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Singed Build Guide by Keels

Singed: His Chemical Romance(AP, HP)

Singed: His Chemical Romance(AP, HP)

Updated on July 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keels Build Guide By Keels 582 45 4,077,125 Views 266 Comments
582 45 4,077,125 Views 266 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Keels Singed Build Guide By Keels Updated on July 11, 2012
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FURTHER UPDATES ARE COMING! Things to update: skill sequence, adding new builds, updating solo top section, THE GAME HAS CHANGED since I last updated, some things may not be the best information...

This is a guide for offtank singed!

I'm freaking hooked on this character. I love his zoning, I love his flee, I love his assist-o-matic Q ability, I love his Fling, but in general I'm amazed at how good this champion is. He's one of the few champions that's highly competitive in both 5v5 and 3v3, and is a great choice at all elos.

Please please PLEASE leave a comment if you're going to downvote! I've never gotten a downvote with any explanation!!!! FFS!

Special thanks to Jhoi Jhoi and Wrath, who both helped make this guide much better with their resources and advice, respectively.
Also, thanks to WhosYourDaddyBom and another user who wishes to remain anonymous for helping me fix my season 2 masteries.

11/21/11- 1 million views! Suck it, internet!
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~Facts about Singed!~

  • Can sing "trolololololo" in 4 octaves /FACT
  • Originally born in Kenya /FACT
  • When he steps on a mushroom, teemo dies /REFERENCE
  • Singed led a proletarian revolution in Russia /FACT
  • If Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee had a fight, SINGED WOULD WIN /FACT
  • Singed es #1 Brazilian runner /HUEHUEHUE
  • Singed is Jesse Perring's emergency contact /FACT
  • Singed had sex with your mom last night /HURTFUL
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~Terms used throughout the guide~

CDR- Cooldown Reduction
Mpen- Magic Penetration
AD- Attack Damage
AP- Ability Power
CC- Crowd Control
MS- Movement Speed
MR- Magic Resist
DPS- Damage Per Second
SV- Spell Vamp
DOT- Damage Over Time
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~Singed as compared to other tanks~

Decent disruption
Great mid game
Assist machine
Nearly impossible to chase down
Pretty much impossible to kill late game

He may not have the disruption of some tanks, but I would place his playabilty higher than most tanks, especially Alistar. Both are very effective at zoning, but Alistar's Headbutt can end up saving your opponents lives if used incorrectly. Comparing that to Singed's only disruption ability, Fling, there are very few ways to use it wrong. A Singed that's in position can disrupt any important ability and thereby win teamfights.
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~Pros / Cons~

_____ PROS!

- Pro character
- Sick flee
- Good zoning
- Very durable
- Gets fed as f--k on assists
_____ CONS!

- Kiting may be a problem early game
- No hard cc
- Ummmmmmm..... s--t.... Mass murderer?
- All his abilities are close range(unless you're chasing him)
- Of course, it's difficult to harass
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Runes are a mix of Caster runes and tank runes(as you could expect, being an AP tank)

- When you can't stack a whole lot of ability power, these marks really help your damage. _____ - To keep your durability high through the early game, these dirt cheap runes will keep any damage from harassment you take to a minimun. _____ To aid in your escapes, or prevent anyone from kiting you, these normally mediocre runes find a good home in Singed.
Other options? Sure there are some. Marks are pretty non-negotiable, however, for obvious reasons.

For seals you could run: Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration if you're soloing top, greater seal of defense, and Greater Seal of Evasion is also recommended(however, these are best if you're dipping deep enough into defensive masteries to recieve Nimbleness ).

As far as glyphs go, I recommend Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, and Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power as alternatives.

Quintessences are pretty flexible, but again, here MS quintessences are strongly recommended. greater quintessence of defense, Greater Quintessence of Health, Greater Quintessence of Ability Power are all quite good choices.
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1-8-21?? Wtf Keely??

Yes, that's right. While 9-21-0, or 0-21-9 both work, I just don't think that Singed needs that much more tank! He's got that lovely, lovely steroid, and his flee lets him take less damage than he's supposed to. Skillshots miss, CC is only 45% as effective, and the utility mastery tree is simply too helpful. The exp bonus, mana regen, increased mana, and the improved summoner spells are simply too good to pass up. But what's especially helpful is the reduced cdr on his summoner spells. Singed is just so much more effective with his summoners up. So why WOULDN'T you take 21 points in this tree? With Mastermind , your ghost will be up every 180 seconds, rather than 210. That's a big difference, and it really, really does help.
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~Summoner Spells~

Ghost is ideal for Singed. In conjunction with Insanity Potion and Mega Adhesive makes you the wrong person to try and chase. This is also what makes you mobile enough to land Fling on fleeing enemies. In short, the bread and butter summoner spell for Singed.

