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Rengar Build Guide by IR-Pridestalker

Assassin [S6|6.9]: Straight Outta Hit Points!

Assassin [S6|6.9]: Straight Outta Hit Points!

Updated on February 24, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IR-Pridestalker Build Guide By IR-Pridestalker 37 1 1,278,425 Views 88 Comments
37 1 1,278,425 Views 88 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IR-Pridestalker Rengar Build Guide By IR-Pridestalker Updated on February 24, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Hi everyone! I’m IR-Pridestalker, a Rengar main who started playing LoL since Lucian’s patch. I may not be a pro, but I definitely know about Rengar.

To start things out, Rengar is a solid choice in solo queue if played as a 1 shot assassin. His high front-end burst out of ultimate/jump lets him eliminate enemy squishies in a matter of seconds, and later on in the game even the tanks. The recent rework also has changed his ultimate mechanic, allowing him to use 3 different maximized combos out of ultimate, instead of just 1 (triple Q pre-rework).

However, Rengar is weak against an arranged team play, as a coordinated group of 5 will not only have Vision Wards constantly, but they'll have Oracle Lenss as well as peel their squishies properly (and mages will counterbuild with Zhonya's Hourglass). Also, Rengar is prone to CC, makes him an easy target if stays in a fight for a long time.

This is my first guide on MobaFire, so please comment if you’re going to Up/Down vote and let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve this guide.

P.S: Sorry for my bad English. It’s not my native language.

Divers are mobile champions with enough burst or durability to get into the enemy backline and threaten their carries. You can use Thrill of the Hunt to join them and work together to demolish enemy damage threats.

Champions with really strong protecting spells like Wild Growth or Intervention allow you to go glass cannon, while surviving in the team-fights. Rengar is strong alone, but in coordinated team-fights or ganks, protectors can help him assassinate the targets.

Crowd Control
Champions with crowd control make up for Rengar's weak CC and can set up easy kills. In team-fights, these champions can help you get picks or initiations that create good opportunities for you to dive enemy carries.

Special Synergy
Rengar goes really well with Orianna becuase she can put the ball on him and he can jump around and then Orianna can ultimate and pull everyone in closer.

Example of the Ori/Rengar combo:

High sustain / tanky champions are annoying because they're super hard to kill and don't let you snowball. They also have strong peeling spells that prevent you from killing a specific target.

Protectors are your counters, too. They can make it really hard for you to kill someone. You can combat this a bit by catching people when they're alone, but if they're grouped it makes team-fighting really tough.

Disengage champions will stop anyone that tries to dive the backline and can even shut down your dive attempts once you ult in. Items like Mercurial Scimitar can help sometimes but you can still be overwhelmed in group fights.

Parry, Block, Dodge, Blind
These champions can negate Rengar's main burst ( Savagery and Empowered Savagery) with their kit ( Riposte, Aegis Protection, Counter Strike, Blinding Dart). They're also good duelists and can outperform Rengar in extended combats, except Teemo, whom you can easily one-shot in mid/late game.

Unseen Predator (Passive)
Range: 600 / 725 (6 trophies)
No Cooldown

UNSEEN PREDATOR: While in brush or in stealth, Rengar gains bonus attack range and his basic attacks cause him to dash to his target. This bonus lasts for 0.5 seconds upon exiting brush or stealth. Unseen Predator occurs regardless of whether or not his target has sight of him.

FEROCITY: Rengar generates 1 Ferocity whenever he damages an enemy with an ability. Upon reaching 5 Ferocity, his next basic ability is empowered, can be cast independently of its basic version's cooldown, incurs no cooldown of its own and consumes all of his Ferocity.

This ability is amazing, and if you want to become better at playing Rengar, master its intricacies. If you want to win as Rengar, learn to control the brushes. Remember, passive works for a short duration out of brush, so the faster you are the farther you can leap. More information can be found HERE.

Savagery (Q)
Range: Self
Cooldown: 6 / 5.5 / 5 / 4.5 / 4

ACTIVE: Rengar's next basic attack within 3 seconds deals 30/60/90/120/150 (+100/105/110/115/120% Attack Damage) bonus physical damage.

EMPOWERED SAVAGERY: Savagery's bonus physical damage is increased to 30-240 (based on level) (+ 130% AD), and applying it grants Rengar 50%-102% (based on level) bonus attack speed and (20% AD) bonus attack damage for 5 seconds.

