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Singed Build Guide by Mercury48

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mercury48

S3 - How to be a pro Singed

Mercury48 Last updated on March 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys!

Well, this is my first guide. I really hope you like it. Singed is my main champion. I believe that this guide is pretty good(hopefully the best in MOBAfire). If you'd like to check out the guide of the top Singed pro gamer, here you go:

and also watch on Youtube "Inverted Composer" and "Dyrus" playing Singed. It helps a lot ;)

PLEASE READ MY WHOLE GUIDE. What makes this guide different from the others? Well, some items I suggest are not in the other guides(but believe me they make quite a difference)and the whole idea is pretty unique too("Singed = Movement Speed" for example). Read the guide and you will see what I'm talking about. Vote for me!

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So, let's take a closer look at this champion.

- It is believed that Singed is a tank. It is not quite so. Singed has a great passive(the Empowered Bulwark)that gives him plenty of health and an OP ulti(the Insanity Potion)that makes him very tanky. But, Singed do not build the item that the tanks usually do. So, he is not a tank. He would die pretty faster than a tank, if Singed was standing still. He seems so tanky because he is running all the time so the enemies can not deal "easy damage" to him(especially melee champions). Interesting, is't it?

- PAY ATTENTION: "Singed = Movement speed". With your high movement speed you can chase your opponents, be chased like a boss(oh yeah, you want that!)and avoid lots of damage(being able to dodge skill-shots etc). That's why Singed needs Ghost and items that increase his MS like "Alacrity boots" and Twin Shadows.

- Once "Singed = Movement speed" as I said above, he hates Crowd Control. That means that you MUST avoid being stuned or slowed or whatever. This is the reason why I almost always build Mercury's Treads and I suggest that you do so too.

- Singed can not deal a lot of damage at once. Therefore he tries to out-sustain his opponent. How can this be done?

1) Empowered Bulwark is a the key to that and also the main reason that we like to build mana when we play Singed( Catalyst the Protector, Rod of Ages, Banshee's Veil, Frozen Heart...).
2) pots are pretty helpful(especially before you build your Catalyst the Protector).
3) Last but not least, Singed can regenerate health and mana just by activating his ultimate(do not spam it though).

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Summoner Spells

Here we are! That's a really big deal my friends!... I have already made it clear that Singed MUST BE faster than anyone else. Because of that Ghost is a must and I strongly prefer Exhaust for similar reasons too. I recommend that you do the same. Anyway, Ignite is acceptable instead of Exhaust(it is incredibly useful against some opponents like Tryndamere or Vladimir. You might also try Teleport. The rest summoner spells are bad choices in my point of view, so I do not suggest them.

Conclusively : (is a must have) + > >

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Not a lot to say. It is quite obvious why these are the best runes for Singed. These runes have been chosen very carefully. In case you don't have AP blues get MR/level(and that's the only acceptable change I think).

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Well, with Singed, the most important thing of all is to RUSH catalyst the protector. Empowered Bulwark and Singed's early-game need for mana are the main reasons for that. It is unbelievable how powerful this champion becomes once he has his catalyst the protector(it's like a "doran's" item for Singed after all). This item costs 1200 gold and gives Singed:
- 275 health ! (200 + 75 from his passive)
- 300 mana and
- great sustainability!

If your early game is troublesome you can take a Doran's Shield(or a Crystalline Flask if your pots just won't do). In fact, you can even start your game with a Crystalline Flask, 2 Health Potion and 1 Mana Potion OR a Crystalline Flask, 1 sight ward and 1 Health Potion. I usually do not build any of these items but you can try that if it works for you!

Rod of Ages : this MUST BE your FIRST ITEM. It offers to Singed:
- 562,5 health ( 450 + 112.5 from his passive)
- 450 mana
- 60 ability power and
- 25 health, 20 mana and 2 ability power per minute for 10 minutes
So, you rush it and 10 minutes after you buy it, it gives you:
- 812,5 health (huuuuuuuge)
- 650 mana and
- 80 ability power

Rylai's Crystal Scepter : You could say you have become faster now that everyone has become slower!!! Build this item EVERY TIME you play Singed before you start building armor and/or magic resist.

Twin Shadows : It is an item made for Singed. It increases his Movement Speed(yummy!)and slows 2 of his victims in a pretty long distance. Build this before Rylai's Crystal Scepter in the exact some order as I say above.

Frozen Heart : It is the best way to build armor when you play Singed. This item gives you 20% cooldown reduction(this means that your ultimate and Fling will be off-cooldown more often), 400 mana(therefore 100 health too), a great passive and tons of armor.