Teleport is now my favorite summoner spell because of my experience playing it with Singed. It enables you to be where you need to be, stop pushes, set up ganks, push over towers, over mid, etc etc etc. The list of uses for this spell are endless.

I'm not going into them all, but here's some good ones:

While I feel this is overkill on the escape portion of singed, if you have to have it, go ahead.

These are options that are OK in 5v5, but are better in 3v3

:) A great choice. Pretty much a lockdown on someone whilst you run circles around them with your Poison Trail singing "trololololololo" all the way.

Another DOT to troll people with? Pile it on! This spell never hurt anyone, as a fed Singed is a good Singed.
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~Playstyle / Farming~

Singed's role is the tank(duh), but he's also able to dish out some good damage, especially in team fights. Keep yourself mobile, which shouldn't be a problem, and keep an eye out for anyone out of position or that is channeling an ultimate to Fling. Don't be afraid to tank people; you're remarkably durable, and you can almost always escape. Farming is a problem for Singed until he gets a decent amount of AP. But generally farming comes down to you spraying some minions with poison and timing your auto attacks. I've never had this much success farming with a melee character since I was playing Gangplank, but I wouldn't say that he's a phenomonal farmer until mid-late game.

Singed thrives against teams that can't engage you from afar. You're better off against a Gangplank than you are an Ashe, simply because she can kite you and still do damage.
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Singed has a remarkable toolset and a very good amount of base health, and works well together with most items you can include. A good mixture of AP and health is always very important, and mana items can compensate for some health due to Empowered Bulwark.

But please, always remember: Survivability = Damage. It means more damage from your team, it means you'll be able to dish damage longer, and it just plain makes you a more valuable asset to your team.


While you may change some items around with your build, I always get these items, regardless of the enemy team composition. In other words, they're core items, and very essential to this build.

A quick note on Rabadon's Deathcap: If you're doing well, and you aren't in much danger of getting killed anytime soon, I recommend you place it before your Guardian Angel in your build.



Magic Heavy

AD heavy

You're ahead

You're behind

Speccing is a very important part of being a good tank. Being able to adjust to what you're facing greatly increases your success rate, and your results. The build described at the start of this guide should work for most team compositions. However, you should always be prepared to use different ideas.

Other items you should consider are:
  • This is a controversial item on Singed. I've heard many people on CLG's vent talking about this item, and I've reconsidered it. It's Good on him, no denying it. It's actually recommended if(for some reason) your ap carry isn't getting it. In that case, switch out your guardian angel if you're ahead, and this will really take you from a safer build into a more aggressive, high damaging setup. FOR WHEN YOU'RE AHEAD
  • If you don't like using Frozen Heart against AD heavy teams, then this provides a similar effect and a good active. FOR WHEN YOU'RE BEHIND EARLY
  • For a very large nuke, and if you're going little more AP. Features mana, which actually makes it decently viable on Singed. FOR WHEN YOU'RE AHEAD
  • If you're still having trouble with AD heavy teams, or are on a low budget, consider picking this up instead of Frozen Heart. I don't really like it much anymore. FOR WHEN AN AD CARRY IS FED
  • Pretty much a low budget Banshee's Veil. This removes ALL debuffs, making it better than a Cleanse. Use this in conjunction with Insanity Potion or Ghost to be impossible to chase down. Here is a thread that explains all the debuffs Quicksilver Sash removes. FOR WHEN THEY HAVE LOTS OF CC OR YOU'RE BEHIND
  • I'm a fan of this item. It's one of the most cost effective items for the bonuses it gives out, and is very effective early game at pushing your lane. Oftentimes, if I'm having trouble as a tank, it's because I don't build this item. FOR WHEN YOU'RE BEHIND
  • If you're feeling confident but your team is slightly lacking in tank(damn insta-lockers!) this item has actually been very useful to me. FOR WHEN YOU'RE AHEAD EARLY

Items that you shouldn't really put money into:

CDR is very weak on Singed. Since he isn't spamming any spells, and he only has two offensive spells, one of which is a toggle, then there is no real need to spend money on cdr, now is there?

Buy Mercury's treads. If you're not running Merc treads, then you're doing something wrong, IMO. Any good team will have lots of CC.
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An amazing passive that can give you upwards of 500+ health when built right, but don't just stack mana items. I really like this ability in conjunction with a Sapphire Crystal at start to give him a large mana pool and decent health.