Use this as an auto-attack reset, but why? First off, it's important because it maximizes your overall damage. An auto-canceled Q negates the animation of the auto-attack, saving time between the two hits. In order to do it, you use Q the very instant the damage occurs from your auto-attack. Use Empowered Savagery it if you want to burst someone. It's also good for dueling, as it grants heavy AS and AD buff.

Battle Roar (W)
Range: 500
Cooldown: 12

ACTIVE: Rengar lets out a battle roar, dealing 50/80/110/140/170 (+80% Ability Power) magic damage to nearby enemies and gaining 10/15/20/25/30 bonus armor and magic resistance for 4 seconds, increased by 50% for each affected enemy champion or large monster.

EMPOWERED BATTLE ROAR: Battle Roar's base magic damage is modified to 40-240 (+80% Ability Power) and using it heals Rengar for 12-80 (based on level), increased by [6.25% per 1% of his missing health], up to a maximum of 75-500 (based on level) healing.

Battle Roar is a "click and forget" ability. You won't deal much damage with it, and its defensive stats are sub-par (unless you use it on a group of enemies). Just use it in order to generate Ferocity stacks. However, Empowered Battle Roar is what makes Rengar a great jungler, as it heals him for a flat amount of his health. This allows him for excellent survivability in jungle. Remember that you heal based on your missing HP, so try to use it when your health reaches critical levels.

Bola Strike (E)
Range: 1000
Cooldown: 10

ACTIVE: Rengar throws a bola in the target direction, dealing 50/100/150/200/250 (+70% Attack Damage) physical damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them for 60/65/70/75/80% that decays over 2.5 seconds.

EMPOWERED BOLA STRIKE: Bola Strike's base physical damage is increased to 50-340 (based on level) and using it roots its target for 1.75 seconds.

Very useful in ganking as it gives a bit time to reach your target. You can also use it to execute low HP enemies. Remember to blind shot jungle camps or minions so you can keep your Ferocity stacks high. You can also use Bola Strike mid-air (see combos). Empowered Bola Strike applies a slow on top of the root (although video doesn't show it. It was a bug that fixed in v4.11). You can use it when you want to catch a slippery enemy. Most of the times, a good Empowered Bola Strike will guarantee the kill.

Thrill of the Hunt (R)
Range: Self
Cooldown: 150/110/70

ACTIVE: Rengar stealths himself for 7/12 (12 trophies) seconds after 1 second (delayed to 3 seconds if taking damage) delay and reveals enemy Champions within 2000/3000/4000 range. While stealthed, Rengar gains 15%/30% (20 trophies) movement speed when moving toward enemy champions and his next attack will cause him to leap. Enemies are made aware of Rengar's presence if he is nearby (1450 range).

Upon exiting stealth, Rengar gains 25/35/45% bonus movement speed and generates 5 Ferocity over the next 5 seconds.

ALWAYS remember to scan the minimap when you use it. Don't tunnel vision into the enemy mid while ganking them, as sometimes little Lee Sin will be burning all his abilities on the Raptors camp, turning him from a slippery champ into a delicious meal all because of your decision to pay attention to the free information your ult is giving you.

> > >

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
0 Q E W Q Q R Q E Q E R E E W W R W W

Savagery is your main burst ability, max it first. Maxing Savagery first provides lesser cooldown; allowing you to generate Ferocity faster (the cooldown on Battle Roar and Bola Strike both remain constant regardless of level, so leveling those first gives no benefit to your passive Ferocity stacking). After that, max Bola Strike for more slow and damage. In the end, max Battle Roar for more defensive stats. However, you should max Battle Roar second if you're facing a hard matchup and need defensive stats.

Level 1-2 Skill Order: Take Savagery at level 1 as explained above. Level 2, you can take Bola Strike if you are planning to invade. If you need sustain to continue jungling, consider taking Battle Roar at level 2.

Flash is an important spell for Rengar and should be used in most of your games. Not only is Flash the most common Summoner Spell that is used, but it synergies with Rengar's kit.

The reason I take Flash is because I can escape early ganks, troublesome situations when I don't have Thrill of the Hunt or a brush available. I also take Flash to catch off people who are running away and then usually finish them off with a Savagery or a whole combo. You also get Flash so you can go in a brush and use Unseen Predator for gap-closing.

Just remember kids, 'F' is for Flash!

