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Lulu Build Guide by DarkNazgul

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkNazgul

Squirrel Girl (3 builds: Support, On-Hit, AP) Updates for S4

DarkNazgul Last updated on December 28, 2013
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Support / On-Hit / AP

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 21

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Playing with Squirrels

Hello and welcome to my first Mobafire guide. I will be covering three different methods of playing Lulu all of which are completely viable.
1) Support
2) On Hit Effect
3) AP
This is my first guide so bear with me. I will try to make it better as time goes on, and I hope it is useful to help some people understand the capabilities of Lulu. Please upvote the guide if you find it helpful. If you are interested in Lulu's backstory or want a list of her quotes here's a link.

I am currently iterating for optimal season 4 setups. Stay tuned for explanations. For the moment I will simply update cheat sheets when i come up with stuff.
One major note: Lulu can't really jungle anymore with the season 4 changes. Her clear time and sustainability took major hits. I will be running attack speed Lulu as a lane now.

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Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Very fun to play
+ Turns enemies into cute critters
+ Amazing Crowd Control
+ Boosts self/ally survivability alot
+ Extremely versatile
+ Effectively has 6 abilities
+ Great escape mechanisms

- Mana hungry
- Squishy if stunlocked
- Not as bursty as other AP champions
- No non-ultimate heal
- Fairly high skill cap
- Usually can't carry a game by herself
- Her harass can push the lane

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Support Masteries (Build 1)

The masteries for support Lulu are definately variable. I like to play the support role as a poker (that is constantly harassing the enemy carry and keeping them out of lane). Thus the 9 points in offense gives us Magic Pen, AP, and finished our CDR with the help of Intelligence and items. The offensive points can be swapped to defensive to get Veteran's Scars if preferred, especially if going against an aggressive lane.

On-Hit Effect Masteries (Build 2)

AP Masteries (Build 3)
The masteries for AP Lulu are somewhat situational. Personal Preference on which route you take past the required.

Utility: Offense: Defense: (Recommended if you take Heal)

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I do not yet have full rune sets of everything I think might be viable on Lulu. As such feel free to modify the recommended runes to what you feel you need the most. I have spent time theorycrafting what I believe to be the best rune setups for Lulu and what runes fix the biggest drawbacks that she has that I have experienced in game. That being said here is a list of runes I feel are viable for Lulu. Feel free to pick and choose what you want.

Support Runes (Build 1)

Given we aren't building any attack damage or ability power, the best marks are Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration. These will give the biggest bonus to your damage. If you don't have them I would recommend Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. No other options here. As support Lulu we don't have the luxury of getting mana items (excepting philosopher's stone and maybe Mana Manipulator) so Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration is usually the best option. Survivability Seals are also viable if you prefer to conserve mana. As for Glyphs, CDR will go to waste with the build and masteries, and Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power is kind of worthless since we aren't trying to build AP. Thus that leaves Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, really personal preference. Finally, especially if we have mana Seals, we need some form of survivability from Quints. Feel free to pick whatever survivability Quints you like.

On-Hit Effect Runes (Build 2)

Greater Mark of Attack Speed or Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration are the only options for marks going this build. Alacrity will be better for Jungling whereas a laning AS-build could go either way. This attack speed guide focuses mainly on jungling now so Greater Seal of Armor are a must. As for Glyphs, CDR is very useful late game for more slow and shield spamming, MR is useful for survivability, and Attack Speed is always great for more damage. So really any Glyphs from the list except AP will work. For quints you have two options. Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are great for getting around the map early, but Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed will improve your clear times and DPS. I prefer swiftness since Lulu's base movement speed is terrible, and if you want to beat people down over time you have to be able to keep up with them. If you're planning on running a more AD heavy build with Manamune and/or Black Cleaver then Greater Quintessence of Life Steal may also be a viable option, although it will hurt your early game, since half your early damage is magical.

AP Runes (Build 3)

These are pretty standard Caster Runes. The only things that are really interchangeable are Glyphs, which you can pick anything but Alacrity.

