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Ryze Build Guide by slydunan

Ranked Ryze Guide - Everything you need to know and more!

By slydunan | Updated on March 10, 2012
88 Votes
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Welcome to my guide for playing Ryze! I can assure you that this is the correct way of playing him (I play him in 1900+ elo), and if you think otherwise, we can duel it out :P. This includes a short video tutorial that gives an overview of his spell combos. So, you can either just watch the video for a general idea or read the guide as well for an in-depth look into Ryze.

I will be using formatting copied from my Tryndamere Jungle Guide.
-:Community Message:-

I want to try to make this as much of a community driven guide as I can, especially with the great amount of suggestions that have already been posted (keep them coming!). Also, thanks for the upvotes, it helps considerably in letting more people see this guide (and also helps balance troll-votes).

Ways you can help make this guide better:
>>> Tell me if you liked this guide, and why! (remember to thumbs up as well!)
>>> Tell me if you disliked this guide, and why! (it's ok if you forget to thumbs down!)
>>> Tell me any of your suggestions to improve the content of this guide! (or layout!)
>>> Tell me how awesome you did with this guide! (and I'll put you on the braggin' wall if you do!)
>>> Tell your friends about this guide! (or your enemies too, if you happen to keep in close contact with them.)
>>> Thumbs up this guide! (you don't even need to have thumbs to do this-no excuses if you don't have thumbs >.<!)
>>> Read this guide! (yes, reading this guide will magically improve this guide!)

As an additional incentive for you to help make this guide better, if you post a comment telling me how you did any of these, I will personally +rep you as well as give you a cookie. Remember to +rep me as well if I helped!

Thanks ahead of time for the thumbs up/comments/and reps!!!

P.S. Did you get the cookie?
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>> Uses mana for power instead of ap.
>> Can build tanky and damage at once.
>> Strong from early to late game.
>> Has very short cooldowns.
>> Has both burst and sustained dmg.
>> Can carry entire teams if fed.


>> Vulnerable to combo disruptions.
>> Cannot stray far from core build.
>> Weak without items.
>> Snare has a short range.
>> Does not have good mobility.
>> Has no stun/silence.
If you get fed as Ryze, you can deal ridiculous damage and take lots of damage as well.
Ryze 1v4 Quadrakill!
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Summoner Spells

Pick a combination of these that suit you or the enemy best. I usually go flash+ignite

Your primary spell for mobility and surprise attacks.
  • Flash and Combo to catch an enemy off guard.
  • Flash to escape dangerous situations.
  • Flash and Snare to catch a fleeing enemy.
  • Flash and Dance to troll.

Your primary offensive spell.
  • Used to secure kills.
  • A must have against healing enemies like Swain or Vladimir.
  • Enhances your combo for easier first bloods.

Your secondary mobility spell.
  • Gives more sustained mobility than flash.
  • Useful for your sustained kiting combos.
  • Can be taken instead of Ignite if you feel you need more mobility.
  • Can be taken instead of flash if you prefer as well.

Your primary bait spell.
  • Heal is pretty OP right now.
  • Useful for surviving sticky situations and baiting enemies.
  • Con: You will have to make the choice of getting the mastery or not.
  • Con: Vulnerable to ignites, which virtually all ap mids have.

Your primary map presence spell.
  • Very good if you have map awareness.
  • Use it to help your team from anywhere on the map.
  • You can also use it for a quick recall in lane.

A situational defense/offensive spell.
  • If you have lightning fast reflexes, this can be an amazing skill.
  • Use it when you get stunned or silenced to pull off your combos offensively.
  • Use it when you get in a sticky situation and run away.
  • Recommended for highly skilled players as it can be very difficult to use effectively.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
(8.5 Magic Pen) - Standard caster marks. Synergizes with your Spell Flux

Greater Seal of Replenishment (3.7 Flat Mana Regen) - Gives you the much needed mana regen early game for harassing.

(101 Flat Mana) - Gives you the extra mana you need before you get your items.

