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Singed Build Guide by H4xDefender

Singed - The Trolling Menace (Top and Jungle)

Singed - The Trolling Menace (Top and Jungle)

Updated on April 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author H4xDefender Build Guide By H4xDefender 4,409 Views 1 Comments
4,409 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author H4xDefender Singed Build Guide By H4xDefender Updated on April 23, 2012
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About Me

Hello, I'm H4xDefender, an average 1300-1400 player who watches a lot of online/offline league of legends tournaments as well as pro streams. I was a competitive player of some renown in some other games, but thats not important. I made this guide because I felt that I didn't really see many good (if there are any good ones at all) singed guides on this site. I have two builds up, one for solo top and one for jungling.
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Singed - Trolling With A Purpose

Singed is a menace of a champion. He is the master of kiting, yet killing you while at it. Hes a great solo queue champion for annoying the **** out of people, and he fits in a good amount of team comps due to his tankiness and utility he brings to the table with his fling, and his powerful slow. He can farm like no another champion can, simply running through minion waves with poison on will drop them quickly, racking you up gold. Singed has been seen in low ELO to tournament play (mainly from Dyrus although The Rain Man has played him) as he is an easy champion to learn and very effective when used correctly.

Generally Singed is played top lane, but is a strong jungler as well with lots of AoE coming from Poison Trail as well as strong CC for ganks from Mega Adhesive and Fling. Singed does alright mid lane vs some AP champions, mainly ones that cant do much damage to him early on until he gets his Catalyst the Protector which gives him tons of HP and sustain, as well as mana to harass enemy champions mid. I feel singed is not good in a support role the way that some tank champions like Leona might, as prior to popular belief, he is not tanky earlygame.

Just for clarification, the first build is the solo top build, second is the jungle build.
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The Abilities and Basics Of Singed

If you are new to the game or even a longtime player ask yourself: Do you want a champion that takes damage by the truckloads and still delivers kills? Do you want a champion that has an innate trolling ability? How about one of the best escapes in the game too? You can find all of these in Singed, The Mad Chemist, and in this build I'll show how to make him the most effective trolling monster there is out there.

Empowered Bulwark (Passive)

Pretty simple stuff, every 4 mana gives you 1 hp, which is why items like Rod of Ages that give mana, hp, and AP are so stronk on singed.

Poison Trail (Q)

Singed's main damage skill. This leaves a trail of AoE poison behind you when toggled on, damaging enemies caught in it over time. Toggle this on and run through minion waves to farm quickly, but beware this will push a lane very quickly. When being chased and when ganking or in teamfights, make sure this is on, it can make the difference between a kill and someone escaping with 50 hp. Just make sure you turn it off when not trying to push a lane or harass/fight. Max this first most of the time.

Mega Adhesive (W)

One of the most powerful slows in the game, it leaves an AoE piss puddle wherever it is aimed, and it is a humongous slow that only gets stronger with levels. Champions like Gangplank or Garen with slow removes will be slowed even through Remove Scurvy and Judgment respectively because the slow is an AoE that does not disappear immediately. When initiating ganks, drop this slow then go in with Insanity Potion and or Ghost to try to get a Fling down with Poison Trail trailing behind you. In teamfights, use this to separate teams to get an initation Fling down. Max this second.

Fling (E)

The famous trolling skill of singed. This is a knockup that actually knocks the target champion behind you. It is pretty straightforward. Make sure you do not try to last hit champions with this because you may actually end up saving them, and always make sure you fling enemies behind you, instead of flinging them in front of you which can aid their escape. When teamfighting as the initiator, do NOT fling tanks because they are the closest, ESPECIALLY if they have heavy CC. I cannot stress this enough as you may easily lose your team a teamfight this way by getting a tank free access to CC your carries. Take 1 point at level 1 and max this last. It is used mainly for positioning, not damage.

Insanity Potion (Ultimate) (R)

Singed's ultimate synergizes nicely with the rest of his kit. Use this to start ganks, initiate, chase, or run. It is not a strong ultimate damagewise, but it is very good utility wise, granting a large array of stats, including CC reduction and movement speed. Take points in this whenever possible. It is on a pretty low cooldown so don't hesitate to use it.
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On Singed I like to take:

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

*9 of Each*

This setup is designed to give you some damage output generally later in the game as MrP scales better then flat AP does while giving you early tank with the armor and mresist as well as sustained movement speed throughout the game to help you get your slow down to catch up and fling people into your team for kills.