Smite is self-explanatory. Every jungler needs it. It enables you to secure or steal objectives, clear your jungle camps quickly, gain monster camp bonuses and buy Hunter's Machete and its upgrades.

You can also take Exhaust instead of Flash for jungling. It allows you to have better control in the enemy's jungle, and do some big plays similar to the below video (skip to 2:50), but since nearly every champion in the game takes Flash, not taking it yourself usually leaves you at a natural disadvantage, since Flash can be useful in so many scenarios.

Jungle Invade

Greater Mark of armor penetration
Greater quintessence of armor penetration
Armor Penetration Runes outperform AD runes for AD casters due to armor pen, which affects the base damage of Rengar's abilities. Gives up to 19% extra physical damage when enemy is at 19 Armor. However, getting these runes result in a weaker early game and harder jungling, but if you're confident in your skills with Rengar and your ability to clear jungle camps regardless, the 19 flat armor penetration will have much more impact later in the game than the 15 AD you start with. Essentially, it's scaling attack damage.

There is no rune that gives more early game damage than Attack Damage Runes for physical dealers. Also, unlike armor pen runes, they can be used with multitude of champions, not just Rengar. These runes would be better for early game, as they provide stronger snowball potential, faster jungle clears, and aggresive level 1-5 play.

Armor Seals offer the best defense against physical damage dealers, jungle camps, minions, and towers. I highly recommend them if you're facing an AD matchup. You can also take Greater Seal of Scaling Health. It gives you a little health early game but will reach a total bonus of 216 health at level 18 and makes you more tanky so you last longer in team-fights. Also, keep in mind that Rengar already has defensive stats thanks to Battle Roar and can invest in health without having fear of enemy AD/AP champs.

CDR Glyphs are the most optimal glyphs on Rengar. He is a free-to-cast champion, but he's also rewarded for spamming his abilities by Ferocity mechanic; so, by having lower cooldown on your skills, you'll be able to gain empowered effects more at the cost of less Magic Resist.

With buffs to the cunning tree and both Warlord's Bloodlust and Fervor of Battle being lackluster, I switched to 12/18/0. Precision is better than Battering Blows on targets with less than 100 armor. Thus, if you're focusing ADCs and mages that don't build defensive items, you'll deal more damage. Also, Cunning keystones are more useful than Ferocity keystones on Rengar (except Windspeaker's Blessing ). Warlord's Bloodlust is literally useless early game, as the healing scales with level and you must have crit items to proc it. Fervor of Battle doesn't stack on minions/jungle camps anymore and is better for auto-attack oriented champs. Instead, Thunderlord's Decree procs as soon as you land your harass combo (Jump + Battle Roar + Bola Strike) and deals a noticeable amount of damage. Stormraider's Surge is another good keystone you can get, but it's better for hit and run scenarios.

Fury : Helps with clearing jungle camps and dueling enemies. Don't take Sorcery, since it only increases ability damage, and Savagery is counted as a basic attack, not an ability.

Double Edged Sword : 3% increased damage is really nice. However, you'll take additional damage, so try to maximize the damage you deal, while minimizing the damage you take.

Vampirism : Its lifesteal synergies pretty well with Ravenous Hydra. It also stacks with Hunter's Machete and grants 10% lifesteal against jungle camps. As a result, you'll have easier time jungling.

Bounty Hunter : Rengar's only CCs are Bola Strike and Empowered Bola Strike, and they both won't last long enough to be useful. Instead, Bounty Hunter helps with snowballing, and grants 5% increased damage if you manage to kill all of the enemy team members.

Savagery : I personally take it over Wanderer because I'm running armor pen runes and need to clear jungle camps faster. If you rather ganking and running faster than having an easier time farming, take Wanderer .

Assassin : It amplifies your damage by 2% if you're alone and has 800 range. You can also take Runic Affinity for jungling.

Merciless : Helpful when trying to finish off targets. It's the only viable choice in Tier 3 (please don't take Meditation ).

Dangerous Game : I can't count how many times I survived because of this mastery. It helps with surviving close fights, last tick of Ignite, DPS abilities (e.g: Hemorrhage), etc.

Precision : Increased damage output against squishies and tanks. Another option is Intelligence , which reduces your ultimate's cooldown to 38.5 seconds.

Which Keystone Mastery Should I Get?

