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Shaco Build Guide by HolyMinion

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HolyMinion

Shaco - I will make your jungle DIS[S]APPEAR ! [s3]

HolyMinion Last updated on April 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I will make your jungle Dis[s]apear !

Thanks to Vurkan ''Lyhness'' Arkış :)

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In this guide i want to show you how to carry ranked games with shaco. Shaco is one of the underrated junglers in the game. They always say '' shaco fails late game ''. Shaco is a better early game champion but however he is still good at late game. I will show you how in this guide :)

You can find :
''-Gameplay Videos
-Runes - Masteries
-Situational items - choices
-Jukes - Placing wards for counter jungle.
-How to work with your team ftw
-Pros / Cons
-Spell choices
-Skill sequence
-Screen Shots from me and anyone sends his/her score-stats ! '' in this guide.

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Pros / Cons

-One of the best champions to carry ranked games. ( even diamond elo since im a diamond player )
-Best counter jungler in the game, makes enemy jungler mad :P
-Easily clearing jungle with Jack In The Box
-Really easy ninja - river ganks with Deceive.
-Strong Early game
-High damagae, easily taking dragons by himself
-High mobilty whole game, good for backdoor and split push.
-Good at stealing baron - dragon
-Underrated, people know him as trash.
-Fun to play !

-Champions with cc like Leona, Taric makes it harder to gank botlane, or kill the carry at teamfights.
-Not that effective at late game compared with early game.
-His jungle is easily ruined if team dont give him protection at level 1.
-No escape mechanic after entering teamfights with Deceive since you use Ignite instead of flash.

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Other Runes for shaco :
Greater Quinstence Of Movement Speed

Well, movement speed bonus goes well with your deceive + mobilty boots and zeal later. You will have lack of damage at early game but if ur ok with it take movement speed quints.

Greater mark of armor penetration

Its as effective as atack damage runes when you are on a gank. Its optional to use ad or arpen. Totally your choice.

Greater Mark Of Atack Speed

If you love using atack speed items similar to Wit's End or Statikk Shiv you can use atack speed marks. It will help you to push easier at late game. If you are using atack speed marks, you should take movement speed quints with it to push & run easier late game.

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21-9 is simple for shaco. Gıves you bonus ad - helps jungle with defence.

Butcher is one of the main mastery for shaco. I always give 2 points to Butcher

Summoner's Resolve +10 gold for every smite. It will be +300-400 gold for you at the end of the game.

Tough Skin helps you to clear jungle easier with Bladed Armor

And our mastery page is :

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Spells for Shaco :

Ignite is the best choice. I know ignite is not the best spell for a jungler, but its the best for shaco.

Ghost Its ok when you combine it with Deceive. You can gank from a longer distance with it.

Flash Not really needed since you got deceive.

Exhaust Better leave it for support, and take the most offensive spell Ignite

Teleport OP splitpush late game, also nice ganks to bot early game. But it wont help you as much as ignites damage.

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There are so many item builds for shaco, lets see :

Aegis of the Legion is a good item for shaco to get some extra armor - resist - health. If your support goes for shurelya - zeke or any other support item and noone got aegis, buy it for you and your team.

Atma's Impaler Really Situational, buy it if you are tanky enough and need some extra armor.

Cloak and Dagger Not needed for shaco. Since you can buy diffrent items for tenacity like Zephyr

Blade of the Ruined King BOTRK goes well with shaco. You can buy this item if enemy off tank - tank is fed. Also it will help you to deal more damage with Hallucinate. You will have a little burst with Critical Strike + Two-Shiv Poison + item active.

Frozen Mallet I dont really buy this for shaco. You dont need that extra hp and slow since you got your own slow. Buy this item if you really need hp and a perma slow.

Guardian Angel A perfect item for shaco. You will escape easily when you respawn and use your Deceive to run away. Also it gives you extra armor + resist for surviving the fights.

Iceborn Gauntlet Great item for shaco. In my decision, its much better then trinty force for shaco. Cause you apply a huge slow, take less damage from AD carry and cooldown reduce which is good for chasing / escaping. Im using this item %50 of my games. Only problem is you cant use active of shen a lot.

Infinity Edge You must buy it if you are going for an ad build. But if you are following my build, never buy it. You already have a chance to critic from Statikk Shiv and Deceive
Buy this item if you are going for an ad build as i said.

Ionic Spark RIP ionic spark :(

Madred's Razors Best item for shaco. I buy it before boots and clear jungle easily. You can take dragons easier then anyone with your clone from Hallucinate. You will upgrade it to Wringle's Lantern for lifesteal and extra damage after buying Boots of mobilty

Maw of Malmortius Nice item for shaco; extra mr, extra damage and a shield that saves you from ap carries or Requiem of Karthus :P You can always buy this item , speccialy if you need resist. Also goes very well with shaco so you can buy it before black clever or Statikk Shiv

Oracle's Elixir Buy it around min 10-20 to make a dragon. (If you dont take dragon at min 8 as i will show you) It's great for shaco since you can free gank any lane without wards and counter jungle any time you want. Buy oracle any time you got extra gold and you dont die easily.

Phage I dont ussualy buy phage since i have my own slow. Also i dont upgrade Phage to Frozen Mallet or trinty force

Statikk Shiv Its like a special item for shaco. Pushing lanes, clearing jungle , burst damage : everything you need. + You gain charge with every move you make. So it goes very well with your mobilty too. Buy this item ever time if you dont go for an ad build.

