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Renekton Build Guide by Avenital

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avenital


Avenital Last updated on April 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Okay, this is my first guide so please give feedback on everything related to this guide that you can think off. This guide is purely ment as a suggestion to give ideas on how to play Renekton and is in only a few ways, of many, ways to build and play the Crocodile.
And yes I am fully aware that in theory hes an alligator, b..buut CROCODILE!

Renekton has appealed to me as a champion and I think I've played over 500 games with him. Its not as much as some players play their main champion, but i still feel its alot. I have had great success with Renekton in ranked up to 17-1800elo.

This guide will be aimed at everyone. Its based on own experiences and the championship events.

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Renekton is a ad caster bruiser kind of champion relying on his aoe damage together with his stun to kill targets in teamfights. Hes mainly used in the toplane, he can jungle, though i wouldn't recommend it. Its not that hes bad in the jungle, but there are better options for that place on the team.


- Many build possibilites.
- Hard to counter.
- Good early and mid-game damage.
- Great sustain.
- Good mobility, hard to gank in lane.
- Can move over walls.


- Falls of lategame.
- Bad before he reaches level 3
- Relies on fury.
- Somewhat hard to master.

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Skills and Skillorder

This is Crocodiles passive which basically is nothing. Renekton's passive is that he uses fury. Every other effect of the "passive" is in fact an effect of his skills so in theory crocodile doesn't have a passive.
Renekton's fury gain is increased by 50% when hes below 50% hp.
Renektons Q

This is your bread and butter for sustain and harass. Its great for wave clearing, it has good range so you can reach the whole wave. The more creeps you hit, the more health you sustain from it. Can heal you up to full hp if your enemy backs. It also gives fury for minions and champions hit so with one Q you get alot of fury. If you have more than 50 fury it deals more damage and heals you for more hp.

Renektons W

This is one of the reasons Renekton is so strong in lane. This allows Renekton to lock his opponent in place while damaging him with autoattack and his Q. Ruthless Predator procs on hit effects twice, meaning it can critical hit and proc Phage or red buff. If you have more than 50 fury this deals massive damage and procs on hit effects three times.

Renektons E

Slice and dice is Renekton's mobility. It allows you to dash forward and if you pass through a creep or enemy champion you get to dash again. Its great for escaping or harassing or closing in for the kill. Renekton's main combo is E forward, W to stun, autoattack + Q to harass and E back again. With over 50 fury it reduces armor on % which is great for teamfights late game. It also deals increased damage.

Renektons R (Ultimate)

Dominus is Renekton's ultimate. It gives bonus HP and gives him an aoe damage over time centered on himself. This aoe is great since it deals damage every second for 15 seconds. It also lets Renekton gain 5 fury every second. You can use this to bait your enemy into a bush, pop ult and use your fury empowered abillities together with your extra hp to finish him off.

Skilling order

1. Normal Renekton
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the way i usually skill. Q for sustain and harrass in lane, also makes for easy wave clearing. I max E second but pick it at level 2 due to the mobility. The damage is decent on it, but the armor reduction is best last game though the mobility it provides is alpha omega early game. Ruthless predator is last.

Maxing Q first is pretty basic, though some max e first.

Maxing E seconds is arguably more damage, if you are running Ghost instead of
Flash then you NEED to max E second. It helps so much with wall jumping!

Maxing W second is also a good choice, some people will yell at you for doing that, but they are morons. Even though E deals more overall damage per level bonus, your W on a shorter cooldown can in certain situations deal more damage due to being able to lock people down faster and get that second stun on a running opponent that allows you or your team to finish them off.

2. Escapey Renekton
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the super defensive way to go. If you fear a level 1 gank you pick E first and escape safely without using flash.

3. Invading Renekton
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Invading renekton picks Ruthless Predator stun enemies.

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Masteries, Summoners and Runes



This is how i run Renekton. He is an offtank and he benefits from the early armor and health from the tree and the scaling hp helps for the late game. The tenacity is something all bruiser needs if they want to initiate or ensure that a stun/slow won't save your opponent. The damage reduction masteries are great for laning early and for late game.

Crocodile does not need attack speed, he benefits from it sure, but hes mainly an attack damage caster therefore he grabs the cooldown reduction from the offensive tree, the extra scaling damage and the armor penetration. He also grabs the empovered ignite so you get that extra damage when ignite is on cd.

If you are vs an ap laner you swap armor for mr in the defensive tree, everything else stays the same.