If you know who you are laning against, you can grab situational runes as follows:
Greater Quintessence of Armor
Greater Mark of Armor
Greater Glyph of Armor
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Mark of Magic Resist
Greater Seal of Vitality

These generally are only for draft/ranked when you have the rune pages to counterpick the other teams champions (Generally solo top champions)

Some champions you should counter rune if possible
Garen Renekton Rumble Olaf Tryndamere Mordekaiser

Jungle Runes:
Same thing except grab armor marks as Singed is pretty squishy early on in the jungle, I bring AP glyphs for a faster clear, you can bring AP/Lvl but flat AP is better as it gives you a faster clear time early before your hextech, after you grab your Hextech Revolver there is really no need for more AP.
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I like to run a 1-21-8 mastery setup, the 1 point in offense for the buff to ghost, a standard 21 mastery in defensive, and 8 in utility for that nice movement speed boost. Pretty standard stuff. With movespeed quints, the Initiator and Swiftness masteries, singed gains a 9.5% MS boost, which is huge coupled with the MS boost from FoN, Insanity Potion, and ghost. There aren't too many other mastery possibilities on singed, 0-30-0 or 9-21-0 or even 21-9-0 if you are going for more of an AP damaging build but 1-21-8 are the most standard.
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Starting Items

Pretty simple so I'll try not to confuse you guys overmuch.

Cloth Armor Start this vs pretty much any AD champion that isn't Nasus. Also start this when jungling. Save it for Frozen Heart later or build it into Ninja Tabi.

Sapphire Crystal Start this vs easy lanes.

Null Magic Mantle Start this vs Rumble, Vladimir, Kennen, or any other strong AP you see top lane.

Boots Start this with skillshot heavy champions.

Always buy health potions with these items of course, try to start 4 health potions when starting with boots if possible.
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A strength of Singed is his versatility. Depending on the champions that he is laning against, champions that are fed, and his role and position on his team, singed can change his build around and can be very strong it as well. Many items, from AP damage Archangel's Staff to sheer tankyness, Frozen Heart work fine on him. The recommended items are the most standard build to follow as it gives balanced resists to magical and physical damage, as well as enough damage to divert attention from carries and clean up kills.

Some other viable items on singed include:
Will of the Ancients: Decent for jungling, good synergy if you have an AP mid as well as top.
Thornmail: Cheap armor and lots of it. Counters Tryndamere. and AD Master Yi, well but frozen heart is for the most part better for the job for ranged ad carries like Graves
Banshee's Veil: Good for protection and absorbing nukes. Provides good HP, giving mana and hp, as well as MR but Force of Nature is better for tanking through sustained magic damage.
Archangel's Staff Amazing for trolling, or AP singed, as the mana will give you hp, since toggling Poison Trail does not stack it however, have fun getting mana through Fling and Mega Adhesive.
Rabadon's Deathcap: If you are getting fed or want Fling to nuke people, go for it.
Aegis of the Legion: Better for more of a support role, get it if you are struggling early on as it provides cheap overall tankiness as well as an aura, sell it lategame.
Randuin's Omen: Another supportish item. An amazing active that works well when you run into teams trying to get a fling, as well as decent tankiness in stats.
Warmog's Armor: Provides a **** ton of hp, pretty straightforward.
Shurelya's Battlesong Great regen synergy with FoN, active is great, even if you have a support don't underestimate double Shurelya's, feel free to use it to pick up a quick fling if needed.
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Summoner Spells

Singed doesn't utilize too many summoners but i'll run down the line real quick.

Ghost: Almost necessary for singed, use to catch up to fling and to run from people

Teleport: Used to go back for your catalyst which makes Singed a monster in lane. Gives you map control and a ***** to lane against.

Smite: Only when jungling, use to secure or steal buffs. If you build Will of the Ancients keep in mind smite procs the spellvamp.

Surge: Is ok when you want to splitpush or nuke with AP, not a strong choice overall.

Flash: Better against some champions than ghost, but worse against others. Up to you whether you want to take flash or ghost, I prefer ghost.

Revive: Good with teleport, but too long a cooldown most of the time to have much use.

Heal: Can be used on everyone really, but I don't like it on Singed as he is more of a passive farming laner, not an aggressive kill happy laner like Tryndamere Take it if you are really scared of a lane matchup.

Ignite: Good if you are not scared of needing an escape, is very deadly when used in conjunction with Poison Trail.

Clairvoyance: Save it for the support, if you are tank/support you could take it I guess.

Promote: You push the lane fast enough with Poison Trail no need for this.

Clarity: Singed isn't all that mana starved to begin with, especially if you start with a Sapphire Crystal a poor choice overall.

Cleanse: You get plenty of tenacity and CC reduction from Mercury's Treadsm Juggernaut mastery, and Insanity Potion. Not completely useless but a bad pick.
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Boot Selection

Much like Summoner Spells, only a select few boots are good on Singed.

Mercury's Treads
My favorite choice, you have lots of movement speed from other sources, and the MR as well as tenacity is great.

Boots of Swiftness
I see many players grab this on Singed but the extra tenacity and magic resist of Mercury's Treads are just not worth the extra movement speed in my opinion.

