enemy champ/creep, stop and die. :(

W: Defensive Ball Curl
Simplified Description: Rammus curls up and returns damage to attackers
Uses: This is a very underestimated ability. Because it scales off armor, many people think that this move can't really help with mages. This is quite the contrary. This factor allows you to return damage to mages even when you have a lot more armor than magic resist! This move is especially OP against those annoyingly heave DPS champs, because you can just activate this move to increase your armor and magic resist and watch them kill themselves for you. Mwahahaha!

E: Puncturing Taunt
Simplified Description: Not much to say here. Just a taunt.
Uses: This is Rammus's long taunt (and back in the days of seasons 2 and 3 it used to last up to 3 seconds, not just 2.25, but still pretty good) which is great for keeping enemy champs in battle and allow your other teammates to TAKE. THEM. OUT.

R: Tremors
Simplified Description: Rammus causes little earthquakes centered on him that do magic damage to enemy units and structures
Uses: Great for doing great constant Area of Effect damage to the whole team in team fights and helps clear jungle camps and has a decently low cooldown. Also, it can hit structures, so goodbye, Turrets and Inhibitors! (Just be careful when damaging turrets that you keep the tremor radius away from enemy champs or else you'll take tower aggro!)

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Okay, lets talk about spells. Ill go through all of them even though many of them people don't use ever. Just in case.

Barrier: Rammus is super tanky on his own and can hold his ground. He don't need no extra shield!

Clairvoyance: Only supports use this, and not since season 2. Even if you are choosing to counter jungle or check camps, Rammus's mobility gets hims around to do so pretty quick.

Clarity: Rammus is not mana dependent. You're not going to need this spell at any point during any game. Early blues will help you in the beginning and by late game your spells are so cheap that multiple consecutive combos will only dent your pool.

Cleanse: I would recommend against getting Cleanse because Rammus is tanky so its okay to get cc'd every once in a while. Plus, it's better that you take the cc than your carries, so don't take Cleanse

Exhaust: Rammus does not need to get exhaust for a strong game. Rammus already has a lot of crowd control that can keep a champ stationary for a sufficient amount of time.

Flash: I would definitely get Flash for a few reasons. For one, everyone else gets it. it seems weird putting it bluntly like that, but in fact, it provides a good catch up to other people who flash and an awesome escape. Additionally, once you get really good at aiming your Powerball, you can flash overminion waves and catch people that would normally get away!

Garrison: This guide is for the Rift. No Garrison here!

Ghost: I swear to God if you think that Rammus with ghost is a viable and good idea, leave this guide right now, you are an ABSOLUTE ****ING DISGRACE to the name of the Armordillo. Ghost is a horrible pick for Rammus, because while it may make his super fast when paired with Powerball, it makes him jerky and near impossible to control. To add to that, Ghost does not make Rammus able to pass through minions, and hitting them instantly stops your Powerball. That's why Flash is awesome for wave jumping. Rating -47/10. would not recommend.

Heal: You are tanky as SHlT do not waste a spell slot for heal. You can take it.

Ignite: You are not here to secure kills. You are here to set them up. Do not take ignite

Revive: This is self-explanatory. Just don't be that guy...

Smite: This is everything Rammus is about. He was born in Shurima Desert, but now lives in the jungle. If you don't take smite, you're Rammusing wrong.

Teleport: You have awesome mobility as is, you are not laning, and Rammus's ganks work best from behind the enemy, not in front of them at your turrets. So don't take teleport. Powerball (like Madonna) will take you there!

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When playing Rammus, you want to focus on defense, for your OP tankiness, and the final 9 in utilities because you're jungling. Let me highlight some of the more important masteries to take.

  • Bladed Armor works amazingly well with Rammus's Defensive Ball Curl to quicken jungle clears. This is a very helpful mastery to take.
  • Legendary Guardian is great because you want your teammates to feel empowered that you are there with them. This mastery is very helpful to increasing your team's defense during teamfights.
  • Runic Affinity is great for your jungle route because it increases your buff lengths to make for extra ganks with buffs
  • Scout is a great mastery because it provides that extra distance that junglers need for over-wall warding for dragon/baron and counter jungling as well as counter jungling prevention.

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All your marks, seals, and glyphs should be in defense, and hopefully you'll be tanky enough and utilize your crowd control well enough to make some of the enemy rage quit, and maybe some of your teammates too if you steal a bunch of kills with tremors huehuehue

Take 9x Greater Mark of Armor to give you early scaling with your passive, which also helps in your first clear and tons of (returned damage)

Take 1x Greater Seal of Armor and 8x Greater Seal of Health to help with early tankiness and survivability in the jungle

Take 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because AP damage dealers aren't very prominent early game, so you want to make sure you have a bung of Magic Resist late game when they are doing lots more damage.

Take 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed to increase your already-OP mobility for jukes, catch ups, and counter-ganks

Feel free to integrate different runes into your build to accommodate your play style and how you think others might build against you

Thanks to Ekki for some evaluation of runes and advice for better rune combinations. What a bro.

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The Build

Once again, I'm going to say that this is how I build Rammus, not necessarily how other people play him or how the meta portrays him to be played.