Flash and Ignite is the standard choice. I build my Renekton towards killing people, what is better for killing people than ignite right?? Though if your team has alot of damage and needs you to go tanky, you can pick up Exhaust or Teleport, those will greatly help your team and keep you safe in lane, but wont ensure as many kills. They are very strong choices if you lane vs an opponent with lots of burst like Akali. Or if your in a lane you can't hold without defensive summoners. Heal and Barrier is something i don't ever run. You allready have your ultimate for baiting with and heal and barrier falls of later. Ghost is a solid choice. It allows you to run through minions and and chase down opponents. I pick Flash over Ghost simply because flash is instantaneous and therefore can dodge things like Unstoppable Force. It can also traverse walls.


The extra damage from quints allows you easier farm early and better harrass/sustain.
Movespeed quints gives you better engage/disengage and chase. If you are playing tanky, and your main goal is to mess up their team while your carrys are picking off people, or youre trying to peel, the movespeed can be good. Its also good vs ap heavy teams, they tend to have a lot of cc, so you can close in on them faster and not get constantly cc'd.
Health quints are useable for early game tankyness. I wouldn't use this unless you know youll be in a hard lane.

Armor seals are for laning. It allows you to take more harrass from ad based champions and from Autoattacks. These are very basic. If you can only afford one rune page, youll never go wrong with ad runes. A second strong choice is scaling health though.

Glyphs are cooldown reduciton per level as default. This is because Renekton needs cooldown reduction. He is based on abilities so the damage he deals is given alot by how often he can use them. Flat mr and scaling mr is also solid choices. But mr is best gotten from items. If you pick mr runes you will want to pick up an item providing cdr.

Marks are for armor penetration. This is the only solid choice i feel. You get so much arpen with Renekton that this helps alot.

1. Normal Rune Page

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

This is the main rune set.

2. Tanky Rune Page

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Seal of Armor

Tanky runes. Cdr over MR is good for peeling, initiating etc.

3. Magic Resist Rune Page

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

This is basically the same, only difference is mr.

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The Croco Song

Haha, no.

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Items on Renekton.

Renekton is a champion that can be built in many ways. Hes a very flexible champion. Therefor i don't want anyone reading this guide to get fixed to a build. Id rather want you to understand different types of items and get you to effectively think what item would benefit you in your matchup/game. Adaptability is a very good skill to have in this game where champion and items are constantly changing. I am going to write about the most common items you can choose from. I'll try to add something about every item later.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade.
Situational if you want the extra damage and health. Its a good pick if youre tanky enough compared to your opponent. If youre vs Irelia who has a bad early game for instance.

Boots of Speed Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion.
Basic basic basiiiiiiiic, its kind of out of date, but its still a very safe pick if you dont know what to go.

Cloth Armor Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion.
This is a super defensive start. If you feel like you'll get smashed in lane by some ad champion, i tend to get this vs Garen Darius.

Elixir of Fortitude Health Potion Health Potion sight ward
This is the offensive start, I personally prefer to use this one. Gives that extra damage and health if you need it, also good for baiting for your jungler. Its also safe since you can afford the ward to place down to avoid a gank. This is the perfect build if you want to go full offensive from the first minute. This is also the new meta. If you watch the ESL league you will find this used alot on Renekton.

Early Game Items

These are options for early game before you can afford anything big really.

The Brutalizer
The brutalizer has great syngergy with Renekton's abilities, it gives ad and ar pen which is exactly what you want if you're going offensive. It also stacks with your arpen on the E late game. And it builds into Youmuu's Ghostblade or into The Black Cleaver. This is the number one pick for me.

This is both the defensive item, and the item i build in synergy with brutalizer for offenisveness.
It gives health which is good if you have a bad lane, also gives you a slow which might help you disengage or engage. Therefore its also good offensive, combined with brutalizer it gives Renekton the damage and slow to finish off opponents. It builds into Trinity Force or Frozen Mallet. The reason you might want this for offensiveness is because it allows you to chase down people like Singed and Garen, harassing them further.

If you are facing an ability power or magic damage based champion up top, then this is a good item. It gives you some mr, some damage and a shield that can save your life. This item also builds into Maw of Malmortius if you need more mr. Its also a good item for mid game if your opponent ap carry gets fed. This is not an item you buy in most of your games. It doesn't give the best stats for you. As an off tank you will be targeted mostly by AD damage and mr comes in the 2nd row.

B. F. Sword
The number one snowballing item for Renekton, if you get a killed and/or free farm early you can get this before or in company with brutalizer for massive damage. You can now bully top lane and farm like a hero. It builds into The Bloodthirster and Mercurial Scimitar for more damage and lifesteal, or more damage and cleanse + mr.

