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Singed Build Guide by morpher787

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author morpher787

Singed-The Charging, Farting OutSmarting Fighter Tightertank

morpher787 Last updated on August 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I. Introduction

You are roaming around for a build on singed. Well you have come to the right place. This Page will show you the basics of this character. Depending on my circumstances. If you love to juke, be fast, and do tons of damage. This character is perfect for you. Yet it's not always easy to fight whoever. This is my first guide upon many others i will make. Singed is just meant to be a huge disruption in fights. You chase him, you aren't going to get out of the fog of lime juice and death. If you want to have a deeper look in singed, take a look at this guide. This video is extremely misleading on how to build singed. Yet it shows the possibility of skill and damage a good singed can dish to his enemies.

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II. When to play singed

Singed is a one of a kind champion mixture of Ability power and Tankyness. You should usually go with Singed when your mid is AD rather than AP. And if your team doesn't have the CC necessary to win in teamfights. Or your team isn't tanky enough. You keep your team healhty and alive. Choose Singed when fighting an opponent that's reliable on either auto attacks or close up skills. Like I said, Singed is the ultimate tank

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III. Skill Sequence

Max your Q by level 9
Max your W by level 18
Max your E by Level 14
Max your ult by level 16

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Insanity Potion > Poison Trail > Fling > Mega Adhesive

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IV. Skill Info

Poison trail Poison Trail
This is the bread and butter of singed's damage. Just lays down his bowel gasses and releases a cloud of poison in a trail. add Rylai's Crystal Scepter you will just laugh at how miserable your enemies will be.

Mega Adhesive Mega Adhesive
Here is your escape, you lay down a big pool of j..elly and your opponents are slowed, for like five years. Basically breaking their legs and they travel at the speed of crawling

Fling Fling
Here is where you be a massive jerk. Singed flings his enemy up and over him, making an enemy fly behind him. Doing a large amount of magic damage in the process. You can combo your Mega Adhesive and Poison Trail to do this. Activate Poison Trail then put down the Mega Adhesive . Enemy walks out of the adhesive, and Fling them back in the adhesive.

Insanity potion Insanity Potion
Singed's true power is unleashed when the player presses the R button. Singed gains armor and magic resist, more ability power, more health and mana regen, and the best of all Speed. He makes little babies cry.

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V. Pros / Cons

Great tank
Amazing Farmer
OP laugh
Farts on people
Amazing late game
Shut down potential
Teamfight contributer

Early Game Is weak
Ranged champions like teemo harass easily
Only main dmg is a fart
Uses mana
Extremely difficult to learn

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VI. Spells


Remember, you can experiment

Flash is extremely viable and useful. It's the most used spell in the game. Every character can use flash very efficiently. I recommend this spell highly for a character to have a sudden gap close to an enemy not expecting it.

Ignite is a good spell overall. Healing reduction and tick damage. It's wonderful! For a little boost in some dps, I recommend ignite for a possible first blood. Then you will snowball for the rest of the game

Singed's best friend, is possibly ghost. Ghost makes Singed move extremely fast allowing a possible escape. Or catching out an enemy carry, allowing a fight to erupt and ultimately in Singed's favor.

This skill can just have you go back to base, heal up, buy what ever item you need, return to your lane. Then act like you never left.

This spell is a great spell for any person that can take out specific targets by throwing or bringing them in your own team. Reduced damage and slow, that's a good bundle, yet it will be pretty hard to use in the laning phase.

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VII .Opponents

This goes from easiest to hardest

Easy people
Jax Pre-six Jax is the easiest time of your life. Shut him down, GG

Zed Of course Zed is stupidly annoying with his Q Razor Shuriken, yet in order for him to actually do damage, he needs to get up close and personal with that poison.

Fiora Fiora is ultimately useless once you build frozen heart on her. but she still is extreme evil when she builds a Frozen Mallet and uses her q Lunge

Irelia Irelia can just heal up with her W Hiten Style stun with her E Equilibrium Strike also gap closers Bladesurge

Wukong This ape will make a monkey out of you. His high burst, his escape, It just SUCKS to fight him. Not to mention his armor reduction due to Q Crushing Blow

Aatrox This demon is just a pain, first he has major cc, then he has life steal, even an escape that makes him look like an olympic diver Dark Flight ! Not to mention he even builds Blade of the Ruined King, and you are on a ride to a sad day.