(2% Spell Vamp + 3% Movement Speed) - Spell Vamp works extremely well on Ryze due to his spammable, single target spells. Recently, I've also been mixing in some movement speed to help out his weaker early game as well.
Other runes to Consider if you don't have these.


Phase Rush


Phase Rush


Fleet Footwork
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9-0-21 is the best mastery tree for ryze. It gives you your magic pen, 10% CDR, and various other buffs for Ryze. You can change some of the masteries according to your preference.
Butcher - I max this instead of Mental Force / Brute Force because the extra ap doesn't scale that well, and I prefer easier last hitting out of pure laziness.
Meditation - I max this rather than Swiftness for a stronger early game, when Ryze's mana pool will get depleted rather quickly.
Strength of Spirit - I only put one point in this because the first point gives you the most bonus. It is also much more important to max Intelligence for the CDR.
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Core Items

Item Sequence

Banshee's Veil 3000
Frozen Heart 2700
Will of the Ancients 2300
Void Staff 2650
Archangel's Staff 3200
This is my core item build for Ryze. This means that I almost always go for this build in every game. These items synergize with Ryze and usually apply to every situation. Keep in mind that build order changes a lot.

Build Order - When to Build What?

Your item sequencing should vary game to game depending on your lane and the enemy team. These are some guidelines to help you choose what to build.

Laning Against a Magical Hero.



When laning against a magical hero, you will need to focus on building health, damage(mana), and magic resist. If you are mid, mobility is usually not a big issue, as the tower is close by.
Starting Items

Take boots and three health pots if you are up against a champion that needs to make skillshots to hit you, such as Ahri or Brand.

Take a Sapphire Crystal if you are up against champion who you don't need the mobility against, such as Vladimir or Kennen.
Items to Rush

If you are not in need of mobility or defense, rush a Tear of the Goddess for maximum damage for a cheap cost.
SPA Catalyst the Protector
If you need the survivability and sustain ASAP(i.e. LeBlanc), rush this before Tear of the Goddess. Otherwise, rush it after.

Special Case, if you are in dire need of magic resistance to stay alive, then get this along with Catalyst Protecter ASAP. (i.e. LeBlanc
Got Those^^^? Now Get These.

Get this to put your survivability and sustain on a whole new level. If you have mana, you have health.
Gives a slight boost to your damage, but most importantly, it skyrockets your health sustainability and dueling power.
You will need this for the CDR to pull off your combos more efficiently. You will also need the armour.
Polish Off Your Build

If you haven't gotten this yet because you were able to sit on a Catalyst the protector amd a Negatron Cloak before, then you should be finishing this now.
If you didn't need to upgrade your Glacial Shroud before, now is a good time to.
By now, it's late game and everyone has magic resistance for you to penetrate.

Laning Against a Physical Hero.



When laning against a physical hero, you will need to focus on building armour. Also, you will most likely be in top lane, which means you will also need mobility.
Starting Items

Take boots and three health pots if you are up against a champion that needs to reach you to hit you, such as Tryndamere or Riven.

Take cloth armor and five pots if you are up against champion who you have to trade hits with, such as Gangplank or Talon. You can also get Mana Potion instead.
Items to Rush

Ninja Tabi are cheap boots that you will need survive in lane against physical champions.
Every stat gives you something you need vs physical champions.
This is your primary source of damage, so get this whenever you feel like you have enough survivability.
Got Those^^^? Now Get These.
Catalyst the Protector
Boost both your survivability, damage, and sustain.
Gives a slight boost to your damage, but most importantly, it skyrockets your health sustainability and dueling power.
This will make you a real physical tank, that packs a punch as well.
Now You Are Good to Go

A better hextech revolver? Let's go baby.
They got magic resistance? No problem, now you've got 46% magic pen.
Now their ap carries don't scare you either.