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Summoner Spells

Support Summoner Spells (Build 1)

Flash: Tons of utility. Chasing, Escaping, Jumping over walls, Etc.
Exhaust: Good for allowing your carry to get that kill or if necessary stop a gank from killing you.
Heal: If you feel you need more lane sustain this is a viable option.

On-hit Summoner Spells (Build 2)

Exhaust: It will take a couple seconds to kill people with this build. Exhaust will give us those few extra seconds after Glitterlance and Whimsy to slow them until Glitterlance is off cooldown again. This makes for fairly easy early kills.
Flash: Tons of utility. Chasing, Escaping, Jumping over walls, Etc.
Ghost: Alternative to Flash in certain situations. Only for Attack Speed Build.
Ignite: Although I feel Exhaust is more powerful on this build, if your team doesn't have an ignite yet or you're facing a team full of healers this can work.
Smite: I use this build in jungle where you NEED this. The other spell is variable.

AP Summoner Spells (Build 3)

Ignite: Lulu doesn't have the burst damage of other AP casters. In order to keep up and net kills this is almost a must.
Flash: Tons of utility. Chasing, Escaping, Jumping over walls, Etc.
Heal: Not generally recommended unless your team has a hyper carry that you plan on protecting. Replace Flash if you take this.

Note: With the removal of the mastery bonuses to Summoners, Clairvoyance is basically useless now. Instead run the Scrying Orb trinket once you get a sightstone.

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Ability Explanations

  • Pix: This passive is what makes Attack Speed Lulu Viable. This adds 105 magic damage per auto attack at level 18. The only downside is the damage is dealt to the first enemy in front of you so it can be blocked. That being said someone is still taking damage. This also makes for great early game harassment.

  • Glitterlance (Q): Epic amount of slow, Aoe, significant burst damage, multi-vectored skill-shot, and one of the longest range pokes in the game when combined with Help, Pix!. It fires a bolt of energy from you and another one from pix that deal damage to all targets hit and is not mitigated by passing through enemies. You can do some crazy shots with this if you move your cursor correctly, because the vectors of the bolts are determined by a line passing through your cursor and Pix/Lulu. So moving your cursor between them can let you shoot the bolts in opposite directions, a 90 degree split, or anything else you can think of. This is her early game harassment tool, and it's amazing.

  • Whimsy (W): Grants your AP carry or you extra movement speed and AP, Helps your AD run from a gank, or turns your enemy into a squirrel. Really what more can you ask for?

  • Help, Pix! (E): This ability requires you to think before using it. It has a decent nuke and reveal which is great for killing that pesky Shaco but it also can give you or an ally a massive shield. The downside is you can only pick one, so you have to use your judgement on which is preferable in a given situation. Plus it will cause pix to follow your target allowing for absurd range on Glitterlance. This is because Glitterlance fires from pix as well as yourself. So you Help, Pix! an enemy creep at the back of the wave, then use the range boost to Glitterlance the enemy champions. This lets you zone out enemies incredibly easily.

  • Wild Growth (R): AOE knock up and slow plus a large health boost. Let's say the Shaco is on your team and just decided to jump into the enemy team by himself and die. Well thanks to your ultimate his stupidity can be used for a great initiation! Ult him, shield him, watch them get knocked up and fail to kill him as your team dives in and eats them alive. (Or do nothing and laugh at Shaco's stupidity as he explodes and let him learn not to think that he's Rambo)

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Ability Sequence

Support Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > >

This sequence is for a passive Lulu Support. We get Whimsy first to easily counter any early ganks or bush traps. Then we max the shield, getting 1 point in Glitterlance at level 3 for the crowd control. If facing a poke lane like Sona Caitlyn you should start Help, Pix! first instead, but ALWAYS have 1 point in everything by level 3. It is also viable to play an extremely aggressive Lulu support depending on who you're laning against. If you want to be super aggressive change the sequence to the same as the AP sequence, repeated here.
> > >
This is only recommended if your enemy has very little sustain.

On-Hit Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > >

When playing On-Hit-Effect Lulu it is imperative that the enemy is kept in place for extended periods of time in order to spam auto attacks on them. That is why we max slow and polymorph first. One point is put into Help, Pix! for extended range on Glitterlance and for the reveal when chasing through bushes and revealing cloaked enemies.

