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Shyvana Build Guide by Kazega

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kazega

Shyvana: Shadow of the Dragon (Dominion)

Kazega Last updated on December 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey All Kazega here with a guide to one of the most interesting and versatile champions in the League of Legends: Shyvana, the Half-Dragon. She is probably the most versatile Champion that Riot has released yet. Seriously, there are literally 4 items in the entire inventory that She cannot use. A lot of your standard AD and Hybrid Rune sets work with her, and she can mix masteries like drinks.

Anyway I took to Shyvana like a moth to the flame: I have a natural affinity for Dragons. I've always loved them and now that there is a Dragon, well Half Dragon Champion I am going to play her like there is no tomorrow.

  • Excellent sustained Damage output
  • Abilities have low cooldowns in combat
  • Hard to kill when built right
  • Can out-duel most other champions
SPACE     SPACE   Cons
  • No CC abilities without items
  • Easily focused with CCs
  • Difficult to handle the first few times
  • Most builds are expensive

I'm going to Explain one of the Cons real quick: "Difficult to Handle at First." I say this not to try and deter new players, but to warn them that Shyvana isn't built like a Recommended Champion that has a lower Skill requirement. While she isn't the most difficult champion to handle, her handling is focused primarily on her pre-game setup (Runes and Masteries) and her item builds. while she is very versatile, most of her set-ups have to be very specific to what you want out of her. That being said it will take some Trial and Error to get a handle on your concept of a good Shyvana build. Most of this will involve the build portion but if you are patient with her, she can easily be one of the best champs in your line-up.

NOTE: This is strictly a Dominion Guide to Shyvana. I will not cover anything from Summoner's Rift or Twisted Treeline in this guide, although some points may apply.

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Champion Skills


Fury of the Dragonborn

Shyvana's basic attacks are enhanced by or adds benefits to all of her abilities. Shyvana's attacks grant the following:
  • Twin Bite: grant a .5 second cooldown reduction of reach basic attack
  • Burnout: Extend the duration by 1 second for each basic attack, capping at a 6 second increase
  • Flame Breath: 15% of the spell's total damage is added to Shyvana's Basic attacks on debuffed targets
  • Dragon's Descent: add two point to Shyvana's fury meter


Twin Bite

Shyvanna's next basic attack attacks twice, with the second attack dealing a percentage of her total Attack damage. Each basic attack you perform while Burnout is on Cool down reduces the Cool down by half a second. In Dragon Form Shyvana's attack will do AOE damage in the area immediately in front of her



Burnout engulfs the area around Shyvana in fire dealing Magic Damage and boosting her movement for 3 seconds. The duration of this spell is extended for every basic attack up to 6 seconds. In Dragon Form the area affected by Burnout will stay lit for a short period of time, damaging enemies that stand and move through it.


Flame Breath

Flame Breath fires a Skill shot missile that hits a single target. The Target hit by this ability will have its armor lowered and basic attacks will deal a percentage of damage as long as the debuff is active. In Dragon Form The missile is a coned shockwave.


Dragon's Descent

Shyvana leaps a short distance transforming herself and clearing walls, any enemies along her path are dragged with her. Her basic abilities are enhanced. Shyvana stays in Dragon form until her fury meter runs out. Passively Shyvana gains bonus Armor and Magic Resist. These bonuses are doubled in her Dragon Form. HSyvana can only Use this ability with a full fury meter.

- Twin Bite resets Shyvana's Attack timer. Using it after a basic attack can prove to be very effective

- Burnout is a very effective tool for Shyvana: when you Proc it, the cooldown timer starts and it can stay active for 9 seconds leaving you with about three seconds to wait for another Burnout in battle.

- While using Burnout in Dragon form, move around to increase the area of effect

- Your Basic Combo is Flame Breath into Twin Bite. Flame Breath lowers its target's armor while Twin Bite gives your next attack a 80% boost. Flame Breath's Debuff also stays active for about 3 seconds

- Dragon's Descent can be used at varying ranges depending on your needs. you can simply drop onto an enemy with Burnout or you can drag a couple to your team or tower.

