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League of Legends Build Guide Author gogidi1

season 3 - elo hell

gogidi1 Last updated on March 19, 2013
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yeah... this is another of those elo hell guides.
- "but this is season three and elo has been removed"!
nope. the elo system have been hidden. the new ranked system is actually just an addon to the old elo system. the new system is just a new and funn way to (remove elo hell) compete with others.
the old matchmaking system (elo) is stil out here. it works like the normal games matchmaking. (yeah, normal games have matchmaking!)

soooo... with that being said this is my (first) guide to getting out of bronze and silver (elo hell) divishon. its not a guide on how to improve single situations. its a guide to improve yourself in all kinds of games. i am a bronze t1 player. (omg should i take tips from this idiot?) i used to be at t3. (holy sheee) i started using this method (wich is a mix of thousand of other guides) and i climbed 2 divishons quickly. its not a "this is how to climp elo" guide. its a "this is how you can climb elo easier" guide.

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what is elo hell?

elo hell is a mythical place under 1200 elo (s2) where everyone are ******ed and winning is random, wich leaves ou in a cycle where you win 50% of your games and becomes stuck. after this people did calculations and found out that if you were an inteligent player there were 44.4% chance of your team being under averidge players (for the selected elo) and 56.6% chance for the enemy team to be combined higher than averidge. (for selected elo) therefor in theory you would loose more ranked games than you won bechause of inner team failure. for this reason ranked games became a gathering for d'ckheads who spent theyre games on complaining on theyre team.

in season 3 riot removed the visual elo system so that noone could complain on elo hell. this will indeed work for a few months, but in the future we will have the people complaining about bronze hell. the main problem with ranked games is that people who barely reached lv 30 play ranked games in wish for more experience and funn. they barely know what a pink ward is and get placed in a random terrible elo/league. then theyre stuck bechause of the elo hell effect.

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be anny teams mister nice guy!

i can almost guarante that you will in all teams meat people that are incredible. you have never ever seen the rage and anger this person is showing off. in the meantime your adc ace the enemy team before doing wraiths. (wtf?) your adc never talk to you, your mid is commiting suecide all the time. this can get incredibly frustrating.
basicly you have 6 different main types of the bad league players.

there are different types of players everywhere, and simply by changing gamemode or map can change the chances of who you meet. in general you can find a lot of flamers on the ARAM (all random all mid) maps. the main poppulation of non-communicators is in the normal games, but there are quite a few in ranked too.
- how do i deal with these people?
Winners :
these people are the ones that will complain about everything and everyone.
/all my support didnt buy enough wards GG! /all report mid for feeding! they can be extremely annoying. When you encounter a whiner the best course of action is to just keep quiet. Often times, they'll just get bored and shut up. During a LoL game a player is guaranteed a nine person audience to listen to them talk. Politely let them no one cares by not saying anything at all.

Children :
For me, I flip out the easiest with children. Bring back that image of the 6-year old CoD player. No matter how well you do, or what you say to degrade him, you can not win. He'll just keep insulting you and other people just because he can.

If you've ever tried to argue with one of these people, its like playing chess with a pigeon, you can beat him but the pigeon will just knock down all the pieces and strut around like its victorious. The 'Child' is so immature, the best you can do is to nicely ask them to shut up or just not say anything at all.

quitters :
people dont always ragequit! personally my parents is what i would call insane. my dad squashed my laptop bechause i was 3 min away from winning a game. why? dinner...
Quitters are the most misunderstood group in LoL. Ask anyone who plays the game and they'll tell you that quitting a game of League of Legends is a sin with no repent. Leaving a game seriously screws over your team and it can get you banned. Yet it still happens and I want to break that down.

Take your average LoL game and ask yourself 'What would it take for me to quit this game?'
It'd have to be something legit to get you to move from your chair right? Dinner can wait, the phone is probably a telemarketer, someone else will put out the fire, the baby will stop crying eventually. (Note: Do not neglect your children)
So far we've established that there is really no good reason to leave a game of League, but why do people do it?
My guess is its mostly due to external problems beyond the control of the player. A wrong place, wrong time situation. The following have happened to me causing me to leave games:

1. Power outage
2. ISP loses power and shuts down internet for an hour
3. Family Emergency

While these occurrences are few and far between, they still do happen. Things like lag can't always be avoided and sometimes your ISP herps a derp and kills you internet. Keep in mind no one goes into a game saying "I'm going to totally screw with these guys". People don't just quit LoL games for fun. Whenever someone drops connection, its for a reason.