Giant's Belt
If you are struggling you can get this item for health. Also if you snowball hard you can get this together with B. F. Sword so you wont die. Giants belt is the current meta, usually built straight into a Sunfire Cape

Bilgewater Cutlass
This is an item i don't use much myself but many people do. The reason is that Later in the game Renekton won't be making much use of the Passive damage bonus as hes not going to focus people with much hp OR using many auto attacks. He will take benefit from the speed buff though, and the extra damage is handy. Its better in Tanky builds. Builds into Blade of the Ruined King. I would not recommend this item. Some of the ESL players have been using this. When i understand why ill tell you!

Warden's Mail
If you are against Darius or getting hurt in lane by Lee Sin Garen etc, you can buy this item for extra armor. Its also good if they have alot of ad on their team or if their adc is getting fed. Builds into Randuin's Omen which is great.


Mercury's Treads
You buy this.

Ninja Tabi
You buy this if they have no real cc, or if they have 4/5 or 5/5 ad based champions.

Boots of Swiftness
You don't buy this unless your team has a skarner like initiation composition.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
This is an acceptable item. It gives you the CDR which is something Renekton wants. However its still in the shadow of Mercury's Treads which is a great great great item.

Core Items

These are items that can make up your core. NEVER lock yourself to a build. Its way better to adapt to the situation and get what you need.

Frozen Mallet
Gives hp, which you WILL need late game, if you ever get that far. Its slow is amazing and it gives a bit of ad. Great item for croco. It will also stack with Atma's Impaler and give you a nasty slow that lets you chase down most anyone.

Maw of Malmortius
Gives alot ad, gives a good shield and mr. Best item you can get if they have an ap heavy team or if their mid is fed.

Warmog's Armor
Gives you alot of hp and amazing hp regen. Which is what you need late game. Together with Frozen Mallet and Atma's Impaler it makes a killer combo.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
I think this is the best use of The Brutalizer since it gives you initiation, arpen, damage and critical hits which procs with your W. Unless i need tankyness i get this. This item is arguably better than The Black Cleaver since your E gives you your needed % arpen and it wont stack due to hitting max arpen, it also gives you a movement speed boost for escaping or engaging that The Black Cleaver doesn't. The critical chance it gives stacks with your W too so it can shut down an adc with a few hits.

Atma's Impaler
You get this if you have above 3500hp. It gives armor and crit chance, together with about 60 damage. Usually one of the last two items you get. This item also stacks with Dominus

Blade of the Ruined King
I don't like this item on Renekton, but it is useable. It does proc with your W, but thats about it. Would not recommend this item. Have seen it at high level play, don't understand why!

Sunfire Cape
A very good item on Renekton, gives you hp and armor you can combine with Atma's Impaler, it also gives you the aoe damage buff which stacks with your ultimate. This isn't a snowballing item though, its more of a 5v5 premade item or high elo item. This is also the current meta item. High profile players pick this as first item.

The Bloodthirster
If you have snowballed enough, this is a great item, gives you 100 AD. Its not worth it if you can't keep it stacked, in that case sell it late game.

Alternative Damage Items

The Black Cleaver
Reason i don't like this item is because it doesn't stack with your E since it goes over max. Therefore you don't need it. It does give you max arpen in one fury empowered W though. Would not recommend this as Youmuu's Ghostblade gives your crit chance and movement speed and more flat arpen.

Mercurial Scimitar
If you can allow yourself to go full ad and nuke people, then this is a great defensive item to ensure you're not nuked by a stun. It also gives you a nice chunck of ad.

Ravenous Hydra
Never tried this item on Renekton, I am going to though, since it procs tripple on his empowered W, which can deal massive damage.

Last Whisper
In general you don't get this item since you have your E, in some situations you can though, since your E doesn't last forever. Somtimes you need to have sustained arpen.

Alternative Tanky Items

Guardian Angel
Usually, if you die, you die so late that your team is dead. This is only a good pick if its even. If your team is winning it doesn't matter if you die, if you are losing big you will possibly respawn against 3-5 opponents. But if it is even you can get this item.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's is a good item. It gives armor hp and movementspeed and attackspeed debuff. You get this item vs ad heavy teams, its also a good item to use if you get to late game.

Spirit Visage
Some high profile players get this item. Its good if you need extra sustain and mr in lane. Its the current meta, due to the cdr which Renekton loves.

Runic Bulwark
If you're against an ap heavy team and no one else is buying this, you can buy it.

Ruby Sightstone
This is a underused item by anyone but the support. Gives you great map controll if your support also has one.

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Laning on Renekton should be fairly safe. You need to know who you are laning against. Going to divide this chapter into a few categories.