Whether fleeing or zoning, or farming or killing, this ability is insane. This is your money maker: a poison that you can send to ALL of your enemies. You're like the freaking unabomber of assists! This deals great damage, and making people eat your fumes as you zoom away is priceless, especially if you land a kill off of it.

This makes him able to push very well early game, even against junglers like Trundle. A simple vial of this in the right place will save you most of the time, so this makes Singed more forgiving to overextension. It's one of the biggest slows in the game(second only to Karthus' Wall of Pain), I believe.

This is the ability we grab first, A) to f--k with people's positioning, and B) it deals a high amount of damage from level one, and is probably the best move to have when someone is fleeing at level one. Also, a single toss into a tower early game pretty much spells death for many champions, especially those without a blink or Flash. This is your first blood ability.

<3 <3 <3 <3This ability rocks! It's a massive boost to all his stats. It lasts for a really long time, and you can use it when a teamfight breaks out to keep your mobility up to spread around your Poison Trail and generally soak up more damage, or when you're running from stupid people who chase Singed. Think about it this way. Whenever you wish you were way more powerful... use it. :)
Your basic skill sequence is this:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Why don't I level up fling at all? Because it's not the damage that's important at all. It's the mechanic. You don't need the damage on this move; just to throw them into allies.
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~Your toss! Using it well!~

One of the more unique abilities in the game is singed's Fling.

Save its disruption capabilities for anyone who channels high damage abilities or CC, normally their ultimate.
This includes: Jarvan is included because you can toss him out of his Cataclysm ^^
But generally Fling people into your Poison Trail, or just into your allies.

Fling is Singed's only disruption ability; a very important part of many tanks. However, it is also one of the best, because it synchronizes perfectly with his toolset and screws with people's positioning >:)

Top 5 People NOT to fling

  • #1 Don't you ever toss this f--king grenade into your team. You just did half his work for him. Don't do it. I'm serious. NEVER.
  • #2 This is pointless unless you have an Oracle's. He'll just blink out, cause he's shaco and he's annoying.
  • #3 Garen isn't the worst choice, but he sure as **** isn't the best.
  • #4 Go ahead. Do it. He'll just ult, and his team will swarm you all.
  • #5 He can tank you all, and he knows it.
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~Playing 3v3~

Take a look at this.
I figured he was good, but I've never played him 3v3, so I just didn't know.

I don't know how much that list means to you, but Elementz is one of the better players in the world.

Why is he good 3v3?
His flee is off the charts, he gets really, really beefy early, and he ganks early very well. He has high sustainability, good CC, and an ability that affects positioning(like Poppy's Heroic Charge or Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab), which makes him VERY good.
He plays well with characters like Teemo or Poppy, and your team composition should be: Tank, offtank, carry.
So some good teams including Singed are:

Teleport has very diminished value 3v3. You can just walk to places pretty easy, Singed has no problems with mobility. Take Exhaust instead, and go 1-8-21 in masteries, taking improved exhaust.

At start take: Boots Health PotionX2 Mana PotionX1 and get your level in Fling. Skill order is practically the same as in 5v5, and the "balanced" build described in the items section will do you wonders in 3v3.

Ganking at the start is a breeze for Singed because of his early game speed, CC, and a having a throw. Later on his DOT ( Poison Trail) will dominate the lane and push very well. He's able to escape almost relentlessly from level 6 on, so try not to be caught by surprise in ganks, and as long as you can see it coming, you'll be just fine. That being said, always ward by red buff and dragon. Those are very vital to your success in 3v3, so make it a habit. I generally get my ward after I get my first catalyst the protector, and just post up in the bottom lane and farm my brains out.

Word to the wise: always take solo top. Play very aggressive. Do NOT be afraid to run up to them, threatening to Fling them into your poison trail. Since you started with boots, I recommend you hold off on playing aggressively until you have your Sapphire Crystal, and you have a large enough mana pool and health pool to stand the stress of skirmishing with your enemy. Anyone. AND I MEAN ANYONE. Can win 3v3 with Singed. He's that godmode. Boots of swiftness are much more effective here, as you're much less likely to get locked down for any significant duration. Boots in 3v3 are a matter of preference.
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~5v5/Solo top~

What is your role in 5v5? Tanky solo top.
Why are you at top? Because you are a GOD solo top. You're immensely hard to gank, you're damn near an immovable object once you get your catalyst the protector, you're quite hard to 1v1... however! Singed is not always the best choice.
Singed NEEDS a good ganking jungler, as he can get pushed hard and sets up ganks VERY nicely. Good for teams with rape junglers.