Item Explanations and Details

This will explain the core item build

-A must have on Ryze. Gives insanely cheap damage in the form of stacking mana.
-Makes you tankier, and lowers CC on you, which can mess up your combos.
  • Read the below section "Other Items" for alternative boots.
Catalyst the Protector - Very cheap item for Health, Mana, and Sustain. Upgrade to a Banshee's Veil or a Rod of Ages.
- It's primary use is to give you defense against mages. In some games, you may choose not to get this item if the enemy does not have any dangerous magic damage or CC. - A must have item for Ryze, with no alternative.
  • Most importantly, it gives 20% CDR, giving you a total max CD of 40%.
  • Also gives you much needed armour and mana for defense and damage.
  • To put icing on the cake, it gives an AS reduction aura.
- Gives you massive sustain from spellvamp.
  • Much of Ryze's damage comes from spammable single target spells, making spellvamp very efficient on him.
  • Synergizes with Desperate Power for even more spellvamp as well as extra AOE vamp.
  • If someone else on your team gets another Will of the Ancients, you will receive that passive bonus in addition to your own, giving you 50% spellvamp total.
- Important late game item for any mage, and Ryze is not an exception.
  • With the mastery, it gives you a total of 46% magic penetration. Important against anyone with >100 mr.
- This is usually your last item, that you upgrade your Tear of the Goddess into.
  • Taken last to maximize ap gain and because other items are more useful.


Other Items

These are other items that you may consider in special situations. This does not list all possible items, just those I feel worth mentioning. Keep in mind that much of the core build is very important for Ryze, so you will only be able to get 1 or 2 at most, alternate items.
- Taken against a physical lane or physical heavy team.
-Taken early/mid game if you don't need Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi -If you have a gank oriented team, then this is not a bad choice of boots for Ryze
  • This lets you roam the map to gank lanes or run away from ganks.
  • You have to get within fairly close range of enemies to catch them and deal the most damage. This will help you close that gap.
  • This is an aggressive item, so get it only when you know that closing the gap will benefit you and not them.
- An alternative to Banshee's Veil if you don't need the mr.
  • Most efficient item in terms of stats for Ryze (other than Tear). However, it doesn't give any other benefits.
  • For most games, I prefer to upgrade my catalyst the protector into a Banshee's Veil for the magic resistance and spell shield.
  • In in any high level game, the enemy will be building magic resistance, which makes Void Staff a better option than Rod of Ages for that last slot. I've tested this out, having the magic penetration will let you spell vamp off of the increased damage, which gives you both more damage and sustain than rod of ages.
- The passive works great with Overload and Spell Flux due to the short cooldowns. Also makes you more tanky, which is always good.
  • Added per Acrol's comment: "Is Rylai's Crystal Scepter good to ryze? Is the slow prefered?"
  • However, it doesn't give you much more damage for the price. Slowing enemies isn't your role as the carry. Your job is to dish out damage.
  • I've personally never gotten this, as I prefer a void staff or better defensive items to fulfill my role.
  • If you were to get this, I would take it against a melee team that you can kite.
- This can actually be a decent item for Ryze due to the synergy it has with Arcane Mastery, Overload, and Archangel's Staff.
  • It gives you a nice boost to your mana, gives magic resist, more ms, and a passive that has synergy with your low CDs. Basically, everything benefits you in some way.
  • The only problem is that you don't stack ap with Ryze, so the passive is slightly worse. However, you do get ap items, and most notably, Archangel's Staff gives you >150 ability power. I like to think of this as getting a 3-4 second CD 1:1 ap ratio nuke, which is not bad at all. The actual CD is is 2 seconds, but taking in account the time it takes to attack, it is roughly 3-4 seconds at best, considering the time it takes to attack and cast spells.
  • This also makes you a much better pusher against towers.
  • The problem is that this item is extremely expensive and is usually bought after you finish your core build (especially Archangel's Staff) to achieve the most out of the passive. This means that you will have to save up 3470 gold outright in most cases.
- This can be taken as an alternative to Void Staff in certain situations.
  • You can get this if the enemy is not building heavy magic resistance and has a lot of magic damage.
  • You will be getting this mostly for the mr, then the mr reduction passive, then you have some bonus ap as well.
- My favorite item to get to keep those fed Tristanas and Tryndameres off my back. Get this item as a last resort if you feel that you are getting ripped apart from auto-attacks.
  • I prefer this over Randuin's Omen because it's 1075 gold cheaper, which means I can usually get it whenever I need it. I've also found that it deters those heavy ad carries better than Randuin's due to the passive being more of a danger to them than an annoyance.
  • Another alternative item for a physical heavy team would be Zhonya's Hourglass
- This is an alternative to Thornmail if you have the cash, as it's 1100 gold more expensive. It also only gives half the armor.
  • When to get this rather than Thornmail? When you feel that you need the 2 second stasis. This works well against heroes with bursts than you can dodge with a well-timed stasis-see a few examples below.
  • Times when you might use stasis include when you are about to die, when you are getting attacked and the majority of your spells are on CD, or when the enemy uses an 'I win ability' such as undyring rage, Highlander, Curse of the Sad Mummy, Soul Shackles.
  • Be smart and creative with your Zhonya's! Try to maximize the 2 second damage negation.
  • One of the best reasons stasis is so effective is that it disrupts the enemy focus during team fights. They see a low hp ryze and tunnel vision on you, you respond with stasis, and the enemy is briefly disrupted for a second while they register who to target next and decide if they should start attacking you again after the stasis. This is effectively a 1 second CC against the enemy team.
  • The ap is a slight boost to your damage, but it's not the reason you would buy this.
- Ryze needs to be casting spells to deal damage and survive. If you are CC'd for too long, it reduces your effectiveness considerably.