Farming is important on any champion and luckily Renekton has easy farm. There are a few tricks you can use on Renekton. His abilities are free. Feel free to use them to farm as long as you're not pushing the lane. I'll list up the abilities and how you use them in lane for farming.

You can use Cull the Meek actively to:

Farm sideline creeps/clear wave. If you are unsure if you can reach a creep, or if you have two low creeps and have to choose between one of them you can use Cull the Meek to pick up both of the creeps. You can clear the whole wave with an empowered Cull the Meek, if you have more than 50 fury and want to push the lane you can hit every caster creep once, let your minions lower the hp on the melee creeps, then you use Q and clear the wave.

Obtain Fury. If you need fury the fastest way is to use Cull the Meek since it gives 5 fury for every unit hit.

Sustain. Cull the Meek is also your bread and butter for sustain. It gives you hp back when you use it. If you are loosing hp you can heal up by pushing the lane.

Ruthless Predator is a skill you wont be using much for farming. However it makes you able to hit a creep with your auto attack then instantly hit another creep with Ruthless Predator. It can also be used to farm under turret since it deals enough damage to finish creeps you wont be able to with your auto attack.
Thats basically it for farming.

Slice and Dice is not your typical farming skill. But its a skill often used together with Cull the Meek, especially usefull if your opponent is harassing you alot. Then you can Slice and Dice into/through the or to a creep then Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice back.
If you get The Brutalizer you can Slice and Dice+ Slice and Dice+ Cull the Meek to clear the weave.


This is something Renekton Excells at. You'll be using different combos with your abilities to harass your opponent AND farm at the same time. Your harass is somewhat dependant on your fury. Generally try to harass if you have enough fury to empower your abilities unless you need it for sustain with Cull the Meek

1. Main harass combo.
Slice and Dice+ auto attack + Ruthless Predator+ auto attack + Cull the Meek(this is performed while walking away from the champion) + Slice and Dice back to safety.

This is a combo you use if your opponent is staying to the back of the creep wave because hes behind. If hes ranged. If you have to stay out of the wave yourself. You can use the same combo with forward momentum. Then you.

2. Finishing combo.
Slice and Dice+ Dominus+ Ruthless Predator+ auto attack + Cull the Meek+ auto attack + Slice and Dice(forward) then you have to auto attack till your abilities are up again. If hes low enough you can ignite him then walk with him til the cooldown on your Q is up, or walk with him so the damage of Dominus if you used it. To kill him, tossing in an auto attack or a flash if you need to.

This is the combo that deals the most damage. Its best initiated if you allready have over 50 fury. To use with your Ruthless Predator.

If you are both last hitting creeps in the wave. And he engages on you. Or you can reach him with auto attacks.

3. Hit and run.
Ruthless Predator+ auto attack + Cull the Meek and now you can disengage if he disengages, or Slice and Dice away if he tries to combo you.

If his combo is strong and initiated with a pull or a stun, then you drop the auto attack and dash away. This is also the combo you can use to stop him if he initiates on you.

4. Basic harass and sustain.
Early game you won't have the ability to combo much. You can then stand in the wave and last hit, when you have over 50 fury you try to get as many creeps as possible + the enemy champion in range for Cull the Meek, if you don't want to push the lane you try to walk a bit out of the creepwave so you only hit the enemy champion. Most players wont allow you to just do this, but if they try to move away you have your tool to effectively zone them.


Ganks can be a serious problem for many top laners. Some junglers tend to camp top lane alot. Some junglers tend to ignore top lane. Both can be good and bad, depending on who gets ganked or who needs the gank.

However. Avoid a gank, or knowing when it will hapen so your jungler can counter gank or you want to make big plays, is all dependant on information. You need to know when and where the jungler will come. How do we do this? We use wards.

Warding locations.
- Tribush
- Left edge of baron pool
- opponents tower bush.

These are key locations that will show you if their jungler or mid laner comes.

What to do if ganked though? What if you need a gank?

This is the most basic form of reacting to a gank. You simply walk away, or position yourself in a way so you are home free.

This is a higher level of tactics. The plan is to ward your lane. And push it and harass like there is no tomorrow. This is to draw the opponent jungler towards your lane. You use this so your jungler can make plays on mid/bot lane or go for dragon. If you're in solo q you should make sure your team is on level with this. A benefit from this is that if you die, you don't lose as much since you were pushing and will most likely come back without loosing many creeps. If you get dragon or your ad carry or ap carry gets fed, or if you even get a turret, then this is worth it. This might mean youll get camped for prolonged periods of time though, but it works very well.