Please note: This section is still in progress

Characters you might face 1v1 top
There ARE characters that can shut you down at top and prevent you from getting farmed. Here is a list of characters you might face at top, how the matchup would play out, and their according difficulty. Easy Medium Difficult

Chogath: These two characters clashing at top is a battle of the titans; they are in their element. However, neither character really has the leg up here! Cho'Gath can only reliably disrupt Singed's Fling, and his Rupture is far less reliable than Singed's Mega Adhesive. I would tip my hat to Cho'Gath in this case, since I don't see how any competent Cho'Gath player will overextend far enough to let Singed kill him! ESPECIALLY after 6, once Cho starts chubbing up.

Garen: Garen is not enough of a problem to stop Singed. Singed is the KING of kiting people. And Garen is oh-so-kitable. While you should respect his damage, I think that Decisive Strike has such diminished value against singed that he simply doesn't have the leg up he normally has. His sustain simply cannot match Singed's, either. BUT HE WILL MESS YOU THE F*** UP EARLY GAME, SO DON'T GET COCKY!!!

Mordekaiser: Them nerfs hit him HARD. He is simply a SHADOW of the laner he used to be, that son of a *****. He has no cc, which means there is nothing to stop you from running circles around him. Plus, fighting him in your creeps isn't so frustratingly impossible anymore. Toss his ***, run around him, and PLEASE make him feel bad. Pretty much a farm fest, though.

Jax: Jax is still an early game beast. You may have to wait a bit before attempting to farm. Jax will continue to jump on your ***. The only reason this isn't a red is because: He essentially has no stun against you, he has no sustain, and you can push him around a bit whenever he's not jumping at you. You CAN kite him, almost excessively. He'll jump you, sure, but then you just keep running.

Nidalee: She has only a fraction of her former sustain, and you can simply dodge her spear, which makes her a much easier lane for you than most: your speed and steroid make you a very good matchup to her. Plus, her other main damage source initiator, Bushwhack / Pounce, requires her to chase you at close range. AD Nidalee will outpush you, sop ask for help from your jungler, she's pretty easy to gank.

Nasus: Nasus isn't a very bad matchup for Singed. He requires tons of farm; that comes into play largely outside of laning. He has little harassment, yet good zoning. It should be a solid matchup, but Nasus simply can't touch Singed. When he gets close enough to do a decent amount of damage, a Fling and a well- placed Mega Adhesive tips the scales heavily in Singed's favor. The only reason this isn't a totally easy lane for Singed is because of Wither. Longer, and about as powerful of a slow as Mega Adhesive, this is what makes Nasus an okay matchup vs singed. However, this is greatly diminished once you have your ult and Mercury's Treads. Farm-fest. Just.... try and come out ahead...

Galio: ****. Galio is a great counter to Singed: Great harass, THE COUNTER TO DOT, he counters magic damage dealers, he can also make a straight run for his life with Righteous Gust. Resolute Smite is gonna hurt you. A lot. This is a lane that is not in Singed's favor. A leveled up Bulwark will have you tearing your hair out. But! There is hope! Insanity Potion and Mercury's Treads allow you to simply walk out of his ult, easy peasy. Then it's just a simple Fling, and he's pissed. He should be mid anyway which says something about how good he is lol

Gragas: Great sustain, good kiting, and gross harass makes him a hassle for Singed. He keeps you Far, FAR away from you.

Dr. Mundo: Super easy. Stay in creeps: win game: sad mundo. Mundo sucks.

Malphite: He's like you: Bulky early, and pretty hard to trade with as singed. Try and avoid long engagements, because his cripple WILL significantly slow your dps outside of your poison, don't forget about it! But you will outpush him and outfarm him, there's nothing he can do about that.

Tryndamere: kitekitekitekitekitekitekitekitekitekitekitekitekitekitekitelololololololololololololololololol
However, this is an okay matchup for him, since your back will be turned pretty often...

Urgot:Urgot is a meh matchup for Singed. He's VERY low on sustain, and being in his face can come out in your favor if you have good micro. JUST DODGE HIS GRENADE!

Good team partners are:
Singed works well in many team compositions, and has good sustainability in lane. He could do well as a 2v1 laner, with some help from catalyst the protector, and generally gains TONS of assists from using Poison Trail in teamfights. Infect as many people as you can with it. There's no real use in stopping to auto attack people instead of just poisoning them, so stick to running around with your troll DOT. He's a very solid choice, and is a good champ in almost all elos. Remember: wards, wards, wards.