AP Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > >

When Playing AP Lulu we max Glitterlance and Help, Pix! first in order to get the highest burst damage that we can. That being said it is almost always necessary to poke the enemy a few times before trying to burst them unless you have help. Depending on the situation Help, Pix! could potentially be maxed before Glitterlance if you feel it is absolutely necessary.

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All items labeled as Core I feel cannot be replaced if you are taking that build route. Note, however, that some of the situational items may be built before the Core is finished.
Update: The Support and AP Sections are now fully updated. I have not yet found a build that I feel is optimal for OHE so I have simply updated to include all possibilities.

Support Core
Philosopher's Stone Zeke's Herald
Sight Ward
Support Situational
Shurelya's Reverie Shard of True Ice

Philosopher's StoneKage's Lucky Pick: Gold stacking is always needed on supports since you are not getting last hits. Also as an added bonus these build into Shurelya's Reverie and Shard of True Ice / Twin Shadows / Will of the Ancients.

: This item is a must have for all supports. You will probably end up saving more gold from buying wards with this item then you will generate from GP10s. I often upgrade into Ruby ASAP for more wards.

: We already have maximum CDR in this build so there is no point in getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity. These are by far the best boots for running around the map warding and supporting your team. If you ever finish your build I would recommend getting Homeguard, Alacrity, or Captain for tier 3. In most situations I would recommend Homeguard.

Shard of True Ice: GET THIS IF YOUR ADC WILL HAVE MANA PROBLEMS. Examples: Varus, Miss Fortune, Kog'Maw, etc. I like this as an early item on Lulu since it gives AP, mana regeneration, and bonus Gold. However, It is preferable to sit on the mana manipulator and Kage's until you need to open up another item slot as finishing the item does not grant much extra stats and the active is not very good. That being said I tend to use the active as an extension of the slow from our Ultimate. Once you Ult someone, wait about 2 seconds until the aoe slow is almost over and use the active so the enemy can be chased more effectively. If you make it to late game and somehow get enough money to finish your build this is the item that should eventually be replaced with something better.

: Discuss with your tank early on about who is getting this for the team. If it is you it should be the first high tier item you complete. If the tank wishes to get this item then get Zeke's first instead.

Zeke's Herald: Even with the change from attack speed to AD bonus this is still a great item to get. Once you get this your AD will have no trouble with sustain from the lifesteal (which is great since you have no actual heal barring your ult). Additionally you get CDR and health too. And it's cheap. The only time I would not get this item is if the team was all AP casters except for the ADC, in which case I would instead get WotA.

: As previously stated get this instead of Zeke's if there are numerous APCs on your team. This is also a good situational item for late game when you are finishing out your build.

: This item is worthy of mentioning but I generally don't get it. The cooldown on the active is ridiculously high, and the active is the only thing that really benefits the rest of your team. While having lots of mana is awesome I feel that you just lose too much team support by going this item. However, There are 2 cases I will mention that it is definitely worth considering. Case 1: Your tank is rushing an Aegis. As such you have more money to spend how you please. Case 2: The enemy team has Sona, Taric, Amumu, Ashe, etc. and your carry is getting stunned to death.

Shurelya's Reverie: One of the best supporting items in the game. When activated your team will have no trouble running away from a lost fight or chasing the enemy down after a victory. The stats are also extremely good. The reason I don't rush this item is that it's better to keep the Philosopher's Stone in your inventory as long as possible to get more out of the gold bonus. This lets you finish your build faster and buy more wards.

: This item is a great bonus to any magic damage team. The aura will significantly improve the damage of other APs on your team, as well as boost your own survivability and AP. The only real drawback of this item is that it does not grant survivability for your team. That being said this item is viable at any point in the build provided the Core is still bought at some point.

: This is a very situational item but it can be very useful. It effectively acts as a second Clairvoyance for nearby enemies. If the enemy team is running a push line-up with Malzahar, Master Yi, Sivir, etc. then I would pick this up to counter backdooring attempts before they get too far. This is also a good item pickup against Evelynn, Rengar, or Kha'Zix to make sure they don't get away.