This is basically exactly what it sounds like. If your jungler is close and you see enemy jungler or mid lane closing in you can ping for your jungler to come and you can bait them in and bait them with Dominus under turret or just plain hack and smash if you're strong enough. Works excpetionally well if you have Twisted Fate or Pantheon mid. If you have a good mid and jungler you can use this in combination with the gank magnet.

One thing you can do on crocodile if you are somewhat strong is to chase the opponent laner back to turret, preferably low. He calls for help so his jungler comes. You see him passing your wards. Then you camp in bush and pop Dominus, if your laner comes to close you finish him off with Flash or Slice and Dice + Ignite or Cull the Meek then you can use Ruthless Predator on the jungler empowered by the fury you gain from your Dominus and Slice and Dice or walk or Flash to the creepwave. Then use Cull the Meek for sustain and you should be able to finish the jungler off, depending on what jungler it is. Sometimes its enough to just spam your abilities on him and no need to use the creepwave for sustain though.

Won't recommend this unless you're winning your lane pretty comfortably.

If you yourself want a gank, keep an eye on where your opponent wards and keep your jungler updated on where the wards are. A good thing to do is to write it in the chat when he wards so you can check timestamps later. Oh you dont have timestamps on?`WHY THE HELL NOT?!

When your jungler comes you have a few ways of doing the gank.

You can try to bait your opponent out of position. Should be fairly safe with Dominus or Elixir of Fortitude.

You can initiate on your opponent with Slice and Dice and throw Ruthless Predator at him. If your jungler is of the strong ganker type you go all in at once, Slice and Dice + Dominus Ruthless Predator + Cull the Meek + Ignite + Slice and Dice + auto attacks and again Cull the Meek. If you need to close the distance use Flash. This combo deals ALOT of damage to any champion, so might not need all of it since your jungler is also helping.

You can push to his turret and dive him. This is nessesary if hes being carefull. How i'd do this is to first walk up beside the turret. If he tries to run, you catch him with your jungler between the turrets. If he stays you first Ruthless Predator him then auto attack and Cull the Meek then Slice and Dice out of the turret range. This is when your jungler should be there to take over the turret damage while you Slice and Dice or Flash or walk back in while popping Dominus and Ignite. By this time you should have Cull the Meek and Ruthless Predator back up, or back up soon.

Some times the enemy jungler comes to close for you to run, or you have pushed to far to get back to your turret in time. Maybe your ward went out but these things happen even with a ward, even to the very best players.

This is what you can do. Walk into the bush, go to the closest point you can to your turret before they can see you or before their jungler reaches you, whichever comes first, you need to position yourself so at least one of them will enter the bush slightly ahead of you so don't stand at the very point. Stun the closest target with Ruthless Predator then Slice and Dice through him using the refresh to Slice and Dice to safety. Sometimes you need to add in a Flash. Though if your Slice and Dice is on cooldown then you have a problem and have to use Flash to get away. If you can't get away don't Flash.

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Why do we ward in league of legends? The answer is to obtain information about the movement of our enemies and use it to our advantage.
What information can you obtain as a toplaner when warding? You get information on the enemy midlaner or jungler if they try to gank your lane. In that case you'll know they are coming and be able to avoid it or use it to your own advantage.
You will also know when your top lane opponent is leaving the lane, to gank mid or go for red buff/blue buff.

When can I stop warding? Only if you reach max build with 6 items can you stop warding. Warding is key and wins games. Keep buing wards whenever you recall and place them at key locations throughout the game.

Where to ward in toplane? Coming with pictures later.
- Tribush
- Left edge of baron pool
- opponents tower bush.

How to ward properly
When you are warding you want to place your wards at locations that give you the most usefull information. This is obtained by using as much of the wards vision and placing it at critical locations.

As a rule of thumb, bad wards are...
- providing no additional sight.
- at places where the enemy has no reason to go.
- only monitoring partly revealing entrances and branches.
- right besides bushes but not showing whats inside the bush.
- besides an edge instead at the cone end of it.
- at places that provide little or no information at all.


The turret ward.

Turret ward is a good idea if they have Fiddlesticks or Zac or Nocturne in the jungle, its also usefull if you find yourself tower diving alot. If your purple.

If your blue its a good idea in general if you find yourself hugging the turret alot.

The red buff ward.

If you're purple you seldom ward here, can do if the enemy is counter jungling or if your top lane is adventorousl.

If you're blue you ward here if you kill his turret, together with the midlane red buff ward you cover all the areas the enemy jungler can pass through to get to you, except the lane. You can also ward here if you want to counter jungle, or to let your team know when the enemy jungler is doing redbuff.

The midlane redbuff ward.