Other Build Options/Examples

Item Sequence

Rod of Ages 2600
Frozen Heart 2700
Will of the Ancients 2300
Void Staff 2650
Archangel's Staff 3200
If they don't have any dangerous ap carries/damage, you can choose Rod of Ages instead of Banshee's Veil to give you a bigger boost to stats.

Item Sequence

Rod of Ages 2600
Frozen Heart 2700
Will of the Ancients 2300
Thornmail 2900
Archangel's Staff 3200
If they are a physical heavy team without much magic resistance. With this build, you will be able to sustain through ad damage while cutting off their sustain and killing them.

Item Sequence

Banshee's Veil 3000
Frozen Heart 2700
Will of the Ancients 2300
Abyssal Mask 3000
Archangel's Staff 3200
If you are up against a magical heavy team, without excessively large amounts of magic resitance, this build will protect you while still providing a lot of damage.

Item Sequence

Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600
Frozen Heart 2700
Will of the Ancients 2300
Lich Bane 3200
Archangel's Staff 3200
This build is a fun kiting build. Great against melee teams. The slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter combined with the extra movement speed and nuke from Lich Bane lets you pop a few spells, run away, and pop a few more. Also effective in killing towers.

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Arcane Mastery
One of the best passives in the game. This is what makes Ryze so powerful.
  • Stagger your spells to take advantage of this passive. You can pull off many combos, which are included in the section below.

This is your primary spell with many uses. Note that it scales off of MANA much more than AP.
  • Max this first so that you can trade hits with the enemy.
  • This is the reason you build MANA on Ryze instead of AP.
  • Use this spell as your primary harassing tool.
  • Use this as much as possible in your combos to deal the most damage possible.
  • You can use it on creeps that you can't get with an auto attack, but be careful not to run out of mana.

Rune Prison
This move is your tool for keeping enemies from escaping or reaching you.
  • Take this at lvl 2 so that you can escape ganks or help your jungler gank. If your team is engaging in a lvl 1 fight, then take this at lvl 1.
  • This is a snare, which means enemies CAN attack and cast most spells if they are in range. Be aware of this.
  • This has a shorter range than all your other abilites, which makes it harder to land, and may require a Flash.
  • You may choose to level this over Spell Flux if you feel the need to hold targets in place in exchange for more damage.

