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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sion Build Guide by tryhardtyler

AD Carry Sion 2013- Your S3 Friendly Carry -Tryhardtyler [all builds]

AD Carry Sion 2013- Your S3 Friendly Carry -Tryhardtyler [all builds]

Updated on April 15, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tryhardtyler Build Guide By tryhardtyler 373 46 3,583,818 Views 115 Comments
373 46 3,583,818 Views 115 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tryhardtyler Sion Build Guide By tryhardtyler Updated on April 15, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Sion
  • LoL Champion: Sion
  • LoL Champion: Sion
  • LoL Champion: Sion


Hi there! This is my first guide and it's about my favorite champion at the moment, Sion. Remember to always try out the build before you vote! Sion has been my bread and butter ever since i saw that ulti in a team fight (cannon unsee). He is a melee dps champion with huge crits, lots of health with just a warmogs due to a tanky passive on his e, and in my opinion one of if not the biggest team fight changing ultimate in game.

Please read below for situational items, and rune decisions. Remember you never have to follow a guide to the T it's just there for reference and it's always okay to take your own spin and experiment, or build situational.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ // Huge Crit Damage.
+ // Gets Very tanky with his E Passive+Atmogs.
+ // Has a great stun and a bubble.
+ // Ulti will turn a team fight.
+ // Can Solo Baron/Dragon easily.
+ // Beast 1v1 or even 3v1 champ.

- // Stun is half your mana bar early game.
- // Ignite is your worst enemy.
- // Weak without Ulti.
- // Focused hard with CC.
- // Can be kited by some Champions.
- // No natural escape mechanic.
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  • greater quintessence of desolation: // I take armpen quints on sion. They're pretty standard on just about any ad carry. Since i don't build any armor pen, i get it from runes and masteries. Other viable options are AS quints, AD quints, or HP quints.
  • greater mark of desolation: // Same as quints, i take these marks because i don't build any armor pen. Therefore i get it from runes and masteries instead. Other viable options are AS marks, or AD marks.
  • Greater Glyph of Attack Speed: // I take these blues with sion for one reason, his ulti. The faster you hit the more you're going to be healing, it also helps with enrage last hitting.
  • Greater Seal of Attack Speed: // For yellows i take AS, same reason i take them for seals. However i also take 5 Hp per level seals. They go along nicely with your e passive, masteries, and atmogs. The total cost of all the runes is 14145 IP.
  • Greater Quintessence of Life Steal: // What can i say about life steal quints, they are one of the best investments i've ever made, i can't say enough good things about these runes. They make clearing the jungle a joke you will have so much sustain even starting boots. I love these runes for how safe it makes jungling you're never low. Other viable options are armorpen, movement speed, and flat AD
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: // I take flat AD marks for some early game damage, it will also help your clear speed which is pretty quick to start with. Other viable options are armorpen, or flat armor.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: // I take these blues for jungle sion to take a little of the edge off of mages, i prefer per level mr/ as apposed to flat MR because it gives a little better late game stats. Other viable options are armor, attack speed, and flat mr blues.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: // For yellows i take armor, in my opinion these are one of the strongest yellow options in the game, they make the jungle hit you less hard, bruisers easier to fight and make you win most exchanges. I love armor yellows. Other viable options are Attack speed yellows.
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Summoner Spells

My favorite summoner spells on most melee AD carries.
Ghost, and Exhaust. The reason i take these two summoner spells is because Sion has no natural escape ability other then this spell, and items. Both of these summoner spells can be used offensively, and defensively, also they are also both buffed in tier 1 of offense with just one point.
Other viable summoner spells are Flash, Cleanse, and Teleport.

Teleport- Teleport is a viable spell in my opinion because of the lane control it gives. If top lane has your team pushed way to their turret going for a gank, use teleport to either stun them under the turret and get a kill, or scare them off.

Cleanse With this build i get no tenacity, also sion get's CC'd hard. Generally you can get out of most cc in time to life steal your way back up to full with your ulti no problem. I can see this being viable against a cc heavy team. I normally just build a quick silver sash though.

Flash Flash is good on anyone really, i just really haven't loved it as much since the nerf. The ability to jump over walls on anyone is nice, but since the nerf you have to be ontop of the wall to do it and it's very predictable. That's just me though.

For jungle i always take Smite and Flash The ability to jump walls, and flash stun a lane your ganking is just so good, smite is obvious.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Explanation