This is a very basic ward, if your blue, that the midlane hopefully should place, if he doesn't its a good idea for you to do so. Its a great ward that shows if the enemy jungler or mid is walking in or out of their own jungle.

Purple side ward the same place just that its more relevant for the botlane. However if you're purple its a great defensive ward to stop your enemy jungler and mid to go through your jungle to gank top or to counter jungle.

The Extra offensive red buff ward.

Purple doesn't ward there, maybe on the bot lane equivalent.
This ward is an alternative to the red buff ward. If you're pushing hard top lane onto the inner turret and mid is also pushing onto the inner turret, you ward here instead.

The blue buff ward.

This is where purple would ward if hes pushing onto the inner turret, or if he wants to counter jungle the blue buff, or inform his team when the jungler/mid is doing it.

Blue can ward here if defending their inner turret or worried of counter jungling.

The baron ward.

This is a ward you use if mid hasn't warded the entrance to the jungle on his side. If your blue.
If your purple this is your main priority to ward.

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I will divide this chapter into two, easy matchups and hard matchups. I will also rate the opponent from 1-10 on how hard he is with 10 as hardest.
Easy champions are matchups you should comfortably be able to farm yourself up in.
Hard champions needs generally more skill to defeat, some needs tactics to defeat.



Garen is attack damage base so you should be generally fine against him. He has an anoying silence and you should be carefull of his Decisive Strike + Ignite + Demacian Justice combo. Against Garen id recommend starting with Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion. You should grab an early Warden's Mail if he outdamages you and you're having problems.
- The creepwave is your friend. If you can obtain fury everytime he wants to Decisive Strike you can react by using Cull the Meek before he silences you. He should take more damage and you should sustain most of the damage he does to you.
- At early levels his Judgment deals less damage than your auto attack.
- Your Ruthless Predator is an auto attack empowerment so you can use it before he silences you, then stun him anyway.
- Your Dominus can negate his Demacian Justice pretty effectively, just be sure to ult before he does.
- You can Slice and Dice out of his judgement then Slice and Dice back when its finished.


Malphite can be a pain in the *** to lane against. This is because of his slowing Seismic Shard and his all powerfull Unstoppable Force which makes him a very good cc machine for when the jungler comes. If you remove the jungler from the map though, you should be able to out damage him. Id use Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion against malphite. Can grab a Hexdrinker if his magic damage is getting to strong.
- Keep his passive Granite Shield down, it has an 8 second cooldown so you have 8 seconds between every time you need to damage him. Your Cull the Meek at max range is great for this.
- Your standard harassing combo should work great against malphite.
- WARD YOUR LANE. If you get ganked you're not going anywhere. Malphite will make sure of that.
- Don't get comboed down when he hits level 6. Try to push the lane just a little before that so you get level 6 first. In that case your ult will negate the damage from his ult.


Irelia might be kind of a wildcard. You should have no problem against Irelia normaly. But if she gets a gank, and gets a level ahead she can become a dangerous machine of destruction. Generally you build damage against her. Id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward.
- Zone her, dont let her farm. Your basic combo should demolish Irelia early.
- Try to bait her Bladesurge and insta stun her with Ruthless Predator.
- Dont melee her when her Hiten Style is active.
- You deal so much damage to her that a gank or two might shut her down completely.


Warwick is not one of the most picked champions anymore. He has a great sustain with his passive Eternal Thirst and his Hungering Strike, though your damange and sustain is way better early game. Should have no problem against warwick early however after level 8 his sustain starts to become stupid. Id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward.
- Zone him early, so he doesn't get much farm.
- If, when you go for the kill, be sure to ignite him first of everything you do, to limit his sustain.
- Be carefull of his ultimate when towerdiving. Also ward your lane so he can't lock you down and have you chain cc'd by the enemy jungler.
- Try to stay above 50% hp so you don't trigger his Blood Scent
- Dont fight him much after level 8 or so.


Nasus is not a very good early game hero and hes most often found in the jungle. Against nasus id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward. His only anoying abilities is Wither which slows you by ALOT. Also be aware he can bait you with his ult Fury of the Sands as much as you can with your ult. His damage is low so you can smash his face with the basic combo.
- Can try to bait his wither when towerdiving and not attacking.
- Don't towerdive to early, if he clears the wave and uses wither on you it hurts.
- Zone him so he wont be able to farm his Siphoning Strike. Should be easy.
- Get your jungler to gank him early, as most of the nasus players are running [[ghost}}.


