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Team Guide by Kwiick

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kwiick

Team Guide - How to create an effective team

Kwiick Last updated on April 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone! I'm Kwiick and welcome to my Team Guide: "How to create an effective team" In this guide I will describe what I bellive to be an effective team in 5vs5 game.

I created this team with my favorite champions for each positions at stake, but you can take any champion similar to each position. So this is just an exemple of an effective team, but you have tons of ways.

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Team Composition

For an effective team in game, you need :

A Jungler: The jungler farm in the jungle and gank lanes to help when they need, he gives buffs for those who need it in the team, and he takes team objetcives (drake and baron) with the smite. The jungler allows the way of victory.

A solo top: You need a champ who can hold the top lane alone. It must be generally a Tank or Offtank champ.

An AP&AD carry: To kill enemies in teamfights, you need damages of all kinds otherwise the ennemies build only magic resisit or only armor depending on your king of attacks to kill easily your enemies. The AP carry go on the mid lane to get blue when the jungler will give. The AD carry go to the bot lane to farm easily with the help of the support

A support: You need a support to protect your carries and be sure he'll farm correctly. The support have to ward the map and retain the respawn time of team objetives (drake and baron nashor)

To finish you need a Tank: You need a tank to tower dives and engage teamfights.

In this exemple of team Nocturne is the jungler, Irelia solo top, Brand Ap carry, Janna support and Ezreal AD carry. Nocturne is the tank but Irelia is offtank so can play Tank role too.

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Picks & Counter Picks

So yes you have a good composition with Nocturne jungle, Irelia solo top, Brand mid, Janna and Ezereal bot lane. You can try this composition its work really good but you don't only need a good composition. You need counter pick your ennemies and don't be countered.

To don't be countered, the best idea is to pick the jungler first. After you can pick the bot lane who is more difficult to counter than the top or mid lane. And to finish your ennemies have probably picked mid or top so you can pick and counter them if possible.

For exemple if you pick brand on first pick, the ennmies can pick kassadin and you are countered, he will got an easy mid lane. But if the ennemies pick Kassadin in first pick, you don't pick Brand and counter Kassadin with Talon.

Another good idea is top pick champs who can play lot of roles like ChoGath. For exemple I pick ChoGath and the annemy pick Irelia, ok Irelia is a solo top champ so i will play ChoGath mid and my team can pick Malphite to counter Irelia. The ennemy pick Ahri now, ok finally i will play ChoGath jungle and my team can pick Ryze to counter Ahri.

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Team Summoner's Spell

Flash: This is hands-down the best summoner spell in the game. Its multitude of uses in a variety of situations make it indispensable as an escape mechanism. This is the first summoner spell pick on all my champs.

Smite: This spell is absolutely necessary in a team. If you don't have a champ with smite in your team, you risk to lose all team objetcives (drake&baron). Not having smite in you team is a good way to lose game...

Exhaust: This spell is important in a team. It helps you to control teamfight. You can neutralize a dangereous enemy or an enemy who tries to escape.

Ignite: This spell allows to kill easily an enemy. Its reduces the effectiveness of heall of the target enemy.

Clairvoyance: This spell helps your team to prevent the enemy ganks, assist the warding and allows to chek out drake or baron when your wards turn off or get destroyed by your ennemies. It can be used on the support if your team have a good coordination. I don't recommend this spell in solo/duo queue.

Heal: This spell saves alliers in poorly. You can use it on the support.

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Team Warding

Vision ward is important on team objectives because you can be sure ennemies have wards here. Its dangerous to start a team objetive without being assured that the enemies don't see you unless you make an ace or your enemies are across the map.

With this exemple of team, during the lane phase Irelia must ward the top lane, Brand the mid lane, Nocturne allie buff and if possible ennemies buffs and Janna the bot lane. Ezreal no need to ward because Janna is bot with him.

In teamfight phase, the support have to ward but he can't always ward all the map and not always in place or money to buy wards. So all players of the team must warding. I recommend someone cover the support when he go to ward

More details on warding: clic here

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Team Objectives & Buff


Initial Spawn: 15:00 Respawn Time: 7:00

This is the most important team objective! When u kill it, all your team have the baron buff and it makes your team much more powerful. More it gives 300 gold has all the players on your team.

Initial Spawn: 2:30 Respawn Time: 6:00
This team objective is important. It give 190 gold for all players in your team


Initial Spawn: 1:55 Respawn Time 5:00

After the first jungle route of your junglers, the Blue Buff is for the AP Carry that needs mana and the Red Buff is for the most DPS champ of your team (which is usually the AD Carry or the jungler)

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Generally when someone make a tower down he leave his lane because its too dangerous to continue to push alone and he go roamin to help his team. Teams will going to group and there start teamfights

In teamfight you need to engage with a tank. So ennemies will starting focus him or use abilities to stop him or back. There is the opportunity to focus the AP or AD carries who deals most of damages and are most squishy champs. An assassin like Irelia or Nocturne is able to focus easy carries. The AD and AP carries have to focus ennemy carries too but have to be carefull to don'tbe focused too the support must cover them from ennmy focus. If someone is low hp, he must leave the teamfight but stay approx to kill another low HP ennemy if necessary.

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If you play this team composition with friends an you win with a good score, give me a screen I will make it with pleasure in my Hall of Fame ;)

I hope this guide you will build pleased =). If you enjoyed it, vote +1 and leave me a comment to telling me what you think and to tell me what could be improved. I appreciate criticism, as long as it's constructive.

If you've read my whole guide and still want to dislike it, please let me know why so that I can fix the problem.



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