Abyssal Mask : Possibly the best option to build magic resist. This is THE BEST DAMAGE ITEM for Singed. Build that when you need magic resist and you are pretty fed, so you want to deal more damage.

Banshee's Veil : A great option. When you need magic resist and even more health just buy this item without second thought(especially when the opponents have powerful Crowd Control effects).

Guardian Angel : Hey, it's a late-game item. When that time has come, just sale Twin Shadows and grab GA.

Randuin's Omen : no. Build Frozen Heart

Sunfire Cape : not good enough. Build Frozen Heart

Thornmail : Hmmmm... Yeah but in very very rare occasions(for example, in case the opponents have an over-fed ADC and guys like Master Yi or Tryndamere that deal physical damage with auto-attacks.

Warmog's Armor : Powerful. It's one of my favorite items but I never build this when I am playing Singed. Singed builds health buying Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter and mana items. It's enough, believe me.

Archangel's Staff : Well well well. That one IS interesting. Singed's Poison Trail is an easy way to charge it. This is not just a damage item for singed(the way it is for the others). Every stack gives Singed 4 mana AND 1 health! So, in case you wanna try that, buy Tear of the Goddess after kage's lucky pick and before Rod of Ages, and once you will have buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter and the Tear of the Goddess is full charged, upgrade it to Archangel's Staff. Have fun with this one.

Boots of Swiftness : PLEASE DON'T!!!

Shurelya's Reverie : I never buy this guys, but it might be fun sometimes("Singed = Movement speed", remember?). Anyway, if you want to try that, build it fast(after you take your Boots of Speed buy Philosopher's Stone and upgrade to Shurelya's Reverie once you have your Mercury's Treads.

Mikael's Crucible : Well, maybe but it's too much I think.

Doran's Ring : You can try that but this way you will not buy [catalyst the protector]] early enough. So be careful. Your 9 Greater Glyph of Ability Power will give you enough ability power to start with; so I say no.

Liandry's Torment : GREAT ITEM! Buy this and you will see that it works more than fine once you already have your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. + = INSANE DAMAGE!

Will of the Ancients : That's tempting. It is just 6,66% Spell Vamp for your Poison Trail but nevertheless it is powerful. If you wanna try that build Hextech Revolver kinda early(you decide when).


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Skill Sequence

This is what you do when you play top 1v1. If you play 1v2 on top:
- start with Q-E-Q-W instead of E-Q-Q-E
- once you are level 8, lever up your E and after that do as I say above.

That is just what I usually do. In fact, you can always go with Q-E instead of E-Q and even try level up your W instead of your E once you hit level 4. I say that you must have a 5-rank Q once you are level 9 and when you are level 11 you must have 5 ranks in your Q, 2 in your W, 2 in your E and, of course, 2 ranks in your ultimate. After that point, you decide the rest. ;)

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First of all, with our Summoner Spells already known it's a breeze for us to decide if Summoner's Wrath is a good choice to make or not. Now let's see... We are talking about a tanky champion that is being based on his tankiness to out-sustain his opponent(22 point in defense). Also, he is highly relied on his Summoner Spells to grab some kills and take advantage during the laning phase( Mastermind ). That's why I created this mastery page especially for Singed. It certainly works.

(With that Mastery page you can even play Singed mid)

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Singed is strong against melee opponents. He has a problem though against champions how can out-sustain him(for example Cho'Gath)or champions how can poke/harass him from a distance( Teemo or Yorick). Be careful against this kind of guys, buy a bunch of pots and be ready for the time that your beloved jungler will come to help your ***(possibly this will be your only chance to take a kill on these outrageous counters for Singed.
Later on(once the laning phase is over and the teamfights are taking place at last), Singed has to "search" for the right moment to go full speed(ultimate and ghost), and surprise the enemy team while he is heading to their ADC(usually)and he is flinging it back into the middle of his own team. Singed is running passing through the enemy team with his Poison Trail activated over and over again. He is always trying to be so annoying that the enemies will try to chase him. Most of the time, it will be very easy for Singed to not be caught, in this case DO NOT MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THAT! Make them believe that they can catch you so they will keep chasing you(through your poison).
When you are being chased, be sure that the enemy champion is walking through your poison(if that means you are throwing zig-zags while you're running, zig-zags it is!). When your enemy's health has been dropped to a critical level(and he is retreating), be ready to turn around as fast as possible charging on him to fling him and be sure that he takes a deep breath!

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That's the most of it! Thank you for reading my first guide! I am looking forward to create the next one! I really hope that I have been of some help here! Vote for me please and contact with me for anything you want to ask or suggest. See you!