  • Feel No Pain: // This passive is generally overlooked, yet it is absolutely one of the most beast passives in the entire game. This combined with your points in the defensive tree, your bubble, your ultimate, and your atmogs. You're going to be an absolute tanky beast.(while still doing 1,300 crits)
  • Cryptic Gaze (Q): // This is your stun, it's going to be your bread and butter in ganks, team fights, and laning. It takes literally half your mana bar early game so don't waste it just as a harass, it's too powerful to throw away. However as jungle this is going to lock your lane down and allow you and your team to kill them, you can either run in and stun or flash stun if needed, the mana cost won't hurt as much if you have blue buff.
  • Death's Caress (W): // Your bubble, this doesn't seem that big as ad but i can't tell you how many times i've walked away with under 100 health early game, and that means i would've died without this. Also keep it in mind it has a nice little aoe for clearing minion waves and doing champion damage.
  • Enrage (E): // This is another amazing ability in sion's incredible toolset, keep it on at all times. It's your AD steroid, your way to get tankier because of the amazing passive, and it makes your axe glow, what more could you want?
  • Cannibalism (R): // This is what makes sion so incredible in team fights. You do so much damage, 1300 late game full built (games generally don't last that long due to surrender). That being said, you're pumping out all this damage, but because of your armor, health, passive, huge life steal, and attack speed it makes it near impossible to focus you. If they do you'll most likely out heal it, if you don't out heal it your team will already have them dead by the time you die. If they don't focus you trust me they WILL feel it, keep in mind it also heals your team.
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Core Items


Item Sequence

Ninja Tabi 1100
Blade of the Ruined King 3300
Frozen Mallet 3100
Randuin's Omen 3000
Last Whisper 1450
Maw of Malmortius 2800

  • : // Berserker's Greaves. I almost always take these, the movement speed and attack speed make farming, ripping apart your enemies, and keeping your health up even easier(swap these out for ninja tabi if you're against a hard ad top or they are an auto attack heavy team, or merc treads if you're getting focused by cc or they have a magic damage heavy team).
  • : // Phantom Dancer. Attack speed, crit, and movement speed. All greats stats for Sion. I've gone over why attack speed is great for him multiple times. He has no real escape ability so the movement speed is going to help him chase, and escape. The crit will synergize nicely with infinity edge.
  • : // Bloodthirster, Alot of Sion player's don't get life steal because of his ultimate. I kind of understand this, but a minute and a half with no real sustain while your ultimate is on cooldown just isn't smart play to me. Also you can life steal up on a minion wave or in the jungle without having to blow your ultimate to heal up before a team fight and not having it when it matters. The extra attack damage and stacking stats speak for themselves, especially since it only loses half the stacks on death now. This is just an amazing item for Sion.
  • : // Infinity edge. in my opinion is a must have on every AD carry, it turns your from wow he's hitting hard to rage quit. The 80 AD is huge, more crit, and your crit do 50% more damage? Yes please. Once you get this you should be well in the 1000 area of crit damage.
  • : // Warmog's Armor. is my second to last (or last) item depending on if i get a sword of the occult or not. It will beef you up to 4k health with a little bit of minion farm. In a long game with a Red elixir and some good farm, with just warmogs and your e you will have 4,500 health while still critting for 1300. Sounds great? Yes, i agree.
  • : // Atma's Impaler, This is generally my icing on the cake unless i decide to go with Sword of the Occult. This item gives you even more crit for the 1,300+ crits you will grow to love, Armor, and a great passive. Let's look at the math on the passive, let's say ideally with this build late game (which generally wont happen due to enemy surrender) you will have a max of 4,500 hp. 1.5% of 4,500 is 67.5 extra AD with that, the 45 armor, 18% crit, and relatively cheap price of the item it is certainly a strong core item. Optionally if you have good farm considering how cheap of an item this is you can get this before warmogs, i generally feel too weak (health wise) if i get this before warmogs, but if you're already unstoppable you can certainly get this second to last instead of last.
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Situational, and Optional Item Paths

There are really only a couple situational items that i use on Sion so this should be a short chapter.
: // Sword of the Occult my first situation item. It's super cheap, and i'm normally 4/0 before laning is over. That's 8 stacks plus 2 or 3 assists. If are fed and built enough to keep your stacks and get to 20 i would absolutely recommend rushing this after boots. DO NOT buy this too early, you need to know how good the other team is, you can generally get an idea of how well you're going to be able to keep your stacks. If you can't keep them cut your losses and sell it, it's going to do you no good at zero stacks.

: // Quicksilver Sash This is a must have if they are focusing you with heavy cc to where you can't life steal to victory with your ulti up, another very appealing feature of this item is it will take healing reduction effects off you which is incredible, laugh at their wasted ignites as you heal for 300's. I normally only buy this if i am heavily focused by a malz or a warwick in team fights however.

: // The Black Cleaver AD, and AS is always good on Sion. If their team is building tanky feel free to swap out items for a couple of armor pen options. Black cleaver is one of the better armpen options and probably my favorite one, because of the big AD, AS and armor shred.

: // Last Whisper Another very viable armpen option. Take this if prefer tons of armpen and a little AD to big AD, and AS on Black Cleaver. It will defiantly add some beefyness and help you shred through tanks. This item is also relatively cheaper than Black Cleaver.

: // Force of Nature An optional item to get if AP is blowing you up hard. The movement speed is never to be under estimated and health regen is insane too, but it's mainly for the MR considering this is the highest MR you can get out of a single item. This item will significantly up your tankiness and make it hard for any champion to run from you.