Garen This shouting soldier will show no mercy. First of all his Decisive Strike will hurt a ton early game and cause his speedy get away including silencing you. He is easily able to out sustain Singed in most cases due to his passive Perseverance. Worst of all, highest chance, you will be building armor and just his ultimate Demacian Justice will conquer that due to the damage dealt will be magic damage.

People that you WILL HATE
Elise She has amazing harass, cc and sustain. Even turns into a spider with two, TWO gap closers. wait, spider.... EEEEEEEEK!

Vladimir This man will just use you like how a stingy man gets a water cup at a fast food restaurant and uses the soda dispensers. Gets health and damage for FREE with his q Transfusion. LIKE WHAT THE HECK! Even with is W Sanguine Pool It's just ridiculous, with his untargetable escape.

Kha'zix Khazix is a terrifying opponent in lane. He deals tons of damage when he uses Taste Their Fear when you are isolated. His escape is a very versatile refreshable leap that does light physical damage called Leap . Kha'zix is also able to abuse his passive Unseen Threat using his Void Assault.

Teemo Yea, We already felt the annoyance of the Teemo. He is just a major jerk overall. with his Blinding Dart and his Noxious Trap. I just want to eat his babies.

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VII. PlayStyles

Standard Singed

Laning Phase

As standard singed, you build high dmg and Ap. You play safe in lane and wait for the enemy minions to be in sight, then activate Poison Trail and zig-zag so the enemy minions die. The enemy will have only two choices, have the possibility of losing CS by having the minions go attack the tower or tank the minions. If the enemy does tank the minions, activate Poison Trail and then Fling him deeper in the minions. You can also use your Mega Adhesive to slow him down in the minions. If the enemy usually doesn't engage you, then you have some free farm. Yet when the enemy engages, you know that they have an ace up their sleeve like a gank.

Laning Phase Against Harasser

When counter picked or fighting a counter as singed, you must play even more defensively and hug the turret. The enemy may push the minions to your turret and so you activate your Poison Trail and zig-zag the minions before they hit the turret. So your poison can actually damage the back row of minions and still possibly recieve gold.

Getting Ganked in the Laning Phase

Any normal league player would of course run back to their tower. So activate your ult and possibly other movement spells, to ensure you wont give a kill to the enemy. If the enemy continues to attack and forwards to tower dive, use your Mega Adhesive . Try circling around your turret if the divers are melee only. If an enemy is ranged, chances are that they are extremely squishy. So they would be having another person tanking the tower, so you throw the tanker deeper in the tower for a possibility of a kill like a pre-six gank on you. The enemy nasus(jungle) and enemy vayne(top) tower dive. So they start to go in and you start running away from the tower to your other tier towers. nasus realizes it's futile to chase after a couple of tower shots and gets low. Come back (if you have the hp) Fling nasus back in the turret while also using your Poison Trail and maybe even Mega Adhesive and the tide is in your favor. Due to the enemy vayne will be too squishy to think of diving you.


As singed, your duty in teamfights, are to be disruptive and the major focus of the enemy team. The best possible tactic for this is, when a team fight is about to erupt, use Insanity Potion and run in from behind. Keep you Poison Trail on at all times during the fight. And find the enemy adc or ap carry and fling he/she into your team, as long as it is logical. Then if that fails, try seperating the support from an adc or zoning key targets from the fight.

Proxxy Singed

If you are not countered, it is possible to go proxxy singed very easily. During early levels, you activate Poison Trail and push the lane. Have your minions tank the turret, and attack the next up coming enemy minion wave. That should make it so, your minion wave will go directly to the enemy turret, causing possible missing of exp and gold from the enemy. Yet during this tactic, you will die a ton, since you are in deep enemy territory. More than likely, the enemy jungle is going to gank you.

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VII. Closing

Well it's amazing if you read this far.

I hope you can be very successful at a possible new love, Singed the Mad Chemist.
This was my very first guide and I hope it has aided you in playing singed, as either proxy or regular lane.

Remember: Don't be afraid to use your skills, when there's a slight chance you can live if you use a skill, take the chance.

Pop it, Don't drop it.

see you on the field of justice, summoners!