This build is centered around building armor, while getting AoE damage items and I've been experimenting with AP integration to get more damage into Rammus's combos.

Fisrt off, you want to start with your Hunter's Machete and 2x Health Potion so you can start your jungle route. Also take a Sweeping Lens to scout for wards in order for you to be able to gank!

Then you want to grab your Boots of Speed, because contrary to popular belief, boots are not for scrubs. At this point, try to pick up Ranger's Trailblazer and Enchantment: Juggernaut for extra health and the passive helps for your relatively weak clearing abilities early game and tenacity will make it easier for you to stay on enemy champs when chasing and easier for you to get a sager getaway if being chased.

Next, take Boots of Mobility. These are great on Rammus because they provide great speed pre-fight and he doesn't really need the speed during a fight because he has a bunch of CC to keep his enemies close

Grab Sunfire Cape by first building into Giant's Belt first to get a bunch of health while grabbing some of that passive AoE damage!

After you get your stylish cape, snag Glacial Shroud and build it into Frozen Fist which is actually a great item for Rammus because it provides him with AP, Armor and a passive which gets an AoE slow, which is what im all about. This can be replaced for Rylai's Crystal Scepter if you're having an exceptionally good game for more AP, while still adding some tankiness in health and a similar passive.

So next you're going to get Rammus's most fun item: Thornmail. Getting this item is hilarious, because when combined with your W, the other team literally kills themselves.
It's a must have on the Armordillo.

Finally, get Raptor Cloak or Negatron Cloak depending if you need more Armor or Magic Resist, but I usually get Raptor Cloak because of the passive. Build these into Zz'Rot Portal. This may seem extremely weird for some of you, but I love getting this item. It gives you Armor, MR, Movement Speed, and the voidgate and voidspawn are fun to use to push back waves, help clear camps and baron/dragon as well as insert them in team fights sometimes!

At any point you think appropriate, get Boots of Mobility - Homeguard for the super fast transition back into the game when paired with your Q

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The Jungle/Gameplay

When I jungle Rammus, I don't jungle the new Season 5 meta, so I'll show you what I think is the most effective way is.

Start with your W and start at the Blue Buff. Screw the frog. You don't need none of that ****.DO NOT START WITH POWERBALL JUST BECAUSE "THAT'S HOW YOU ROLL". If you do, your team will fail because you will fail miserably. Make sure you get a leash. It makes the difference. If your teammates refuse to leash, you're in for a bad time. Clearing will be difficult, and it foreshadows but teamwork later in the game.

After blue, now you can take powerball and WALK over to the RazorBeaks. Now what you want to do here is click the center of the camp before the creeps come into vision.This way you can stand in the middle of all for of them. This is critical! Once you do so, now powerball and hit all 4 creeps at once.Immediately activate your W and let the smaller ones kill themselves off. Do another Q/W combo to finish off the big one.

Now head to Red. Just continue the Q/W combos to kill it, and this should be easy because smite should be back up. You should get level 3 now and now you may gank.

In order to gank with Rammus follow the 3 B's:
1. Bush
Use the river bushes to the best of your advantage. Hide in them until the moment is right. And always remember to sweep for wards!
2. Behind
At this point, come out of the bush using Powerball and take position. The optimal place to be is behind the enemy. This is best because there are usually no minions to interrupt you behind the enemy, and you are effectively sandwiching them between you and your team.
3. Bump
Once in position, strike the enemy champion. Immediately taunt with your E and activate your W. When you hit 6, add your ult to the end of this combo.
This will be your combo for the ENTIRE GAME:
Powerball--> puncturing taunt--> Defensive Ball Curl--> Tremors

What you do next is up to you. You are now free to roam around and gank freely, just make sure to give away blue buffs if your mid utilizes mana. A good jungler helps to make a happy team. Share your love evenly and gank everyone equally. Good distribution of ganks helps all lanes prosper. Good Luck and have fun!

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As a jungler, you gotta ward!

Ward bushes
Ward the river
Ward Dragon/Baron
Ward the jungles
Ward wards
Ward everything!! It's your job!

If you have the Armordillo Ward, good job, 10/10, you're dedicated

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RammusClassic Skin: you better get a skin, people got to know you're the real deal
King Rammus : I bow down to you. You got this skin back in Beta Testing. Why are you reading my lowly guide?

Chrome Rammus (750 RP): Pretty cool skin. Very Shiny, but not the best.

Molten Rammus (legacy, prev. 975 RP): this skins gone now. I couldn't really care less. I'm not about any of this Hotweels garbage that this skin reminds me of.

Freljord Rammus (520 RP): pretty lame skin. Its just blue, no new particle effects. Would not buy.

Ninja Rammus (975 RP): pretty awesome skin. Blades, nice shade of purple, he's a flippin ninja. What's not to like? I owned this skin at one time, but now I use Full Metal

Full Metal Rammus (975 RP): Definitely my favorite skin. Awesome new particles and sound effects, and strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies. Would definitely recommend to any player who wants to look suave.

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So that's about it. Thanks for reading my guide, and tell me what you think. Hope you have fun Powerballing around! Remember to be a good teammate and have fun!