: // Frozen Mallet An amazing item to get instead of warmogs if you'd rather go this route, the slow synergies great with sion, the extra AD is nice, also you don't have to stack it up like you do with warmogs. The only reason i prefer warmogs in my main build is because you get more AD off of atmas you get the health regen and more HP, but this is still a great choice that many player prefer. :)

Thanks to many player that have tried my guide for the suggestions.
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The Black Cleaver Vs Last Whisper

The Black Cleaver and Last Whisper are the two most viable armor pen options. I personally always go with The black cleaver, here's why. 1. Black cleaver gives more 15 more AD and 30% more attack speed. Now when we get down to why i pick them for the actual armor pen reason it's this. Last whisper only has a better armor pen value at about 150 armor roughly. Now the reason i pick The black cleaver is because the armor reduction that it applies reduces the targets total armor, so their armor is reduced not only when you hit them but also the rest of your team, where last whisper only reduces it for you.
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  • Wolves Start at wolves, activate your E and never take it off. Ask your mid to help with wolves/blue. Auto attack the big wolf and continue until the camp is dead, next move to blue.

  • Blue buff Have your mid leash you, auto attack blue until it reaches 445hp. You are now level 2, at this point you have a choice, you can either gank a lane or continue junling, if you see an opportunity to gank buy your stun and go for it, if not move to wraiths

  • Wraiths After finishing blue or your gank go to wraiths, same thing here as you did with wolves Stun/bubble(whichever you bought) auto attack and their dead, easy.

  • Red buff After wraiths move to red buff, remember to use health potions accordingly. Stun it or use your shield whichever you bought, auto attack it and smite it at 470hp.

  • Wolves#2 Same as first time, clean up wolves again and head to wraiths

  • Wraiths Clear wraiths for the second time, now you should hit level 4 you now have all your abilities, you can gank again, hold lane for a teammate that needs to back, you yourself can go back, or you can counter jungle.
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Team Fights and you!
Your presence is very necessary in team fights. A few of your roles are as follows stunning and two hitting high priority carries, your lifesteal buff also heals your team for tons in a team fight, and your durability. As Sion in a team fight i generally put my bubble on, ghost into the fight to engage. Pop my ulti, stun the carry i'm going to take out, 2 hit dat Ashe or Ahri, then continue mowing down their entire team until they surrender. Your job as Sion is to eliminate carries while keeping your teams hp afloat with your ultimate. A few things to remember is if you're getting cc'd and kited hard hitting anyone is better then no one at all. I can't tell you how many times i've gotten kited in a team fight by the carry i'm going after, turned and hit a tank twice to get back up to full hp then ran and destroyed that annoying Morgana. Your presence in team fights is too good to waste. Play smart you're super insane with you're ulti up but you're not invincible(barely).
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A couple Sion Games from Yesterday, and today.
I hope you enjoy my build guide for Sion this is my first ever MobaFire guide and i hope you give it a chance before you judge it. I'd be happy to hear/see your scores and experiences with this guide and i'm always open to constructive criticism in my build, gameplay, and explanations. My name in game is Tryhardtyler (US) Feel free to add me to play, chat or theorycraft. I hope you enjoy this guide as much as i do, may your futures games be epic.
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Change Log and Updates

2/1/2012: Added guide!
2/10/2012: Added more optional items, fixed general errors in the guide. Currently number 6 in the top 10 sion guides. Thanks alot guys!
4/23/2012: Changed The section about "Quicksilver Sash" as i forgot it removes the healing reduction effects, this has been included in the reasons to get it. Also changed the math behind warmogs/atmas since the nerfs.
6/2/2012: #1 rated sion guide... i really don't believe it's gone this far. I never expected it when i wrote this guide. Thank you so much for all the support everyone. <3 you all.
7/5/2012: Fixed the error with you being unable to obtain veterans scars in the jungle masteries thanks to D4rKIoN for pointing that out. Added Frozen Mallet to optional items thanks to Hel1gast. Still #1 rated sion guide, thanks so much for all your support guys.
7/9/2012: 300k views still #1 Thanks you guys so much, i know i say that a lot but i can't believe how far it's come. I'm going to start a user submitted photo section so submit yours to show your score using my guide and i'l showcase it!
8/5/2012: 660k views, 140 voters! Thanks for everyone that has voted and given your input. Thanks for the changes you've helped make. I really love this community.
9/16/12: Hit 1m Views. Thanks everyone so much for the support. I'm adding the additional AP chapters this weekend shortly followed by the Jungle Chapter. Stay posted.
9/21/12: added some chapters of jungling, going to finish those and add Ap chapters very soon.
12/1/12: Just a check up; i've been playing the beta servers for season 3 on league. I want to be ready to smoothly transition this guide from the season 2 items to the updated season 3 items; we'll see how well these changes affect sion. Riot as said they're trying to make season 3 more friendly to melee AD carries so hopefully this will compliment sions kit well! I'll be checking in again once i know more and i hope you will all come back to this guide as your reference for using Sion is season three, thank you all for the dedicated continuous support of this guide!

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