- Burnout is Shyvana's Core ability: almost everything in my reasoning for items Runes and Masteries revolves around this ability and Fury of the Dragonborn

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Summoner Spells



Ignite teams well with Shyvana as a duelist and putting a mastery into Summoner's Wrath will allow you to gain some always welcomed ability power and AD while it is on cooldown



I use this instead of Flash. I've always liked Ghost better than Flash and with Shyvana it allows you to stay in melee range easily and it even boosts the use of Burnout



Another solid choice on Shyvana. This spell is great for chasing and dueling and augments the use of Flame Breath with a mastery in Summoner's Wrath



Shyvana is an excellent Pusher in all stages of the game. Taking Promote to augment her pushing abilities will definitely help out the team when it counts.



I am pretty much repeating myself with this one but you take Surge for the same reasons you take Promote: Shyvana pushes and this will help her push.



I am seriously starting to sound like a broken record here. This spell will help you get at champions intent on camping a point. conversely it will help you stay on a point that the other team is going after.



A very useful tool for setting up Dragon's Descent, chasing, and jumping into fights with Burnout. Flash is a core ability on any champion but I feel Shyvana can make better use of other abilities. It is still good though

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Skill Sequence, Runes, and Masteries

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is a basic Skill sequence for Shyvana. I take a point in Twin Bite at level two and max it second because it has some great starting damage. I max Burnout first to maximize the AD scaling, enabling much better dueling and damage output in team fights. I max Flame Breath last because I only need its on-hit effect of armor reduction.


This is my go to Mastery set for Dominion Shyvana. The point in Arcane Knowledge helps Burnout work for you in combat. Everything else is your typical melee DPS set up. Executioner will accelerate your damage after a short while.


This is a more tanky Mastery set up. These masteries combined with more defensive runes will allow you to focus more on your offensive items early in the game. Initiator combined with Swiftness also helps you catch those enemies running in their Boots of Mobility

Another Offensive mastery, this time with a defensive augment rather than the utility points. This set will offer better brawling ability with extra armor and health. This set up will allow to build into an off-tank role very nicely.

Greater mark of Desolation SPACE

Greater Mark of Desolation

This is a standard mark on any AD Champion: boosting your early game by allowing you to cut through most early game armor.


Greater Mark of Alacrity

A passive ability that Relies on attack speed allows Shyvana to make great use of these marks. I run these to help take advantage of that.


Greater Mark of Insight

These marks are useful for most of Shyvana's abilities: Burnout, Flame Breath, and Dragon's Descent all do Magic damage. I would suggest that you don't take 9 of these because you can't really commit to a full Mage Shyvana; do take a handful for running Hybrid builds

Greater Seal of Vitality SPACE

Greater Seal of Vitality

I run these seals. With how unpredictable the bottom lane of Dominion can be, I take these since the armor runes will seem like a "hit or miss" type of rune. I might switch it up once ranked play hits, but for now, I will stick to these.


Greater Seal of Resilience

Armor seals to help out in those fights that happen very often in Dominion. Investing in these will allow you to put more focus on non-defensive items early on.


Greater Seal of Evasion

Teams well with Ninja Tabi. Having a few auto attacks simply not count can be very useful in a duel. the seals team well with Ninja Tabi


Greater Glyph of Focus

I run these to help with Burnout's duration. Since I don't normally invest in CDR items these coupled with Sorcery provide enough Cooldown Reduction to keep Burnout consistent while fighting.


Greater Glyph of Shielding

Scaling Magic Resist is always a good thing. It will help keep mages away long enough to build up your Magic resist items, and it teams nicely with Greater Seal of Armor


Greater Glyph of Potency

These are must haves on Hybrid Shyvana. Flat AP will give Flame Breath a great early game start until you can build into more AP items. On the other hand, if you wait until later to max Flame Breath, Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power might serve you better.


Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

If you don't run Greater Mark of Attack Speed then run these Quints. They really help out Shyvana for previously stated reasons


Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

These augment the use of Greater Seal of Vitality by providing some good early game health and allowing to focus your build elsewhere in the early game

Greater quintessence of Desolation SPACE

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

These runes will definitely help you if you run AS marks instead of Armor Pen, or you can use these to augment your Armor pen. Either way the added damage is always welcome.


Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

One of the most underrated runes around. A small boost in you move speed goes a long way, especially when it comes to Dominion

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Builds and Items

Shyvana is very versatile when it comes to her items and builds. I can only think of 4 items that won't do her any good in any situation. So I won't go into all the items, I'll just give you some of the more prominent items.