. .
. > 40% bonus movement speed on burst
> 75% slow resistance for 3 seconds
> 10 seconds cooldown
. > Deals 10-180 (30% Bonus AD) (10% AP) magical damage on third spell/attack
> Damage applies to all enemies in the area
> 25-15 seconds cooldown

I prefer Thunderlord's Decree over Stormraider's Surge because it adds a significant amount of damage to Rengar's burst. Stormraider's Surge is also good but it provides utility instead of damage. If you're in a situation, where you need to kill someone and get out, Stormraider's Surge is better; however, if you need more damage, Thunderlord's Decree helps a lot.

- Best Jungle Start

  • Hunter's Machete grants lifesteal, making it better than Hunter's Talisman; since you rely on auto-attacking, rather than casting spells.
  • Health Potions guarrante healthier early jungle clears. As Rengar, you only struggle in the early clears.
  • Also, keep in mind that Refillable Potion's upgrades both contain mana, which is a wasted stat on Rengar.
  • I generally prefer Stealth Ward early, as extra vision is huge early game, and you can't expect to find much wards with a Sweeping Lens until later, when your opponents have the gold to actually purchase them regularly (and Sightstone on the support).

- Mini Clairvoyance

  • It has much lower cooldown than Stealth Ward.
  • Reveals an area for 2 seconds. This is very good for scouting, aiming skills, avoiding enemy ambushes and setting up ambushes of your own.
  • However, it doesn't reveal invisible units.
  • It also has no limit like Stealth Ward and Vision Ward so you can cover the whole map with them.

- Vision Denial

  • There are only 4 situations in which I'd take Sweeping Lens:
  • If I face a hyper-carry, like Jax who needs to farm most of the times, I rather vision control instead of vision for myself, since this causes their gameplay to be more dangerous, and because they value gold above all other things, when they don't get enough farm, they are punished hard.
  • I'm using Tracker's Knife and I don't need Stealth Ward anymore, since this upgrade gives 2 wards already.
  • The enemy team has a lot of stealth: Vayne, Twitch, Evelynn, Kha'Zix, etc.
  • I'm playing against Shaco or Teemo , and Oracle Lens stops their boxes and mushrooms from activating! Similar to this video:

    Sweeping Lens vs. Shaco

- Rengar Jungle's Power Spike

  • You must rush this item every single game.
  • 60 raw AD combined with armor penetration runes increases your damage by 33.8% (calculated HERE).
  • I personally prefer Stalker's Blade for stronger ganks because Bola Strike is a skill-shot and may miss.
  • However, you can get Skirmisher's Sabre for more damage and dueling power, or Tracker's Knife if you prefer vision control.


  • This item is super broken at the moment.
  • It has so many useful stats for a cheap price.
  • Some may argue that Rengar already can one-shot his opponents, making the passive useless. However, this item is so helpful in close fights, and removes the need for Last Whisper.

- Early Game Burst

  • You should get this item every game.
  • It adds a nice burst to your combo and is very cheap.
  • I personally don't upgrade it into Ravenous Hydra unless I'm full build (or facing a hard match-up like Udyr), since it costs 2300g and would slow down my item build.
  • However, upgrade it if you need the extra sustain.

- Rengar's Core Item

  • This item synergies extremely well with Rengar's kit.
  • Its active allows you to reach your target faster during your ultimate, making the exclamation mark useless.
  • It also increases your dueling potential. Combine this with Ravenous Hydra and you'll be an auto-attacking beast that can't be killed.
  • Not to mention the armor penetration penetration and CDR, which increases your damage output.

- A Great Anti-Burst Item

  • It's super useful against heavy magical burst.
  • It also has armor penetration, making it a good choice for our damage Rengar build.
  • Similar to Youmuu's Ghostblade, it increases your dueling potential, due to its magical shield, attack speed and lifesteal.

- You Guessed It Right, TONS of DAMAGE

  • Adds a bit of everything. Overall, it's a nice all-around item.
  • Spellblade passive procs as soon as you activate your Q, adding a significant on-hit damage.
  • It also removes your need for Boots. Combine this with Duskblade of Draktharr, and you'll have 10% movement speed (379.5 MS) (along with Youmuu's Ghostblade active and 3 stacks of Bonetooth Necklace).

- Another Anti-Burst Item

  • This Item is great if you're facing a heavy burst team.
  • You should buy this if enemy team has different types of damage.
  • It also synergies with Trinity Force pretty well, because it increases your base damage, and Trinity Force's spellblade deals damage based on your base AD.