Singed the mad chemist is more anoying than really dangerous. Singed is very good lategame so if you can shut him down early try it. Early game your combo should wreck singed pretty hard, just walk around his Poison Trail. Singed has low mana early game too so when his mana is gone he can't stay in lane. Don't get Fling into his turret range. Id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward.
- Singed will become a pain in the *** later, if you can zone him, zone him.
- If he tries to fling you, you can influence the direction you're flinged in by moving relative to his character model, as it flings you behind him.
- Try to engage him in burst, thusly making him use alot of mana on Poison Trail which you can just walk around. You can basically ignore him til he flips you.
- Don't stay low in lane if he recalls and comes back, with Insanity Potion + Ghost up.


YAY FARMFEST. Shen isn't the damage soaker. Hell soak up most of your damage without really dealing anything back. Basically meaning you will win vs Shen on farm. After he get some tankyness he will start to be impossible to harass. Which is anoying. id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward.
- Stun him when he tries to ult away!
- Ward your lane, Shen's taunt is anoying.
- Use Slice and Dice effectively to dodge taunts.


Cho'gath is pretty straight forward and easy. His Feral Scream has a cast timer so you can Cull the Meek him in the face and outdamage him or dodge it with Slice and Dice same with rupture. Your basic harassing combo smash cho'gath to pieces and your Dominus will make you able to survive his Feast if ues right. Id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward.
- Dodge his Rupture with Slice and Dice or just walk away from it.
- Ruthless Predator + Cull the Meek + Slice and Dice is fast enough to avoid silence entirely.
- Dont let him kill creeps, keep him low at all times so he wont regen.
- Use Dominus when your hp drops close to Feast level, can bait him with it if hes bad.


Kennen is very easy on Renekton. Dodge his Thundering Shuriken and you should be fine. He can be a bit anoying early with his auto attack and the passive on Electrical Surge but after the first few levels you should demolish him with your combo if he gets close enough. However kennen can farm at a range so often the best you can do is to farm your creeps and deny him a bit and slowly wither him down for a gank/kill under turret.
Id start Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion. For a bit of mobility which youll need if you want to catch him or dodge Thundering Shuriken, there wont be much fighting him anyway.
- If you can stun him after he uses Lightning Rush his whole movementspeed bonus will be negated.
- Try to keep Slice and Dice for when he ults and use it to dodge out, then back in.
- Dont let him get free stuns on you if you can avoid it.


Against Akali you need to run the mr rune page. You can also start with Null-Magic Mantle + Health Potion but its not really nessesary. Akali is one to deal alot of damage but as Renekton you should soak it up quite nicely. Carefull of those ganks though. Akali can chase you down with Shadow Dance and if their jungler has some cc it might be fatal.
- Hexdrinker is nice.
- Remember that Akali's Shadow Dance alows her to escape on your minions.
- Avoid going in melee range as much as possible if you have a Mark of the Assassin on you. If she throws one at you every time its of cd you can counter with Cull the Meek which outranges her auto attack,


This guy has a nasty passive Martial Cadence which lets him hit you hard everytime its effect is off cooldown for you. You should be able to combo him for way more hp and he can on you, also your sustain is much better. Id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward.
- Jarvan's Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike will knock you up in the air, and he uses this for harassing together with Martial Cadence. Dodge this combo by being on the side of the creepwave at all times. And be ready to Slice and Dice.
- If he uses Cataclysm on you, you can just jump outside with Slice and Dice
- Don't try to win very much vs him, try to farm and wait for ganks.


Someone picked Vladimir against you? LOL. This is as easy as it comes. Run the mr page, start with Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion and just harass him and zone him away from the creepwave. Use your Cull the Meek for sustain. Go for Spirit Visage and or Hexdrinker early.
- When he uses Sanguine Pool just follow him. You can bait him into using it as it costs hp to use thats good for you. If you want to dive him, walk up to him, hit him, Slice and Dice away when he pools then dive back in.
- Ignite him at once when you're going for the the kill to avoid that Transfusion regains enough of his hp.
- If you get ganked, his Hemoplague increases the damage from both him and the jungler. Don't get hit by his ultimate or don't get ganked at all.


Talon is an anti caster. Against Renekton hes basically worthless.
Id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward. OR Cloth Armor +5 Health Potion. His Noxian Diplomacy makes you bleed and is anoying to say the least.
- When harassing him, walk on top of him and keep going behind him so he misses his Rake
- You can just let him use cutthroat on you, then you just follow him, when the silence is gone you combo him for tons of hp.
- Buy Warden's Mail early.