Flamers :
Flamers, Children, and Whiners are all similar in the fact that what they want from you is some sort of reaction this is true with flamers the most. Flamers just want to make you mad, so don't get mad. One of my mottos when playing LoL is "Just play the damn game!"

If you ignore the flamer like you ignored the Whiner and the Child you'll get along fine. It is imperitive that you do NOT speak with the flamer. If you speak to them, the terrorists win and we all go home dead.

the non-communicators :
I have expressed my dislike for this group once and I shall do so a second time. Teamwork can not be attained without communication of some sort, and Communication is not where this group excels. Games in League of Legends can be fought and won without saying a word, but often include the usage of the ping and retreat ping tools. Along with ignoring the pings of other team mates, the non-communicator will not join in team fights, ignore your requests, and will do as they please.

The non-communicator's motives are known only to them so it is best that you approach one carefully. Do not be rude to them, ask nicely, perhaps they don't even speak the language you're speaking. If so ask in any language you know if they know your language (They probably do not) if a language barrier is your problem, try to get them to cooperate by using the ping tool, it's about all you can do with someone who cant understand you.

However, when it comes down to someone just outright ignoring you, it might be best to ignore them too. Consider how you'd act if they were not on your team at all. The problem with non-communicators is that there is virtually no way to deal with them other than to carry on.

to finish of this section i want to say: please dont be a jerk!
there are two more types of league of legends players

the noob
the teamplayer

obviously what we all aim for is the teamplayer, not the noob.
a noob is a person who lacks skill and/or knowledge pertaining to a game, in this case League of Legends. People HATE noobs.
The reason is simple: Noobs lose games.
So, people don't like noobs because they lose games, so one can infer that people HATE
losing games like they HATE noobs.

with that being said if you have a noob on your team, dont shout at the poor guy. be nice. be gentille. give constructive criticism.
- maby revive is not the best summoner. please change it into ghost or flash :)
noobs do in general respond positively to constructive criticism.
but on the other side if your picking on the noob they might turn into a non-communicator. its the players who change the commungity.

the teamplayer is the player(s) who keep the team together. they are positive and leave a "gj!" everytime an ally doas great. they are constructive. they communicate, but not to much and they understand the game mecannics.

if you wanna read the full article, feel free to visit and leave a like :P

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there is a gamemode in the normal games wich i recomend. draft games.
normal draft games is a tryhard mode wich is excaktly like ranked except you dont get placed in divishons or elo. :D
the players you meet in draft are better than the 1100 elo/ bronze t5-1 players. they are in general more friendly, think better, ward more, speak several languages, (not just polish, russian, norvegian etc.) and dont get worse or better depending on your first 5 games. this is the perfect spot to learn to ban too. you need at least 6 champs (easy obtainable) and knowledge about baning.

banning can be quite hard. there are so many champions considered op, and you can only ban 3. a good idea is to ban the 3 most op and counterpick againgst a few optional.
you have a few champions you have to ban. blitzcrank it the ultimate pain in botlane. kararina. akali. amumu. malphite. the last one should be the most op and used champion of the month. these change once in a while. it was xin for not too long ago.

my next tip is to be able to play all rolles (or at least 3)
everybody hates the people who instalocks random champions and says mid or feed. dont do it.
you must learn to play all lanes and maby master 2. personally i master top and jungle, while i can play mid if i have to. when a game starts i say all but bot lane, so that my team can decide where to be and place me at random (not bot lane). there are plenty of players who want to play adc or ap mid, so a safe thing to learn is support.

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who to play as?

there is a whole lot more into picking a champion than it seams as. in diamond or platinum this section of the guide will be complete bullsh't. in high elo you ushaly have ranked premade teams, who are using teamspeack or something similar, and therefore they have theyre perfect made team. but in low elo games people play theyre prefered champions. they can at times be incredibly stupid picks, but you cant tell them to change bechause they dont know you, and would not care less. the only thing you can do is to pick smart yourself.

in general pick someone with a nice portion of crowd controll. the harder the better. you want aoe abilities so that you can deal a nice ammount of damadge to the whole enemy team instead of just derping on one single target. you want utility on most rolles so that you can either save teammates or yourself. sustainability is also important. this include shealds, armor and resistance steroids, magic shealds, lifesteal and spell wamp.

of course we all know that jax, warwick or simmilar obscene 1v1 chapions dominate top lane, but in low elo, winnig your lane is only 1/4 of the jobb. i, and most other progressing ranked players win bechause they play like theyre whole team are noobs. if your team are a bounch of geniouses, then gratz, but picking like everyone will win theyre lane is a terrible idea in general. this is one of the key factors to progressing in ranked wich most players dont understand.

there are more speciffic champions who are better in each lane though. some speciffic kits wich are needed.