Sight Ward : Don't forget that one of the support's main roles is spamming wards and getting Oracle's for counterwarding.

I have been unable to decide on an optimal build for OHE Lulu. For now just experiment with the given items and let me know what works best for you.

On-Hit Core
On-Hit Situational

: These are a must for On-Hit Lulu to give you more attack speed.

: This is your jungling item. You NEED this for clear times and the true damage on-hit is good. Consider selling this once you finish your build.

: Wonderful item on Lulu. Also approved by Phreak for all junglers. You get alot of Movement Speed from Phage and Zeal, and with your low cooldowns you can constantly proc the Sheen passive. Plus you benefit from every single stat. This is a must have item.

: This gives lifesteal for sustain, a Nuke and Movespeed Steal active, and plenty of attack speed. I don't see any reason to pass this up on this type of build. Amazing item on Lulu. Also can be used for a Q W E R Q BotRK Exhaust Q combo for ridiculous slow time.

: This item gives you the needed CDR for spamming your abilities along with a large attack speed boost and alot of AP to help your abilities out. The On-Hit is also great, although given this isn't a full AP build it isn't as good as it can be.

: These are basic damage items. They all work. Choose what helps you the most.

: If you feel you need it it's a good option for defensive and chase/kiting purposes. Only recommended if you are getting exploded or kited. It will basically guarantee that your target will never get away.

: CDR, AD, HP, all around good item. Also the more Cleavers on the team the less armor you have to worry about, so great pick-up against high armor teams.

: The passive on this item once it's fully stacked does tremendous damage. The only problem is until then it's not great. It will satisfy all your mana demands, however, and give you some AD. Very good item. Highly recommended due to a no mana Lulu being a sad Lulu.

: Very situational, but this is alot of health shred on glitterlance. Even though it's a bit off of the rest of the build it may still be worth it against tanky teams.

: If you absolutely need Tenacity. Situational against certain teams. Also you can sell boots and get this instead once your build is finished.

: For your LAST item if you are getting focused and bursted down you can pick up one of these.

AP Core
AP Situational

: Since you're going AP in this build we need magic penetration to do more damage.

: This item gives you the needed CDR for spamming your abilities along with a large attack speed boost and alot of AP to help your abilities out. The On-Hit passive also stacks wonderfully with Pix for super DPS. Morellonomicon is a viable alternative to this in certain situations. If the enemy team has an extreme amount of healing that's giving you trouble then swap out Nashor's for Morello's.

: Just explained. Situational replacement for Nashor's Tooth.

: You're going AP. Nuff said.

: After getting your CDR you will be spamming tons of abilities. This lets you proc this constantly adding alot of extra damage to your DPS.

: You need more Magic Penetration than just boots, Runes, and Masteries. One of these items IS REQUIRED. The reason that I do not have them listed in Core however, is that you usually should only choose one, and that choice is very situational. With the new changes you can get two or even all of them, but that is usually overkill and there are better items to get. Once the stated Core are bought one of these should be your next item. I have found that Liandry's Torment will be enough penetration against teams that aren't full of tanks. If the enemy team is all stacking MR go Void Staff. If they are neglecting to buy any get one of the others. If you have another AP carry on your team it will almost always be better to go Abyssal Mask. On the other hand if you are your team's only AP it will be almost always preferable to go Void Staff or Liandry's Torment. If the enemy team is all running around with 3k HP and 200 MR then get Liandry's and Void Staff.

: A great sustain item which helps you stay in extended teamfights. If you have another AP carry on your team you should highly consider getting this unless he is. If not, consider whether you feel you need the Spellvamp, because there are probably better options.

: If the enemy AD carry is ripping you apart this is a great option. Also it lets you ult and shield an ally even if you are getting focused then just turn invincible. The 120 AP is also great.

