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Sejuani General Guide by Imsoflyyyy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Imsoflyyyy

Sejuani, S3 Jungler. Slower plz !

Imsoflyyyy Last updated on February 15, 2013
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Table of Contents
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Pros / Cons


+ Can dash and escape over walls with Arctic Assault
+ Strong slow effect. 10% with the passive and from 30 to 70% with Permafrost
+ Good balance between burst and damage over time
+ very good AOE ult with Glacial Prison
+ damage of Northern Winds scales on your HP (2%)

- a passive a bit useless considering that you already slow ennemies with Permafrost
- No tankyng bonus from abilities or passive
- First clean of jungle is slow
- Arctic Assault difficult to mastery. Don't forget that it is both your burst initiator, and your escape mechanism.
- Small AP ratios.

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My choice

A must have since you play jungle to clean it faster and to secure buffs/drake/nashor.

A spell very usefull to secure a kill when you gank.

Other choices

Usefull to escape if Arctic Assault is on cooldown.

A good spell to reduce damages of an ennemy but the slow is not usefull for you.

I consider that you already slow enough and you don't need to go faster. And you have enough espape from Arctic Assault

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Clean mechanism

You start your jungle with Hunter's Machete and 6 Health Potion. I personnally use a blind key (mine is space bar) to activate my health potions faster. My first spell is Northern Winds.
At level 1, the speal deals 12+5(0.01HP)+0(0.1AP) magic damage around you for 6 seconds every 9 seconds(CD). This damage is quite low to clean but you cannnot increase it with AP runes as the ratio on the spell is too low (0.1). For a better clean, you can take Greater Mark of Attack Speed. My choice is to take a 6th Health Potion that I can buy from the 2 points spent in Wealth . With the help of your mates, you clean the wolfs camp and the blue camp.
After cleaning blue with smite, you unlock the spell Arctic Assault. You can jump over the wall in the wraits camp with it and deal 60 dmg in aoe, activate Northern Winds and auto-attack the big wraits. You come back on the wolfs camp that is up at 2.50. Normally you still have 2 Health Potion, you have your Smite up and you can unlock Permafrost. Go to the red camp, check the bush next to it, and jump on the camp with Arctic Assault, activate Permafrost and your Northern Winds. when your spells are on cooldown, bring the lezard in the red bush and finish it with your spells and Smite.
Now you can gank. You are close to level 4, and you are high health.

If your mates give you a big pull on blue buff, you can decide to finish it without smite. Then I recommend you to take immediately Permafrost which has a lower CD than Arctic Assault. You will kill the red lezard faster with it. Be sure to have high health before attack it and use your Smite. After doing it, you can clean the wraits camp and go for a gank with your Arctic Assault.


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