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the rest of this guide is......

the rest of this guide whill be lane spesiffic guides. they will also contain a personal tier list from 1 - 6.
note that this list is only normal lane spesiffic champions. if you want any special add-on to be added please feel free to leave a comment why this champion should be there/higher up/lower down. also note that this is a guide to low elo, and that all of these are viable in high elo, and that you can carry yourself out of elo hell with anny champion! this list is also a tier list, where 1 and 2 are recomended and great picks, 3 is viable and situational, 4 is not recomended, 5 is highly unrecomended, while 6 is complete rubbish. anny tier can be incredible laners, but they dont necesarily make anny impact on the team.
dont panic if all of your favorite champions are in tier 6, for this is only what i recomend, and if you can carry the game with a teemo in the midlane without ruans hurricane, then feel free to do that. as said, its what i recomend. pretty much all champions can carry a game in some way or another if the player is goodlike (voyboy).

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who do i pick in top lane?

in the top lane its better for yourself and the team that you pick a tanky champion with spells that doas not scale well with ad (attack dammadge), but has high base stats.
1v1 champions are great for the early game, but later you will be screwed over. in the teamfights you will have to stand on the side and watch bechause your tank/support doas not know who to stun.
aoe is fairly important in the toplane, though 1v1 is better here than in most other lanes.
one wery important factor is a gapcloser of anny kind. darus has his pull, xin his jump, jax has a jump, wukong, pantheon etc. if you have 2 or some sustain ability its just great. debuffs in general are golden.
- why would i want a gapcloser?
bechause a toplaners main role is to quickly destroy the enemy adc.

Tier 1 :
Darus, Diana, Jarvan IV, Kha'zix, Lee sin, Pantheon, Poppy, Renekton, Riven, Vi, Wukong and Xin zhao

Tier 2 :
Elise, Irelia, Jax, Kennen, Poppy, Cho'gath, Kayle, Maokai, Rumble, Zed

Tier 3 :
Garen, Gragas, Jayce, Katarina, Malphite, Nasus, Nautilus, Rengar, Shen, Singed, Talon, Tryndamere, Udyr, Volibear

Tier 4 :
Noctorune, Rengar, Gangplank, dr.Mundo, Nidalee, Skarner

Tier 5 :
Hecarim, Olaf, Shyvana, Trundle

Tier 6 :
Evelyn, Fiora, Hecarim, Karma, Master yi, Mordekaiser, Rammus, Sejuani, Sion, Teemo, Vladimir, Warwich and Yorick

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what apc do i pick for the mid lane?

in the mid lane you are not that vulnerable for ganks, and it is therefore viable to trade a gapcloser for a pure dammadge spell. though single target nukers is op in 1v1 situations, they are not that viable in teamfights. a lot of spellcasters also has acces to some really heavy CC (crowd controll) and i do recomend picking a champion with some really nice cc like veigar. your rolle is to lock the enemy mvp (most valuable player) down, destroy him within 2,3 seconds and then dealing some moderate damadge. combo based champions can also be extremely usefull (brand)
syndras ultimate deals a ton of damadge, but it is way to single target, and besides her spells deal less damadge, while brand on the other hand is a wery safe pick, bechause he only have 1 single targes spell, and it can stun. his ultimate can deal a ton of damadge to several targets.
is is not so good with hidden damadge (damadge over time) in low level, bechause you have to do your rolle perfect for succsess.

Tier 1 :
Annie, Brand, Dianna, Kassadin, Kayle, Talon, Veigar, Xerath, Ziggs

Tier 2 : Ahri, Cassiopeia, Fizz, Gragas, Orianna, Zyra

Tier 3 :
Fiddlesticks, Katarina, Lux, Malzahar, Ryze, Teemo (with ruans hurricane)

Tier 4 :
Cho'gath, Elise, Karthus, leBlanc, Mordekaiser, Syndra, Twisted Fathe Viktor,

Tier 5 :
Evelyn, Galio, Heimerdinger, Karma, Master yi, Morgana, Teemo (without ruans hurricane) and Vladimir

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Carrying the game from botlane!

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work in progress

this is a work in progress and is unfortunately not finished. i hope to finish within this week, before i go on a holliday. the guide itself will probably never be complete. there will always be minor errors for the community to make me change. please leave a comment on what i miss, what i should add etc.

a special thanks to xatxil for lening me his friendship of league guide. please vissit him and leave a little like :3


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