: Spamming abilities will cause Lulu to run out of mana very quickly. To supplement this I would recommend one of these items to fix that problem. If you do plan on getting one of these, get either the Tear or the Chalice early and sit on it until the core is completed, then finish the higher item. As an extra note, if you get Chalice, an early Athene's could be substituted for Nashor's / Morello's in early game if you NEED the MR. This is not recommended under normal circumstances.

: I don't think this is a good item to get on Lulu. Yes it's a good amount of damage, but Lulu is a Damage over time champion from her low cooldowns. She doesn't have super high burst, so this item simply is not worth it in my opinion.

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Gameplay, Tips, & Tricks

One of the most important aspects of playing Lulu is having control over Glitterlance's multi-vectored shot. This lets you hit enemies from 2 directions at once. Positioning yourself like below can easily discourage multi-person ganks when two or more enemies get hit by a slow. You can use this trick to hit the enemy jungler while he's ganking along with the enemy from your lane with one shot even if they're not lined up. It should be noted, however, that this requires a lot of practice, and lucky/unlucky pix positioning can change the difficulty.

Remember you do this by positioning the cursor to make a line between Lulu and the cursor point and another line between Pix and the cursor point. Sometimes you will have to run in a circle for a second or two to get pix where he needs to be.

Augmenting Glitterlance with Help, Pix! gives it a much longer range as can be seen in the following image. The range is normally limited to only the range from Lulu herself.

Finally once Pix is on an enemy (or ally) he will stay on that enemy (or ally) regardless of range until it wears off, barring it being something like a pantheon or twisted fate that just ulted across the map. Here is simply an example although the range can get much farther than this.

As you can see using Help, Pix! to augment Glitterlance's range can allow for easy zoning out of the enemies in the lane. This is how you can easily win mid lane when playing AP. If you are playing support this will probably cause you to run out of mana before they take enough damage to leave the lane assuming some sort of sustaining support on their team, thus it is not advisable. It can also push the lane easily. Simply harassing with Help, Pix! can save you a lot of mana and not push the lane while playing support. You need to be careful not to get jumped if doing this however, as you now don't have a shield to use on yourself and are close to the enemy.

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If playing Support it goes without saying that you need to be spamming wards. For the purposes of saving myself time I shall direct you to a very well made guide on how, where, and when to ward. If you need help on warding read this.

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Change Log

There's been a few changes here and there since I created the guide. As of now I will actually keep track of them. (I kind of forgot to put this in here before).

August 18 / 2012: Added Ionic Spark to situational items in Attack Speed Guide. Added explanations for rune selections.

August 30 / 2012: Changed Support Cheat Sheet to Fortitude Quints, and OHE cheat sheet to end with Triforce.

October 26 / 2012: Changed support rune explanations slightly. Removed Deathfire Grasp from situational AP items.

December 10 / 2012: Updated the guide excepting Items section to accommodate the preseason 3 patch.

December 19 / 2012: Made some changes to AP masteries.

January 18 / 2013: Updated Support Items Section.

February 19 / 2013: Decided I needed to do something about the OHE section until I figure out the optimal build. Updated with a large situational items section. Changed Shard of True Ice to Will of the Ancients in Support Cheat Sheet. Slight modification to OHE Mastery page.

February 21 / 2013: General improvements to various explanations.

April 14 / 2013: Moved Blade of the Ruined King into Core for OHE Build.

June 1 / 2013: Changed AP Cheat Sheet to MR Glyphs.

July 31 / 2013: Updated for Locket / Aegis Change.

August 7 / 2013: Some various changes to AP build in the Mastery/Summoner explanations. Some various wording changes.

October 4 / 2013: Changed Support Guide to Hybrid Pen Marks. General explanation improvements.

October 23 / 2013: Added Zephyr and slightly changed masteries to On-Hit Cheat Sheet.

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Lulu is simply one of the most variable champions in the game and extremely fun to play. She can fulfill almost every role and is extremely powerful when played properly. I hope you learned something from reading my guide and please upvote it if you did. Now go Transmogulate your enemies. And try reading this guide again blindfolded. You'll see more with your eyes closed.

A Special Thanks to jhoijhoi for the awesome guide on making a guide.