Core Items

Wait... why are these items "Core Items" when they aren't even a completed item? Well the short answer is this: Shyvana can work with so many items in different combinations that is is very hard to list out what is and isn't a core item. So instead, I list these three basic items because, they work, they are cheap(ish), everything that these three items build into works on Shyvana. Recurve Bow is great, it is much better than Dagger, albeit more expensive, and more versatile in Dominion with items like Kitae's Bloodrazor and Ionic Spark. Everything that Phage becomes, Trinity Force, Frozen Mallet, and Entropy, are all amazing on this champion, and Chain Vest provides an essential bit of armor every brawler needs and its builds are equally as enticing. There almost no way you can go wrong with these three items.


Wit's End

Extra attack speed and stacking Magic Resist: the more she fights the harder she is for Mages to deal with, which makes this an amazing item for Shyvana, especially in team fights


Sunfire Cape

Sunfire Cape really allows you to get into the thick of battle. The extra health, added armor and very useful Passive grants Shyvana some awesome brawling ability


Youmuu's Ghostblade

With Armor Penetration, Cooldown Reduction, and an active that boosts Attack Speed, Youmuu's is a great item to have on Shyvana


Sanguine Blade

Sanguine blade is an awesome item for Shyvana. Since it stacks on her basic attacks Shyvana can easily benefit from the item after farming a minion wave and pushing a defended point


Guinsoo's Rageblade

A little bit of everything that Shyvana needs: some AD to keep up her basic attacks, some AP for Flamebreath and a stacking attack speed boost to help her passive along. A must for Hybrid builds.


Hextech Gunblade

An essential Hybrid item, even after the nerf. It supplies everything a true Hybrid needs to work: great AP, a moderate amount of AD and sustainability through Life Steal and Spell Vamp, the latter of which works with Burnout.


Ryalai's Crystal Scepter

A good amount of AP for Flame Breath, some HP for sustainability, and Burnout slows. Overall a great item.


Randuin's Omen

A lot of Armor with some health Regen and HP on the side. It also builds from one of the better Gold-Tick items: Heart of Gold.


Force of Nature

A Great defensive item for Shyvana. Extra Move Speed, great Health Regen, and Magic Resist to help with those pesky mages.



A great boost in Attack speed, some AP, and best of all: some MR shred to help Burnout work better. Malady is an awesome weapon to have on a Hybrid Shyvana


Nashor's Tooth

With great attack speed, awesome cooldown reduction, and a good AP boost really help Nashor's Tooth stand out for Shyvana.


Kitae's Bloodrazor

This great item for those Tanky teams: Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and a bonus effect to help slay those high HP off-tanks.


Ionic Spark

This item is a great item. Some HP, a good amount of Attack Speed and a very useful passive. If you ever find yourself in need of more HP grab this.

When it comes to builds Shyvana has a variety of options if you could tell from the list of items above. She can build from almost any basic Archetype (Item-Centric, Champion-Centric, or Stat-Centric) with great success if a lot of thought is brought into how you want to build

The Off-Tank Fighter

This first build is what I originally had in mind for Shyvana: I wanted her to be able to get into fights and be hard to kill while still dishing out a decent amount of damage. For this I open Prospector's Blade, Boots of Speed, and a couple Health Potions. From there I build Phage and upgrade my boots. What I do next depends on the composition of the enemy team but against a balanced team, buy Chain Vest and leave it there while I buy Wit's End and then finish Sunfire Cape. After that I get build Zeal and then finish Trinity Force. I very rarely get a chance to move on from this point in a game, but if you have time, build Sanguine Blade.

The Brawler

Start with a basic opening: Prospector's Blade into Phage and The Brutalizer. after that it will vary, but you will most often build Frozen Mallet into Atma's Impaler, and then finish Youmuu's Ghostblade. Ionic spark provides some HP to help Atma's along as well as some needed attack speed.

The Hybrid Off-Tank

One of the few builds that won't have Phage or Recurve Bow involved. This build is instead focused on using Rylai's as the key item. Since Burnout does magic damage it will Proc Rylai's Crystal Scepter and enable you to keep enemies in fights for a longer period of time when they try to run.