  • You must buy this if enemy team has heavy AoE burst (e.g: Requiem).
  • It's very good if you prefer a supportive playstyle.
  • It absorbs all types of damage. This means that you can buy it even if you're facing an AD burst team ( Zed, Talon).

- Better than Cleanse

  • Morgana keeps binding you for those everlasting three seconds? A fed Zed destroys you with his ult? Warwick, Malzahar and Skarner won't stop ulting you? No problem, Mercurial Scimitar is here to help you.
  • It has a nice amount of magic resist which is helpful against all of the listed champs (except Zed). Not to mention its lifesteal, which is great for dueling.
  • You should get this instead of Maw of Malmortius when the enemy lacks tankiness but their CC is hell.

- Best Armor Item

  • I highly recommend this against AD team comps, heavy AD burst and crit-based champs ( Yasuo, Tryndamere).
  • Its AoE slow is great for engaging, catching slippery targets and peeling for your carries.
  • Keep in mind that this item slows enemy's attack speed, making it great against auto-attack reliant champs.


  • Get this item in case you don't have CDR runes.
  • If you're all AD comp with no AP threats, it gets additional value.
  • Against anyone who is going to be tanky, Black Cleaver is a must pick up.

Bonetooth Necklace

Rengar collects trophies whenever he scores a kill or assist and gains bonus effects based on how many trophies he has. Each kill/assist grants one trophy:
(3 Trophies) Rengar gains 25 flat movement speed while out of combat or while in brush.
(6 Trophies) Unseen Predator's range is increased by 125.
(12 Trophies) Thrill of the Hunt's stealth duration is increased by 5 seconds.
(20 Trophies) Thrill of the Hunt's bonus movement speed while stealthed is doubled.


As part of the event The Hunt Is On!, Rengar and Kha'Zix are assigned to defeat one another in battle. The first to score a kill on the other claims victory (assists count). The event begins randomly after Kha'Zix has used all 3 evolution points and Rengar has at least 10 stacks on his Bonetooth Necklace, and all members of both teams must be alive for the event to start.

If Kha'Zix is victorious, he gains a fourth evolution point.
If Rengar is victorious, his Bonetooth Necklace is replaced with Head of Kha'zix, which grants him the bonuses of a fully stacked Bonetooth Necklace and Rengar gains increased vision range while in a brush.
This event can only occur once per game, even if both teams possess both champions. A video describing the event can be found here:

rengar vs. kha'zix

Ferocity Management

If you want to become better at playing Rengar, you need to learn Ferocity management. Whether or not you can manage your Ferocity, Ferocity management is essential to getting a greater understanding of this champion, possibly more important than mana on a mana-using champion, or fury on a fury-using champion.

If you're managing your Ferocity properly, you should have 3 or more Ferocity stacks about 80% of the time. It means all you need to gain an empowered ability is a Savagery and Battle Roar, which are your fastest and most guaranteed Ferocity generators. Bola Strike is slower and can be missed, meaning it's riskier to walk around with 2 Ferocity, because you need to hit Bola Strike to guarantee an empowered ability after a full rotation of basic spells. When you use Thrill of the Hunt, you should have 5 Ferocity stacks most of the time
unless it's a panic ult.

A panic ult is when you're in danger and have to ult immediately, or a team-fight is breaking out nearby and your immediate presence in the fight is mandatory. If possible, always use Thrill of the Hunt with 5 Ferocity stacks, because it allows you to lead with an empowered ability and therefore produces the highest success rate.

Auto Q

The first trick I want to discuss is Auto Q, you simply use the brush to jump on your opponent, and then reset your auto attack with Savagery. It's important because it deals more damage compared to Savagery, and lowers the time between attacks. Becuase of that, you should ALWAYS use Auto Q instead of just using Savagery. However, there are some exceptions, like Fiora because of her Riposte.

Bola Strike Mid Air

Basically you can throw your bola while you are in mid leap as long as you leave your cursor over the enemy champion, you still have to aim it of course (OR you can use auto-cast for Bola Strike), but this allows you to chase so much easier as you do not need to stop moving your champion to land bola. Also, if you want to perform a one-shot as Rengar, you need to land this ability mid leap.