In 5v5, Singed works well with kiting-based team comps. A good kiting based team with Singed might feature: Singed is a total boss solo top; aggression here is key. You need to understand that any exchange you have with them will turn out in your favor, if you play it smart. A simple Poison Trail Fling will be heavily damaging, but, again, it takes its toll on your mana. So be conservative, but be willing to make bold moves.

5v5, there are many teams that fit well with Singed. Singed works well with anyone who has an aoe, or good initiation. Example teams are:
Cassiopeia mid, Sona support, caitlynn bot, Amumu jungle, Singed solo top. This team has TONS of aoe damage and cc, and focuses on mobility and high damage. Good against teams with poor initiation, or just any team that doesn't excel at anti- initiation, i.e. Janna or Alistar.

Orianna mid, Soraka support, Ashe bot, Cho'Gath jungle, Singed solo top. This team has immense cc, and good disruption from Soraka, Cho'Gath, and Singed. Good against teams with channeled abilities. I.e. Fiddlesticks, Malzahar, Nunu & Willump, etc, etc.

Vladimir mid, Janna support, Graves bot, Trundle jungle, Singed solo top. This team comp is geared more towards kiting, which is great when faced with enemies like Tryndamere, Galio, or Gangplank.

Your jungler is important to your success. No one sets up a gank like a singed, and boss early game junglers with good ganks like Lee Sin and Maokai are your best friends. Look for these junglers:
Lee Sin
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~Change log~

7.14.11- guide released
8.2.11- added change log, seriously upgraded the coding in guide. Hope it looks better :)
8.22.11- added acknowledgments and edited skill sequence.
8.24.11- added comments section
8.28.11- added masteries section, fixed some of the coding in the runes section.
9.8.11- upgraded all the info in the guide, and expanded pretty much everything.
10.3.11- updated chapter order and changed "Nice things" to "Hall of Fame". Did not like the information presented in the 5v5 section; updated it to fit a more realistic, informative, and competitive ideal.
11.2.11- reformatted a bit. hope it looks nicer. also updated the hall of fame. further expanded 5v5 section.
11.15.11- updated masteries for patch V1.0.0.129
2.23.12- updated solo top section, improved item section. removed broken pictures, they weren't very necessary.
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~Hall of fame!~

Try my guide, and if you post your scores you could end up here!

Dziobak wrote:
First time played Singed (I knew how it works), so I was looking for some build.
And this first time... WAS AWESOME
Something like:
11 lvl - triple kill alone
And some more triples, doubles, quadras and penta later.

Tharen wrote:

Nice guide you've put up! I had some fun today with Twisted Treeline, here's my result using mostly your build:

I'd like to mention though, all the games were played with my friend as Dr. Mundo and the third player a random pug.

PCzShockz wrote:

I took 10 minutes of my time to make a account on MobaFire and to upload a picture that I will post, just to show my thanks. I never thought I would truly love Singed, but now he's just amazing! I used to be all about Carrys, but nope, here comes Singed.
So THANK YOU For making this guide, I hope you keep updating it :)

Here is my FIRST Time with Singed, With this build/guide of course. :)

FatherPain wrote:

My first Singed game, with your build.

Mattpatt wrote:
Just wanted to show my thanks, only summoner lvl 9 but still.

Symphunny wrote:

good guide/build lol

BorkBork wrote:

Made this account for the sole purpose of voting this up. couldnt carry the team every time considering i got paired up with a lot of bads, but i did my best.

Also, i think singed is pretty much one of the only few viable champ that can use GA, seeing as it's such a bad idea to start chasin a singed. He's the only champ i've used who doesnt just get owned again after "dying"

Tharen wrote:

Nice guide you've put up! I had some fun today with Twisted Treeline, here's my result using mostly your build:

I'd like to mention though, all the games were played with my friend as Dr. Mundo and the third player a random pug.

PCzShockz wrote:

I took 10 minutes of my time to make a account on MobaFire and to upload a picture that I will post, just to show my thanks. I never thought I would truly love Singed, but now he's just amazing! I used to be all about Carrys, but nope, here comes Singed.
So THANK YOU For making this guide, I hope you keep updating it :)

Here is my FIRST Time with Singed, With this build/guide of course. :)

I don't like the starting items,but this guide really helped me with singed. I got my first ranked game victory cuz of this. xD Though I usually get an early tear of the godess before the catalyst. :3

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Singed is a freaking great character.... He's solid at all stages of the game, and killing someone with your poison trail as you zoom past their team is priceless. He's versatile in build, has a wonderful kit of abilities, and is viewed as one of the hardest champions in the game to shut down. There's no stopping this character!
Drop me some advice, let me know how I did, and one more thing....



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