The Hybrid Brawler

A typical Hybrid build: rush Heart of Gold into Hextech Gunblade, build a Phage, and then build what feels right. Most times you would finish Randuin's Omen and build Nashor's Tooth immediately after that.

The AP Focus

It is really hard to build Shyvana with an AP focus, but here it is. Grab and early Sheen to help you out while building Hextech Gunblade and then build Rylai's. Buy Needlessly Large Rod, maybe even Zhonya's Hourglass if you feel squishy, and then upgrade to Lich Bane. It will make Twin Bite more potent The trade of is that Burnout won't support you as much, but it will slow for you with Rylai's.. guild Nashor's Tooth for the Attack speed.

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Game Play

Shyvana's game play is pretty simple in Dominion. As a fighter you should play her as such and use her to farm minion waves and push points. She is also good at defending points as well with her off-tank builds.

In the opening I like to take Shyvana to the bottom capture point: it enables her to farm, and she is an excellent duelist. By pushing quickly and effectively, you can take champions away from windmill and enable a fast Three-Cap. If they don't pull a champion, then Shyvana's superior pushing abilities will more than likely earn you the other bottom point. While pushing any point it is important to control the inside section of the lane: this enables you to grab the Health buff whenever you need it. Be very careful against mages early on. Shyvana's early game magic resist is very low and most mages excel at keeping fighters away.

Shyvana also has a great role in Team fights. With Burnout active she can do steady damage to every enemy in range which makes her a great contender to rush the Windmill with the team. While fighting you should work on focusing a single champion: preferably the weakest link. Always cancel their attempt to take the points, either by attacking them directly or by trying to take it yourself. Trying to take a point while enemies are taking it will cancel out all attempts to capture the point.

The mid game starts when the dust settles from the initial Windmill fight. Never stand still without a good reason. Even if your team has three points go for a fourth: it will help keep the opposite team off balance, and if they do end up capping your third you take it right back. A good reason to stand still is if you have their bottom point: you have no real reason to go further and it encourages multiple team members to get at you, while you have a solid retreat path. Shyvana is a great asset when she has the Greater Relic Buff from the center of the map. Since she is prone to getting into trouble having the Greater Relic will really help out in those moments.

The Late game is where it all matters: this is the part where one or both Nexuses have less than 100 health. Just like in the Mid Game Shyvana should never stand still. in fact this is the point where Shyvana should be pushing points like an angry dragon (*snicker*). Take a teammate, farm a wave and cap a point. do this constantly unless another point needs to be defended. In time you will find the balance between pushing and defending and with a good team that knows how to play Dominion Shyvana can really excel at doing what she was built to do.

Please enjoy a Video of myself playing Shyvana. for more please visit my YouTube Channel >HERE<

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Closing Notes and Version Info

Shyvana is truly one of the best Champions, both in concept and in design, that Riot has released yet. It will be hard to top this one but that is a part of the fun when it comes to champion ideas. I will still keep up with this guide: Shyvana is a champion I will probably stick with for a while. Have fun with her and find some cool new ways to build her. As always Comments and Critiques are welcome, Upvote if you found this guide useful and I will try to answer any questions in the comments below.


  • Use Item Synergy as well as Champion Synergy. Shyvana has so many tools to use when building her it can be overwhelming.
  • When building Shyvana: Build around Burnout and Fury of the Dragonborn more than anything else
  • Have fun all and remember: It's not about where you are going, it's how you get there

Version Info....

Version 1.00 Nov 04 2011
-Initial Publishing

Version 1.01 Nov 09 2011
-Expanded on a few concepts
-Added Details to the Items chapter: namely on Phage
-Changed up the cheat sheet to match what I use for her now

Version 1.02 Nov 10 2011
-Added some notes
-worked on some formatting
-added some color to highlight key points

Version 1.03 Nov 13 2011
-Added items to the item's list
-added a set of Youtube Videos

Version 1.04 Nov 16 2011
-Rewrote the mastery section due to the new masteries
-Edited the Items section to make a couple points
-Edited some of the builds and added one

Version 1.05 Nov 27 2011
-Updated a few things thanks to Beeswarm's Review

Version 1.09 Nov 29 2011
-made a few minor changes

Version 1.10 Dec 6 2011
-Edited the Format in a couple sections
-Fixed some wording