Bola strike mid air

The Perfect One-Shot

Rengar's infamous combo. You can use it to DELETE your targets just after breaking stealth, giving them almost NO TIME to react. Gather 5 Ferocity stacks and do the following combo:


Below, there's a video explaining this:

the perfect 1-shot

Triple Q

Here's another type of 1-shot, but its main purpose is using Savagery 3 times, not just killing target. Get 5 Ferocity stacks and do the following combo:


A video for explanation:

Triple Q

Triple E

I'd like to call it perma-CC. This is the highest amount of CC Rengar can have. As always, get 5 Ferocity stacks and go for the following combo:


A video for explanation:

Triple E

Triple W

You can use this combo if you're planing to play AP Rengar, or you need a lot of healing for a 2v2 (your and their jungler) or during a jungle gank. Get 5 Ferocity stacks and do the following combo:


Brush Kiting

Thanks to Unseen Predator, you can kite enemies with brush, as seen in here:

Brush Out-Play

Jumping Over Walls

Rengar can hop over walls using Unseen Predator. Place a ward next to a jungle camp and get inside a brush over the wall, then simply attack the monsters. However, make sure they're inside your circle. Also, when your Bonetooth Necklace reaches 6 Trophies, use the extra range on your passive to make this wall-hopping easier:

jump over walls

I hate mobility

This combo is similar to Triple E. It can be used against high mobility targets that can use their gap-closers to escape from you. Get 5 Ferocity stacks and do the following combo:


No Ferocity Combo

If you didn't have time to get any Ferocity stacks up (maybe because that you have to defend your inhib) and you need to kill somebody even though you don't have any ferocity, use this combo. It's a bit similar to the perfect combo, but deals significantly less damage:


4 Ferocity Combo

This combo is only used if you have 4 stacks of Ferocity, and is actually inefficient as it wastes 1 Ferocity because you end up using two abilities and go over 5 stacks of Ferocity. However, it's the best combo you can get with 4 Ferocity stacks:


Jumping over Dragon or Baron Pit

Must have 6 stacks of Boonetooth Necklace: By using Unseen Predator's leap range and 0.5 second windup out of brush, Rengar can easily jump on Dragon or Baron pit and steal them from enemy:

jumping over dragon or baron pit

These are all kind of Rengar's tricks and combos that I can think of. If I've missed something, please let me know!


These are the jungle routes I recommend. Keep in mind that slower routes are risky against strong counter-junglers and junglers with fast clears. If the enemy jungler is likely to invade and steal your second buff, you may want to secure it immediately. Also remember that you can interrupt a route any time after you are level 3 if you need to gank, though I suggest securing both buffs before ganking to ensure one of them isn't stolen.

Krugs Red Raptors Wolves Blue Scuttler
Red Path

Smite Krugs as soon as you see them. After that, get your Red buff. While clearing it, use Empowered Savagery since you can stun every 6 attacks and Empowered Savagery gives a lot of attack speed. After that, go for Blue buff. Now you have Smite and you can easily clear it.

Gromp Blue Wolves Raptors Red Scuttler
Blue Path

Smite Gromp as soon as you see it. After that, go for Blue buff. This time, instead of Empowered Savagery, use Empowered Battle Roar cause you don't have Krugs' stun and need to sustain through Blue buff's attacks. Finally, go to your Red buff. If you're low on HP, Smite it instantly, as it gives a nice healing.

Mini Wolves Sentries Gromp Big Wolf
Dekar's Path

Kill the mini wolves (Auto + Savagery + Auto + Auto (let Damage over Time kill the first one) + Auto + Savagery + Auto + Auto (DoT kills the second one)).

Move to the Blue buff, kill the sentries (Auto + Savagery + Auto + Auto (DoT kills the first one) + Auto + Savagery + Auto + Auto (the second one is dead)).

Move to Gromp, Smite right before auto attacking + Auto Q + Auto Q, and if it has 16 HP at the end, DoT will kill it.

Finish killing the big Wolf, and now you’re level 3 at ~2:45 without killing the Blue buff, or receiving a leash. If done properly, you’ll have about ~400 HP left, and have enough Ferocity stacks to gank, invade, or just continue on your way passively farming jungle neutrals.