Nidalee is built in two ways, bruiser, and ap. As a bruiser you should have no problem winning the lane. She can't hurt you pre 6 and your sustain with Cull the Meek + Health Potion should keep her auto attack harass to a minimum. After level 6 you still win but need to take more care. At level 8/9 a bruiser nidalee becomes a pain to fight. Buy an early Warden's Mail and don't fight her to much.
Ap nidalee is free food if you can reach her. You need to dodge her spears, and not rely on minions to block them for you, some spears go through the wave in weird ways and hurt you. But if you build some early mr you should be fine.
Id start Elixir of Fortitude + 3 Health Potion + sight ward.
- If you can remove her traps Bushwhack without eating a Javelin Toss or harass, then remove them.
- If you go for the kill, ignite her so she doesn't heal herself with [[primal surge]
- If she engages on you, dodge her Swipe with Slice and Dice by going through her and combo her from behind.


Darius 7
Elise 5
Riven 5
Jayce 6
Udyr 6
Rumble 7
Volibear 7
Zed 8
Wukong 7
Poppy 6
Lee Sin 6
Pantheon 6
Xin Zhao 9
Kayle 9
Teemo 6
Rengar 8
Yorick 7
Olaf 7
Vi 9

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Teamplay and Teamfighting

In a game almost every champion fullfill different roles. Bruiser usually fullfill more different roles through the game than the ad carry. Even in the same teamfight you might find yourself fullfilling more than one role at once or change roles as the teamfight progresses.

The most common roles Renekton fullfills in a teamfight is:
- Tank.
- Initiator.
- Peeler.
- Disruptor.
- Diver.

The tank

The tanky crocodile role is basically to try to soak up as much damage as possible while your team tear up your enemies.
Things you should do as a tank.
- Build tanky.
- Use your fury with your Slice and Dice and use the refresh (dice) to tear the armor of as many of their front line champions as possible.
- Use Dominus at once the teamfight erupts to deal as much damage with your AoE as possible. Preferably combined with Sunfire Cape.
- Cull the Meek whenever possible, if you can do it with fury, do it, since that will keep you alive longer.
- Use Ruthless Predator to lock targets in place for your adc carry. This can be either to defend them from attacks or to keep them from moving away. Usually a mix of both.
- When your hp is gone, try to get away with Slice and Dice + Slice and Dice

The Initiator

The initiator crocodile is based on the tank, your goal is basically to land Ruthless Predator on someone. You can also be the tank though.
As an initator its a good plan to use Slice and Dice through the creep wave twice to reach an enemy and stun him, then you disengage while your team engages, pop Dominus and go back in. This is because as the first person in youll be taking focus fire from all 5 members of their team. If its a even game, or even slightly uneven, it will destroy you. Therefore you need to go out, spread the damage a bit then back in.
As the intiator you need to.

The peeler.

The peeler is a role that has one job. To save the ad carry from damage and crowd controll. Everything you manage to do beside saving the carry would be a bonus. Renekton is not a typical peeler as he only have Ruthless Predator to peel with. However it can be enoough, once you have peeled you go fullfill another role til your stun is back up again.

The disruptor.

This is where Singed is such a beast. Your goal is to be anoying, take some focus fire, eat crowd controll and try to make their carries spend more time moving than hurting your team. The biggest difference between the disruptor and the tank is that the tank is more focused on the frontline while the disruptor is often in the enemys back rank.
You need to be carefull so you dont move to far from your team though, sometimes if you disrupt their ad carry to far, and your team is focused on one person, it all turns into 4vs you. It might be a good thing, it might not be.

The diver.

As a diver you need some damage. You want to finish of their ad carry or ap carry by diving on them and focusing them til they die. You cannot do this unless your team has another tank, then youll be free to go for the kill. Need to be carefull to not tunnel vision to much and lose track of your team.

When teamfighting youre going to mainly peel, disrupt and tank. Those three roles is what Renekton fullfills the best. Usually youll end up fighting off their disruptors and their divers to help your carries, you will peel for them with your Ruthless Predator and damage everything close with your AoE from Dominus and Sunfire Cape and Cull the Meek while reducing the armor of everyone close with Slice and Dice.

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Renekton's tips and tricks.

1. By grabbing Cull the Meek at level 1 you can Q + auto attack the wraith camp, same with golem camp and enter your lane with 40 fury. Then at level 2 you will be able to burst very high with Ruthless Predator + Cull the Meek If you are helping your jungler, then this is even easier to do.

2. Use Dominus in bushes where the enemy can't see you, if youre chased. Then when they facecheck its a very powerfull Renekton standing there with Ruthless Predator ready.

3. Remeber that Renekton's fury gain is increased by 50% if hes under 50% hp due to his passive Reign of Anger

4. If you are trying to escape it might sometimes be smart to let them catch up to you to Slice and Dice through them for the double dash, instead of the single dash.

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