Mobility Boots
A possible choice if you are pushing then ganking side lanes ala Kassadin or Sion but it is just unreliable in my opinion, especially if you opt not to take Teleport. It helps when ganking from the jungle a bit, but makes you less tanky, and gives you hell early on in the jungle unless you start Cloth Armor anyway, but if you do not upgrade it into Ninja Tabi it means it is sitting wasted until you get a Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, or Aegis of the Legion

Ninja Tabi
The optimal choice for jungling, usually the best choice to upgrade from cloth armor which is the best start for jungling Singed in my opinion. Can be used in lane vs AD heavy champs like Garen, Tryndamere, or Renekton, but the usefulness of it drops off lategame.

Sorcerer's Shoes
Can be used for AP Singed or trying to push a lane advantage with kills, but Singed doesn't kill well in a straight up 1v1 lane fight anyway, and even when I play AP singed this is only situational.

Berserker's Greaves
AD Singed actually can work but no... just no.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
I can see it on a tanky/support Singed ala Shen, but Frozen Heart provides a support aura and should be all the CDR you need anyways.
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Lane Matchups

While Singed can really destroy some champions top lane, some can really shut him down as well. Here are some common lane matchups top and mid.

Top Lane Matchups:

Garen is a pain to deal with, especially if the Garen your laning against has specced 25 armor pen in runes as well as magic resist glyphs. Your only hope is to try to Fling him into tower range and go for a kill with Mega Adhesive and Poison Trail, but any smart Garen will know not to do this, and eventually he will outsustain you and win the lane. Try to bait him into tower diving you, then Fling him away and slow him, and hope the tower finishes the job. Tough lane.

Another pain to deal with, as he has no mana to worry about, only fury that makes him do even MORE damage. My god. If he tries to get aggressive and dash to you, Fling him away and slow him, and get into cover of the brush then juke away. Trading with him unless you are under the tower is a bad idea. Take into account his Dominus as if you are not careful he will pop it when diving and just kill you. Another tough lane.

You have to bully him early, but once he gets points into Reckless Swing and his Wriggle's Lantern the lane becomes awful. Beware if he has Ghost and is level 6, it basically means if you are low and cant outrun him you are dead. Zone him early and try to get an early Catalyst the Protector to press your advantage, but if the lane goes on too long you are going to lose.

If you don't have much MR this lane is going to be a nightmare. Everytime you try to farm you are going to get a Flamespitter in the face. If you face a flamespitter happy Rumble, try to bait it and get him to overheat, but beware the extra damage he gets when his heat bar is yellow. He cant really kill you unless you play stupid, but watch out for The Equalizer when he hits level 6. The ult provides a humongous slow, and when done right, his full combo will end with a bonus damage from heat Flamespitter which can kill you really quickly.

Not that bad a lane, his ghouls are annoying, but once you have Catalyst you can walk through them. You will have Catalyst before he gets Manamune so press your advantage while you can. IF you are having serious problems you can consider grabbing Ninja Tabi as well. He shouldn't kill you and you shouldn't really kill him either.

It really depends on the way the Tryndamere you are against plays. If he is aggressive, let him push the lane to your tower then drop him if he tries to dive you. Bully him level 1 if you can before he has fury bar stocked up to crit you. Make sure you bring plenty of armor runes and grab a Ninja Tabi, but once he is level 6 and has Undying Rage be super careful and play smart, or you are going to end up dead, and a fed Tryndamere is a nightmare for you and your team.

Easy lane you should deny him as much as possible, go for flings with your Poison Trail trailing behind you for strong harass, deny him cs at tower with a sight ward near tri bush/golem bush or entrance/exit to blue buff for jungle ganks depending on what side you are on.

More to come soon and on request.
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Jungle Specifics

Start with Poison Trail unless you are nearly CERTAIN you will kill off a gank at level 2. In that case you may start Fling and grab Mega Adhesive at level 2. If you gank at level 2 and do not get the gank kill, you are pretty much ****ed, GL clearing jungle without your Q.

Start wolves at 1:40 with some help from mid/bot lane.

Head to blue buff with a leash from mid/bot lane.

Level Fling and go to gank or continue jungling.

Clear wraiths, then go back to wolves.

Gank here or continue jungling.

Clear red or golems, then clear the one you didn't clear right after.

You may not be high enough to gank, but if food presents itself, clean your plate, if you catch my jist =)

Clear wraiths, and if you are high enough, clear wolves and back.

You should always have Ninja Tabi on your first back, start your Hextech Revolver after finishing it.
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Singed is a strong but situational pick. He beats some heroes top lane, and loses to his fair share as well. He is a strong jungler as well, but champions in lane with strong escapes really hamper him as he is not the fastest jungler, and taking his first blue buff really hampers him a bit. Remember that he can cleanup some heroes mid lane as well, and is an alright pick if you really want a tanky support. He is cheap, costing only 1350 IP and fun to play, especially when running from ganks then getting kills as you recall. Remember to use your Fling and Mega Adhesive correctly, and you will become a strong force in teamfights, even if you are feeding.

Happy Singing!
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