A video for explanation:

Dekar173 Jungle Path


Invades are high risk, high reward. You may either die to the enemy jungler or pick up a kill which is great for snowballing. You should invade when you're facing an easy match-up, as it would be easier for you to get the kill and snowball. First, you need to level up by clearing Krugs/Gromp. Remember to get 3 Ferocity stacks. Once you reached level 2, get Bola Strike and head to the enemy's jungle. You can either go to the buff they're doing or the other buff and wait for them to show up. Let them start clearing, and when they burned their abilities, use the following combo for kill:



If they Flashed, either chase them or clear the buff . Sometimes, it's better to clear the buff than chasing, as their teammates may show up and kill you easily. I found a video showing this. It's a bit outdated but the same concept still applies (if you have a better video, please send it to me):

Jungle Invade


> Pre-6: Ganking pre-6 might be a bit hard, as you rely on landing Empowered Bola Strike to secure a kill, which is a skill-shot. You should always use the route that gets you behind the target. Here's how you should gank each lane (click on images to enlarge them):

Bot Lane

Mid Lane
Top Lane

> Post-6: Ganking post-6 is really easy, as you only need to go through lane with your ult. Get 5 Ferocity stacks and do the following combo:




Pick Scenarios and Baits

>Farm Bait: Basically, you start by building up a nice, big wave somewhere that acts as the fine steak. They'll usually send someone (Mage or ADC) to deal with it so the biggest threats can have the farm they need. Here's how you do it:


This will leave your minions with high HP, freezed for a moment and awaiting for further reinforcement before charging, eventually having 4 melees and 6 ranged vs the next wave of theirs that consist of 3 melees and 3 ranged. Eventually it builds up and you got a nice force that will either:


No one can look at a big wave and denies it. As a result, they'll come to get it. Luckily, they don't know you're here.

> You can also just walk to somewhere where the enemy is farming and kill them. Thrill of the Hunt will discover potential back up and ambushes if you keep a close eye on the mini map.

An example of a successful farm bait:

>Dragon/Baron bait: Clear all the vision on Dragon/Baron and put a Vision Ward in there. Have a deep Stealth Ward in the enemy territory for scouting the enemies positions.

Solo queue is quite fun in someway, no matter how well they do, they are never a fully united force. They usually come one by one. If you have the map awareness here, you can pick off a straggler that was late to the party...

Remember that Thrill of the Hunt gives a good radius of champion detection, so you can get a good view on the situation before jumping in.

>Stealing the Buff: If you got an eye on the time of enemy's buffs, you can put a Stealth Ward in there and just get into a position a little further away, waiting for the opponent to come.

When they come, DESTROY them, while stealing their buff. Remember that they might not come alone, but in groups, So be prepared for that and evaluate the risks and the reward for this.

This bait is best used when facing an immobile mage, since they always want that buff to be able to spam their spells (Someone with lots of safe waveclear like Ziggs or Xerath).

OK, I made a pick. What's Next?

Grab the objectives! It's much easier to take Dragon, Towers, and Baron without annoying enemies.


>Itemizing for team-fighting: Team-fighting as Rengar is pretty straight forward as a concept. Get to the backline and one-shot the carries. However, against a competent team this will become quite hard with things such as Exhaust, slippery ADCs and CC/slows. To team-fight as Rengar, you must be able to build according to the enemy team. For example, if they have a lot of CC, it's recommended that you build a Mercurial Scimitar. This makes you adapted to an upcoming team-fight. If they have a tanky team, Lord Dominik's Regards can increase your damage.

>Positioning: When playing as Rengar, you need to stay behind your frontline but slightly in front of your backline. Why? So that you're able to quickly ult and one-shot enemy carries. Timing is crucial on Rengar. Once the important CCs are on cooldown, you should go past your frontline and enter the enemy backline in order to do what Rengar does best: assassinate. Watch this video for better understanding:

How To Assassin

>Lack of Mobility: If your ultimate is down and you're fighting in a lane with no brushes nearby, you can always try to protect your carries by killing the enemy tank/fighter/assassin. Just use your Empowered Bola Strike whenever an enemy tries to dive backline.
However, as I mentioned before, you shouldn't be participating in team-fights if you don't have any gap-closer.

Here, I'll be adding your Rengar scores with this build. Just PM a screenshot of your match history, or post them in the comments, and I'll post it here!


Noob Tean


Shiro no Sakura






El Greco

Reflect Stratos


to be added...

There's nothing more satisfying than deleting enemy carries with Rengar. Now that you've chosen Rengar as your main, it's time to practice him and master his mechanics. If you have any comments, questions or queries about my guide, please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Again, please comment if you’re going to Up/Down vote and let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve this guide.

Thanks for Reading!

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