Phantom Dancer It was good for shaco at season 2 but Statikk Shiv is much better right now. Never buy pd.

Sunfire Cape Not really needed since you got tons of armor from other items.

Sword of the Divine Good item if you want some fun. Tons of damage with 3 critical strikes but you will have no atack speed bonus after using your active. Buy this item if you are sure that you win the game. Its a fun item for me.

The Black Cleaver Completely op even with nerf. My main item for shaco , early damage + arpen with The Brutalizer and extra hp Ruby Crystal. Buy this item everytime.

The Bloodthirster I never buy bt if i dont build ad. Shaco is not good at farming/stacking + you got damage and life steal already with other items.

Trinity Force Some people find trinty force good with shaco but i dont . Since you got Zeal- Statikk Shiv for movement speed , Slow from Two-Shiv Poison and Sheen from Iceborn Gauntlet. But if you prefer Trinity force to Iceborn Gauntlet, you are free to buy triforce.

Wit's End Wits end is ok with shaco. You deal extra magic damage, gain magic resist and atack speed for pushing power. But Statikk Shiv goes better with shaco. If enemy apc deals so much damage to you, buy Wit's End instead of Statikk Shiv

Warmog's Armor If you want to go tanky buy warmog with Atma's Impaler. But i dont really use this build.

Youmuu's Ghostblade It was good for shaco at season 2. But now you dont need it cause you got The Black Cleaver which goes better with The Brutalizer and atack speed from other items.
However, if you are playing against a squishy charachter and wanna burst him/her down, buy it instead of Black clever
Zephyr Good item if enemy got cc to burst you down easily. You can buy this instead of Statikk Shiv

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Skill Sequence

Jack In The Box is the best skill for starting the jungle in the entire game. You take the buff even without auto atacks. Jack in the box was nerfed 30 seconds but still very usefull.
- Jack In The Box takes all the damage of jungle at season 3. So it gives you huge advantage at first minutes of game against any jungler.

One of the best skill for ganks. All your ganks will be succesfull if you work well with your team and put Vision Wards around river.
Max it after Two-Shiv Poison for extra damaga. Or max it last and leave other points for Jack In The Box

Two-Shiv Poison helps you to damage, jungle easier and apply slow when ur on a gank.
Max it first for extra damage.

Jack In The Box
Use it only when jungling and apply fear on target when you trap. ( as i will show you at video part)
Jack In The Box can be maxed as second :
-More Fear Duration
-More damage for clearing jungle
-Less critical strike & burst at ganks.

So i leave it for you.

Helps you very well when taking dragon-baron. And you can dodge skills like Requiem Ace in the Hole It helps you to damage and take turret damage when u are diving.

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Ranked Play

Ranked Play :
As you see i let my team take kills. In ranked games:

-Counter jungle as much as you can so your lanes will have less pressure when laning.

-Babysit the most op champion. ( like when you have a jax at top against irelia(even jax counters irelia] babysit jax and let him snowball more.

-Gank mid often if the midlaner got no gapcloser-escape mechanic like Ahri and Kassadin before level 6.

-Gank bot lane if you got a support with cc Leona Taric Blitzcrank etc.
-Its hard to gank against Lulu at botlane since she got Whimsy to polymorph you speccialy with Graves Ezreal.

- Lee Sin is a counter pick for you. Cause he can clear jungle easily and kill you even when invisible. Also he got 2 gap closers which may cause a problem for you. Dont counter jungle that often against him.

-Leave half of the kills for team. Dont get hyperfed, leave kills to your carry to do the job.

- Deceive to ad carry and burst him. Force him to flash or use his Quick Draw Arcane Shift etc. Elseway, continue basic atacks and kill him. Dodge stuns or inc damage with Hallucinate

REMEMBER : You should be aggressive as much as you can when playing ranked. Cause you have to do something extra to carry rankeds.

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Hmmm. You dont really farm with shaco, just use your box and clear a camp. But most of all time use your time to counter jungle and gank lanes.

Out Jungle Route : (Start with red and steal blue if enemy starts with red like Lee Sin)

Green places should be warded by your support,so you cant be counter jungled.

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Jukes !

You can make jukes with your Deceive and Hallucinate here is a simple juke that i made and uploaded for you :

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Team Work

Its an important part. Speccialy your mid lane should be awake all the time. Cause when you are counterjungling you are in danger. Your mid lane should be ready for a fight anytime. S

Also bot and top lanes must work with you when you are on a gank.

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Full Gameplay ! [Video]

Its a ranked game that i played 1 week ago. Have fun:
Starting the game :

-Fiddle started with blue so i will take his red as fast as i can. And ganked top lane when i hit level 3. See that i put a box to the path of between Jax and his turret. So he had to waste flash. After that we took a kill for Irelia . Burnt Fiddlesticks's flash, so he couldnt escape my trap.

720p avaible. /league-of-legends/champion/twitch-20 /league-of-legends/item/oracles-elixir-32 /league-of-legends/champion/jax-15 /edit/wiki-article?create=phanteon
Part 6 : Last part-Ending

Nothing special here, it was already won and we pushed as 5 to end it.

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Your Scores !

I will share the scores you send me here, just send me a message :)

My own scores :

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I will make changes with new patches and your discussions. So feel free to send me a message about guide :)

-Added more about skill sequence.
-Jungle Route 1 added.
-Made changes in item list. // Thanks to pluckin penguin(The user who got the best shaco guide in mobafire) for his ideas.
-Added 1 new chapter.