Spell Flux
This spell has huge damage potential, especially in conjunction with your ult Desperate Power
  • This deals the most damage if there are two enemy heroes side by side without any minions.
  • The bounce range is roughly a little bit less than the range for your Rune Prison. Try it out and get a feel for it.
  • This spell can also bounce to you at random. This is good and bad. Good if there is only one enemy. In this case, stand close enough for it to bounce to you and back to them. Don't worry, it won't damage you! Bad if there are two+ enemies standing near each other. In this case, try to avoid standing near them so that it won't bounce to you for maximum damage.
  • When you activate Desperate Power, each bounce will deal the extra AOE damage, which multiplies its original damage even more, especially if the above circumstance is true.
  • This move does not scale off of MANA, but AP instead.
  • This is taken over Rune Prison because the mr reduction is most effective early-mid game.

Desperate Power
Turns Ryze from a single target killing machine, into an AOE machine.
  • Even though the CD looks long, with Ryze's passive, it refreshes much sooner than you would think.
  • One etra tidbit you can keep at the back of your head is that if you activate this spell while your overlaod or spellflux projectile is still travelling to your target, the spell will gain the benefits of your ult on contact. This adds to the importance of casting your spells quickly.
  • The AOE damage range is 200, which isn't that large (about the diameter of a normal line of 3-5 caster minions). It has also has a separate AOE proc for each bounce of spell flux. This is what gives Spell Flux such great damage potential.
  • Feel free to use it on a large creep wave to farm or regen health if you are not about to engage in a fight.
  • Sometimes you want to save it for that extra global 1 sec CD from your Arcane Mastery.
  • However, don't hesitate to initiate with it if you see a clump of enemy heroes.
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Spell Combos

To unlock the full potential of Ryze, you need to be familiar with these Spell Combos and know when to use them. Here is a video of his basic combos. If you master these, you can start to mix them up, keeping in mind that every time you cast a spell, it reduces your other cooldowns.
Basic Combo List
Make sure you watch the video above first for the basics. It will help clarify these combos.

- Primary Burst Combo. Use for harassing/nuking. - Your Burst Combo if the enemy is getting out of range. - Your primary sustained damage combo. - Your sustained damage combo if they are getting out of range. REPEAT- Your combo for killing dragon/baron. - Quick Surprise Burst. Used to catch enemies off-guard. Try to pull off the combo while they are still snared. - You can start with desperate power if there is a group of creeps or heroes. REPEAT- Advanced Combo. Use smart-cast to quickly cast two spells in quick succession, then move towards where you want to go, and repeat.

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Laning Information

Basic Laning Information
Your preferred lane is mid because you have a nearby tower to protect you. If you need to, you can also go top. Try not to go with a dual lane, because you will desperately need the levels and farm to be effective.

In order of importance, whenever applicable, your priorities should be to 'Not Die/Kill the Enemy', 'Help Your Team Not Die/Kill the Enemy', 'Last-Hit Minions', 'Harass the Enemy'.
  • LVL 1: You can use Overload occasionally to last hit when you need, but try to save your mana for enemy heroes. Whenever possible, use Overload to harass the enemy when they get in range. Try to hit them without getting hit yourself to trade with an advantage.
  • LVL 2-3: If you can get free Overloads on them, do it. Use Rune Prison if you need it for the snare.
  • LVL 4-5: Now you can use your full burst combo. Still, a single Overload is the most mana efficient form of harass, while your full combo will deal more damage. Keep this in mind as you use your spells.
  • LVL >6: Harassing will still be the same, but this is the time when enemies will have their ultimates as well. Most ultimates are still better than yours at this point in terms of damage, so be more careful when dueling now, as you don't want to get bursted. Now you can use your ultimate to farm and heal if you have low hp or to fight.
  • Tear of the Goddess: Once you get this, you can use Overload whenever you want to charge the passive.
  • Whenever you go back to base, buy a ward if you have the gold, and place it according to the warding map below. For mid, you can just put it on one side (red spots) and stand near that side of the lane to avoid ganks while saving an extra ward gold.

Lane Matchups
Want to know who Ryze is strong or weak against in lane and how to beat them? You have come to the right place! This section is still incomplete as of the moment, so Volibear with me por favor.
Strong Against

Ryze is a HARD COUNTER to Veigar
  • You counter Veigar in many ways. You use MANA instead of AP, reducing the damage of his Primordial Burst
  • You build tanky enough to survive his burst and have enough spellvamp to gain it back.
  • Push your advantage from lvl 1, and spam Overload on him whenever you are in range.

Ryze is also a good counter against Kennen
  • Stand behind creeps or run sideways so that he can't use his Thundering Shuriken on you.
  • Spam Overload whenever you can and punish him with your combos if he tries to come too close.
  • If he becomes aggressive and Lightning Rush past the creeps, you can either Rune Prison him and run, or stay inside your creeps and kill him. By staying in your creeps, it makes it difficult for him to land Thundering Shuriken on you, which is a large portion of his damage.

Ryze has no trouble laning against Morgana
  • If she stays within range, you can easily out harass her.
  • Make sure you dodge her Dark Binding by staying behind creeps or moving side to side.
  • You may have trouble killing her, as she might sit out of range and farm using Tormented Shadow

This lane is a joke.
  • You can easily zone her. Zone her with your harass and don't let her farm. She has to choose whether to use Bouncing Blades to harass you or to get those precious last hits.
  • If she decides to Shunpo onto you, just kill her.
  • Although you have nothing to stop her Death Lotus, you should be pretty far ahead already. Either you can Rune Prison and try to get out of range, or you can just activate your ult and kill her. If she her ult isn't up, she is useless against you.

Simple lane, your biggest worry is that he will push too hard and make it hard for you to farm under your tower.
  • Don't stand near your creeps if they are about to die under Malefic Visions.
  • Don't get caught in his Call of his Void. Move forward/backwards to dodge this instead of side to side.
  • You have a better poke, so if he gets in range, punish him. However, make sure you don't get lower than 60-75% of your health if he is lvl 6+. If he lands a combo on you, you are in danger.
  • If he gets all of his spells and uses Nether Grasp on you, you have a good chance of dying. With that said, make sure not to get caught in his Null Zone and you should be able to survive and counter attack after his ult ends.

If you can dodge his skill-shots, you can easily beat him.
  • How to dodge his skillshots: Keep moving side to side/forward and back to keep him guessing. Don't stand right next to your creeps, or else he will Pillar of Flame/ Conflagration and harass you while farming. Make sure not to get stunned by his Sear If you get stunned, there is a much higher chance of you dying, so move side to side or behind creeps if he looks like he is trying to stun you.
  • Spam Overload whenever you can and punish him with your combos if he tries to come too close as usual.
  • If you see that he used his spells, it will be a while until they come off CD, so that's your chance to punish him.

Weak Against

Cassiopeia is a HARD COUNTER to you!!
  • Simply put, a Cassiopeia will eat you for breakfast. If you go in to try to harass her, she will out trade you. When you cast a spell on her, you temporarily stop due to casting time, giving her time to poison you.
  • If you have to lane against her, get boots first and play passively. Unless she is bad or your jungler ganks, you won't be able to win this lane. Just survive, farm, and wait till mid-late game to kill her.
  • When she hits lvl 6, it gets even worse. You don't have any spells to disrupt her combos, as Rune Prison will only snare her, while her Petrifying Gaze will completely disable you. It isn't hard for her to hit you with the stun because of your casting time.

Silence is one of your worst enemies.
  • You have to establish an early lead if possible, harassing from the very start. If she gets ahead once, you are basically screwed.
  • You need to cast your spells lightning fast to snare her before you are silenced. If you can survive her inital round of bursts, you have more damage until her CDs come back up, so try to get her before she escapes out of range.
  • You cannot afford to rush a Tear of the Goddess against her. You will need a catalyst the protecter, Negatron Cloak, and Mercury's Treads as soon as possible.
  • The good news is that once you get your Banshee's Veil and Mercury's Treads to survive her burst, you can beat her for the rest of the game.

Irelia is one of your worst enemies at top.
  • First of all, she will able to heal back most of your damage, until you run out of mana.
  • You will not be able to Rune Prison her before she Bladesurge onto you, from which she will be in range to stop you from escaping with her Equilibrium Strike.
  • You cannot counter her just by building armour, because a lot of her damage is dealt with true damage from Hiten Style.
  • The most you can do in this lane is to try to farm and use your tower for protection or ask for ganks.

Xerath is not too bad, but can be difficult from lvl 6 until you get items.
  • If you dodge his skill shots and don't get poked and stunned, you shouldn't have a problem.
  • At lvl 6, Xerath does not rely on hitting his skill shot anymore due to his high percentage ult. He also out-ranges you. This means that it will be very difficult to reach him without getting heavily damaged.
  • In fights where you can reach him, you should be fine.
  • Consider rushing a Banshee's Veil to disrupt his combo.

In any lane, junglers will be your worst enemy. Try your best not to get ganked.
  • If you are dominating a lane, you will most likely be pushing. This means that you are in more danger of junglers.
  • Make sure you buy a sight ward and place it on one side of your lane according to the warding map below. Stand near the side that you have vision so that you have more time to escape.
  • Whenever possible, don't go past your half, and never go too close to their tower for an extended amount of time unless you are certain the jungler isn't nearby.
  • Fortunately, you have a jungler as well, and your Rune Prison makes ganking easy for them. Unfortunately, you can't always depend on your jungler.
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sight ward
Here is a basic warding map. Make sure to buy wards whenever you go back to base if you are pushing past your side of the lane.


{Red} - Protects Mid from enemy
jungler and protects Bot from
when enemy Mid roams.
{Blue} - Protects Side Lanes from enemy
jungler and from enemy Mid. Doesn't
always provide full coverage.
{Green} - Wards enemy Buffs for
{Yellow}{Orange} - Wards Dragon/Baron.
Use orange if enemy has a pink ward.
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Team Fights


What to do in team fights?

Your job in team fights is to deal as much damage as possible and disable primary targets. Remember, you are not the tank!!! You are dps who builds tanky to stay alive. Make sure you deal as much damage as possible before you die!
  • Pre Fight: Try to catch any stragglers in your Rune Prison, preferably not the tank. Don't separate from your team to do this though, or it will defeat the purpose of catching someone. If you manage to catch a squishy, your team should follow up and maybe kill them before the fight even starts.
  • Positioning: Stay on the edge of the fight if possible. Don't go too far in unless you are not in danger of dying. If you stay on the edge, your tankiness should be enough to keep you alive. If you dive in too far, 9/10 times they will just CC you and kill you before you can cast any spells.
  • Who to Target: Try to snare and kill primary targets closest to you, such as their ad or ap carry. If none are a safe distance for you to reach, just dps whoever else you can.
  • Secondary Role: Sometimes, you have to make it your job to protect your teammates, namely your ad carry. If this is the case, save your snare for enemies that try to catch them.
  • When to use your ult: You basically have 3 options of when to ult. Choose according to the situation.
    1. When you are about to die and need the extra spell vamp to stay alive.
    2. When you see a cluster of enemies and need the aoe damage.
    3. When you need to proc the Arcane Mastery CDR.
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Braggin' Wall

This could be you in here! Leave a comment of your prowess, and you may find yourself on this wall!strika45: "went 14-2-9 in my first game!"
holyfelipe: Pentakill!
albableat: went from a 'noob that plays him using "faceroll the keyboard" way', to a good Ryze!
ThaKinetic: 14/0/9 14/0/11 my first Ryze game! My team fed alot, ( Sona 0/9 :/) But we recovered in teamfights were my aoe dmg litterally killed everyone. Got Triple nearly quadra. (Dat lucker Volibear >.<).

wondermuffinLove your guide! I joined a ranked game a few days ago as Ryze and got 20/0/8!
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